Log for #openttdcoop on 21st September 2011:
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01:52:30  <md_> !dl win64
01:52:30  <PublicServer> md_:
01:53:46  <inituu> !password
01:53:46  <PublicServer> inituu: ripens
01:54:03  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
01:54:06  <PublicServer> *** init joined the game
01:56:59  <md_> !password
01:56:59  <PublicServer> md_: ripens
01:57:07  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
01:57:08  <PublicServer> *** md joined the game
02:05:08  <PublicServer> *** md has joined company #1
02:09:18  <PublicServer> *** init has left the game (leaving)
02:14:00  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
02:14:00  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
02:14:01  <PublicServer> *** Theos joined the game
02:14:05  <PublicServer> <Theos> oi
02:14:27  <PublicServer> <md> hi
02:23:31  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000618D:
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02:38:31  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00005D9C:
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02:53:03  <PublicServer> <md> are you working on something
02:53:31  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00005E23:
02:55:23  <PublicServer> *** md has left the game (connection lost)
02:55:23  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
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02:57:59  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Sylf
02:58:09  <md_> !password
02:58:10  <PublicServer> md_: scoots
02:58:18  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
02:58:20  <PublicServer> *** md joined the game
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03:08:31  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000061A2:
03:10:38  <PublicServer> *** Theos has joined spectators
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03:11:44  <PublicServer> *** md has left the game (leaving)
03:19:52  <PublicServer> *** Theos has left the game (leaving)
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04:10:49  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Sylf
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04:33:41  <Vindicare> hello
04:34:30  <Vindicare> @quickstart
04:34:31  <Webster> Quickstart - #openttdcoop Wiki -
04:34:58  <Vindicare> !help
04:34:59  <PublicServer> Vindicare:
04:36:35  <Vindicare> !download lin
04:36:35  <PublicServer> Vindicare:
05:02:03  <Vindicare> hello
05:02:14  <Vindicare> ?
05:11:42  <Vindicare> !password
05:11:43  <PublicServer> Vindicare: netted
05:11:58  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
05:12:01  <PublicServer> *** Vindicare joined the game
05:15:30  <PublicServer> *** Vindicare has left the game (leaving)
05:49:22  *** qstn has joined #openttdcoop
05:49:31  <qstn> hey guys
05:49:56  <qstn> what are waypoints for?
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06:04:46  <Tray> !password
06:04:46  <PublicServer> Tray: netted
06:05:02  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
06:05:05  <PublicServer> *** Tray joined the game
06:06:58  <PublicServer> *** Tray has left the game (leaving)
06:11:09  *** Leshrac_At_Internship has joined #openttdcoop
06:11:26  <Leshrac_At_Internship> morning
06:12:29  <qstn> morning
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06:26:29  <planetmaker> moin
06:30:05  <Vindicare> !password
06:30:05  <PublicServer> Vindicare: palled
06:30:18  <Vindicare> is there anyway to watch the prozone?
06:37:58  <Leshrac_At_Internship> they sure do like FORCEINLINE in the source of OTTD
06:40:06  <Vindicare> is that a function modifier?
06:40:50  <Vindicare> like to remove overhead of calling a function?
06:44:05  *** LoPo has joined #openttdcoop
06:44:10  <LoPo> !password
06:44:10  <PublicServer> LoPo: palled
06:44:48  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
06:44:50  <PublicServer> *** LoPo joined the game
06:45:52  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it removes some time overhead with functions called often
06:46:20  <Leshrac_At_Internship> tho forceinline can be tricky as it might result in a out_of_memory exception
06:47:00  <Leshrac_At_Internship> and it does increase the size of the binary file
06:47:37  <Leshrac_At_Internship> not that in this current time have to worry about a .exe being 6mb rather than 5mb, as an example
06:47:44  <Vindicare> lol
06:47:51  <Vindicare> thats what I was about to say
06:48:44  <Vindicare> so, is the code sexy?
06:49:32  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well in embedded systems it can cause a problem, and i cant tell yet
06:50:06  <Vindicare> you'd like to run openttd on a microwave?
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06:50:57  <Leshrac_At_Internship> there are a few hundred .CPP files alone, then there are the .H and .HPP files which dont have to have a .CPP
06:51:01  <Leshrac_At_Internship> maybe :P
06:51:47  <Vindicare> bah, you piqued my curisoty, now I have to dl src
06:53:16  <Leshrac_At_Internship> 76.8mb 3810 files
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06:54:35  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
06:55:43  <Tray> !password
06:55:43  <PublicServer> Tray: reuses
06:58:24  <Vindicare> src is pretty litterate
06:59:00  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
06:59:00  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
06:59:00  <PublicServer> *** LoPo has left the game (leaving)
06:59:00  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
06:59:03  <PublicServer> *** Tray joined the game
06:59:11  <PublicServer> <Tray> hi
06:59:18  <LoPo> lol :P hi
06:59:34  <Tray> buh ):
06:59:48  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
06:59:48  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
06:59:48  <PublicServer> *** LoPo joined the game
06:59:55  <Leshrac_At_Internship> I think imma take a look at the way the map is build later on
07:00:18  <Leshrac_At_Internship> should be interesting to see how they keep the size down for such a big map
07:02:34  <Vindicare> oh, I just found out that the server has infinite (max int) amount of money
07:03:09  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ahgr
07:03:19  <Leshrac_At_Internship> what kind of int?
07:03:23  <Vindicare> 64
07:03:30  <Leshrac_At_Internship> thats quite alot yeah
07:03:54  <Vindicare> but it never goes down
07:08:33  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000776B:
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07:09:51  <planetmaker> using that exactly makes sense for simple, often-used functions
07:10:03  <planetmaker> that's where it is used thus
07:11:23  *** TWerkhoven has joined #openttdcoop
07:11:27  <Leshrac_At_Internship> i know, but like half the functions are inline XD
07:11:50  *** UncleCJ has joined #openttdcoop
07:12:32  <planetmaker> map bit accessor functions maybe. But there are only very few
07:13:26  <planetmaker> for functions which reads like "return _m[3] << 5" or similar
07:15:40  <PublicServer> *** LoPo has left the game (leaving)
07:15:40  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
07:15:50  *** LoPo has quit IRC
07:17:14  <Vindicare> speaking of m[3]
07:17:14  *** orudge has joined #openttdcoop
07:17:21  <Vindicare> I'm looking for the landscape.html file
07:17:22  <Vindicare> in docs
07:17:26  <Vindicare> but I can't find it
07:17:46  <PublicServer> *** Tray has left the game (leaving)
07:18:46  <Vindicare> The source states: "Look at docs/landscape.html for the exact meaning of the members."
07:20:22  <Leshrac_At_Internship> maybe the landscape.html is outdate
07:20:56  <Vindicare> yeah, I'll look for filenames with Tile in them
07:21:09  <Leshrac_At_Internship> cause i know i only write documentation just before release :P
07:21:13  <Vindicare> (already checked all the files with landscape in them)
07:22:01  <Vindicare> I never write documentation :p    but then I've never written programs with more than a 5k LOC
07:23:33  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000082EF:
07:24:34  <Leshrac_At_Internship> my very, very simple imageviewer in Java had more than 5k lines of code
07:24:53  <Leshrac_At_Internship> and it could do almost nothing and was slow as hell due to being single threaded :P
07:25:18  <planetmaker> landscape.html exists exactly there in: in the docs folder
07:25:19  <Vindicare> How come 5k LOC?
07:25:36  <Vindicare> I dl 1.1.3 docs
07:25:44  <planetmaker> uhm...
07:26:01  <planetmaker> Vindicare: in the docs folder of a source code bundle / checkout
07:26:09  <LXSJason> !password
07:26:09  <PublicServer> LXSJason: teeter
07:26:12  <Leshrac_At_Internship> It could also do some image processing
07:26:16  <planetmaker> and it exists there at least since 0.6.x
07:26:20  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
07:26:22  <Leshrac_At_Internship> like making it grayscale and stuff
07:26:23  <PublicServer> *** LXSJason joined the game
07:26:32  <Vindicare> oh ok
07:26:34  <Vindicare> found it
07:26:36  <Vindicare> thx
07:26:48  <Vindicare> whats the docs dl then?
07:26:52  <Leshrac_At_Internship> also had a blur func
07:27:19  <Vindicare> this one:
07:27:45  <Leshrac_At_Internship> ../trunk/docs
07:27:49  <PublicServer> *** LXSJason has left the game (leaving)
07:28:37  <planetmaker> Vindicare: no, I don't mean that
07:28:53  <Vindicare> I know, I found what you meant
07:29:06  <Vindicare> just wanted to state that I was searching in  adiffretn place
07:29:12  <planetmaker> maybe that contains it, too... but that's all the source code documentation from the doxygen comments
07:29:16  <Leshrac_At_Internship> i just pulled the whole trunk from SVN
07:29:31  <Vindicare> ok
07:36:57  <Vindicare> reading this is insctructive
07:38:45  <Vindicare> so a 512x512 map is 2.3 MB? (undrawn)
07:39:54  <Vindicare> err 2 MB
07:40:06  <Vindicare> ok, I see the multiplies of 2 now lol
07:40:11  <Vindicare> powers*
07:40:43  <Vindicare> 36MB for 2048x2048
07:41:34  <Phazorx> Vindicare: there is no linear scalability as such
07:41:48  <planetmaker> @calc 512**2 * 9
07:41:48  <Webster> planetmaker: 2359296
07:42:10  <Phazorx> geometrically larger maps are obviously heftier in size nut not bu factor of area
07:42:22  <Leshrac_At_Internship> my 2048^2 map, which has quite abit of RV, trains, aircraft, tracks and big cities is only about 8mb
07:42:24  <planetmaker> plus extra stuff. And then the whole thing is usually compressed
07:42:27  <Phazorx> last time i checked trees contribute nearly half of size
07:42:43  <Leshrac_At_Internship> and they compress using Zlib
07:42:49  <planetmaker> Leshrac_At_Internship: yeah... lzma, xz, lzo2. Whatever is chosen
07:43:01  <planetmaker> no... lzma is default
07:43:07  <Leshrac_At_Internship> wasnt Zlib default?
07:43:13  <planetmaker> no
07:43:20  <planetmaker> it's slower and less efficient
07:43:29  <Vindicare> @calc 2359296/1024/1024
07:43:29  <Webster> Vindicare: 2.25
07:43:43  <planetmaker> zlib is used for bananas
07:44:15  <planetmaker> but the savegame compression changed a few times (at least twice)
07:44:21  <planetmaker> in the last couple of years
07:44:46  <planetmaker> Phazorx: trees only contribute to size as it reduces efficiency of compression
07:45:03  <Phazorx> planetmaker: nonetheless
07:45:27  *** pugi has joined #openttdcoop
07:45:42  <Phazorx> you get larger file (archived) proportionally to amount of trees
07:46:07  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well normally almost every tile holds trees unless build on, so i would expect that yeah
07:46:09  <Phazorx> actualy for WWOTTDGD we hacked both map and client to remove them
07:46:15  <Phazorx> in order to preserve bandwith
07:46:45  <Leshrac_At_Internship> at least in temperate climate
07:47:40  <Vindicare> ah yes, I see lots of free bits in tiles, so makes sense to compress
07:58:00  <V453000> !password
07:58:00  <PublicServer> V453000: teeter
07:58:12  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
07:58:14  <PublicServer> <V453000> hi
07:58:15  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
07:59:31  <Leshrac_At_Internship> heya V
07:59:34  <PublicServer> <V453000> hi
08:00:06  <Leshrac_At_Internship> hmm, from what i get from the source is that funding the construction of town buildings twice in a row has a much effect as once or 20 times
08:00:08  <PublicServer> <V453000> I have some severe overpopulation here :D Sbahn jams and 33k people at ICE
08:00:24  <PublicServer> <V453000> yes, in the given month(?)
08:00:27  <PublicServer> <V453000> something like that
08:00:42  <Leshrac_At_Internship> couldnt find that in the header file
08:01:00  <Leshrac_At_Internship> but it is a bit that is set, just like a town caqn only get 1 stadium and 1 church
08:01:10  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it is even in the same byte
08:02:14  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
08:05:00  <Vindicare> lol,  I'm looking at viewport functions... confused :p
08:07:42  *** DayDreamer has joined #openttdcoop
08:12:39  <Vindicare> gnight all, looking forward to watching you guys build
08:13:04  <Leshrac_At_Internship> gnite
08:13:23  *** Vindicare has quit IRC
08:14:02  *** qstn has quit IRC
08:14:16  <Leshrac_At_Internship> hmm, it seems alot of people use a webbased IRC client XD
08:14:31  *** Vinnie_nl has joined #openttdcoop
08:15:04  * Leshrac_At_Internship slaps Leshrac_Sleeping upside da head with a hairy goldfish
08:29:46  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
08:29:47  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven joined the game
08:35:10  <V453000> !password
08:35:10  <PublicServer> V453000: teeter
08:35:16  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
08:35:18  <PublicServer> <V453000> hi TWerkhoven :)
08:35:19  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
08:35:23  <TWerkhoven> mornin
08:35:29  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven has joined company #1
08:35:29  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
08:38:39  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000E9CE:
08:44:03  *** Progman has joined #openttdcoop
08:44:22  <Tray> !password
08:44:22  <PublicServer> Tray: incite
08:44:42  <PublicServer> *** Tray joined the game
08:47:08  *** Mucht has quit IRC
08:49:49  <PublicServer> <V453000> right now comes the pain
08:49:56  <PublicServer> <V453000> expanding N part of Sbahn drop :d
08:51:31  <PublicServer> <Tray> maybe there is no expansion needed because now there are only 2-3 platsformsused
08:51:39  <PublicServer> <V453000> yes
08:51:44  <PublicServer> <V453000> but you still have to get the trains there somehow
08:53:39  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000F857:
08:55:09  <Leshrac_At_Internship> i still have to plan how i am gonna grow my city up the hill
08:55:12  <pugi> btw, is there any understandable system the way that the server screenshots are named? :D
08:55:17  <Leshrac_At_Internship> and how the SBahn fits in there
08:55:34  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well from what i gather pugi, it is a random hexadecimal number
08:55:47  <Tray> I think it's the mapposition
08:55:49  <pugi> but they are fairly close to each other
08:55:56  <pugi> ah, that might be
08:56:25  <Leshrac_At_Internship> 248, 87
08:56:34  <Leshrac_At_Internship> does that match the position of the screenshot?
08:56:53  <Leshrac_At_Internship> (cant look myself, at my internship, no OTTD here T.T)
08:56:57  <pugi> that would even make sense, as it says "made screenshot at..."
08:57:12  <Leshrac_At_Internship> true
08:57:32  <Tray> the map is stored as an one dimensional array (as far as i know - no ottd coder)
08:57:48  <pugi> so what is the map size? :D
08:57:54  <pugi> 256x2048?
08:58:15  <PublicServer> <V453000> 128*1024
08:58:17  <Tray> maybe you should ask planetmaker for more information
08:58:21  <pugi> ok
08:58:30  <pugi> !password
08:58:30  <PublicServer> pugi: repeal
08:58:30  <Leshrac_At_Internship> could be coords then yeah
08:58:43  <PublicServer> *** pugi joined the game
08:59:02  <Leshrac_At_Internship> 87 squares in the w-e direction and 248 in the n-s direction
08:59:16  <pugi> !screen
08:59:17  <PublicServer> *** pugi made screenshot at 000000FF:
08:59:24  <pugi> okay
08:59:48  <pugi> !screen
08:59:48  <PublicServer> *** pugi made screenshot at 0000F5D7:
08:59:59  <pugi> damn, was too slow :D
09:00:09  <pugi> but top left corner is FF
09:00:17  <pugi> which is 256...
09:00:19  <pugi> 255
09:00:40  <pugi> that would make no sense, when the map os 128 wide
09:00:41  <Tray> the map is stored in one dimension
09:00:45  <Tray> hrm
09:01:12  <Tray> never mind
09:01:53  <Tray> !screen
09:01:54  <PublicServer> *** Tray made screenshot at 00000081:
09:02:14  <Leshrac_At_Internship> hmm or i used a wrong data intrepetation
09:02:28  <Tray> maybe there is some kind of offset
09:03:01  <Leshrac_At_Internship> could you make a screen in the topright corner and one in bottom left?
09:03:16  <Tray> topright is 0x81
09:03:28  <pugi> !screen
09:03:28  <PublicServer> *** pugi made screenshot at 0001FFFF:
09:03:34  <pugi> bottom left
09:03:38  <Leshrac_At_Internship> hmm
09:04:04  <Tray> that makes sense
09:04:05  <Leshrac_At_Internship> 131071 decimal
09:04:15  <Leshrac_At_Internship> yeah
09:04:25  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it isnt X,Y
09:04:27  <Tray> 0x0001ffff/1024 equals 127
09:04:27  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it is tile number
09:04:49  <Tray> [10:57:34] <Tray> the map is stored as an one dimensional array (as far as i know - no ottd coder)
09:04:51  <pugi> well, wasn't it obvious that it isn't x,y? <.<
09:04:51  <Tray> btw
09:04:59  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it could have been]
09:05:14  <Leshrac_At_Internship> as most screens are formatted as 0x0000XXXX
09:05:21  <Leshrac_At_Internship> wait
09:05:29  <pugi> was pretty obvious to me once it was mentioned that it is map position :P
09:05:31  <Leshrac_At_Internship> so you could think about 0x00XXYY
09:05:32  <pugi> would be easiest :D
09:06:08  <Leshrac_At_Internship> but when i went to get a cup of coffee it occured to me that 0xFF is only 16^2 +16
09:06:16  <Leshrac_At_Internship> 272
09:06:21  <pugi> ff is 255
09:06:26  <pugi> you should know that
09:06:31  <pugi> and ffff is 65535
09:06:39  <pugi> a new numbers you should know :P
09:06:56  <Leshrac_At_Internship> ow crap, i doh yeah, thinking the wrong way XD
09:07:07  <planetmaker> just use the tile info tool on the lower corner
09:07:09  <Leshrac_At_Internship> havent had enough coffee yet
09:07:16  <pugi> ff is 16^2*15 + 16^1*15 :D
09:07:23  <pugi> uhm, no
09:07:26  <pugi> ^1 and ^0
09:07:26  <pugi> sorry
09:07:30  <planetmaker> FF = 256
09:07:36  <planetmaker> = 2**8
09:07:37  <pugi> 100 = 256
09:07:45  <planetmaker> yeah :-)
09:07:47  <Leshrac_At_Internship> .@planetmaker i cant use tileinfo, as i dont have access to a client
09:07:47  <pugi> :D
09:08:05  <planetmaker> rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how well you understand binary
09:08:17  <PublicServer> *** Tray has left the game (connection lost)
09:08:18  <planetmaker> ;-)
09:08:19  <PublicServer> <V453000> :d
09:08:27  <Leshrac_At_Internship> 11!
09:08:28  <pugi> there are 10 kinds of people on the world. those, who understand binary and those who don't :D
09:08:39  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000FC59:
09:09:20  <Tray> !password
09:09:20  <PublicServer> Tray: hammed
09:09:35  <PublicServer> *** Tray joined the game
09:09:52  <Leshrac_At_Internship> we should make a number system based on the number 42!
09:10:04  <PublicServer> <V453000> good luck :d
09:10:10  <pugi> how would that work? :D
09:10:32  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well hexadecimal is based on the number 16
09:10:37  <pugi> i know...
09:10:37  <Leshrac_At_Internship> octal is 8
09:10:51  <Leshrac_At_Internship> so 42 would require alot of number letters and some more signs
09:10:57  <pugi> well, 42 would be possible if you use number, upper and lower case letters
09:11:04  <Tray> 0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz$!"§% <- 42
09:11:07  <pugi> but very hard to remember everything
09:11:14  <Leshrac_At_Internship> and everything written in that number system is true, regardless :P
09:12:21  <Leshrac_At_Internship> so basically everything = %0
09:12:34  <pugi> 10
09:12:55  <pugi> %0 would be 42*41
09:13:01  <pugi> 1722
09:13:10  <Phazorx> nice round numbers
09:13:15  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well 1+1
09:13:19  <Leshrac_At_Internship> would be 42
09:13:24  <Leshrac_At_Internship> 1+2 would be 42
09:13:27  <pugi> no...
09:13:27  <Leshrac_At_Internship> to keep it easy :P
09:13:28  <Phazorx> ??
09:13:37  <pugi> would still be 2 and 3
09:13:42  <pugi> :/
09:13:52  <Phazorx> 10 base 42 is 43 base 10
09:13:53  <Leshrac_At_Internship> The answer to life, the universe and EVERYTHING is 42
09:14:01  <Phazorx> 10 base 10 is 10 base 42
09:14:08  <Leshrac_At_Internship> so basically 1+1 would be 42 if you follow that to the letter
09:14:54  <pugi> if you follow that to the letter you wouldn't need to calculate anything
09:14:56  <Tray> ehrm
09:15:23  <Tray> 10 (base 42) equals 42(base 10)
09:15:32  <Tray> like 10 binary equals two
09:15:40  <Tray> 10 decimal equals ten
09:15:48  <Tray> 10 octal equals eight
09:15:50  <Tray> and so on
09:15:54  <pugi> yes
09:16:07  <Leshrac_At_Internship> and is base 42 everything equals 42!
09:17:16  <Leshrac_At_Internship> as 42 isnt a logical value anyone, i doubt anyone will ever use base 42
09:17:40  <PublicServer> *** pugi has left the game (leaving)
09:18:27  <pugi> in my first university semester in math we made a number system based on 5/3 <.<
09:18:31  <pugi> that was weird
09:18:40  <pugi> but it worked
09:18:56  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it will work, but does it serve any usefullness?
09:19:00  <PublicServer> <V453000> o wtf .D
09:19:01  <pugi> no
09:19:05  <pugi> of course not :D
09:19:14  <PublicServer> <V453000> that is what is school for I guess :D
09:19:22  <Leshrac_At_Internship> same goes for a base42 number system
09:19:30  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven has joined spectators
09:19:38  <pugi> nah, 42 is still easy to understand :D
09:19:48  <Leshrac_At_Internship> base 64 could be usefull, base 32 also
09:20:03  <Leshrac_At_Internship> as you can very easily translate it to binary
09:20:26  <pugi> yeah, hex to binary is quite easy :D
09:20:33  <Leshrac_At_Internship> outside of computers, who in his right mind would use hex anyways
09:21:04  <Leshrac_At_Internship> like: "i would like a 0x0F apples please"
09:22:44  *** hanf has joined #openttdcoop
09:23:06  <PublicServer> <V453000> ahhh fuck yeah, love when other people are lazy :d I should have received some work materials by today but he started working on them just today so I have 2 more days free :D
09:23:39  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000F2D9:
09:23:40  <Leshrac_At_Internship> lucky you ><
09:24:22  <Leshrac_At_Internship> WTH is up with this radio station O.o
09:24:38  <Leshrac_At_Internship> "Limp Bizkit - Hotdog"
09:24:45  <V453000> ftw
09:24:46  <Webster> Title: psyradio * fm - finest electroniX on web (at
09:25:04  <Leshrac_At_Internship> "Bloodhound Gang - The bad touch"
09:25:17  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it is a publicly transmitted radio station here in the netherlands
09:25:25  <PublicServer> <V453000> ahh
09:25:27  <PublicServer> <V453000> dont listen to those
09:25:43  <Leshrac_At_Internship> i am amazed by the content they are allowed to transmit
09:25:44  *** Dilandau has joined #openttdcoop
09:25:51  <PublicServer> <V453000> :DDD
09:25:56  <Leshrac_At_Internship> cause Hot Dog has at least 46 times fuck in it
09:25:58  <Dilandau> hello
09:26:03  <Dilandau> !password
09:26:03  <PublicServer> Dilandau: scalps
09:26:13  <Leshrac_At_Internship> i myself am listening to
09:26:13  <PublicServer> <V453000> yes, pop culture is ... interesting these days
09:26:15  * Leshrac_At_Internship »» Music: (Playing) «» Lordi - Devil Is A Loser «» 02:07/03:29 ««
09:26:15  <PublicServer> <V453000> hi dilandau :)
09:26:27  <Leshrac_At_Internship> amoung different thingsa
09:26:29  <V453000> ahh lordi :)
09:26:38  <Leshrac_At_Internship> I aqlso have
09:26:40  * Leshrac_At_Internship »» Music: (Playing) «» Hirano Aya & Katou Emiri & Fukuhara Kaori & Endou Aya - Motteke! Sailor Fuku «» 00:06/04:18 ««
09:26:43  <PublicServer> *** Dilandau joined the game
09:27:12  <Leshrac_At_Internship> And yes that is the intro to Lucky*Star
09:27:18  <PublicServer> <V453000> halloween bloodbath party D:D
09:27:36  <PublicServer> <V453000> yes, good music :)
09:27:48  * Leshrac_At_Internship »» Music: (Playing) «» Hollywood Undead - Undead «» 00:03/04:25 ««
09:28:04  <Leshrac_At_Internship> That is btw the soundtrack to the trailer of Conan the Barbarian
09:28:13  <Leshrac_At_Internship> dont ask me why, doesnt fit in my opinion
09:28:25  <V453000> hm :)
09:28:27  *** pugi has quit IRC
09:28:47  <V453000> I usually listen to some death/black melodic metal or psychedelic stuff
09:28:59  <V453000> but this sure is nice
09:29:02  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it has lyrics along the lines of: "Get pissed, slit your wrists and jump of a bridge"
09:29:18  <V453000> "Devil is a loser hes is my bitch" is just awesome :D
09:29:29  <Leshrac_At_Internship> I mostly listen to Power Metal
09:29:39  *** pugi has joined #openttdcoop
09:29:44  * Leshrac_At_Internship »» Music: (Playing) «» Manowar - The Gods Made Heavy Metal «» 00:02/06:04 ««
09:29:55  <V453000> Hitler,Bieber and Mr.Lordi go to hell.They meet the devil sitting on his throne,and he asks them whats the reason they are in hell.  Hitler:I killed 20 million people and caused a holocaust on Jew popluation.  Devil:Good,Good,sit to my right.  Bieber:I poisoned world of music with my little faggy voice who irritates every normal person in the world  Devil:You are such an asshole.Well,done,sit to my left.  And why are you here?  Mr.
09:29:57  <V453000> :DD
09:30:00  <Leshrac_At_Internship> With manowar as mt favorite band
09:30:00  <V453000> HOW AWESOME :DDD
09:30:36  <V453000> yeah, manowar isnt bad at all, though not too much of my cup of tea, but warriors of the world just make all of my body tingle
09:30:49  <Leshrac_At_Internship> i went to a concert of them
09:30:52  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it was epic
09:30:59  <V453000> ooooh :)
09:31:17  <V453000> I was on graveworm this spring and I really felt like hell was _there_
09:31:43  <Leshrac_At_Internship> Well Manowar has the unoffical record for loudest concert ever
09:31:57  <Leshrac_At_Internship> with a soundcheck at 138.5 dB
09:32:11  <V453000> :d
09:32:18  <Leshrac_At_Internship> 150 dB is a F16 at 1m distance
09:32:47  <Leshrac_At_Internship> so yes, i had earplugs in to protect my ears
09:33:06  <Leshrac_At_Internship> after that i also went to Joe Satriani
09:33:29  <V453000> well this wasnt too much about the loudness, there was just a small room with like 200 people max, but they are just real good and real dark :) for example
09:33:30  <Webster> Title: Graveworm - I The Machine - YouTube (at
09:33:55  *** KenjiE20 has joined #openttdcoop
09:33:55  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20
09:34:06  <V453000> once it gets to the more of a melodic part, my ears melt
09:34:19  <Leshrac_At_Internship>
09:34:19  <Webster> Title: Manowar Warriors Of The World 013 Tilburg 28-01-2010 - YouTube (at
09:34:32  <V453000> yeah! :D
09:34:35  <Leshrac_At_Internship> i was standing somewhere to the left on the second row :P
09:34:59  <V453000> that song just rocks all ass
09:35:32  <Leshrac_At_Internship> and the best thing
09:35:40  <Leshrac_At_Internship> everyone there knew the lyrics :P
09:35:52  <V453000> :)
09:36:05  <V453000> not too suprising among people who stand in the first rows :D
09:36:19  <Leshrac_At_Internship> but there wasnt a mosh pit ><
09:36:23  <PublicServer> <V453000> :)
09:36:27  <Leshrac_At_Internship> that was kinda suprising
09:37:23  <Leshrac_At_Internship> Every Manowar fan should know the lyrics of Warriors of the World by heart
09:37:32  <V453000> certainly :)
09:37:33  <Leshrac_At_Internship> "Here where soldiers stand"
09:38:27  <Leshrac_At_Internship> Omg, now they are playing the intro to "The fresh prince of Bell-air" ><
09:38:39  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000D01A:
09:38:41  <V453000> just too classic for me :) I like it but I would not listen to them on my own
09:38:45  <V453000> but still awesome
09:39:30  <V453000> but the Lordi is great :D get off my throne bitch :D
09:40:02  * Leshrac_At_Internship »» Music: (Playing) «» Blind Guardian - Sacred Worlds «» 00:06/09:19 ««
09:40:12  <V453000> ooh, listened to those some time ago
09:40:13  <Leshrac_At_Internship> One of the most epic sound tracks of a game :P
09:40:14  <V453000> long time ago tho :)
09:40:23  <Leshrac_At_Internship> That is the sound track of Sacred 2 XD
09:40:31  <V453000> I listened to them during the LOTR madness era
09:40:54  <Leshrac_At_Internship> yeah they have a whole album dedicated to LOTR it seems
09:41:21  <V453000> yeah, I listened to that one
09:42:00  <V453000> certainly not bad, but dont know ... it somehow overfed to me
09:42:31  <V453000> one has to live in "the epicness" with which the music runs there
09:42:40  <V453000> I think
09:43:14  <Leshrac_At_Internship> ofcourse i also have Hammerfall, Kamelot (bit weak tho), Dragonforce (got me hooked on power metal, go figure. Tho i knew them before GH3)
09:43:40  <V453000> kamelot has some awesome songs, but when I listen to them as a whole, it just isnt enough
09:44:07  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well most of the bands i have music from i only listen a few songs
09:44:34  <Leshrac_At_Internship> like
09:44:36  * Leshrac_At_Internship »» Music: (Playing) «» Hadouken! - Mecha Love «» 00:07/03:37 ««
09:44:49  <Leshrac_At_Internship> this song is epic from them, but i very much dislike the rest
09:44:59  *** sla_ro|master has quit IRC
09:45:05  <V453000> duh cant find the best one .. sec
09:45:41  <V453000> just found this ... ideal music for winter for me
09:45:42  <Webster> Title: DIMMU BORGIR - Gateways - YouTube (at
09:46:22  *** imus has joined #openttdcoop
09:46:28  <Leshrac_At_Internship> best Xmas song evr has to be this one tho
09:46:29  * Leshrac_At_Internship »» Music: (Playing) «» Weird Al Yankovic - The Night Santa Went Crazy «» 00:16/04:01 ««
09:47:10  <imus> hi
09:47:28  <V453000> haha :d
09:47:30  <V453000> hi imus
09:48:27  <Leshrac_At_Internship> and ofcourse you have to have this in you music collection
09:48:28  * Leshrac_At_Internship »» Music: (Playing) «» DAFT PUNK - AROUND THE WORLD, HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER «» 00:19/05:42 ««
09:48:58  <imus> !password
09:48:58  <PublicServer> imus: serums
09:49:12  <PublicServer> *** imus joined the game
09:54:00  <pugi> Leshrac: good music choice with weird al :D
09:54:13  <PublicServer> <imus> indeed :)
09:54:50  <Leshrac_At_Internship>
09:54:57  <Leshrac_At_Internship> my collection from a year or 2 ago
09:55:07  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it expanded quite a bit since then :P
09:55:27  <V453000> hehe
09:55:32  <V453000> who doesnt have nightwish eh :P
09:55:47  <imus> <- hasn't heard it yet till today
09:55:57  <Leshrac_At_Internship> Shame on you!
09:56:07  <PublicServer> <V453000> that is the base of all music :P
09:56:11  <PublicServer> <V453000> from there you can move on
09:57:22  <Leshrac_At_Internship>
09:57:23  <Webster> Title: Nightwish - Nemo [HD 720p] - YouTube (at
09:57:30  <V453000> he :)
09:57:39  <V453000> I dont like them anymore really :)
09:57:52  <V453000> particularly hate the lyrics tbh
09:57:57  <Leshrac_At_Internship> that was just a quick search, the first result :P
09:58:15  <V453000> sure,sure, but bless the child, child of hope, and what not, hmf
09:58:25  <Leshrac_At_Internship> I actually started with Within Temptation
09:58:29  <V453000> but sure, as a stepping stone towards metal it is good :D
09:58:37  <imus> ah no, sorry, my GF has a lot of nightwish albums :)
09:58:42  <V453000> I started with the rasmus -> Fear Factory ...
09:58:51  <Leshrac_At_Internship> after that came Nightwish and then Dragonforce
09:58:52  <V453000> too bad FF are basically dead now :(
09:59:01  <Leshrac_At_Internship> from there i dont know anymore XD
09:59:21  <V453000> i love this
09:59:22  <imus> everyone knows dragonforce since guitar hero came out :p
09:59:22  <Webster> Title: Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful - YouTube (at
09:59:28  <V453000> :d
09:59:42  <Leshrac_At_Internship> hmm, i dislike that they have a new voice
09:59:46  <PublicServer> <imus> those songs are fun to play =D
10:00:10  <Leshrac_At_Internship> you can change everything in a band but the singer, at that point it just isnt the same band anymore
10:00:11  <V453000> yes, she is a stupid bitch, but the man is great :)
10:00:21  <Leshrac_At_Internship> ofcourse
10:00:42  <V453000> but yeah, it is a different band, but I like songs like this
10:00:47  <Leshrac_At_Internship>
10:00:52  <Leshrac_At_Internship> thats why that song is so epic
10:00:57  <Leshrac_At_Internship> btw that is The Islander
10:01:02  <V453000> ahh slow song :(
10:01:53  <Leshrac_At_Internship> as Webster doesnt seem to like the link XD
10:02:26  <V453000> :)
10:02:27  <Leshrac_At_Internship> I kinda like the occasional slow song
10:02:44  <Leshrac_At_Internship>
10:02:45  <Webster> Title: Macross Frontier {Aimo} Full - YouTube (at
10:02:47  <Webster> *cough*
10:02:53  <Leshrac_At_Internship> like that one :P
10:03:11  <V453000> hmm :) not my cup of tea
10:03:41  <V453000> if you want to see some truly super psy awesome piece
10:03:43  <Webster> Title: Travma - The Reality - YouTube (at
10:03:43  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well it fits epically into the anime
10:03:54  <PublicServer> *** Tray has left the game (leaving)
10:04:04  <V453000> yes, I know, not an anime person ... though my girlfriend is trying to convert me :D
10:04:07  <Leshrac_At_Internship> even tho 50% of the lyrics arent even words, not even in japanese
10:04:19  <imus> anime is awesome =D
10:04:19  <V453000> :D
10:04:34  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well Aimo is a lovesong for aliens in the anime :P
10:05:19  * Leshrac_At_Internship only has 250gb of anime music on his pc
10:05:29  * Leshrac_At_Internship and 1.5tb of anime
10:06:12  <Leshrac_At_Internship> at least i think lemme check
10:06:45  <Leshrac_At_Internship> ok 1.4tb of anime
10:07:21  <Leshrac_At_Internship> i have this bot mirrored on my pc :P
10:07:22  <Leshrac_At_Internship>
10:07:23  <Webster> Title: Nipponsei - Music Fresh From Japan (at
10:08:03  <V453000> he .. anyway, I will be going, have to do some pointless stuff like washing dishes
10:08:17  <Leshrac_At_Internship> hehe, talk to you later
10:08:23  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
10:08:23  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
10:08:26  <V453000> cya
10:08:40  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000E19D:
10:12:07  <PublicServer> *** imus has left the game (leaving)
10:12:23  <PublicServer> *** Dilandau has left the game (leaving)
10:16:57  *** Dilandau_ has joined #openttdcoop
10:22:28  *** Dilandau has quit IRC
10:22:34  *** imus has quit IRC
10:39:39  *** hanf has quit IRC
10:48:07  *** Tray has quit IRC
11:08:48  <Vinnie_nl> !playercount
11:08:49  <PublicServer> Vinnie_nl: Number of players: 1 (1 spectators)
11:15:02  <Leshrac_At_Internship> lol
11:37:07  <Leshrac_At_Internship> how many players do need to be online for the game to unpause?
11:37:29  *** imus has joined #openttdcoop
11:37:33  <imus> !players
11:37:35  <PublicServer> imus: Client 1303 is TWerkhoven, a spectator
11:37:55  <Vinnie_nl> Leshrac_At_Internship: 2 players
11:38:36  <imus> !password
11:38:36  <PublicServer> imus: flukes
11:38:44  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
11:38:47  <PublicServer> *** imus joined the game
11:41:32  <PublicServer> *** imus has left the game (leaving)
11:41:59  <Leshrac_At_Internship> cant wait to get home
11:43:59  <Vinnie_nl> tell you got a doctors appointment
11:45:39  <Leshrac_At_Internship> how am i gonna explain that to my dad that he has to pick me up about 2.5-3 hours early?
11:46:48  <Vinnie_nl> hmm you got a problem. You have wait till you get of work
11:46:55  *** ODM has quit IRC
11:48:49  <pugi> what kind of internship is it when you are chatting all the time? :P
11:50:19  <Vinnie_nl> no response i guess he is busted
11:50:20  <Leshrac_At_Internship> I am thinking about the RF protocol i am gonna use in my assignment
11:50:50  <Leshrac_At_Internship> I cant continue with the rest of the assignment till i get the protocol sorted
11:52:53  <Vinnie_nl> do you remember the overflows V made 2 games ago for the primaries
11:53:14  <Vinnie_nl> they are found all over on other servers
11:54:11  <theos> sep08tpqx
11:54:40  <theos> oops.
11:55:03  <theos> hi there.
11:55:03  <theos> lol
11:55:52  <Vinnie_nl> Hello
11:57:00  <Leshrac_At_Internship> time to put on some music again
11:57:02  * Leshrac_At_Internship »» Music: (Playing) «» Demons & Wizards - Immigrant song «» 00:16/02:28 ««
11:57:17  <Vinnie_nl> !password
11:57:17  <PublicServer> Vinnie_nl: flukes
11:57:26  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven has joined company #1
11:57:28  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
11:57:28  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
11:57:31  <PublicServer> *** Theos joined the game
11:57:39  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie joined the game
11:57:40  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> Hello
11:57:42  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven> ello
11:58:04  <V453000> Vinnie_nl: yes, because I made one for doonz at first x.x
11:58:21  <V453000> then it spreaded everywhere
11:58:30  <Vinnie_nl> copying is bad i learned it the hard way
11:59:33  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> hmm how to continue my mess
12:00:28  <V453000> well, copying, as long as it has the link to the original, it is the only way to progress and build on past things
12:00:48  <V453000> once it loses that relation, it is likely to lose a lot of ideas
12:02:39  <V453000> basically speaking: the copy should lead to and improvement in the end :)
12:03:07  <V453000> after all, if we were told not to copy anything, we would need "specialized" builders for each part
12:03:13  <V453000> which is of course just stupid :)
12:03:55  <V453000> !password
12:03:55  <PublicServer> V453000: flukes
12:04:08  <PublicServer> <V453000> and hi :)
12:04:08  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
12:04:18  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> hello
12:04:31  <PublicServer> <V453000> how is the mess
12:04:37  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> to small
12:06:03  <PublicServer> <V453000> hmm
12:06:25  <PublicServer> <V453000> I made my TL5 trains go through the "metro" in Matsuoka and it isnt even making too much problems :D
12:06:49  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> i want to say you made some real nice network there
12:07:19  <PublicServer> <V453000> the fun is that it is _such_ a mess :D
12:07:41  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> its real easy in a way
12:08:00  <PublicServer> <V453000> well, sure, nothing too hard
12:08:05  <PublicServer> <V453000> but that isnt the point i think :)
12:08:27  <PublicServer> <V453000> I am quite bored with the repetitive Sbahns using some pattern and some interesting orders
12:08:41  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001C1D0:
12:10:28  <Leshrac_At_Internship> i still have to design how i am gonna build my SBahn
12:10:39  <Leshrac_At_Internship> but it will probably be tomorrow before i got time for that
12:11:02  <imus> !password
12:11:02  <PublicServer> imus: depots
12:11:17  <PublicServer> *** imus joined the game
12:14:17  <PublicServer> <imus> hi
12:14:21  <PublicServer> <V453000> hy
12:14:23  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> hello
12:14:32  <PublicServer> <imus> anyone building?
12:14:36  <PublicServer> <imus> I'm bored -.-
12:14:40  *** Maraxus has joined #openttdcoop
12:14:43  <PublicServer> <V453000> rather spotting how stuff works
12:14:54  <Maraxus> !password
12:14:54  <PublicServer> Maraxus: depots
12:15:10  <PublicServer> *** Theos has left the game (leaving)
12:15:12  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus joined the game
12:15:24  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> Hi
12:15:32  <PublicServer> <imus> hi
12:15:32  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus has joined company #1
12:15:34  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> hello
12:21:01  <PublicServer> <V453000> hm
12:21:04  <Vinnie_nl> !screen
12:21:05  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie_nl made screenshot at 0001B8B3:
12:21:07  <PublicServer> <imus> ?
12:21:11  <PublicServer> <V453000> 9 platforms for Nagasaki ICE will not be nearly enough it seems
12:21:19  <PublicServer> <V453000> ok it jst cleared
12:21:36  <Leshrac_At_Internship> why is Kojima already growing?
12:21:38  <Vinnie_nl> Leshrac_At_Internship: see screen.
12:21:50  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it has no train servicing it yet
12:21:51  <Vinnie_nl> i remove the two-ways for the single platform
12:22:00  <Vinnie_nl> they can create a jam
12:22:38  <PublicServer> <imus> cause it has roads i guess
12:22:54  <PublicServer> <imus> and a station (although not served yet?)
12:22:58  <Leshrac_At_Internship> but yeah vinnie try to keep the trest the same
12:23:12  <Leshrac_At_Internship> not yet served yeah, IF no one else started building rails
12:23:25  <Vinnie_nl> i just remove the wrong signals not anything more
12:23:41  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001B932:
12:23:55  <Leshrac_At_Internship> i might even move most of the tracks to a tunnel
12:24:52  <PublicServer> <imus> aha
12:25:05  <PublicServer> <imus> sorry, miss looked so i thought there were one way lights there
12:25:09  <PublicServer> <imus> from the ML
12:25:10  <Leshrac_At_Internship> and with 1 train servicing that station (thats the plan at least, how can it jam there?
12:25:13  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> :)
12:25:20  <PublicServer> <imus> it should b elike this yes :)
12:25:35  <Vinnie_nl> someone can add a 2nd without looking and then you get a jam
12:26:23  <Leshrac_At_Internship> the rest of the rails around there ok so far?
12:26:30  <Vinnie_nl> yeah
12:26:46  <Vinnie_nl> only for some junction i would use pbs
12:27:16  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> yes that one imus
12:27:36  <PublicServer> <imus> so trains do not stop when one is entering kojima west
12:27:44  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> yes
12:27:54  <Leshrac_At_Internship> hmm, good idea
12:30:30  <PublicServer> <imus> tunnels might be a good idea
12:30:41  <PublicServer> <imus> so that city has a little more room to grow
12:31:48  *** roboboy has joined #openttdcoop
12:34:05  <Leshrac_At_Internship> hmm interesting
12:34:09  <PublicServer> <imus> ?
12:34:15  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> magic dozer still on?
12:34:27  <Leshrac_At_Internship> Technologic from Daft Punk has 321 times the word "it" in it ><
12:34:29  <PublicServer> <imus> idonno, but i could blow up that road without problems
12:35:22  <Leshrac_At_Internship> which is about half the number of words in the song XD
12:35:33  <PublicServer> <imus> mind if i put those tracks in tunnesl leshrac?
12:35:52  <Leshrac_At_Internship> not at all
12:36:06  <Leshrac_At_Internship> as long as you keep the road on the coast
12:36:20  <PublicServer> <imus> not right next to the coast?
12:36:26  <PublicServer> <imus> so they build houses on the coast
12:37:14  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well i would like to keep the road as it is now, partly space next to the current town to build houses next to the water and part no room to build houses
12:38:08  <PublicServer> <imus> using tunnels makes room on top of them, no?
12:38:42  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000158DB:
12:38:46  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well if the tracks go into a tunnel that space could be used
12:39:16  <Leshrac_At_Internship> could you make a screen which shows the whole coast there ill make a paint mockup of what i had in mind
12:39:44  <Vinnie_nl> !screen
12:39:45  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie_nl made screenshot at 000159DB:
12:40:01  <Vinnie_nl> !screen
12:40:01  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie_nl made screenshot at 000157D9:
12:40:25  <Vinnie_nl> :(
12:40:28  <imus> !screen
12:40:28  <PublicServer> *** imus made screenshot at 0001B1B2:
12:40:44  <PublicServer> <imus> there you go :)
12:41:15  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> ML jams
12:41:24  <PublicServer> <imus> where?
12:41:36  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> south of Rainbow ICE
12:42:20  <PublicServer> <imus> too many trains going in rainbow islands central
12:42:47  <PublicServer> <imus> might be because of new trains added
12:42:59  <PublicServer> <imus> without prio
12:44:58  <PublicServer> <imus> it'll unjam itself
12:45:27  *** Patrickov has joined #openttdcoop
12:45:49  <Patrickov> !password
12:45:50  <PublicServer> Patrickov: shirks
12:46:28  *** Tray has joined #openttdcoop
12:46:36  <Tray> !password
12:46:36  <PublicServer> Tray: shirks
12:46:45  <PublicServer> *** Patrickov joined the game
12:46:48  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> hello
12:47:01  <PublicServer> *** Tray joined the game
12:47:33  <Leshrac_At_Internship>
12:47:39  <Leshrac_At_Internship> that was the plan ish
12:48:29  <Vinnie_nl> to complex do it yourself :P
12:48:55  <Leshrac_At_Internship> lol ><
12:49:05  <PublicServer> <imus> how is that complex? :p
12:50:13  <Leshrac_At_Internship> basically the part where the road is on the sloped land next to the water has to stay
12:50:36  <Leshrac_At_Internship> so that you have a sort of a "boulevard overlooking the water" kind of effect
12:51:14  <PublicServer> <imus> i'd put the road one space next to it so you can have all shorelinehouses with great view over the ocean
12:51:50  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well the heart of the city already has that
12:51:59  <PublicServer> <imus> true as well
12:52:01  <Leshrac_At_Internship> and you get alot of those next to the transfer
12:52:21  <PublicServer> <imus> i'll leave the road
12:52:32  <PublicServer> <imus> and try to find some extra room with tunnels
12:53:09  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well if you tunnel the 2 lines next to the stations and only have the junctions above ground it could work
12:53:12  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> Jam still there around SLH08... do we need another main line or is it misused?  (seems line 2 was not utilised well)
12:53:42  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001FA20:
12:53:48  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> no the entrance of Rainbow station needs a second line
12:54:04  <PublicServer> <imus> check !this
12:54:43  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> we just waiting till some 3rd party does that
12:54:56  <PublicServer> <V453000> oooh
12:55:21  <Leshrac_At_Internship> btw imus, the plan was to grow the city from the bay up to the mountain, if your really feel it needs work today
12:55:30  <Leshrac_At_Internship> as i cant play tonight, i have company :P
12:56:04  <Patrickov> We can't demolish buildings can we?
12:56:09  <PublicServer> <V453000> we can
12:56:15  <PublicServer> <imus> don't think we can
12:56:21  <PublicServer> <imus> ah k
12:56:37  <PublicServer> <imus> can towns prevent you from building stations when status is too bad?
12:56:47  <PublicServer> <V453000> sure
12:57:01  <PublicServer> <V453000> but ratings shouldnt decrease as magic dozer is on
12:58:31  <PublicServer> <imus> kojima doesn't allow stations to be built -.-
12:58:51  <PublicServer> <V453000> buy trees
12:58:51  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (connection lost)
12:58:57  <PublicServer> <imus> where? =D
12:59:00  <V453000> !password
12:59:00  <PublicServer> V453000: mutest
12:59:01  <V453000> near it?
12:59:03  <PublicServer> <imus> it's in the middle of an ocean
12:59:07  <V453000> then bribe
12:59:25  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
12:59:45  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (connection lost)
12:59:48  <V453000> now wtf is happening
13:00:03  <PublicServer> <imus> having trains going to the town should help as well right?
13:00:15  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> yes
13:00:50  <V453000> !password
13:00:50  <PublicServer> V453000: mutest
13:01:13  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> stupid town
13:01:17  <PublicServer> <imus> :p
13:01:19  <PublicServer> <imus> indeed
13:01:34  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> what do you want to do anyway?
13:01:49  <PublicServer> <imus> was planning on moving kojima west a bit, but leave it as it is
13:01:52  <PublicServer> <imus> doesn't matter
13:02:57  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
13:03:30  *** Absolutis has joined #openttdcoop
13:03:34  <Absolutis> !password
13:03:34  <PublicServer> Absolutis: mutest
13:03:40  *** Godde has joined #openttdcoop
13:04:06  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis joined the game
13:04:38  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> :D
13:06:13  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven has joined spectators
13:06:36  <Leshrac_At_Internship> great my cup a soup tastes like water ><
13:06:48  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> Dinner, seeyalater
13:06:52  <PublicServer> <imus> bye
13:06:55  <PublicServer> *** Patrickov has left the game (leaving)
13:07:36  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> hmm, shall I build on isle with xeryus's plan?
13:07:46  <PublicServer> <V453000> what would you build there
13:07:54  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> enrique isles :P
13:08:01  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> or something
13:08:13  <PublicServer> <V453000> and where would it connect to the ML
13:08:13  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> ryukyu
13:08:24  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> like, SBahn style
13:08:42  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000108DE:
13:08:47  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> for example, transfer to a station in Komori
13:09:30  <PublicServer> <imus> leshrac, did you have a specific train in mind?
13:09:36  <PublicServer> <V453000> I think komori Sbahn would rather use some improving
13:09:38  <PublicServer> <V453000> not many buildings
13:10:41  <PublicServer> <imus> i'm surprised komori is serviced so well, with so little coverage :)
13:10:51  <PublicServer> <V453000> station walking
13:10:59  <PublicServer> <imus> is it?
13:11:04  <PublicServer> <V453000> just look
13:11:06  <PublicServer> <V453000> white buildings
13:11:12  <PublicServer> <imus> ah
13:11:14  <PublicServer> <imus> sneaky :)
13:11:20  <PublicServer> <V453000> ugly :(
13:11:42  <PublicServer> <imus> hehe
13:13:19  <PublicServer> <imus> i've sent a train to kojima, hoping it would raise company rating :)
13:14:46  <Leshrac_At_Internship> you know
13:14:56  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it is interesting that that town is called Kojima
13:15:06  <Leshrac_At_Internship> as it means small island ><
13:15:11  <PublicServer> <imus> =D
13:15:17  <PublicServer> <imus> it's not an island
13:15:38  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it was till i TFed it a bit to make the station reach
13:15:40  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> hmm, north of SLH01= Transfer to Kojima?
13:15:56  <PublicServer> <imus> nooo, you ruined kojima :(
13:16:04  <PublicServer> <imus> :p
13:16:08  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> kojima lakeside, i mean
13:16:11  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well i Tfed 2 squares :P
13:16:41  <PublicServer> <imus> you turned the cool "little island" into a what's it called in english?
13:17:25  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> peninsular
13:17:29  <PublicServer> <V453000> -r
13:17:31  <PublicServer> <imus> ah that's the word :)
13:17:54  <Leshrac_At_Internship> lets see
13:18:18  <Leshrac_At_Internship> you could rename it to hanto
13:23:43  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001BB94:
13:25:36  *** aldor has joined #openttdcoop
13:25:44  <aldor> !password
13:25:44  <PublicServer> aldor: beggar
13:26:05  <PublicServer> *** aldor joined the game
13:26:12  <aldor> hi
13:26:22  <PublicServer> <imus> hi
13:26:26  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> hi
13:26:53  <PublicServer> <V453000> ill be going
13:26:53  <PublicServer> <V453000> later
13:26:55  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
13:26:58  <Leshrac_At_Internship> later V
13:27:14  *** makjes has joined #openttdcoop
13:27:17  <makjes> !password
13:27:18  <PublicServer> makjes: beggar
13:27:30  <PublicServer> *** makjes joined the game
13:27:43  <PublicServer> *** aldor has joined company #1
13:28:03  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie has joined spectators
13:29:38  <Leshrac_At_Internship> but yeah i might be online tonight from about 5:30 pm till 6:30 pm
13:29:51  <Leshrac_At_Internship> after that i wont be available
13:35:15  <Tray> You should use a timezone if you handle with times around here
13:38:22  *** aldor has quit IRC
13:38:43  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001B4B3:
13:40:35  <imus> !screen
13:40:36  <PublicServer> *** imus made screenshot at 0001BF15:
13:41:06  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> gtg
13:41:08  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has left the game (leaving)
13:41:16  <imus> !screen
13:41:17  <PublicServer> *** imus made screenshot at 0001B334:
13:41:44  <PublicServer> <imus> leshrac, this ok for you as well?
13:41:54  <PublicServer> <imus> using that shoreline feeder train giong to transfer
13:42:08  <PublicServer> <imus> gives town some room to grow there
13:44:10  <Leshrac_At_Internship> whatever works best
13:44:24  <Leshrac_At_Internship> i was still in the very early planning stages when i had to go to bed :P
13:44:32  <PublicServer> <imus> ^^,
13:44:43  <Leshrac_At_Internship> the only thing i basically decided on was that the road had to be next to the water
13:44:59  <PublicServer> <imus> it's still there
13:47:43  <Dilandau_> !password
13:47:43  <PublicServer> Dilandau_: nitwit
13:48:03  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> hi
13:48:03  <PublicServer> *** Dilandau joined the game
13:48:07  <PublicServer> <imus> hi
13:48:09  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> hi
13:49:03  <Patrickov> !password
13:49:03  <PublicServer> Patrickov: nitwit
13:49:04  <PublicServer> <imus> at least our rating at kojima went up ^^
13:49:15  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it was Mediocre yesterday
13:49:18  <PublicServer> *** Patrickov joined the game
13:49:30  <PublicServer> <imus> it was appaling when i looked at it earlier
13:49:38  <PublicServer> <imus> that's why i couldn't change station
13:49:44  <PublicServer> <imus> now just poor
13:49:50  <Leshrac_At_Internship> maybe cause the rails wrecked some trees?
13:49:57  <PublicServer> <imus> probably
13:51:40  <Leshrac_At_Internship> when Kojima has sufficiently grown, i might destroy Kojima (the station) and TF it back into a island :P
13:51:48  <Leshrac_At_Internship> with a bridge going to it
13:52:14  <PublicServer> <imus> 't looks fine now ^^
13:52:18  <PublicServer> <imus> was just kidding with you
13:52:55  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it is interesting tho that that city was called Kojima, as it is on a small island
13:53:21  <imus> !screen
13:53:22  <PublicServer> *** imus made screenshot at 0001AD2C:
13:53:32  <PublicServer> <imus> it reached the other shore =D
13:53:42  <PublicServer> <imus> after i built a bridge ^^
13:53:43  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00005CB3:
13:54:18  <PublicServer> <imus> you wanted to build the Sbhan on that mountain yourself?
13:54:57  <Leshrac_At_Internship> I wanted to have a try at it, but the earliest i really have time to play is tomorrow
13:55:11  <PublicServer> <imus> i'll leave it for you then ^^
13:55:12  <Leshrac_At_Internship> and by then the game is nearly to its end, so i dont really mind if you build it
13:55:58  <PublicServer> <imus> hmm, true
13:57:36  <Leshrac_At_Internship> but try to keep the mountain as much as it is now
13:57:45  <Leshrac_At_Internship> would be a shame to TF it all away
13:57:50  <PublicServer> <imus> indeed
13:59:07  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> Just curious... will the area Haki Taki be an aim of growth?
13:59:12  <PublicServer> <imus> abso built an sbahn on the other side (south) of the lake, I'm gonne try to make Kojima go there as well
13:59:56  <Leshrac_At_Internship> Btw if youi want to rename the transfer station near kojima, go ahead. I couldnt think of a good name for it :P
14:00:49  <PublicServer> <imus> gonne name it L&I ICE
14:03:36  <Godde> !password
14:03:36  <PublicServer> Godde: abject
14:03:51  <PublicServer> *** Godde joined the game
14:03:52  <PublicServer> <Godde> good day, subjects
14:03:58  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> hi ^^
14:04:11  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> Hail
14:04:15  <PublicServer> <imus> hail
14:04:21  <PublicServer> <aldor> hi
14:04:25  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> hi
14:04:53  <PublicServer> <Godde> who added a train to the 3way split i made? :P
14:05:28  <Leshrac_At_Internship> The train fairy
14:05:35  <PublicServer> <Godde> lol
14:08:45  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001AD31:
14:09:48  <Leshrac_At_Internship> interesting it prefers to grow between the bridges
14:11:02  <PublicServer> *** Godde has left the game (leaving)
14:11:05  *** Godde has quit IRC
14:14:03  *** pugi has quit IRC
14:14:05  <PublicServer> *** Patrickov has left the game (connection lost)
14:14:10  <PublicServer> <imus> who made the die?
14:14:16  <PublicServer> <makjes> i did
14:14:26  <PublicServer> <imus> murderer!
14:14:28  <PublicServer> <makjes> pbs error
14:14:33  <Patrickov> !password
14:14:33  <PublicServer> Patrickov: sprier
14:14:35  <PublicServer> <makjes> i know!
14:14:58  <PublicServer> *** Patrickov joined the game
14:16:51  <imus> !screen
14:16:52  <PublicServer> *** imus made screenshot at 0001C5AC:
14:17:03  <imus> i wonder if i can make kojima grow there :)
14:18:11  <Leshrac_At_Internship> should be possible with the bridge
14:20:33  *** sla_ro|master has joined #openttdcoop
14:21:59  <PublicServer> <imus> first house is there =D
14:22:06  <PublicServer> <imus> just out of reach from the station i put there -.-
14:22:45  <Leshrac_At_Internship> lol
14:23:34  *** Leshrac_At_Internship has quit IRC
14:23:46  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001B9B3:
14:24:54  *** Leshrac_At_Internship has joined #openttdcoop
14:24:59  <Leshrac_At_Internship> wrong USb cable ><
14:25:57  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> I wish to know how Kojima halt will be connected?
14:26:23  <PublicServer> <imus> depends on how i'll plan to build the entire Sbahn there
14:26:27  <PublicServer> <imus> no plans for it yet
14:27:00  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> It won't climb that un-TF-able mountain will it?
14:27:26  <PublicServer> <imus> Sbahn will be on top of the mountain
14:27:39  <PublicServer> <imus> so yes :p
14:27:53  <Leshrac_At_Internship> Thats the challenge :P
14:32:04  <imus> !screen
14:32:05  <PublicServer> *** imus made screenshot at 0000593C:
14:33:35  <Leshrac_At_Internship> hmm whats up with that part?
14:33:48  <PublicServer> <imus> not mine
14:34:04  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> You mean the mountain?  Yeah I found that funny too...  whoever did it please answer
14:34:24  <PublicServer> <imus> i blew up the trees on that mountain
14:34:27  <Leshrac_At_Internship> it is part of my SLH and part of someone elses sbahn, the screenie
14:34:42  <PublicServer> <imus> it's cause someone's working on that sbahn
14:34:46  <Leshrac_At_Internship> btw Patrickov i am not ingame, i was refering to the screenshot imus made
14:34:50  <PublicServer> <imus> i wanted a screen of the mountain
14:35:28  <PublicServer> <imus> i don't like trees when i'm building
14:35:38  <PublicServer> <imus> they limit the vieuw of the landscape :)
14:35:42  <Leshrac_At_Internship> go to transparancy options
14:35:47  <Leshrac_At_Internship> you can turn them off
14:35:54  <PublicServer> <imus> transparent trees are no better
14:35:58  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> Even turning them off the shadows hurt
14:36:01  <PublicServer> <imus> all black lines
14:36:03  <Leshrac_At_Internship> click the small button below them
14:36:10  <Leshrac_At_Internship> that turns of shadows
14:36:11  <PublicServer> <imus> doesn't do anything
14:36:15  <PublicServer> <imus> ah
14:36:17  <PublicServer> <imus> k, got it
14:36:19  <PublicServer> <imus> yay =D
14:36:21  <Leshrac_At_Internship> :P
14:36:28  <PublicServer> *** XeryusTC joined the game
14:36:29  <PublicServer> <imus> this'll make building a lot easier :)
14:36:45  <Leshrac_At_Internship> no longer you have to burn entire forests
14:36:50  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> hallo
14:36:52  <PublicServer> <imus> indeed
14:36:52  <PublicServer> <imus> hi
14:36:58  <Leshrac_At_Internship> heya
14:37:06  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> Ah that's interesting
14:37:20  <PublicServer> <imus> meh, the trees would have to go for the city anyway
14:37:40  <Leshrac_At_Internship> well if you blow them all up your rating drops like crazy
14:37:55  <PublicServer> <imus> only if there's a town nearby ^^
14:37:57  <Leshrac_At_Internship> 220 squares and it is at appaling
14:38:11  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> If it's too far away the authority can't reach them
14:38:22  <PublicServer> <imus> this was 22 * 28
14:38:23  <Leshrac_At_Internship> anyways
14:38:24  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> later people i am off
14:38:30  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie has left the game (leaving)
14:38:31  <Leshrac_At_Internship> ill be back at around 5:30
14:38:39  <Leshrac_At_Internship> \gotta go home and have dinner
14:38:41  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> TImezone pls
14:38:41  <PublicServer> <imus> what timezone?
14:38:42  <Leshrac_At_Internship> laterz guys
14:38:45  <Leshrac_At_Internship> GMT+1
14:38:46  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00005D3F:
14:38:47  <PublicServer> <imus> GMT + 1?
14:38:49  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> I am GMT+8
14:38:50  <Leshrac_At_Internship> so in about a hour
14:38:57  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> ic
14:39:15  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> Patrickov: most times here are either UTC or UTC+1
14:39:17  <PublicServer> <imus> feel free to continue the sbahn as it is then ^^
14:39:23  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> or during summertime even UTC+2
14:39:29  <Leshrac_At_Internship> if i have time to play
14:39:35  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> which we are now ;)
14:39:36  <Leshrac_At_Internship> i am expecting company :P
14:39:37  <PublicServer> <imus> UTC?
14:39:44  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> The slowest I have ever experienced is UTC+2 I think
14:39:47  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> UTC = GMT without the confusion about summer time
14:39:59  <PublicServer> <imus> aha
14:40:01  <PublicServer> <imus> kk
14:40:11  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> people think that GMT changes in the summer because GB has summertime
14:40:25  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> but instead GB changes to BST which is GMT/UTC+1
14:40:26  <Leshrac_At_Internship> the UK doesnt have DST
14:40:29  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> Yeah and I don't (it's as hot as heck to u guys)
14:40:31  <Leshrac_At_Internship> that is the whole problem
14:40:40  <Leshrac_At_Internship> the rest of europe does
14:40:52  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> Don't quite understand why the uk doesn't
14:40:55  <XeryusTC> GB changes at a different time
14:41:02  <PublicServer> <imus> XD
14:41:08  <PublicServer> <imus> summer time is a pain XD
14:41:09  <Leshrac_At_Internship> the also drive on the wrong side of the road
14:41:15  <Leshrac_At_Internship> anyways i am off
14:41:15  <XeryusTC> well, sometimes they change at a different time, sometimes they dont
14:41:16  <PublicServer> <imus> lol, true
14:41:17  <Leshrac_At_Internship> laterz
14:41:20  <PublicServer> <imus> cya
14:41:24  <XeryusTC> cya
14:41:24  *** Leshrac_At_Internship has quit IRC
14:41:39  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> Actually I think GB are on the right side... I was a gb subject for 14 yrs or so
14:42:11  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> ok i got the pun :P
14:42:21  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> fyi japan drive on the wrong side too
14:42:23  <PublicServer> *** aldor has left the game (connection lost)
14:43:33  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> anybody here?
14:43:37  <PublicServer> <imus> I am
14:43:47  <PublicServer> <imus> trying to comu up with a good looking sbahn
14:43:54  <PublicServer> <imus> without TF a huge mountain
14:43:56  <PublicServer> <makjes> im here
14:44:08  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> i see... meanwhile I wanna know how slh04 works (or lack thereof)
14:44:20  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> The outer side ml seems overloaded
14:44:38  <PublicServer> <Patrickov> north side i mean
14:52:54  *** hanf has joined #openttdcoop
14:53:46  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00019A9A:
15:00:16  <PublicServer> *** Patrickov has left the game (leaving)
15:08:47  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001A21A:
15:11:31  <Leshrac_Sleeping> checking the progress and then dinner :P
15:11:34  <Leshrac_Sleeping> !password
15:11:34  <PublicServer> Leshrac_Sleeping: psyche
15:12:15  <PublicServer> <imus> used almost no TF :)
15:12:26  <PublicServer> *** Leshrac joined the game
15:12:28  <PublicServer> <imus> just a little bit to connect the road
15:12:28  *** hanf has quit IRC
15:12:50  <PublicServer> <imus> what do you think?
15:12:55  *** hanf has joined #openttdcoop
15:12:56  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> looks good
15:13:11  <PublicServer> <imus> you can add the trains you'd like on kojima halt and north
15:13:25  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> well imma have dinner now :P
15:13:49  <PublicServer> <imus> add them when you're back? If I don't see trains when it's finished, I'll choose them myself :)
15:13:59  <PublicServer> <imus> will have diner soon as well
15:17:00  *** Blimb has joined #openttdcoop
15:17:09  <Blimb> !password
15:17:09  <PublicServer> Blimb: psyche
15:17:26  <PublicServer> *** Blimb joined the game
15:18:21  *** Luna has joined #openttdcoop
15:20:51  <Luna> !password
15:20:51  <PublicServer> Luna: psyche
15:21:06  <PublicServer> *** Luna joined the game
15:23:09  <PublicServer> *** Luna has left the game (connection lost)
15:23:47  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00019722:
15:24:36  <Luna> !password
15:24:36  <PublicServer> Luna: groped
15:24:52  <PublicServer> *** Luna joined the game
15:26:53  <PublicServer> *** Blimb has left the game (leaving)
15:28:35  <PublicServer> <imus> dinner time now
15:28:38  <PublicServer> <imus> I'll finish it later =D
15:31:06  <PublicServer> *** imus has left the game (leaving)
15:31:16  *** imus has quit IRC
15:33:22  *** Blimb has quit IRC
15:35:13  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop
15:35:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
15:38:47  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00002B73:
15:39:18  <Patrickov> !password
15:39:19  <PublicServer> Patrickov: braced
15:39:42  <PublicServer> *** Patrickov joined the game
15:41:40  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> what was a very small island name Kojima, is becoming a giant city due to me starting some crazy idea XD
15:43:42  <PublicServer> *** Patrickov has left the game (leaving)
15:47:15  <PublicServer> <Tray> trins are stupid (:
15:53:47  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001F20C:
15:57:06  <PublicServer> *** XeryusTC has left the game (connection lost)
16:05:34  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> how come tray?
16:07:47  *** Patrickov has quit IRC
16:08:49  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000188E6:
16:09:09  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> hmm it seems that traffic prefers the top rail of the ML
16:13:26  *** ziza has joined #openttdcoop
16:13:28  *** MrD2DG has joined #openttdcoop
16:13:33  <ziza> hello :)
16:13:40  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> heya
16:13:57  <V453000> hello
16:14:03  <ziza> !password
16:14:03  <PublicServer> ziza: hearth
16:14:17  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven has joined company #1
16:14:30  <MrD2DG> !password
16:14:30  <PublicServer> MrD2DG: hearth
16:14:46  <PublicServer> *** MrD2DG joined the game
16:14:50  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Hi
16:15:06  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> i see that the ICE has already been adjusted with the new transfer
16:16:32  <PublicServer> *** ZiZa joined the game
16:19:10  *** imus has joined #openttdcoop
16:19:14  <imus> !password
16:19:15  <PublicServer> imus: hearth
16:19:30  <PublicServer> *** imus joined the game
16:19:32  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> heya Imus
16:19:34  <PublicServer> <imus> hi
16:19:44  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> btw i edited the orders of the kojima wwest train
16:20:01  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> it now skips west when it gets a full load at Kojima
16:20:28  <PublicServer> <imus> ^^
16:21:03  <PublicServer> <imus> Kojima transfer could use a second train
16:21:21  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> yeah ill inject one
16:21:39  <PublicServer> <imus> brb
16:22:45  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> im off
16:23:12  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> ill talk to guys maybe later tonight
16:23:28  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> gn
16:23:50  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000170C9:
16:23:55  <PublicServer> *** Leshrac has left the game (leaving)
16:24:05  *** LoPo has joined #openttdcoop
16:24:05  <LoPo> !password
16:24:05  <PublicServer> LoPo: gruffs
16:24:26  <PublicServer> *** LoPo joined the game
16:24:33  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hiya
16:26:19  <V453000> @ABR02
16:26:24  <Webster> Advanced Building Revue 02: Splits at #openttdcoop -
16:30:57  <PublicServer> *** Luna has left the game (leaving)
16:38:50  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000836D:
16:44:45  <PublicServer> <LoPo> wtf!
16:44:51  <PublicServer> <imus> ?
16:44:53  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> ...
16:44:55  <PublicServer> <LoPo> crash...
16:44:57  <PublicServer> <makjes> woot woot
16:44:59  <PublicServer> <imus> why do you make them crash?
16:45:01  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Lol
16:45:03  <PublicServer> <LoPo> im sorry
16:45:13  <PublicServer> <imus> only 4 deaths, but still
16:45:24  <PublicServer> <LoPo> yeah, now i need new drivers...
16:53:51  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000028CE:
16:54:39  <Vinnie_nl> !password
16:54:40  <PublicServer> Vinnie_nl: angler
16:55:03  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie joined the game
16:55:05  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> hello
16:55:12  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hi
16:55:16  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Hi
16:55:18  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> hi
16:57:26  <PublicServer> <imus> L&I - ICE now accepts passangers :)
17:08:51  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00008272:
17:11:38  *** Kangoo has joined #openttdcoop
17:12:20  <PublicServer> *** MrD2DG has left the game (connection lost)
17:12:22  <Kangoo> !password
17:12:22  <PublicServer> Kangoo: hailed
17:12:30  <MrD2DG> !password
17:12:30  <PublicServer> MrD2DG: hailed
17:12:32  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo joined the game
17:12:41  <PublicServer> *** MrD2DG joined the game
17:14:48  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> so - whats up in here?
17:15:02  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Not much i think :P
17:15:12  <PublicServer> <imus> where?
17:16:27  <PublicServer> *** ZiZa has left the game (leaving)
17:16:36  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> someone messed up
17:16:51  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> where
17:16:54  *** Mucht has joined #openttdcoop
17:16:54  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Mucht
17:17:17  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> :P
17:17:28  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> who changed that to make town bigger
17:17:34  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> No idea who that was
17:17:38  <PublicServer> <imus> o.O
17:17:40  <PublicServer> <imus> Idonno
17:17:44  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> 90deg sync is rarely a good idea on ML...
17:18:17  *** pugi has joined #openttdcoop
17:19:52  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> shorten first bridges to make room?
17:20:24  <PublicServer> *** makjes has joined spectators
17:21:17  <PublicServer> <imus> why not just put bridges here
17:21:49  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> maybe better yes
17:22:05  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> dinner for me anyway
17:22:12  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> cya laters
17:22:14  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie has joined spectators
17:22:28  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> ok now?
17:22:34  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> cya Vinnie
17:23:52  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000135EB:
17:27:31  <PublicServer> <imus> who makes trians crash?
17:27:33  <PublicServer> <LoPo> wow!
17:29:46  <PublicServer> <imus> next time just manually stop the train before removing lights/reconnecting
17:31:24  <PublicServer> <imus> who moved it that way?
17:31:36  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> looks less ugly
17:31:44  <PublicServer> <imus> still not sinked
17:32:06  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> someone changed south side again
17:32:06  <PublicServer> <imus> was sincing it without pbs
17:32:12  <PublicServer> <imus> i did
17:32:14  <PublicServer> <imus> i was sincing it like this
17:33:11  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> then I did not get what you were doing. feel free to change back
17:37:20  <PublicServer> *** Koronen joined the game
17:37:41  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Woah so many new people lately
17:37:43  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Hi
17:37:49  <PublicServer> <Koronen> hello
17:37:55  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> hi
17:38:10  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> so many people and so little to do ;)
17:38:22  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> :P
17:38:34  <PublicServer> <imus> XD
17:38:39  <V453000> !password
17:38:39  <PublicServer> V453000: crazed
17:38:52  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000120EF:
17:38:52  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
17:38:56  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Hey
17:38:58  <PublicServer> <imus> hi
17:39:00  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> Hi V
17:39:00  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> hi V
17:39:11  <PublicServer> <Tray> Someone could improve nagasaki s-bahn south
17:39:18  <PublicServer> <Tray> quite jammy there
17:40:00  <PublicServer> <imus> Hey V, someone cause desinc "!here" so we solved it
17:40:09  <PublicServer> <imus> got some extra room for your trains as well now
17:40:28  <PublicServer> <imus> if you find how to connect them that is :) (and if you got the capacity)
17:40:41  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> this desync is due to desync !here!
17:40:51  <PublicServer> <V453000> ok :)
17:41:13  <PublicServer> <imus> still has an "!ugly pbs" though
17:41:27  <PublicServer> <V453000> thats fine
17:41:48  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> the bridge is too long
17:41:51  <PublicServer> <V453000> btw the original was sync
17:41:55  <PublicServer> <V453000> no the bridges are fine
17:41:58  <PublicServer> <imus> yeah but somone moved it
17:42:02  <PublicServer> <V453000> the problem is so called evil mode
17:42:04  <PublicServer> <imus> and your city grow over the original spot
17:42:14  <PublicServer> <V453000> one train stops -> another train stops etc
17:43:04  <PublicServer> *** makjes has left the game (connection lost)
17:45:37  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
17:45:46  <V453000> later again
17:45:51  <PublicServer> <imus> bye
17:45:51  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> bb
17:46:41  <Webster> Latest update from dznews: OpenGFX - OpenGFX 0.3.6 released <>
17:49:42  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> afk
17:49:52  <PublicServer> *** MrD2DG has joined spectators
17:53:15  <PublicServer> *** Koronen has left the game (leaving)
17:53:52  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00014962:
17:54:11  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> Kangoo ?
17:55:18  <PublicServer> *** MrD2DG has left the game (connection lost)
17:55:59  *** KenjiE20 has quit IRC
17:59:38  <PublicServer> <Tray> what is about !this trains?
18:00:32  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> no idea. maybe there was too many on the line
18:00:58  <PublicServer> <Tray> so ...
18:01:06  <PublicServer> <imus> think it's updated to new kind of train
18:01:18  <PublicServer> <imus> so those can be removed
18:01:22  *** MrD2DG has quit IRC
18:02:31  *** Mucht has quit IRC
18:04:10  *** ziza has quit IRC
18:06:18  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (leaving)
18:06:46  *** hanf has quit IRC
18:08:53  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001CB9A:
18:09:22  *** MrD2DG has joined #openttdcoop
18:09:25  <MrD2DG> join
18:09:46  <MrD2DG> oops
18:09:56  <Vinnie_nl> i see you
18:10:00  <Tray> what's this? (:
18:10:17  <imus> :o
18:10:32  <MrD2DG> Dont join pro if you're not pro imus :P
18:10:38  <MrD2DG> Just saw you got kicked..
18:10:39  <imus> but I am :(
18:10:46  <imus> why you kick me
18:10:52  <^Spike^> he didn't i did
18:10:58  <MrD2DG> You're not, you just started...
18:10:59  <^Spike^> but i didnt check the list yet either
18:11:01  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> imus you got invited by a member to join pro?
18:11:01  <planetmaker> it's invite-only
18:11:10  <imus> nope
18:11:13  <imus> I know
18:11:17  <^Spike^> so you don't belong there
18:11:21  <imus> I know :p
18:11:38  <^Spike^> and our list clearly says:
18:11:39  <^Spike^> Please kick/ban nicks not listed below.
18:11:39  <imus> was just curious cause the link got posted here
18:12:05  <planetmaker> You're free to spectate the proZone server
18:12:28  <PublicServer> *** imus has left the game (leaving)
18:13:46  <imus> same password?
18:13:55  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> how long is V his station like current state
18:14:02  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> jamming
18:14:08  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie has joined company #1
18:14:21  <imus> !password
18:14:21  <PublicServer> imus: insure
18:14:51  <imus> |planetmaker how can I find the password to spectate prozone?
18:15:15  <Vinnie_nl> imus you need to ask pw in prozone channel
18:15:28  <planetmaker> he. that's catch22 then
18:15:36  <MrD2DG> Lol was thinking the same
18:15:54  <planetmaker> I thought one could join the server w/o pw?
18:16:23  <MrD2DG> Then it could get trashed?
18:16:32  <MrD2DG> (easier)
18:16:36  <Vinnie_nl> mrd2dg company pw
18:16:41  <MrD2DG> Oh
18:16:56  <MrD2DG> Forgot about that
18:17:00  <MrD2DG> !password
18:17:00  <PublicServer> MrD2DG: insure
18:17:18  <PublicServer> *** MrD2DG joined the game
18:17:52  <imus> prozone maps always that big *o*
18:18:07  *** Sylf has quit IRC
18:18:15  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Usually the same size as here i think...
18:18:19  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> This map is quite small
18:19:19  <Vinnie_nl> btw you talk about a list for prozone where can i find that
18:19:28  <^Spike^> nowhere.. ;)
18:19:32  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> :P
18:19:32  <^Spike^> it's hidden to members only :)
18:19:42  <Vinnie_nl> ke
18:20:38  <imus> !password
18:20:38  <PublicServer> imus: insure
18:20:56  <PublicServer> *** imus joined the game
18:21:02  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> someone else looking at the exit of rainbow ICE?
18:21:16  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> and has an idea on how to make the exit faste?
18:21:19  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> faster
18:21:25  <PublicServer> <imus> yes
18:21:27  <PublicServer> <imus> and no
18:23:53  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00007660:
18:24:24  <imus> isn't the problem the entrence btw?
18:24:27  <imus> instead of the exit
18:24:50  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> i have been looking all the time and the problem is waves
18:25:42  <PublicServer> *** Spike joined the game
18:27:30  <makjes> !password
18:27:30  <PublicServer> makjes: hazels
18:27:40  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> i deleted those signals on purpose
18:27:40  <PublicServer> *** makjes has left the game (general error)
18:28:00  <PublicServer> *** makjes joined the game
18:28:55  <PublicServer> <imus> electric rail bridges look cool when invisible :)
18:29:09  <PublicServer> <imus> it's as if the train hangs on that electricity wire
18:29:22  <PublicServer> *** LXSJason joined the game
18:29:27  <PublicServer> <LXSJason> heya
18:29:29  <PublicServer> <imus> hi
18:29:35  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Hi
18:29:37  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hello
18:29:38  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> hello
18:29:40  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> hi
18:30:26  *** KenjiE20 has joined #openttdcoop
18:30:26  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20
18:32:48  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> and now the bridges near himetani jam
18:33:20  <PublicServer> <Vinnie>  @@(gap 8)
18:33:21  <Webster> PublicServer: For Trainlength of 8: <= 14 needs 2, 15 - 24 needs 3, 25 - 34 needs 4.
18:36:12  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> consider webster wrong on that gap
18:36:21  <PublicServer> <imus> I wonder how it's calculated
18:36:31  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> gap can be atleast 2 tL + some spare signals
18:36:44  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> so maybe 17-18 and then you need 3
18:36:47  <KenjiE20> same calc that ps uses only in reverse
18:37:03  <PublicServer> <imus> ps?
18:37:07  <KenjiE20> @ps
18:37:08  <Webster> ps: The Public Server, see also:
18:37:18  <planetmaker> :-D
18:37:23  <imus> :p
18:37:31  <imus> k, then what does the ps use?
18:37:43  <^Spike^> !tunnels 8 13
18:37:43  <PublicServer> ^Spike^: You need 2 tunnels/bridges for trainlength 8 and gap 13.
18:37:44  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> the reverse of webster
18:37:47  <KenjiE20> @readme
18:37:47  <^Spike^> !tunnels 8 15
18:37:47  <PublicServer> ^Spike^: You need 3 tunnels/bridges for trainlength 8 and gap 15.
18:37:48  <Webster> User:KenjiE20/Webster - #openttdcoop Wiki -
18:37:52  <KenjiE20> ^
18:37:58  <KenjiE20> iirc calcs are on there
18:38:01  <KenjiE20> and on !help
18:38:54  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00006E56:
18:40:44  <PublicServer> <LXSJason> anyone any health advice?
18:40:54  <PublicServer> <LoPo> health? :P
18:40:57  <PublicServer> <makjes> an apple a day
18:41:00  <PublicServer> <LXSJason> im coughing so much that i have a bloodnose
18:41:00  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> dont swallow toilet cleaner
18:41:05  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ah
18:41:13  <PublicServer> <LoPo> drink tea :)
18:41:17  <PublicServer> <LXSJason> it is, annoying!
18:41:19  <Tray>
18:41:21  <Webster> Title: Condom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
18:41:46  <Tray> oh too late for that joke ):
18:41:49  <PublicServer> <LoPo> with honey
18:41:49  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Lol
18:41:51  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> a condom to stop a blood nose?
18:42:04  <Mazur> Tampon woulf work better.
18:42:11  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> :P
18:42:11  <PublicServer> <LoPo> yeah indeed
18:42:24  <KenjiE20> The Internet no matter how clever it may appear is not your GP, go see him
18:42:29  <PublicServer> <LoPo> they are "made" for holes that bleed ;)
18:42:33  <PublicServer> <LXSJason> lol
18:42:52  <Tray> Jason: 1. watch every season of dr. house 2. think that it's lupos
18:42:55  <PublicServer> <LXSJason> if i manage to stop coughing, the bloodnose will stop aswell ><
18:43:09  <PublicServer> <LXSJason> lol
18:43:17  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> eventually the blood will stop
18:43:29  <Mazur> Oh yes, in every case.
18:43:41  <PublicServer> <LXSJason> *rofl* yep, usually that is when im going... wtf happened the past hour? did i sleep?
18:44:07  <KenjiE20> it's probably a bust vessel, but really if you're worried 'seek medical advice'
18:45:09  <LXSJason> burst vessel making me cough so much? :p
18:45:25  <LXSJason> not worried bout the bloody nose :p its the coughing thats annoying
18:46:32  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> vomit to clear the throat with some home made acid
18:46:46  <PublicServer> <imus> that might actualy make it worse
18:46:56  <LXSJason> makes it wors, yep
18:47:33  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> btw does the whole map need to be one city?
18:47:50  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> No idea
18:47:51  <LXSJason> terraform the water away? :p
18:48:08  <PublicServer> <imus> no TF the oceans
18:48:21  <PublicServer> <makjes> The goal is to transport > 50%pax
18:48:33  <V453000> as the game ends, it ends :) no requirements
18:48:39  <PublicServer> <imus> yes but pax keeps groing :p
18:48:51  <PublicServer> <makjes> then goal keeps growing ;o)
18:48:51  <V453000> no, it doesnt. You keep growing it :)
18:48:53  <PublicServer> <LXSJason> well, nosaki and komori are covered :p
18:48:59  <V453000> only by providing roads it grow
18:49:00  <V453000> s
18:49:18  <PublicServer> <imus> so if we destroy all roads/buildings we won?
18:49:37  <PublicServer> <imus> as 0 is >50% of 0
18:50:05  <PublicServer> <LXSJason> lol
18:50:07  <PublicServer> <makjes> thats not right. 0 = 0.
18:50:07  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> well actuallty you cant get 50% of 0. try deviding 0 by 2
18:50:11  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven has joined spectators
18:50:17  <PublicServer> <imus> 0/2 = 0
18:50:20  <PublicServer> <imus> basic math
18:50:25  <KenjiE20> there's no win condition, and "Remember loosing is Fun"
18:50:50  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> :P
18:50:54  <PublicServer> <imus> :p
18:50:56  <PublicServer> <imus> who told you that?
18:51:06  <PublicServer> <imus> someone that keeps beating you at every game?
18:51:15  <KenjiE20> if you get the reference you get points :p
18:51:16  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> kick him
18:51:34  <PublicServer> <imus> don't know the reference :( no points for me
18:51:48  <imus> vinnie: kick who?
18:51:54  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> grow you stopid town
18:52:12  <PublicServer> <imus> what stupid town?
18:52:18  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> Himesaki: \
18:53:54  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000123D:
18:53:58  <PublicServer> <imus> I think I messed up at Shimaoka, it doesn't seem to grow at all
18:54:16  <PublicServer> <imus> mostly cause of the stupid hill in the middle
18:54:29  <PublicServer> <imus> and the lack of room
18:54:51  <PublicServer> <LXSJason> myeah, i wish i had terraformed the mountain away at my SRS aswell
18:54:57  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> yeah it has no room to grow so it stopped growing. kind of logic
18:55:12  <PublicServer> <imus> it still has some empty spots
18:55:20  <PublicServer> <imus> just doesn't use them
18:55:28  <PublicServer> <imus> and doesn't improve existing buildings
18:55:32  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> needs a road next to the empty spots
18:55:59  <PublicServer> <imus> I see at least 4 empty spots
18:56:04  <PublicServer> <imus> that should've been used a long time ago
18:56:10  <PublicServer> <imus> oh well
18:56:24  <PublicServer> <imus> at least we turned the island Kojima into a city
18:56:39  <PublicServer> <imus> I'm making it climb a real mountain
18:57:12  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> but are it 4 seperate lines now or one big round?
18:57:23  <PublicServer> <imus> what?
18:57:33  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> Kojima: hill
18:57:38  <PublicServer> <imus> 4 lines
18:59:32  <PublicServer> <imus> maybe I should rename the stations on the hill
19:00:20  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> name them after mountains
19:01:00  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> or after the most beautiful actresses :)
19:02:13  <V453000> too bad I dont know any "publically representative names" from there :D
19:03:17  <PublicServer> <LoPo> see ya later guys
19:03:19  <PublicServer> <imus> gave them a logical number
19:03:26  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> BB
19:03:28  <PublicServer> *** LoPo has left the game (leaving)
19:03:30  <PublicServer> <imus> bye
19:03:37  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> V actresses names in _all_ movie cagories?
19:03:41  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> cya
19:04:01  <V453000> I know only one movie category
19:04:13  <PublicServer> <imus> porn isn't a movie category
19:04:24  *** Sylf has joined #openttdcoop
19:04:28  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Sylf
19:04:29  <V453000> what is it then :D
19:04:39  <Tray> There is no porn, we're on the clean side of the internet!
19:04:40  <PublicServer> <imus> not a real movie :p
19:04:40  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> and what if it has a plot?
19:05:01  <PublicServer> <imus> Tray, no idea where you're from but there's porn everywhere now
19:05:18  <Tray> also in ...
19:05:28  <PublicServer> <imus> and since when do porn movies have a plot?
19:05:45  <Vinnie_nl>
19:05:45  <Webster> Title: Scrubs - Dr. Cox talks about Porn - YouTube (at
19:05:48  <Tray> 'warum liegt hier eigentlich Stroh?' C:
19:08:54  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00005558:
19:10:30  <Vinnie_nl>  @calc 15000/90
19:12:30  <PublicServer> *** LXSJason has left the game (leaving)
19:16:03  <PublicServer> *** Dilandau has left the game (leaving)
19:17:01  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Guys make sure you update the ICE routes when new stations are added...
19:17:24  <PublicServer> <imus> aren't the ICE trains still wrong anyway?
19:17:30  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> ?
19:17:38  <PublicServer> <Tray> GNARGH STUPID TRAINS
19:17:44  <PublicServer> <makjes> booom shacka-lacka
19:17:48  <PublicServer> <Tray> and stupid caps too
19:17:54  <PublicServer> <imus> no stupid you removing wrong thing without stopping the train
19:18:12  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> They can only be 'wrong' if the person who created the orders didnt include every station..
19:18:14  <PublicServer> <Tray> I did not remove anything
19:18:40  <PublicServer> <imus> the first trains were wrong
19:18:43  <PublicServer> <imus> nobody corrected them
19:18:47  <PublicServer> <imus> so they are still wrong
19:19:16  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> What first trains, on a certain route or just all early trains
19:19:29  <PublicServer> <imus> all early ICE trains
19:19:42  <PublicServer> <imus> cause it wasn't decided what all the ICE stations would be
19:19:58  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Yes thats why i said update them with the new stations?
19:20:02  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> It isnt hard.
19:20:03  <PublicServer> <imus> most of the ICE then didn't even accept pax
19:21:13  <PublicServer> <imus> I've got an idea, why don't you check all the trains now
19:21:13  <PublicServer> <imus> fix them
19:21:21  <PublicServer> <imus> and then tell us to keep them ok =D
19:21:26  <PublicServer> <imus> would be awesome
19:21:42  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Thats what im doing, but since you're probably not doing anything help wouldnt be out of the question
19:21:44  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> but w/e
19:22:05  <PublicServer> <imus> tell me you're doing it right :p
19:23:55  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001EABC:
19:27:44  *** TWerkhoven[l] has joined #openttdcoop
19:35:44  <PublicServer> *** Spike has left the game (leaving)
19:38:55  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00019015:
19:53:01  <PublicServer> *** makjes has left the game (connection lost)
19:53:42  *** TWerkhoven[l] has quit IRC
19:53:55  *** TW has joined #openttdcoop
19:53:55  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00001316:
19:54:22  *** TW is now known as TWerkhoven[l]
19:56:45  *** persil has joined #openttdcoop
19:57:09  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> oke guys i am off. cya later and goodnight
19:57:13  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> GN
19:57:15  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie has left the game (leaving)
19:57:17  <PublicServer> <imus> c ya
19:58:09  *** makjes has quit IRC
19:59:15  <PublicServer> *** persil joined the game
19:59:51  *** makjes has joined #openttdcoop
20:00:15  <makjes> !password
20:00:15  <PublicServer> makjes: wolfed
20:00:27  <PublicServer> *** makjes joined the game
20:02:08  *** hanf has joined #openttdcoop
20:07:19  <PublicServer> *** persil has left the game (leaving)
20:08:40  <PublicServer> *** mfb joined the game
20:08:44  <PublicServer> <mfb> hi
20:08:45  *** mfb- has joined #openttdcoop
20:08:46  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o mfb-
20:08:46  <PublicServer> <imus> hi
20:08:48  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Hi
20:08:48  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> hi
20:08:59  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00001D1D:
20:09:07  <PublicServer> <mfb> :o
20:09:14  <PublicServer> <imus> :o what?
20:09:26  <PublicServer> <mfb> nagasaki area is almost full
20:11:27  *** Vinnie_nl has quit IRC
20:11:42  *** persil has quit IRC
20:18:00  <Leshrac_Sleeping> Im ready to play!
20:18:03  <Leshrac_Sleeping> !password
20:18:03  <PublicServer> Leshrac_Sleeping: parted
20:18:10  <PublicServer> <imus> =)
20:18:12  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Woo! :P
20:18:14  <PublicServer> <imus> sorry, it's all done now :p
20:18:21  <Leshrac_Sleeping> meh
20:18:39  <TWerkhoven[l]> lol
20:18:53  <PublicServer> *** Leshrac joined the game
20:18:57  <Leshrac_Sleeping> i had more fun anyways!
20:19:09  <Leshrac_Sleeping> `/nick Leshrac
20:19:11  <Dilandau_> !password
20:19:11  <PublicServer> Dilandau_: parted
20:19:12  *** Leshrac_Sleeping is now known as Leshrac
20:19:23  <TWerkhoven[l]> hehe
20:19:25  *** DayDreamer has quit IRC
20:19:41  <PublicServer> *** Dilandau joined the game
20:19:44  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> looks good
20:19:48  <PublicServer> <imus> kojima is at 11 k now :)
20:19:51  <PublicServer> <mfb> haki taki ICE got some empty space
20:20:01  <PublicServer> <mfb> no idea if vinnie is going to expand the town there
20:20:21  <PublicServer> <mfb> and matsubara south-east is a bit empty
20:20:47  <PublicServer> <mfb> SLH05 got some empty parts
20:20:58  <PublicServer> <mfb> and himetani will not really cover that
20:21:00  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> hmm maybe we can even grow it to further north
20:21:25  <TWerkhoven[l]> feel free to add to himetami
20:21:48  <PublicServer> <mfb> ok
20:21:59  <PublicServer> <mfb> if you want a new town there, just say it
20:22:13  <PublicServer> <mfb> (+want to build something there)
20:22:29  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Ooh can we fund towns?
20:22:35  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> hmm, Kojima is overflowing with passengers
20:22:52  <PublicServer> <imus> woops =D
20:22:56  <PublicServer> <mfb> if there is a reason for it, yes
20:23:09  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Ok
20:23:15  <TWerkhoven[l]> :)
20:23:45  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> maybe we can merge Kojima south into the network on the other side of the water
20:23:56  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> to take the transfer pressure of Kojima?
20:23:56  <PublicServer> <imus> might be best
20:24:00  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00001EB4:
20:24:10  <PublicServer> <imus> or at least make kojima south stop transfering to kojima
20:25:10  <TWerkhoven[l]> !password
20:25:10  <PublicServer> TWerkhoven[l]: hikers
20:25:21  <PublicServer> *** {TWerkhoven[L]} joined the game
20:25:25  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> i might have a idea
20:25:57  <PublicServer> <mfb> you can free one tile there
20:26:13  <PublicServer> <mfb> and add a second train
20:26:47  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> meh doesnt fit to make a tunnel of the bottom line for 2 squares and run the top line over it
20:26:56  <PublicServer> <imus> no! the rule there was top road stays :p
20:27:00  <PublicServer> <mfb> see signs
20:27:04  <PublicServer> <mfb> aha
20:27:28  <PublicServer> <mfb> move ML by one tile?
20:27:34  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> another?
20:27:38  *** minisylf has joined #openttdcoop
20:28:52  <PublicServer> <mfb> why not?
20:28:58  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> hmm, the land doesnt cooporate
20:29:07  <PublicServer> <mfb> it does
20:29:11  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> ML needs room to expand
20:29:19  <PublicServer> <mfb> other side
20:29:32  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> i was talking about transfering the station to the other side by that the land doesnt want to cooporate
20:29:38  <PublicServer> <mfb> ah
20:30:20  <PublicServer> <mfb> a smaller solution: use kojima west as additional transfer station
20:31:18  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven[L] has left the game (connection lost)
20:31:26  <PublicServer> <imus> so transfer from kojima to west and then transfer from west to transfer?
20:31:36  <PublicServer> <mfb> yes
20:31:53  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> that would probably only shift the problem
20:32:04  <PublicServer> <imus> no, since you use 2 trains
20:32:04  <PublicServer> <mfb> train times are smaller
20:32:12  <PublicServer> <imus> unless if transfer can't handle that load
20:32:38  <PublicServer> <mfb> the point is just that the travel time is better
20:32:43  *** Sylf has quit IRC
20:32:44  <PublicServer> <imus> let's see what it does :)
20:33:43  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> or another crazy idea
20:34:07  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> have the station over the rails at the Here sign
20:34:09  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> like
20:34:31  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> in a H shape
20:34:31  <PublicServer> *** Tray has left the game (connection lost)
20:34:33  <PublicServer> <imus> use station walk for that?
20:35:09  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> still  1 physical station, but let the other trains skip it
20:35:22  *** Tray|2 has joined #openttdcoop
20:35:23  <PublicServer> <imus> ?
20:35:33  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> like Kojima station 353
20:36:09  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> like that, but then over the actual rails
20:36:11  <PublicServer> <imus> no room?
20:36:22  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> we can move the rails around a bit
20:36:30  <PublicServer> <mfb> well
20:36:36  <PublicServer> <mfb> moving the ML by 1 tiles solves all problems
20:36:45  <PublicServer> <mfb> *1 tile
20:36:47  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> but that is the easy way out
20:36:51  <PublicServer> <imus> k, moving the ml it is :)
20:37:04  <PublicServer> <imus> as west is overloaded now :p
20:38:31  *** Luna has quit IRC
20:39:00  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00004BE0:
20:39:41  <PublicServer> <mfb> have fun ;)
20:39:53  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Wait can i have a town?
20:39:59  <PublicServer> <mfb> where?
20:40:09  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Near konuma annexe
20:40:39  <mfb-> !rcon set found_town 2
20:40:43  <mfb-> yes
20:41:11  <PublicServer> <mfb> hmm
20:41:11  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> Grow Kojima! GROW!
20:41:22  <PublicServer> <mfb> CB planned to fill everything with 2 towns
20:41:36  <PublicServer> <mfb> ah, that is an expansion
20:41:45  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Yes
20:42:02  *** Tray has quit IRC
20:42:15  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> I thought it would take too long for Kawamori to fill the area with high rise buildings
20:42:16  <mfb-> (did you see !rcon set found_town 2?)
20:42:35  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> no
20:43:32  <PublicServer> <imus> let's see if Kojima is solved :)
20:43:54  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Oh ive got it
20:44:35  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Thanks
20:44:35  <V453000> !password
20:44:35  <PublicServer> V453000: cement
20:44:39  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> maybe we should upgrade transfer halt and north to maglev
20:44:47  <PublicServer> <V453000> evening
20:44:47  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
20:44:49  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> as transfer is getting problems now
20:44:51  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Hihi
20:44:57  <PublicServer> <imus> problem with maglev is that it accelerates slow
20:45:29  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> well faster as the trains that are riding there now
20:45:31  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> hi
20:45:39  <TWerkhoven[l]> time for a dragrace mebbe
20:46:08  <TWerkhoven[l]> see for if erail is faster and if so, for how many tiles
20:46:11  <PublicServer> <V453000> looks like a quick game :)
20:46:13  <PublicServer> <mfb> second line to transfer would help
20:46:24  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> true
20:46:36  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> but still 1.1k passengers and counting
20:46:40  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> 1.6k
20:47:50  <PublicServer> <V453000> you might want to change the purple trains to E233 for example
20:47:56  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> 43 sqaures
20:47:56  <PublicServer> <V453000> much more capacity
20:47:58  <PublicServer> <V453000> might solve it
20:48:12  <PublicServer> <mfb> maglev >> erail
20:48:22  <PublicServer> <mfb> at least with current trains
20:48:30  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> which purple trains?
20:48:43  <PublicServer> <imus> the ones at transfer now
20:48:53  <PublicServer> <mfb> see the race track near kojima west
20:48:57  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> kojima has white trains
20:49:01  <PublicServer> <V453000> guess you were talking about Furunuma South, not?
20:49:19  <PublicServer> <imus> we're talking about kojima transfer
20:49:23  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> nope Kojima transfer
20:49:32  <PublicServer> <V453000> oh nevermind then :)
20:50:08  <PublicServer> <imus> build a good train there
20:50:13  <PublicServer> <imus> let's see how fast it goes :)
20:51:08  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> to run a second line to transfer we might need to evict 2-3 hourses
20:51:31  <TWerkhoven[l]> house go boom?
20:51:35  <PublicServer> <mfb> even worse
20:51:37  <TWerkhoven[l]> :p
20:51:43  <PublicServer> <imus> damn that one is slow :p
20:51:45  <PublicServer> <mfb> lol the power
20:51:51  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> i would say upgrade to maglev first
20:51:59  <PublicServer> <imus> k, let's check maglev
20:52:39  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> dont sell the traisn yet
20:52:48  <PublicServer> <mfb> too late
20:53:09  <PublicServer> <mfb> easy to get them back
20:53:15  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> i meant the ones on the transfer
20:53:19  <PublicServer> <mfb> oh ok
20:54:00  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001A828:
20:54:05  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> k trains are done
20:54:36  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> ow you made em too ><
20:54:58  <PublicServer> <mfb> no problem
20:55:53  <PublicServer> <mfb> maybe less trains for Kojima halt :D
20:56:03  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> well you build em and i had them build also
20:56:09  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> lets see north
20:56:17  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
20:56:31  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> 2 on transfer and 1 on north now
20:57:45  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> signaling might need to change too
20:58:00  <mfb-> !rcon set found_town 0
20:58:24  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> dumping electric trains ok?
20:58:32  <PublicServer> <mfb> should be
20:59:03  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> ow cmon
20:59:20  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> signals really need to change
20:59:27  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> maybe even the whole station
20:59:51  <PublicServer> <mfb> just a temporary bug
21:00:23  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> maybe make it like the ICE station?
21:00:27  <PublicServer> <mfb> two trains for north are bad
21:00:35  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> are there 2?
21:00:37  <PublicServer> <mfb> yes
21:00:51  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> xD
21:00:55  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> ah that explains it
21:00:57  <PublicServer> <imus> :p
21:01:01  <PublicServer> <mfb> removed
21:01:24  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> 3rd train for transfer might be usefull
21:01:30  <PublicServer> <mfb> done
21:02:53  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> the transfer has poor ratings tho
21:03:01  <PublicServer> <imus> ofc it has
21:03:03  <PublicServer> <mfb> was due to the upgrade
21:03:05  <PublicServer> <imus> there's 3k pax waiting
21:03:07  <PublicServer> <mfb> it will increase soon
21:03:23  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> i actually meant the SBahn to ICE transfer
21:03:28  <PublicServer> <imus> once those pax are gone (if?) it'll solve itself
21:03:30  <PublicServer> <mfb> the ICE rating is worse
21:05:54  <PublicServer> <mfb> the bad thing about using every tile in the city: you have no idea how to connect a depot :D
21:06:05  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> :P
21:06:07  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> hehe
21:06:13  <PublicServer> <imus> XD
21:06:27  <PublicServer> <imus> just keep the original depot
21:06:41  <PublicServer> <mfb> had to go to get a house there :p
21:06:56  <PublicServer> <imus> hehe
21:06:56  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> thats why, in singleplayer, i always have a depot connected/in range of connection just in case
21:07:34  <PublicServer> <imus> pax in kojima transfer are gone :)
21:07:41  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> good
21:07:52  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> now the ICE ratings
21:08:06  <PublicServer> <imus> doesn't really matter
21:08:15  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> still feels bad
21:08:39  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> we have top service on our SBahn, but suck at getting you to your destination
21:08:54  <PublicServer> <mfb> sounds like a realistic network
21:08:59  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> true
21:09:00  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000199D2:
21:10:52  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> you know, playing this way is more fun than playing in the "I want your money NOW" way XD
21:11:00  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> :P
21:11:02  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> now you actually have to think and still get their money
21:11:14  <PublicServer> <mfb> who cares about money
21:11:29  <PublicServer> <mfb> morishima lake view :D
21:11:31  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> every major political person in the world?
21:11:43  <PublicServer> <mfb> who cares about money in OTTD
21:11:45  <PublicServer> <mfb> coop
21:11:59  <PublicServer> <imus> everyone at the start of the game
21:12:07  <PublicServer> <imus> nobody after you made your first milion
21:12:47  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> well, the first maglev i bought after my first million in SP made me lose that million again
21:12:59  <PublicServer> <mfb> :p
21:13:22  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> How the F*** can kojima north have outstanding ratings
21:13:28  <PublicServer> <imus> that means your MM isn't good enough :p
21:13:40  <PublicServer> <imus> how not?
21:13:44  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> it takes MONTHS before you finally start to go to your destination\
21:13:46  <PublicServer> <imus> it has a brand new maglev there
21:14:00  <PublicServer> <imus> they just want to ride on a maglev
21:14:02  <PublicServer> <imus> doesn't matter where to
21:14:12  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> for the first 3-4-5-6 months you are waiting in the freaking station
21:14:20  <PublicServer> <imus> XD
21:14:30  <PublicServer> <mfb> :p
21:14:32  <PublicServer> <imus> ok, they just want to sit on that tiny maglev =D
21:14:55  <PublicServer> <mfb> :(
21:15:05  <PublicServer> <imus> what :(?
21:15:07  <PublicServer> <mfb> nagasaki station 275 does not work with block signals
21:16:04  <PublicServer> <imus> those trains flashing with "more" are funny =D
21:16:14  <PublicServer> <mfb> :p
21:18:50  *** Tray|2 has quit IRC
21:23:20  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> grow dammit GROW!
21:23:24  <PublicServer> <imus> :p
21:23:38  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> :)
21:24:01  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000239F:
21:24:01  * TWerkhoven[l] sends leshrac some spam
21:24:05  <TWerkhoven[l]> :p
21:24:06  *** UncleCJ has quit IRC
21:24:31  *** valhallasw has joined #openttdcoop
21:24:50  <Leshrac> So it is you who keeps sending me those spam emails!
21:25:10  <Leshrac> what do i get in WoW now? AThat gay horse again?
21:25:47  <PublicServer> <imus> you get so much wow spam as well? :)
21:26:03  <Leshrac> the funniest spam email about WoW i got was that my non-existant account was being sold ><
21:26:16  <PublicServer> <imus> lol
21:26:22  <PublicServer> <mfb> I get stuff like that frequently :(
21:26:40  <PublicServer> <mfb> do you want some?
21:26:42  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> luckily google filters everything out before it gets into my inbox
21:26:44  <PublicServer> <mfb> :p
21:27:07  <TWerkhoven[l]> all so google can send you more ads
21:27:16  <PublicServer> <mfb> hehe
21:27:30  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> i dont mind google ads
21:27:46  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> google doesnt want to steal my creditcard info
21:28:04  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Google love any personal data :)
21:28:08  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> judging by their info gathering powers they should already have it
21:28:13  <TWerkhoven[l]> nah, they get you to give it to them willingly
21:28:22  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> :P
21:28:23  <TWerkhoven[l]> google checkout ring a bell?
21:28:28  <PublicServer> <imus> I am absolutely sure google does not have my credit card number
21:28:38  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Im 100% sure they do
21:28:48  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> i am willing to bet you they dont have min
21:28:51  <PublicServer> <imus> kinda hard if you don't even have one :p
21:28:57  <TWerkhoven[l]> hehe
21:28:59  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Lol Fair enough
21:29:01  <PublicServer> <mfb> :(
21:29:07  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> :P
21:29:14  <PublicServer> <imus> why did you blow up those cute trains
21:29:18  <PublicServer> <imus> merderer
21:29:20  <PublicServer> <mfb> was an accident
21:29:24  <PublicServer> <imus> murderer*
21:29:38  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> which trains?
21:29:48  <PublicServer> <imus> check nagasaki ICE
21:29:50  <PublicServer> <mfb> 589&
21:30:32  <PublicServer> <imus> 816
21:31:55  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> So how does it block?
21:31:57  <PublicServer> <imus> those more wagons are funny :)
21:32:19  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> the city not like destroy stadium :p
21:32:21  *** hanf has quit IRC
21:32:27  <PublicServer> <mfb> magic bulldozer
21:32:35  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Yeah its done now anyway :)
21:32:41  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> hmm mfb, was the CL wrong on SLH06?
21:32:52  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> it wasnt 2 days ago ><
21:34:30  *** Kangoo has quit IRC
21:35:30  <PublicServer> <imus> does it matter that !this is unsinced?
21:35:46  <PublicServer> <mfb> not much
21:35:46  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> according to V it doesnt
21:36:47  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> it would probably even work with 1 bridge
21:36:57  <PublicServer> <imus> most likely
21:37:05  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> due to the way RAWR is build
21:37:24  <PublicServer> <imus> ?
21:37:46  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> a exiting train blocks the next one
21:38:01  *** TWerkhoven[l] has quit IRC
21:38:15  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> creating a gap of at least 1 train
21:38:18  <PublicServer> <imus> true
21:38:20  <PublicServer> <mfb> no
21:38:36  <PublicServer> <mfb> the gap can be small
21:38:39  <PublicServer> <mfb> as you sa
21:38:41  <PublicServer> <mfb> w.
21:38:55  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> that is the exception
21:39:01  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000122C:
21:39:06  <PublicServer> <mfb> not so exceptional
21:39:24  <PublicServer> <imus> then they block half a second as if they had to wait for each other when exiting the station
21:39:30  <PublicServer> <imus> so really doesn't matter that much
21:39:30  <PublicServer> <mfb> train acceleration is good
21:40:02  <PublicServer> <mfb> hmm ok
21:40:12  <PublicServer> <mfb> but it is longer than the bridge
21:40:20  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> the pre-signal at the exit should be longer tho
21:40:30  <PublicServer> <mfb> ?
21:40:37  <PublicServer> <imus> ?
21:40:47  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> sometimes outbound trains from Rawr block S-bound trains
21:41:16  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven has left the game (leaving)
21:41:20  <PublicServer> <mfb> well, prios are a bit short
21:42:31  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> it is more the top line which i am worried about
21:42:32  *** Progman has quit IRC
21:42:49  *** TWerkhoven has quit IRC
21:42:53  <PublicServer> <mfb> I am looking for a way without pbs at the moment
21:43:46  <PublicServer> <mfb> that is the pbs solution
21:43:54  <PublicServer> <imus> ?
21:45:17  <PublicServer> <mfb> I think I got one
21:46:09  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> Doh
21:46:11  <PublicServer> <imus> lol
21:46:11  <PublicServer> <mfb> ...
21:47:25  <PublicServer> <mfb> :)
21:48:21  *** ODM has quit IRC
21:48:34  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> missing some signals now dont we?
21:48:39  <PublicServer> <mfb> where?
21:48:51  <PublicServer> <imus> no
21:48:53  <PublicServer> <mfb> longest gap first
21:48:53  <PublicServer> <imus> gap intentional
21:49:03  <PublicServer> <mfb> to get a proper balancing
21:50:00  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> i feel like such a noob at some times
21:50:10  <PublicServer> <imus> nah
21:50:12  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Lol what did you do?
21:50:26  <PublicServer> <imus> made his prio too short
21:50:48  <PublicServer> <imus> and ask questions :) nothing wrong
21:50:54  *** Progman has joined #openttdcoop
21:50:57  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> that and not knowing even half the stuff you guys know
21:51:06  <PublicServer> <imus> how long do you play this game?
21:51:13  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> 3-4 weeks max
21:51:21  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> half a week this way
21:51:27  <PublicServer> <mfb> that is the reason ;)
21:51:27  <PublicServer> <imus> I started openttd  last year
21:51:35  <PublicServer> <imus> and had played the original before
21:51:39  <PublicServer> <mfb> ~1 year ago
21:51:58  * KenjiE20 shan't mention the old fogey times that lurk here
21:52:08  <PublicServer> <imus> hehe
21:52:16  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> but in other games, MMO's especially, it just doesnt feel like you know nothing even when you do know nothing
21:52:18  <KenjiE20> jeez that makes me feel old
21:52:25  <KenjiE20> just worked it out
21:52:40  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Lol
21:52:48  <PublicServer> <mfb> well, coop is even more tricky
21:53:10  <PublicServer> <mfb> it is easy to optimize stuff like hell here
21:53:17  <PublicServer> <mfb> so you see optimized stuff
21:53:23  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> So true
21:54:01  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00004A53:
21:54:30  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> gn
21:54:32  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> well what i mean is, ok this is gonna be a very bad comparison, In wow everyone can play, relatively good, every class. In here to build something like a, relativily good, SLH you need quite alot of knowledge
21:54:34  <PublicServer> <mfb> good night
21:54:36  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> nite
21:54:38  <PublicServer> <imus> gn
21:54:41  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> gn
21:54:49  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus has left the game (leaving)
21:54:55  <PublicServer> <mfb> you can build some networks without much knowledge
21:55:01  <PublicServer> <mfb> but our SLHs are just better
21:55:02  <KenjiE20> slh's aren't that hard
21:55:08  *** Maraxus has quit IRC
21:55:08  <KenjiE20> bbh's are tough though
21:55:28  <PublicServer> <mfb> just a matter of size
21:55:34  <PublicServer> <imus> hehe
21:55:50  <PublicServer> <imus> bbh usually don't need balancing though
21:55:52  <PublicServer> <imus> saves some room
21:55:55  <PublicServer> <mfb> ???
21:55:59  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> They should
21:56:05  <PublicServer> <imus> most lines can just go 1 -1
21:56:17  <PublicServer> <mfb> no
21:56:35  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Stops the sometimes large variations in traffic between lines
21:56:39  <KenjiE20> indeed, a proper bbh should have an all to all
21:56:45  <PublicServer> <imus> hmm, k
21:56:47  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> well i think he means you dont have the have the trains being able to switch lanes in the same direction
21:57:24  <PublicServer> <mfb> maybe not all to all
21:57:27  <PublicServer> <mfb> but enough to enough
21:57:37  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> which shouldnt really be needed if the SLH's are correctly build
21:57:46  <mfb-> no
21:57:52  <KenjiE20> when it happens, you'll want an all-to-all :p
21:57:57  <mfb-> trains split at BBHs in some way you cannot predict
21:58:07  <PublicServer> <imus> even if you build slh's correctly you can have all trains on 1 line
21:58:15  <mfb-> 4+4->4 all to all 3 times is... large
21:58:19  <PublicServer> <imus> I might be missing with some other thing
22:00:22  <PublicServer> <imus> the prio on slh 6 might still be a little bit too short
22:01:08  <PublicServer> <mfb> you cannot avoid slowing down ML trains in every case. or, you can, but then the capacity of the join is bad
22:01:20  <PublicServer> <imus> the train joining the line takes too long to reach top speed so the bottom line has to wait in some special case
22:01:31  <PublicServer> <mfb> some special case is fine
22:01:58  <PublicServer> <imus> don't know how rare it is yet
22:02:48  *** Progman has quit IRC
22:03:40  <PublicServer> <imus> server is laggy -.-
22:03:42  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> well judging by the length of time that joining train has waited
22:04:27  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> i dont think it will cause any problems in the near future
22:05:14  *** LoPo has quit IRC
22:07:08  *** sla_ro|master has quit IRC
22:09:05  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000008C6:
22:10:29  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> anyways time for bed
22:10:43  <PublicServer> <Leshrac> gnite all
22:10:46  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> GN
22:10:48  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> gn
22:10:48  <PublicServer> <imus> night
22:10:54  <PublicServer> *** Leshrac has left the game (leaving)
22:11:57  <PublicServer> <mfb> wtf
22:12:00  <PublicServer> <imus> ?
22:12:06  <PublicServer> <mfb> tray!!!
22:12:15  <PublicServer> <mfb> killed the road connection
22:12:21  <PublicServer> <imus> ?
22:12:25  <PublicServer> <imus> wheree
22:12:28  <PublicServer> <mfb> nagasaki
22:12:55  <PublicServer> <imus> ?
22:13:18  <PublicServer> <imus> does it matter?
22:13:22  <PublicServer> <mfb> yes
22:13:51  *** valhallasw has quit IRC
22:14:27  <PublicServer> <imus> it was still connected through south side of station, no?
22:14:43  <PublicServer> <mfb> but that is a long connection
22:14:49  <PublicServer> <imus> so?
22:15:09  <PublicServer> <mfb> houses prefer short connections
22:21:24  *** KenjiE20 has quit IRC
22:24:05  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00004319:
22:29:49  *** roboboy has quit IRC
22:31:45  <PublicServer> <imus> i wonder why shimaoka doesn't have > 50% :(
22:32:31  <PublicServer> <imus> just added some stationwalks to cover the entire area
22:32:38  <PublicServer> <imus> but doesn't seem to work
22:32:40  <PublicServer> <mfb> some unconvered tiles
22:33:04  <PublicServer> <mfb> oh, wait one month
22:33:10  <PublicServer> <imus> i already waited 4
22:37:19  <PublicServer> <mfb> hmm
22:37:38  <PublicServer> <mfb> many skyscrapers are uncovered
22:37:46  <PublicServer> <imus> o.O
22:37:59  <PublicServer> <imus> damn
22:38:11  <PublicServer> <imus> should be solved now
22:38:14  <PublicServer> <mfb> that worked :D
22:38:20  <PublicServer> <mfb> look at the train ;)
22:38:26  <PublicServer> <imus> hehe
22:38:38  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> brb a min
22:38:48  <PublicServer> <imus> wonder why the trains from woods always leave trhough heights
22:38:57  <PublicServer> <imus> thx :)
22:39:06  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00002721:
22:39:07  <PublicServer> <mfb> missing track
22:39:13  <PublicServer> <imus> nope
22:39:17  <PublicServer> <imus> ah
22:39:19  <PublicServer> <imus> there
22:39:21  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> bk
22:39:39  <PublicServer> <imus> -.-
22:40:07  <PublicServer> <mfb> 1800/2200 :D
22:40:19  <PublicServer> <imus> indeed =D
22:40:30  <PublicServer> <imus> city's gonne grow as well probably
22:40:42  <PublicServer> <mfb> where ;)
22:40:50  <PublicServer> <imus> :p
22:41:23  <PublicServer> <imus> skyscrapers everywhere
22:44:25  <PublicServer> <imus> I've been wondering this whole time why that city didn't grow
22:44:33  <PublicServer> <imus> you see it in a minute -.-
22:45:00  <PublicServer> <imus> KAW-ICE is gonne need more trains
22:45:11  <PublicServer> <mfb> many stations do
22:46:50  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Make sure you leave some water there :)
22:47:02  <PublicServer> <imus> who?
22:47:05  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Oh i thought you were filling it :P
22:47:11  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> me ^^
22:47:11  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> I dunno, whoever is helping me
22:47:13  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> :P
22:47:21  <PublicServer> <imus> ^^
22:47:33  <PublicServer> <mfb> I thought you are the expert for dutch TF in this game MrD2DG :p
22:47:46  <PublicServer> <imus> dutch TF?
22:47:54  <XeryusTC> lies!
22:47:54  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Lol Shame im not dutch :P
22:48:06  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Im not, im from the uk :D
22:48:35  <PublicServer> <makjes> nite nite guys. im off
22:48:37  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> GN
22:48:41  <PublicServer> <imus> gn
22:48:43  <mfb-> look at the netherlands ;)
22:48:44  <mfb-> gn8
22:48:51  <PublicServer> *** makjes has left the game (leaving)
22:49:01  *** makjes has quit IRC
22:49:07  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Anyway after the TF mess that was last game, this is lightweight stuff, Im making it look natural :)
22:49:07  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> gn
22:49:33  <PublicServer> <imus> you mean putting everything at sea level?
22:50:08  <XeryusTC> TF is awesome
22:50:13  <XeryusTC> you should see early game TF :P
22:50:13  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> :P
22:50:24  <mfb->
22:50:25  <PublicServer> <imus> ?
22:50:25  <Webster> Title: IJsselmeer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
22:50:46  <XeryusTC> i can remember a game where everything was at the same level except from hills where industries and transmitters were stood on
22:51:54  <XeryusTC> mfb-: also, what does the IJsselmeer has to do with it?
22:51:57  <PublicServer> <imus> lol
22:52:05  <PublicServer> <imus> and, yes mfb explain
22:52:05  <mfb-> =dutch TF ;)
22:53:04  <XeryusTC> the lake was originally a sea ;)
22:53:13  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> :P
22:53:15  <mfb-> and larger
22:53:15  <PublicServer> <imus> ?
22:53:16  <XeryusTC> only the Afsluitdijk is a nice piece of terraforming
22:53:21  <PublicServer> <imus> hehe
22:53:29  <XeryusTC> Flevoland is the impressive thing
22:53:55  <XeryusTC> couple of thousand square km of land reclaimed from the lake ;)
22:54:01  <XeryusTC> together with some other pieces of land
22:54:06  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00001E9A:
22:54:34  <mfb-> "new land"
22:54:35  <Webster> Title: File:Zuiderzeeworks.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
23:00:01  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Thanks :P
23:00:04  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> ;)
23:00:12  <XeryusTC> yes that :P
23:01:37  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Hmm think that should be okay now :P
23:01:59  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> yes ^^
23:02:01  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Getting closer and closer to kawasaki
23:05:51  <PublicServer> <mfb> good night
23:05:53  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> gn
23:05:53  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> gn
23:05:53  <PublicServer> <imus> nigth
23:05:56  <PublicServer> <imus> i'm off as well
23:05:58  <PublicServer> <imus> cya
23:06:10  <PublicServer> *** mfb has left the game (leaving)
23:06:41  *** mfb- has quit IRC
23:09:06  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00019015:
23:12:08  <PublicServer> *** imus has left the game (leaving)
23:12:15  <imus> bye
23:12:20  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> bye
23:12:25  *** imus has quit IRC
23:12:52  *** Razaekel has quit IRC
23:14:36  *** Razaekel has joined #openttdcoop
23:24:07  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00001D14:
23:27:52  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> thx ^^
23:27:58  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> :P Well you did help
23:34:33  <PublicServer> <MrD2DG> Anyway im going now GN
23:34:39  <PublicServer> <Dilandau> gn :)
23:34:47  <PublicServer> *** MrD2DG has left the game (leaving)
23:34:47  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
23:34:57  *** MrD2DG has quit IRC
23:35:55  <PublicServer> *** Dilandau has left the game (leaving)
23:36:02  *** Dilandau_ has quit IRC
23:39:07  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00001B14:
23:46:56  *** Sylf has joined #openttdcoop
23:46:56  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Sylf
23:46:56  *** minisylf has quit IRC

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