Log for #openttdcoop on 22nd November 2011:
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00:04:24  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0002AC43:
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02:10:11  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
02:10:11  <PublicServer> *** Sylf joined the game
02:36:32  <Mazur> You are supposed NOT to join twice to get the game going.  It's in the rules somewhere.
02:37:55  <Mazur> But neither MDGrein nor bassals is active anymore, so I suppose I shall have to repeat that tomorrow.
02:48:08  <Mazur> !password
02:48:08  <PublicServer> Mazur: dither
02:48:20  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
02:48:20  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
02:48:22  <PublicServer> *** Mazur joined the game
02:48:57  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Hey, Sylf.
03:04:25  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003DC51:
03:08:41  <PublicServer> <Sylf> 20-minute late hello
03:19:27  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003A63C:
03:21:37  <PublicServer> <Mazur> 13 minutwes later. Long time since we worked together her.
03:21:43  <PublicServer> <Mazur> here
03:29:45  *** bflmpsvz has joined #openttdcoop
03:34:27  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003E416:
03:49:27  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00039E0C:
04:04:28  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001F22E:
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04:19:28  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003B438:
04:34:29  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001F81D:
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04:43:31  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Wanna take a look at hte LIVESTOCK pair, Sylf?
04:43:50  <PublicServer> <Sylf> ok
04:44:53  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Indeed.
04:45:31  <PublicServer> <Sylf> the X at the drop entrance will be a bottle neck
04:46:05  <PublicServer> <Sylf> and those combo pre-signals won't work very well when you have so many of them like that
04:46:19  <PublicServer> <Sylf> and the same thing can be said about the combo signal on the pickup side too
04:46:21  <PublicServer> <Mazur> If a train uses the one platform at hte other side, yes.
04:47:11  <PublicServer> <Mazur> fscking Sawmill...
04:48:13  <PublicServer> <Mazur> The joined DROP exit must be the biggest problem, though.
04:49:27  <PublicServer> <Sylf> yeah, that only allowed 1 train to pass that block at a time
04:49:29  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003D036:
04:49:43  <PublicServer> <Sylf> merging the exit lines at the drop is questionable
04:50:09  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Downright wrong, but I ran out of room and ideas at hte ML join./
04:50:44  <PublicServer> <Sylf> there's a prio missing at pickup exit
04:51:08  <PublicServer> <Mazur> But if I make those ML bridges one longer to the west, I can make the lines join with the split.
04:51:32  <PublicServer> <Sylf> there, the prio is fixed
04:51:34  <PublicServer> <Mazur> No?  Both joining trains have ML prio.
04:51:46  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Oh, that's your prio.
04:52:12  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Forgot to actually build it.
04:52:53  <PublicServer> <Sylf> we need to be careful to re-check that prio when someone destroy the MM stations
04:53:37  <PublicServer> <Sylf> hrm
04:54:13  <PublicServer> <Mazur> That remains a bottleneck.
04:54:23  <PublicServer> <Sylf> yeah, it doesn't work as well
04:54:33  <PublicServer> <Sylf> I can take a crack
04:54:51  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Sure.
04:56:53  *** bflmpsvz has joined #openttdcoop
04:58:51  <PublicServer> <Sylf> that should do it
04:58:57  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Yep.
04:59:19  <PublicServer> <Mazur> I keep forgetting to just do it like that.
05:01:22  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Oh, we don;t even _have_ fancy stations, this game.
05:01:41  <PublicServer> <Sylf> the new grf stations?
05:01:43  <PublicServer> <Mazur> I used standard just to have a build.
05:01:59  <PublicServer> <Sylf> yup, this is all we get
05:02:15  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Now I noticed we don;t have any others.
05:02:18  <PublicServer> <Mazur> :-)
05:03:25  <PublicServer> <Sylf> hmmm, I'm gonna check on my station with OpenGFX...
05:03:45  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Ok, 6 am.  Gonna do summat else, reading, for instance.
05:03:47  <PublicServer> *** Sylf #1 has left the game (general error)
05:03:55  <PublicServer> <Sylf> okay
05:04:03  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Do you need my here to finish anything?
05:04:09  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Or start anything.
05:04:15  <PublicServer> <Sylf> nope.
05:04:25  <Sylf> !password
05:04:25  <PublicServer> Sylf: moated
05:04:25  <PublicServer> <Mazur> You can unpause, of course.
05:04:29  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00020822:
05:04:43  <PublicServer> *** Sylf #1 joined the game
05:04:46  <PublicServer> *** Mazur has left the game (leaving)
05:04:47  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
05:04:48  <PublicServer> *** Sylf #1 has left the game (leaving)
05:04:56  <Mazur> Have fnu any which way.
05:05:05  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
05:05:05  <PublicServer> *** Sylf #1 joined the game
05:05:37  <PublicServer> <Sylf> :D  That looks weird.
05:05:43  <PublicServer> *** Sylf #1 has left the game (leaving)
05:05:51  <PublicServer> *** Sylf has left the game (leaving)
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06:51:24  *** Absolutis has joined #openttdcoop
06:51:27  <Absolutis> !password
06:51:27  <PublicServer> Absolutis: moated
06:51:37  <Absolutis> whose plan won?
06:52:18  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
06:52:20  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis joined the game
06:52:28  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> oh, V's
06:52:54  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> and all BBH's built
06:55:00  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> :(
06:55:14  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> don't get to build my first BBH then.
07:27:23  *** luna has joined #openttdcoop
07:27:35  <luna> !password
07:27:36  <PublicServer> luna: psalms
07:28:06  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
07:28:06  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
07:28:08  <PublicServer> *** Luna joined the game
07:31:08  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> ohai
07:31:20  <PublicServer> <Luna> hello
07:32:28  *** dlr365 has quit IRC
07:32:56  <PublicServer> *** Luna has left the game (leaving)
07:32:56  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
07:33:12  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> :(
07:33:22  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> i just started an SLH.
07:33:23  *** luna has quit IRC
07:34:30  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00025B58:
07:38:57  *** sla_ro|master has joined #openttdcoop
07:45:30  <V453000> !password
07:45:30  <PublicServer> V453000: cutlet
07:45:43  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
07:45:43  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
07:45:43  <PublicServer> <V453000> hi
07:45:45  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
07:47:00  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> hi
07:49:09  *** Eightbitpwny has joined #openttdcoop
07:49:30  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00023F57:
07:57:47  *** Tray has joined #openttdcoop
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07:58:32  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
08:04:31  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00004431:
08:09:17  *** Progman has joined #openttdcoop
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08:25:30  *** pugi has joined #openttdcoop
08:29:56  <Absolutis> !screen
08:29:56  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis made screenshot at 000351DD:
08:31:35  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> the only stations left to build are wood goods drop and LS goods drop
08:32:29  <PublicServer> <V453000> I see
08:34:31  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000018A6:
08:45:20  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined spectators
08:45:20  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
08:45:30  <Absolutis> !screen
08:45:30  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis made screenshot at 00002D51:
08:46:06  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
08:46:17  <V453000> cya then :)
08:46:22  <Absolutis> cya
08:49:20  *** pugi has quit IRC
09:12:27  <MDGrein> !password
09:12:27  <PublicServer> MDGrein: azures
09:12:35  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
09:12:37  <PublicServer> *** MDGrein joined the game
09:34:31  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00025D03:
09:49:32  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0002B25E:
09:52:58  *** Korpse has joined #openttdcoop
09:53:24  <Korpse> identify
09:54:11  *** Dominik2000 has joined #openttdcoop
09:54:15  <Dominik2000> hello
09:54:42  <Dominik2000> !players
09:54:45  <PublicServer> Dominik2000: Client 890 is Absolutis, a spectator
09:54:45  <PublicServer> Dominik2000: Client 924 (Orange) is MDGrein, in company 1 (Felső-Szamoshegyes Transport)
09:57:03  <Korpse> !download
09:57:03  <PublicServer> Korpse: !download autostart|autottd|lin|lin64|osx|ottdau|source|win32|win64|win9x
09:57:03  <PublicServer> Korpse:
09:57:28  <Dominik2000> !password
09:57:28  <PublicServer> Dominik2000: deject
09:58:00  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> hi
09:58:07  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined company #1
09:58:19  <PublicServer> *** Dominik2000 has left the game (general error)
09:58:59  <PublicServer> *** Dominik2000 joined the game
09:59:03  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> hi
09:59:27  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> LS and wood drop are not built yet, care to try?
09:59:34  *** bassals has joined #openttdcoop
09:59:37  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> i?
09:59:43  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> ya
09:59:55  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> hmmm
10:00:11  <Korpse> !password
10:00:11  <PublicServer> Korpse: deject
10:00:30  <PublicServer> *** Korpse joined the game
10:00:40  <PublicServer> *** bassals joined the game
10:00:58  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> wood drop is built i think
10:01:04  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> wood goods
10:01:09  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> oh
10:01:11  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> i'm building it
10:02:18  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> i build the hub
10:02:26  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> ?
10:02:39  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> for wood goods drop?
10:02:52  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> the connection from station exit to ml
10:03:08  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> or should i build ls?
10:03:17  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> whatever you want
10:04:32  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0002BC63:
10:05:34  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> brb
10:05:37  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined spectators
10:05:47  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> i'll continue building that when i get back
10:05:52  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> k
10:09:18  *** Tray has quit IRC
10:11:16  <PublicServer> <Korpse> fully sik
10:14:07  <PublicServer> <Korpse> airport trainstations:S
10:19:32  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000018E7:
10:19:48  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> back
10:19:53  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined company #1
10:20:23  <PublicServer> *** bassals has joined spectators
10:21:05  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> wb
10:26:14  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> waitwaitwaitwait.
10:26:28  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> ?
10:26:42  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> i was building the entry while you were building the exit hub (Dominik2k
10:26:55  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> well, no worry
10:26:58  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> :D
10:27:02  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> i'll just make that the exit
10:27:09  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> sorry
10:27:31  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> heh, stuff happens
10:28:35  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> thats a slh?
10:28:41  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> ?
10:28:59  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> how should i name the exit?
10:29:15  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> ?
10:30:08  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> ok
10:34:15  *** DayDreamer has left #openttdcoop
10:34:32  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000086F8:
10:35:34  *** DayDreamer has joined #openttdcoop
10:38:03  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> there, now only LS drop
10:38:10  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> LS goods drop*
10:38:36  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> who did those busses?
10:38:48  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> no plan
10:38:56  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> Korpse?
10:39:13  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> i think
10:39:22  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> but i have to work
10:39:24  <PublicServer> *** Dominik2000 has joined spectators
10:40:17  <PublicServer> <Korpse> hi Abs
10:40:20  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> hi
10:40:23  <PublicServer> <Korpse> whats doin
10:40:25  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> you new?
10:40:35  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> did the wood goods drop
10:40:37  <PublicServer> <Korpse> not really
10:40:41  <PublicServer> <Korpse> but still n00b
10:40:47  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> new in openttdcoop?
10:41:03  <PublicServer> <Korpse> sorta
10:41:11  <Absolutis> if so, try @quickstart
10:41:26  <Absolutis> on the channel
10:42:24  <PublicServer> <Korpse> oh thanks, not that new haha
10:42:30  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> ok.
10:43:57  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> well, anyway, we build according to the plan
10:44:37  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> no busses unless the plan says "only road vehicle networks" or "build road vehicles as feeders" or something
10:46:50  <V453000> !PASSWORD
10:46:57  <V453000> !password
10:46:57  <PublicServer> V453000: loaned
10:47:13  <PublicServer> <V453000> hi
10:47:13  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
10:47:17  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> hello
10:47:20  <PublicServer> <bassals> hi
10:47:46  <PublicServer> <V453000> hm, guys you should keep the MSH parts rather close together
10:47:58  <PublicServer> <V453000> Wood goods drop is now a major shortcut from the ML
10:48:14  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> don't blame me, dominik build the hub parts
10:48:20  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> i just build the station
10:48:40  <PublicServer> <V453000> I did not say who to blame :)
10:48:49  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> i know you didn't
10:49:19  <PublicServer> <V453000> hm why does nobody build a bloody terminus :(
10:49:33  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003E6F6:
10:49:53  <PublicServer> <V453000> lets make one :)
10:49:55  <Dominik2000> hi
10:50:01  <PublicServer> <V453000> hi
10:50:20  <Dominik2000> sorry V
10:50:36  <PublicServer> <V453000> dont be sorry ,just fix it :)
10:50:37  <Dominik2000> thought it's right
10:50:43  <PublicServer> <V453000> I hope you understand why it is not best
10:50:54  <Dominik2000> yes now :)
10:51:03  <PublicServer> <Korpse> oh that bus was just for lolz
10:51:07  <PublicServer> <V453000> good :)
10:51:13  <PublicServer> <V453000> ...
10:51:23  <PublicServer> *** Dominik2000 has joined company #1
10:51:27  <PublicServer> <V453000> why would you build a bus
10:52:04  <PublicServer> <Korpse> because i havent learnt to build well enough for the network
10:52:19  <PublicServer> <V453000> really?
10:52:23  <PublicServer> *** bassals has joined company #1
10:52:33  <PublicServer> <V453000> pretty bad reason
10:52:41  <PublicServer> <Korpse> so it spectate and learn time :D
10:53:13  <PublicServer> <V453000> well if you need to learn, it wont come by building something inappropriate
10:53:29  <PublicServer> <V453000> this game is really easy so if you want to try something, it is a good time to do so
10:53:37  <PublicServer> <Dominik2000> oh :D
10:59:49  <PublicServer> *** Dominik2000 has joined spectators
11:00:39  *** sla_ro|master has quit IRC
11:00:44  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined spectators
11:04:35  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003E8E8:
11:05:30  <PublicServer> <V453000> you can add trains to the SLHs btw
11:07:47  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
11:19:36  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003E2F3:
11:22:53  *** bflmpsvz has quit IRC
11:25:22  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> all stations done
11:25:43  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> Trains?
11:25:47  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined company #1
11:26:01  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> oh
11:28:04  *** bflmpsvz has joined #openttdcoop
11:34:36  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00005C9F:
11:35:38  *** DayDreamer has quit IRC
11:37:59  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> iron drop does not work apparently
11:38:30  <PublicServer> <bassals> now it accepts iron
11:38:43  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> yeah, i built stat. parts next to the mill
11:46:25  <PublicServer> *** Dominik2000 has left the game (connection lost)
11:48:53  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined spectators
11:49:36  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000210A7:
11:51:41  *** Dominik2000_ has joined #openttdcoop
11:52:26  *** Dominik2000 has quit IRC
11:52:38  *** Dominik2000_ is now known as Dominik2000
11:55:58  *** Phazorx_ has joined #openttdcoop
11:57:45  *** Phazorx has quit IRC
11:58:10  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined company #1
12:04:37  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00014A6D:
12:07:08  *** bflmpsvz has quit IRC
12:07:18  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined spectators
12:07:43  *** bflmpsvz has joined #openttdcoop
12:19:37  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003DF7B:
12:26:17  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> korpse
12:26:27  <PublicServer> <Korpse> what lol
12:26:49  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Your SLH is merging before split :)
12:27:09  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> always merge after split
12:27:55  <PublicServer> <Korpse> oops :S evil hill made me do bad things
12:28:08  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> I know the feeling all to well :)
12:28:47  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> if it helps the TF rules this game is very loose, so if you need just TF
12:29:32  *** Tray has joined #openttdcoop
12:30:38  *** bflmpsvz has quit IRC
12:31:23  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Shuld I give you a tip or do you wanna figure it out yourself?
12:33:17  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined company #1
12:33:37  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> BTW where should we put wood drop/picks sawmill
12:33:37  <PublicServer> <Korpse> ill try figure it thanks
12:34:11  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> should we put the sawmill !here?
12:34:32  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> we can change it later thou
12:34:37  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003E781:
12:34:44  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> the station doesn't catch it
12:34:58  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> trololo
12:35:05  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> someone sent wood trains to the drop alreadty
12:35:07  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> splendid :)
12:35:10  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> already
12:35:14  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> That would be me
12:35:20  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> just great
12:35:30  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> stupid not to che
12:35:32  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> ...
12:35:38  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> shuld I depo them?
12:35:51  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> not, the station already has wood waiting
12:36:04  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> ill just make a transfer
12:38:48  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> uh oh, bad news
12:39:04  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> Wood goods drop can't be walked to a town
12:39:05  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> ?
12:39:13  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> yikes
12:39:40  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> ctrl+c  ctrl+v  :)
12:39:54  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> we'll have to either build another or found a town next to it
12:40:05  <V453000> !password
12:40:06  <PublicServer> V453000: tissue
12:40:14  <PublicServer> <V453000> hi
12:40:16  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> hi
12:40:17  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
12:40:23  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> hi there
12:40:35  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> in the hour of need the mighty V arrives :P
12:40:40  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> :)
12:40:53  *** ODM has quit IRC
12:40:55  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> anyway, what should we do with that goods drop
12:41:57  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> I would leave that for V to decide
12:42:13  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> he founded a town already
12:42:27  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop
12:42:27  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
12:42:45  <PublicServer> <V453000> good
12:42:52  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Convinient
12:43:42  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> steel mill and steel drop factory positions okay?
12:44:03  <PublicServer> <V453000> I guess
12:44:07  <PublicServer> <V453000> it does not matter much
12:45:04  <dihedral> !screen
12:45:04  <PublicServer> *** dihedral made screenshot at 00020E19:
12:47:27  *** bflmpsvz has joined #openttdcoop
12:47:34  <PublicServer> <V453000> k
12:47:42  <PublicServer> <V453000> I will be going to school, cyas
12:47:45  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
12:47:55  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> c ya
12:47:59  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> I'm off aswell
12:48:49  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> wait, no coal
12:48:51  <PublicServer> *** MDGrein has joined spectators
12:49:01  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> correct, no coal
12:49:31  *** tycoondemon has joined #openttdcoop
12:49:37  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003CB78:
12:53:34  <PublicServer> <bassals> shouldn't we have a goods pickup by the Steel drop?
12:53:58  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> We don't deliver steel goods, i presume
12:55:24  *** TWerkhoven has joined #openttdcoop
12:56:16  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven joined the game
13:03:09  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> we can sell the MM i guess
13:04:38  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00020674:
13:07:22  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> *facepalm*
13:07:26  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> stupid trains
13:07:44  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> look at train 54
13:07:48  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> *facepalm*
13:08:07  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> Facepalm - when words are not enough
13:08:27  <PublicServer> <bassals> haha
13:08:41  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> The train or my comment?
13:09:13  <PublicServer> <bassals> maybe that 1-tile station does not work as expected
13:09:21  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> no shit, another train
13:09:35  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> it's called a pf
13:09:39  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> pf trap*
13:10:01  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> it tricks the trains into going there because their target station is in there
13:10:12  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> but they avoid two way red signals at all costs
13:10:19  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> so they choose the other route'
13:10:53  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined spectators
13:15:28  <PublicServer> *** 0DM joined the game
13:15:54  *** ODM has quit IRC
13:16:12  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop
13:16:12  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
13:17:04  <PublicServer> <0DM> i approve of symmetry.
13:19:19  <PublicServer> <0DM> and hello all
13:19:26  <PublicServer> <bassals> hi
13:19:38  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003AD70:
13:20:19  <PublicServer> <bassals> these cow goods trains are just spinning around
13:21:36  <PublicServer> *** 0DM has left the game (connection lost)
13:22:31  <PublicServer> *** Mazur joined the game
13:24:11  *** TheODM has joined #openttdcoop
13:24:24  <PublicServer> *** 0DM joined the game
13:24:31  <PublicServer> <0DM> crappy internet
13:25:21  <PublicServer> <0DM> aw onl 94 trains
13:25:44  <PublicServer> <Mazur> We have only just begun to ride.
13:28:58  *** ODM has quit IRC
13:30:35  *** Vinnie_nl has joined #openttdcoop
13:30:41  <Vinnie_nl> !password
13:30:41  <PublicServer> Vinnie_nl: pacify
13:30:46  <Vinnie_nl> !playercount
13:30:46  <PublicServer> Vinnie_nl: Number of players: 7 (3 spectators)
13:31:05  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie joined the game
13:31:09  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> hello
13:31:19  <PublicServer> <bassals> hi
13:31:36  <PublicServer> <0DM> yo
13:31:36  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Lo, da Vinci.
13:34:39  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000148FC:
13:36:09  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined company #1
13:36:11  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> hi
13:36:20  <PublicServer> <0DM> hey mate
13:36:34  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Lo, Sixpack.
13:41:07  <PublicServer> <Mazur> @@gap 3 7
13:41:09  <Webster> PublicServer: (gap <trainlength> [<split>]) -- Returns minimum and maximum signal gap sizes for 2,3 and 4 linesplits with <trainlength>. If <spilt> is given it will return the gap sizes for <split> (+/-) 1.
13:41:11  <PublicServer> <0DM> i cant remember the one that gives the boundaries^^
13:41:31  <PublicServer> <Mazur> @@gap 3 2
13:41:33  <Webster> PublicServer: (gap <trainlength> [<split>]) -- Returns minimum and maximum signal gap sizes for 2,3 and 4 linesplits with <trainlength>. If <spilt> is given it will return the gap sizes for <split> (+/-) 1.
13:41:56  <PublicServer> <Mazur> @@gap 3
13:41:57  <Webster> PublicServer: (gap <trainlength> [<split>]) -- Returns minimum and maximum signal gap sizes for 2,3 and 4 linesplits with <trainlength>. If <spilt> is given it will return the gap sizes for <split> (+/-) 1.
13:41:58  <TWerkhoven> @@(gap 3 2)
13:42:06  <TWerkhoven> put it like that
13:42:22  <TheODM> that seems retarded at the best of times:D
13:42:28  <TWerkhoven> :p
13:44:27  <PublicServer> <bassals> is the WOOD DROP station really meant to work like that?
13:44:33  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven has joined company #1
13:44:41  <PublicServer> <0DM> i think so
13:44:43  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven> im actually wondering that myself
13:45:08  <PublicServer> <0DM> it looks odd, but V made it, so its prolly correct and odd:P
13:45:10  <PublicServer> <bassals> the bays with the upper entrance are free
13:45:10  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven> but it works
13:45:14  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven> thats the important bit
13:45:24  <PublicServer> <0DM> the bays at the upper entrance are drops
13:45:30  <PublicServer> <0DM> note that both lanes have drops and pickups
13:46:00  <PublicServer> <Mazur> V build it, so in general ou can believe it's correct.
13:46:00  <PublicServer> <0DM> the only negative i can think of is they only rotate on one line
13:46:06  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven> no they dont, drop and pickup platforms are alternating
13:46:17  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> No they aren't.
13:46:29  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven> so if it wasnt for the overflow, each lane would only have access to either drop or pickup
13:46:37  <PublicServer> <0DM> they alternate but flip halfway
13:47:05  <PublicServer> <0DM> there's 4 drops and 4 pickups on each line
13:47:07  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven> o_O
13:47:16  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven> so they do
13:47:16  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven> i stand corrected
13:47:52  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> You'd think that they'd be alternating
13:48:19  <PublicServer> <0DM> nah, the trick station tile on the one lane is closer than the other lane's platforms
13:48:36  <PublicServer> <0DM> might actually be better if that was further away
13:48:41  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven> only thing is this way goods trains will only use half the station
13:48:49  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> no they won't
13:49:02  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> th other lane can access the other platforms
13:49:06  <PublicServer> <0DM> woeps
13:49:16  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven> then why do they keep circling and not using the empty goods platforms?
13:49:39  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003E373:
13:50:10  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> idk, but they certainly won't use only those platforms, if the other lane initially only has access to those platforms
13:53:00  <PublicServer> <0DM> i like the 8 circles, though not very efficient timewise i think:D
13:53:00  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> hey, SLH 09 is unsigned
13:53:16  <PublicServer> <0DM> ohyeah, i was working there, then got distracted
13:55:06  <PublicServer> <0DM> quite like how it looks^^
13:55:21  <PublicServer> <Mazur> How who looks?
13:55:29  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> SLH 09?
13:55:37  <PublicServer> <0DM> yeah
13:56:00  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Yes, looks nice.
13:59:09  <PublicServer> <0DM> heh that is quite short
13:59:29  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> actually 2 alarmingly short ones
14:00:11  <PublicServer> <0DM> my assumption is CL3, then i see loads
14:00:19  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> a reverser works just fine
14:02:42  <PublicServer> *** bassals has left the game (connection lost)
14:02:59  <bassals> !password
14:02:59  <PublicServer> bassals: dopier
14:03:12  <PublicServer> *** bassals joined the game
14:03:36  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> will the trains still consider that a route, while there is a 90er curve
14:03:47  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> i mean, a PF trap at wood goods picup
14:03:57  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Signals do, trains not.
14:03:59  <PublicServer> <0DM> good point, i think they would, but im not sure
14:04:39  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000381DB:
14:05:04  <PublicServer> <bassals> what is wrong with 97?
14:05:33  <PublicServer> <0DM> looks like a reverse signal somewhere
14:05:41  <PublicServer> <0DM> ahno, track was missing
14:07:22  <PublicServer> <0DM> the goods trains take ages to come back:p
14:07:32  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> it is almost half the map
14:08:08  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> the main pickups and the drops of the same cargo are always 3 rings apart
14:08:29  <Dominik2000> !password
14:08:29  <PublicServer> Dominik2000: rubies
14:08:31  <PublicServer> <0DM> with these rings, thats almost like driving to infinity:D
14:08:37  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> true
14:08:49  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> you always have to drive almost the whole ring
14:09:00  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> so that's driving 8 rings?
14:09:48  <PublicServer> <bassals> specially the four corner rings
14:09:51  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> no, 4
14:10:03  *** bflmpsvz has quit IRC
14:10:18  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> they're 3/4 of the ring going one way, 1/4 one way
14:10:41  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> that's if the BBH's are not a bit off
14:10:49  *** bflmpsvz has joined #openttdcoop
14:11:22  <PublicServer> <bassals> maybe we could create a bypass?
14:11:36  <PublicServer> <0DM> no:P
14:11:41  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> this is fine
14:11:45  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie has left the game (leaving)
14:12:35  <Absolutis> rrgh
14:12:47  <Absolutis> the AtomicGamer site is bugged for me
14:12:51  <Absolutis> i can't download
14:12:54  <Absolutis> from there
14:13:08  <PublicServer> <bassals> like in !here you know?
14:13:35  <Absolutis> ?
14:13:39  <Tray> !password
14:13:39  <PublicServer> Tray: rubies
14:13:43  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> ah
14:13:49  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> i'd say no
14:14:01  <PublicServer> *** Tray joined the game
14:14:09  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> this game is structured this way
14:14:15  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> and this way we shall play it
14:14:19  <PublicServer> <bassals> ok
14:17:33  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> Right, i'm so pissed at AtomicGamer (A site) right now.
14:17:52  <PublicServer> <0DM> whats so bad about a site being down?
14:18:04  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> it's not down.
14:18:12  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> I just cannot download some files from there.
14:18:16  <PublicServer> <0DM> hmm
14:18:20  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> The ads block the download link.
14:19:39  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003C578:
14:21:07  <Dominik2000> !password
14:21:07  <PublicServer> Dominik2000: barber
14:21:30  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> hi dominik
14:22:24  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven has joined spectators
14:24:23  <PublicServer> <bassals> I have a n00b question
14:24:27  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Shoot.
14:25:07  <PublicServer> <bassals> what should one do if the city council does not allow an station? bribe?
14:25:21  <PublicServer> <Tray> kill all tress and replant them
14:25:37  <PublicServer> <Mazur> No, clear a suibstantial area of trees, and then, once, build new trees on that area.
14:25:39  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> A.k.a The Tree Loophole
14:25:57  <PublicServer> <0DM> its such a hack:P
14:26:09  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> The trees cannot lower the rating too much
14:26:25  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> so demolishing them lowers the rating to a set limit
14:26:43  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> then, when replanting them, all raise the rating.
14:26:45  <PublicServer> <0DM> and trees make them go \o/ \o/ upto a certain point
14:26:57  <V453000> oh hi ODM :p
14:27:05  <Dominik2000> hmm webstick to slow...
14:27:07  <PublicServer> <0DM> hey mate
14:27:58  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> So, if a company's rating is -250
14:28:12  <PublicServer> <0DM> i really wonder what happened to the voting board
14:28:12  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> demolishing trees sets it to -1000
14:28:12  *** Maraxus has joined #openttdcoop
14:28:53  <Maraxus> !password
14:28:53  <PublicServer> Maraxus: barber
14:29:10  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus joined the game
14:29:12  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> then planting trees raises it with, say, 2800 if it is a 20X20 area full of trees
14:29:22  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> hi
14:29:27  <Dominik2000> hi
14:29:33  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> it can't be raised better than 220, but it will raise to that
14:30:00  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined spectators
14:30:46  <V453000> yes the voting board is really over the top this time :(
14:31:52  <PublicServer> *** MDGrein has joined company #1
14:32:22  <PublicServer> <0DM> looks like someone had a mental breakdown:D
14:32:58  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> ?
14:33:04  <PublicServer> <0DM> at the voting board
14:33:06  <PublicServer> <0DM> i didnt mean you:P
14:33:10  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> aaah
14:33:23  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> I knew you didn't mean me ^^
14:34:40  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003D571:
14:35:36  <PublicServer> <Mazur> How do I turn around an engine in the depot?
14:35:55  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Ah, a trainyard, now.
14:39:03  <PublicServer> *** Spike joined the game
14:41:55  *** DayDreamer has joined #openttdcoop
14:41:55  <V453000> ctrl click though
14:42:18  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Thanks.
14:45:23  <Dominik2000> !password
14:45:23  <PublicServer> Dominik2000: valise
14:46:42  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Come on, Dominik!  You can do it, push, pull, squirm your way in!
14:46:48  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> :)
14:46:56  <PublicServer> * Mazur roots for Dominik2000.
14:47:38  <PublicServer> <bassals> ?
14:47:48  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Dom
14:48:08  <PublicServer> * MDGrein thinks something is a miss
14:48:25  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Dominik2000 has trouble logging in, his computer connection can barely handle the game.
14:48:33  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> aah
14:48:35  *** Dominik2000 has quit IRC
14:49:05  <PublicServer> <Mazur> So every time it is trying to load hte game, it takes a long time, and even then, apparently, faiuls.
14:49:40  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000718E:
14:52:22  *** Dominik2000 has joined #openttdcoop
14:52:28  <Dominik2000> !password
14:52:28  <PublicServer> Dominik2000: typist
14:52:43  <PublicServer> *** 0DM has left the game (leaving)
14:53:18  <PublicServer> *** Dominik2000 joined the game
14:53:24  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Yay!
14:53:24  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> welcome Dom
15:00:47  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven has joined company #1
15:00:55  <PublicServer> *** Dominik2000 has joined spectators
15:04:41  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000046D9:
15:08:14  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Gonna go now for a bit, or I'll end up connecting every primary without leaving any joy for anyone else.
15:08:40  <PublicServer> *** Mazur has joined spectators
15:09:09  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> I'll follow your example, need to get some actual work done :)
15:09:18  <PublicServer> *** MDGrein has joined spectators
15:09:41  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven has joined spectators
15:11:25  <PublicServer> *** MDGrein has joined company #1
15:11:33  <PublicServer> *** Tray has left the game (leaving)
15:11:39  <PublicServer> *** MDGrein has joined spectators
15:14:05  <PublicServer> *** MDGrein has joined company #1
15:17:50  *** hanf has joined #openttdcoop
15:19:41  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003896E:
15:20:58  *** bflmpsvz has quit IRC
15:22:31  <PublicServer> *** bassals has joined spectators
15:30:04  <PublicServer> *** Mazur has joined company #1
15:34:41  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00029B3A:
15:35:39  <PublicServer> *** Mazur has joined spectators
15:35:43  <PublicServer> *** bassals has joined company #1
15:36:03  <PublicServer> *** bassals has joined spectators
15:36:30  <PublicServer> *** bassals has joined company #1
15:39:50  <PublicServer> *** bassals has joined spectators
15:40:01  <bassals> I'm leaving
15:40:22  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> c ya
15:40:41  *** Tray has quit IRC
15:42:15  <Dominik2000> i'm on my way
15:42:17  <Dominik2000> bye
15:43:01  *** Korpse has quit IRC
15:43:41  *** Dominik2000 has quit IRC
15:43:48  <PublicServer> *** Dominik2000 has left the game (leaving)
15:49:41  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0002D092:
15:50:37  <PublicServer> *** Korpse has left the game (leaving)
16:04:42  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001DCB8:
16:07:44  <PublicServer> *** bassals has left the game (connection lost)
16:08:00  <PublicServer> *** MDGrein has joined spectators
16:08:00  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
16:16:58  *** Tray has joined #openttdcoop
16:19:27  *** hanf has quit IRC
16:24:47  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined company #1
16:24:47  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
16:26:34  <PublicServer> *** MDGrein has joined company #1
16:29:13  <PublicServer> *** Mazur has joined company #1
16:29:21  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> hi
16:29:27  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Lo.
16:30:14  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> Who put the !fix prio sign at SLH03?
16:30:52  <PublicServer> <Mazur> I don't see ay such sign.
16:30:58  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> i removed it
16:31:14  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Well, I don't know who placed it.
16:31:22  <PublicServer> <Mazur> MIght have been Tray?
16:31:37  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> but i do see one problem with that
16:31:43  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> slowdowns
16:31:55  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> the snake slows the trains down
16:32:37  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> a snake is 2 turns within the trainlength
16:32:49  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> no it is not
16:33:03  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> 2 turns in the same direction within TL
16:33:36  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> well, 2 turns in diffrent directions within TL will also slow the train down
16:33:46  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> no it will not
16:34:09  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> now i'm confused
16:34:13  <PublicServer> *** Mazur has joined spectators
16:34:19  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> show me
16:34:32  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> by the trainyard in some flat land
16:34:42  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000C057:
16:35:16  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> aah, we define turns in diffrent ways :)
16:35:32  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> that's a 45 degree turn
16:35:42  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> but yeah, you are very correct
16:35:56  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> and:
16:36:58  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> ?
16:37:52  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined spectators
16:41:15  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> Oh, and all goods pickups are overloaded
16:41:29  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> you might wanna add some trains to them
16:43:59  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> adding to wood goods pickup
16:48:41  *** dlr365 has joined #openttdcoop
16:49:43  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00005E16:
16:55:26  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined company #1
16:57:35  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> oh, i see.
16:57:51  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> The prio i built was broken after all
17:04:44  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00035055:
17:08:19  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> some trains use steel pickup as a shortcut
17:09:12  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> exit will probably have to relocate at some point to prevent that?
17:09:20  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> or entry
17:09:32  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> every train goning round that circle goes throu steel pickup
17:09:40  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> 90% atleast
17:10:41  *** sla_ro|master has joined #openttdcoop
17:19:43  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00034831:
17:21:13  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> To be exact, i don't fully understand why was V's plan declared vvinner
17:21:34  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> He had only one vote lead
17:21:45  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> and there were a lot more people to vote
17:22:05  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Me neither, I wasn't part of the discussion that, according to the signs, took place.
17:22:48  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> But I like maglevs so I'm not bothered.
17:23:51  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> And in retrospect I perhaps shuld have voted for his plan since It's a bit easier and I can actually participate more :)
17:29:47  <PublicServer> *** Spike has left the game (leaving)
17:34:43  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00031E60:
17:42:18  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus has joined spectators
17:49:02  *** pugi has joined #openttdcoop
17:49:44  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003AE44:
17:53:50  <Tray> !password
17:53:50  <PublicServer> Tray: acuter
17:54:13  <PublicServer> *** Tray joined the game
17:58:22  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> if you give a factory 1 input goods you get 1 output goods, right?
17:59:28  <PublicServer> <Tray> no
18:00:02  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> what is the ration then? or is it somewhat floating?
18:00:38  <PublicServer> <Tray> If I'm correct: It's a floating point number adjustble via GRF
18:00:53  <PublicServer> <Tray> So: I'm not sure what the exact ratio for factories is (:
18:01:39  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> rgr, that explains why the grain goods pickup got so flooded when the wood goods pickup didn't
18:01:57  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> despite roughly the same input:output train ratio
18:03:03  <PublicServer> *** bassals joined the game
18:03:43  <PublicServer> <Tray> maybe
18:04:37  <PublicServer> *** bassals has joined company #1
18:04:44  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000345DD:
18:07:10  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> I just wanted to vote Vinnie's 'cause it is a never-used-before idea
18:07:33  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> while V already used that plan in PSG 198
18:08:00  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> (the one before the insane SRNW mars game)
18:08:13  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has joined spectators
18:08:27  <PublicServer> <Tray> Vinie has this lokal-network plan?
18:08:34  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> ?
18:08:36  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Since the voting was so close perhaps we can skip voting on the next one and do Vinnies plan
18:08:42  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> ya
18:08:52  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> unless someone makes a really good plan
18:09:47  <PublicServer> *** Tray has left the game (leaving)
18:09:49  <PublicServer> <Absolutis> like a never-before-used idea, or a plan that really fits the landscape or something
18:10:12  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> I'm all for it
18:13:21  <bassals> Absolutis: I did put that sign in SLH3
18:13:21  *** Vinnie_nl has quit IRC
18:13:32  *** Vinnie_nl has joined #openttdcoop
18:14:38  *** Vinnie_nl is now known as Guest17918
18:14:38  *** Vinnie_nl_ has joined #openttdcoop
18:14:38  *** Vinnie_nl_ is now known as Vinnie_nl
18:15:57  *** Vinnie_nl is now known as Guest17919
18:15:58  *** Vinnie_nl_ has joined #openttdcoop
18:15:58  *** Vinnie_nl_ is now known as Vinnie_nl
18:19:44  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0002BE7D:
18:19:58  <Mazur> Absolutis, MDGrein, Winnie wanted an unused idea from me again to play it.  So maybe that'll go first, who knows.
18:21:02  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Time will tell I guess :)
18:21:41  <Mazur> Yup.
18:22:04  *** Maraxus has quit IRC
18:23:06  <Mazur> Though, tbh, there is so much already that only time will tell, that it might be prudent if it starts talking immediately.
18:24:42  <Mazur> I do crack me up sometimes.
18:25:23  <MDGrein> You have a strong point actually
18:25:46  *** Maraxus has joined #openttdcoop
18:28:01  *** Firartix has joined #openttdcoop
18:28:42  <Vinnie_nl> !password
18:28:42  <PublicServer> Vinnie_nl: jewels
18:28:55  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie joined the game
18:28:57  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> holla
18:29:03  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> hi
18:29:07  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Hi Vinnie
18:30:08  <Mazur> Hi, Vin-tage.
18:30:42  <PublicServer> *** bassals has left the game (connection lost)
18:30:46  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> SLH 06 is wierd
18:31:10  <PublicServer> *** bassals joined the game
18:31:12  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Korpse is a new player
18:31:18  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> oke
18:31:52  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus has joined company #1
18:31:56  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> in his/hers own words, "not ready to build yet so i'll watch" V however told him to try and build something
18:32:27  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> well watch V is kinda hard. He build some insane things
18:32:43  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> expecially if it is your fisrt time here
18:33:14  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> yeah, but he convinced Korpse to try and SLH 06 was the result
18:34:20  <PublicServer> *** Absolutis has left the game (leaving)
18:34:45  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00021095:
18:36:59  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> oke then
18:37:05  <PublicServer> <bassals> shouldn't we have more trains in cow good pickup?
18:37:08  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> more industries to connect :)\
18:37:21  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> yes
18:46:03  *** pugi has quit IRC
18:49:45  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000AA48:
18:56:52  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> new prio setup on SLH 13 and i like it ")
18:56:56  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> :)
18:57:08  <PublicServer> <bassals> oh
18:58:29  <PublicServer> <bassals> is it possible to fix the prio in SLH3?
18:58:58  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> yes
18:59:16  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> make the presignal PBS and remove the two entry signals
18:59:52  <PublicServer> <bassals> I mean Absolutis is not here
19:00:37  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> you may edit any BBH or SLH if you see possible improvement.
19:02:24  <PublicServer> <bassals> what do you mean with the buffer sign?
19:02:43  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> when a train is blocked at the join it blocks 3 tiles
19:03:05  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> atm the buffer is 2.5 tiles so it blocks also the split for the join
19:04:45  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0000E02A:
19:05:31  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> do you get it or should i explain some more?
19:05:57  <PublicServer> <bassals> I'm still tinking about the prio
19:06:09  <PublicServer> <bassals> do we need to move the joint point?
19:06:53  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> now it works
19:07:59  *** Absolutis has quit IRC
19:08:49  *** DayDreamer has quit IRC
19:09:08  *** DayDreamer has joined #openttdcoop
19:09:12  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> i better stop building now before the whole map says /Vinnie
19:12:11  <PublicServer> <bassals> is it OK now?
19:12:19  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> SLH 03?
19:12:25  <PublicServer> <bassals> yes
19:12:49  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> almost
19:13:11  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> do you see the split where the SL can enter the ML?
19:13:25  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> either one of the mainlines
19:14:58  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> you see my litle list of signs
19:15:03  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> little
19:15:20  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> perfect
19:15:55  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> but do you understand the reasons why?
19:15:59  <PublicServer> <bassals> yes
19:16:07  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> even better
19:16:09  <PublicServer> <bassals> it makes a lot of sense
19:19:46  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0002BE7D:
19:19:49  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> hmm
19:20:07  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> trying to make an overflow but it ain't working out to great
19:20:13  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> where?
19:20:34  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Choose the best possible location aswell :)
19:20:49  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> the combo needs a two-way
19:21:35  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> still nothing
19:23:00  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> now it works
19:23:04  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> so that split at the end makes the hole thing work?
19:23:22  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> yes on the reverser you need a split or 2 to be sure
19:23:35  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> however this is not a great prio
19:23:42  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> rgr, thanks
19:23:52  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> what prio?
19:24:15  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> well atm the overflow does not consider the joining SL
19:24:40  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> whitch should also get prioroty over the train in the overflow
19:25:21  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> yeah
19:25:38  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> but do you see the Nagy-Dunabikk Mine nearby
19:25:45  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> yes
19:25:50  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> the exit has a CL of 1
19:26:00  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> yeah I know
19:26:30  <PublicServer> <bassals> I also have a question
19:26:32  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> CL2 for a Sideline is still ok but CL1 is really bad imo
19:26:46  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> 177 kmph against max speed of 483
19:27:00  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> it's not extremly great but since the trains are leaving the station they are'nt going at top speed anyways
19:27:18  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> so I setteled for it
19:27:33  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> bassals: just ask away :)
19:27:59  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> but it repeats at !CL 1 again
19:28:01  <PublicServer> <bassals> I am allowed to use the sideline to WOOD DROP to build a primary station?
19:28:42  <PublicServer> <bassals> I have started but maybe it's not right
19:29:21  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> nope not allowed bassals
19:29:31  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> consider that junction a BBH
19:29:43  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> no one makes another juntion inside a BBH
19:30:02  <PublicServer> <bassals> oh
19:31:09  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> yes on the sign
19:34:46  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001B9B6:
19:42:29  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> so mutch cargo gets wasted :(
19:42:42  <PublicServer> <bassals> why?
19:42:54  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> no steel goos are used
19:43:00  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> no coal no oil
19:43:25  <PublicServer> <bassals> why not building a steel goods pickup?
19:43:35  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> not in the plan
19:44:21  <PublicServer> <bassals> not prohibited in the plan either :-D
19:49:07  <PublicServer> <Vinnie> oke guys, cya later
19:49:11  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> c ya
19:49:13  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> cu
19:49:15  <PublicServer> *** Vinnie has left the game (leaving)
19:49:47  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000209B4:
20:00:40  *** pugi has joined #openttdcoop
20:02:57  *** hanf has joined #openttdcoop
20:04:47  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000301F9:
20:17:30  *** Zeknurn has quit IRC
20:19:33  *** Zeknurn has joined #openttdcoop
20:19:47  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00031BF7:
20:25:05  *** Phazorx_ has quit IRC
20:25:05  *** Sylf has quit IRC
20:25:05  *** Golder has quit IRC
20:25:05  *** LXSJason has quit IRC
20:25:05  *** dlr365 has quit IRC
20:25:05  *** real` has quit IRC
20:25:05  *** orudge has quit IRC
20:25:05  *** JamesGo has quit IRC
20:25:05  *** EyeMWing has quit IRC
20:25:05  *** Born_Acorn has quit IRC
20:25:05  *** md_ has quit IRC
20:25:20  *** dlr365 has joined #openttdcoop
20:25:20  *** Phazorx_ has joined #openttdcoop
20:25:20  *** Sylf has joined #openttdcoop
20:25:20  *** Golder has joined #openttdcoop
20:25:20  *** LXSJason has joined #openttdcoop
20:25:20  *** real` has joined #openttdcoop
20:25:20  *** sets mode: +o Sylf
20:25:47  *** orudge has joined #openttdcoop
20:25:47  *** JamesGo has joined #openttdcoop
20:25:47  *** EyeMWing has joined #openttdcoop
20:25:47  *** md_ has joined #openttdcoop
20:25:47  *** Born_Acorn has joined #openttdcoop
20:26:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v XeryusTC
20:26:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v V453000
20:26:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v ^Spike^
20:26:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Webster
20:26:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v tneo
20:26:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v planetmaker
20:26:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v SmatZ
20:26:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Ammler
20:26:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Phoenix_the_II
20:26:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v KenjiE20
20:26:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v hylje
20:34:48  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00035FF8:
20:41:38  *** TWerkhoven[l] has joined #openttdcoop
20:43:16  *** thomashauk1 has joined #openttdcoop
20:43:58  <thomashauk1> !password
20:43:58  <PublicServer> thomashauk1: guiles
20:44:08  <PublicServer> *** thomashauk joined the game
20:45:25  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> gn
20:45:39  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus has left the game (leaving)
20:45:41  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> nite nite
20:45:59  <TWerkhoven[l]> !password
20:45:59  <PublicServer> TWerkhoven[l]: guiles
20:46:18  <PublicServer> *** {TWerkhoven[L]} joined the game
20:46:20  *** Maraxus has quit IRC
20:48:44  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven[L] has left the game (connection lost)
20:49:48  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003E79D:
20:57:16  <TWerkhoven[l]> !password
20:57:16  <PublicServer> TWerkhoven[l]: veneer
20:57:38  <PublicServer> *** {TWerkhoven[L]} joined the game
21:04:49  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0002A27C:
21:06:49  *** dlr365 has quit IRC
21:14:38  *** LoPo has joined #openttdcoop
21:14:41  <LoPo> !password
21:14:41  <PublicServer> LoPo: beacon
21:14:42  <LoPo> hi
21:15:59  <PublicServer> *** LoPo joined the game
21:16:22  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hello :)
21:16:28  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> ello
21:17:33  <PublicServer> <LoPo> intresting game
21:18:26  *** Dominik2000 has joined #openttdcoop
21:18:34  <Dominik2000> hi
21:18:44  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven[L]> ello
21:19:02  <PublicServer> <LoPo> at those mines :P
21:19:08  <PublicServer> <LoPo> isnt that a big cl?
21:19:49  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0002FDF5:
21:20:38  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hmmm
21:22:08  <PublicServer> <LoPo> something i can build?
21:22:12  <PublicServer> <LoPo> like a SLH?> :P
21:22:14  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> gosh darnit, i'm just in love with overflows :)
21:22:35  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> have no idea LoPo
21:24:39  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven[L]> could make an !slh here
21:24:45  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven[L]> to connect the farm to
21:24:55  <PublicServer> <TWerkhoven[L]> so it doesnt have to cross the entire circle to get to a ml
21:24:57  <PublicServer> <LoPo> im already working on one south
21:25:45  <PublicServer> <LoPo> what is CL?
21:25:46  <PublicServer> <LoPo> 3?
21:25:50  <PublicServer> *** Mazur has joined company #1
21:25:50  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> correkt
21:27:49  <TWerkhoven[l]> cl == tl is a good rule of thumb
21:27:59  <PublicServer> <LoPo> yeah i know :)
21:28:08  <PublicServer> <LoPo> was just testing you guys ;)
21:28:11  <TWerkhoven[l]> lol
21:28:16  <TWerkhoven[l]> did i pass?
21:28:22  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Except when it's TL-1.
21:29:07  <PublicServer> <LoPo> barely :p
21:29:13  <PublicServer> <LoPo> but good enough :D
21:30:21  <Dominik2000> !password
21:30:21  <PublicServer> Dominik2000: drench
21:30:35  <PublicServer> *** Dominik2000 joined the game
21:30:46  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Much smoother than this afternoon, Dominik2000.
21:31:03  <Dominik2000> ?
21:31:24  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Youre entrance just now.
21:31:49  <Dominik2000> oh, yeah no i have a broadband connection :)
21:31:51  <Dominik2000> it's a difference ^^
21:34:50  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0003ED31:
21:36:03  <PublicServer> <thomashauk> Getting SLH14 to be for more than one station was a little crazy
21:39:13  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven[L] has left the game (leaving)
21:39:56  <TWerkhoven[l]> cazy can be good
21:45:06  *** DayDreamer1 has joined #openttdcoop
21:45:42  <PublicServer> <LoPo> k slh done :0
21:45:44  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :)
21:49:51  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00039790:
21:50:43  *** DayDreamer has quit IRC
21:54:31  <PublicServer> <LoPo> what!
21:54:39  <PublicServer> <Mazur> What?
21:54:41  <PublicServer> <LoPo> who stole my forests? :P
21:54:53  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Those bastards!
21:54:55  <PublicServer> <LoPo> at !who?
21:55:24  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Not I.
21:55:37  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Nor me
21:55:37  <PublicServer> <thomashauk> I've been connecting iron ore up
21:57:45  <PublicServer> <LoPo> something is wrong at bbh2
21:58:07  <PublicServer> <Mazur> I know.
21:58:45  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Be there in a bit, checking if my adding trains has to do with it.
21:58:54  <PublicServer> <LoPo> i think i solved it
21:59:19  <PublicServer> <Mazur> I think I caused or revealed it.
21:59:33  <PublicServer> <LoPo> nha i saw it before :P
21:59:37  <PublicServer> <LoPo> but mhe :P
21:59:47  <PublicServer> <Mazur> What was the problem?
21:59:54  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Network wise, I mean.
22:00:17  <PublicServer> <LoPo> one of the lines was going 100% to 1 ML instead of both
22:00:39  <PublicServer> <LoPo> so there was no choice
22:00:41  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Ah.
22:00:47  <PublicServer> <LoPo> but
22:00:51  <PublicServer> <LoPo> let me see
22:00:53  <PublicServer> <Mazur> That can be a problem.
22:01:03  <PublicServer> <LoPo> k guys
22:01:11  <PublicServer> <LoPo> no more ORE trains
22:01:42  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Or GRAIN GOIODS trains.
22:02:00  <PublicServer> <LoPo> focus on LS and
22:02:04  <PublicServer> <LoPo> LS :P
22:02:06  <PublicServer> <LoPo> k
22:02:10  <PublicServer> <Mazur> They, too leave the ML here, it seems.
22:03:01  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Oh, switrch MLs.
22:03:16  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hmmm?
22:03:42  <PublicServer> <Mazur> I said leave the ML, but it's switch to different ring what happens.
22:04:06  <PublicServer> <LoPo> i dont understand what you mean :P
22:04:15  <PublicServer> <LoPo> are we talking about the bbh?
22:04:27  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Yes.  The GRAIN GOODS trains.
22:04:50  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00022C7B:
22:05:54  <PublicServer> <Mazur> I think BBH 02 needs expanding it's capacity to move frmo the ring east to west.
22:05:58  *** Dominik2000 has quit IRC
22:06:06  <PublicServer> *** Dominik2000 has left the game (leaving)
22:06:10  <PublicServer> <LoPo> then we need more MLs
22:06:25  <PublicServer> <thomashauk> Perhaps a third line is needed to BBH07
22:06:57  <PublicServer> <Mazur> To SLH 15.
22:07:45  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hmmm
22:07:56  <PublicServer> <Mazur> Oh, COW goods PU trains also need that segment.
22:08:05  <PublicServer> <thomashauk> it's the output that's the problem
22:08:50  <PublicServer> *** Mazur has left the game (leaving)
22:09:09  <Mazur> +See you all later or rtomorrow.
22:09:16  <PublicServer> <LoPo> k
22:09:39  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> c ya
22:12:34  *** Tray has quit IRC
22:15:15  *** DayDreamer1 has quit IRC
22:15:39  <PublicServer> *** TWerkhoven has left the game (leaving)
22:15:58  *** TWerkhoven has quit IRC
22:17:28  <PublicServer> <LoPo> i also have to go now
22:17:34  <PublicServer> <LoPo> see ya
22:17:40  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> c ya
22:18:03  <PublicServer> *** LoPo has left the game (leaving)
22:18:15  *** LoPo has quit IRC
22:18:49  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> bassals, u here?
22:18:55  <PublicServer> <bassals> yes
22:19:27  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> one of your stations needs more waitingspace !this
22:19:50  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0001DE7F:
22:19:56  <PublicServer> <bassals> yes...
22:20:20  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> got any ideas or can I?
22:20:41  <PublicServer> <bassals> ok, you can do it
22:21:15  <PublicServer> <bassals> what is the depot for?
22:21:36  <PublicServer> <bassals> to turn the trains? lol
22:21:59  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> more or less, yeah :)
22:28:14  <PublicServer> <bassals> now it's ok, is it not?
22:28:21  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Very much ok
22:28:57  <PublicServer> <bassals> the cereal one does not have it either
22:29:05  <PublicServer> <bassals> but there are only 2 trains servicing
22:29:16  <PublicServer> <bassals> do you want me to build it anyway?
22:29:27  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> sure, hopefully the farm increases production
22:31:14  <PublicServer> *** 0DM joined the game
22:31:37  <PublicServer> <0DM> heyho, how's it goin here?
22:31:59  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> I've learnt how to do overflows
22:33:13  <V453000> !password
22:33:13  <PublicServer> V453000: manure
22:33:21  <PublicServer> <V453000> evening
22:33:21  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
22:33:37  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> evenin
22:33:39  <PublicServer> <0DM> heyho
22:33:56  <PublicServer> <bassals> hi
22:33:56  <PublicServer> <V453000> how are things
22:34:22  <PublicServer> <0DM> Well the world is going to end, but besides that fine i think
22:34:40  <PublicServer> <V453000> hmm 700 trains already :D
22:34:47  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> I've seen discussion about a somewhat crowded ML
22:34:51  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 000345DD:
22:34:55  <PublicServer> <0DM> struggling a bit at bbh 02
22:34:57  <PublicServer> <0DM> will have a look there
22:35:03  <PublicServer> <thomashauk> I
22:35:05  <PublicServer> <V453000> hm :)
22:35:17  <PublicServer> <thomashauk> it needs a third line to BBH 07 I think
22:36:03  <PublicServer> <V453000> MDGrein: you know that there are 2 blog articles about overflows? Just if you were seeking some extra theory
22:36:44  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> I'll have a look, since the theory isn't completly clear as of now. I am however in love with them :)
22:36:56  <PublicServer> <V453000> welcome to my world :p
22:37:10  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> why tank you :)
22:37:17  <PublicServer> <0DM> you need a visa
22:37:24  <PublicServer> <bassals> ok, I am building the grain station
22:37:46  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> overflows is a perfect complement to my station rating paranoia, everything below excellent isn't good :)
22:38:03  <V453000> @ABR04
22:38:04  <Webster> Advanced Building Revue 04: Overflows at #openttdcoop -
22:38:06  <V453000> @ABR08
22:38:07  <Webster> Advanced Building Revue 08: Overflows II at #openttdcoop -
22:38:07  <V453000> enjoy :p
22:38:42  <PublicServer> <V453000> savegames are still good to see though
22:38:45  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> I shall :)
22:38:51  <PublicServer> <V453000> but those two articles should cover pretty much everything
22:39:29  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
22:39:42  <V453000> gnight :p
22:39:48  <PublicServer> <0DM> haha quick visit
22:40:14  *** thomashauk1 has left #openttdcoop
22:40:14  <PublicServer> *** thomashauk has left the game (leaving)
22:40:16  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> sweet dreams :)
22:43:41  *** Vinnie_nl has quit IRC
22:49:51  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00036FF8:
22:51:49  *** dlr365 has joined #openttdcoop
22:57:59  *** Firartix has quit IRC
23:04:57  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0002BBA4:
23:19:57  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 0002B9BB:
23:21:15  <PublicServer> <0DM> k, i changed bbh07 for a new incoming line
23:21:22  <PublicServer> <0DM> bbh 02 still needs doing
23:21:52  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Do I dare...
23:22:24  <PublicServer> <0DM> sure:P
23:23:07  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> Iäll just screenshot current layout if I fuck up bigtime :)
23:24:09  <PublicServer> <0DM> im off, cyaz
23:24:57  *** TheODM has quit IRC
23:25:06  <PublicServer> *** 0DM has left the game (leaving)
23:34:58  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00033757:
23:37:12  *** Progman has quit IRC
23:46:00  *** sla_ro|master has quit IRC
23:49:29  <PublicServer> <MDGrein> darnit....
23:49:58  <PublicServer> ***  made screenshot at 00006139:
23:58:41  <PublicServer> *** bassals has left the game (connection lost)
23:58:43  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)

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