Log for #openttdcoop on 24th August 2013:
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06:04:51  <phatmatt> lol
06:05:02  <phatmatt> i made a tunnel where trains go in, and never come out!
06:05:16  <phatmatt> (on my diag tunnelbridge version)
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06:39:33  <Dom_> !playercount
06:39:34  <PublicServer> Dom_: Number of players: 1 (1 spectators)
06:39:37  <Dom_> !players
06:39:39  <PublicServer> Dom_: Client 98 is Anson, a spectator
06:39:53  <Dom_> !password
06:39:53  <PublicServer> Dom_: rustle
06:40:07  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
06:40:09  <PublicServer> *** Dom joined the game
06:40:21  <PublicServer> <Dom> yo
06:46:07  <PublicServer> *** Dom has left the game (leaving)
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08:45:44  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt joined the game
08:45:48  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (leaving)
08:45:48  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
08:46:12  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
08:46:14  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt joined the game
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10:24:21  <Jam35_> !password
10:24:21  <PublicServer> Jam35_: dented
10:24:40  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
10:24:41  <PublicServer> *** Jam35 joined the game
10:24:46  <PublicServer> *** Jam35 has joined company #1
10:24:46  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
10:25:06  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (general timeout)
10:25:06  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (connection lost)
10:25:06  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
10:25:31  <phatmatt> oops
10:25:41  <PublicServer> <Jam35> hi :)
10:25:45  <PublicServer> <Jam35> bye
10:25:50  <phatmatt> hey
10:26:16  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
10:26:16  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
10:26:19  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt joined the game
10:26:26  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> silly old pc
10:26:29  <PublicServer> <Jam35> ah right
10:26:32  <PublicServer> <Jam35> me too
10:26:54  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> i dunno, i think mine would beat yours in oldness ;)
10:27:32  <PublicServer> <Jam35> maybe but it is slow these days
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10:46:56  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> ugh. gimme ~2 min, i'm going to jump on a faster pc
10:47:10  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (leaving)
10:47:10  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
10:47:15  <phatmatt> brb
10:48:33  <phatmatt> !grf
10:48:33  <PublicServer> phatmatt:
10:51:19  <phatmatt> !dl win32
10:51:19  <PublicServer> phatmatt:
10:53:58  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
10:53:58  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
10:53:58  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt joined the game
10:54:03  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> hooray~
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11:28:42  <LoPo> hello
11:28:50  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> sup
11:28:52  <PublicServer> <Jam35> hii
11:29:06  <LoPo> !password
11:29:06  <PublicServer> LoPo: snuffs
11:29:23  <PublicServer> *** LoPo joined the game
11:29:25  <LoPo> celing ;)
11:33:31  *** Dom_ has quit IRC
11:34:04  <PublicServer> <LoPo> some one need a hand? :)
11:34:10  <PublicServer> <Jam35> me
11:34:16  <PublicServer> <Jam35> if u like
11:34:19  <PublicServer> <LoPo> at Strathcombe
11:34:21  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ?
11:34:31  <PublicServer> <Jam35> yes
11:34:34  <PublicServer> <LoPo> oky
11:34:52  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (general timeout)
11:34:52  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (connection lost)
11:34:54  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ummaggaaddd nyan!
11:35:14  <PublicServer> <Jam35> :) where?
11:35:24  <PublicServer> <LoPo> just pased by
11:35:46  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt joined the game
11:35:48  <PublicServer> <LoPo> w8
11:35:54  <PublicServer> <LoPo> i have an idea
11:37:40  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hmmm
11:38:10  <PublicServer> <LoPo> better
11:39:56  <PublicServer> <LoPo> if you dont like it just say it alriht?
11:40:08  <PublicServer> <Jam35> no it's fine
11:40:46  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hmmm
11:40:57  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ...
11:41:28  *** Progman has quit IRC
11:48:59  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (general timeout)
11:48:59  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (connection lost)
11:49:37  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt joined the game
11:49:58  *** Gregor-PLNL has quit IRC
11:52:49  <PublicServer> <LoPo> what is that?
11:52:59  <PublicServer> <Jam35> what?
11:53:13  <PublicServer> <LoPo> i see cost made but no changes
11:53:25  <PublicServer> <Jam35> electric->univ
11:53:31  <PublicServer> <LoPo> oh
11:53:33  <PublicServer> <LoPo> lol
11:53:39  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ic
11:53:41  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :D
11:53:47  <PublicServer> <Jam35> :)
11:53:57  <PublicServer> <Jam35> hope none was missed
11:54:00  <PublicServer> <Jam35> looks ok
11:55:14  <PublicServer> *** Anson has joined company #1
11:55:23  <PublicServer> <LoPo> oh
11:55:29  <PublicServer> <LoPo> you want other trains?
11:55:32  <PublicServer> <Jam35> :) not sure
11:55:42  <PublicServer> <Jam35> just deciding
11:55:48  <PublicServer> <LoPo> k
11:55:54  <PublicServer> <Jam35> wanted to use some that were not already used
11:56:16  <PublicServer> <Jam35> not sure these need huge capacity
11:57:28  <PublicServer> <Jam35> they look weird
11:57:34  <PublicServer> <Jam35> square pig pax
11:58:08  <PublicServer> <Jam35> way too unrealistic :P
11:58:40  <PublicServer> <LoPo> screw realism ::P
11:58:56  <PublicServer> <LoPo> we have slug trains for god sake... :P
11:59:46  <PublicServer> <Jam35> yeah they are the wrong (unrealistic) colour
12:01:44  <PublicServer> <Jam35> sorry :)
12:01:54  <PublicServer> <LoPo> oh ;p
12:03:34  *** dwarf has quit IRC
12:04:54  <PublicServer> <LoPo> damn
12:05:00  <PublicServer> <LoPo> the city os growing :)
12:05:02  <PublicServer> <LoPo> is*
12:05:14  <PublicServer> <Jam35> :)
12:08:03  <PublicServer> <Jam35> I want to do something @ rainbow lake & neighbours
12:08:33  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ?
12:08:39  <PublicServer> <Jam35> new station
12:08:47  <PublicServer> <Jam35> with some water tf :p
12:08:57  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ah
12:09:03  <PublicServer> <LoPo> yeah i see it
12:09:13  <PublicServer> <Anson> hallo
12:09:16  <PublicServer> <LoPo> we could use wet-raidls as well
12:09:22  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hi Anson
12:09:24  <PublicServer> <Jam35> nice idea
12:09:24  <PublicServer> <Jam35> hi
12:09:30  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> hey
12:10:18  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :P
12:10:52  <PublicServer> <Anson> when a small wave comes, LAK is at max capacity, and there are 4k pax waiting ... should it be changed from terminus to roro ? ... i have some idea, but LoPo does the nicer rebuilds as i could see last night :-)
12:11:47  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :O
12:11:53  <PublicServer> <LoPo> what happend
12:12:23  <PublicServer> <Jam35> temp land for rails
12:12:46  <PublicServer> <Anson> i started by replacing a bridge of the feeder ... didn't see the train waiting in the station behind it
12:13:00  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hmmm
12:13:22  <PublicServer> <LoPo> you may be able to squeze a ro-ro main staitin in there
12:13:28  <PublicServer> <LoPo> as of !here
12:13:47  <PublicServer> <LoPo> you could move the ML way north
12:13:55  <PublicServer> <LoPo> like this
12:14:10  <PublicServer> <LoPo> see the bought lands?
12:14:20  <PublicServer> <LoPo> Anson?
12:14:38  <PublicServer> <Anson> t hought about building an exit across the half island obn the backside
12:14:41  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ah yes
12:14:47  <PublicServer> <LoPo> also a good idea
12:17:27  <PublicServer> <LoPo> uhmm
12:17:29  <PublicServer> <LoPo> oky
12:20:00  <PublicServer> <LoPo> Anson: you must double the bridges
12:20:56  <PublicServer> <Anson> the tracks also need to be balanced a bit ... currently there is a connection missing and thus one side gets more traffic
12:21:10  <PublicServer> <LoPo> well
12:21:20  <PublicServer> <LoPo> that has to be done at the junction before
12:21:50  <PublicServer> <Anson> the unnamed hub at "+no path" !?
12:21:52  <PublicServer> <LoPo> lets reroute the ML as well
12:21:58  <PublicServer> <LoPo> yes
12:28:03  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :P
12:28:29  <PublicServer> <LoPo> k the rest; ill leave it to you Anson :)
12:29:31  <PublicServer> <Anson> what else is there to do ? :-)
12:29:53  <PublicServer> <LoPo> at "tmp"
12:31:12  <PublicServer> <Anson> ah, yes ... and the single blue line too
12:31:28  <PublicServer> <Anson> at "!here too"
12:34:27  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> cool wetrails @ Rainbow Lake
12:34:53  <PublicServer> <Jam35> ty working on it
12:35:20  <PublicServer> <LoPo> wow wtf :P
12:35:56  <PublicServer> <LoPo> but you nee d a main station also
12:36:00  <PublicServer> <Jam35> :) please continue
12:36:10  <PublicServer> <Jam35> @Ullabah
12:36:48  <PublicServer> <Jam35> or whoever started there :)
12:36:55  <PublicServer> <LoPo> i did
12:37:26  <PublicServer> <Jam35> oh
12:37:40  <PublicServer> <Jam35> make the turn earlier?
12:37:50  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ?
12:38:01  <PublicServer> <Jam35> nm
12:38:11  <PublicServer> <LoPo> this is nicer
12:41:34  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hmm
12:43:28  <PublicServer> <LoPo> good bye Ullabah :P
12:59:22  <PublicServer> <LoPo> oh
12:59:26  <PublicServer> <LoPo> that is fake water!
12:59:40  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :P
13:04:34  <PublicServer> <Anson> LoPo: if you have a little time: finished doubling the entrance to LAK with double track and double bridge, and did the split to DRA ... could you pleae check ?
13:04:50  <PublicServer> <LoPo> sure
13:05:20  <PublicServer> <LoPo> looks good
13:05:32  <PublicServer> <LoPo> only the signaling is not done yet
13:07:58  <PublicServer> <Jam35> noooo
13:08:12  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> lol
13:08:19  <PublicServer> <LoPo> what happend?
13:08:23  <PublicServer> <Jam35> flood
13:08:37  <PublicServer> <LoPo> lol
13:08:59  <PublicServer> <Anson> 5500 pax waiting in LAK ... since it is roro now, a few more trains should be able to go there :-)
13:09:41  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :)
13:09:52  <PublicServer> <Jam35> but I lost my station :(
13:10:02  <PublicServer> <LoPo> exciting :P
13:10:44  <PublicServer> <LoPo> tt
13:10:54  <PublicServer> <LoPo> maybe like that?
13:10:58  <PublicServer> <Jam35> ok
13:11:24  <PublicServer> <LoPo> lol?
13:11:36  <PublicServer> <LoPo> dude :P
13:11:44  <PublicServer> <LoPo> what are you doing?
13:11:54  <PublicServer> <LoPo> w8
13:11:56  <PublicServer> <Jam35> i didn't  :)
13:12:06  <PublicServer> <Jam35> it already flooded
13:12:12  <PublicServer> <LoPo> who did that?
13:12:39  <PublicServer> <Jam35> was trying to save
13:12:57  <PublicServer> <LoPo> thee
13:12:59  <PublicServer> <LoPo> there
13:17:37  <PublicServer> <LoPo> thats better
13:17:59  <PublicServer> <LoPo> now you can build more s-bahn
13:18:05  <PublicServer> <LoPo> and grow the city
13:18:39  <PublicServer> <LoPo> at the west merg you dont need double bridge
13:19:02  <PublicServer> <LoPo> it a split for choice
13:19:56  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ah
13:19:58  <PublicServer> <LoPo> w8
13:20:13  <PublicServer> <LoPo> there is no choice now
13:26:48  *** valhallasw has quit IRC
13:28:53  <PublicServer> <Jam35> phatmatt: you need  that transmitter island @ fox :)
13:29:07  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> ?
13:29:54  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> you mean to spread to it?
13:30:05  <PublicServer> <Jam35> yeah
13:30:15  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> i guess
13:30:41  <PublicServer> <Jam35> not essential just think it would look nice
13:30:44  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> m
13:30:50  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> *mmn
13:31:04  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> pizza first
13:31:10  <PublicServer> <Jam35> :D
13:31:12  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> pizza at 1am
13:31:18  <PublicServer> <Jam35> nice
13:34:46  <V453000> !password
13:34:46  <PublicServer> V453000: confer
13:34:58  <PublicServer> <V453000> hiii
13:34:58  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
13:35:02  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ey
13:35:04  <PublicServer> <Jam35> lo
13:35:06  <PublicServer> <phatmatt> hi2u
13:35:16  <PublicServer> <V453000> I made a research and from it came a discovery
13:35:20  <PublicServer> <V453000> people should not drink alcohol
13:45:08  <Sylf> !dl win64
13:45:08  <PublicServer> Sylf:
13:46:24  <Sylf> !password
13:46:24  <PublicServer> Sylf: median
13:46:34  <PublicServer> *** Sylf joined the game
13:47:59  <PublicServer> *** Sylf has joined company #1
13:48:07  <PublicServer> <Sylf> g'morning
13:48:29  <PublicServer> <Jam35> hiya
13:48:55  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hi
13:49:05  <PublicServer> <V453000> welcome to rainbowland :)
13:53:42  <PublicServer> <Anson> is this pure pax, or do we have mail too ?
13:54:00  <PublicServer> <V453000> I believe there are enogh problems with transporting pax already :)
13:55:27  <PublicServer> <Anson> true, I'll build a new storage for mail :-)
13:55:37  <PublicServer> <V453000> no mail
13:55:59  <PublicServer> <V453000> plan doesnt say mail, so no
13:56:45  <PublicServer> <Anson> yes, it was a joke : 50k mail are piling up at some station ... and the storage house was meant to hold mail while it is not transported
13:57:31  <PublicServer> <Jam35> can't you exchange blimps for boats and lose the mail altogether?
13:57:46  <PublicServer> <Anson> at LAK
13:57:53  <PublicServer> <Jam35> everywhere
13:58:04  <PublicServer> <V453000> just ignore the mail
13:58:15  <PublicServer> <Jam35> but i know it's there
13:59:58  <PublicServer> <V453000> :)
14:03:25  *** valhallasw has joined #openttdcoop
14:13:02  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :) jam
14:13:08  <PublicServer> <LoPo> oh
14:13:10  <PublicServer> <LoPo> nvm
14:33:00  <PublicServer> *** LoPo has joined spectators
15:10:18  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has joined spectators
15:15:27  <PublicServer> *** LoPo has joined company #1
15:16:36  <LoPo>
15:16:36  <Webster> Title: Mr. Trololo original upload, Length: 2m 42s, Views: 17040059, Likes: 114405
15:16:44  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :D
15:17:43  <PublicServer> <Anson> not available in your country ...
15:18:01  <PublicServer> <LoPo> lol, where ar you from then?
15:18:11  <PublicServer> <LoPo> antartica?
15:19:15  <PublicServer> <LoPo> to bad; its the BEST song ever made...
15:19:33  <PublicServer> <Anson> germany
15:20:15  <PublicServer> <Anson> i think that GEMA (the company for rights management) is more strict here
15:22:04  <PublicServer> <LoPo> germany doesnt allow Mr. Trolololo?
15:22:11  <PublicServer> <LoPo> thats sad
15:22:21  <PublicServer> <LoPo> its just a funny song
15:24:19  *** roboboy has joined #openttdcoop
15:30:28  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (leaving)
15:48:43  <Anson> i looled again... your link doesn't play here... but thete are lots of others. are they the same song?
15:48:48  <Anson>
15:48:48  <Webster> Title: Trololo Live 1984, Length: 2m 33s, Views: 1651683, Likes: 11310
15:54:01  *** roboboy has quit IRC
16:08:30  *** Gregor-PLNL has joined #openttdcoop
16:13:20  *** solo has joined #openttdcoop
16:13:21  *** Gregor-PLNL1 has joined #openttdcoop
16:14:04  <V453000> solo: @@quickstart
16:14:05  <Webster> Quickstart - #openttdcoop Wiki -
16:16:57  *** RTM has joined #openttdcoop
16:17:13  <RTM> welocme server pw
16:17:44  <RTM> V453000
16:17:53  <Sylf> ???
16:18:01  *** Gregor-PLNL has quit IRC
16:18:20  <Jam35_> !password
16:18:20  <PublicServer> Jam35_: turban
16:18:23  <RTM> Sylf hi
16:18:44  <V453000> RTM: read @@quickstart
16:18:45  <Webster> Quickstart - #openttdcoop Wiki -
16:18:50  <RTM> James thats the pw
16:19:17  <Sylf> unless you read the quickstart, you'll get nowhere
16:20:00  <solo> cant get the required version it redirects me to 25740 instead of 25734
16:20:20  <V453000> same, quickstart
16:20:30  <solo> guess i missed it
16:21:01  <V453000> I think there even is a section "getting in game"
16:21:31  <solo> sure there is
16:21:45  <solo> but i cant find the correct version :)
16:22:22  <solo> !download
16:22:22  <PublicServer> solo: !download autostart|autottd|lin|lin64|osx|ottdau|source|win32|win64|win9x
16:22:22  <PublicServer> solo:
16:22:33  <PublicServer> <Anson> links for all servrs and their versions :
16:23:16  <Sylf> that game stat page doesn't help anyone much
16:23:39  <Sylf> especially the first timers who really need to read the quickstart anyway
16:24:17  <solo> !password
16:24:17  <PublicServer> solo: garter
16:24:32  <PublicServer> *** solo joined the game
16:24:36  <RTM> !password
16:24:36  <PublicServer> RTM: garter
16:24:44  <PublicServer> <Anson> it was not meant as a replacement for quickstart, but an additional source where to find all the currently used versions
16:26:22  <PublicServer> *** RTM joined the game
16:26:56  <PublicServer> *** RTM has left the game (general timeout)
16:26:56  <PublicServer> *** RTM has left the game (connection lost)
16:29:01  <PublicServer> *** RTM joined the game
16:30:15  <V453000> which totally isnt visible in irc Anson
16:31:38  <PublicServer> <Anson> everybody has a different setup ... I use irc on my phone, and a !dl link in irc doesn't help me to get any version downloaded
16:32:14  <PublicServer> <Sylf> you should know that your set up is very unusual
16:32:39  *** RTM has quit IRC
16:32:54  <PublicServer> *** RTM has left the game (general timeout)
16:32:54  <PublicServer> *** RTM has left the game (connection lost)
16:33:55  <PublicServer> *** RTM joined the game
16:34:56  <PublicServer> *** RTM has left the game (general timeout)
16:34:56  <PublicServer> *** RTM has left the game (connection lost)
16:37:54  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hi
16:38:57  *** bug_sniper has joined #openttdcoop
16:39:40  <PublicServer> *** solo has left the game (leaving)
16:40:29  *** solo has quit IRC
16:41:02  *** RTM has joined #openttdcoop
16:41:12  <RTM> Ipassoard
16:41:23  <RTM> !passoard
16:42:22  <RTM> pw on welcome server OPENTTD TTD r25734
16:43:08  <PublicServer> <Sylf> it would help if you can type :)
16:44:44  <RTM> !passoards
16:44:47  <RTM> !passoard
16:44:55  <RTM> type what
16:45:19  <RTM> garter
16:45:25  <RTM> is the passoard
16:45:38  <RTM> and now it dosent work
16:45:45  <Sylf> !password
16:45:45  <PublicServer> Sylf: guises
16:45:51  <Sylf> password changes all the time
16:46:03  <V453000> which you probably read in the quickstart :)
16:46:09  <Sylf> so it helps if you can type "!password! correctly
16:46:19  <RTM> tank you
16:46:30  <RTM> !password!
16:46:30  <PublicServer> <LoPo> lol
16:46:32  <RTM> !password
16:46:32  <PublicServer> RTM: guises
16:46:48  <PublicServer> * Sylf is tanked
16:47:00  <PublicServer> <Sylf> that's a cue for me to take a lunch break
16:47:02  <PublicServer> <V453000> you havent seen how tanked I was yesterday
16:47:02  <PublicServer> *** Sylf has left the game (leaving)
16:47:06  <PublicServer> *** RTM joined the game
16:47:34  <PublicServer> *** RTM has joined company #1
16:54:52  <PublicServer> <Anson> at !still needs choice, which choice does it need ? whether to merge to the left or right track ?
17:04:28  <PublicServer> <Anson> i don't see that, since the track to DRA is a single line anyway, and the two rails merge to that single rail anyway, just 3 tiles later than the "!sill needs choice" merges to it
17:09:20  <PublicServer> <RTM> ok
17:09:26  <PublicServer> <RTM> let me help
17:11:15  <Sylf> by the way, please don't use the team chat and use the public chat, so those of us who are not in the game can still read the chat via irc
17:14:24  <PublicServer> <RTM> i am looking at t
17:14:26  <PublicServer> <RTM> it
17:14:49  <PublicServer> <Anson> please help ... first by telling me which choice is meant
17:14:59  <PublicServer> <RTM> ok
17:15:09  <PublicServer> <RTM> tell me
17:15:35  <PublicServer> <Anson> choice to merge two incoming lines with two others, so that they can switch tracks ?
17:16:05  <PublicServer> <Anson> instead of the current "merge right+right to right" and "left+left to left" ?
17:16:19  <PublicServer> <RTM> better some me
17:16:30  <PublicServer> <RTM> be sigh please
17:17:22  <PublicServer> <Anson> sorry, i don't understand that
17:17:41  <PublicServer> <RTM> try to put the sign
17:17:51  <PublicServer> <RTM> to where
17:18:02  <PublicServer> <RTM> and then the out
17:18:48  <PublicServer> <Anson> which choice is meant at the sign that someone put up "!still needs choice" ?
17:19:06  <PublicServer> <RTM> that i am looking at it
17:19:32  <PublicServer> <RTM> near the Gerrighe
17:19:46  <PublicServer> <RTM> \
17:19:48  <PublicServer> <RTM> sry
17:19:54  <PublicServer> <RTM> Gerrigle
17:20:08  <PublicServer> <Anson> ok, we are speaking about the same sign ... but what is meant by it ? which choice ?
17:20:56  <PublicServer> <RTM> now i dont see a problem now
17:22:24  <PublicServer> <Anson> after i had added the connection, someone put up the sign ...
17:22:54  <PublicServer> <RTM> maybe he tried to put some trains
17:23:08  <PublicServer> <RTM> or at a station
17:23:58  <PublicServer> <Anson> maybe a merger (to enable trains to go from any of the 4 incoming rals to any of the 2 outgoing rails) was meant at the sign "new merge /LoPo" ?
17:24:13  <PublicServer> <RTM> yep
17:24:25  <PublicServer> <RTM> i think so to
17:24:48  <PublicServer> <Anson> hehe, then it was a bad location for the sign :-)
17:25:54  <PublicServer> <RTM> Anson:  if you need to build somting new
17:26:04  <PublicServer> <RTM> let mehelp you
17:27:14  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
17:35:38  <PublicServer> <RTM> Anson: you ar buildin at !still need choice
17:37:41  <PublicServer> <Anson> yes ... but i am not used to building a lot and thus it takes a while
17:37:51  <PublicServer> <RTM> ok
17:44:09  <PublicServer> <RTM> and the brige
17:44:35  *** Dom_ has joined #openttdcoop
17:46:56  <PublicServer> <Anson> each branch of the choice would have space for 2 waiting trains ... too much ?
17:47:22  <PublicServer> <RTM> now its gona hold
17:47:36  <PublicServer> <RTM> holdit the trains
17:47:43  <PublicServer> <RTM> if ar more to come
17:47:51  <PublicServer> <RTM> in here
17:54:32  <PublicServer> <RTM> Anson:
17:54:38  <PublicServer> <RTM> the temp
17:57:38  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hi
17:57:56  <PublicServer> <LoPo> looks good
17:58:07  <PublicServer> <RTM> hi LoPo
17:58:13  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hi
17:58:27  <PublicServer> <Anson> no, you are undoing what i tried to change ... avoid the low CL
17:58:45  <PublicServer> <LoPo> oh
17:58:47  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ic
17:58:53  <PublicServer> <LoPo> sorry
17:59:03  <PublicServer> <LoPo> but
17:59:05  <PublicServer> <Anson> and still keep the waiting space :-)
17:59:07  <PublicServer> <LoPo> cl2 is fine
17:59:17  <PublicServer> <LoPo> just needs prios now
18:00:11  <PublicServer> <LoPo> now you have cl 1
18:00:43  <PublicServer> <LoPo> and another cl2
18:01:45  <PublicServer> <LoPo> so?
18:03:21  <PublicServer> <LoPo> i know what you mean
18:03:36  <PublicServer> <LoPo> but if you want w8ing bays for 2 trains
18:03:47  <PublicServer> <LoPo> then you must move the bridges or the ML exits
18:04:10  <PublicServer> <Anson> that's why it took so long :-)
18:05:08  <PublicServer> <LoPo> doesnt matter...
18:05:28  <PublicServer> <LoPo> but now its still 0.5 to short
18:05:50  <PublicServer> <Anson> most traffic is on one line, and then on the two others conbined ... that's why i intended to merge those two first, and then the other
18:06:12  <PublicServer> <LoPo> there
18:07:18  <PublicServer> <LoPo> cls?
18:07:56  <PublicServer> <Anson> looks fine ... where did the CL1 vanish to ? :-)
18:08:10  <PublicServer> <LoPo> under the bridge
18:09:12  <PublicServer> <Anson> did you put up the sign "stii choice needed" ? was this merger meant by it ?
18:09:22  <PublicServer> <LoPo> yes
18:09:28  <PublicServer> <LoPo> this is good
18:09:48  <PublicServer> <LoPo> now both east lines have a choice
18:09:50  <PublicServer> <RTM> very good
18:10:04  <PublicServer> <RTM> thank you LoPo
18:10:08  <PublicServer> <Anson> it was so far in front that i first thiught it applied to the split towards DRA ...
18:10:18  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :P
18:10:21  <PublicServer> <LoPo> silly man
18:10:27  <PublicServer> <LoPo> that is just a split
18:10:33  <PublicServer> <LoPo> to 1 line
18:10:47  <PublicServer> <Anson> yes, but it splits only to the rightz rail and not the left
18:11:05  <PublicServer> <Anson> although the rest of the line to DRA is single line anyway
18:11:09  <PublicServer> <LoPo> it does now right?
18:12:15  <PublicServer> <Anson> you see the sign "merge to right only" ? i thought that was meant by choice ... to also be able to join to the left
18:12:37  <PublicServer> <LoPo> what left track? ;P
18:12:43  <PublicServer> <Anson> and thus asked myself why ... since bioth sides merged 3 tiles later anyway
18:12:45  <PublicServer> <LoPo> i realy dont see waht you mean
18:13:21  <PublicServer> <LoPo> it has only 1 exiting rail
18:13:28  <PublicServer> <LoPo> so that was pointless anyway
18:13:46  <PublicServer> <Anson> yes ... that was what confused me ... why put a choice there when a few tiles later it does "all -> 1" :-)
18:14:14  <PublicServer> <LoPo> yeah
18:14:16  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :P
18:15:55  <PublicServer> <RTM> ok byb byb i am going to the stable welome
18:16:01  <PublicServer> *** RTM has left the game (leaving)
18:16:03  <PublicServer> <LoPo> k
18:16:05  <PublicServer> <LoPo> bye
18:16:36  <PublicServer> <Anson> is the prio too long now ? the two rainbow trains are waiting forever now ...
18:16:58  <PublicServer> <LoPo> no they arent :P
18:17:00  <PublicServer> <LoPo> see
18:17:00  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :D
18:18:15  <PublicServer> <Anson> of course, if it really gets crowded, at least the third train would use the choice and the two rainbow trains could have waited longer .-)
18:18:34  <PublicServer> <Anson> that's what a choice is for, isn't it ? :-)
18:18:54  <PublicServer> <LoPo> therefore the w8ingbays might be a bit to long
18:19:12  <PublicServer> <LoPo> its faster to have only 1 train bays
18:19:24  <PublicServer> <LoPo> but this is just fine i guess
18:20:06  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hehe
18:20:17  <PublicServer> <Anson> but the space was a bit too tight to pit the splitters of the choice behind the bridges too ... and it would have required double bridges plus split plus choice plus merge ...
18:20:21  <PublicServer> <LoPo> houses are almost 4 tiles away from the road
18:20:53  <PublicServer> <LoPo> yeah prehaps
18:21:51  <PublicServer> <Anson> that's what i had tried first ... entire choice behind bridge and failed ... then saw that it would require double bridged too ... built 4 bridges and got the idea to use them for the choice
18:22:51  <Dom_> !password
18:22:51  <PublicServer> Dom_: cheery
18:22:53  <PublicServer> <Anson> too bad that a choice has to have at least one tunnel or bridge for the crossover, and thus makes it longer
18:22:55  <PublicServer> <LoPo> that is so weird
18:23:02  <PublicServer> <LoPo> stupid slug
18:23:06  <PublicServer> <LoPo> the pink on
18:23:08  <PublicServer> <LoPo> one
18:23:13  <PublicServer> *** Dom joined the game
18:23:17  <PublicServer> <Dom> hello
18:25:15  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hi Dom
18:25:33  <PublicServer> <Dom> hi
18:26:07  <PublicServer> <Anson> hehe, and now rebuild that merge+choice for 3+2 -> 2+1 :-) LOL
18:26:17  <V453000> :( dont call slugs stupid
18:26:31  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :O
18:26:35  <PublicServer> <LoPo> sorry! :P
18:26:38  <V453000> :(
18:26:42  <V453000> .. :)
18:27:00  <PublicServer> <Anson> (when the 2->2 merge at Illanang Country is removed to build all the track triple
18:27:24  <PublicServer> <LoPo> what?
18:27:38  <PublicServer> <LoPo> oh
18:27:44  <PublicServer> <LoPo> sure
18:27:50  <PublicServer> <LoPo> knock you head out
18:28:08  <PublicServer> <LoPo> but... :P
18:28:14  <PublicServer> <Anson> near Illanang, the triple ML turns into a double only ... when that is extended to triple all the way, we can rebuild what we just finished, to 3+2 -> 2+1 :-)
18:28:24  <PublicServer> <LoPo> my suggestion; start at the merger at Gerrigle ;)
18:28:42  <PublicServer> <LoPo> yeshhhh
18:28:45  <PublicServer> <LoPo> go ahead
18:32:00  <PublicServer> <LoPo> k time for me to go
18:32:06  <PublicServer> <LoPo> if you have questions
18:32:17  <PublicServer> <LoPo> go bother V ;p
18:32:27  <PublicServer> <Dom> :D
18:32:29  <PublicServer> *** LoPo has joined spectators
18:54:45  <PublicServer> <Jam35> hi ... back
18:54:55  <PublicServer> <Jam35> (fell asleep :)
19:22:31  *** r1kkie has joined #openttdcoop
19:23:02  <r1kkie> V453000: Here?
19:25:10  <V453000> asking if I am here is not very useful
19:25:22  <r1kkie> Ha :P
19:25:49  <r1kkie> I need your help
19:26:47  <V453000> telling me that isnt very useful either
19:27:13  <V453000> what I mean is, stop asking random questions and ask about the stuff you Actually want to ask about :)
19:28:06  <r1kkie> Trieing to load a saved game posted on the website, and it says Im missing grf, when I shose "Find missing grf" this is shown: "ottdc_grfpack/1_other/separator"
19:28:07  <Webster> Read the Quickstart - #openttdcoop Wiki - (again, try !grf)
19:28:24  <r1kkie> What the hell does that mean
19:28:53  <V453000> and you have the grfpack, right
19:28:56  <r1kkie> haha chill man, Im not speedy gonazles with the keyboard
19:29:31  <r1kkie> Is there a grfpack? :S
19:30:11  <V453000> !grf
19:30:11  <PublicServer> V453000:
19:30:22  <r1kkie> I have only downloaded grfs through the game before. :/
19:30:31  <V453000> get taht and you will be fine with all of our savegames
19:30:33  <V453000> that*
19:30:53  <r1kkie> I fell so stupied right now. :D
19:31:13  <PublicServer> <Anson> if you downloaded the grfpack, it might be a matter of where the grfpack was installed ... whether below your documents (where it can be accessed from any version) or whether in a specific version's directorytree
19:31:14  <Webster> Read the Quickstart - #openttdcoop Wiki - (again, try !grf)
19:31:29  <r1kkie> Anson: havent installed it. :P
19:31:35  <r1kkie> Didnt know it existed. Haha
19:32:19  *** Dom_ has quit IRC
19:32:36  <V453000> with it, you can also join any of our servers without problems :P
19:32:47  <PublicServer> *** Dom has left the game (general timeout)
19:32:47  <PublicServer> *** Dom has left the game (connection lost)
19:32:53  <V453000> rest of newGRFs is always from the download content
19:33:37  <PublicServer> <Anson> why does train 318 not switch from right to left rail ?
19:35:23  <r1kkie> So, in what folder do I put the grf pack? :(
19:35:35  <PublicServer> <Jam35> it does?
19:35:51  <V453000> I think documents/openttd/newgrf
19:35:53  <V453000> or something like that
19:36:16  <r1kkie> Aight
19:37:11  <PublicServer> <Anson> nore general: why does a train on the right bridge (at sign "waiting") not switch rail to the left and enter the second waiting space there, if there is ONE train eachwaiting in the left and right waiting bays of the choice ???
19:38:59  <PublicServer> <Anson> like now
19:39:21  <PublicServer> <Anson> now even the left doesn't move !?
19:39:41  <PublicServer> <Anson> now it moved by itself ...
19:41:03  <PublicServer> <Jam35> must be missing connection somewhere
19:41:17  <PublicServer> <Jam35> track that side to KSW
19:41:20  <PublicServer> <Anson> some strange effect ...
19:41:42  <PublicServer> <Anson> the train on the right rail wait forever, and the trains on the left rail wait between 0 and 30 seconds
19:43:40  <PublicServer> <Anson> did you see that ? as soon as the train on the first waiting bay on the left side left, the train from the right bridge went where it was supposed to go a long time ago
19:44:38  <PublicServer> <Anson> again ... a train came, stopped, and 10 seconds later continued
19:44:58  *** Maraxus has joined #openttdcoop
19:46:20  <PublicServer> <Anson> there is settings for wait times at PBS signals and for reevaluation of pathes behind pbs signals ... maybe that is not disabled ?
19:46:45  *** Dom_ has joined #openttdcoop
19:46:50  <PublicServer> <Jam35> idk
19:49:23  *** Dom_ has quit IRC
19:50:16  *** ODM has quit IRC
19:51:54  <PublicServer> <Anson> is there an op who could check the status of wait_for_pbs_path and path_backoff_interval ?
19:59:54  <PublicServer> <Jam35> type set and thee thing you want to look up in the console
20:00:32  <PublicServer> <Anson> i just saved the game and checked those values offline, and they were 30 and 20 ... that might explain a long wait time until a train switches the planned path, and thus looks stuck
20:00:34  <PublicServer> <Jam35> current values are 30 & 20 respectively
20:00:56  <PublicServer> <Jam35> look back on irc
20:03:14  <PublicServer> <Anson> thanks .. i didn't know that anybody can check them in multiplayer
20:03:37  <PublicServer> <Jam35> you can check just cannot change
20:04:24  <PublicServer> <Anson> the values are 30 and 20, but should be 255 and 1 ... at least that is what the !setdef does which is executed on every new map
20:05:11  *** dwarf has joined #openttdcoop
20:05:11  *** Webster sets mode: +o dwarf
20:06:51  <PublicServer> <Jam35> looks like Lopo has a deadlock @ KSW
20:08:02  <PublicServer> <Anson> can you please check the settings on the public server ? the variables for wait_for_pbs_path and path_backoff_interval seem to be 30 and 20, instead of the usual values 255 and 1 which are set by !setdef
20:09:38  <scshunt> !setdef
20:09:38  <PublicServer> scshunt: you must be channel op to use !setdef
20:09:40  <scshunt> oh right
20:09:49  <scshunt> V453000: ^
20:11:14  *** Mks has joined #openttdcoop
20:14:55  *** Dom_ has joined #openttdcoop
20:16:06  <Sylf> !rcon set wait_for_pbs_path
20:16:06  <PublicServer> Sylf: Current value for 'wait_for_pbs_path' is: '30' (min: 2, max: 255)
20:16:28  <Sylf> !rcon set wait_for_pbs_path 255
20:18:06  <Sylf> !password
20:18:06  <PublicServer> Sylf: cupful
20:18:18  *** Mks_ has quit IRC
20:18:25  <PublicServer> <Anson> thanks for one ... what about path_backoff_interval ?
20:18:25  <PublicServer> *** Sylf joined the game
20:19:11  *** Dom_ has quit IRC
20:22:44  *** gnemonix has joined #openttdcoop
20:22:44  <PublicServer> <Jam35> gtgbb
20:22:47  <PublicServer> *** Jam35 has left the game (leaving)
20:23:01  *** Jam35_ has quit IRC
20:23:12  <PublicServer> *** LoPo has left the game (connection lost)
20:31:42  *** Dom_ has joined #openttdcoop
20:32:09  <PublicServer> *** gnemonix joined the game
20:32:13  <PublicServer> <Sylf> hi
20:32:17  <PublicServer> <Anson> Sylf: thanks, but there seem to be more values ... maybe !setdef was not done after the map was reloaded last time ?
20:32:43  <PublicServer> <Sylf> there's no need to re-setdef
20:32:49  <Sylf> !setdef
20:32:49  <PublicServer> *** Sylf has disabled wait_for_pbs_path, wait_twoway_signal, wait_oneway_signal, ai_in_multiplayer; enabled no_servicing_if_no_breakdowns, extra_dynamite, mod_road_rebuild, forbid_90_deg, rail_firstred_twoway_eol and set path_backoff_interval to 1, train_acceleration_model to 1
20:33:42  <PublicServer> <Anson> most of these variables had different values before your last command :-) .-(
20:34:10  <Sylf> @archive
20:34:10  <Webster> | |
20:34:18  *** Gregor-PLNL1 has quit IRC
20:35:24  <Sylf> setdef was never done on this map to start with
20:36:42  <PublicServer> <Anson> eg all wait_for_xxx had some value <255, ai_in_multiplayer was on, and even rail_firstred_twoway_eol was off ... strange that nobody else noticed ...
20:38:53  <PublicServer> <Sylf> next time, call !admin
20:40:11  <PublicServer> <Anson> as soon as i guessed that !setdef was missing, i has done !admin
20:40:44  <Sylf> ?
20:43:07  <PublicServer> <Anson> but even now, with changed values, trains unexpectedly are waiting ... someone fixed that by replacing PBS with presigs, but i want to know why pbs failed
20:43:21  *** RTM has quit IRC
20:43:26  <PublicServer> <Sylf> because pbs is that stupid?
20:43:36  <PublicServer> <Anson> sylf, could you please have a look at the train on the right bridge near sign "waiting" ?
20:44:32  <PublicServer> <Anson> now even both trains ...
20:44:34  <PublicServer> <Sylf> yeah, that's typical pbs
20:44:52  <PublicServer> <Anson> they don't advance to the left rail when there is one train each in both waiting bays
20:45:03  <PublicServer> <Sylf> that's very typical pbs
20:45:06  *** Maraxus has quit IRC
20:45:31  <PublicServer> <Sylf> that's why you need to have twoway eol option turned on,
20:45:45  <PublicServer> <Sylf> and use twoway block signals after PBS based choice
20:46:23  <PublicServer> <Sylf> watch now
20:46:43  <PublicServer> <Sylf> do NOT put the signal there
20:47:27  <PublicServer> <Sylf> no need to be that obvious
20:48:01  <PublicServer> <Sylf> no need even for the yellow highlights
20:49:16  <PublicServer> <Anson> perfect now ...
20:49:48  <PublicServer> <Anson> always bad when there are two problems at the same place (the values and my missing 2way)
20:50:14  <PublicServer> <Sylf> use of pbs in hubs always need some care
20:50:46  <PublicServer> <Sylf> the better take-away is the fact that presignals are better
20:50:58  <PublicServer> <Anson> i didn't know the rule to use 2way behind pBS ... but now i see why it is needed
20:51:40  <PublicServer> <Anson> in this case, i wanted to allow trains from the right bridge to go to the right side at the same time that trains from left bridge went to the left choice
20:52:02  <PublicServer> <Anson> with presigs, one of them would stop
20:52:04  <PublicServer> <Sylf> that doesn't change the overall throughput at all
20:53:30  <PublicServer> <Anson> ok, bridges filled ... let's go
20:53:48  <PublicServer> <Sylf> ....
20:54:02  <PublicServer> <Sylf> see, the throughput doesn't change
20:54:45  <PublicServer> <Anson> i saw that a few trains could have passed that spot in parallel, and now one of them waited until the other had cleared the block
20:54:59  <PublicServer> <Sylf> stop caring about those rare cases
20:55:57  <PublicServer> <Anson> in this case (oneline exit of a station) it doesn't matter, but on many other occasions ...
20:56:35  <PublicServer> <Sylf> you can control presignal based logics much better than pbs based
20:56:50  <PublicServer> <Sylf> presignals have always been the prefered choice around here
20:56:51  *** r1kkie has quit IRC
20:57:24  <PublicServer> <Anson> even on this server, i saw temporary mergers 3->2, or splits 2->3 that were done with pbs ... would have halved throughput when done with presigs
20:57:46  *** r1kkie has joined #openttdcoop
20:57:47  <PublicServer> *** Sylf has left the game (leaving)
20:57:48  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
21:34:05  <V453000> !content
21:34:05  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content] Connection established
21:34:05  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content] Downloading 0 file(s) (0 bytes)
21:34:05  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content] Nothing to download
21:34:08  <V453000> !content
21:34:10  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content Update] Expect timeout triggered!
21:34:12  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content] All 0 downloaded
21:34:12  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content] (you need to rescan(ai|game|newgrf) to have the new content loaded)
21:34:13  <Webster> Read the Quickstart - #openttdcoop Wiki - (again, try !grf)
21:34:15  <V453000> !content
21:34:17  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content Update] Expect timeout triggered!
21:34:17  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content] Downloading 0 file(s) (0 bytes)
21:34:17  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content] Nothing to download
21:34:19  <V453000> !content
21:34:21  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content Update] Expect timeout triggered!
21:34:23  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content] All 0 downloaded
21:34:23  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content] (you need to rescan(ai|game|newgrf) to have the new content loaded)
21:34:24  <Webster> Read the Quickstart - #openttdcoop Wiki - (again, try !grf)
21:34:25  <V453000> !content
21:34:27  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content Update] Expect timeout triggered!
21:34:27  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content] Downloading 1 file(s) (4155076 bytes)
21:34:31  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content] Completed download of 2861
21:34:31  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content] All 1 downloaded
21:34:32  <PublicServer> V453000: [Content] (you need to rescan(ai|game|newgrf) to have the new content loaded)
21:34:33  <Webster> Read the Quickstart - #openttdcoop Wiki - (again, try !grf)
21:34:38  <V453000> !password
21:34:38  <PublicServer> V453000: bagels
21:34:50  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
21:34:50  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
21:35:24  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
21:36:44  <V453000> !getsave
21:36:46  <PublicServer> V453000: OK :-)
21:36:47  <V453000> !restart
21:36:47  <PublicServer> V453000: Restart scheduled, will be initiated in next minute!
21:37:01  <PublicServer> Scheduled quit for automated maintenance... will be back shortely
21:37:01  <PublicServer> Thank you for playing r25734.
21:37:05  <PublicServer> Server has exited
21:37:05  *** PublicServer has quit IRC
21:37:46  *** PublicServer has joined #openttdcoop
21:37:46  <PublicServer> Autopilot engaged
21:37:46  <PublicServer> Loading savegame: '{#openttdcoop} - The Public Server ('
21:37:46  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v PublicServer
21:37:46  *** Webster changes topic to "Cooperative OpenTTD | PSG265 (r25734) | STAGE: Building | New players, use @quickstart and !help |"
21:39:37  <Anson> !password
21:39:37  <PublicServer> Anson: linger
21:39:50  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
21:39:53  <PublicServer> *** Anson joined the game
21:44:58  <V453000> !rcon cd 3
21:45:00  <V453000> !rcon load 2
21:45:04  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
21:45:25  <V453000> !changepw
21:45:25  <PublicServer> V453000: Password changed to prance
21:45:26  <V453000> !auto
21:45:26  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has enabled autopause mode.
21:45:27  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
21:45:42  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
21:45:42  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
21:46:40  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
21:46:42  <PublicServer> *** Anson joined the game
21:47:42  <PublicServer> <Anson> what kind of animal is train 7 ?
21:49:12  <PublicServer> *** Anson has joined company #1
21:49:12  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
21:49:26  <PublicServer> <Anson> train 183 driving backwards ???#
21:49:56  <PublicServer> <V453000> its a slug with a hat :)
21:50:02  <PublicServer> <V453000> and yes some of them drive backwards :>
21:50:24  <PublicServer> <Anson> 451 with some new text
21:51:11  <PublicServer> <Anson> hat = fashion ? .-)
21:51:45  <PublicServer> <V453000> obviously :)
21:53:09  <PublicServer> <Anson> hehe, a fashion zebra rainbow :-)
21:54:35  <PublicServer> <V453000> I wonder why only dark blues are reverse
21:54:46  <PublicServer> <V453000> seemingly
21:54:51  <r1kkie> g2g enjoy!
21:55:13  *** r1kkie is now known as r1kkie^af
21:55:15  <PublicServer> <Anson> i have seen that too and thought all blue would driver reverse, but i saw the same color driving forward too
21:55:16  *** r1kkie^af is now known as r1kkie^afk
21:56:34  <LoPo> !password
21:56:34  <PublicServer> LoPo: apiece
21:56:41  <PublicServer> <V453000> the colour random, custom head random, and reverse random should be independent
21:57:39  <PublicServer> <Anson> "rainbow" is just another color (concerning the RNG)
21:57:53  <PublicServer> <Anson> and what about the zebras ?
21:57:59  <PublicServer> <V453000> they arent exactly colours, but colour schemes which then link to colours
21:58:10  <PublicServer> *** LoPo joined the game
21:58:13  <PublicServer> <V453000> hello
21:58:19  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hi
21:58:37  <PublicServer> <Anson> i already have seen white and black zebra slugs :-)
21:59:01  <PublicServer> <Anson> * white rainbow zebra and black rainbow zebra :-)
21:59:39  <PublicServer> <V453000> yes those are one of the schemes
22:00:34  <PublicServer> <Anson> but i didn't find any other zebras yet, besides white/rainbow, black/rainbow, and black/green
22:00:52  <PublicServer> <Anson> and black/blue
22:01:08  *** uliko has quit IRC
22:01:18  <PublicServer> <V453000> there is about 5 solid zebras
22:01:20  <PublicServer> <V453000> and 2 rainbow kinds
22:01:30  <PublicServer> <LoPo> lol
22:01:40  <PublicServer> <LoPo> 549 is going backwards :S
22:01:42  <PublicServer> <V453000> :)
22:01:49  <PublicServer> <Anson> i found no black&white zebra yet
22:01:51  <PublicServer> <LoPo> that is so epic ;p
22:01:54  <PublicServer> <V453000> :)
22:04:01  <PublicServer> <V453000> I seriously dont see why only dkblue ones reverse
22:04:19  <PublicServer> <V453000> but the randomization code is so insane that it isnt surprising not to see it quickly :D
22:05:51  <PublicServer> <Anson> and it's intended that there are only green and blue zebras, but no other colors ?
22:06:14  <PublicServer> <V453000> no that is weird too
22:06:36  <PublicServer> <V453000> there should be all the colours in the rainbow ones
22:06:42  <PublicServer> <V453000> aka blue gren yellow red purple
22:07:38  <PublicServer> <V453000> some things are apparently still fucked up :)
22:07:44  <PublicServer> <Anson> what about the windshields ? are they always the same color, or are they company color ? (besides the black heads with white screen)
22:07:57  <PublicServer> <V453000> 2nd cc
22:08:08  <PublicServer> <V453000> also it isnt windshield but the thing slugs have on their heads
22:08:28  <PublicServer> <V453000> black ones cannot have 2nd company colour
22:08:43  <PublicServer> <Anson> oh well ... for me it is the windshield of slug TRAINS :-)
22:08:51  <PublicServer> <V453000> pff
22:09:49  <PublicServer> <Anson> i don't want people to be eaten by monster slugs ... thus i see them as slug trains and not real slugs :-)
22:10:11  <PublicServer> <V453000> I do
22:10:17  <PublicServer> <V453000> slugs are the future
22:11:37  <PublicServer> <Anson> which color on rainbow slugs ? i just saw one with blue head and yellow tail ...
22:13:15  <PublicServer> <V453000> yes only that
22:14:57  <PublicServer> <Anson> and the zebra rainbow slugs all have red tails ?
22:15:07  <PublicServer> <V453000> with this TL, yes
22:18:01  <PublicServer> <V453000> I wonder if there is a maximum number of random values for each item
22:18:07  <PublicServer> <V453000> aka that would explain it all
22:18:25  <PublicServer> <V453000> because there isnt literally any link between the reversion and colours/heads
22:19:27  <PublicServer> <Anson> do you derive the properties from a single random number ?
22:21:01  <PublicServer> <V453000> no it is a series of switches dependent between some of them
22:22:27  <PublicServer> <V453000> will try to ask some people tomorrow
22:22:37  <PublicServer> <V453000> I have a suspicion my code already worked before so I think it is operational
22:23:59  <PublicServer> <Anson> we'll have to test these slugs soon with cargo besides pax :-)
22:24:13  <PublicServer> <V453000> mhm :)
22:24:53  <PublicServer> <Anson> btw: who created and loaded this map ?
22:24:59  <PublicServer> <V453000> Mark did
22:25:29  <PublicServer> <Anson> on loading it first, nobody did !setdef
22:26:04  <PublicServer> <Anson> Sylf did it only a few hours ago ...
22:26:30  <V453000> mhm :(
22:26:31  <V453000> :)
22:27:11  <PublicServer> <Anson> strange that nobdy noticed it earlier (eg the wait at pbs/1way/2way, or the pbs_backoff, etc)
22:27:57  <PublicServer> <V453000> well meh :)
22:27:59  <PublicServer> <V453000> anyway gtg
22:28:01  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
22:29:58  <PublicServer> <Anson> LoPo, you said that i first should add the third rail around the exit of LAK (near Gerrigle) ... i think that is done now :-)
22:30:32  <PublicServer> <Anson> it is not a full merge, but right to right and middle, and left to left and middle
22:30:42  <PublicServer> <LoPo> sec
22:31:52  <PublicServer> <LoPo> oky
22:32:02  <PublicServer> <LoPo> you were saying?
22:32:36  <PublicServer> <LoPo> but at !here you see there is a missing exit
22:33:02  <PublicServer> <Anson> when we were done with the junction, i said half jokingly, that we now could immediately start rebuilding it again for a third rail :-)
22:33:13  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ah oky :)
22:33:19  <PublicServer> <LoPo> well
22:33:33  <PublicServer> <Anson> and you said that i should first rebuild the exit of LAH for 3 rails ... that should be done now :-)
22:33:33  <PublicServer> <LoPo> lets see
22:33:45  <PublicServer> <LoPo> yes exit is fine
22:34:23  <PublicServer> <Anson> there is one shrp turn, but trains can still accelerate behind it, and the prio for that rail is quite long
22:42:48  <PublicServer> <LoPo> should work
22:43:20  <PublicServer> <LoPo> its a3+2->2
22:43:30  <PublicServer> <Anson> looks good ... missing left to right doesn't matter ?
22:43:55  *** r1kkie^afk has quit IRC
22:44:00  <PublicServer> <LoPo> left to right?
22:44:14  <PublicServer> <Anson> left of triple track to right of leaving track
22:44:28  <PublicServer> <LoPo> its the prio track?
22:44:32  <PublicServer> <LoPo> like the right one
22:44:42  <PublicServer> <LoPo> which isnt going to left as well
22:45:52  <PublicServer> <LoPo> 1a & 1c are prioritised
22:46:19  <PublicServer> <LoPo> 1b, 2a & 2b are split into 2
22:46:29  <PublicServer> <Anson> where is the connection in1a to out1b ?
22:46:43  <PublicServer> <LoPo> there isnt?
22:46:53  <PublicServer> <LoPo> same like 1c to 1b
22:47:11  <PublicServer> <Anson> i only see one split in in1a, going to out2 and to out1b
22:47:21  <PublicServer> <Anson> sorry, double name
22:47:32  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ywa
22:47:34  <PublicServer> <LoPo> yes
22:47:41  <PublicServer> <LoPo> but 1a is the prio track
22:47:43  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ?
22:47:58  <PublicServer> <LoPo> its not an all to all merger
22:48:09  <PublicServer> <Anson> corrected : in1a toout2 and out1a exists, to out1b is missing
22:48:29  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ...
22:48:35  <PublicServer> <LoPo> read my text? :P
22:48:37  <PublicServer> <Anson> hehe, that is the only missing connection for an all-to-all :-)
22:48:43  <PublicServer> <LoPo> no
22:49:02  <PublicServer> <LoPo> can you point me the connection in1c to out1a?
22:50:08  <PublicServer> <Anson> oh ... true ... it was only a merger for all in2 to all out1 and out2
22:52:11  *** nicfer1 has joined #openttdcoop
22:53:36  *** nicfer has quit IRC
22:54:16  <PublicServer> <Anson> if it is no all-to-all, it looks perfect ... in2 to all, in1a to all except out1b, in1c to all except out1a, and in1b to all
22:54:40  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :)
22:54:54  <PublicServer> <LoPo> if you get the idea its good enough :)
22:55:17  <PublicServer> <LoPo> next time you will building it :P
22:56:03  <PublicServer> <Anson> for some connections, the waiting bays were shortened a bit (from 2 to 1 train), but the long waiting bays were a bit looong anyway :-)
22:58:25  <PublicServer> <LoPo> you still have a CL1 here
22:59:40  <PublicServer> <Anson> yes ... one CL1 ... but i saw trains accelerating fast enough after it (if not stopped by prio), the prio is extra long, and low traffic on the station exit on that rail
23:00:14  <PublicServer> <LoPo> ah oky
23:00:23  *** gnemonix has quit IRC
23:00:33  <PublicServer> <LoPo> but still
23:00:35  <PublicServer> <LoPo> :P
23:00:42  <PublicServer> <Anson> what i like less is the X crossing behind the bridges
23:03:09  <PublicServer> <LoPo> hmmm
23:04:32  <PublicServer> <Anson> moving one choice now causes the second choice to need a second rail at the same place, thus increasing the width of the entire layout without making any tile available for a wider curve
23:06:54  <PublicServer> <Anson> still CL1 ... you would need to move the left rail of the ML even more
23:06:56  *** Maraxus has joined #openttdcoop
23:07:09  <PublicServer> <LoPo> were?
23:07:27  <PublicServer> <LoPo> no
23:07:29  <PublicServer> <LoPo> were is the CL1?
23:08:23  <PublicServer> <LoPo> 3x0.4
23:08:25  <PublicServer> <LoPo> 0.5
23:08:51  <PublicServer> <LoPo> they use the same track now
23:08:58  <PublicServer> <LoPo> trafic is low anyway
23:09:12  <PublicServer> <LoPo> and its limmited choice
23:13:41  *** valhallasw has quit IRC
23:14:30  *** pugi has quit IRC
23:15:15  *** bug_sniper_ has joined #openttdcoop
23:16:10  <PublicServer> <Anson> it works ... but i didn't dare to put such a 3->2 block in the middle of the choice ... already didn't feel well to have the other X directly behinmd the bridges
23:18:36  <PublicServer> <LoPo> well, signaling is key
23:19:03  <PublicServer> <LoPo> making the w8ingbays shorter the exits is faster
23:19:26  <PublicServer> <LoPo> the middel one is still to long
23:20:29  *** bug_sniper has quit IRC
23:22:36  <PublicServer> <LoPo> no
23:22:47  *** Maraxus has quit IRC
23:23:00  <PublicServer> <LoPo> i want them to see the entry signals
23:23:16  <PublicServer> <LoPo> for fast choice
23:24:24  <PublicServer> <Anson> and if they have to wait, they use the second waiting bay (on the bridge) !?
23:24:45  *** bug_sniper_ has quit IRC
23:24:46  <PublicServer> <LoPo> uhmm
23:25:04  <PublicServer> <LoPo> w8 look
23:25:38  <PublicServer> <LoPo> see
23:26:00  <PublicServer> <LoPo> they take the free exit now
23:26:30  <PublicServer> <LoPo> now
23:26:33  <PublicServer> <LoPo> lets w8
23:26:48  <PublicServer> <LoPo> see
23:26:54  <PublicServer> <LoPo> stupid train
23:26:56  <scshunt> I don't have enough things to procrastinate
23:27:00  <scshunt> !dl lin64
23:27:00  <PublicServer> scshunt:
23:27:06  <PublicServer> <Anson> i saw that it didn't go to the green, but to the red
23:27:12  <PublicServer> <LoPo> goes to red now
23:27:34  <PublicServer> <LoPo> so thats why you should not put the signals there
23:27:37  <PublicServer> <Anson> the negative value of the backward signal is too large
23:27:43  <PublicServer> <LoPo> also yes
23:28:05  <PublicServer> <LoPo> that is for the 3rd bridge
23:28:12  <scshunt> !!password
23:28:13  <scshunt> !password
23:28:13  <PublicServer> scshunt: tasked
23:28:31  <PublicServer> <Anson> let's see now
23:28:45  <PublicServer> *** scshunt joined the game
23:28:46  <PublicServer> <LoPo> without the penalty
23:28:56  <PublicServer> <LoPo> or?
23:29:03  <PublicServer> <LoPo> like this?
23:29:17  <PublicServer> <Anson> and now with penalty, but without other signals
23:29:27  <PublicServer> <LoPo> oky
23:29:34  <PublicServer> <LoPo> will go to green now
23:30:08  <PublicServer> <scshunt> oh jeez what is this mess
23:30:22  <PublicServer> <Anson> ok
23:30:32  <PublicServer> <LoPo> mess?
23:30:34  <PublicServer> <LoPo> where?
23:31:09  <PublicServer> <Anson> when a train leaves the waiting bay, it now takes longer for the next to go there, but the first train will do better choices and stop less often
23:31:23  <PublicServer> <LoPo> yes
23:31:42  <PublicServer> <LoPo> i agree that this works less well with longer trains
23:32:00  <PublicServer> <scshunt> ugh, PS is still laggy? :(
23:32:04  <PublicServer> <LoPo> but hey, we learned something :P
23:32:18  <PublicServer> <Anson> it depends on how much traffic is there, and whether trains might stop often
23:32:20  <PublicServer> <LoPo> scshunt: sometimes
23:33:06  <PublicServer> <Anson> siometimes ... i already had countdowns between 5 and 8 seconds of inactivity ... maybe 10 times today
23:34:00  <PublicServer> <scshunt> I don't understand the network near MHD at all
23:34:50  <PublicServer> <LoPo> at Monhead?
23:35:12  <PublicServer> <scshunt> there, that's better
23:35:18  <PublicServer> <LoPo> lol
23:35:50  <PublicServer> <scshunt> actually, hmm
23:35:52  <PublicServer> <Anson> should that "fast choice" also be done for in2a and in2b ? ... probably not since the distance is too long and probably the signals will change before the train reaches the signal/prio after having decided !?
23:41:29  <PublicServer> <scshunt> oops, that was a waste
23:41:35  <PublicServer> <scshunt> oh well
23:41:41  <PublicServer> <LoPo> uhmm
23:44:43  <PublicServer> <scshunt> oh jeez, what have I done
23:47:43  <PublicServer> <scshunt> I must say, I approve of slugs with hat
23:47:45  <PublicServer> <scshunt> *hats
23:48:27  <PublicServer> <Anson> where is the stick and when do they start dancing ? .-)
23:48:54  <PublicServer> <scshunt> excellent question
23:49:16  *** Dom_ has quit IRC
23:51:12  <PublicServer> <LoPo> scshunt: that modification you did on the ML caused a jam @ !here
23:51:43  <PublicServer> <scshunt> yeah, I'm doubling that whold stretch
23:51:46  <PublicServer> <scshunt> *whole
23:51:53  <PublicServer> <scshunt> just starting at the other end
23:51:55  *** bug_sniper has joined #openttdcoop
23:54:46  <PublicServer> <Anson> the merge at !here gets an additional delay (stop&go) because of !gap
23:55:10  <PublicServer> <scshunt> huh?
23:55:16  <PublicServer> <scshunt> what's wrong with !gap?
23:55:26  <PublicServer> <Anson> very distant, but the merge behind that double bridges "ripples" all the way back to !here
23:55:33  <PublicServer> <scshunt> the merge is smooth
23:55:37  <PublicServer> <scshunt> I don't see any trains slowing
23:55:52  <PublicServer> <Anson> NOW, there is a signal ... before, there wasn't
23:55:55  <PublicServer> <scshunt> oh, ok
23:55:57  <PublicServer> <scshunt> sorry bout that
23:56:15  <PublicServer> <scshunt> definitely not an intentional part of the design
23:56:26  <PublicServer> <Anson> the first signal behind the double bridge-merge was missing
23:57:52  <PublicServer> <Anson> even though it may not always be needed, i always add signals directly in front of and behind any junctions (splits and merges), such locations as !g
23:58:02  <PublicServer> <scshunt> I do too
23:58:36  <PublicServer> <scshunt> ugh, this is terribad
23:58:36  <PublicServer> <scshunt> oh wait

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