Log for #openttdcoop on 19th October 2013:
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02:05:09  <Fehlersturm> !password
02:05:09  <PublicServer> Fehlersturm: napalm
02:05:37  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
02:05:39  <PublicServer> *** Fehlersturm joined the game
02:27:41  <Fehlersturm> !password
02:27:41  <PublicServer> Fehlersturm: crispy
02:28:17  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
02:28:17  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
02:28:20  <PublicServer> *** dupers. i hate them joined the game
02:42:55  <PublicServer> *** Fehlersturm has left the game (general timeout)
02:42:56  <PublicServer> *** Fehlersturm has left the game (connection lost)
02:42:57  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
02:42:58  <PublicServer> *** dupers. i hate them has left the game (general timeout)
02:42:58  <PublicServer> *** dupers. i hate them has left the game (connection lost)
02:44:03  *** Fehlerstu_m has joined #openttdcoop
02:44:07  <Fehlerstu_m> !password
02:44:07  <PublicServer> Fehlerstu_m: rotors
02:44:21  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
02:44:23  <PublicServer> *** Fehlersturm joined the game
02:44:32  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
02:44:32  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
02:44:33  <PublicServer> *** dupers. i hate them joined the game
02:50:03  *** Fehlersturm has quit IRC
03:13:24  <PublicServer> *** dupers. i hate them has left the game (leaving)
03:13:24  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
03:20:22  <PublicServer> *** Fehlersturm has left the game (leaving)
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06:53:01  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Maraxus
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06:54:04  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
06:54:05  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus joined the game
06:54:49  <Sturmi> !password
06:54:49  <PublicServer> Sturmi: stocky
06:55:18  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
06:55:19  <PublicServer> *** Sturmi joined the game
06:56:11  <PublicServer> *** Sturmi has joined company #1
06:56:23  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus has joined company #1
06:56:24  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
06:56:29  <PublicServer> <Sturmi> hi
06:56:32  <PublicServer> <Maraxus> hi
07:30:23  <PublicServer> *** Sturmi has left the game (leaving)
07:30:23  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
07:30:39  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus has left the game (leaving)
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09:19:53  <V453000> !password
09:19:53  <PublicServer> V453000: disown
09:20:09  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
09:20:11  <PublicServer> <V453000> moo
09:20:12  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
09:23:03  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
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10:23:34  *** Webster sets mode: +o evildwarf
10:39:04  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
10:39:04  <PublicServer> *** Chris Booth joined the game
10:42:40  <PublicServer> *** Chris Booth has left the game (leaving)
10:45:16  *** Maraxus has joined #openttdcoop
10:45:16  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Maraxus
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11:11:02  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
11:11:05  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus joined the game
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12:39:27  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus has left the game (leaving)
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13:15:07  <Mark> !password
13:15:07  <PublicServer> Mark: purges
13:15:17  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
13:15:20  <PublicServer> *** Mark joined the game
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14:21:25  <Fehlerstu_m> !password
14:21:25  <PublicServer> Fehlerstu_m: boldly
14:21:39  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
14:21:39  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
14:21:41  <PublicServer> *** Fehlersturm joined the game
14:21:45  <PublicServer> <Fehlersturm> hello
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14:22:51  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
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14:36:43  <PublicServer> <Fehlersturm> why are !these allowed? CL < 3 obv.
14:44:15  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus joined the game
14:47:47  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus has joined company #1
14:53:15  <PublicServer> *** Maraxus has left the game (leaving)
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15:04:35  <PublicServer> *** Fehlersturm has left the game (leaving)
15:04:35  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
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15:21:50  <Jam35> !password
15:21:51  <PublicServer> Jam35: merger
15:22:05  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
15:22:07  <PublicServer> *** Jam35 joined the game
15:25:52  <PublicServer> *** Jam35 has joined company #1
15:25:52  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
15:29:26  *** Fehlerstu_m has quit IRC
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15:34:47  <PublicServer> *** Jam35 has joined spectators
15:34:48  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (number of players)
16:05:08  <PublicServer> *** Jam35 has left the game (leaving)
16:35:52  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (general timeout)
16:35:53  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
16:43:01  *** Mark has quit IRC
17:27:13  <Anson> !password
17:27:14  <PublicServer> Anson: letups
17:27:36  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
17:27:36  <PublicServer> *** Anson joined the game
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19:23:32  <PublicServer> <Anson> who messed up the truck transports ? ... on coal and on ore, one truck has correct orders, the other only has a pickup order and implicit drop, but can turn around at the depot without ever unloading ... and the orders are not shared either
19:25:32  <PublicServer> *** Anson has joined company #1
20:14:30  <dr-dinosaur> Hello
20:14:50  <dr-dinosaur> What's new in the world of TTD
20:14:55  <dr-dinosaur> other than a terrible iOS game
20:15:12  <V453000> lol XD
20:15:15  <V453000> hi
20:15:20  <dr-dinosaur> I bought that game
20:15:23  <dr-dinosaur> hiya V
20:16:04  <V453000> it looks dead obvious to me that it would be no match for openttd :P
20:16:25  <dr-dinosaur> I tried to make a ML based system in it.
20:16:30  <dr-dinosaur> Trains just went down the wrong routes
20:17:29  <PublicServer> <Anson> hallo
20:18:19  <PublicServer> <Anson> i have android and no apples ... thus i have OTTD on my phone now, and it works ... at least if i can get around the need to use a keyboard :-)
20:18:54  <dr-dinosaur> I thought it would be magical... cultivating a transport garden in my pocket.
20:19:22  <dr-dinosaur> It was more like drawing with a pencil the size of a lavalamp on a piece of paper the size of a postage stamp.
20:19:47  <V453000> XD
20:21:10  <PublicServer> <Anson> my only problem with it is that OTTD relies heavyly on using the keyboard (most of all CTRL) and that dragging and ctrl-clicking is (almost?) impossible
20:21:46  <V453000> I dont get why would you install openttd on phone
20:22:02  <PublicServer> <Anson> because i can ? .-)
20:22:06  <Taede> curiosity
20:22:21  <dr-dinosaur> So I can play it on my lunch break
20:22:46  <dr-dinosaur> I need to set a good example for my users, no .exe files on my work computer :)
20:22:46  <V453000> :D
20:22:52  <PublicServer> <Anson> hehe, it would also be nice to have it while using a tram, bus, etc ... when i am traveling for an hour ...
20:22:53  <V453000> XD LOL
20:23:18  <dr-dinosaur> imagine, if you worked for the train company
20:23:25  <dr-dinosaur> and were on the way to a meeting, on a train
20:23:33  <dr-dinosaur> about how to expand the train network
20:23:46  <dr-dinosaur>
20:23:46  <Webster> Title: Alanis Morissette - Ironic (Video), Length: 4m 6s, Views: 3425239, Likes: 15311
20:24:32  <V453000> wtf music ._.
20:24:37  <PublicServer> <Anson> on my phone, i have the same version that runs on the welcome server :-)
20:26:06  <dr-dinosaur> I'm gonna drink tonight!
20:26:33  <V453000> now that is what I call a constructive idea
20:27:02  <dr-dinosaur> And draw pictures of dinosaurs, and play my guitar
20:27:03  <PublicServer> <Anson> btw : i just fixed the trucks ... but couldn't test it since the game is still paused
20:27:08  <dr-dinosaur> and possibly hop on the welcome server
20:28:43  <PublicServer> <Anson> someone had set up a short truck service on the PS, but didn't share orders and had trucks running with only a pickup order ... that could be fixed while paused, but not yet tested
20:31:10  *** dr-dinosaur2 has joined #openttdcoop
20:33:11  <PublicServer> <Anson> hehe, did we already start drinking, or are you online twice now ? :-)
20:34:02  <dr-dinosaur2> i dunno
20:34:11  <dr-dinosaur2> my dad has being doing work, he might have unplugged my box
20:34:24  <dr-dinosaur2> he did that last night while I was watching Qi
20:34:56  <PublicServer> <Anson> look at your username in IRC ... now and 3 minutes ago
20:35:06  <dr-dinosaur2> I know... hic :)
20:35:28  <Jam35> my bro sent me this link:
20:35:29  <Webster> Title: Pocket Trains for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store (at
20:35:35  <Jam35> not tries it though
20:35:38  <Jam35> *tried
20:35:41  <PublicServer> <Anson> i don't think that is caused by your father last night
20:36:02  <dr-dinosaur2> :)
20:36:12  <dr-dinosaur2> pocket trains is by the same guys who made tiny tower
20:36:16  <dr-dinosaur2> it is a skinner box game
20:36:26  <dr-dinosaur2> which means to play it best, you have to dress up as a rat and eat cheese
20:36:28  <dr-dinosaur2> I think that's right.
20:37:19  <Jam35> ? :D
20:38:06  <dr-dinosaur2> I get to be a mascot next weekend :)
20:38:19  *** dr-dinosaur has quit IRC
20:41:17  <dr-dinosaur2> Nah, in all honesty a skinner box model, is one that rewards repetitive behavour by positive reinforcement, useally in lieu of real gameplay.
20:41:23  <dr-dinosaur2> I.E the complete opposite of TTD
20:41:46  <hylje> transformice is literally a skinner box game
20:42:34  <dr-dinosaur2> hmmm, i had an idea where you are literally a mouse in a box, or apartment
20:42:44  <dr-dinosaur2> and you push buttons to get furniture and gadgets etc.
20:42:58  <dr-dinosaur2> but as you get more stuff, your mouse gets unhappier
20:43:14  <dr-dinosaur2> ... like unhappier inside
20:43:19  <hylje> that's transformice
20:43:35  <hylje> no amount of cheese can fulfill this emptiness
20:46:26  <dr-dinosaur2> like life really
20:46:43  <dr-dinosaur2> theres only so much stuff you can buy that will make you happy
21:12:01  <dr-dinosaur2> HAPPY
21:12:09  <happy> hi
21:12:14  <dr-dinosaur2> Hiya :)
21:12:24  <dr-dinosaur2> I didn't realise that there was someone called Happy :)
21:12:27  <dr-dinosaur2> I'm just happy :D
21:12:49  <dr-dinosaur2> I might pop onto the welcome server in a bit
21:12:57  <happy> ok
21:13:31  <happy> will  my  player  name  is  happy tran sport
21:13:45  <dr-dinosaur2> I know :), you also don't like Toyland
21:14:13  <happy> i dont  mind   it
21:14:34  <happy> the  map  that  we  got  now  is  nice
21:25:15  *** favio has joined #openttdcoop
21:25:30  <favio> !password
21:25:30  <PublicServer> favio: letups
21:25:53  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
21:25:53  <PublicServer> *** favio joined the game
21:28:03  <PublicServer> *** Game still paused (number of players)
21:28:03  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
21:28:05  <PublicServer> *** mfb joined the game
21:28:07  <PublicServer> <mfb> hi
21:28:09  *** mfb- has joined #openttdcoop
21:28:09  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o mfb-
21:28:17  <PublicServer> <Anson> hallo
21:28:40  <PublicServer> <Anson> finally ... now i can watch whether the fix for the trucks works
21:30:30  <PublicServer> <mfb> wtf truck orders
21:31:02  <PublicServer> <mfb> where is the point in the depot=
21:31:04  <PublicServer> <Anson> the short distance transport was nice, but the orders were crap
21:31:36  <PublicServer> <Anson> one had only a pickup order and thus went back and forth between pickup and depot
21:31:40  <PublicServer> <mfb> I miss that the orders were not shared
21:31:46  <PublicServer> *** favio has left the game (leaving)
21:31:50  <PublicServer> <mfb> yeah, but now they have proper orders
21:32:06  <PublicServer> <mfb> I hade to rebuild the drop as the drop collected iron ore (or coal? don't remember)
21:32:21  <PublicServer> <mfb> no need to visit the depot now
21:32:33  <PublicServer> <Anson> yes ... see signs "problems fixed /anson" and "(but untested while paused)"
21:33:08  <PublicServer> <mfb> lol uphill merge
21:33:10  <PublicServer> <Anson> i often add a maintain order ... vehicles will never go to the depot, except for autoreplacing
21:33:33  *** favio has quit IRC
21:34:07  <PublicServer> <mfb> so much broken stuff :(
21:43:00  *** Ristovski has quit IRC
21:49:05  <PublicServer> <Anson> are you building something, mfb ? is there some sub-task that you want to assign to me ?
21:49:21  <PublicServer> <mfb> mainlines to grain/steel drop?
21:49:23  <dr-dinosaur2> maybe you need like a todo board
21:49:28  <PublicServer> <mfb> starting from bbh03
21:49:28  <dr-dinosaur2> like trello
21:50:00  <PublicServer> <mfb> todo board is the outline
21:50:06  <PublicServer> <mfb> see map -> company owners
21:51:18  <dr-dinosaur2> what do  you do for a living mfb
21:51:34  <PublicServer> <mfb> discovering new stuff
21:51:50  <dr-dinosaur2> like archelogy but for the future
21:51:52  <PublicServer> <Anson> what is on the mountain ? an old plan ?
21:51:58  <PublicServer> <mfb> like particle physics
21:52:08  <PublicServer> <mfb> on which mountain?
21:52:11  <PublicServer> <mfb> ah that. right
21:52:25  <dr-dinosaur2> Like Sheldon cooper from the big bang theory
21:52:41  <PublicServer> <mfb> that's not really an accurate image :p
21:53:48  <dr-dinosaur2> are you more like Leonard?
21:54:02  <PublicServer> <mfb> the whole series is not an accurate image
21:55:21  *** skaby has quit IRC
22:06:16  <PublicServer> <Anson> what's our CL ? 2.5 ? 3 ?
22:06:26  <PublicServer> <mfb> 3 (=2.5)
22:07:01  <PublicServer> <mfb> 2.5 if you want to be precise
22:07:09  <PublicServer> <mfb> 3 in usual coop slang
22:23:47  <PublicServer> <mfb> okay, everything else follows from building rules
22:27:01  <PublicServer> <mfb> looks done
22:27:35  <PublicServer> <mfb> nice way to climb that hill
22:27:41  <PublicServer> <Anson> when everything is done, you need to adjust the shortcut ... i think the red rail can be removed completely ...
22:27:56  <PublicServer> <mfb> just removed it
22:28:42  <PublicServer> <Anson> i like building with the landscape ... even when that takes quite some time ...
22:29:05  <PublicServer> <Anson> no double slopes upwards
22:29:08  <PublicServer> <mfb> I have to walk the station by one tile, farm is too close :(
22:29:32  <PublicServer> <mfb> well...
22:29:39  <PublicServer> <mfb> done
22:29:40  *** Jam35 has quit IRC
22:31:05  *** skaby has joined #openttdcoop
22:31:57  <PublicServer> <Anson> i don't understand what you mean by "walk station because of farm" ?
22:32:11  <PublicServer> <mfb> I could not found the factory closer to goods pickup A
22:32:17  <PublicServer> <mfb> as it would have been too close to the farm
22:32:31  <PublicServer> <Anson> ah
22:32:33  <PublicServer> <mfb> so I had to add !this
22:33:11  <PublicServer> <Anson> shall i add another truck service for the farm ? (like the coal and ore trucks)
22:33:33  <PublicServer> <mfb> okay
22:34:04  <PublicServer> <mfb> train 30 is the first to head for the new steel drop
22:35:31  <PublicServer> <Anson> may i deliver livestock to the grain drop ? :-)
22:35:45  <PublicServer> <mfb> hmm
22:35:55  <PublicServer> <Anson> else we would have to start a new pickup line for the farm
22:35:57  <PublicServer> <mfb> well, do it, we can build a train station there later if we like
22:36:16  <PublicServer> <mfb> pf-trap is not strong enough
22:38:21  <PublicServer> <mfb> let's test train 34
22:38:32  <PublicServer> <mfb> yeah
22:40:58  <PublicServer> <mfb> all main stations done
22:41:02  <PublicServer> <mfb> steel BBH is crap
22:41:09  <PublicServer> <mfb> anyway, time for primary industries
22:41:39  <PublicServer> <mfb> did RTM show up?
22:44:01  <PublicServer> <Anson> you were the first to login in 3? 4? 5? hours
22:47:39  <PublicServer> <mfb> just 2 SLHs hmm
22:53:37  <PublicServer> <Anson> with the long distance between BBH and drop, should the ML be used as a SL at the same time ? or do we need to build another rail parallel to it  and merge it somewhere (near the BBH) ?
22:53:59  <PublicServer> <mfb> you can build a SLH at that ML
22:54:34  <PublicServer> <Anson> next to Wundingbury ... !?
22:54:45  <PublicServer> <mfb> why not :)
22:55:19  <PublicServer> <mfb> goods drop B&C can get a very easy SLH as well - just one side needed
22:55:31  <PublicServer> <mfb> wundingbury will need both sides
23:05:13  <PublicServer> <Anson> you just built SLH03 ? where is it ? behind BBH05 ? maybe it could/should be named SLH05 then ? :-)
23:05:31  <PublicServer> <Anson> my SLH would ideally be named SLH03, next to BBH03
23:08:10  <mfb-> they are named in order of construction :p
23:08:34  <PublicServer> <mfb> and your SLH is far away from completion
23:10:33  <PublicServer> <Anson> SL can have CL 1.5 ?
23:10:47  <PublicServer> <mfb> if it works
23:13:03  *** valhallasw has quit IRC
23:27:31  <PublicServer> <mfb> :D
23:28:13  <PublicServer> <mfb> your SLH does not have a connection to the factory
23:42:00  <PublicServer> <Anson> what a crap ... two iron mines in range of one station, and then one has only 40, and the other 18 :-(
23:42:42  <PublicServer> <Anson> which factory ?
23:44:16  <PublicServer> <Anson> to the grain drop ?
23:50:59  *** roboboy has joined #openttdcoop

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