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15:59:05  <Bluefabrik> yo V453...
15:59:08  <Bluefabrik> are you here?
16:00:12  <Bluefabrik> well, i wanted to say that i enjoyed reading your article on depots... I have already screwed up on the current map, because i didn't make my primary stations as terminus
16:00:20  <Bluefabrik> but i will fix that soon enough...
16:00:22  <Bluefabrik> (:
16:00:23  <Bluefabrik> see ya
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19:43:58  <ellobo> hi
19:45:50  <ellobo> I've got a question concerning cargodist...I have a huge amount of goods to be transported from a plant to a certain city, however the city's station is completely overloaded, so I want to build another station just for the goods. how do I pull that off?
19:46:32  <ellobo> I guess if I just build a new station, none of the goods want to be transported to that new station because they have to be brought to the overloaded station that's right inside  the city
19:48:17  <Jam35> It's ugly but you could 'walk' the station to somewhere more convenient
19:48:46  <Jam35> will they use separate lines? goods/pax (or whatever)
19:49:14  <ellobo> yes, goods have their own trains
19:49:14  <Jam35> other than that, dynamite is your friend :)
19:49:34  <Jam35> separate tracks or same network?
19:49:38  <ellobo> pax, post, valuables in other lines
19:49:41  <ellobo> same network
19:49:46  <Jam35> not combined?
19:49:54  <ellobo> that's why they're congesting everything
19:49:58  <Jam35> so ctrl click build station
19:50:10  <Jam35> and select the overloaded station
19:50:12  <ellobo> goods in one line, pax and post in another, valuables in yet another line
19:51:05  <ellobo> hmm but I need to build the other station pretty far away
19:51:11  <Jam35> or as I said, blow stuff up to make room
19:51:31  <Jam35> what else is there to know? :)
19:52:00  <ellobo> ok, thanks for your help :-)
19:52:24  <Jam35> if the lines are mixed then you can use waypoints to separate traffic
19:52:36  <ellobo> I hoped there was some way to make the goods want to travel to the new station
19:54:08  <Jam35> tbh cargodist does not have many fans here afaik, can't think of a way without destroying existing station to make it not 'seen' and trying again
19:54:24  <Jam35> if a station does not accept goods then it can;t be chosen?
19:54:37  <Jam35> try to make that work maybe
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