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13:29:29  <eekee> hmm... i think it's impossible to make a SR flip-flop the normal way because not gates are unstable when the input is green
13:30:42  <eekee> by 'the normal way' i mean or
13:33:48  <eekee> what i actually want is two lines merging alternate trains
13:40:52  <Taede> iirc, if you want to flip-flop the inputs, no logic is required
13:41:13  <Taede> if 2 queues of trains are waiting to enter the same block, it will alternate between the 2 automatically
13:41:17  <Taede> i may be wrong
13:42:20  <eekee> ah, that would probably be the simple solution. :) i'd like to do it without using that many trains.
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14:06:48  <StarLite> Whats wrong with the current flipflop solution then?
14:06:48  <StarLite>
14:07:20  <StarLite>
14:07:48  <eekee> StarLite: couldn't find it. search wiki for 'SR flip-flop' -> nothing :)
14:08:03  <StarLite>
14:08:09  <StarLite> That describes it in more detail :)
14:08:13  <eekee> thanks
14:09:11  <StarLite> The biggest problem used to be the speed of the not-gate, but with NUTS you have special logic trains, so thats no longer an issue
14:09:31  <eekee> yeah
14:13:08  <StarLite> If you want an example : Public Server Game 179 uses em
14:13:23  <StarLite> And probably many others as well
14:13:32  <eekee> thanks
14:13:40  <eekee> aha, i didn't know about memory cells
14:26:56  <eekee> why are there no useful links on the logic page?
14:27:38  <eekee> also searching for 'memory' is useless
14:43:41  <eekee> blazes! why am i doing this? it's harder than copy-typing, lol
15:23:51  <eekee> this grf i'm using is evil, too. normal block signals have a white thing on the pole at the same height as the white board on exit signals...
15:24:27  <eekee> pro tip: never load a grf you haven't tried into a game you intend to develop extensively. :/
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16:18:43  <eekee> on the other hand, i love PURR :)
17:09:33  <eekee> this toggle circuit doesn't work.
17:09:33  <eekee> this is my implementation:
17:09:46  <eekee> StarLite --^
17:11:09  <StarLite> let´s see
17:13:02  <StarLite> are you sure your logic trains aren´t driving the wrong way?
17:13:11  <StarLite> that the mistake I tend to make all the time
17:13:33  <StarLite> And them I´m like ¨Wtf, why you not work!?!?!¨
17:13:52  <eekee> haha! i checked the signals carefully; they can't go the wrong way
17:13:58  <StarLite> and after fiddlign for ages i notice my logics are driving CCW while they should be CW or otherwise...
17:14:41  <eekee> i can imagine, but the first gate i looked at was the NOT gate, and i saw there's a pattern to it
17:14:53  <StarLite> your blue logic are reversed
17:15:07  <StarLite> look closely at the original screenshot
17:15:08  <eekee> how so?
17:15:32  <eekee> been doing a lot of that, but ok ^^
17:16:03  <eekee> O.O how did i get that wrong? haha
17:16:36  <eekee> it's both blue & green
17:16:42  <StarLite> your green one asd well
17:16:44  <StarLite> yeah
17:16:53  <StarLite> happens to me a lot as well
17:17:18  <eekee> i was sure that in not gates the signal parallel to the bit in the middle should face the same way, but it's not, it's the opposite :)
17:18:28  <eekee> thanks for that. now.. why are both inputs red? lol
17:18:45  <Sylf> Do I see a PBS near that "3" sign?
17:18:50  <Sylf> That would break all logics
17:20:17  <eekee> isolated it.. testing
17:24:36  <eekee> nope.
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17:26:45  <StarLite> indeed Sylf , that looks a lot like a PBS signal
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17:27:28  <eekee> forgot to reverse the logic engines :)
17:30:45  <eekee> still no. the inputs just go red and that's it
17:35:29  <Sylf>
17:35:42  <Sylf> this works for me, no memory bit needed
17:35:54  <eekee> ty
17:36:13  <Sylf> hm, maybe not... it just broke on me
17:36:39  <Sylf> I should  make the logic engines full 1 tile long
17:37:52  <eekee> haha.. i just rebuilt the memory cells so i could see both sides of the signals, and it started working
17:38:31  <eekee> why aren't the logic engines 100% reliable?
17:38:53  <Sylf> because coop doesn't play with breaktdowns, so it doesn't matter
17:39:10  <eekee> aha
18:09:35  <eekee> btw instead of making the logic engines length 1, how about making it so they can haul more logic engines of the same type?
18:23:26  <eekee> ooh, first slug!
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21:08:47  <eekee> bah, bribery penalties have changed. used to be they'd keep their high opinion of your company
21:13:28  <Sylf> really?  I never remember that
21:16:59  <eekee> was probably a long time ago now
21:43:24  <eekee> uh, in nuts, timewave zero engine is listed as 200 passengers capacity but is actually 180 when you buy it, and no refits change that
21:46:26  <StarLite> eekee, please report that to
21:46:30  <StarLite> and they will fix it :)
21:46:32  <eekee> ty!
21:50:54  <StarLite> btw, how do I change the interface language for the NUTS bugtrack? it´s like half dutch, half english
21:51:05  <StarLite> which is really ugly and annoying
21:51:17  <StarLite> I can´t find any language override anywhere
21:54:15  <StarLite> Hmzz, some quick googling suggests that it will always make a guess which can NOT be overridden by a user unless they are logged in..
21:54:28  <Sylf> probably
21:54:45  <Sylf> but if you're not logged in...  hm...
21:54:51  <StarLite> If I would not speak dutch and logged in from a dutch ip-adress I would probably not be able to create an account
21:55:14  <StarLite> I persoanlly detest automatic language settings that cannot be overridden :s
21:55:44  <StarLite> How hard is it to make a little dropdown on the bottom of the page that lists all available languages and stores that setting in a cookie....
21:56:11  <StarLite> But well, thats just my opinion
21:56:59  <Sylf> maybe it's in the browser's language setting that the site is reading?
21:57:18  <StarLite> Some companies are really good at forcing certain languages, both EA (origin) and microsoft (live services) are also really bad in that regards. I tried to change my interface/store language settings but I couldn´y
21:57:22  <StarLite> Dunno I guess not
21:57:47  <Sylf> yup.  confirmed.
21:57:51  <StarLite> My windows is a UK/Us one, I use only english software and have the UK/US version of chrome
21:58:13  <StarLite> The only dutch setting is the locale for date and number notations
21:58:19  <StarLite> I guess it picks that up
21:58:47  <StarLite> Which it shouldn´t imho, the fact iḿ using dutch date notation does not automatically mean I can actually speak it :P
21:59:03  <StarLite> I mean, I can speak dutch, but I dont want to have my software displayed in it
21:59:18  <StarLite> cus translated software is horrible
21:59:51  <StarLite> sorry for all that :P
22:00:44  <StarLite> afaik redmine is open source, so I guess I´ll learn ruby and send in a push request myself :p
22:01:20  <StarLite> Gives me something to do this christmas :P
22:05:15  <StarLite> Hmzz, I can´t seem to create a new issue in redmines bugtracker
22:05:31  <StarLite> Or maybe the dutch translation is so poor I cant find the option...
22:05:42  <StarLite> ahm found it
22:06:17  <eekee> a shame the days of free web proxies are over
22:13:59  <StarLite> Im not sure a proxy would not simply relay my settings as the website asks my browser what settings it has via javascript (I guess)
22:14:35  <StarLite> Well, I added a change/feature request to Redmine, let´s see how that turns out
22:15:39  <eekee> hmm.. last time i looked firefox's 'request language' setting was separate to its own i18n. that was a few years ago now though
22:25:31  <StarLite> Im not sure what Redmine does, but it displays me a dutch interface when not logged in, and all my other software is set to english.
22:25:41  <StarLite> But maybe ff and chrome do it differently
22:27:12  <StarLite> Aha , I can change the order of languages in advanced settings in chrome
22:27:22  <StarLite> Apparently I could drag en
22:27:23  <StarLite> *em
22:27:56  <StarLite> dragged dutch the the bottom (I do want that in there for spellchecking) and now redmine is displayed in english when not logged in :D
22:28:00  <StarLite> *succes*
22:31:46  <Hazzard> @seen ^Spike^
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22:36:11  <V453000> omfg ay blooogpoostt
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22:41:22  <Hazzard> :D
22:41:41  <V453000> welcome Hazzard >]
22:41:43  <V453000> :)
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