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15:46:33  <V453000> raincomplex: FIRS, a newGRF :)
15:46:48  <raincomplex> ah thanks
15:49:07  <fair_> !password
15:49:07  <coopserver> fair_: collar
15:49:12  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
15:49:18  <coopserver> *** fair has joined
15:49:19  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
15:58:08  <coopserver> *** fair has joined company #1
15:58:28  <coopserver> *** fair has joined spectators
16:06:14  <fair_> hmm someone here ? I have a question regarding loading times. I know that trains which are longer than the station take longer to load/unload .. Is it correct than the time then depends on the number of cars sticking out ? Also how long does it take for a train to load/unload under normal circumstances ? And does the setting to change the loading algorithm still exist ?
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16:41:51  <Jam35> I don't think it matters how many poke out. It's the same slowness afaik
16:42:43  <Jam35> Normal loading is based on the wagon stats
16:43:18  <Jam35> every wagon has it's own loading speed
16:43:32  <fair_> ah, I see
16:44:18  <fair_> thats good to know
16:44:22  <fair_> thanks
16:44:43  <Jam35> k, the settings were still there last time I looked
16:45:01  <Jam35> we use 'improved' I believe
16:45:23  <fair_> I wanted to test something because I had an idea to abort the unload process of a full train .. so that not everything gets unloaded/transfered .. but it turns out thats impossible
16:45:56  <Jam35> yeh only manually
16:46:12  <fair_> you can hack it however
16:46:20  <fair_> since you can abort the load timne of a train
16:46:40  <fair_> I think
16:47:19  <Jam35> not sure either, skip signal maybe
16:48:05  <fair_> skip signal ? .. I was thinkling about something non manual
16:48:54  <Jam35> stay for x amount of days?
16:49:01  <Jam35> with slow unload
16:49:19  <fair_> yeah
16:49:22  <fair_> doesn't work :D
16:49:28  <Jam35> have never tried :)
16:49:33  <fair_> i have just now
16:49:42  <fair_> it fully unloads ..
16:49:44  <fair_> always
16:50:08  <Jam35> mhm, can't see a way then
16:50:19  <fair_> it also always fully loads if cargo is available .. so it doesn't work =(
16:52:35  <fair_> I thought maybe one could have used such a functionality to distribute supplies in FIRS over a certain period of time
16:53:40  <fair_> but it looks like if you want to do that you have to use either small trains or trucks as usual
16:55:19  <V453000> trains always unload as long as the station wants the cargo
16:55:37  <V453000> you could do some wtf contraption where the train unload everything and another train puts e.g. 80% back onto it
16:56:21  <fair_> thats an idea
16:56:50  <fair_> but its also one that doesn't have any benefits over the traditional truck approach, other than the wtf-factor
16:57:43  <Jam35> and the original train reloads, pretty long-winded :)
16:58:02  <fair_> also the smallest possible cargo amout is 1 waggons worth
16:58:09  <fair_> yes
17:00:23  <fair_> but with that idea you could build a station where 1 waggons worth of cargo appears every X days
17:03:37  <fair_> its not good for anything anymore then xD
17:04:02  <Jam35> it's basically the same :) overengineered :P
17:04:03  <fair_> ok .. failed idea with the unloading times xD .. thanks for you help =)
17:04:10  <fair_> yeah ^^
17:04:30  <fair_> and simpler to archieve otherwise
17:05:04  <Jam35> there are some other nice examples in archive of timed stuff
17:05:36  <Jam35> what game? V?
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17:09:56  <Jam35> #245 has a crazy refit method
17:10:29  <Jam35> I don't really remember/know much before that point
17:11:09  <fair_> 245 looks really interesting, I'll have to take a look
17:11:39  <V453000> 245 is the partial refit :)
17:12:04  <V453000> e.g. 8 universal, 1 flatbed/hopper/tanker -> only 1 wagon of supplies is taken back to the industry
17:22:13  <fair_> well the other way around .. 8 hopper, 1 universal .. the universal can be naturally refitted to anything
17:26:04  <V453000> ah right yeah
17:26:10  <V453000> still, you get the point :) clearly
17:27:01  <fair_> yep, got the point :D maybe in my nect FIRS game I will use a trainset which allows that to be done =)
17:27:04  <fair_> *next
17:30:07  <V453000> your best and maybe only bet is nuts
17:30:10  <V453000> at least for the wagons
17:30:18  <V453000> I dont know if it is possible with anything else
17:30:25  <V453000> some cargoes even in NUTS will need special handling
17:31:15  <fair_> yeah, since you have to have waggons which transport the primary but not the supplies
17:32:30  <fair_> but there are other trainsets where they have waggons which have that property
17:34:11  <V453000> I guess
17:34:15  <V453000> but the universal wagon helps a lot :)
17:34:23  <fair_> true :D
17:34:40  <V453000> with other train sets you are probably best off to just have 8 primary + 1 secondary wagons, without refit
17:35:27  <V453000> which also works fine
17:35:30  <fair_> yes
17:40:21  <fair_> at least when the secondary also produces the supplies .. in other cases one needs to plan a little to make it work I guess
17:45:26  <V453000> no, that is the whole point, plan of 245 re-transferred the supplies etc. to make all nodes have the supplies
17:51:20  <fair_> yes, but its not automatically there, you have to build a transfer system
17:52:33  <V453000> sure but when it is all set up it becomes "automatic" :P
17:54:30  <fair_> yes ...and I guess thats why snail mail systems probably also deliver mail to some central location for a region only to then ship it back to the same street, just 3 houses further down
18:01:11  <V453000> wtf cargodist?
18:01:37  <fair_> ? .. ???!?
18:03:32  <V453000> how can trains ship mail back and forth without cargodist? :D
18:03:56  <fair_> I was talking about the real life
18:04:02  <V453000> oh XD
18:04:04  <hylje> they can't, but that's how real life mail franchises work
18:04:09  <fair_> when you write a real life letter ON PAPER
18:04:17  <fair_> to your neighbors
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