Log for #openttdcoop on 14th June 2015:
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00:17:41  *** bootmii has joined #openttdcoop
00:17:43  <bootmii> !pw
00:17:43  <coopserver> bootmii: toread
00:18:01  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
00:18:19  <coopserver> *** bootmii has joined
00:18:19  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
00:18:20  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
00:19:09  <bootmii> guys what do we need to build?
00:19:19  <bootmii> there's like 48 other people on this channel
00:19:29  <bootmii> why aren't you speaking up?
00:29:52  <coopserver> <bootmii> game running at 2fps
00:31:55  <coopserver> <bootmii> when are they putting cbh into trunk?
00:35:02  <coopserver> <bootmii> fucking lag
00:36:32  *** liq3 has joined #openttdcoop
00:42:43  <coopserver> <bootmii> CPPU-
00:45:23  <mari_kiri> Meow
00:45:43  <mari_kiri> !pw
00:45:43  <coopserver> mari_kiri: loaded
00:45:47  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
00:45:51  <coopserver> *** mari_kiri has joined
00:45:52  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
00:46:02  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> What's your zoom level btw?
00:46:14  <coopserver> <bootmii> 1:1
00:46:20  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> I can go one below fully zoomed out before it slows down
00:46:44  <coopserver> <bootmii> mine's normal zoom
00:46:58  <Mark> !pw
00:46:58  <coopserver> Mark: loaded
00:47:14  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
00:47:20  <coopserver> *** Mark has joined
00:47:21  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
00:47:22  <coopserver> <Mark> hi
00:47:30  <coopserver> <bootmii> and yes, i do have 1-2fps, in case you're wondering.
00:47:34  <coopserver> <Mark> bootmii: use set zoom_min 2
00:48:02  <coopserver> <bootmii> i'm on 1x n ormal zoom
00:48:27  <coopserver> <Mark> you need a new pc then
00:48:31  <coopserver> <Mark> cause this game isnt heavy at all
00:48:37  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Well it kinda is
00:48:43  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Wait, this specific game of OTTD?
00:48:49  <coopserver> <Mark> this specific map
00:49:01  <coopserver> <Mark> its a small map, no rvs, no ships, no planes
00:49:03  <coopserver> <Mark> slow trains
00:49:05  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> There's a few different renderers you can use
00:49:06  <coopserver> <Mark> should be fine
00:49:19  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Well, "blitters"
00:49:50  <coopserver> <bootmii> okay, what's the best blitter for an entry-level 2005 business laptop?
00:50:24  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Try either 8bpp-optimized or 32bpp-sse2, *maybe* 32bpp-optimized
00:50:45  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> You do have your system set up to use 24bit or 32bit gfx, right?
00:51:13  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Because if not you'll be stuck with the 8bpp blitters as 24->16 conversion is pretty slow
00:51:28  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Do "openttd --help" for a list
00:51:53  <coopserver> <bootmii> it is running in truecolor, but i'm not using zbbase graphics.
00:53:09  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> There's a chance you have SSE2, if not then your best bet is probably 32bpp-optimized
00:53:28  <coopserver> *** bootmii has left the game (Leaving)
00:53:46  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> My old laptop has SSSE3 o... oh hey, another crash
00:53:56  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> RIP train 8 ;_;
00:54:16  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Bondhall Transfer to OIL DROP
00:55:05  <bootmii> it's a core 2 duo t7300 @ 2ghz w/ 999.5 mb of ram
00:55:58  <bootmii> well then
00:56:05  <mari_kiri> 2007 apparently
00:56:05  <bootmii> apparently it supports sse3 (!)
00:57:05  <mari_kiri> And SSE4
00:57:15  <mari_kiri> AFAIK
00:57:24  <mari_kiri> Might be total crap though
00:57:41  <mari_kiri> But it's 64-bit capable therefore automatically supports SSE2
00:58:11  <mari_kiri> It does do SSSE3 apparently, according to this page that isn't newegg
00:58:21  <mari_kiri> So try 32bpp-ssse3
01:03:16  <mari_kiri> "openttd -b 32bpp-ssse3" is the commandline AFAIK
01:04:28  <coopserver> <Mark> omg
01:05:01  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> ...two crashes?
01:05:08  <coopserver> <Mark> 3
01:05:14  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Yecch
01:05:30  <coopserver> <Mark> reworking goods drop
01:05:38  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> It's basically software that people write for Windows!
01:05:53  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Because people like to blame Windows for everything but the crashes are usually badly-written software
01:06:13  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Although their APIs are terrible in comparison with glorious POSIX
01:07:02  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Hmm, for a particular X there I believe there's room for a bridge
01:07:07  <bootmii> !pw
01:07:07  <coopserver> bootmii: hstdin
01:07:12  <coopserver> <Mark> im still working on it
01:07:16  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
01:07:36  <coopserver> *** bootmii has joined
01:07:37  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
01:08:00  <coopserver> <Mark> omg
01:08:08  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> tada.wav
01:08:18  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Actually y'know what I'm going to play that right here right now
01:08:37  <coopserver> <bootmii> hey look, no lag whatsoever
01:09:00  <coopserver> <bootmii> oh and i got ttd sound/gfx from the freegameempire version
01:09:22  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Yeah that's right, playing tada.wav in a Windows 3.1 VM repeatedly right now
01:10:21  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> OK that's enough, suspended the VM now
01:10:22  <coopserver> <bootmii> remember when you said there needed to be double bridges on the S-SE path?
01:10:35  <coopserver> <bootmii> well, it's ALMOST complete
01:11:08  <coopserver> <bootmii> we just need a way toreconfigurethe exit
01:11:17  <coopserver> <Mark> yes
01:11:24  <coopserver> <Mark> rebuild is tempting
01:11:38  <coopserver> <Mark> although its working fine atm
01:12:18  <coopserver> <bootmii> have most of the track lying around in case you want to do something about it
01:12:24  <Sylf> !pw
01:12:24  <coopserver> Sylf: offset
01:12:28  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
01:12:31  <coopserver> *** fsck has joined
01:12:32  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
01:12:36  <coopserver> <bootmii> hello fsck
01:12:47  <coopserver> <Mark> Sylf ;)
01:13:01  <coopserver> <fsck> ha
01:13:11  <coopserver> <fsck> GOODS DROP looks so much better now
01:13:14  <coopserver> <fsck> !name Sylf
01:13:16  <coopserver> *** fsck has changed his/her name to Sylf
01:13:31  <coopserver> <Mark> yeah i simplified and cleaned up...
01:13:46  <coopserver> <Mark> exit could do with some love
01:14:01  <coopserver> <Mark> go 3rd to oil ref going too
01:14:10  <coopserver> <Sylf> with so few platforms, yes, that exit is too overengineered
01:14:30  <coopserver> <Mark> no need to have more platforms really
01:14:39  <coopserver> <Sylf> I noticed earlier, BBH6->MSH5 has 4 lines, but the other way only has 2 lines
01:14:42  <coopserver> <Mark> even afully loaded ML of slugs hardly needs more than 4 platforms
01:14:51  <coopserver> <Mark> yeah
01:14:52  <coopserver> <Sylf> but it looks fine right now
01:14:57  <coopserver> <Mark> it does need expansion
01:15:03  <coopserver> <Mark> probably
01:15:47  <coopserver> *** Sylf has joined company #1
01:15:58  <coopserver> <Mark> did you do the 5th from BBH04 to food drop?
01:16:52  <coopserver> <Sylf> oops... I cleaned something up a bit too much
01:17:30  <coopserver> <bootmii> aaaaaah
01:18:12  <coopserver> <bootmii> still lag
01:19:10  <coopserver> <Mark> cant wait for smaller primaries :P
01:19:20  <Sylf> I got great progress today
01:19:32  <coopserver> <bootmii> can't wait for a BEARABLE fps
01:19:40  <coopserver> <Mark> nice
01:19:48  <coopserver> <Mark> even the current version looks playable to me
01:19:49  <coopserver> <Sylf> we can't help with the fps
01:19:53  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> And here I am playing Secret Agent like a boss... SUCH a good game
01:20:10  <coopserver> <Sylf> yeah, the current version is great for a much longer games than the welcome server
01:20:11  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> As for your FPS, another thing you could try is shrinking your window
01:20:13  <coopserver> <bootmii> i meant frames per second
01:20:50  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> BTW Secret Agent isn't a First Person Shooter so I wasn't making that joke
01:21:30  <coopserver> <bootmii> okay i'm in 640x480
01:22:03  <coopserver> <bootmii> NOW it's silky smooth
01:22:25  <coopserver> <bootmii> actually forget i said that
01:23:01  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Clearly you need to believe in the power of glorious Mode 13h
01:23:06  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> (320x200 8bpp)
01:23:08  <Sylf> are you in full screen mode, or just maximized
01:23:21  <coopserver> <bootmii> full  screEeNn
01:23:31  <Sylf> full screen mode has been terrible for me
01:23:47  <Sylf> maximized or other sized windowed mode works much better for me
01:23:52  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Full screen is for people who cannot into tiling window managers
01:23:58  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Or decent drivers
01:24:22  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> And I know for a fact that Intel GPUs, at least 965 and up, can handle window mode gfx JUST fine
01:24:56  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> (I've read the docs and actually implemented mem->screen hw accelerated blit)
01:25:18  <coopserver> <bootmii> i have intel integrated on-cpu graphics
01:25:31  <coopserver> <Sylf> graphic chips don't matter much with this game
01:25:32  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Yes, Intel 965
01:25:36  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> And yeah
01:25:51  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> It's got the right facilities to be of no issue whatsoever
01:25:59  <coopserver> <bootmii> and it's still lagging!
01:26:09  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Which means you're hitting a CPU issue
01:26:19  <coopserver> *** Mark has left the game (general timeout)
01:26:39  <bootmii> okay, so my 2GHz Intel Core CPU is a problem?
01:26:57  <bootmii> it's running on realtime priority
01:27:05  <Sylf> copy/paste your openttd.cfg to
01:27:12  <Sylf> we can see if anything can be helped
01:27:16  <bootmii> will do
01:27:28  <coopserver> *** bootmii has left the game (Leaving)
01:30:28  <bootmii>
01:30:52  <bootmii> sylf?
01:30:56  <bootmii> mark?
01:31:04  <Sylf> gimme a minute while I read through it
01:31:07  <bootmii> mari_kiri?
01:31:17  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> One moment please!
01:32:22  <Sylf> bootmii, go edit your post - it has some passwords
01:32:28  *** [1]Mark has joined #openttdcoop
01:33:19  <[1]Mark> !pw
01:33:20  <coopserver> [1]Mark: behave
01:33:27  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
01:33:34  <coopserver> *** Mark has joined
01:33:35  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
01:33:51  *** Mark has quit IRC
01:33:51  *** [1]Mark is now known as Mark
01:34:14  <Sylf> config looks pretty good
01:34:20  <bootmii> sylf: done. those weren't my real pws anyway.
01:36:19  <bootmii> okay, sylf, can you tell me what might be the problem?
01:37:35  <Sylf> Probably the CPU.
01:37:46  <Sylf> 2GHz probably isn't powerful enough
01:38:05  <bootmii> what are you guys running at?
01:38:08  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> 2GHz is definitely powerful enough, it'd have more to do with the CPU revision
01:38:14  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> I'm running at 2.5GHz and it's smooth as
01:38:25  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> 2 core x 2 HT, dunno if OTTD uses multithreading?
01:38:33  <bootmii> it doesn't
01:38:40  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Then again I have an i5-2450M (sandy bridge)
01:38:41  <Sylf> It does
01:39:01  <coopserver> <mari_kiri> Is it used by the blitter?
01:39:02  <Sylf> But not like people think it should.
01:39:20  <Sylf> Blitter doesn't matter much as far as I can tell anymore
01:40:13  <coopserver> *** mari_kiri has left the game (Leaving)
01:40:23  <bootmii> so you're telling me i should just get a haswell i3/5/7?
01:41:00  <coopserver> <Sylf> who's at SLH01?
01:41:04  <coopserver> <Mark> me
01:41:10  <coopserver> <Sylf> hrm
01:43:37  <coopserver> <Mark> horrible merge
01:43:44  <coopserver> <Sylf> I have an idea there
01:47:10  <coopserver> <Sylf> that's the basic idea
01:47:18  <bootmii> should i just get a haswell i3/5/7?
01:48:15  <coopserver> <Mark> that SL has just gotten too big
01:48:17  <coopserver> <Mark> like all others
01:49:46  <bootmii> yeah, restart?
01:57:33  <coopserver> *** Mark has left the game (general timeout)
02:05:20  <coopserver> *** Sylf has joined spectators
02:05:21  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
02:05:47  <Sylf> why is it that I end up the only player left several times a day...
02:05:50  <coopserver> *** Sylf has left the game (Leaving)
02:31:08  <mari_kiri> Get an i5 if you want something grunty
02:31:20  <mari_kiri> i7 is useless in most cases
02:31:34  <mari_kiri> Well, the "step up to an i7" is pretty much useless
02:45:06  *** fair_ has joined #openttdcoop
03:22:21  *** bootmii_ has joined #openttdcoop
03:29:41  *** bootmii has quit IRC
03:59:06  *** bootmii has joined #openttdcoop
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04:18:31  *** Mark has quit IRC
04:21:05  *** Mark has joined #openttdcoop
04:21:05  *** Webster sets mode: +o Mark
04:23:40  *** bootmii_ has joined #openttdcoop
04:30:33  *** bootmii has quit IRC
05:31:44  *** maxtimbo has joined #openttdcoop
05:33:27  <maxtimbo> !vehicles
05:33:27  <coopserver> maxtimbo: Total vehicles per type: Rail: 1295, Road: 0, Water: 0, Air: 0
05:33:54  <maxtimbo> !pw
05:33:54  <coopserver> maxtimbo: smooth
05:33:59  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
05:34:02  <coopserver> *** Player has joined
05:34:03  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
05:34:19  <coopserver> <Player> !name maxtimbo
05:34:20  <coopserver> *** Player has changed his/her name to maxtimbo
05:37:04  <coopserver> *** maxtimbo has joined company #1
05:37:05  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
05:45:04  <coopserver> *** maxtimbo has left the game (Leaving)
05:45:05  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
05:53:07  *** bootmii__ has joined #openttdcoop
06:00:31  *** bootmii_ has quit IRC
06:20:35  *** bootmii_ has joined #openttdcoop
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06:25:40  *** bootmii has joined #openttdcoop
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06:30:08  *** Maraxus has joined #openttdcoop
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06:40:04  *** Progman has joined #openttdcoop
06:46:16  <maxtimbo> !pw
06:46:16  <coopserver> maxtimbo: endptr
06:46:26  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
06:46:28  <coopserver> *** maxtimbo has joined
06:46:29  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
06:46:51  <coopserver> *** maxtimbo has left the game (Leaving)
07:05:15  *** [1]Mark has joined #openttdcoop
07:11:09  *** Mark has quit IRC
07:11:09  *** [1]Mark is now known as Mark
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07:48:19  <maxtimbo> !players
07:48:19  <coopserver> maxtimbo: The server is empty, noone is connected. Feel free to remedy this situation
07:50:21  *** MaxtimboTab has joined #openttdcoop
07:50:59  *** maxtimbo has quit IRC
08:27:27  *** Jam35_ is now known as Jam35
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13:53:34  *** leg has joined #openttdcoop
13:53:37  <leg> hi :)
13:53:52  <leg> I am having some trouble running autopilot. When I run it I get this error
13:54:33  <leg> I would love if someone could help me with this :)
14:01:26  <leg> Found the issue. [autopilot] command was not pointing to an executable :)
14:01:30  *** leg has quit IRC
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15:35:51  *** keoz has joined #openttdcoop
15:45:15  <Maraxus> !pw
15:45:15  <coopserver> Maraxus: shifts
15:45:37  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
15:45:41  <coopserver> *** Maraxus has joined
15:45:42  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
15:48:19  <coopserver> *** Maraxus has left the game (Leaving)
15:48:23  *** Maraxus has quit IRC
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19:58:20  *** maxtimbo has joined #openttdcoop
19:58:27  <maxtimbo> !players
19:58:27  <coopserver> maxtimbo: The server is empty, noone is connected. Feel free to remedy this situation
20:12:25  <Sylf> !ip
20:12:26  <coopserver> Sylf:
20:12:50  <Sylf> !pw
20:12:50  <coopserver> Sylf: safest
20:12:55  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
20:12:58  <coopserver> *** Player has joined
20:12:59  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
20:13:00  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
20:16:54  <coopserver> *** Player has left the game (Leaving)
20:16:55  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
20:35:10  *** keoz has quit IRC
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23:24:39  <maxtimbo> !players
23:24:39  <coopserver> maxtimbo: The server is empty, noone is connected. Feel free to remedy this situation
23:24:46  <maxtimbo> !vehicles
23:24:46  <coopserver> maxtimbo: Total vehicles per type: Rail: 1295, Road: 0, Water: 0, Air: 0
23:52:04  *** liq3 has joined #openttdcoop

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