Log for #openttdcoop on 5th January 2016:
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01:19:49  <ddthj> !download
01:19:49  <coopserver> ddthj: !download lin|lin64|osx|ottdau|source|win32|win64|win9x
01:19:50  <coopserver> ddthj:
01:28:21  <ddthj> !password
01:28:21  <coopserver> ddthj: newgfx
01:38:16  <ddthj> How come when I try to join the public server it requires a NewGRF that is uninstallable?
01:40:53  <danopia> You can remove grfs at any time but simply installing them doesn't do anything to your local games unless you also enable them
01:43:18  <Clockworker> I'm pretty sure no newgrfs on public are uninstallable
01:43:35  <Clockworker> I downloaded them ingame through bananas cause 2lazy to copy stable grf folder
01:43:36  <Clockworker> and it worked
01:44:09  <danopia> Bananas was missing one for me
01:44:36  <ddthj> whoops uninstallable was a type, I meant I couldn't install it
01:44:55  <ddthj> I think I see the problem though
01:46:03  <ddthj> I'm having a problem with the "New Bridges v0.41"
01:50:09  <ddthj> is there not just one big newgrf that's downloadable in-game?
01:50:16  <Clockworker>
01:50:20  <Clockworker> try
01:50:35  <Clockworker> and there's a newgrf pack in the openttdcoop wiki
01:50:44  <ddthj> yea I tried that
01:50:45  <Clockworker> I recommend you grab it
01:51:03  <ddthj> I'm not sure if openttd is recognizing it
01:53:15  <ddthj> I just leave it in the .tar file, right?
01:54:04  <danopia> Yea new bridges is the one I was missing
01:54:15  <danopia> I just got the tar from Google via the md5sum
01:54:30  <ddthj> oh, idk what I did but it recognizes the brides now
01:54:41  <danopia> I untarred it and put the .GRF in the OpenTTD directory but that probably wasn't needed
01:54:54  <ddthj> very strange, I had to for it to work
01:55:44  <danopia> I believe it
01:56:02  <danopia> Cheers
01:56:18  <Clockworker> cool beans
01:56:22  <ddthj> !password
01:56:22  <coopserver> ddthj: lovely
01:56:45  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
01:56:49  <coopserver> *** ddthj has joined
01:56:50  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
02:20:10  <coopserver> *** ddthj has left the game (Leaving)
02:39:36  <Sylf> um, don't distribute some random grf one by one
02:39:40  <Sylf> point them to !grf
02:39:44  <Sylf> !grf
02:39:44  <coopserver> Sylf:
02:40:12  <Sylf> It's actually all mentioned in @quickstart
02:40:19  <Sylf> @quickstart
02:40:20  <Webster> Quickstart - #openttdcoop wiki -
02:41:04  <ddthj> It's fine, I didn't need to download it
02:41:17  <ddthj> I just had to play with some files
02:47:06  <Clockworker> why the hell not?
02:47:35  <Clockworker> can you even 'infect' a grf, if that's what your concern?
02:47:41  <Clockworker> what's*
02:48:08  <Clockworker> and I pointed him to the grfs on the wiki
02:48:38  <Sylf> terms of use and distributions
02:48:53  <Sylf> it's better to link to the original distribution source like
02:48:54  <Webster> Title: GRFCrawler (at
02:49:40  <Clockworker> <Clockworker> and there's a newgrf pack in the openttdcoop wiki
02:49:40  <Clockworker> <ddthj> yea I tried that
02:49:40  <Clockworker> <Clockworker> I recommend you grab it
03:31:34  <danopia> Clockworker: a newgrf could do whatever it wants in-game but your client will barf if yours doesn't match the server's exactly
03:33:39  <Clockworker> except mine does because I play in the PS. otherwise I wouldn't have offered it
03:33:58  <Clockworker> but sure, if it's a TOS thing then it's a TOS thing
03:59:26  <Mazur> Ah, the original Star Trek, that takes me back.
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06:39:05  <V453000> just use NewGRFs from the coop pack and bananas and you will have 0 issues
06:49:35  <Mark> yoooo
06:50:20  <V453000> yooo
06:50:31  <V453000> you must be high as a kite when you are up this early
06:51:11  <danopia> how early are we talking? it's still monday evening here..
06:51:45  <V453000> 7:50 am europe
06:52:37  <Mark> i was up at 5
06:52:40  <Mark> like every day :P
06:52:53  <V453000> :)
06:53:12  <Mark> office work today :)
06:53:21  <V453000> :0 you and work is compatible?
06:53:35  <Mark> sometimes
06:53:42  <V453000> incredible
06:53:44  <Mark> of course i work as little as possible
06:53:53  <V453000> XD
06:54:00  <Mark> got 6 weeks of holidays coming up :)
06:54:38  <V453000> got 6 weeks of newborn age coming up XD
06:54:52  <Mark> :D
06:55:34  <V453000> gonna be hardcore stuff
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20:09:15  <Mark> !pw
20:09:15  <coopserver> Mark: rstype
20:09:24  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
20:09:28  <coopserver> *** Mark has joined
20:09:29  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
20:09:30  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
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20:12:08  <coopserver> *** Mark has left the game (Leaving)
20:12:09  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
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