Log for #openttdcoop on 8th February 2017:
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01:21:23  *** DrEdam has joined #openttdcoop
01:22:04  <happpy>  to get the pw  doo ! pw
01:22:28  <happpy> u mite need  this
01:22:34  <happpy> ! grf
01:22:34  <coopserver> happpy:
01:23:27  <happpy> ! players
01:23:27  <coopserver> happpy: The server is empty, no one is connected. Feel free to remedy this situation
01:23:39  <happpy> !date
01:23:39  <coopserver> Jun 15 2232
01:23:41  <DrEdam> !pw
01:23:41  <coopserver> DrEdam: scores
01:23:48  <DrEdam> ! pw
01:23:48  <coopserver> DrEdam: scores
01:24:02  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
01:24:06  <coopserver> *** DrEdam has joined
01:24:07  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
01:24:08  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
01:24:16  <happpy> ther u go
01:24:39  <happpy> ther shord be a sign say net work plan
01:27:39  <DrEdam> mmm
01:27:55  <happpy> what's up
01:28:01  <DrEdam> so you guys build the full network then put trains on?
01:28:17  <happpy> yep
01:30:34  <happpy>  when a game start players make sume plans for a train net work  and then  ho ever plan wins    then fun part start
01:31:12  <happpy>  red the net work plan and u shord be fine
01:31:21  <DrEdam> nah not gonna mess
01:31:37  <DrEdam> interesting to watch but now at least I like to build and run trains
01:31:55  <DrEdam> interesting that the stations seem to follow designs I've been coming to on my own
01:31:59  <happpy>  thet be player's   can tech u good tips and help  u
01:32:17  <DrEdam> yeh I'm sure
01:34:31  <happpy>  sune ov the nwt works ar ver big and lits ov train's    i been olayinv for 4 years  abnd got good  tips from playing abd whoching
01:35:10  <happpy>  dame it  dame phone texs
01:36:11  <happpy> soory if my texs if  bad can not tyip good  or spel good
01:36:39  <happpy> eney way have fun   gn
01:36:45  <DrEdam> gn :)
01:37:45  <coopserver> *** DrEdam has left the game (Leaving)
01:37:46  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
02:03:13  *** newbie has joined #openttdcoop
02:10:44  *** DrEdam has quit IRC
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06:58:11  *** newbie has quit IRC
07:30:32  *** AzureSpeed has joined #openttdcoop
07:31:09  <AzureSpeed> !pw
07:31:09  <coopserver> AzureSpeed: shoule
07:31:17  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
07:31:23  <coopserver> *** AzureSpeed has joined
07:31:24  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
07:43:52  <coopserver> *** AzureSpeed has joined company #1
07:43:53  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
07:44:09  *** Arveen is now known as Arveen|Work
07:54:25  <coopserver> *** AzureSpeed has left the game (Leaving)
07:54:26  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
07:54:38  *** AzureSpeed has quit IRC
08:19:01  *** Sova has joined #openttdcoop
08:40:36  *** Deactivated has joined #openttdcoop
08:40:41  <Deactivated> !pw
08:40:41  <coopserver> Deactivated: splits
08:40:48  <Deactivated> splits FTW
08:40:59  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
08:41:10  <coopserver> *** Deactivated has joined
08:41:11  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
08:42:37  <coopserver> <Deactivated> whoa chill weather
08:42:40  <coopserver> <Deactivated> dun rain so hard
08:43:10  <coopserver> *** Deactivated has joined company #1
08:43:11  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
08:56:54  <coopserver> *** Deactivated has left the game (Leaving)
08:56:55  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
11:14:49  *** Sova has quit IRC
11:29:47  *** Sova has joined #openttdcoop
11:56:23  *** happpy has quit IRC
12:04:45  *** happpy has joined #openttdcoop
12:05:42  <happpy> !players
12:05:42  <coopserver> happpy: The server is empty, no one is connected. Feel free to remedy this situation
12:25:58  <Deactivated> !players
12:25:58  <coopserver> Deactivated: The server is empty, no one is connected. Feel free to remedy this situation
12:26:00  <Deactivated> !pw
12:26:00  <coopserver> Deactivated: reload
12:26:07  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
12:26:15  <coopserver> *** Deactivated has joined
12:26:16  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
12:26:17  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
12:26:40  <happpy> hi
12:30:16  <coopserver> <Deactivated> hi
12:33:37  <coopserver> <Deactivated> wow this is all a mess lol
12:34:09  <happpy> yhe net work ?
12:34:13  <coopserver> <Deactivated> yeah
12:34:41  <happpy> 
12:34:57  <coopserver> <Deactivated> Hmm no one has removed that plane glitching throught the buildings upon landing tho...
12:35:03  <coopserver> <Deactivated> *through
12:36:09  <happpy> fill free to change   or fixs stuf
12:36:30  <coopserver> <Deactivated> Nah it's my station that's in a mess; too bad we can't use colored rails to index things
12:37:17  <happpy>  it ne k ther be players chang  or fixs it so it dont mater
12:37:43  <coopserver> <Deactivated> True
12:40:26  <coopserver> <Deactivated> A Deactivated trait: all my things lack space
12:40:42  <hylje> spaghetti
12:40:58  <coopserver> <Deactivated> building a station here at the world border so can't do much
12:41:06  <coopserver> <Deactivated> alreadt 100% cramped with tracks
12:42:25  <coopserver> <Deactivated> will need to do massive amounts of TF
12:44:17  <happpy> ther shord room mor ml
12:44:50  <happpy> ther be lots ov bbh and slh
12:46:01  <Deactivated> well I
12:46:09  <Deactivated> Well I'll have a think through it
12:46:24  <Deactivated> gotta go, will download map and do it
12:46:39  <coopserver> *** Deactivated has left the game (Leaving)
12:46:40  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
12:54:04  *** Deactivated has quit IRC
13:35:46  *** AzureSpeed has joined #openttdcoop
13:36:18  <AzureSpeed> !pw
13:36:18  <coopserver> AzureSpeed: loader
13:36:23  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
13:36:29  <coopserver> *** AzureSpeed has joined
13:36:30  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
13:37:32  <happpy> hi
13:37:35  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> hi
13:37:45  <happpy> how things
13:37:54  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> fine
13:37:55  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> brb
13:39:18  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> back
13:39:31  <happpy> wb
13:39:40  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> thx
13:40:45  <coopserver> *** AzureSpeed has joined company #1
13:40:46  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
13:42:41  <V453000> heyo
13:42:48  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> hi v
13:42:53  <happpy> hi v
13:43:06  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> ya wanna come on server an build yo 3x station? :D
13:43:20  <V453000> don't have time :(
13:43:23  <V453000> working hardcore
13:43:37  <V453000> just build it :>
13:43:53  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> i cant im total noob with stations xD
13:44:11  <V453000> well others can always fix it :)
13:44:27  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> it needs 3x and 3bb picks/drops xD
14:00:46  <V453000> eazy :P
14:16:05  *** Lejving has joined #openttdcoop
14:28:04  <coopserver> *** AzureSpeed has left the game (Leaving)
14:28:05  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
14:28:12  <AzureSpeed> whatya workin on v?
14:30:04  <AzureSpeed> cya
14:30:06  *** AzureSpeed has quit IRC
15:42:33  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop
15:57:22  *** Sova has quit IRC
16:38:12  *** ODM has quit IRC
17:10:38  *** StarLite has joined #openttdcoop
17:10:38  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o StarLite
17:37:11  *** Progman has joined #openttdcoop
18:01:28  <Jam35> !pw
18:01:28  <coopserver> Jam35: signid
18:01:34  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
18:01:38  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined
18:01:39  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
18:02:47  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined company #1
18:02:48  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
18:03:08  *** happy_ has joined #openttdcoop
18:07:44  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined spectators
18:07:45  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
18:10:34  *** happy_ has left #openttdcoop
18:13:15  <happpy> hi jam
18:35:29  *** innocenat has quit IRC
19:25:48  *** innocenat has joined #openttdcoop
19:50:55  *** dr_gonzo has joined #openttdcoop
19:51:33  *** dr_gonzo is now known as Guest255
19:52:26  *** happpy_ has joined #openttdcoop
19:53:23  <Lejving> !pw
19:53:24  <coopserver> Lejving: params
19:53:30  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
19:53:34  <coopserver> *** Lejvingbot has joined
19:53:35  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
19:53:36  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
20:04:10  *** AzureSpeed has joined #openttdcoop
20:04:31  <AzureSpeed> !pw
20:04:31  <coopserver> AzureSpeed: blocks
20:04:37  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
20:04:41  <coopserver> *** AzureSpeed has joined
20:04:42  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
20:04:43  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> hey
20:04:45  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> sup
20:05:27  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> nothing much wbu?
20:05:31  <coopserver> *** AzureSpeed has joined company #1
20:05:51  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> not much, been busy
20:07:29  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> seems like im gonna have to rebuild msh 3x xD
20:08:10  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined company #1
20:08:23  <coopserver> <Jam35> we could move the ML further still
20:10:31  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> azure you should try minimize your junctions a little :) it's not good to either have too big or too bad imo, but yours is just a tad too big
20:10:47  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> (usually)
20:10:53  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> im just gonna destroy the whole thing and rebuild it xD
20:11:00  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> we can rebuild it
20:11:03  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> we have the technology
20:12:05  <coopserver> <Jam35> this one is like 15 tiles wider than my MSH 1X
20:12:11  <coopserver> <Jam35> which is big already
20:12:20  <coopserver> <Jam35> it has a town inside of it! :P
20:12:21  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> shall i just delete the whole msh and build a new more compressed one?
20:12:47  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> duh look at my msh 3b it has one in there too xD
20:13:10  <coopserver> <Jam35> there are a few things you do which are a bit unnecessary
20:13:15  <coopserver> <Jam35> like...
20:13:36  <coopserver> <Jam35> the red
20:14:10  <coopserver> <Jam35> you swap lines but before the merge
20:14:21  <coopserver> <Jam35> we normally do this in the merger
20:14:39  <coopserver> <Jam35> doing it here is probably not going to achieve anything
20:14:42  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> ok sry didnt cross my mind at that time
20:14:57  <coopserver> <Jam35> because nothing will force trains onto the longer route
20:15:19  <coopserver> <Jam35> the path with higher pf penalty
20:15:29  <coopserver> <Jam35> so there is space immediately
20:15:32  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> I don't want to brag (too much ;)) but my bbh01 is almost perfect example
20:16:02  <coopserver> <Jam35> yes you can see how he swaps the lines and gives choice all in one go at the merger
20:16:04  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> the merges are a bit too far from the middle of it if you wanna shrink it on purpose
20:16:12  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> so you can expand them later
20:16:16  <coopserver> <Jam35> there is space inside the hub for expansion
20:16:25  <coopserver> <Jam35> but not too much to make it super huge
20:17:57  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> hmm jam
20:18:04  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> how do you ensure all lanes get a train?
20:18:08  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> in test
20:18:26  <coopserver> <Jam35> nothing yet
20:18:30  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> oh ok
20:18:38  <coopserver> <Jam35> we could use similar logic as before
20:18:47  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> we could do the sidelane srnw
20:18:57  <coopserver> <Jam35> but small groups
20:19:20  <coopserver> <Jam35> like machinery and bm chain would work I think
20:19:27  <coopserver> <Jam35> so 3 trains wait together
20:19:36  <coopserver> <Jam35> or flipflop
20:19:41  <coopserver> <Jam35> like lol's start
20:20:05  <coopserver> <Jam35> combine the two I think
20:20:20  <coopserver> <Jam35> flipflop between chains
20:20:36  <coopserver> <Jam35> 3 trains per line wait for each other in station
20:20:38  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> hm
20:20:52  <coopserver> <Jam35> gotta be the simplest way...
20:20:53  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> actually making them sync is bad, that would limit throughput wouldn't it
20:20:57  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> better is with counter
20:21:13  <coopserver> <Jam35> then 3 way flip flop
20:21:16  <coopserver> <Jam35> ok
20:21:23  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> syncing makes them stop and shit
20:21:31  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> but it's 6 lanes right
20:21:53  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> it should be 8!
20:22:00  <coopserver> <Jam35> at 1X we also have to consider what goes to 5X
20:22:10  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> 50/50, then 25/25, then 12,5/12,5
20:22:15  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> 12,5x8 = 100
20:22:16  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> done!
20:22:41  <coopserver> <Jam35> Azure
20:22:47  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> ?
20:22:49  <coopserver> <Jam35> can I show you a thing
20:22:59  <coopserver> <Jam35> don't be upset :)
20:23:22  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> meh ive already got my doze of it today xD
20:25:33  <coopserver> <Jam35> you seem to like big loops when you could bridge the other track
20:25:48  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> jam how important is it that exact exact all 6 ways get same amount of trains?
20:25:53  <coopserver> <Jam35> wasn;t the best example but a little space saved
20:26:07  <coopserver> <Jam35> not too much atm
20:26:15  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> 2 lanes with a 33% split = 6 lanes
20:26:16  <coopserver> <Jam35> because I don;t know the exact numbers
20:26:29  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> that should be easy, and we can just copy design from pz
20:26:43  <coopserver> <Jam35> as long as the network isn;t failing to grow
20:26:55  <coopserver> <Jam35> I don't care at all
20:27:00  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> cool
20:27:16  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> gonna make two 33% splits then for 1x :)
20:27:28  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> seems like you nailed the orders in !test
20:27:41  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> within a station too nice space save
20:27:50  <coopserver> <Jam35> it seems to work
20:28:18  <coopserver> <Jam35> it's nice to have TL +2 station and use all 3 near end / mid/far ned
20:28:37  <coopserver> <Jam35> borrows a bit from refit drop back
20:28:53  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> I think expandability can be thrown out of the window here...
20:29:47  <coopserver> <Jam35> aim to have an expansion other side of Drutborough if possible
20:29:57  <coopserver> <Jam35> so keep within 64 tiles
20:30:04  <coopserver> <Jam35> could work
20:30:11  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> y
20:30:36  <coopserver> <Jam35> 3CC should probably not need (much) expansion
20:30:49  <coopserver> <Jam35> so use any space there
20:31:07  <coopserver> <Jam35> logic crater or whatnot
20:31:14  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> 33% train split, each train gets 2 stations to pick from... 3 choices for 2 lanes 6, two stations 6 lanes = 12
20:31:57  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> seems to be what we usually have 5-6 stations for a lane
20:32:04  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> oops im an idiot xD
20:32:33  <coopserver> <Jam35> lol
20:32:39  <coopserver> <Jam35> classic connection
20:32:44  <coopserver> <Jam35> everyone has them
20:32:58  <coopserver> <Jam35> do those first anyway
20:33:04  <coopserver> <Jam35> way easier btw
20:33:17  <coopserver> <Jam35> start with the cross over
20:33:20  <coopserver> <Jam35> work outwards
20:34:33  <Jam35> you don't have to find space for the last connection through all the other shizzle
20:35:05  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> !this too close to 3cc jam?
20:35:11  <coopserver> <Jam35> nope
20:35:21  <coopserver> <Jam35> the drop might need to expand
20:35:28  <coopserver> <Jam35> is all I would think
20:35:44  <coopserver> <Jam35> b/c we use that for both drops maybe
20:36:43  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> wait
20:36:46  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> this is a 2/3 split
20:36:49  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> not a 1/1/1
20:37:01  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> the 1/1/1 is way smaller lol
20:39:19  <coopserver> <Jam35> can I help Azure?
20:39:53  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> sure
20:40:49  <coopserver> <Jam35> much nicer already btw
20:41:22  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> ty
20:41:34  <coopserver> <Jam35> not you :P
20:41:37  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> xD
20:41:43  <coopserver> <Jam35> yoo too :D
20:45:25  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> jam? do i need prios at the exit to station lanes?
20:45:50  <coopserver> <Jam35> ok look at BBH01
20:46:04  <coopserver> <Jam35> !here
20:46:44  <coopserver> <Jam35> you see the red and blue
20:46:47  <coopserver> <Jam35> ?
20:46:52  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> yeah
20:47:04  <coopserver> <Jam35> ok, so the blue line is the priority line
20:47:12  <coopserver> <Jam35> the red lines have a choice
20:47:15  <coopserver> <Jam35> so they wait
20:47:29  <coopserver> <Jam35> because trains (mostly) have somewhere else to go
20:47:37  <coopserver> <Jam35> they can have one waiting
20:47:44  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> so how do i now know at the msh which is the prio line?
20:47:49  <coopserver> <Jam35> whilst one behind goes to other lane
20:48:01  <coopserver> <Jam35> my point
20:48:08  <coopserver> <Jam35> as they are, they are equal
20:48:18  <coopserver> <Jam35> neither would have priority over the other
20:48:35  <coopserver> <Jam35> you need to split a line so it has choices
20:48:49  <coopserver> <Jam35> then it will wait for a line that does NOT have a choice
20:49:02  <coopserver> <Jam35> that is a priority line
20:49:24  <coopserver> <Jam35> with me?
20:49:32  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> kinda
20:49:54  <coopserver> <Jam35> ok so look !here 2
20:53:23  <coopserver> <Jam35> yes
20:53:36  <coopserver> <Jam35> ideally we keep the choices as short as possible
20:53:45  <coopserver> <Jam35> so get the 3 lines together as soon as
20:54:28  <coopserver> <Jam35> so again, the red line is split
20:54:43  <coopserver> <Jam35> it chooses the two other (non-split) MLs
20:54:53  <coopserver> <Jam35> which are the prio lines
20:55:07  <coopserver> <Jam35> same for the other line
20:55:43  <coopserver> <Jam35> and so on...
20:55:56  <coopserver> <Jam35> we need that 3 times :)
20:56:03  <coopserver> <Jam35> in a 3 way hub
20:57:47  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> hmm
20:57:49  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> overflow jam?
20:57:52  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> before or after split
20:57:58  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> before right
20:58:38  <coopserver> <Jam35> can't be before can it?
20:59:01  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> I'm asking you :D
20:59:22  <coopserver> <Jam35> you would need to fill up lines up to and beyond the logic
20:59:30  <coopserver> <Jam35> i.e. ugly af
20:59:39  <coopserver> <Jam35> and probably a bit broken
20:59:47  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> allright
21:00:14  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> problem with overflow after split I guess is if they overflow, something is dun goofed?
21:00:35  <coopserver> <Jam35> yes it can combine still I think
21:00:38  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> all lanes should be equal
21:01:10  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> well though, if anything is jaming it's the pick up
21:01:25  <coopserver> <Jam35> it's pretty weird tbh
21:01:27  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> thus the overflow needs to be imediete before station
21:01:33  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> yeah lol
21:01:43  <coopserver> <Jam35> I would say leave room if you can
21:01:50  <coopserver> <Jam35> don't build it
21:02:05  <coopserver> <Jam35> let's see what happens with some trains running first
21:02:10  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> alllright
21:02:29  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> though
21:02:41  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> if we do overflow, we can't have one
21:02:43  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> we need one for each lane
21:02:46  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> so they don't mix again
21:03:18  <coopserver> <Jam35> we can't put the trains back before the logic without so much detection
21:03:28  *** orudge`` has joined #openttdcoop
21:03:28  <coopserver> <Jam35> too much detection
21:03:33  <coopserver> <Jam35> silly amount
21:03:54  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> =)
21:04:34  <coopserver> <Jam35> best way then would be to let lines fill up beyond logic
21:04:38  <coopserver> <Jam35> ugly af
21:04:51  <coopserver> <Jam35> imo of course
21:05:48  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> overflow before station is the best I think
21:05:59  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> sort first then if shit is messy we overflow one for each lane
21:06:01  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> so 6 overflows lol
21:06:19  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> then make sure we spawn trains first before logic
21:07:23  <V453000> !pw
21:07:23  <coopserver> V453000: winapi
21:07:33  <V453000> !dl win64
21:07:33  <coopserver> V453000:
21:08:10  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
21:08:13  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined
21:08:14  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
21:08:15  <coopserver> <V453000> sup guise
21:08:25  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> sup v done with yo work?
21:08:28  <coopserver> <Jam35> hi
21:08:29  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> hi
21:08:37  <coopserver> <V453000> not quite :) taking a little break
21:09:32  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined company #1
21:11:11  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> up for a little bit o station building v? xD
21:11:28  <coopserver> <V453000> no :) sorry
21:11:34  <coopserver> <V453000> some other day
21:12:32  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> hmmz
21:14:24  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> brb
21:14:27  <coopserver> *** AzureSpeed has joined spectators
21:17:28  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> I probably dun goofed on 1x
21:17:35  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> not entirely sure with the colors
21:17:44  <coopserver> <Jam35> hm oh
21:18:30  <coopserver> <Jam35> what do we need again? :)
21:18:42  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> besides a miracle?
21:18:46  <coopserver> <Jam35> heh
21:19:10  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> guns, lots of guns :)
21:22:15  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> back
21:22:17  <coopserver> <Jam35> we need 6 primaries and 5X as destinations
21:22:18  <coopserver> *** AzureSpeed has joined company #1
21:23:17  <coopserver> <Jam35> you split into chains so...
21:24:09  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> where ya buildin?
21:24:16  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> I made 1x
21:24:21  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> what I made I'm not sure of
21:24:39  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> well you made smth at least xD
21:25:04  <coopserver> <Jam35> the 3rd set of platforms from the left must be wrong
21:25:13  <coopserver> <Jam35> because only one red track
21:25:28  <coopserver> <Jam35> there has to be corresponding rear engine
21:25:35  <coopserver> <Jam35> for it to work
21:25:51  <coopserver> <Jam35> fff
21:25:52  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> rip
21:26:11  <coopserver> <Jam35> gn
21:26:15  <coopserver> <Jam35> :D
21:26:16  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> gn
21:26:21  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> wtf
21:26:24  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> 30min early
21:26:31  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> gn though
21:26:33  <coopserver> <Jam35> no not yet...
21:27:19  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> hmm
21:27:29  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> instead of thinking it's 1/6, 2/6 and so on
21:27:45  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> we could think the platforms are lazy-split
21:28:26  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> depends on how you wanna think of it
21:28:39  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> both works I think
21:29:20  <coopserver> <Jam35> but I think we need 7 things
21:29:25  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> fuark
21:30:12  <coopserver> <Jam35> if we split 33% to 5X 33 to Mach chain and 33 to BM chain
21:30:17  <coopserver> <Jam35> that part is done
21:30:27  <coopserver> <Jam35> now we need the individual stations
21:30:51  <coopserver> <Jam35> so...
21:31:05  <coopserver> <Jam35> 3 platforms per line?
21:31:12  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> sure
21:31:26  <coopserver> <Jam35> one platform per industry
21:31:36  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> that'll be 9 lanes total then
21:31:43  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> for one lane
21:31:46  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> 18 in all
21:31:51  <coopserver> <Jam35> annoying but yes
21:32:05  <coopserver> <Jam35> also
21:32:14  <coopserver> <Jam35> how do they get spread equally
21:32:37  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> well they splitted 33% first...
21:32:39  *** StarLite has quit IRC
21:33:09  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> if you wanna split them 3 ways again, times 3 for both lanes, we could make 6 more splitters ^^
21:33:29  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> or just consider a pbs signal to be a lazy split
21:34:22  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> the conundrum is real
21:34:26  <coopserver> <Jam35> yes
21:34:29  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> :D
21:34:36  <coopserver> <Jam35> I want it much simpler
21:34:51  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> I just copied your design
21:35:00  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> imagine yours !test
21:35:10  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> but I made logic for them to split evenly
21:35:12  <coopserver> <Jam35> the colours wer only an example
21:35:19  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> yeah you say that NOW :D
21:35:28  <coopserver> <Jam35> need to be as plan
21:35:31  <coopserver> <Jam35> :P
21:35:33  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> :P
21:36:15  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> but how come we need 7 lanes?
21:36:17  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> or 9
21:36:24  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> wasn't it 6 to begin with?
21:36:40  <coopserver> <Jam35> 5X + 6 primaries
21:36:53  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> crap
21:37:06  <coopserver> <Jam35> the ratio is wrong
21:37:15  <coopserver> <Jam35> but there are 7 places to go
21:37:19  <coopserver> <Jam35> only from 1X
21:37:25  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> that way 9 makes sense then
21:37:29  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> you can tweak it a little
21:37:34  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> start with 1 to all 7
21:37:37  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> then tweak what needs more
21:38:01  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> hmm
21:38:04  <coopserver> <Jam35> 3X and 5X  only have 6
21:38:14  <coopserver> <Jam35> invent a 7 way splitter?
21:38:16  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> lose one split from 1x
21:38:17  <coopserver> <Jam35> :D
21:38:21  *** Guest255 has quit IRC
21:38:24  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> have 3 lanes
21:38:29  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> 3 way splits
21:38:30  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> 9
21:39:00  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> anyways we need space :D
21:39:07  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> so fuarkkkk either way
21:39:28  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> can these 33% splits be tinkered easy to a 25% split maybe? then you'd have 8 lanes
21:40:09  <coopserver> <Jam35> combine 1 of 3 at platforms from each line
21:40:20  <coopserver> <Jam35> and have 9 platforms
21:41:52  <coopserver> <Jam35> then, and only because it is a pick station alreay and we expect trains to wait sometimes
21:42:08  <coopserver> <Jam35> have 3 group wait to be filled
21:42:37  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> yeah
21:42:38  <coopserver> <Jam35> so we equally fill each chain
21:43:16  <coopserver> <Jam35> not too much syncing
21:44:11  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> you want more sync?
21:44:17  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> we can move back them a little
21:44:19  <coopserver> <Jam35> we can at least test that
21:44:22  <coopserver> <Jam35> no
21:45:32  <coopserver> <Jam35> I would leave room for a couple of lines if poss
21:45:46  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> wait
21:46:20  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> tell me how this made sense agian? :D
21:48:45  <coopserver> <Jam35> wait again
21:52:00  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> don't understand why I need a shrink
21:52:07  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> my head is getting shrunk here LOL
21:52:17  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> wrinkled
21:52:24  <coopserver> <Jam35> expanded no?
21:52:34  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> hah I guess
21:53:16  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> I was on a job interview today for a company that pretty much solves problems for transport companies (dhl and stuff)
21:53:25  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> should've mentioned I'm a openttd god
21:53:46  <coopserver> <Jam35> how to lose a job... :)
21:53:49  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> xD
21:54:10  <coopserver> <Jam35> and friends
21:54:33  <coopserver> <Jam35> and women
21:54:51  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> have neither so no worries
21:55:50  <coopserver> <Jam35> so whattawe got?
21:56:00  <coopserver> <Jam35> CC CG CR GC GG GR
21:56:15  <coopserver> <Jam35> RR for 5X
21:56:26  <coopserver> <Jam35> 1st tile is C always
21:58:17  <coopserver> <Jam35> that I think
21:59:45  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> nice
22:01:39  <coopserver> <Jam35> now some release stuff
22:01:57  <coopserver> <Jam35> would have been better with a gap between the chains...
22:04:07  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> wtf
22:04:10  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> now you dun goofed it!
22:06:44  <coopserver> <Jam35> so much time to get so little done :)
22:07:04  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> haha yeap
22:07:32  <coopserver> <Jam35> getting there I guess
22:07:40  <coopserver> <Jam35> Igtg now
22:07:43  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> figured
22:07:44  <coopserver> <Lejvingbot> gn :)
22:07:46  <coopserver> *** Lejvingbot has joined spectators
22:07:49  <coopserver> <Jam35> haha bb
22:07:52  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has left the game (Leaving)
22:07:56  <coopserver> <AzureSpeed> gtg too now cyall tomorrow
22:08:01  <coopserver> *** AzureSpeed has left the game (Leaving)
22:08:07  *** AzureSpeed has quit IRC
22:12:32  *** Progman has quit IRC
22:14:03  <coopserver> <V453000> gtg, bai
22:14:04  <coopserver> *** V453000 has left the game (Leaving)
22:14:05  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
22:26:23  *** happpy_ has quit IRC
23:12:44  *** zwamkat has quit IRC
23:25:38  *** orudge`` has quit IRC
23:25:54  *** orudge`` has joined #openttdcoop
23:28:00  *** zwamkat has joined #openttdcoop

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