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02:39:17  <Flashbang> thonk
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12:26:14  <virtualrandomnumber> !pw
12:26:14  <coopserver> virtualrandomnumber: collar
12:26:21  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
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12:26:25  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
12:27:55  <coopserver> *** virtualrandomnumber has left the game (Leaving)
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19:28:36  <virtualrandomnumber> Can someone help me? I have a problem with TL splitters:
20:01:11  <Jam35> how do you mean 'randomly refuses' does the train stop at the 2 way red?
20:02:26  <Jam35> and I assume you have 2 way EOL on?
20:07:07  <virtualrandomnumber> 2way eol is on, yes. But sometimes the signal will become green just a bit too late, when the train has already taken the other path
20:08:18  <Jam35> its not 0.5 of a tile too long or something?
20:09:54  <virtualrandomnumber> nope, all the trains are TL 3.0
20:12:32  <Jam35> what is the gap between the signals detecting the train?
20:13:28  <Jam35> what other TL is it, 4?
20:16:05  <Jam35> I remember very similar symptoms in the last SML game
20:16:30  <virtualrandomnumber> I have multiple rail types on the same srnw. currently only TL3, but I want to add TL 2 and 4 later.
20:16:53  <Jam35> if you can find that PS game and see how the shifters are built will give a ckue
20:30:37  <Jam35> i feel like any train would take the RH path no? :)
20:32:00  <Jam35> is this the only example on the network? or do you have others that work ok
20:40:41  <Jam35> hangon, what speed are the logic trains?
20:41:32  <Jam35> you see the top NOT gate, the second train has not cleared the detection
20:42:03  <Jam35> so the combo is stillre whenit should be green
20:42:45  <Jam35> no that's not it either is it
20:43:43  <Jam35> but it could still help to have the fastest possible logic...
20:44:32  <virtualrandomnumber> the slugs (with same TL) were detected reliably, the chami engines were sometimes detected and sometimes not. Anyways, I set back the first detection bay a half tile to give the NOT gates more time to react and it works now:
20:45:29  <Jam35> okay so it is just a weird timing thing being exactly on the TL
20:46:03  <Jam35> sounds like the SML thing, I didn't get that either :P
20:51:40  <virtualrandomnumber> was that game you spoke of pax or cargo? the latest psgs with cargo sml I could find were psg 176 and 200
20:57:29  <Jam35> cargo i think
21:00:37  <Jam35> hm might have been pax #296
21:00:54  <Jam35> doesn't seem like that long ago tho
21:03:33  <Jam35> yes it was #296
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