Log for #openttdcoop on 8th October 2018:
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13:00:54  <Happpy> !players
13:00:54  <coopserver> Happpy: The server is empty, no one is connected. Feel free to remedy this situation
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13:42:18  <XtremeSG> Hello anyone there
13:42:35  <Happpy> Hi
13:42:43  <XtremeSG> Oh damn fibally a response
13:42:56  <XtremeSG> Hows the building goinf
13:43:20  <XtremeSG> I reallt wanna join but cant cos im on mobile... Hope u guys could add a mobile one :)
13:43:21  <Happpy> I don't no i have not be on this server
13:43:52  <Happpy> Will its up to openttd  pepall
13:44:11  <XtremeSG> Hha
13:44:15  <XtremeSG> Btw
13:44:34  <XtremeSG> Can anyone teach me more in depth on mergers and stations
13:45:38  <eirc> hehe lots of info in the wiki for those
13:45:47  <Happpy> The best way is openttd Wikipedia or opentrdcop Wikipedia  all i no is bbh and split and overflow
13:45:49  <XtremeSG> Not alwyas easy to understand
13:46:01  <XtremeSG> I only know how to do all to all
13:46:20  <XtremeSG> So my mergers and splits often end up looking a bit big
13:46:44  <Happpy> That dont matet
13:46:47  <XtremeSG> Aha we now have 2 people... Thats a new record for me
13:46:55  <eirc> well that's what happens usually anyway, merges and splits are the biggest thing in junctions
13:47:04  <Happpy> As  lone its works
13:47:21  <XtremeSG> Well thats true
13:47:39  <XtremeSG> Im trying to understand the merger concept v435... Wrote
13:48:02  <eirc> but yea you can cut some corners here and there
13:48:14  <XtremeSG> ;)
13:48:23  <XtremeSG> Hey are you building rn
13:48:41  <XtremeSG> I want to see some of the progress...
13:48:49  <eirc> I'm at work haha
13:48:54  <XtremeSG> So far i have only been able to participate in one planning section
13:48:55  <XtremeSG> Lmao
13:48:59  <XtremeSG> Then nvm
13:49:18  <eirc> I can be in in like 3 or 4 hours for a bit if you got more questions
13:49:21  <Happpy> And i onley play at nu6
13:49:30  <XtremeSG> Well its 9.49 pm here
13:49:31  <eirc> but I'm not even close to a veteran :P
13:49:34  <XtremeSG> Not possible
13:49:43  <XtremeSG> How long uve been playing
13:49:50  <eirc> on off for many years
13:49:57  <XtremeSG> The last time i was on this irc was i think 2 years back...
13:49:58  <Happpy> 5  years
13:49:59  <eirc> but a couple times with coop only
13:50:01  <XtremeSG> Haha
13:50:07  <XtremeSG> Lomger than me :)
13:50:18  <XtremeSG> Learning how to play compeitively on servers with trains
13:50:44  <XtremeSG> Trying to convince myself to not coop method the train system and dont judge other people tracking...
13:51:04  <Happpy> Year  when  i ferst play  i had pro players help me
13:51:09  <XtremeSG> Nice
13:51:13  <XtremeSG> I didnt really have any
13:51:33  <XtremeSG> I kinfa taught myself how to play with aircraft and buses
13:51:48  <eirc> nah ignore those, the game's about trains :D
13:52:08  <XtremeSG> I totally agree on that
13:52:18  <XtremeSG> But if i were to play competitively
13:52:27  <XtremeSG> For example on servers
13:52:38  <XtremeSG> What is the best method to set up a good train system
13:52:56  <XtremeSG> That earns rather than be foolproof
13:53:06  <Happpy> Will i do loop network
13:53:25  <Happpy> So all you need is split
13:53:26  <XtremeSG> Loop network is just a big huge roundabout circle righr
13:53:34  <Happpy> Yes
13:53:49  <XtremeSG> Ok
13:53:51  <XtremeSG> That works
13:54:00  <XtremeSG> So the whole match
13:54:07  <XtremeSG> Ill just keep builfing those?
13:54:30  <Happpy> But it depends on the map
13:55:02  <XtremeSG> Guven the map usually has more industries
13:55:08  <XtremeSG> And towns are way to small
13:55:25  <XtremeSG> Ebough land, few rivers, a bit hilly terrain in general
13:56:06  <Happpy> Then  if the map is not islands  then a network  whive bbh
13:56:21  <XtremeSG> U mean a centralised system
13:56:27  <Happpy> Yes
13:56:44  <Happpy> If it's  hilly  then tl3
13:56:59  <XtremeSG> So everything just coverges on one station in the centre, for example the roundabout station,
13:57:19  <XtremeSG> And all pickups are outside link back to the "ML"
13:57:37  <Happpy> Yes  then you ade  2 ml
13:57:42  <XtremeSG> Usually i see players use tl7 tho
13:57:48  <XtremeSG> U would use LL RR right
13:58:08  <Happpy> The pick up station  shord have overflow
13:58:11  <Happpy> Yes
13:58:15  <XtremeSG> Would ur main station be in centre or corner
13:58:31  <XtremeSG> Ok.. I better search iverflow
13:58:43  <XtremeSG> Does it refer to too much cargl or many trains
13:59:13  <Happpy> No overflow  is to stop train q
13:59:18  <XtremeSG> Ok
13:59:19  <XtremeSG> Crap
13:59:22  <XtremeSG> I better go read
13:59:37  <XtremeSG> Anw where would u place the main station
13:59:54  <XtremeSG> Centre with roro or corner with roro/terminal
14:00:24  <Happpy> If you go to opentrdcop welcome server i have a loop network  Whive split and overflow
14:00:34  <XtremeSG> Which one
14:00:41  <XtremeSG> I mean which company haha
14:01:00  <Happpy> Happpytrainsport
14:01:02  <XtremeSG> Ill have to guess my way to the openttd welcome server
14:01:12  <XtremeSG> Gimme a sec ill see if i can get in
14:01:18  <Happpy> Ok
14:02:16  <Happpy> More info is on opentrdcop Wikipedia  on overflow
14:03:10  <Happpy> My team  player lokey is  redoing the bbh so we can ade a 3 ml
14:04:31  <XtremeSG> Sorry i dont have the newgrf
14:04:37  <XtremeSG> Cant download rn
14:04:46  <Happpy> Np
14:04:49  <XtremeSG> I wanna join u tho... Hahaha
14:04:57  <XtremeSG> Triple ml?
14:05:02  <XtremeSG> U mean LLL RRR or
14:05:14  <Happpy> Yes LLLRRR
14:05:26  <XtremeSG> The type that can servjce L R and one in the middle thatworls bothw ways
14:05:33  <XtremeSG> That one sounds fum to me
14:05:41  <XtremeSG> Im interested in building the bbh
14:06:06  <XtremeSG> And show u how amazingly retarded i can be at times haha i literally build by instinct
14:06:19  <Happpy> Its not finsh yet
14:06:30  <Happpy> Ww got 3 split  to do
14:06:41  <Happpy> And the bhh
14:06:45  <XtremeSG> 3 split hmm
14:06:52  <XtremeSG> Ill see if i can download tje newgrfs tmr
14:06:57  <XtremeSG> And then ill come in
14:06:57  <Happpy> Ok
14:07:04  <XtremeSG> Do u have a password or smth
14:07:26  <Happpy> Yes i do have a pw
14:07:28  <XtremeSG> And also entering the server requires a pass?
14:07:46  <Happpy> The sever is free to join  no pw
14:07:53  <XtremeSG> Oh
14:07:56  <XtremeSG> So ur company has a pw
14:08:01  <Happpy> Yrs
14:08:03  <Happpy> Yes
14:08:06  <XtremeSG> Does that mean i have to join as a new company
14:08:11  <XtremeSG> Thats gonna be great
14:08:25  <XtremeSG> No toxic competition?
14:09:15  <Happpy> Ther is free space on the map
14:09:24  <XtremeSG> Great thinf
14:09:59  <XtremeSG> Just take note im usually retarded in building
14:11:03  <Happpy> Will  i wateing for lokey to finsh the bhh   virtualranddomnumber  to finsh a split
14:11:17  <XtremeSG> Ok
14:11:28  <XtremeSG> Time to play with no teammates
14:11:41  <Happpy> But i can join you  a bout 7 pm on the sever
14:11:45  <XtremeSG> Perhaps u will want to join me on some btpro servers?
14:11:53  <XtremeSG> 7pm what time zone
14:11:57  <Happpy> Uk
14:12:03  <XtremeSG> Ok
14:12:40  <Happpy> If you tel me the sever name  and i check it out at  7 pm
14:12:44  <XtremeSG> Damn jt sorry it wi be 2 am
14:12:46  <XtremeSG> Here
14:12:54  <XtremeSG> Singapore time is a few hours ahead
14:13:03  <Happpy> Ar ok np
14:13:35  <XtremeSG> Its ok... We can find time to play at perhaps morning UK time
14:13:42  <XtremeSG> Then it will be afternoon here
14:13:44  <XtremeSG> Perfect
14:15:09  <Happpy> Hm will onley pkay at night   i try to cut down on playing time
14:15:27  <XtremeSG> Damm it ok ill see
14:15:40  <Happpy>  But  live it Whive me i get back to you
14:15:47  <XtremeSG> Sg is abt 7 hours ahead so
14:15:58  <Happpy> Year
14:16:17  <XtremeSG> 11pm on your side is 6am here
14:16:30  <XtremeSG> The earliest i will wake up usually
14:17:12  <Happpy> Yrs Yes i play from 7 pm to 12 pm or 1
14:17:19  <XtremeSG> Hahaha 12am
14:17:23  <XtremeSG> Good job man
14:17:29  <XtremeSG> Game 5 hours
14:17:53  <Happpy> Will i wish
14:18:08  <XtremeSG> Just not this week
14:18:10  <XtremeSG> I have exams
14:18:15  <XtremeSG> Better not game too much
14:18:36  <Happpy> No i play  7 pm to 12 pm ever night
14:18:55  <XtremeSG> Every night
14:18:56  <XtremeSG> Wow
14:19:00  <XtremeSG> Not for me yet
14:19:07  <Happpy> I can not pay at day time  it give me a headake
14:19:18  <XtremeSG> Probably next monday after my last paper finishes i can game
14:19:49  <Happpy> So night time  is best for me
14:19:56  <XtremeSG> Ah
14:19:58  <XtremeSG> Ok
14:20:10  <XtremeSG> Ill try and se eif i can match up to your time
14:20:18  <Happpy> Its ok i am on the irc channel 24 hours 7  day's a week
14:20:33  <XtremeSG> What
14:20:43  <XtremeSG> U saw my message yesterday too?
14:20:51  <Happpy> Yes
14:20:52  <XtremeSG> I sent and no one responded
14:21:01  <XtremeSG> So i left
14:21:04  <Happpy> I was a sleep
14:21:14  <XtremeSG> Ok ur next level truly
14:21:21  <Happpy> If you send it at 1pm
14:21:31  <Happpy> then i am a sleep
14:21:41  <XtremeSG> Arent u working
14:21:46  <Happpy> Np
14:21:48  <XtremeSG> Or are u student
14:21:48  <Happpy> No
14:22:10  <Happpy> I dont work or a student
14:22:16  <XtremeSG> Or just a guy who stays at home
14:22:22  <Happpy>  Yes
14:22:38  <XtremeSG> Whta do u even di the rest off the day
14:22:44  <Happpy> Just keep the home clean for my mum and dad
14:23:01  <XtremeSG> Nice
14:23:02  <Happpy> And then play at 7 pm
14:23:57  <XtremeSG> Should i go in and start a quick match
14:24:02  <XtremeSG> Btpro
14:24:18  <XtremeSG> To get my bearings on the loop network
14:24:39  <XtremeSG> And the use of tl3 trains
14:25:31  <Happpy> Yes
14:25:39  <XtremeSG> Ok
14:25:47  <XtremeSG> I hope i can finish it quick
14:25:51  <XtremeSG> Exam in 2 days
14:25:55  <XtremeSG> Physics and chemistry
14:25:58  <XtremeSG> Higher math
14:26:03  <XtremeSG> And then higher art
14:26:26  <XtremeSG> Cargo choice
14:26:36  <XtremeSG> I use wood or oil or coal?
14:27:05  <Happpy> Chek to see Wich  is more
14:27:11  <XtremeSG> Cial is most
14:27:13  <XtremeSG> Coal
14:27:17  <XtremeSG> Usually
14:27:21  <Happpy> Then do that
14:27:27  <XtremeSG> But thay also means heavily competed
14:28:04  <Happpy> Hm true
14:28:20  <Happpy> Wich sever  you playing
14:28:29  <XtremeSG> Yolo dk yet
14:28:37  <XtremeSG> Unless ur gonna join
14:28:44  <XtremeSG> Im probably gonna decide later
14:29:36  <Happpy> It's ok i can join or chek it out at 7 pm
14:29:43  <XtremeSG> Ok
14:29:51  <XtremeSG> Do u want me to set password to happy
14:30:00  <XtremeSG> So u can join and screw ard with it
14:30:01  <Happpy> Yes
14:30:09  <XtremeSG> Ok why not haha wait
14:32:00  <Happpy> Will tel me the network plan
14:32:26  <Happpy> Then i can i. Can  help you later
14:33:51  <XtremeSG> Sorry abt the planes and buses
14:33:58  <XtremeSG> But its necessary for the income
14:34:16  <Happpy> Ok np
14:34:55  <XtremeSG> Anw its #x1 TEST - 1 BIL
14:35:06  <XtremeSG> Basically q billion cv target
14:35:11  <XtremeSG> Leaving us woth a lot of time
14:35:29  <Happpy> Nice
14:37:44  <Happpy> Is ther a goal on that sever  or is it a sand box's
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14:48:25  <Happpy> Wb
14:48:30  <XtremeSG> Holy fk im abck
14:48:37  <XtremeSG> Anw
14:48:42  <XtremeSG> Its a long term match
14:48:46  <XtremeSG> 300 years
14:49:03  <Happpy> So its a sanboxs
14:49:09  <XtremeSG> And fyi ignore the spam of plane landing on insufficient runway
14:49:16  <XtremeSG> I didnt see that coming so
14:49:22  <XtremeSG> I have to change some aircraft soon
14:49:32  <XtremeSG> Search for the company Arcene Transport
14:49:40  <Happpy> Ok
14:49:41  <XtremeSG>  Password is happy
14:49:44  <XtremeSG> :)
14:49:45  <Happpy> Ok
15:01:50  *** XtremeSG has quit IRC
15:19:13  *** XtremeSG has joined #openttdcoop
15:19:34  <XtremeSG> Yo im back
15:19:43  <XtremeSG> Kind of fked up in that match a bit
15:20:09  <XtremeSG> Used the wrong ajrcraft from the start
15:20:12  <Happpy>  In what way
15:20:19  <XtremeSG> So the profits are a bit low
15:20:29  <XtremeSG> Coulda grown 2 times faster income
15:20:39  <XtremeSG> I dont have much time left so
15:20:45  <Happpy> Ar ok
15:20:51  <XtremeSG> Im gonna use the limit number of aircraft
15:20:54  <XtremeSG> 10
15:21:07  <XtremeSG> And push the prfit to abt 1 million if possible
15:21:15  <XtremeSG> Or at least 700k
15:21:17  <Happpy> Nice
15:21:30  <XtremeSG> That should be enough to support a train system ;)
15:21:58  <XtremeSG> When u enter the match u shld see a red station thats mine haha it next to a power station
15:22:01  <XtremeSG> Nothing else
15:22:05  *** Maraxus has joined #openttdcoop
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15:22:06  <XtremeSG> The rest are all over the map
15:22:12  <XtremeSG> Hey there
15:22:34  <Happpy> Nice
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16:01:04  <XtremeSG> Yo happy
16:01:06  <XtremeSG> Im done
16:01:14  <Happpy> Hi
16:01:17  <Happpy> Ok
16:01:19  <XtremeSG> 1.5 million earnings by aircraft so that adds up to abt
16:01:26  <XtremeSG> 500k net each year
16:01:30  <XtremeSG> Or even 700k...
16:01:37  <XtremeSG> Should be enough right
16:01:38  <Happpy> I be on 2 hours or 3
16:01:44  <XtremeSG> Yea
16:01:49  <XtremeSG> I left some signs there
16:01:53  <XtremeSG> Remb its
16:01:57  <Happpy> Ok
16:02:04  <XtremeSG>
16:02:09  <XtremeSG> Make sure u find
16:02:18  <XtremeSG> TEST 1 Bil
16:02:35  <XtremeSG> Cos its the only one i found with long time plus bad players
16:02:36  <Happpy> Thats has  be a websit link
16:02:43  <Happpy> Ar ok
16:02:48  <XtremeSG> Its a server in mobile
16:02:55  <XtremeSG> Like i open mobile multiplayer
16:02:58  <XtremeSG> I can find it
16:03:22  <XtremeSG> Fyi if i plane crashes
16:03:24  <XtremeSG> Just clone it
16:03:41  <Happpy> I play  on latop
16:03:58  <XtremeSG> And when the dinger 200 appears replace the darwin 300s
16:04:01  <XtremeSG> Damn
16:04:06  <XtremeSG> I play on mobile
16:04:16  <XtremeSG> But that means i can see your server
16:04:17  <XtremeSG> Yay
16:04:25  <XtremeSG> So u can join that server
16:04:31  <XtremeSG> Lemme see what u build tmr
16:04:36  <XtremeSG> Leave notes ard so i can learn
16:04:38  <Happpy> I find it
16:04:50  <XtremeSG> Like signs etc... It will help me become a better builder
16:05:00  <Happpy> I will find it
16:05:01  <XtremeSG> Btw the company is called Arcene Transport lol
16:05:05  <XtremeSG> Ok
16:05:11  <XtremeSG> Good luck have fun with my comoany
16:05:18  <Happpy> Ok
16:05:33  <XtremeSG> P. S. Has ready 2.4 million cash and counting in reserves...
16:05:51  <Happpy> Ok
16:13:35  *** XtremeSG has quit IRC
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19:59:15  *** Happpy has joined #openttdcoop
19:59:15  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Happpy
20:27:13  <Arveen> !pw
20:27:13  <coopserver> Arveen: anding
20:27:18  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
20:27:21  <coopserver> *** Ar-to-the-veen has joined
20:27:22  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
20:27:22  <Happpy> Hi
20:28:27  <coopserver> *** Ar-to-the-veen has left the game (Leaving)
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