Log for #openttdcoop on 30th September 2019:
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06:18:30  <coopdiscord> Command sent from Discord by Arcene: Time to YEET!:
06:18:31  <coopdiscord> @LugnutsK / Hazzard pffffft i dont see how u can do this conversion
06:18:33  <coopdiscord> <Arcene: Time to YEET!> Is it by bridges
06:18:37  <coopdiscord> <Arcene: Time to YEET!> And tunnels etc
06:18:45  <coopdiscord> <Arcene: Time to YEET!> One track crosses the over
06:18:48  <coopdiscord> <Arcene: Time to YEET!> Other
06:18:52  <coopdiscord> <LugnutsK / Hazzard> Huh?
06:19:14  <coopdiscord> <Arcene: Time to YEET!> So likeeee how does the tracks become drive on left in the middle
06:19:34  <coopdiscord> <Arcene: Time to YEET!> They still crossover righttttttttt
06:19:39  <coopdiscord> <LugnutsK / Hazzard> Yeah
06:19:41  <coopdiscord> <LugnutsK / Hazzard> bridges or tunnels
06:19:49  <coopdiscord> <LugnutsK / Hazzard> easiest when your ML is diagonal actually
06:20:02  <coopdiscord> <Arcene: Time to YEET!> Ah i see u cross twice instead of 1 big massive cluster death
06:20:31  <coopdiscord> <Arcene: Time to YEET!> So its easier to build 2 cross overs rather than 1 massive crossover that can get quite confusing
06:20:59  <coopdiscord> <Arcene: Time to YEET!> If the original traffic is drive on left, then switching over to drive on right in the middle wohld help too right
06:21:01  <coopdiscord> <LugnutsK / Hazzard> Usually yeah
06:21:05  <coopdiscord> <LugnutsK / Hazzard> yeah
06:21:27  <coopdiscord> <LugnutsK / Hazzard> LHD vs RHD can be swapped and used to your advantage
06:39:38  <coopdiscord> <Arcene: Time to YEET!> I see
06:39:50  <coopdiscord> <Arcene: Time to YEET!> Ive always been building 1 massive crossover
06:40:16  <coopdiscord> <Arcene: Time to YEET!> XD learning smth new everyday
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11:38:21  <happpy> !players
11:38:21  <coopserver> happpy: The server is empty, no one is connected. Feel free to remedy this situation
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14:49:59  <happpy> yo
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16:53:07  <coopdiscord> Command sent from Discord by Dumbutpoo:
16:53:07  <coopdiscord> !players
16:53:07  <coopserver> coopdiscord: The server is empty, no one is connected. Feel free to remedy this situation
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17:15:06  <Arveen> !pw
17:15:06  <coopserver> Arveen: panels
17:15:10  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
17:15:14  <coopserver> *** Ar-to-the-veen has joined
17:15:15  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
17:22:45  <coopdiscord> Command sent from Discord by Dumbutpoo:
17:22:46  <coopdiscord> !players
17:22:46  <coopserver> coopdiscord: There are currently 0 players and 1 spectators, making a total of 1 clients connected
17:23:04  <coopdiscord> Command sent from Discord by Dumbutpoo:
17:23:04  <coopdiscord> !pw
17:23:04  <coopserver> coopdiscord: panels
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20:45:59  <coopserver> *** Ar-to-the-veen has left the game (Leaving)
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