Log for #openttdcoop on 25th July 2021:
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17:27:37  <Nasten> hi
17:27:45  <coopdiscord> <happpy> hi
17:28:13  <Nasten> does anyone know, if you can change the max vehicle setting in an allready startet game?
17:29:18  <coopdiscord> <happpy> if  you  hosting  a server  then yes if  you join server then only admin can   if  offline then  yes
17:29:44  <Nasten> i mean in an private offline game
17:29:51  <coopdiscord> <happpy> yeah
17:29:59  <coopdiscord> <happpy> just  open the game settings
17:30:14  <coopdiscord> <happpy> and  you sord  change it
17:30:24  <Nasten> and then load the game?
17:30:52  <coopdiscord> <happpy> no  need   if  you offline  game you can change it in the game
17:31:53  <Nasten> if i go on my settings symbol (left of save) i do not have this option
17:32:16  <coopdiscord> <happpy> hmm
17:32:53  <Nasten> and i did change it in the main menu and loaded the game
17:33:25  <Nasten> but a bunch of my vehicles just stays in the depot with a green dot
17:34:18  <Nasten> (road is connected, and if i try to sell the it tells me i cant because theire not in the depot, but i cant destroy the depot becuase theire are cars inside *confused*)
17:35:05  <coopdiscord> <happpy>
17:35:26  <coopdiscord> <happpy> so  you don't see  that  in  your offline   ga
17:35:29  <coopdiscord> <happpy> game
17:36:00  <Nasten> nope
17:36:07  <coopdiscord> <happpy> hmm
17:36:09  <Nasten> or i just cant figure out how to get theire
17:36:42  <coopdiscord> <happpy> go  to  the  gar and  hold it down to see  game settings
17:37:47  <Nasten> ohh fuck me
17:37:53  <Nasten> now i feel stupid
17:37:59  <Nasten> thx alot
17:38:02  <coopdiscord> <happpy> np
17:38:05  <coopdiscord> <happpy> its ok
17:38:26  <coopdiscord> <happpy> that's what  I am  online for
17:39:09  <Nasten> your one of the developers?
17:39:22  <coopdiscord> <happpy> no  I am a admin
17:39:37  <Nasten> ok, but thx anyway 1000 times!
17:39:43  <coopdiscord> <happpy> for  openttdcoop welcome server and public service and  for  rebbit sever
17:40:20  <coopdiscord> <happpy> no
17:40:25  <coopdiscord> <happpy> np
17:43:09  <Nasten> ohh you have transperency aswell
17:43:23  <Nasten> understanding the menu is a huge thing i guess lol
17:44:22  <coopdiscord> <happpy> yeah I  just  fixs problems in the game  like  blocking players or  griefing them or teleport or stealing
17:51:39  <Nasten> is it normalthat their no sang wagons for trains?
17:52:21  <coopdiscord> <happpy> thats   because you need grf
17:52:22  <Webster> Read the Quickstart - #openttdcoop wiki - (again, try !grf)
17:52:40  <coopdiscord> <happpy> wtat  train set you use
17:53:11  <Nasten> just refit rvs
17:53:22  <happpy> hmm
17:53:35  <happpy> never  use  that  train set befor
17:53:48  <happpy> I only use nuts train set
17:53:58  <Nasten> which do you recomment?
17:54:11  <happpy> nuts train set
17:54:23  <happpy> whive  purr  train line
17:54:36  <happpy> because all  trains can run  on  ot
17:54:40  <happpy> it
17:55:35  <Nasten> so i need to start a new game i guess
17:55:47  <coopdiscord> <happpy> it's up to you
17:58:24  <Nasten> yeah caus it seems i cant add them to a running game
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