Log for #openttdcoop on 30th October 2021:
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19:45:54  <coopdiscord> <utrain> When will openttdcoop servers be back up?
19:45:59  <coopdiscord> <utrain> they seemingly are... gone.
19:46:45  <coopdiscord> <happpy> don't no to  that  question   but  you can  try  out  tg  server
19:46:56  <coopdiscord> <happpy> thats like openttdcoop game play
19:46:59  <coopdiscord> Command sent from Discord by happpy:
19:46:59  <coopdiscord> @utrain
19:47:22  <coopdiscord> Command sent from Discord by utrain:
19:47:23  <coopdiscord> @happpythanks, i'll check it out
19:47:29  <coopdiscord> <utrain> another question, what happened with all the signals
19:47:34  <coopdiscord> <utrain> I just updated to 12.0
19:47:37  <coopdiscord> <happpy> np
19:48:07  <coopdiscord> <utrain> there's only the two path signals for me
19:49:13  <coopdiscord> <utrain> also hi again
19:49:16  <coopdiscord> <happpy> ar  yeah  that  happened to  me  chek your settings or  best  to  ask  on  openttd discord channel
19:50:09  <coopdiscord> <utrain> found the config
19:50:10  <coopdiscord> <utrain>
19:50:14  <coopdiscord> <utrain> weird.. why is it even a config?
19:50:38  <coopdiscord> <happpy> new  setting?
19:52:12  <coopdiscord> <happpy> openttdcoop server  whenet  down  when  we  trying to update the server  to  the new  openttd but some  thin went  wrong in the first   lockdown
19:52:13  <coopdiscord> Command sent from Discord by happpy:
19:52:14  <coopdiscord> @utrain
19:53:44  <coopdiscord> <utrain> ah ok
19:53:55  <coopdiscord> <utrain> so it's stuck in this stasis rn?
19:54:57  <coopdiscord> <happpy> i don't no   much  i think it's  the  server it  host  on  gone  down   or  some  thin

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