Log for #openttdcoop on 2nd July 2022:
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18:33:31  <FlowerPower> Hello does anyone knows how to change wagon cargo type  for "NUTS nrealistic train tutorial openttd"  i see that there is only one type that suppose to be universal for all csrgo but its not being loaded...
18:35:34  <coopdiscord> <happpy> If you port down wegon on the train in the train deport in the train window there shord be 2 box's clike on that
18:35:42  <coopdiscord> <happpy> To change the cargo tyop
18:39:38  <FlowerPower> Ok i've got it thanks a lot :)
18:42:30  <coopdiscord> <happpy> Np
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23:28:21  <Flower> Hi! I want to install this newgrf However i do not undestand description. Can someone explain me what value should have param1 if i want to have all mentioned options turned on?
23:29:03  <coopdiscord> <happpy> Hmm
23:30:56  <Flower> I've tried 111 but it seems that this turned on only first one...
23:35:43  <coopdiscord> <happpy> Give me a mite avd hsve a look
23:37:53  <Flower> Ok i figured that out. You ned tu sum them... :)
23:39:13  <coopdiscord> <happpy> Yeah normal if a new grf I make a folder name it newgrf in the op folder and port it in there
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