Log for on 13th May 2009:
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11:18:56  <FHS> !playercount
11:18:56  <Tycoon> FHS: Number of players: 0
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11:42:15  <FHS> hi
11:43:10  <Tycoon> *** FHS joined the game
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13:15:39  <Tycoon> *** lucas joined the game
13:15:49  <Tycoon> <lucas> hi all
13:16:24  <Tycoon> *** lucas has joined company #1
13:16:24  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
13:16:36  <Tycoon> <FHS> hi
13:17:10  <Tycoon> <FHS> Yes, its openttdcoop
13:17:29  <Tycoon> <FHS> this is a moneymaker line
13:18:07  <Tycoon> <FHS> nope, cause theres only one train currently
13:18:21  <Tycoon> <FHS> it wont block anything
13:18:44  <Tycoon> <FHS> That isnt dependant on station length
13:19:35  <Tycoon> <FHS> 3 years
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13:19:57  <Tycoon> <FHS> Sp in the beginning
13:20:00  <Tycoon> <FHS> mp now
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13:20:52  <Tycoon> <FHS> Youve ever been on the Public server?
13:20:59  <Tycoon> <lucas> yes
13:21:09  <Tycoon> <lucas> about 5 years
13:21:15  <Tycoon> <FHS> ok, im not so good like them
13:21:25  <Tycoon> <FHS> thats why im on the dev server
13:21:27  <Tycoon> <lucas> ur dutch?
13:21:33  <Tycoon> <FHS> yes
13:21:56  <Tycoon> <FHS> ja
13:22:11  <Tycoon> <FHS> ok
13:23:30  <Tycoon> <FHS> ok, klaar
13:24:29  <Tycoon> <FHS> ja, ik heb dit scenario herstelt
13:24:48  <Tycoon> <FHS> dus dacht ik er ook an dit leintje
13:25:30  <Tycoon> <FHS> hoofdmenu en klick op scenario editor
13:26:47  <Hirundo> Please keep the discussion in english
13:26:54  <Tycoon> <FHS> Okay
13:26:56  <Tycoon> <lucas> sorry
13:27:18  <SmatZ> Hirundo: why did you change your nick? I am still not used to it :)
13:27:20  <Tycoon> <lucas> but no-one is more online
13:27:50  <Tycoon> <FHS> Yes, this server wasnt played with since last week
13:28:00  <Hirundo> I wanted to change it *before* becoming rich and famous :)
13:28:24  <SmatZ> too late :)
13:28:28  <Tycoon> <FHS> okay
13:32:24  <Tycoon> <FHS> ok
13:36:48  <Tycoon> <FHS> we hebben het geld
13:37:26  <SmatZ> that was one poor enlish sentence :-p
13:37:36  <Tycoon> <FHS> lol
13:37:49  <planetmaker> !info
13:37:49  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:1(Orange) Company Name: 'Tunfingford Transport'  Year Founded: 1960  Money: 165009  Loan: 200000  Value: 398215  (T:4, R:2, P:0, S:0) unprotected
13:37:49  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:2(Red) Company Name: 'Comm Cody Transport'  Year Founded: 1960  Money: 96550  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
13:37:49  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:3(Blue) Company Name: 'ProRail Transport'  Year Founded: 1960  Money: 96550  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
13:37:49  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:4(Green) Company Name: 'James Transport'  Year Founded: 1960  Money: 96550  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
13:37:49  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:5(Pink) Company Name: 'Bobbje Transport'  Year Founded: 1960  Money: 96550  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
13:37:49  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:6(Purple) Company Name: 'Kenji Transport'  Year Founded: 1960  Money: 96550  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
13:37:49  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:7(White) Company Name: 'max Transport'  Year Founded: 1960  Money: 96550  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
13:37:51  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:9(Yellow) Company Name: 'Andrew Transport'  Year Founded: 1960  Money: 96550  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
13:37:54  <Tycoon> <lucas> that is the best engels we kan
13:38:00  <Tycoon> <lucas> ;)
13:38:10  <planetmaker> hmpf...
13:38:33  <Tycoon> <FHS> DC-3?
13:38:46  <SmatZ> reset them all?
13:38:49  <Ammler> yes
13:38:55  <Tycoon> <lucas> no not us
13:39:05  <Ammler> !players
13:39:07  <Tycoon> Ammler: Client 15 (Orange) is FHS, in company 1 (Tunfingford Transport)
13:39:07  <Tycoon> Ammler: Client 17 (Orange) is lucas, in company 1 (Tunfingford Transport)
13:39:11  <Tycoon> <FHS> we just started playing after a week
13:39:15  <SmatZ> !rcon reset_company 2
13:39:15  <Tycoon> SmatZ: Company deleted.
13:39:17  <SmatZ> !rcon reset_company 3
13:39:17  <Tycoon> SmatZ: Company deleted.
13:39:18  <SmatZ> !rcon reset_company 4
13:39:18  <Tycoon> SmatZ: Company deleted.
13:39:20  <SmatZ> !rcon reset_company 5
13:39:20  <Tycoon> SmatZ: Company deleted.
13:39:21  <SmatZ> !rcon reset_company 6
13:39:21  <Tycoon> SmatZ: Company deleted.
13:39:23  <SmatZ> !rcon reset_company 7
13:39:23  <Tycoon> SmatZ: Company deleted.
13:39:25  <SmatZ> !rcon reset_company 9
13:39:25  <Tycoon> SmatZ: Company deleted.
13:39:30  <SmatZ> !info
13:39:30  <Tycoon> SmatZ: #:1(Orange) Company Name: 'Tunfingford Transport'  Year Founded: 1960  Money: 259767  Loan: 200000  Value: 484815  (T:4, R:2, P:0, S:0) unprotected
13:39:41  <Tycoon> *** lucas has left the game (leaving)
13:39:41  <Tycoon> *** lucas has left the game (connection lost)
13:39:41  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
13:40:14  <Tycoon> <FHS> ok,  seems like this game stays paused for the next years
13:40:18  <Tycoon> *** FHS has left the game (connection lost)
13:40:27  <Ammler> !rcon min_active_clients
13:40:27  <Tycoon> Ammler: ERROR: command or variable not found
13:40:32  <Ammler> !rcon set min_active_clients
13:40:32  <Tycoon> Ammler: Current value for 'min_active_clients' is: '2' (min: 0, max: 255)
13:41:03  <SmatZ> why did lucas leave?
13:42:01  <Tycoon> *** FHS joined the game
13:49:34  <Tycoon> *** FHS has joined company #1
13:52:35  <Tycoon> *** Mark joined the game
13:52:39  <Tycoon> <FHS> hi
13:52:45  <Tycoon> <Mark> hello
13:53:56  <Tycoon> <FHS> Quite boring around here
13:56:08  <Tycoon> <FHS> Still here?
14:00:00  <Ammler> :-)
14:00:23  <Ammler> FHS is coding new SwissSet?
14:00:46  <Tycoon> <FHS> Im not able to code
14:00:59  <Ammler> painting some vehicles?
14:01:16  <Tycoon> <FHS> Trying, but result is really ugly
14:01:21  <Ammler> just read the forum thread about, would be nice to have such a set.
14:01:28  <Tycoon> <FHS> I know
14:01:42  <Ammler> Do you know Addi?
14:01:48  <Tycoon> <FHS> Nope
14:02:02  *** [com]buster has joined
14:02:02  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o [com]buster
14:02:03  <Ammler> he made some small grfs and had much insterests on the SwissSet too.
14:02:04  <planetmaker> it'd also be nice, if my bank account would have 10000 times more money...
14:02:05  *** Combuster has quit IRC
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14:02:23  <planetmaker> ^^ hehe. joiner ;)
14:02:27  <Ammler> (he is from Schaffhausen, afaik)
14:02:31  * Hirundo doesn't like hyperinflation...
14:02:59  <planetmaker> Hirundo, I'm not speaking of *everyone's* bank account. Only of one. That wouldn't hurt inflation ;)
14:03:07  <Tycoon> <FHS> I still dont know him, never saw him on the public server
14:03:29  <Hirundo> In my case it would ;)
14:03:46  <Ammler> yeah, he isn't around that often anymore :-(
14:03:58  <Tycoon> <FHS> And about the coding issue, i dont know if GRFMaker would run on Win 7
14:04:39  <Ammler> GRFMaker is very limited if it comes to VarAction
14:04:55  <Ammler> no advanced coder uses it.
14:05:00  <Tycoon> <FHS> ?????????????????????????????????????
14:06:20  <Tycoon> <FHS> There are some aproaches to make NFO more readable, but for now i replace my sprites in trgir.grf
14:06:48  * Hirundo ponders an expression-to-varaction2(advanced) parser
14:06:57  <Ammler> he, I am the opposite, I only coded, no own sprites.
14:07:46  <Tycoon> <FHS> Ok, but im absolutetly unable to make sprites that look else than subway cars
14:08:32  <Tycoon> <FHS>
14:20:32  <Tycoon> <FHS> Hello?
14:20:56  <SmatZ> hello
14:21:04  <Tycoon> <FHS> oh
14:25:18  <Tycoon> *** Mark has left the game (leaving)
14:25:18  <Tycoon> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
14:26:17  <Ammler> FHS :-)
14:26:37  <Ammler> we are always here ;-)
14:26:44  <Ammler> you aren't alone
14:32:36  *** Hirundo_ has joined
14:35:22  *** FHS has joined
14:35:37  <FHS> !help
14:36:52  *** FHS has quit IRC
14:38:01  *** Hirundo has quit IRC
14:38:13  *** Hirundo_ is now known as Hirundo
15:14:58  <Hirundo> !playercount
15:14:58  <Tycoon> Hirundo: Number of players: 1
15:20:44  <Hirundo> Question/Poll: How should fee payment be determined? (primarily talking about rvs/ships/aircraft here)
15:20:46  <Hirundo> 1) as a function of time spent loading/unloading
15:20:47  <Hirundo> 2) as a function of transferred cargo (units)
15:20:49  <Hirundo> 3) ....
15:20:50  <Hirundo> Please discuss / vote
15:21:10  <Tycoon> <FHS> 2
15:26:19  <Tycoon> <FHS> No Discussion possible as i am the only one here
15:26:37  <planetmaker> oh, well, then...
15:26:59  <Tycoon> <FHS> Yes?
15:27:06  <planetmaker> I'm for 3)
15:27:15  <Hirundo> elaborate
15:27:15  <planetmaker> combination of both
15:27:31  <Tycoon> <FHS> So, whats
15:27:34  <Tycoon> <FHS> oops
15:28:00  <planetmaker> because both things "hurt" the infrastructure sharing company:
15:28:13  <planetmaker> time spent: no other person can use the station
15:28:20  <Tycoon> <FHS> It hurts if theres nobody else around
15:29:58  <Tycoon> <FHS> can somebody unpause?
15:30:59  <Tycoon> <FHS> Hello?
15:32:49  <Tycoon> <FHS> Hello??
15:33:28  <Hirundo> !rcon set min_active_clients
15:33:28  <Tycoon> Hirundo: you are not allowed to use !rcon
15:33:46  <Hirundo> !companies
15:33:48  <Tycoon> Hirundo: Company 1 (Orange): Tunfingford Transport
15:33:53  <Hirundo> 1players
15:33:56  <Hirundo> !players
15:33:59  <Tycoon> Hirundo: Client 19 (Orange) is FHS, in company 1 (Tunfingford Transport)
15:34:15  <Tycoon> <FHS> Why nobody is interested in IS
15:35:43  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
15:35:50  <Tycoon> *** Hirundo joined the game
15:35:54  <Tycoon> *** FHS has left the game (connection lost)
15:35:56  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
15:36:32  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
15:36:38  <Tycoon> *** FHS joined the game
15:36:43  <Tycoon> <FHS> Thanks
15:37:14  <Tycoon> <Hirundo> shall I commission more gold trains?
15:37:24  <Tycoon> <FHS> I already did
15:37:58  <Tycoon> <FHS> Never enough for the Banks
15:38:30  <Tycoon> <Hirundo> banks need lots of money these days...
15:38:52  <Tycoon> <FHS> Yes, Economy here much better
15:39:58  <Tycoon> <FHS> Plendinghattan is going to expand rapidly later
15:40:33  <Tycoon> <Hirundo> are diesels/electrics really meant to be 10x more expensive than steam?
15:40:56  <Tycoon> <FHS> Not in reality, damn i used the "R" word
15:41:23  <Tycoon> <Hirundo> voteban FHS reason=R
15:41:58  <Tycoon> <FHS> wow, electrics are really expensive
15:43:40  <planetmaker> @op Hirundo
15:43:40  *** Webster sets mode: +o Hirundo
15:44:00  <Hirundo> !rcon set min_active_clients
15:44:00  <Tycoon> Hirundo: Current value for 'min_active_clients' is: '2' (min: 0, max: 255)
15:44:05  <Hirundo> !rcon set min_active_clients 1
15:44:12  <Hirundo> !rcon set min_active_clients
15:44:12  <Tycoon> Hirundo: Current value for 'min_active_clients' is: '1' (min: 0, max: 255)
15:45:04  <planetmaker> he...
15:45:12  <planetmaker> hirundo, your nick is not registered.
15:45:14  <Tycoon> <FHS> yes?
15:45:20  <Tycoon> <FHS> oops
15:45:34  <planetmaker> mind doing that? :)
15:46:23  <Hirundo> done
15:47:34  <planetmaker> thanks. Gave you chanop
15:47:53  <planetmaker> cannot do that with unregistered nicks :)
15:53:05  <Tycoon> <FHS> Question: what are you doing?
15:53:15  <Tycoon> <Hirundo> reworking the station to become roro
15:53:25  <Tycoon> <FHS> ok, how can i help?
15:54:05  <Tycoon> <Hirundo> did you make any manual adjustments to those crashed trains?
15:54:15  <Tycoon> <FHS> Nope
15:54:33  <Tycoon> <Hirundo> strange :S
15:54:43  <Tycoon> <FHS> things happen
15:55:17  <Tycoon> <FHS> i am blocking the stion that you can rework it
15:55:23  <Tycoon> <Hirundo> not needed
15:55:30  <Tycoon> <FHS> okay
15:58:33  <Tycoon> <FHS> Teh prices are somewhat high
15:59:47  <planetmaker> it's only DBXL prices. That's still reasonable :)
15:59:53  <planetmaker> play 2cc with high prices :P
16:00:13  <Tycoon> <FHS> 58 000 Running costs are quite much IMHO
16:00:19  <Tycoon> <Hirundo> it's not the prices that surprised me, but the difference
16:00:31  <Tycoon> <FHS> Yeah, tht too
16:00:57  *** Timmaexx has joined
16:05:43  <Tycoon> <Hirundo> don't inject any more trains at the depot now
16:05:48  <Tycoon> <FHS> okay
16:08:06  <Tycoon> <FHS> lol. If you enter orudge in wikipedia it results: did you mean orange
16:09:59  <Tycoon> <FHS> Question: How to build a SRNW
16:10:11  <Tycoon> <Hirundo> SRNW=?
16:10:25  <Tycoon> <FHS> SelfRegulatinNetWork
16:10:36  <Tycoon> <FHS> Requires no orders
16:11:20  <Tycoon> <Hirundo> afk
16:14:38  <Tycoon> *** {[GER]Timmaexx} joined the game
16:14:51  <Tycoon> <[GER]Timmaexx> hello
16:14:54  <Tycoon> <FHS> Hi
16:15:04  <Tycoon> *** {[GER]Timmaexx} has changed his/her name to Timmaexx
16:16:44  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> When I'd found a company, am i allowed to use your stations?
16:16:50  <Tycoon> <FHS> Yep
16:17:00  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> thx
16:17:03  <Tycoon> *** Timmaexx has started a new company (#2)
16:17:11  <Tycoon> <FHS> Im currently building an ML
16:17:19  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> I see ;)
16:20:22  <Tycoon> <FHS> The game is lagging a bit
16:29:42  <Ammler> Timmaexx: still no indiana server?
16:29:53  <Tycoon> <FHS> ?
16:30:26  <Timmaexx> No i posted a thread in tt-ms because of your genial tip ;) but he didn't answered
16:30:48  <Ammler> my tip?
16:31:10  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> FHS could you please make a connection to my rails in west pls?
16:31:20  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> generic linux package
16:31:26  <Tycoon> <FHS> -/-/-/-/ Done
16:31:30  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> thx
16:31:52  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> and to the other place to pls
16:32:03  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> at !here
16:32:11  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> Thank you very much!
16:32:37  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> for both ;)
16:32:43  <Tycoon> <FHS> It seems your signalling is incompatible
16:32:57  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> where?
16:33:04  <Tycoon> <FHS> Both stations
16:33:27  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> yes its in beta testing ;) no i have to make another
16:33:31  <Tycoon> <FHS> I gave you the money to fix that
16:35:33  <Tycoon> <FHS> -/-/-/-/-/- ML Done
16:35:39  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> cool
16:36:31  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> better signalling ?
16:36:41  <Tycoon> <FHS> Where?
16:36:50  <Timmaexx> my stations
16:36:58  <Tycoon> <FHS> How?
16:40:24  <Tycoon> <FHS> comments please on HUB 01
16:41:40  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> nice
16:41:52  <Tycoon> <FHS> Thanks
16:47:00  <Tycoon> <FHS> Comments on HUB 02 please
16:47:14  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> Ugly in my opinion
16:47:25  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> HUB 1 is better
16:47:29  <Tycoon> <FHS> I know, ugly but functional
16:47:40  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> yes
16:47:50  <Tycoon> <FHS> Space Problems
16:48:13  <Tycoon> <FHS> Spent all my money?
16:48:35  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> you have fifteen millions
16:48:45  <Tycoon> <FHS> no, only 7
16:48:56  *** Hirundo_ has joined
16:49:15  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> which currency?
16:49:21  <Tycoon> <FHS> £
16:49:25  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> €
16:50:03  <Tycoon> <FHS> Government Bailout, LOL
16:50:47  <Tycoon> <FHS> You are using the orig trains?
16:51:01  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> for once because i have not much money
16:51:11  <Tycoon> <FHS> ok
16:52:05  <Tycoon> <FHS> you could stationwalk the other ore mine
16:52:21  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> okay
16:52:31  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> but whats stationwalk???
16:52:57  <Tycoon> <FHS> know what station joining is?
16:53:03  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> yes
16:53:17  <Tycoon> <FHS> Know distant join?
16:53:19  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> you mean distant join?
16:53:21  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> yes
16:53:47  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> stationwalk=distantjoin?
16:53:54  <Tycoon> <FHS> So, try to place a station near the mine and join it to your station
16:54:12  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> okay
16:54:32  <Tycoon> <FHS> if its to far away theres a trick
16:54:52  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> yes it is station spreadf is twelve
16:55:06  <Tycoon> <FHS> crap, are you op?
16:55:54  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> sorry what, im german and my enlish is based on school english and a bit www english
16:56:02  <Tycoon> <FHS> Im german too
16:56:03  *** Hirundo has quit IRC
16:56:16  <Tycoon> <FHS> actually i can talk it
16:56:22  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> Then send me an PM please ;)
16:57:49  <Tycoon> <FHS> Sc******, jetzt brauchen wir den admin um die einstellung zu ändern
16:58:03  <Tycoon> <FHS> oops
16:58:17  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> hehe
16:58:47  <Tycoon> <FHS> LOL
17:00:02  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> you cannot build hq in water ;)
17:00:12  <Tycoon> <FHS> LOL, ROFL
17:06:49  <Ammler> FHS, hier hats genug davon
17:06:57  <Tycoon> <FHS> What?
17:06:57  <Ammler> einfach fragen, was du willst
17:07:02  <Ammler> oh
17:07:06  <Ammler> english
17:07:10  <Tycoon> <FHS> Stationspread 64
17:07:24  <Ammler> !rcon set station_spread
17:07:24  <Tycoon> Ammler: Current value for 'station_spread' is: '12' (min: 4, max: 64)
17:07:30  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> no 20 is good but not 64
17:07:34  <Ammler> !rcon set station_spread 20
17:13:29  <Tycoon> <FHS> Yeah, my RLT goes into its second round
17:13:45  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> cool!
17:14:03  <Tycoon> <FHS> You know what RLT means?
17:14:17  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> yoyo
17:14:27  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> so iam eating for a while
17:14:34  <Tycoon> <FHS> ok
17:25:04  <Tycoon> *** Hirundo has left the game (leaving)
17:25:04  <Tycoon> *** Hirundo has left the game (connection lost)
17:27:40  *** [com]buster has joined
17:27:40  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o [com]buster
17:32:05  *** Combuster has quit IRC
17:32:05  *** [com]buster is now known as Combuster
17:45:30  *** Timmaexx has quit IRC
17:45:34  <Tycoon> *** Timmaexx has left the game (leaving)
17:45:34  <Tycoon> *** Timmaexx has left the game (connection lost)
17:49:21  *** [com]buster has joined
17:49:21  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o [com]buster
17:51:40  *** Combuster has quit IRC
17:51:40  *** [com]buster is now known as Combuster
18:16:11  *** Hirundo_ has quit IRC
18:21:10  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hello
18:21:11  <Tycoon> *** Anstonio joined the game
18:21:12  <Tycoon> <FHS> Hi
18:22:30  <Tycoon> <FHS> oopd
18:22:32  <Tycoon> <FHS> oops
18:22:44  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> 1 0 to little :P
18:22:54  <Tycoon> <FHS> Well, you can keep that
18:23:24  <Tycoon> <FHS> Please ask me to be connected to my Network
18:23:38  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> o alrite
18:26:12  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> omg, thats a nice idia
18:26:14  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> *idea
18:26:24  <Tycoon> <FHS> what?
18:26:31  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> that with the lorries
18:26:53  <Tycoon> <FHS> Thanks, but it isnt new and is called teleporting
18:27:00  <Tycoon> <FHS> and its cheating too
18:27:02  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> i never seen it befor
18:27:09  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> i thought so
18:27:23  <Tycoon> <FHS> Last game Mark only used Teleporters
18:27:37  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> mark who?
18:27:52  <Tycoon> <FHS> Mark, OTTDC Admin and
18:27:58  <Tycoon> <FHS> Winner of
18:28:01  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> you mean Purno
18:28:11  <Tycoon> <FHS> the Master of cheats adward 2009
18:28:41  <Tycoon> <FHS> Purno is NewGRF artist and not OTTDC admin AFAIK
18:29:09  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> purno is the only mark i know who has something to do with OpenTTD
18:30:07  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> FHS look at sign Connection please
18:32:59  <Tycoon> <FHS> -/-/-/-/-/- Done
18:33:18  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> TYVM
18:33:24  <Tycoon> <FHS> NP
18:33:50  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> and Another sign
18:34:12  <Tycoon> <FHS> So, to where?
18:35:13  <Tycoon> *** Mr. Bean joined the game
18:35:16  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> boontje
18:35:38  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> hollander
18:35:40  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hehe
18:37:40  <Tycoon> <FHS> Excuse Me
18:37:42  <Tycoon> *** FHS has joined spectators
18:38:03  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> *excused*
18:38:41  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> GVDmme
18:38:47  <Tycoon> *** Mr. Bean has joined company #1
18:39:03  <Tycoon> *** Mr. Bean has joined spectators
18:39:09  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> dankje boon
18:39:16  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> np
18:39:43  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> gaan met die banaan
18:44:04  <Tycoon> *** FHS has joined company #1
18:44:09  <Tycoon> <FHS> Im Back
18:44:28  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> nice
18:46:28  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> ben ook tv kijken ;-)
18:46:50  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> okee, leuk. Wat is erop?
18:47:00  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> criminal minds
18:47:12  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> is dat met die helderziende?
18:47:34  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> nee, met een team van de fbi die crimes moeten oplossen
18:47:53  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> okee
18:48:53  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> gaat llekker bij je :-P
18:48:57  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> ja idd
18:49:15  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> goedkopere loc pakken
18:49:25  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> brandstofkosten lopen te hoog op
18:54:33  <Mark> i am Mark
18:54:40  <Mark> and talk English
18:54:55  <Tycoon> <FHS> That was a hour ago
18:55:16  <Mark> 5 minutes actually
18:55:23  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> hi Mark!
18:55:51  <Tycoon> <FHS> The one who asked who you are was surely before dinner
18:56:34  <Tycoon> *** Mr. Bean has joined company #2
18:56:42  <Tycoon> *** Mr. Bean has joined spectators
18:56:55  <Tycoon> <FHS> Btw, somebody deleted Timaexx Station while i was eating
18:57:26  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> not me, i didn't build anything
18:57:52  <Tycoon> <FHS> That was around 5PM
18:57:52  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> eerst lossen dan verkopen trein 2
18:58:06  <Tycoon> <FHS> in +1 timezone
18:58:25  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> well i am only here since 20m
18:58:41  <Tycoon> *** FHS has joined company #2
18:59:01  <Tycoon> *** FHS has joined company #1
19:04:17  <Tycoon> *** FHS has joined company #2
19:05:10  <Tycoon> *** FHS has joined company #1
19:14:35  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> zo dit gaat hopelijk wel werken
19:14:45  <Tycoon> <FHS> ????
19:14:56  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> i changed my trains Again
19:15:14  <Tycoon> <FHS> With autoreplace?
19:15:24  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> nope, this time manuely
19:23:24  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> had eerder met stoomloks moeten beginnen
19:23:36  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> BR05 om te beginnen altijd
19:23:59  <Tycoon> <FHS> BR 05 gaat alemaar for passagiers
19:24:22  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> the 01 this time, the fastes
19:25:00  <Tycoon> <FHS> de BR 103 van mij is sneller
19:27:17  <Tycoon> <FHS> Wow a military fighter destroyed an refinery
19:28:32  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> kan ook wel nl hoor
19:28:38  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> hoef nie engels
19:28:45  <SmatZ> hahaah
19:29:13  <Tycoon> <FHS> Ik weet maar je mag hieralemaar engels praaten
19:29:21  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> echt?
19:29:23  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hahahaha
19:29:24  <XeryusTC> ja :P
19:29:30  <XeryusTC> zitten ook niet nederlanders hier ;)
19:29:37  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> damn i miss Mega
19:29:39  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> yep
19:29:58  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> waar hangt die uit?
19:30:02  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> In game are only Dutch/Belgium players
19:30:16  <Tycoon> <FHS> Im swiss/dutch btw
19:30:22  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> okee
19:30:36  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> also du kannst auch deutsch? ;-P
19:30:38  <Tycoon> <FHS> Ja
19:31:00  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> ik niet, ik houd het maar bij engels en NL
19:31:04  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> lol
19:31:30  <Tycoon> <FHS> Yeah, 3 languages are enough around here lol
19:31:41  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hehe
19:31:48  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> ich kin auch nog in ut limburgs kalle, dan hubs ste der 4 :-D
19:31:50  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> ik understand and write 2
19:32:05  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> i understand deutch to
19:32:11  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> a liitle bit
19:32:26  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> super geil klasse!
19:32:32  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hahaha
19:32:35  <Tycoon> <FHS> LOL
19:33:05  <Tycoon> <FHS> Did you really talked about hub 04?
19:33:36  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> no, i was talking in my fourth language which is Limburgs ;-)
19:34:02  <Tycoon> <FHS> ok, does dialect count as language?
19:34:26  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> for me it does, Fries is also a dialect which became a language :-P
19:34:40  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> fries is a dialect, no language
19:34:46  <Tycoon> <FHS> Hallo falls si dass do verstönd, sinds schwiizer
19:35:12  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> the only one that can understand this are the swiss?
19:35:18  <Tycoon> <FHS> LOL
19:38:00  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> so have you guys ever heard of ClanMega?
19:38:18  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> except anstonio
19:38:36  <Tycoon> <FHS> Yep, i do but i like the athmosphere on the OTTDC servers
19:38:46  <Tycoon> <FHS> especially on the dev server
19:39:02  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> what athmosphere is different?
19:39:21  <Tycoon> <FHS> Cant describe it
19:39:23  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> don't you like the more realistic maps?
19:39:46  <Tycoon> <FHS> About realistic maps, i made a swiss map
19:40:00  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> lot of mountains i presume
19:40:22  <Tycoon> <FHS> Not really, its 2048x2048
19:40:25  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> wow
19:40:28  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> that is big
19:40:34  <Tycoon> <FHS> so the mountain are stretched
19:40:36  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> is it compatible with IS2?
19:40:42  <Tycoon> <FHS> yep
19:40:44  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> nice
19:40:52  <Tycoon> <FHS> was made with r 13699
19:41:32  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> cool, so when is that online?
19:41:40  <Tycoon> <FHS> PM me on the forums with your email
19:41:46  <Tycoon> <FHS> so i can send it you
19:42:04  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> what forum? i am only a member at our own site :-P
19:42:14  <Tycoon> <FHS>
19:42:17  <Tycoon> *** Timmaexx joined the game
19:42:28  <Tycoon> <FHS> Timaexx somebody deleted your stations
19:42:34  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> i will ask Frank to contact you, he runs servers here under mega's name
19:42:50  <Tycoon> <FHS> i dont run any servers
19:43:04  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> oh yes well i have to start again not so bad like it sounds;)
19:43:06  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> no but then Frank can run your map on his pc
19:43:26  <Tycoon> <FHS> i cant, i dunno how to forward the port
19:43:48  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> no you just send the map to Frank, he runs server for us :-)
19:44:06  <Tycoon> <FHS> My names Frank btw
19:44:17  <Tycoon> <FHS> Frank H. Strub
19:44:19  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> lol
19:44:33  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> ok, i mean another frank :-P
19:45:32  <Tycoon> <FHS> Ok, please send his email address to
19:45:43  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> thank you frank for informing me because of this deleting by signs too ;)
19:45:59  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> i deleted them
19:46:21  <Tycoon> <FHS> Now ask how you didnt bankrupted!
19:46:36  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> because of your "Spenden"
19:46:54  <Tycoon> <FHS> nope, thats only possible from player to playr
19:46:59  *** Txismon has joined
19:47:13  *** Txismon has left
19:47:25  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> well i had a plane betweenDaston and your airport
19:47:31  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> its away too
19:47:49  <Tycoon> <FHS> It was the by me setup train 2 between Valuables1 and 2
19:49:01  <Tycoon> *** Mark joined the game
19:49:08  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> good evening
19:49:10  <Tycoon> <Mark> hello
19:49:12  <Tycoon> <FHS> You want me to connect something, timaexx
19:49:16  <Tycoon> <FHS> oh, hi
19:49:22  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> yes pls
19:49:32  <Tycoon> <FHS> New hendwood?
19:49:36  <Tycoon> <Mark> Timmaexx: you used to play at dih's right?
19:49:38  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> alright
19:49:46  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> Alright!
19:50:12  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> and sometimes on ottdc servers too
19:50:22  <Tycoon> <Mark> yeah i knew that much
19:50:36  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> bad remembering???
19:50:52  <Tycoon> <Mark> too many names for my poor old brain
19:51:02  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> oohhh
19:51:08  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> :D
19:51:10  <Tycoon> <FHS> Alzheimers?
19:51:48  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> hi markie
19:51:58  <Tycoon> <Mark> do i know you?
19:52:08  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> now you do ;-)
19:52:15  <Tycoon> <Mark> btw, there's guide for SRNW
19:52:26  <Tycoon> <Mark> for SR sbahn that is
19:52:34  <Tycoon> <FHS> That was 2 hours ago btw
19:53:04  <Mark> so your question is now outdated?
19:53:09  <Tycoon> <FHS> And i actually once tried to establish a SRNW in SP, not sbahn
19:53:33  <Mark> SR sbahn is just a form of SRNW
19:53:46  <Mark> but with sbahn goal instead of cargo
19:53:51  <Tycoon> <FHS> NOT SBAHN, a whole network
19:53:53  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> I think he means ÖPNV
19:53:55  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> is anyone of you a moderator/administrator?
19:54:01  <Tycoon> <FHS> Mark
19:54:02  <Mark> yea him not stupid
19:54:16  <Mark> SRNW is my concept, i know how to use it
19:54:32  <Mark> him = i'm
19:54:38  <Tycoon> <FHS> Excuse me, Bedtime
19:54:42  <Tycoon> *** FHS has left the game (connection lost)
19:54:54  <Tycoon> <Mark> i am admin
19:55:00  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> goodby<e
19:55:03  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> too late
19:55:17  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> cool, ow many admins do you have?
19:55:35  <Tycoon> <Mark> lemme look that up
19:55:45  <Tycoon> *** Mr. Bean has joined company #1
19:55:45  <Tycoon> <Mark> 20 it seems
19:55:57  <Tycoon> <Mark>
19:56:03  <Tycoon> *** Mr. Bean has joined spectators
19:56:03  <Tycoon> <Mark> back to my movie
19:56:09  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> for how many servers?
19:56:29  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> ok, byebye
19:56:39  <Tycoon> <Mark> 2-5, changes often
19:57:34  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> i am off to bed also, veel plezier nog ans ;-) TSCHUSS!!!
19:57:44  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> Good night
19:57:56  <Tycoon> <Mr. Bean> ty, have fun!
19:58:14  <Tycoon> *** Mr. Bean has left the game (connection lost)
20:01:57  <Tycoon> *** Comm Cody joined the game
20:02:20  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> hello
20:02:40  <Tycoon> <Comm Cody> Well REALSIM Has gone out of the window
20:03:58  <Tycoon> *** Comm Cody has joined company #1
20:04:23  <Tycoon> *** Comm Cody has left the game (leaving)
20:04:23  <Tycoon> *** Comm Cody has left the game (connection lost)
20:04:47  <Tycoon> <Timmaexx> Good n8
20:04:53  <Tycoon> *** Timmaexx has left the game (leaving)
20:04:53  <Tycoon> *** Timmaexx has left the game (connection lost)
20:11:19  <Tycoon> *** Kejhic joined the game
20:11:58  *** [com]buster has joined
20:11:58  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o [com]buster
20:12:36  <Tycoon> *** Kejhic has left the game (leaving)
20:12:36  <Tycoon> *** Kejhic has left the game (connection lost)
20:17:23  *** Combuster has quit IRC
20:17:23  *** [com]buster is now known as Combuster
20:47:56  <Ammler> !playercount
20:47:56  <Tycoon> Ammler: Number of players: 2
20:48:02  <Ammler> !players
20:48:04  <Tycoon> Ammler: Client 30 (Green) is Anstonio, in company 3 (Anstonio Transport)
20:48:05  <Tycoon> Ammler: Client 36 is Mark, a spectator
21:03:15  <Tycoon> *** MegaTrain has left the game (connection lost)
21:03:20  <Tycoon> *** MegaTrain has left the game (connection lost)
21:03:32  <Tycoon> *** MegaTrain joined the game
21:03:35  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> he treintje
21:03:37  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Hi folks
21:03:39  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Haai
21:03:43  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Hoest?
21:03:53  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> ja goed, ik zie steeds meer bekenden :P
21:03:59  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Behalve Mega...
21:04:09  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Ik ben de laatste tijd niet zo actief... Examens.
21:04:16  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> ja, maar dat is ook een verhaal apart
21:04:22  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Yep
21:04:32  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> ow leuk
21:04:42  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Hou op...
21:04:45  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> ik hoor steeds meer mensen over Examens en dat geouwehoer
21:04:59  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> ik ben al bijna 2 jaar heerlijk van school af
21:05:02  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Oranje heeft het goed voor elkaar
21:05:04  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> wat een genot
21:05:06  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> :P
21:05:08  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> ja goed he
21:05:58  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Ik zit te gissen naar je WW...
21:06:24  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> ehh, hoezo?
21:06:32  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Gewoon, kan ik erbij =P
21:06:42  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> ow die WW
21:06:48  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> ik vond het al zo vaag
21:06:54  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Wachtwoord... duh =)
21:07:00  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hehe
21:07:06  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> ik werk dus die WW kan ook
21:07:20  <Tycoon> *** MegaTrain has joined company #3
21:07:24  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> 0_o
21:07:31  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Simpel maar toch uniekl
21:07:34  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hehe
21:07:41  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> het is inderdaad iets :P
21:08:00  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> het ww wat ik gebruik is mijn normale voor al mijn OpenTTD games
21:08:18  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> dus als jij ergens anders Anstonio Transport ziet staan weet je mijn WW al
21:08:28  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Ik gebruik altijd
21:08:42  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Bean ook voor de bedrijven
21:08:45  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> kan ook
21:09:03  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> onze suiker appel
21:09:05  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> ={
21:09:05  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> =P
21:09:07  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hahaha
21:09:21  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Of supper adequaat
21:09:32  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hahaha
21:09:38  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> mijne vind ik tog leuker
21:09:52  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> =P
21:10:02  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> iets leuker zeker. haha.
21:10:34  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Tis jammer dat de clanmega server offline is... Die heeft tenminste wat meer GRF
21:10:46  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> nog meer?
21:10:49  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> nog niet genoeg dan?
21:10:55  *** Progman has quit IRC
21:10:59  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Nee?
21:11:02  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hehe
21:11:04  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Man, dit is niks
21:11:15  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> genoeg
21:11:18  <Ammler> hmm
21:11:23  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hello
21:11:26  <Ammler> :-)
21:11:30  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Hi there.
21:11:36  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> no here :P
21:11:42  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Hi here!
21:11:49  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> *ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip*
21:11:51  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hello here :D
21:11:58  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> He anstonio, wat doe jij in mijn comp kamer
21:12:07  <Ammler> very difficult to understand you ;-)
21:12:18  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> No english?
21:12:20  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hahahaha, its almost friday :D
21:12:25  <Ammler> !rcon set server_lang
21:12:25  <Tycoon> Ammler: Current value for 'server_lang' is: '1' (min: 0, max: 35)
21:12:26  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> -_-
21:12:40  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> +_+ you mean :D
21:12:42  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> 24,8 hours to go.
21:12:48  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Then it's friday.
21:13:04  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> nope, 25 hours
21:13:14  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> tien over 11
21:13:15  <Ammler> Megatrain, are you one of the Megaclan guys?
21:13:22  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Yep
21:13:26  *** Combuster has quit IRC
21:13:28  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Why?
21:13:30  <Ammler> oh, nice.
21:13:30  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> me 2
21:13:39  <Ammler> just wondering :-)
21:13:43  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> :)
21:13:45  *** Combuster has joined
21:13:45  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Combuster
21:14:01  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> hehe
21:14:08  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Only problem right now: Mega hasn't been online for 20 days... or so.
21:14:11  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> and he dident askt me
21:14:17  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> We lost him... kinda
21:14:32  <Ammler> oh, you don't have access to the server?
21:14:40  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Nope. All offline.
21:14:42  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> what server?
21:15:00  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Can we connect?
21:15:02  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> iam kinda anoing
21:15:04  <Ammler> hmm, that doesn't sound good, why is he gone?
21:15:14  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Problem 2: We don't know...
21:15:17  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> thats the quistion we all have
21:15:33  <Ammler> who is the admin?
21:15:45  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> *sniff* *dramatic* We want to know! :'( */dramatic*
21:15:46  <Ammler> Yorick?
21:16:01  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Head Admins: Yorick, Giles,
21:16:03  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> ..
21:16:05  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Frank
21:16:11  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> J...
21:16:11  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Jon?
21:16:14  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> James!
21:16:21  <Ammler> hmm, yorick was here a week ago
21:16:27  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Yorick, Giles, Frank, James
21:16:37  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Yorick is HM, but he also doesn't know.
21:16:37  <Ammler> Giles does also sound familiar
21:16:39  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> We're trying hard.
21:16:49  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Need to go to bed now..
21:17:03  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Bye!
21:17:05  <Tycoon> <MegaTrain> Toedeloe!
21:17:07  <Tycoon> *** MegaTrain has left the game (leaving)
21:17:07  <Tycoon> *** MegaTrain has left the game (connection lost)
21:17:44  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> giles what here this week
21:18:06  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> mega almost has been oofline for a month
21:18:20  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> Ammler you there?
21:18:52  <Ammler> where=
21:18:54  <Ammler> ?
21:18:58  <Ammler> !playercount
21:18:58  <Tycoon> Ammler: Number of players: 4
21:18:58  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> here :D
21:19:12  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> i didnt get any responce
21:20:05  <Ammler> well, it is worse in the german language community
21:20:24  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> howcome?
21:20:26  <Ammler> we don't have "stable" servers at all
21:20:41  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> thats not good
21:20:57  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> we got watcher13-7 who runs a few
21:21:15  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> *watcher1307
21:23:08  <Mark> Ammler: who needs stable servers when you got ottdc
21:23:25  <Ammler> a server where you can speak nice language
21:23:39  <Ammler> not just this ugly english
21:23:43  <Mark> heh
21:23:55  <SmatZ> ?
21:24:03  <Mark> start ottdcg
21:24:18  <SmatZ> "stable" as in "only stable English is spoken here"?
21:24:19  <Ammler> Mark: I did for around a year or so
21:24:24  <Mark> oh :P
21:24:25  <Ammler> hehe
21:24:38  <Ammler> SmatZ: stable as longer then 1-2 monts
21:25:12  <Ammler> I run my server for around 6 months
21:25:29  <Ammler> with maybe 1 game per week
21:25:38  <Mark> not sure what's wrong with english, unless your english is really bad
21:25:39  <Ammler> sometimes 2 weeks the same
21:27:13  <Tycoon> <Anstonio> guys iam off to bed
21:27:35  <Tycoon> *** Anstonio has left the game (connection lost)
21:27:35  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
21:30:18  <Mark> annoyed me how that guy kept talking dutch after two requests not to
21:31:05  <Tycoon> *** Mark has left the game (leaving)
21:31:05  <Tycoon> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
21:45:00  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
21:45:03  <Tycoon> *** Mr. H joined the game
21:45:56  <Tycoon> *** Mr. H has joined spectators
21:45:56  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
21:47:18  <Tycoon> *** Mr. H has joined company #4
21:47:18  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
21:47:30  <Tycoon> *** Mr. H has joined spectators
21:47:30  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
21:47:38  <Tycoon> *** Mr. H has left the game (leaving)
21:47:38  <Tycoon> *** Mr. H has left the game (connection lost)
23:21:34  *** Combuster has quit IRC
23:21:35  *** [com]buster has joined
23:21:35  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o [com]buster
23:21:38  *** [com]buster is now known as Combuster

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