Log for on 25th August 2009:
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00:02:19  <Tycoon> *** Mks has joined spectators
00:02:19  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
00:02:21  <Tycoon> *** Mks has started a new company (#1)
00:02:21  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
00:21:46  *** KenjiE20|LT has joined
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01:30:33  <Tycoon> <Mks> are noone else playing your time?
01:54:55  *** PeterT has joined
01:55:00  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v PeterT
01:55:21  <Mks> !download
01:55:21  <Tycoon> Mks: !download lin|lin64|osx|win32|win64|win9x
01:55:27  <PeterT> !dl win32
01:55:28  <Tycoon> PeterT:
01:55:29  <Mks> you also need
01:55:31  <Mks>
01:55:38  <PeterT> oh, that server
01:55:41  <PeterT> i know that
01:55:50  <Mks> ahh played there before
01:55:51  <PeterT> why didnt you just say so?
01:56:04  <Mks> didn't I?
01:56:24  <Mks> very strange industries there
01:56:31  <Mks> here even
01:56:40  <Tycoon> *** Peter joined the game
01:57:33  <Tycoon> <Peter> ye
01:57:39  <Tycoon> <Peter> very strange indeed
01:57:48  <PeterT> !help
01:57:50  <Tycoon> <Mks> coal need supplies to grow I think
01:58:48  <Tycoon> <Mks> you can build something in my company if you wish just don't go bankrupt :P
01:58:50  <Tycoon> <Peter> this hasnt been reset in a longgg time has it?
01:58:56  <Mks> dunno
01:58:59  <Mks> don't think so
01:59:12  <Tycoon> <Mks> very hard to starta new company
01:59:18  <Tycoon> <Peter> hey wait, you said you never played with patches
01:59:22  <Tycoon> <Mks> well
01:59:24  <Tycoon> <Peter> this is a patched version
01:59:38  <Tycoon> <Mks> chris told me to join here
01:59:57  <Tycoon> <Mks> well this is first time tho
02:00:03  <Tycoon> <Peter> why the heck are we playing this Infrastructure Sharing game, with Infrastructure sharing turned off?!?!?
02:00:17  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe
02:00:19  <Tycoon> <Mks> well
02:00:29  <Tycoon> <Mks> a bit strange yes
02:03:41  <Tycoon> <Peter> how is it hard to make money here? you make 22 million on frickin road vehicles?
02:03:51  <Tycoon> <Mks> well
02:04:05  <Tycoon> <Mks> if you got money it isn't hard
02:04:08  <Tycoon> <Mks> but without it its hard
02:04:31  <Tycoon> <Mks> last company did trains
02:04:33  <Tycoon> <Mks> and well
02:04:47  <Tycoon> <Mks> with max loan could hardly afford a train + short lines
02:04:54  <Tycoon> <Mks> this time I've used other companies roads :P
02:05:13  <Tycoon> <Mks> those roads are nice tho
02:05:23  <Tycoon> <Mks> since trais has a wagon speed limit
02:05:29  <Tycoon> <Mks> trains ain't that good here I think
02:05:39  <Tycoon> <Peter> well, inflation's been on for a couple of centuries, so this isnt toooo bad...i guess it could be worse
02:06:33  <Tycoon> <Mks> well wanted to build some trains but mm just can't afford it :P
02:06:36  <Tycoon> <Mks> it cost ALOT
02:06:46  <Tycoon> *** Peter has left the game (leaving)
02:06:46  <Tycoon> *** Peter has left the game (connection lost)
02:07:00  <PeterT> that game, not so fun
02:07:16  <PeterT> you know how to install openttd from .zip?
02:07:44  <Mks> the one you can download here you mean?
02:08:10  <PeterT> or if i gave you a link, you could download it, and add the needed .grfs, and
02:08:19  <PeterT> just like you must do here.
02:08:28  <Mks> prolly could do that yes
02:08:32  <Mks> but not today peter
02:08:35  <Mks> need to sleep
02:08:46  <Tycoon> <Mks> its 4 am
02:09:39  *** PeterT has left
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07:35:46  *** [com]buster has joined
07:35:46  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o [com]buster
07:35:51  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v [com]buster
08:40:02  <[com]buster> !download
08:40:03  <Tycoon> [com]buster: !download lin|lin64|osx|win32|win64|win9x
08:40:06  <[com]buster> !download lin64
08:40:06  <Tycoon> [com]buster:
08:56:36  <Tycoon> *** Combuster joined the game
08:57:08  <[com]buster> !pause
08:58:19  *** [com]buster is now known as Combuster
09:18:06  *** Chris_Booth has joined
09:18:14  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Chris_Booth
09:20:18  <Mks> oo you here crhis
09:20:40  <Mks> chris even
09:20:52  <Combuster> Hi Chirs/Mks
09:21:05  <Combuster> help its the typo virus
09:21:16  <Mks> hey combuster can you raise train limit on public server?
09:21:26  <Mks> hehe
09:24:00  <Mks> btw why isn
09:24:16  <Mks> why isn't infrastructre sharing on on the dev server?
09:26:36  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has joined company #6
09:27:01  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I have no idea why it's off
09:27:19  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I guess its more of a FIRS/HEQS test
09:27:30  <Tycoon> <Mks> firs are the new idustries?
09:27:30  <Ammler> off?
09:27:39  <Tycoon> <Mks> whats HEQS?
09:27:45  <Ammler> ah, is is off
09:27:47  <Combuster> heavy equipment
09:27:50  <Tycoon> <Mks> ahh
09:27:57  <Ammler> well, you can enable if you want
09:28:54  <Tycoon> <Mks> I like those trucks in heqs :)
09:29:22  <Tycoon> <Mks> also since wagon speed limit is on mm its more profitable to use roads then trains
09:30:00  <Tycoon> <Mks> isn't it just you ops who can enable such things?
09:30:30  <Combuster> We can
09:30:37  <Combuster> just give us some time to figure the commands
09:30:46  <Tycoon> <Mks> ahh hehe
09:30:51  <Combuster> I can't deal with you at the PS and dev at the same time
09:34:36  <Ammler> Mks: try !rcon something
09:34:54  <Mks> !rcon on
09:34:54  <Tycoon> Mks: ERROR: command or variable not found
09:35:07  <Ammler> yes, you can ;-)
09:35:08  <Mks> !rcon infra on
09:35:08  <Tycoon> Mks: ERROR: command or variable not found
09:35:12  <Mks> ohh
09:35:19  <Mks> just have to know the command then huh
09:37:03  <Ammler> Mks: openttd.cgf
09:37:34  <Mks> alright
09:38:39  <Combuster> !rcon patch enable_sharing
09:38:39  <Tycoon> Combuster: 'enable_sharing' is an unknown setting.
09:38:54  <Combuster> Problem
09:39:49  <Mks> ohh
09:40:02  <Mks> a well no biggie if it isn't on
09:40:14  <Tycoon> <Combuster> aahhh
09:40:22  <Tycoon> <Combuster> they changed the name without documenting it -_-
09:40:22  <Ammler> that went obsolete :-P
09:40:43  <Ammler> check the history of that wikipage
09:41:04  <Ammler> as I found out nobody else does contribute, I gave up.
09:41:39  <Combuster> SmatZ is on there
09:42:08  <Combuster> About the "dev" part
09:42:21  <Combuster> I assume you all know that some indistries are not there
09:42:26  <Combuster> like bauxite mine
09:42:40  <Mks> ahh yes I didn't find all type
09:43:04  <Mks> bauxite suppose to be here?
09:43:33  <Mks> also mm foud it quite hard to profit on delivering anything but waste
09:43:36  <Mks> found
09:43:52  <Mks> since other resources doesn't increase unless they get parts
09:46:06  <Mks> also roads much easier to use since running costs on trains are like 10 times as high as on a road vehicle
09:46:20  <Mks> if you use tl 5 that is
09:46:28  <Mks> guess it reduces some with higher tl
09:46:40  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has joined spectators
09:46:40  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has started a new company (#7)
09:46:41  <Mks> sure trains are a little faster
09:46:49  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Well, shall we play?
09:47:12  <Mks> 148km/h max compared to 91km/h the road I use there is a 107km/h one tho
09:50:47  <Tycoon> <Mks> I wana try to transport other things tho but I just didn't have the cash before
09:50:53  <Tycoon> <Mks> very expensive to build things :)
09:51:03  <Tycoon> <Combuster> inflation :(
09:51:06  <Tycoon> <Mks> yeah
09:51:13  <Tycoon> <Mks> I mean even with max loan
09:51:16  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I lose like 40K a month
09:51:18  <Tycoon> <Mks> you can't afford a plan
09:51:21  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe
09:51:31  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has joined company #6
09:51:47  <Tycoon> <Mks> this is my second company first one went bankrupt :P
09:52:17  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has joined company #1
09:53:58  <Tycoon> <Mks> how does firs and engineering/farm supplies work btw?
09:54:11  <Tycoon> <Combuster> FIRS looks like ECS
09:54:14  <Tycoon> <Mks> can a mine and a farm deplete if you don't supply em such things
09:54:18  <Tycoon> <Combuster> there are dependency loops
09:54:32  <Tycoon> <Combuster> you give them tools
09:54:35  <Tycoon> <Combuster> they produce *more*
09:55:05  <Tycoon> <Mks> I guess you don't have to gime that much tools? cause mm kinda of hard to acually get engineering supplys
09:55:19  <Tycoon> <Mks> if the ratio is 1:1 that is
09:55:33  <Tycoon> <Mks> deliver 100 ton coal get 90 ton engineering supplies deliver it all back
09:55:45  <Tycoon> <Combuster> They shouldn't need that much
09:55:58  <Ammler> I cheated around 20 milions for company #1, but that one got bankrupt ;-)
09:56:30  <Chris_Booth> company 1 went bankrupt?
09:56:36  <Mks> well
09:56:39  <Ammler> !companies
09:56:40  <Mks> I id once :P
09:56:41  <Tycoon> Ammler: Company 1 (Green): Mks & Co
09:56:41  <Tycoon> Ammler: Company 2 (Brown): sim waste co
09:56:41  <Tycoon> Ammler: Company 3 (Red): LOL INC.
09:56:41  <Tycoon> Ammler: Company 4 (White): Leolia Transport
09:56:41  <Tycoon> Ammler: Company 5 (Orange): ACTS
09:56:42  <Tycoon> Ammler: Company 6 (Blue): SimAir
09:56:43  <Mks> did
09:56:48  <Mks> made a new one
09:56:53  <Mks> and its profitable
09:56:54  <Chris_Booth> lol
09:56:57  * Combuster doesn't know the command for the money cheat
09:57:05  <Ammler> :-P
09:57:07  <Mks> steal money from another company :P
09:57:13  <Chris_Booth> dont need it steel it from other companies
09:57:16  <Combuster> I need to be in two companies at once
09:57:24  <Combuster> You can only give money to a *player*
09:57:27  <Ammler> made it with the map creation
09:57:50  <Mks> well if you start a company combuster I can give you some cash from company 6
09:57:53  <Mks> its rich :P
09:58:03  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth joined the game
09:58:14  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I was almost asking you to :)
09:58:16  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has joined spectators
09:58:18  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has started a new company (#7)
09:58:23  <Tycoon> *** Mks has joined company #6
09:58:36  <Ammler> well, you could update firs
09:58:41  <Ammler> if you want
09:58:52  <Ammler> shall I upload a new map?
09:59:11  <Tycoon> <Mks> you could do that
09:59:13  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has joined company #6
09:59:17  <Tycoon> <Mks> inflation is a bit silly in this game
09:59:23  <Tycoon> *** Mks has joined company #1
09:59:25  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yeah with inflation off
09:59:27  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has joined company #7
09:59:43  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and no town controled noise levels
09:59:46  <Tycoon> <Mks> could raise the max loan also
10:00:16  <Tycoon> <Mks> well I would like train wagaon speed limit off cause it kinda of makes it useless to use trains Ithink
10:00:18  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ooh and since this is IS maybe turn IS on
10:00:24  <Combuster> IS is on
10:00:29  <Combuster> at least now
10:00:31  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> no it isnt
10:00:34  <Mks> it is
10:00:38  <Mks> combuster turned it on
10:00:42  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ohh it is on now
10:00:50  <Combuster> But a new map would be very welcome
10:01:12  <Combuster> I don't really mind wagon speed limits though
10:01:20  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> does FIRS work it TTR?
10:01:27  <Tycoon> <Mks> is doesn't work btw
10:01:38  <Tycoon> <Mks> can't use company 5 rails
10:01:49  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they need to enable it for comany 1
10:01:55  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has joined company #5
10:01:59  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I doubt the 16 months have passed
10:02:06  <Tycoon> <Mks> ahh right
10:02:13  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has joined company #1
10:02:15  <Tycoon> <Mks> 16 months
10:02:37  <Tycoon> <Mks> well my company is doing ok now compared to last night ain't it chris? :)
10:02:46  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yeah
10:03:04  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i epic failed last night
10:03:59  <Mks> I Spent all those money I got on a new route
10:04:08  <Mks> and before it acually got finnished I had no money left
10:04:09  <Mks> :P
10:04:22  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> oops
10:04:41  <Mks> wonder if roads are more expensive infrastructre then rails
10:04:49  <Tycoon> *** Mks has joined spectators
10:04:51  <Tycoon> *** Mks has started a new company (#8)
10:05:56  <Tycoon> <Mks> or perhaps property maintenance doesn't count the roads just stations and depots?
10:07:02  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has joined spectators
10:07:02  <Mks> well on firs best thing to acually start out with seem to be passangers or waste
10:07:11  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> does FIRS work with totaltowns?
10:07:23  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I'm currently doing the passenger style MM
10:07:49  <Tycoon> <Combuster> FIRS intervenes in towns...
10:08:13  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> waste it produced by buildings
10:08:17  <Tycoon> <Combuster> But I don't know about how industry and town GRFs interfere
10:08:19  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> so i dont know
10:12:29  <Combuster> bah
10:12:37  <Tycoon> *** Mks has joined company #6
10:12:48  <Combuster> Not enough profit to keep up with costs
10:13:21  <Tycoon> *** Mks has joined company #1
10:13:29  <Tycoon> *** Mks has joined company #8
10:13:57  <Tycoon> *** Mks has joined company #1
10:15:11  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe planes are really expensive to use :P
10:15:33  <Tycoon> <Combuster> My single plane was earning enough to refund itself
10:15:41  <Tycoon> <Combuster> but not to refund the loan :(
10:15:49  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe
10:16:24  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has joined company #6
10:16:44  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has joined spectators
10:16:48  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I should be earning back enough now
10:17:08  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> bigger planes?
10:17:30  <Tycoon> <Combuster> more :)
10:18:09  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> what with plane 1 lol
10:18:24  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Plane 1 is on profit :)
10:18:34  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> its so slow
10:18:42  <Tycoon> <Combuster> It was the best I could still buy
10:22:02  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i thought i heard new map
10:22:09  <Tycoon> <Combuster> So did I...
10:22:43  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i could make one
10:23:13  <Tycoon> <Mks> was suppose to be a new version of firs also
10:23:20  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> but i dont have the passwords to upload it
10:23:30  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and i am not voiced so i dont have rcon load
10:23:39  <Mks> !rcon load
10:23:39  <Tycoon> Mks: - Load a game by name or index. Usage: 'load <file | number>'
10:23:47  <Mks> you should be able to
10:23:50  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> maybe Ammler is trying to find FIRS
10:23:55  <Mks> ahh yeah
10:24:27  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ooh if i ask i get voiced on dev IRC
10:24:33  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> but i dont ask
10:24:49  <Combuster> The problem is uploading the map
10:25:02  <Combuster> I can't do that from here
10:25:10  <Ammler> no, lunching here :-)
10:25:41  * Combuster changes time on Ammler's wristwatch
10:25:52  <Combuster> No your lunch is due in 20 minutes
10:25:55  <Combuster> :p
10:26:12  <Ammler>
10:28:26  <Chris_Booth> you going to use FIRS r215?
10:29:07  <Ammler> me?
10:29:28  <Chris_Booth> you said you were going to make a new map Ammler
10:29:40  <Ammler> you answered?
10:29:48  <Mks> we want a new map
10:29:59  <Ammler> ok :-)
10:30:04  <Mks> and inflation turned off
10:30:09  <Chris_Booth> i listed all the things i wanted
10:30:13  <Mks> somewhat higher loan also
10:30:20  <Mks> infrastructure turned on
10:30:23  <Mks> sharing
10:30:24  <Chris_Booth> no 100k loan is fine
10:30:45  <Mks> k
10:31:01  <Ammler> well, those things don't need a new map
10:31:04  <Mks> remove the train wagon speed limit also
10:31:10  <Chris_Booth> no inflation
10:31:24  <Chris_Booth> and a new map
10:31:27  <Chris_Booth> with hills
10:31:35  <Mks> not to hilly
10:31:36  <Chris_Booth> not this rubish flat stuff
10:31:45  <Tycoon> <Combuster> its not rubbish
10:31:47  <Ammler> @wiki setdef
10:31:58  <Webster> timed out -
10:32:03  <Mks> and mm new version of firs also
10:32:53  <Chris_Booth> ooh and we want it delivered on a firday
10:33:12  <Mks> I don't mind flat maps :P
10:33:27  <Ammler> newgrf settings are fine?
10:33:32  <Mks> yeah
10:33:33  <Chris_Booth> i like a few mountains to build arroung
10:33:35  <Ammler> hmm, I switch to 2cc
10:33:42  <Chris_Booth> if you want
10:33:46  <Mks> heqs is fine
10:33:50  <Chris_Booth> mabye total towns?
10:34:01  <Chris_Booth> heqs?
10:34:09  <Combuster> if you want to gamble on grf interference...?
10:34:09  <Mks> its a newgrf
10:34:15  <Combuster> Heavy Equipment Set
10:34:19  <Chris_Booth> ooh
10:34:34  <Ammler> !content
10:34:44  <Tycoon> *** Ammler has updated content from BaNaNaS.
10:35:17  <Chris_Booth> prozone map is now 2 MB
10:35:47  <Combuster> That's ECS for you
10:37:00  <Mks> noise control should be off also
10:37:08  <Ammler>
10:37:50  <Ammler> don't request settings, which can be set per rcon ;-)
10:38:09  <Combuster> temperate, flat, rough
10:38:22  <Combuster> or hilly+smooth
10:38:30  <Combuster> 512squared
10:39:27  <Combuster> mostly current GRFs (although 2cc may be ok)
10:40:08  <Ammler> TAI?
10:40:37  <Chris_Booth> if i knew what it was i may answer
10:41:05  <Chris_Booth> @wiki TAI
10:41:07  <Webster> Search results for "TAI" - #openttdcoop Wiki -
10:41:33  <Chris_Booth> @google TAI
10:41:34  <Webster> Chris_Booth: Search took 0.17 seconds: Tai Sophia Wellness School, Integrative Medicine, Holistic ...: <>; TAI Sports: <>; Tai peoples - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; TAI Audio (800) 486-6444: <>
10:42:26  <Combuster> google's not helping :(
10:43:15  <Chris_Booth> i googled it with TAI openttd
10:44:35  <Tycoon> *** Mks has left the game (leaving)
10:44:35  <Tycoon> *** Mks has left the game (connection lost)
10:44:44  <Ammler> you really want waggon speed limit off?
10:44:54  <Combuster> I don't need that
10:44:58  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i dont mind
10:45:04  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i find it more fun with it on
10:45:05  <Combuster> Maybe remove TAI
10:45:25  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> swap TAI for total towns
10:45:25  <Combuster> I can't get a decent answer as to what it does exactly...
10:45:35  <Mks> whats total towns?
10:45:55  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> total town replacement is the sky scrapers we use most the time in PS
10:46:02  <Mks> ahhh
10:46:18  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> TAI is the thing that make house produce waste
10:46:25  <Mks> oo
10:46:31  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> but i am not sure if it works with total towns
10:46:31  <Mks> then we need tai
10:46:39  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> leave TAI on
10:46:45  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and try total towns
10:47:00  <Mks> well I am leaving now be back tonight lets see if its a new game up then
10:47:11  *** Mks has quit IRC
10:48:54  <Chris_Booth>
10:48:56  <Webster> Title: GRFCrawler (at
10:48:59  <Chris_Booth> i finaly found TAI
10:49:06  <Chris_Booth> it looks like it sucks
10:49:10  <Chris_Booth> stops town growth
10:53:10  <Combuster>
10:53:29  <Ammler> !rcon ls
10:53:29  <Tycoon> Ammler: 0) .. (Parent directory)
10:53:29  <Tycoon> Ammler: 1) archive/ (Directory)
10:53:29  <Tycoon> Ammler: 2) autosave/ (Directory)
10:53:29  <Tycoon> Ammler: 3) uploads/ (Directory)
10:53:29  <Tycoon> Ammler: 4) firs2.sav
10:53:30  <Tycoon> Ammler: you have 6 more messages
10:53:57  <Tycoon> Game saved
10:54:03  <Tycoon> Server closed down by admin
10:54:05  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has left the game (connection lost)
10:54:05  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
10:54:07  <Tycoon> Server has exited
10:54:07  *** Tycoon has quit IRC
10:54:28  *** Tycoon has joined
10:54:30  <Ammler> !rcon server_name
10:54:33  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Tycoon
10:54:34  <Tycoon> Ammler: dbg: [net] [udp] initializing listeners
10:54:34  <Tycoon> Ammler: you have 18 more messages
10:54:40  <Ammler> !rcon server_name
10:54:40  <Tycoon> Ammler: Current value for 'server_name' is: '#openttdcoop: FIRS and TAI on IS2'
10:55:12  <Ammler> !rcon server_name "#openttdcoop: FIRS on IS2"
10:55:12  <Tycoon> Ammler: *** Combuster has joined the game
10:55:12  <Tycoon> Ammler: *** Game paused (connecting client)
10:55:12  <Tycoon> Ammler: *** Game unpaused (client connected)
10:55:18  <Combuster> Title Screen!
10:55:26  <Ammler> soso :-(
10:56:02  *** Tycoon has quit IRC
10:56:59  <Ammler> configuring newgrfs sucks like hell
10:59:02  *** Tycoon has joined
10:59:07  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Tycoon
10:59:07  <Tycoon> Server has exited
10:59:07  *** Tycoon has quit IRC
10:59:46  <Combuster> I tend to make a map offline, test it, then upload it
11:00:42  <Chris_Booth> turn TAI off i dont like the idea of TAI
11:00:54  <Ammler> Combuster: how else shall someone do it?
11:01:20  <Chris_Booth> get Autopilot to make them a new random map
11:01:33  <Ammler> Chris_Booth: someone could see, how I changed the server_name and guess :-P
11:02:01  <Combuster> GRFs...
11:02:05  <Combuster> add grfpack 7.3
11:02:09  <Combuster> 2cc
11:02:16  <Combuster> GRVTS
11:02:18  <Chris_Booth> remove TAI
11:02:19  <Combuster> HEQS
11:02:30  <Ammler> Combuster: feel free to do it, if you think, it is that easy ;-)
11:02:51  <Ammler> since bananas, it is kinda impossible to configure nice games.
11:02:52  *** Yexo_ has joined
11:02:52  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Yexo_
11:03:11  <Ammler> openttd just loads random grfs
11:03:27  <Chris_Booth> wtf that sucks
11:03:54  <Ammler> bananas is completely incompatible with openttd, but if I try to tell that to TB, he won't listen and doesn't care.
11:04:26  <Chris_Booth> is bananas that bad?
11:04:40  <Ammler> did I say "bad"?
11:04:42  <Chris_Booth> cant you turn it off?
11:04:56  <Ammler> I said, it isn't compatible to the newgrfs
11:04:59  <Chris_Booth> you said it was completely incompatable
11:05:05  *** Yexo has quit IRC
11:05:07  <Chris_Booth> in my books that is bad
11:05:27  <Ammler> because newgrfs don't have versioning.
11:05:44  <Ammler> it just loads a random grf
11:06:07  <Combuster> that's a GRF problem
11:06:20  <Ammler> Combuster: semi
11:06:23  <Combuster> working on a map btw, if you can upload it for me in a minute
11:06:49  <Ammler>
11:06:59  <Ammler> Chris_Booth: should know the pw ;-)
11:07:27  <Chris_Booth> not a clue
11:08:14  <Chris_Booth> you gave it to me ages ago
11:08:56  <Ammler> why should it change?
11:09:00  <Chris_Booth> it should be in my logs somewhere
11:09:08  <Chris_Booth> it should but i dont remeber stuff
11:09:11  <Chris_Booth> or keep note
11:09:12  <Ammler> or in your browser
11:09:38  <Chris_Booth> i didnt save it to firefox
11:09:43  *** Yexo has joined
11:09:43  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Yexo
11:09:50  <Chris_Booth> as i didnt think you would want to know it
11:10:00  <Ammler> he?
11:10:25  <Ammler> you think, i gave you a pw and hoped you will forget it again?
11:10:43  <Ammler> omg, nice security thinking :-)
11:10:54  <Chris_Booth> well if you did then you were successful
11:13:23  *** KenjiE20 has joined
11:13:23  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20
11:13:38  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v KenjiE20
11:14:02  <Ammler> Combuster: please join the other universe
11:14:30  *** Ammler changes topic to "#openttdcoop patch test channel - FIRS and TAI on IS2 | | STAGE: | Tag/Revision: IS2.0-beta3 (r16532M/h56a047d6) | Binaries: !download | FIRS:"
11:14:50  *** Ammler changes topic to "#openttdcoop patch test channel - FIRS and TAI on IS2 | | STAGE: | Tag/Revision: IS2.0-beta3 (r16532M/h56a047d6) | Binaries: !download | FIRS:"
11:15:34  <Chris_Booth> nope i have lost the password
11:15:47  <Chris_Booth> so if i was supposed to keep the only copy of it i have failed
11:16:40  *** Yexo_ has quit IRC
11:19:14  <Combuster> Ammler:
11:20:29  <Chris_Booth> Combuster >
11:20:42  <Chris_Booth> ask ammler for the loging details
11:20:56  <Combuster> Already did
11:27:02  <Chris_Booth> did you upload it to that location then?
11:27:13  <Combuster> I got it uploaded
11:27:45  <Combuster> But I'm on a backup computer right now, my laptop's in for repairs
11:28:06  <Combuster> and I don't have all the keys I need to administrate servers on-the-go
11:28:34  <Chris_Booth> i dont have any
11:28:55  <Combuster> You shouldn't :)
11:29:09  <Chris_Booth> :'(
11:29:12  <Chris_Booth> i should
11:29:32  <Combuster> Not a member
11:29:32  <Chris_Booth> even if i did i would loose them
11:30:13  <Chris_Booth> i had the password to the webconfig
11:32:43  <Combuster> Oh well, the file's on the server
11:32:46  <Combuster> Off for lunch
11:32:54  <Combuster> hope somebody gets back sometime
11:33:13  *** Tycoon has joined
11:33:18  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Tycoon
11:33:41  <Ammler> !url
11:33:42  <Tycoon> Ammler:
11:45:08  <Chris_Booth> !rcon
11:45:21  <Chris_Booth> !rcon ls
11:45:21  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 0) .. (Parent directory)
11:45:21  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 1) archive/ (Directory)
11:45:21  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 2) autosave/ (Directory)
11:45:21  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 3) uploads/ (Directory)
11:45:21  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 4) firs1_final.sav
11:45:23  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: you have 7 more messages
11:45:37  <Chris_Booth> !more
11:45:37  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 5) firs2.sav
11:45:37  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 6) game.sav
11:45:37  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 7) firs.sav
11:45:37  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 8) cargodist1.sav
11:45:37  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 9) IS6_Final.sav
11:45:39  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: you have 2 more messages
11:45:42  <Chris_Booth> !more
11:45:42  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 10) IS6_copy_tneo.sav
11:45:42  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 11) is6_incaseboothmessesuptheload.sav
11:46:06  <Chris_Booth> !save firs2_frinal
11:46:06  <Tycoon> Saving game...
11:46:08  <Tycoon> Game saved
11:46:33  <Chris_Booth> why is number 11 incase i mess up?
11:47:53  <Chris_Booth> !rcon ls11
11:47:56  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: ERROR: command or variable not found
11:48:01  <Chris_Booth> !rcon ls 11
11:48:01  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 0) .. (Parent directory)
11:48:01  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 1) archive/ (Directory)
11:48:01  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 2) autosave/ (Directory)
11:48:01  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 3) uploads/ (Directory)
11:48:01  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: 4) game.sav
11:48:01  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: you have 7 more messages
11:48:12  <Chris_Booth> !rson load 11
11:48:16  <Chris_Booth> !rcon load 11
11:48:18  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
11:50:34  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth joined the game
11:52:29  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has left the game (leaving)
11:52:29  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
11:54:58  <Chris_Booth> Ammler LS 11 is a joke
11:55:02  <Chris_Booth> it doesnt work
11:59:53  <Ammler> Chris_Booth: please don't use rcon for things you shouldn't
12:00:05  <Ammler> else I need to remove rcon access from voicers
12:01:06  <Ammler> I already loaded the game, btw.
12:12:32  <Ammler> so just undo your crap ;-)
12:15:43  <Combuster> !rcon cd 3
12:16:08  <Combuster> !rcon ls
12:16:08  <Tycoon> Combuster: 0) .. (Parent directory)
12:16:08  <Tycoon> Combuster: 1) devstart_firs3.sav
12:16:08  <Tycoon> Combuster: 2) Tunfingford Transport, 12th Sep 1960.sav
12:16:08  <Tycoon> Combuster: 3) OPENTTDCoop4.sav
12:16:08  <Tycoon> Combuster: 4) booth.sav
12:17:00  <Combuster> !download source
12:17:00  <Tycoon> Combuster: unknown option "source"
12:17:03  <Combuster> !download
12:17:03  <Tycoon> Combuster: !download lin|lin64|osx|win32|win64|win9x
12:19:05  <Tycoon> *** Combuster joined the game
12:19:10  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has left the game (leaving)
12:19:10  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has left the game (connection lost)
12:19:34  <Combuster> !rcon load 1
12:19:36  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
12:19:42  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
12:19:43  <Tycoon> *** Combuster joined the game
12:19:48  <Combuster> yay it works
12:21:10  <Combuster> Chris_Booth, joining?
12:42:52  <Ammler> Combuster: my firs doesn't match
12:43:04  <Tycoon> <Combuster> firs -r213
12:44:26  <Combuster> Weird
12:46:13  <Combuster> The version of FIRS I use here is the same as the one listed in the topic
12:46:58  <Ammler> yes, that might be the reason, I wasn't able to start the server with my save.
12:47:33  <Combuster> glad we solved that problem :)
12:47:46  <Combuster> Anyway, I created a scenario myself and started it
12:47:58  <Combuster> so do come in if you feel like it :)
12:48:55  <Ammler> if I knew what is wrong here
12:50:09  <Combuster> Sorry, left my crystal ball home ,)
12:50:22  <Combuster> If you could be a bit more specific?
12:58:53  <Chris_Booth> here i am
12:58:57  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth joined the game
12:59:10  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Map as expected?
12:59:29  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> lots of industry this time
12:59:43  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I hit "random industries" only once
12:59:51  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i like lots
13:00:07  <Tycoon> <Combuster> At least you can do things before the majority shuts down
13:00:14  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has started a new company (#2)
13:00:35  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> thanks
13:00:53  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I got an operational MM
13:00:55  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> are wagon limits on?
13:01:05  <Tycoon> <Combuster> last time I checked, yes
13:02:36  <Mark> hello
13:02:44  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Hi Mark
13:02:47  <Mark> TAI?
13:02:58  <Mark> !download
13:02:58  <Tycoon> Mark: !download lin|lin64|osx|win32|win64|win9x
13:03:02  <Mark> !download win32
13:03:02  <Tycoon> Mark:
13:03:03  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Off by demand
13:03:08  <Mark> what is it?
13:03:30  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> TAi
13:03:40  <Combuster> Towns and Industries
13:04:11  <Combuster> basically a bunch of scripts that play simcity with towns
13:04:19  <Mark> :)
13:05:03  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i think they could be good in certain game if the regional grf patch was applied
13:05:16  <Ammler> @topic change 1 s/and TAI //
13:05:16  *** Webster changes topic to "#openttdcoop patch test channel - FIRS on IS2 | | STAGE: | Tag/Revision: IS2.0-beta3 (r16532M/h56a047d6) | Binaries: !download | FIRS:"
13:05:24  <Ammler> !rcon server_name
13:05:24  <Tycoon> Ammler: Current value for 'server_name' is: '#openttdcoop: FIRS and TAI on IS2'
13:05:45  <Ammler> !rcon server_name "#openttdcoop: FIRS on IS2"
13:06:23  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> my trains still havent moved lol
13:06:27  <Tycoon> *** Mark joined the game
13:07:23  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> mark if you join i will have to insist no cheating
13:07:33  <Tycoon> <Mark> so no stockpiling and changing output?
13:07:48  <Tycoon> <Mark> that was no respone to you
13:08:03  <Tycoon> <Mark> to be honest i dont care if you insist
13:08:08  <Tycoon> <Mark> you'd be better of asking
13:08:10  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i mean no teleporting
13:08:33  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Between companies?
13:08:39  <Tycoon> <Combuster> that's not cheating
13:08:49  <Tycoon> *** Mark has started a new company (#3)
13:09:05  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ok mark please play a normal game with no teleporting
13:09:11  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i dont mind stockpiling
13:09:11  <Tycoon> <Mark> sure
13:09:18  *** Yexo has quit IRC
13:09:38  <Ammler> well, on that game, I would cheat ;-)
13:09:42  <Tycoon> <Mark> i mean if these industries dont have stockpiling limits..
13:10:05  <Tycoon> <Mark> is there a flow chart somewhere?
13:10:08  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they dont by the looks of it
13:10:38  <Tycoon> <Combuster> The closest thing I found on the FIRS website
13:10:41  <Tycoon> <Combuster> but its text
13:10:47  <Tycoon> <Mark> oh
13:10:47  <Tycoon> <Combuster> and a few industries are missing
13:10:57  <Tycoon> <Combuster> (in the GRF that is)
13:11:26  <Ammler> [15:10] <Tycoon> <Mark> is there a flow chart somewhere? <-- in the firs thread from Roujin
13:14:41  *** Yexo has joined
13:14:41  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Yexo
13:15:46  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you know we are using orginal accelleration
13:15:55  <Mark> wtf?
13:15:57  <Mark> !setdef
13:15:57  <Tycoon> *** Mark has disabled wait_for_pbs_path, wait_twoway_signal, wait_oneway_signal, enabled no_servicing_if_no_breakdowns and set path_backoff_interval to 1
13:16:13  <Mark> !rcon patch accel_model
13:16:13  <Tycoon> Mark: 'accel_model' is an unknown setting.
13:16:31  <Chris_Booth> i was trying to work out why my train were so slow
13:16:32  <Mark> !rcon patch train_acceleration_model 1
13:16:40  <Ammler>
13:16:43  <Webster> Title: Transport Tycoon Forums View topic - FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Releases (at
13:16:50  <Ammler> !setdef
13:16:50  <Tycoon> *** Ammler has disabled wait_for_pbs_path, wait_twoway_signal, wait_oneway_signal, enabled no_servicing_if_no_breakdowns and set path_backoff_interval to 1
13:16:56  <Ammler> oh
13:17:00  <Ammler> he :-)
13:17:13  <Ammler> @wiki setdef
13:17:17  <Ammler> here there are ^
13:17:24  <Webster> timed out -
13:17:48  <Ammler> hmm
13:26:52  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> wow 20KM/h is slow
13:32:18  *** Progman has joined
13:32:28  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Progman
13:40:00  <Tycoon> <Mark> HEQS is nice
13:40:18  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> the tractors are very slow
13:40:40  <Tycoon> <Combuster> They do have huge capacities
13:42:50  <Tycoon> <Mark> does a cement plant require coal and sand and gravel to make engineering supplies?
13:43:04  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> no
13:43:06  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> or
13:43:09  <Tycoon> <Mark> k
13:43:19  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> but will make more with and
13:43:25  <Tycoon> <Combuster> everyting seems to be OR
13:43:31  <Tycoon> <Combuster> you can make aluminium
13:43:33  <Tycoon> <Combuster> make steel
13:43:35  <Tycoon> <Combuster> scrap it
13:43:39  <Tycoon> <Combuster> then recycle it to alum
13:43:45  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> lol
13:44:03  <Tycoon> <Mark> you lose some on the way though
13:44:17  <Tycoon> <Mark> because % transported is only some 70%
13:44:31  <Tycoon> <Mark> so i guess thats pretty realistic
13:50:46  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> 3 slow tractor full of fuel
13:51:00  <Tycoon> <Combuster> lol
13:51:15  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i am going to replace them with trains
14:07:14  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> omg without enginnering supplies oilweels just die
14:07:37  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> or atleast that what it looks like
14:07:43  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> there production just drops
14:12:44  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> can some lend me 100k?
14:13:18  <Tycoon> <Combuster> tried the bank?
14:13:44  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i need more that 140k
14:17:30  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> thanks mark
14:17:33  <Tycoon> <Mark> yw
14:18:43  <Tycoon> *** Mark has left the game (leaving)
14:18:43  <Tycoon> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
14:41:58  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> its hard to produce engineering supplies
14:42:48  <Tycoon> <Combuster> CB: did you notice you're missing an oil rig?
14:42:59  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Wronfingley Wells
14:43:01  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> FFS
14:44:49  <Tycoon> <Combuster> The easiest way is probably
14:45:11  <Tycoon> <Combuster> waste - scrap metal - steel/alum -> engineering
14:48:46  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i am going to give up on cargo
14:51:33  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Well, you *are* making profit
14:51:52  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> production values are droping though
14:52:22  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i didnt need you money but thanks
14:52:33  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Start with repaying your loan :)
14:52:43  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i am building new lines
14:52:54  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I got too much to spend all
14:53:03  <Tycoon> *** AmmIer joined the game
14:53:13  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Hi Ammler
14:53:21  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I see you fixed your client
14:53:23  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> sali :-)
14:53:37  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> bonjour
14:53:43  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> finally, it was a bug of the devzone compile farm.
14:58:15  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I must have missed the moment you created a company :)
14:58:32  *** Combuster is now known as [com]buster
15:02:24  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> I mostly join as company
15:02:34  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> also just for watching...
15:03:04  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Can I have my million back then? :p
15:03:09  <Tycoon> *** Mark joined the game
15:03:18  <Tycoon> <Mark> and i want my 500k back
15:03:32  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i have 200 k
15:03:34  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> :-P
15:03:48  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> Chris Booth: why did you remove your tracks?
15:03:58  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> the oil was dieing
15:04:01  <Tycoon> <Mark> i said i wanted it back from Booth :P
15:04:05  <Tycoon> <Mark> i have 3.5M
15:04:11  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I have more
15:04:21  <Tycoon> <Mark> including the money you gave me
15:04:57  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> oh, I do not have a million left ;-)
15:05:43  <Tycoon> <Combuster> :)
15:06:07  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Maybe we better shut up about money
15:08:11  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> money doesnt last
15:09:46  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> that's all I have :-(
15:10:12  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> why did you give it back?
15:10:22  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> because he asked for
15:10:53  <Tycoon> *** Mark has left the game (leaving)
15:10:53  <Tycoon> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
15:10:55  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> wasnt as if it was a loan
15:10:57  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> nice heqs "trains"
15:11:07  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> well, of course
15:11:07  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> combuster gave it to you
15:11:18  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> If I start playing, I hope I will get some again
15:19:02  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> now i have my new completed lines
15:20:41  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> oh, construction stages
15:21:18  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> :-P
15:21:51  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> what does cost me money?
15:21:57  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I have no clue
15:22:05  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> don't have a vehicle, no hq
15:23:03  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you havew to pay money to companys house
15:23:08  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> not built
15:23:10  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> to register as a company every year
15:23:20  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> companys house is taxes
15:35:28  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> ups
15:35:34  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> company gone :-(
15:35:52  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> oops
15:35:59  <Tycoon> <Combuster> hold on to that million next time ;)
15:36:05  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> shouldnt have paid your self a wage
15:36:26  <Mark> nice one Ammler
15:38:51  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> there is a lot of coding left for firs
15:40:01  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> I hope, they will include a kind of stockpilling
15:44:38  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> ah, this is combuster
15:44:44  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> thought it was mark
15:45:06  <Tycoon> <Combuster> ?
15:45:13  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> the network on the east
15:45:31  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> looked a bit markish
15:45:57  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I doubt mark would build a death-feeder network
15:46:12  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> death?
15:47:21  <[com]buster>
15:48:47  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> ok, the user Death
15:48:52  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> long ago he was here
15:49:03  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> kind of German, iirc
15:49:29  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> who was Death?
15:49:47  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> an old suspect
15:51:37  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> he, those slow heqs trains make money :-o
15:51:53  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> not really much :-)
15:56:34  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> when do TGV come out?
16:21:12  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> in the version of 2cc does the ICE 3 work porpoerly (can go up a hill without slowing)?
16:21:12  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Sorry, dunno
16:21:12  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i was asking ammler
16:21:12  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> but he seems to have dissapeared
16:21:24  <Tycoon> <Combuster> He's mourning the loss of his company ;)
16:24:14  *** Progman has quit IRC
16:24:14  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
16:24:14  *** Yexo has quit IRC
16:24:14  *** Cap_J_L_Picard has quit IRC
16:24:14  *** Mucht has quit IRC
16:24:15  *** Ammler has quit IRC
16:24:15  *** Hirundo has quit IRC
16:24:15  *** openttdcoop has quit IRC
16:24:15  *** KenjiE20 has quit IRC
16:24:15  *** [com]buster has quit IRC
16:24:15  *** Mark has quit IRC
16:24:15  *** tneo has quit IRC
16:24:15  *** planetmaker has quit IRC
16:24:15  *** XeryusTC has quit IRC
16:24:15  *** SmatZ has quit IRC
16:24:15  *** PierreW has quit IRC
16:24:15  *** Tycoon has quit IRC
16:24:47  *** Progman has joined
16:24:47  *** Yexo has joined
16:24:47  *** Tycoon has joined
16:24:47  *** KenjiE20 has joined
16:24:47  *** sets mode: +vvvo Progman Yexo Tycoon KenjiE20
16:24:47  *** Chris_Booth has joined
16:24:47  *** [com]buster has joined
16:24:47  *** sets mode: +vvov KenjiE20 Chris_Booth [com]buster [com]buster
16:24:47  *** openttdcoop has joined
16:24:47  *** PierreW has joined
16:24:47  *** Hirundo has joined
16:24:47  *** sets mode: +ovvv openttdcoop openttdcoop PierreW Hirundo
16:24:47  *** Ammler has joined
16:24:47  *** SmatZ has joined
16:24:47  *** sets mode: +ovov Ammler Ammler SmatZ SmatZ
16:24:47  *** XeryusTC has joined
16:24:47  *** planetmaker has joined
16:24:47  *** sets mode: +ovov XeryusTC XeryusTC planetmaker planetmaker
16:24:47  *** tneo has joined
16:24:47  *** Mucht has joined
16:24:47  *** Mark has joined
16:24:47  *** sets mode: +vovv tneo Mucht Mucht Mark
16:24:47  *** Cap_J_L_Picard has joined
16:24:47  *** sets mode: +v Cap_J_L_Picard
16:25:17  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Mark
16:30:26  <Tycoon> *** AmmIer has left the game (leaving)
16:30:26  <Tycoon> *** AmmIer has left the game (connection lost)
16:44:54  *** Ben_Totterdell has joined
16:45:00  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Ben_Totterdell
16:45:42  <Ammler> !players
16:45:44  <Tycoon> Ammler: Client 8 (Yellow) is Combuster, in company 1 (Combuster's FarmFirm)
16:45:44  <Tycoon> Ammler: Client 10 (Blue) is Chris Booth, in company 2 (Chris Booth Transport)
16:45:45  *** Progman has quit IRC
16:46:16  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> combuster do you want your money back?
16:52:02  <Ben_Totterdell> hmm cant remember how to make openttd work lol
16:52:26  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> get all the game filed
16:52:28  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and new grfs
16:52:36  <Chris_Booth>
16:52:39  <Chris_Booth> you need that
16:54:35  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> combuster you ever thought about building all the signals you need?
16:55:47  <Ben_Totterdell> !download
16:55:47  <Tycoon> Ben_Totterdell: !download lin|lin64|osx|win32|win64|win9x
16:56:00  <Ben_Totterdell> !downloadwin32
16:56:04  <Ben_Totterdell> !download win32
16:56:05  <Tycoon> Ben_Totterdell:
16:59:49  <Ben_Totterdell> ok think i am almost there now
17:00:43  <Ben_Totterdell> has there been a new grf pack since 7.3?
17:00:49  <Chris_Booth> no
17:00:56  <Chris_Booth> just bananas
17:01:02  <Chris_Booth> or what ever is in the topic bar
17:03:15  <Ben_Totterdell> there are 13 grfs, that are not on the internet
17:03:22  <Ben_Totterdell> and i cant seem to find :/
17:03:42  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> realy
17:03:49  <Ben_Totterdell> ye
17:03:51  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> not even in bananas?
17:04:44  <Chris_Booth> !grf
17:05:06  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> what GRFs you missing?
17:05:55  <Ammler> firs should be the only grf you need to download
17:06:10  <Ben_Totterdell> Brick Freight Stations
17:06:10  <Tycoon> *** simozzz joined the game
17:06:26  <Chris_Booth> aah that is and old GRF
17:06:47  <Chris_Booth> you can find it on
17:06:49  <Ammler> that isn't just old, that is obsolete
17:06:58  <Ammler> and in the grfpack :P
17:07:08  <Chris_Booth> it is i thought it was taken out?
17:07:13  <Chris_Booth> its not in 7.3
17:07:17  <Ammler> z_obsolte
17:07:45  <Ammler> how do you think is our grfpack compatbile with all archive games?
17:07:49  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i think you will find it isnt
17:07:56  <Ben_Totterdell> !grf
17:08:03  <Ben_Totterdell> !grf
17:08:06  <Ammler> :-)
17:08:12  <Ammler> @wiki grf
17:08:13  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i was playing some the otherday
17:08:24  <Webster> timed out -
17:08:26  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and i had to go threw my own archives to get the GRFs
17:08:43  <Ben_Totterdell> perhaps i cant get the grf pack to work
17:08:46  <Ammler> every single game is playable with the pack, else it is a bug.
17:09:18  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> every single game isnt playable
17:10:14  <Tycoon> *** simozzz has left the game (connection lost)
17:10:44  <Tycoon> *** simozzz joined the game
17:10:48  <Tycoon> <simozzz> hi
17:10:50  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> hi
17:10:56  <Tycoon> *** simozzz has started a new company (#4)
17:11:12  <Tycoon> <simozzz> thx
17:11:14  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> just a little help
17:11:42  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> also in 12 month you will be able to use my lines
17:12:22  <Ammler> Chris_Booth: which isn't?
17:12:35  <Tycoon> <simozzz> i'll make my own i think.
17:12:41  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> some of the member zone game i was tring to play
17:12:51  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they use DB set not DBXL
17:12:57  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and it causes them to crash
17:12:58  <Ammler> lol
17:13:07  <Ammler> I am kinda sure, we have no dbset game
17:13:18  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you do
17:13:25  <Ammler> :-)
17:13:36  <Ammler> I am member of coop since we use newgrfs :P
17:13:43  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i had to go find DB set
17:14:00  <Ammler> dbsetxl is already 5 years old
17:14:08  <Ammler> older than #openttdcoop
17:14:15  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> so
17:14:23  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> doesnt mean you didnt use DB set
17:14:54  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> also some of the 2cc set game dont like the new version of 2cc
17:15:00  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> but they dont crash
17:15:22  <Ammler> hmm, that is something else.
17:15:36  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> that is GRF ID i think
17:15:40  <Ammler> but please, if you find a game, which would crash, inform us.
17:15:45  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> where 2 different grf has the asme ID
17:15:55  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i had one the otherday
17:15:59  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i will find it again
17:16:08  <Ammler> there is a bug in grfpack 7.3
17:16:15  <Ammler> with isr
17:16:23  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> isr?
17:17:01  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> also some of the old games are unplayable as they were built so badly
17:17:44  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> Ammler should TGV be able to be use for cargo?
17:18:32  <Tycoon> <simozzz> I think it should not.
17:18:33  <Tycoon> *** Ben Totterdell joined the game
17:18:42  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> thats what i woas think
17:18:44  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> back in buisness people!
17:18:55  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> there is an issue with the MU programing there
17:19:35  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and this is a coop made train set
17:19:35  <Tycoon> <simozzz> But i know how to make them carry any cargo.
17:19:46  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> how?
17:19:56  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> combuster has a huge jam lol
17:19:56  <Tycoon> <simozzz> look at my train
17:20:06  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i know
17:20:12  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> thats what i was saying
17:20:22  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> urgh dinner time
17:20:25  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> just as i get here...
17:20:27  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> bye bye benny
17:20:31  <Tycoon> *** Ben Totterdell has left the game (leaving)
17:20:31  <Tycoon> *** Ben Totterdell has left the game (connection lost)
17:20:45  <Tycoon> <simozzz> and thats bug in ottd, not in set.
17:21:24  <Chris_Booth> no its a set bug
17:21:36  <Tycoon> <simozzz> shure?
17:21:38  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yeah
17:21:46  <Tycoon> <simozzz> i can do this with any set
17:22:06  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i bet you couldnt with DBXL and any of the ICE trains
17:22:13  <Tycoon> <simozzz> realy?
17:22:27  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yeah
17:22:37  <Tycoon> <simozzz> i do it many times with ice in dbsetxl
17:22:39  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> go and try it in Single PLayer
17:23:16  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> how do you do it?
17:23:30  <Tycoon> <simozzz> it is my secret. lol
17:24:04  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i have done it with my train 18
17:25:12  <Tycoon> <simozzz> and an you do it with SM2?
17:25:31  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> hhm you shouldnt be able to
17:25:45  <Tycoon> <simozzz> look at my 2nd train
17:26:32  <Chris_Booth> hhhm
17:26:42  <Ammler> isn't that possible with multiple engine pool?
17:26:43  <Chris_Booth> its definatly an openttd error
17:26:49  <Chris_Booth> it is
17:26:52  <Tycoon> <simozzz> here is railbus with pax wagons
17:26:57  <Chris_Booth> i just tryed it in UKRS aswell
17:27:38  <Chris_Booth> MU pool should stop that
17:27:52  <Chris_Booth> but if you drop the loco to the back of the rake
17:28:08  <Chris_Booth> then drag the wagons inbetween the loco it always works
17:28:37  <Tycoon> <simozzz> yes, thats how i do it
17:29:22  <Chris_Booth> shall i report it as a bug?
17:29:28  <Chris_Booth> amler?
17:30:15  <Tycoon> *** simozzz has left the game (connection lost)
17:30:34  <Tycoon> *** simozzz joined the game
17:30:44  <Tycoon> *** AmmIer joined the game
17:30:52  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> Chris Booth: show me
17:31:26  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> check out train 18
17:31:40  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ok it is limited as wagon limits are on
17:32:09  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> also check out simozz train 1
17:32:15  <Tycoon> *** simozzz has left the game (connection lost)
17:32:27  <Tycoon> *** simozzz joined the game
17:32:30  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> that is a bug of autoreplace?
17:32:33  <Tycoon> <simozzz> no
17:32:39  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> its a building bug
17:32:45  <Tycoon> <simozzz> bug in building
17:33:25  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> so you move the engine to the waggons?
17:33:28  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> but it works with DBXL and 2CC
17:33:40  <Tycoon> <simozzz> with any set
17:33:42  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> put the loco behind the wagons
17:33:44  <Tycoon> <simozzz> jpset
17:33:51  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> see
17:33:53  <Tycoon> <simozzz> nars2
17:33:57  <Tycoon> <simozzz> any
17:33:59  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> yes, I see
17:34:02  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> hmm
17:34:14  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> etc etc
17:34:16  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> do you know, how it works in patch?
17:34:26  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> not a clue
17:34:33  <Tycoon> * AmmIer starting ttdpatch
17:34:43  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> simozzz just pointed out to me
17:34:58  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i didnt think to try ttdpatch
17:35:14  <Tycoon> <simozzz> and if you by lowcost loco at the front of this train it'll be able to copy that train
17:35:24  <Tycoon> <simozzz> buy
17:35:40  <Tycoon> <simozzz> look atmy depot
17:36:40  *** Yexo has quit IRC
17:36:54  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> hhm
17:37:36  <Ammler> well, you should make a bug report anyway.
17:37:49  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> does ttdpatch do the same?
17:38:06  <Ammler> if you can't append a waggon to a engine, it is kinda obvious, it shouldn't work the other way.
17:38:21  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yeah i know
17:38:26  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> thats why i bought it up
17:38:34  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i thought it was only 2cc
17:38:40  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> but works with everthing
17:39:28  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has joined company #1
17:40:21  <Tycoon> *** Ben Totterdell joined the game
17:40:45  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has joined company #2
17:40:53  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> silly combuster
17:40:59  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> what are we supposed to be testing on this server?
17:41:09  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> doesn't work in patch
17:41:25  <Chris_Booth> just FIRS
17:41:29  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> you can't move a engine to a waggon
17:41:37  <Chris_Booth> aaah
17:41:50  <Chris_Booth> i am reporting in on bugs.openttd now
17:42:58  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
17:43:05  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has left the game (leaving)
17:43:05  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
17:44:53  <Tycoon> <Combuster> That's for starters
17:44:56  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> yay!
17:48:02  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> eeep, havent played this game in ages
17:48:12  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> forgotten how to build :P
17:48:15  <Tycoon> *** simozzz has left the game (connection lost)
17:48:35  <Tycoon> *** simozzz joined the game
17:59:07  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> i disslike being skint :(
18:02:45  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> sorry combuster
18:02:56  <Tycoon> <Combuster> ?
18:03:02  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> nvm
18:03:30  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> just killed a truck of yours
18:04:22  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Will you please bridge roads
18:04:50  *** Progman has joined
18:05:00  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Progman
18:05:00  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> will do, when i get some monies
18:05:24  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> ahh
18:07:30  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> hmm gtg
18:07:36  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> i'll finish up later
18:07:38  <Tycoon> *** Ben Totterdell has left the game (leaving)
18:07:38  <Tycoon> *** Ben Totterdell has left the game (connection lost)
18:16:15  <Tycoon> *** simozzz has left the game (connection lost)
18:16:37  <Tycoon> *** simozzz joined the game
18:18:16  *** ^Spike^ has joined
18:18:16  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ^Spike^
18:18:21  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v ^Spike^
18:29:37  <tneo> !ip
18:29:37  <Tycoon> tneo:
18:31:28  <tneo> Ammler, can you advise?
18:31:28  <tneo> checking 3rdparty... NOT FOUND
18:31:28  <tneo> ERROR: please make sure you have src/3rdparty/squirrel
18:31:28  <tneo> ERROR: you can find the source at svn://
18:31:28  <tneo> make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.
18:31:50  <Ammler> hmm
18:32:00  <Ammler> did you try to compile it self?
18:32:13  <Ammler> !hg
18:33:30  <Ammler> or did you try to use autostart?
18:33:40  <Ammler> autostart doesn't support it.
18:33:52  <Tycoon> *** AmmIer has left the game (leaving)
18:33:52  <Tycoon> *** AmmIer has left the game (connection lost)
18:34:03  <tneo> ad
18:34:20  <tneo> what is that hg command again?
18:36:31  <Ammler> hg pull && hg up IS2.0-beta3 && make
18:39:01  <Ammler> or
18:39:05  <Ammler> !dl suse
18:39:05  <Tycoon> Ammler:
18:40:27  <tneo> :-D
18:42:14  <Ammler> well, that only works, if I upload a suse build ;-)
18:42:19  <tneo> !grf
18:42:34  <Ammler> grfpack, bananas and
18:42:37  <Ammler> @topic
18:42:37  <Webster> Ammler: #openttdcoop patch test channel - FIRS on IS2 | | STAGE: | Tag/Revision: IS2.0-beta3 (r16532M/h56a047d6) | Binaries: !download | FIRS:
18:42:37  <tneo> grf mismatch
18:42:47  <Ammler> firs needs manual dl
18:45:43  <Ammler> !grf
18:46:37  <Ammler> !grf
18:46:37  <Tycoon> Ammler: (Version 7.3) +
18:46:43  <Tycoon> *** tneo joined the game
18:47:12  <Tycoon> <tneo> yellow power ;)
18:48:26  <Tycoon> *** tneo has started a new company (#6)
18:49:26  <Tycoon> *** tneo has left the game (leaving)
18:49:27  <Tycoon> *** tneo has left the game (connection lost)
18:49:38  <tneo> !reset
18:50:07  <tneo> @op
18:50:29  <tneo> @identify
18:50:39  <[com]buster> ?
18:52:03  <KenjiE20> hm, it appears no one ever added tneo's cap.'s
18:52:06  <KenjiE20> try now
18:52:17  <tneo> @op
18:52:17  *** Webster sets mode: +o tneo
18:52:20  <tneo> :)
18:52:49  <KenjiE20> you should have for here, public and the alter-verse now
18:53:15  <tneo> ok
18:53:24  <tneo> !rcon reset
18:53:24  <Tycoon> tneo: ERROR: command or variable not found
18:53:33  <tneo> !reset #6
18:54:11  * KenjiE20 goes back to pondering web stuff
18:54:24  <tneo> what is the reset company command again?
18:54:34  <KenjiE20> @man reset
18:54:37  <Webster> Search results - OpenTTD -
18:55:23  <tneo> !rcon reset_company 6
18:55:23  <Tycoon> tneo: Company deleted.
18:57:15  *** Yexo has joined
18:57:15  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Yexo
19:04:10  *** Ben_Totterdell has quit IRC
19:09:31  <Tycoon> <simozzz> bye
19:09:32  <Ammler> [20:53] <tneo> !rcon reset <-- dangerous try ;-)
19:09:51  <Tycoon> *** simozzz has left the game (leaving)
19:09:51  <Tycoon> *** simozzz has left the game (connection lost)
19:11:58  <Ammler> !ip
19:11:59  <Tycoon> Ammler:
19:13:02  <Ammler> !reload config
19:13:02  <Ammler> !ip
19:13:02  <Ammler> mäh
19:13:02  <Ammler> someone really fucked up the config here.
19:13:03  <Ammler> (maybe me)
19:13:05  <Tycoon> Ammler: config reloaded
19:13:05  <Tycoon> Ammler:
19:28:33  *** Fuco has joined
19:28:38  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Fuco
19:42:22  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has joined company #3
19:42:38  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has joined company #1
19:54:45  *** andythenorth has joined
19:54:50  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v andythenorth
19:54:52  *** andythenorth has left
19:55:23  *** andythenorth has joined
19:55:28  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v andythenorth
19:55:38  <andythenorth> !download os x
19:55:38  <Tycoon> andythenorth: unknown option "os"
19:55:42  <andythenorth> !download osx
19:55:42  <Tycoon> andythenorth:
19:58:06  <Ammler> !info
19:58:06  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:1(Yellow) Company Name: 'Combuster's FarmFirm'  Year Founded: 1975  Money: 30267414  Loan: 0  Value: 43235107  (T:70, R:61, P:13, S:0) unprotected
19:58:06  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:2(Blue) Company Name: 'Chris Booth Transport'  Year Founded: 1977  Money: 82169156  Loan: 0  Value: 84563297  (T:17, R:4, P:0, S:0) unprotected
19:58:06  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:3(Purple) Company Name: 'Mark Transport'  Year Founded: 1978  Money: 10946599  Loan: 0  Value: 10990661  (T:4, R:1, P:0, S:0) unprotected
19:58:06  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:4(Grey) Company Name: 'simozzz Transport'  Year Founded: 1995  Money: 2812137  Loan: 0  Value: 3838066  (T:25, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
19:58:06  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:5(Green) Company Name: 'Ben Totterdell Transport'  Year Founded: 1997  Money: 2652223  Loan: 280000  Value: 2616702  (T:2, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
19:59:24  <Tycoon> <Mark> 'lo
19:59:24  <Tycoon> *** Mark joined the game
19:59:28  <Tycoon> <Combuster> hi mark
19:59:39  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I stopped a few trains of you
19:59:53  <Tycoon> <Mark> oi
20:00:00  <Tycoon> <Mark> how did that industry disappear?
20:00:12  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I have no idea
20:00:22  <Ammler> !tell andythenorth about !grf
20:00:22  <Tycoon> andythenorth: (Version 7.3) +
20:00:39  <Tycoon> <Combuster> :)
20:00:42  <Ammler> andythenorth: you really never downloaded our pack?
20:01:27  <Ammler> Mark: you can complain right by one of the devs ;-)
20:02:30  <Tycoon> *** AmmIer joined the game
20:02:35  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> wpw
20:02:37  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> wow
20:02:41  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> progress
20:03:29  <Tycoon> <Combuster> And so far, nobody is using IS
20:03:43  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> lol
20:03:49  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> makes sense
20:03:54  *** andythenorth has left
20:03:56  <Tycoon> <Mark> to be honest i completely forgot about it
20:05:34  *** Chris_Booth has joined
20:05:42  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Chris_Booth
20:06:48  <Tycoon> <Mark> Combuster: do all your farms get farm supplies?
20:06:55  <Tycoon> <Combuster> No they don't
20:07:11  <Tycoon> <Mark> you should make some automatic distribution :P
20:07:27  <Tycoon> <Mark> stations pulling a farm supplies train of the ML every month
20:07:38  <Tycoon> <Mark> at least im guessing once a month is enough
20:07:52  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I more intended something like RV roulette
20:07:54  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth joined the game
20:08:32  <Tycoon> <Mark> how do you mean?
20:08:32  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Still , I first *need* a source of farm supplies
20:09:06  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Vehicles with orders that include *all* stations
20:09:14  <Tycoon> <Mark> ah
20:09:20  <Tycoon> <Mark> nasty :P
20:09:40  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> Combuster: are there different lengths available for those road trains
20:09:42  <Tycoon> <Combuster> But also fair
20:09:44  <Tycoon> <Mark> will be tricky to spread
20:09:54  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> mark you want your money back now?
20:10:00  <Tycoon> <Mark> YES
20:10:03  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> :-)
20:10:13  <Tycoon> <Mark> :)
20:10:15  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> with interest
20:10:18  <Tycoon> <Mark> k
20:10:24  <Tycoon> <Mark> should cover it
20:10:26  <Tycoon> <Combuster> 100%?~:)
20:10:36  <Tycoon> <Mark> 500k to 20m
20:10:39  <Tycoon> <Mark> you do the maths :P
20:10:47  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> hmm, too less
20:11:31  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> 100% should it be in ttd games.
20:12:05  <Tycoon> <Mark> i should be able to calculate that
20:12:11  <Tycoon> <Mark> i managed to do so at my exams
20:12:37  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> its 400%
20:12:39  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> 4000%
20:12:41  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i mean
20:12:47  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> ah
20:12:47  <Tycoon> <Mark> now anually
20:12:51  <Tycoon> <Mark> or monthly
20:12:54  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> 20mil for 500k?
20:13:00  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yeah
20:13:08  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> that is something else
20:13:10  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> :-)
20:13:40  <Tycoon> <Combuster> well
20:13:50  <Tycoon> <Combuster> if it *was* 100% interest per year
20:14:01  <Tycoon> <Combuster> the debt would be 500k * 2^27
20:14:31  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> why 27?
20:14:54  <Tycoon> <Combuster> because you borrowed in 1980?
20:15:28  <Tycoon> <Mark> 14.64%
20:15:30  <Tycoon> <Mark> anually
20:15:32  <Tycoon> <Mark> wild guess
20:16:02  <Tycoon> <Combuster> with 100% annual interest, you owe mark 625.000.000.000
20:16:09  <Tycoon> <Combuster> (approx)
20:16:10  <Mark> @calc 500000*1.1464**27
20:16:10  <Webster> Mark: 20000773.5999
20:16:16  <Mark> ^
20:16:48  <Tycoon> <Combuster> aha rounding errors
20:16:56  <Mark> @calc 500000*1.1463984**27
20:16:56  <Webster> Mark: 20000019.9207
20:17:09  <Mark> i could get more decimals
20:17:13  <Mark> cant say i care a lot though
20:17:29  <Tycoon> <Combuster> We don't really
20:18:09  <Tycoon> <Mark> at least these crawler trucks dont slow down uphill
20:18:23  <Tycoon> <Combuster> They don't even slow down in curves :)
20:18:25  <Tycoon> <Mark> or do they?
20:18:29  <Tycoon> <Mark> heh
20:18:40  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they do by 1 khm
20:18:46  <Tycoon> <Mark> yeah
20:19:27  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> small% though
20:20:09  <Tycoon> <Mark> Combuster: do you provide packaging?
20:20:23  <Tycoon> <Combuster> No
20:20:33  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I only connected all 5 types of farms
20:20:39  <Tycoon> <Mark> what produces packaging? :P
20:20:49  <Tycoon> <Combuster> waste
20:20:59  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> oil - chemical - packaging
20:21:01  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> or waste
20:21:11  <Tycoon> <Combuster> waste <- pun intended
20:21:14  <Tycoon> <Mark> :)
20:21:41  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> those road trains are so slooooow
20:21:52  <Tycoon> <Combuster> they are soooo cheap
20:21:57  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> :-)
20:22:55  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> Combuster: your transfer station jams
20:23:05  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Which one?
20:23:09  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> west
20:24:29  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I don't see any real jams
20:24:43  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> you are so slow as the trucks
20:25:05  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Well
20:25:16  <Tycoon> <Combuster> if 8 trucks happen to be at the same place at the same time
20:25:22  <Tycoon> <Combuster> you get some queueing
20:25:40  <Tycoon> <Combuster> but not jams
20:26:10  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> queue is if trains have to wait because of the same type
20:26:38  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> but in the case I meant, the vehicle has to wait because of a leaving one.
20:27:12  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I added a bypass
20:27:28  <Tycoon> <Combuster> but 99% of the time, there is no jam
20:27:30  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> :-)
20:30:13  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Btw Mark
20:30:19  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you suck
20:30:30  <Tycoon> <Mark> yes Combuster?
20:30:50  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Do you think you could have built the east transfer
20:31:01  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Ammler thought you did that one
20:31:08  <Tycoon> <Mark> lol
20:31:24  <Tycoon> <Mark> guess i could have :P
20:31:28  <Tycoon> <Mark> not my style though
20:31:42  <Tycoon> <Combuster> That's what I told Ammler as well
20:31:48  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> combuster do you think you could have missed more signals out in your network?
20:32:15  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I occasionally do
20:32:36  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you had a nice jam in your prior at gruntford farm
20:32:36  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I'm not as careful in here as I would in PS
20:32:39  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> which benny fixed
20:32:57  <Tycoon> <Combuster> He didn't fix that
20:32:59  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I did
20:33:05  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ooh
20:33:18  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and you station there had lots of missing signal which i added
20:34:30  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> have you 2 herd of the MU cheat?
20:35:12  <Tycoon> <Combuster> cheating the stock market?
20:35:16  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> no
20:35:26  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> the multiple unit train cheat
20:35:48  <Tycoon> <Combuster> You mentioned something like it
20:39:29  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> see if you can add any wagon to a TGV
20:40:05  <Ammler> Chris_Booth: did you report it?
20:40:17  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> not yet
20:40:21  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i will
20:40:43  <Tycoon> <Mark> TGV POS is fast
20:41:25  <Tycoon> <Combuster> hmm
20:41:35  <Tycoon> <Combuster> race planes? :)
20:41:58  <Tycoon> <Mark> it'd beat them at 1/4th plane speed :P
20:42:12  <Tycoon> <Combuster> it'd still at half speed
20:42:45  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> reported
20:42:59  <Tycoon> <Mark> your planes actually fly at 227km/h
20:43:01  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> only half speed if speed limits are on
20:43:54  <Tycoon> *** AmmIer has left the game (leaving)
20:43:54  <Tycoon> *** AmmIer has left the game (connection lost)
20:44:40  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ammler shall i tell people in openttd IRC?
20:45:26  <Ammler> well, #openttd is a very unfriendly channel, but you can try :-)
20:45:46  <Ammler> you need some level of ignorance there
20:46:17  <Chris_Booth> lol
20:46:25  <Chris_Booth> people are just ignoring me now
20:47:17  <^Spike^> Ammler or just not join..
20:47:27  <Ammler> well, it very much depense on the active people.
20:47:28  <^Spike^> i got kicked out of how i set myself away..
20:47:59  <^Spike^> something i've done for like 6-7 years like this and it's the first channel and ppl to complain about it..
20:48:19  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> about what?
20:48:31  <^Spike^> how i set myself away on IRC or well my BNC does
20:48:55  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> what does it do?
20:49:01  <Ammler> away message is very annoying.
20:49:07  <^Spike^> does /away and change nick
20:49:13  <^Spike^> well change nick change 1 letter
20:49:15  <Ammler> everything which you output but don't read self is.
20:49:29  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> same as mine
20:49:39  <^Spike^> that /away wasn't the problem.. but the chaning my nick was..
20:49:54  <^Spike^> all i got: It's not how we set ourselves away here.. we just use /away
20:49:56  <^Spike^> and kicked
20:49:59  <Ammler> did you ever do that on #openttdcoop ?
20:50:08  <^Spike^> BNC does that normally..
20:50:18  <^Spike^> but seems no-one notices like the past 6-7 years
20:50:20  <Ammler> I am suprised, not complained about that, too.
20:50:32  <Ammler> ah
20:50:39  <Ammler> you do you change to lowercase?
20:50:42  <^Spike^> yes
20:50:54  <Ammler> I thought, that is kind of d/c
20:50:56  <^Spike^> ^Spike^ -> ^spike^
20:52:00  <Ammler> well, I agree to #openttd then ;-)
20:56:24  <Tycoon> <Mark> hah
20:56:41  <Tycoon> <Mark> no more up-down-up
20:56:59  <Tycoon> <Combuster> You got the wrong tracks
20:57:05  <Tycoon> <Mark> ?
20:57:07  <Tycoon> <Combuster> should've been metro
20:57:15  <Tycoon> <Mark> why?
20:57:25  <Tycoon> <Combuster> as in, underground
20:57:27  <Tycoon> <Mark> ah
20:57:29  <Tycoon> <Mark> :P
20:58:55  *** Mks has joined
20:59:05  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Mks
21:00:00  <Tycoon> <Mark> how are those supposed to go 576/km/h?
21:00:03  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> 330 MPH wow that train is going some
21:00:11  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> down a hill
21:01:56  <Tycoon> <Mark> guess you have to add some together
21:01:59  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they go faster when doubled up
21:02:14  <Tycoon> *** Mks joined the game
21:02:27  <Tycoon> <Mark> there TL15
21:03:01  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> 358
21:03:07  <Tycoon> <Mark> so thats the trick
21:03:17  <Tycoon> <Mark> 576
21:03:20  <Tycoon> <Mks> is it possible to use other companies trails on this map?
21:03:26  <Tycoon> <Mark> weird english folks
21:03:32  <Tycoon> <Combuster> It is
21:03:34  <Tycoon> <Mks> rails even
21:03:40  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yep if they share
21:03:46  <Tycoon> <Mks> ohh
21:03:52  <Tycoon> <Mks> they have to decide them self to do that?
21:03:54  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i share everything
21:04:00  <Tycoon> <Mks> ahhh
21:04:00  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yes
21:04:22  <Tycoon> <Mark> im off
21:04:24  <Tycoon> <Mark> night
21:04:26  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> by mark
21:04:28  <Tycoon> *** Mark has left the game (leaving)
21:04:28  <Tycoon> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
21:04:39  <Mks> mm whats going on the public server btw?
21:04:56  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> erm same as yesterday
21:05:02  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i just wanted a change
21:05:20  <Mks> ahh
21:05:21  <Mks> well
21:05:27  <Mks> need new game :P
21:05:37  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> where?
21:05:38  <Mks> + dev server is fun since its so diffrent
21:05:41  <Mks> public server
21:05:58  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> public wever isnt finished eyt
21:06:23  <Mks> nice spelling :P
21:06:39  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i know
21:07:10  <Mks> damn lot of stuff built on dev server
21:07:23  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you want a head start?
21:07:38  <Tycoon> *** Mks has joined spectators
21:07:40  <Tycoon> *** Mks has started a new company (#6)
21:07:42  <planetmaker> if there's one person which doesn't need it...
21:07:52  <planetmaker> oh... not Mark, but Mks :-P
21:07:56  <planetmaker> hi anyway :-)
21:08:01  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe hi
21:08:20  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> should help abit
21:08:28  <Tycoon> <Mks> yeah thnx
21:08:42  <Tycoon> <Mks> is train wagon speed limit on?
21:08:45  <Tycoon> <Combuster> it is
21:08:48  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you can use m track in 12 months
21:09:11  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Same for me
21:09:18  <Tycoon> <Mks> nice
21:09:37  <Tycoon> <Mks> would be fun to play with firs on public server I think
21:09:55  <Tycoon> <Mks> would need alot of diffrent type of plan then usually used
21:09:57  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> we played with something similar
21:09:57  <Tycoon> <Combuster> It would confuse the hell out of most people
21:10:00  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ESC
21:10:11  <Tycoon> <Combuster> *ECS
21:10:14  <Tycoon> <Mks> well
21:10:16  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> thats the one
21:10:18  <Tycoon> <Mks> I've tried ECS
21:10:22  <Tycoon> <Mks> and I didn't like it
21:10:24  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i didnt care for that much either
21:10:28  <Tycoon> <Mks> I think firs is ok tho
21:10:58  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i like TGV's
21:11:09  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe
21:11:14  <^Spike^> !password
21:11:21  <^Spike^> oh none..
21:11:33  <[com]buster> :)
21:11:36  <Tycoon> <Mks> ohh junk yard is new
21:11:37  <^Spike^> automatic thingie.. :)
21:11:40  <Tycoon> <Mks> wasn't in last game
21:11:48  <Tycoon> <Combuster> 5 types of farms...
21:11:54  <Tycoon> <Combuster> (which is *more* than ECS
21:12:01  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> nope as towns made waste last time with the town grf
21:13:20  <Ammler> [com]buster: FIRS will have as much different things as ECS
21:13:34  <Ammler> but with ONE grf
21:13:43  <Tycoon> <Mks> must better that way
21:13:53  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I think the waste bit is the most interesting, TBH
21:13:55  <Tycoon> <Mks> does firs fix wagons also?
21:13:57  <Ammler> not sure, we will see...
21:14:07  <Tycoon> <Combuster> We are using 2cc
21:14:13  <Tycoon> <Combuster> and you can transport all cargoes so...
21:14:19  <Ammler> you just should use ECS sets
21:14:52  <Tycoon> <Mks> whats the station spread?
21:15:02  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> 32
21:16:37  <Tycoon> <Mks> why are trams so slow?
21:16:51  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> as that how slow trams are
21:16:59  <Tycoon> <Mks> not true
21:17:00  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they only go like 40 MPH tops
21:17:12  <Tycoon> <Mks> not when they aren't going in towns
21:17:27  <Tycoon> *** Spike joined the game
21:17:31  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> name me a tram that goes more than 50MPh?
21:18:00  <Tycoon> <Mks> mm not sure :P
21:19:24  <Tycoon> <Mks> are there bax mines now?
21:19:43  <Tycoon> <Combuster> They are missing
21:19:49  <Tycoon> <Combuster> (known issue)
21:19:55  <Tycoon> <Combuster> make steel
21:19:57  <Tycoon> <Combuster> scrap it
21:20:00  <Tycoon> <Combuster> recycle it
21:20:02  <Tycoon> <Mks> ahh
21:20:08  <Tycoon> <Combuster> then make aluminium out of it :)
21:20:14  <Tycoon> <Mks> ahh nice this version has a better color on waste collection points
21:20:22  <Tycoon> <Mks> they where really hard to find in last version
21:21:20  <Tycoon> <Mks> everyone usestrains?
21:21:33  *** tagx has joined
21:21:38  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v tagx
21:21:46  <Tycoon> <Combuster> trains+rv+aircraft
21:22:04  <Tycoon> <Combuster> only boats are useless
21:22:10  <Tycoon> <Combuster> (imo)
21:22:40  <Tycoon> <Mks> ohh train wagons are faster with this set
21:23:06  <Tycoon> <Combuster> pax can go top speed
21:23:14  <Tycoon> <Combuster> cargo is limited to 160 km/h
21:23:24  <Tycoon> <Mks> last set was 148 km/h limit
21:23:50  <Tycoon> <Spike> nice replacement set for industries
21:24:08  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> what wrong with standard industries?
21:24:26  <Tycoon> <Spike> nothing as far as i know.. just saying this is also a nice one..
21:24:52  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i like pax
21:25:30  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Because he couldn't stay alive with cargo...
21:25:48  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> not my fault
21:25:51  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe
21:25:53  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> all the all kept dieing
21:26:23  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Why don't I have that problem
21:26:37  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> do you transport OIL?
21:28:18  <Tycoon> <Mks> damit so many tracks :P
21:28:51  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you can run on mine and combusters now though
21:28:57  <Tycoon> <Mks> I should be able to connect my own train line to someone elses?
21:28:57  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and build trains on mine
21:29:11  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> only if a junction exists
21:29:25  <Tycoon> <Mks> ohh
21:29:29  <Tycoon> <Mks> so I can't build a junction?
21:29:31  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> (open track ends)
21:29:37  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> nope
21:29:39  <Tycoon> <Mks> ahhh
21:29:41  <Tycoon> <Combuster> If you need a junction just give a shout
21:30:41  <Tycoon> <Mks> placed to signs on your rail chris
21:30:59  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> are you going to run slow trains?
21:31:05  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe yes
21:31:23  <Tycoon> <Mks> better to build my own track then?
21:31:37  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> mine have room
21:31:45  <Tycoon> <Mks> fast trains tho
21:31:51  <Tycoon> <Mks> mine are slow
21:33:19  <Tycoon> <Mks> I can tf if I wish right?
21:33:22  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> junctions built
21:33:30  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> within reason yes
21:33:32  <Tycoon> <Mks> thnx
21:34:10  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> what you going to transport?
21:34:12  <Tycoon> <Mks> waste
21:34:26  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> aaah
21:36:03  <Tycoon> *** AmmIer joined the game
21:36:56  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> Mks one finishes please neaten
21:37:47  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ammler there was almost no point in reporting that bug
21:37:57  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> as yexo didnt ever want to know
21:38:10  <Ammler> Chris_Booth: a bit more patience
21:38:31  <Ammler> you didn't make it very verbose
21:38:46  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i almost hope it isnt fixed
21:39:00  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> as we can use it to make our trains faster in coop ps
21:39:06  <[com]buster> Yexo was right
21:39:19  <[com]buster> Don't blame the devs for the GRFcoders fault
21:39:34  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i didntr
21:39:36  <[com]buster> file a report at the 2cc devs
21:39:56  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i reported to ammler
21:40:30  <Ammler> [com]buster: it isn't a grf bug
21:40:42  <Ammler> it is very much a openttd bug :-P
21:41:39  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Can you exploit it with original vehicles?
21:42:45  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i dont think you could
21:42:52  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> as not original trains are wagon locked
21:43:58  <Ammler> [com]buster: you were able to use TGV for cargo since ever.
21:44:04  *** andythenorth has joined
21:44:09  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v andythenorth
21:44:26  <Ammler> base grf don't have "new" featrues.
21:44:29  <andythenorth> evening
21:44:56  *** Ben_Totterdell has joined
21:44:57  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> will open GFX have new features?
21:45:11  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Ben_Totterdell
21:45:37  <Tycoon> <Mks> is breakdown on?
21:45:38  <andythenorth> wondered how you guys are getting on with FIRS?
21:45:41  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> no
21:45:52  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> FIRS is rubish (only joking)
21:45:55  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> its good fun
21:46:10  <Tycoon> <Combuster> says Mr. Pax :p
21:46:32  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i had fun with it until i lost all my oil
21:46:34  <Tycoon> <Mks> damn
21:46:41  <Tycoon> <Mks> any train with low running cost
21:47:05  <Tycoon> *** Spike has left the game (leaving)
21:47:05  <Tycoon> *** Spike has left the game (connection lost)
21:47:12  <Ammler> Mks: erail is very expensive
21:47:28  <Ammler> use heqs like combuster ;-)
21:48:03  <Tycoon> <Mks> well was thinking about it but
21:48:08  <Tycoon> <Mks> trains are faster
21:48:21  <andythenorth> HEQS currently has ridiculously low running costs.  Enjoy it while you can...that will change when I get around to it
21:48:23  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> hmm, faster than heqs :-)
21:48:25  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i have a train that goes 330MPH
21:48:36  <Tycoon> <Mks> won't work for cargo tho
21:48:50  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> can HEQs go like 50 - 60 MPH?
21:48:53  <Tycoon> <Combuster> it's also ridiculously slow
21:48:53  <Tycoon> <Mks> would like to use that TVG POS V150 for cargo :P
21:48:59  <Tycoon> <Combuster> so it should be cheap
21:49:02  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> andy, you shouldn't make them more expensive
21:49:24  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> those trucks I screenshoted you
21:49:38  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> make around 2k income per year.
21:49:48  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> that is already quite low
21:49:57  <andythenorth> well maybe running costs are right then
21:49:58  <Tycoon> <Mks> I want 160km/h trucks :P
21:50:04  *** [1]Ben_Totterdell has joined
21:50:04  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> combuster highest porfit is 7 k
21:50:07  <Tycoon> *** Ben Totterdell joined the game
21:50:17  <andythenorth> HEQS costs are copied from eGRVTS...
21:50:18  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v [1]Ben_Totterdell
21:50:18  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> maybe it is screwed with other set, dunno.
21:50:25  <andythenorth> Zephyris wrote my original code
21:50:33  <Tycoon> <Combuster> that is most likely because of stationwalk
21:51:29  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you not using train then MKs?
21:51:37  <Tycoon> <Mks> naa gona try with heqs
21:51:47  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> over that distance?
21:51:50  <Tycoon> <Mks> yeah
21:51:56  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> mad
21:52:10  <Tycoon> <Combuster> HEQS is short-distance only
21:52:16  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
21:53:24  <Ammler> !rcon set town_growth_rate
21:53:24  <Tycoon> Ammler: Current value for 'town_growth_rate' is: '2' (min: 0, max: 4)
21:53:27  <Ammler> !rcon set town_growth_rate 1
21:53:32  <Tycoon> <Mks> ohh I can't use them over large distance?
21:53:42  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you can
21:53:44  <Tycoon> <Combuster> You' be waiting for eternity
21:53:50  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> but will take so long
21:53:56  <Tycoon> <Mks> naa
21:53:58  <Ammler> you can, if you watch them one round ;-)
21:53:58  *** Ben_Totterdell has quit IRC
21:53:58  *** [1]Ben_Totterdell is now known as Ben_Totterdell
21:55:46  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> time to let the money roll in :)
21:56:04  <Tycoon> <Combuster> my two cents
21:56:04  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> :)
21:56:06  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> lol
21:56:44  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> just finished my long distance food transportation route
21:57:22  <Tycoon> <Combuster> You have a lot more food to transport
22:01:22  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> some TGVs are just too fast
22:02:36  <Tycoon> <Combuster> My ringroad's done
22:02:48  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> shame it isnt a road
22:03:32  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> its also a shame about the signals
22:03:42  <Tycoon> <Combuster> ?
22:04:36  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i left you a sign
22:06:38  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ben why didnt you IS?
22:06:44  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> ls?
22:07:03  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> infrastructure share
22:07:45  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> because i do not know how to
22:08:10  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> just connect to people lines
22:08:20  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Ask for a junction
22:08:58  *** ^Spike^ is now known as ^spike^
22:10:06  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> says i cant connect
22:10:24  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> idk, how it works :/
22:10:24  <Tycoon> <Combuster> where?
22:10:54  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> i don't know how it work tbh, so i prolly doing it wrong
22:11:28  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> all you do it end you track onto someone elses junction
22:11:39  <Tycoon> <AmmIer> good night guys.
22:11:42  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> gn
22:11:44  <Tycoon> <Mks> like the ones called !junction
22:11:44  <Tycoon> *** AmmIer has left the game (leaving)
22:11:44  <Tycoon> *** AmmIer has left the game (connection lost)
22:11:44  <Tycoon> <Combuster> 'night Ammlier
22:12:04  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> is there any examples of this already in game?
22:12:16  <Tycoon> <Combuster>  not quite
22:12:18  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> in old IS games yeah
22:12:29  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I built a cargo net
22:12:35  <Tycoon> <Combuster> CB built a pax net
22:12:37  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and in world wide openttd game day #2
22:12:47  <Tycoon> <Combuster> due to speed limits, that doesn't cooperate well
22:13:15  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> for example would ! here work?
22:13:29  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> we do need to work out how to buil working dual speed networks
22:13:31  <Tycoon> <Combuster> yea that would
22:13:43  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> hmm k
22:14:05  <Tycoon> <Combuster> CB: ever heard of speedswitches / TL sorting?
22:14:15  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> combuster may i ask why the ring?
22:14:25  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> TL sorting
22:14:31  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> but not speed switches
22:14:46  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> i know speed switches
22:15:17  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> what are speed switches>
22:15:19  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ?
22:15:28  <[com]buster>
22:15:39  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> slower speed trains change track before faster ones
22:16:03  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> they serve no other purpose
22:16:34  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> basiclay SML overtaking
22:17:10  <Tycoon> <Combuster> not quite
22:17:29  <Tycoon> <Combuster> yea the idea is based on shifting
22:17:39  <Tycoon> <Combuster> but not on SML in itself
22:17:53  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> it has an SML shifter in it
22:18:03  <Tycoon> <Combuster> It doesn't
22:18:32  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> it does
22:18:54  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> kinda
22:19:22  <[com]buster> if that was SML
22:19:26  *** Fuco has quit IRC
22:19:36  <[com]buster> you'd get kicked in the groin by Mark
22:19:49  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> mark would have to find me first
22:20:07  <Tycoon> <Combuster> We have your IP :)
22:20:17  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> that only tell you the city i am in
22:20:39  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> narrows it down from 6.5 billion to 200k
22:20:46  <Tycoon> <Combuster> IPs can be traced to a single house
22:21:10  <Tycoon> <Combuster> then its not hard to find a person named christopher booth in that area :)
22:21:40  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> anyone like my terminus at Genfingford NortH?
22:21:46  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i also use my mobile phone as a modem
22:21:56  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you you could triangualte my location
22:22:26  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> its ok
22:22:29  <Tycoon> <Combuster> That's a classic multilevel entrance
22:22:40  <Tycoon> <Combuster> well, not classic, but same concept
22:22:51  <Tycoon> <Mks> there was some more roads in last game?
22:22:55  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> PBS would do a better job
22:22:58  <Tycoon> <Mks> something changed in nw heqs?
22:23:00  <Tycoon> * Combuster prefers Osai entrances
22:23:21  <Tycoon> <Combuster> HEQS is same version as previous game
22:23:36  <Tycoon> <Mks> no there was a 240 ton truck last game
22:23:38  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> the last game poeple built more roads
22:23:40  <Tycoon> <Mks> doesn't exist now
22:23:54  <Tycoon> <Combuster> That game was flat
22:23:54  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> not been invented yet
22:24:05  <Tycoon> <Combuster> and had gridded towns
22:24:15  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> if you mean fat as in bloated tehn i will agree with you
22:25:21  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Hmm, FIRS has some serious issues
22:25:32  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> like?
22:25:34  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Mark's power plant is gone
22:25:36  <Tycoon> <Combuster> again
22:25:42  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they do
22:25:53  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has joined company #3
22:25:55  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> if you dont supply them with engineering supplys
22:26:41  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has joined company #1
22:27:06  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> mark needs to send everything that the power plant needs to keep it alive i would think
22:27:13  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> or maybe they just have a life span
22:29:13  *** Progman has quit IRC
22:31:41  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Ben: you know the osai entrance?
22:31:52  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> nope
22:32:03  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> been away for like 4-5 months remember
22:32:19  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> osia entrance is mega old
22:32:32  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> be arround longer than pro zone
22:32:38  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> oo
22:33:00  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> hmm, i like being original
22:33:10  <Tycoon> <Combuster> very well
22:36:25  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> bugger it
22:36:30  <Tycoon> <Ben Totterdell> icba with a big entrance
22:38:27  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> one thing i like about dev zone is i dont have to build nicely
22:38:36  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe
22:38:59  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i dont get told off for building things wrong
22:39:13  <Tycoon> <Mks> true
22:39:15  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> as its my network i am workiong on
22:43:18  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has left the game (leaving)
22:43:18  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
22:51:33  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has left the game (leaving)
22:51:33  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has left the game (connection lost)
22:52:35  <Tycoon> [com]buster: you are not allowed to use !rcon
22:52:49  <[com]buster> !players
22:52:53  <[com]buster> !playercount
22:52:53  <Tycoon> [com]buster: Number of players: 2
22:53:02  <[com]buster> well then
22:53:06  <[com]buster> go have fun together
22:53:11  <[com]buster> 'night
22:53:21  *** [com]buster has quit IRC
22:55:37  *** ^spike^ has quit IRC
23:01:05  *** Yexo has quit IRC
23:02:21  <Tycoon> *** Ben Totterdell has left the game (leaving)
23:02:21  <Tycoon> *** Ben Totterdell has left the game (connection lost)
23:02:32  <Ben_Totterdell> ok, i am finished here :)
23:02:35  <Ben_Totterdell> bai folks
23:02:47  *** Ben_Totterdell has quit IRC
23:17:38  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
23:39:46  *** KenjiE20|LT has joined
23:39:46  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20|LT
23:40:01  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v KenjiE20|LT
23:42:53  *** KenjiE20 has quit IRC

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