Log for on 26th August 2009:
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00:28:02  *** tagx has quit IRC
00:50:46  <Tycoon> *** Mks has left the game (leaving)
00:50:47  <Tycoon> *** Mks has left the game (connection lost)
00:50:47  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
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09:09:36  *** Mks has joined
09:09:46  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Mks
09:15:27  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
09:15:27  <Tycoon> *** Mks joined the game
09:15:51  <Tycoon> <Mks> I only got roads here
09:15:58  <Tycoon> <Mks> mm not that good choiceI guess
09:21:20  *** Chris_Booth has joined
09:21:28  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Chris_Booth
09:31:13  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth joined the game
09:33:47  <Tycoon> <Mks> hey chris
09:33:50  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> hi
09:33:56  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> did you go to bed last night?
09:34:03  <Tycoon> <Mks> yes
09:34:09  <Tycoon> <Mks> quite early even
09:34:39  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ok have you been to sleep since i last left this server?
09:35:13  <Tycoon> <Mks> yes ofcourse
09:35:19  <Tycoon> <Mks> been sleeping for 9 hours
09:35:29  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> same as then
09:39:17  <Tycoon> <Mks> gona build my first train :P
09:39:57  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> where from / to
09:40:00  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and for what?
09:40:32  <Tycoon> <Mks> passengers
09:41:30  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> using my lines?
09:41:57  <Tycoon> <Mks> gona build my own line I think
09:42:04  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> :'(
09:42:06  <Tycoon> <Mks> is it possible to use that very fast train?
09:42:16  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i am using it
09:42:38  <Tycoon> <Mks> nice
09:42:40  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they go to Prondworth
09:42:54  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> make me £118k a year
09:43:01  <Tycoon> <Mks> is that good?
09:43:07  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> its ok
09:44:33  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> those super fast trains wont fit in your station
10:00:57  <Tycoon> <Mks> you still here chris?
10:01:00  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yes
10:01:21  <Tycoon> <Mks> can mail trains be as fast as passengers?
10:01:23  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> BTW nice TF
10:01:34  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> with TGV atlantique
10:03:20  <Tycoon> <Mks> ohhh tvg pos v150 can't be addded more wagons to that?
10:03:54  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> no its cant
10:04:06  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> also TGV pos wont fit in your stations
10:04:12  <Tycoon> <Mks> why not?
10:04:31  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they are in length 2.5
10:04:45  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> so 2.5,5,7.1,10 ETC ETC
10:04:49  <Tycoon> <Mks> well my stations are 7 tiles
10:04:59  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> but they are 7.5
10:05:05  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> so will load mega slowly
10:05:20  <Tycoon> <Mks> well
10:05:34  <Tycoon> <Mks> as long as I don't mm
10:05:37  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you would be better off with any of the other tgv with 2 locos each 3.5 in  length
10:05:47  <Tycoon> <Mks> ahh
10:06:50  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> have you seen the public server resently?
10:06:56  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> its now got nearly 900 trains
10:07:15  <Tycoon> <Mks> yeah saw that
10:08:15  <Tycoon> <Mks> where to find 300km/h wagons btw?
10:08:32  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they are called MU wagons
10:08:42  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> if you organise by speed
10:08:48  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they are the last 2 on the list
10:09:03  <Tycoon> <Mks> ahh
10:10:09  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ICE 3 is pax only
10:10:19  <Tycoon> <Mks> I know
10:12:05  <Tycoon> <Mks> hey
10:12:11  <Tycoon> <Mks> why isn't capacity right
10:12:23  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> it is
10:12:30  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> thats the HSA capacity
10:12:46  <Tycoon> <Mks> mu sas 75 pass
10:12:52  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> max
10:12:58  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> 75 with TVG duplex
10:13:14  <Tycoon> <Mks> ahhh
10:16:47  <Tycoon> <Mks> maybe I did build to many trains :P
10:17:23  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> to get max speed you will need 2 loco sets
10:17:37  <Tycoon> <Mks> ohh
10:17:37  <Tycoon> <Mks> damn
10:17:39  <Tycoon> <Mks> well
10:17:45  <Tycoon> <Mks> more cargo this way
10:17:59  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> not realy they will only got 280KMH
10:18:08  <Tycoon> <Mks> compared to 300
10:18:45  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> still slow
10:18:49  *** Yexo has joined
10:18:49  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Yexo
10:18:51  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe
10:18:51  <Tycoon> <Mks> naa
10:18:57  <Tycoon> <Mks> you don't use to locomotives do you?
10:19:08  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> no but mine are only 5 long
10:20:11  <Tycoon> <Mks> well then stations should be even longer
10:20:14  <Tycoon> <Mks> perhaps 10 tiles
10:21:14  <Tycoon> <Mks> almost impossible to build one of those very large airports in this game
10:21:36  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> no
10:21:47  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> the town need to be 20,000 population
10:21:51  <Tycoon> <Mks> ahhh
10:22:15  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> so dradworth and sedinghall can have them
10:22:41  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe we are transporting passengers bettwen the same cities :P
10:22:59  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you are steeling my pax
10:23:18  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe
10:23:44  <Tycoon> <Mks> damn I think I have to many trains now
10:24:02  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> why?
10:24:09  <Tycoon> <Mks> trains have to wait
10:24:24  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> then you odnt have enough line capacity
10:24:38  <Tycoon> <Mks> wait for loading
10:24:40  <Tycoon> <Mks> I mean
10:24:42  <Tycoon> <Mks> station is empty
10:25:00  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> then grow the city
10:25:06  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> use RV to grow
10:25:21  <Tycoon> <Mks> oo
10:25:31  <Tycoon> <Mks> trains don't grow the city?
10:25:45  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you need 4 active signs in the city paved area
10:26:07  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> active = visited atleast 1once a month
10:26:18  <Mks> diffrent stations?
10:26:26  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> 4 signs
10:26:33  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> = 4 different stations
10:27:40  <Tycoon> <Mks> well we have 2 now :P
10:27:42  <Tycoon> <Mks> your and mine
10:29:18  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> then you need 2 more
10:30:17  <Tycoon> <Mks> a well I have to leave now so
10:30:23  <Tycoon> <Mks> can't build anything more atm
10:30:35  <Tycoon> <Mks> should have enough to keep my company alive tho
10:31:17  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe nice
10:31:23  <Tycoon> <Mks> built a plane on combusters airport :P
10:31:26  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i think you do
10:33:43  *** KenjiE20 has joined
10:33:43  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20
10:33:58  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v KenjiE20
10:39:06  <Tycoon> *** Mks has left the game (leaving)
10:39:06  <Tycoon> *** Mks has left the game (connection lost)
10:39:26  *** Mks has quit IRC
10:44:12  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> #
10:44:14  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has left the game (leaving)
10:44:14  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
10:44:14  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
11:13:40  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
11:13:40  <Tycoon> *** simozzz joined the game
11:14:20  <Tycoon> *** simozzz has left the game (leaving)
11:14:20  <Tycoon> *** simozzz has left the game (connection lost)
11:14:20  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
11:27:36  <Ammler> !info
11:27:36  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:1(Yellow) Company Name: 'Combuster's FarmFirm'  Year Founded: 1975  Money: 284451904  Loan: 0  Value: 285953304  (T:123, R:61, P:18, S:0) unprotected
11:27:36  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:2(Blue) Company Name: 'Chris Booth Transport'  Year Founded: 1977  Money: 276688539  Loan: 0  Value: 282079966  (T:30, R:14, P:0, S:0) unprotected
11:27:36  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:3(Mauve) Company Name: 'Mark Transport'  Year Founded: 1978  Money: 44882457  Loan: 0  Value: 45263563  (T:18, R:1, P:0, S:0) unprotected
11:27:36  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:4(Grey) Company Name: 'simozzz Transport'  Year Founded: 1995  Money: 23320755  Loan: 0  Value: 23449819  (T:25, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
11:27:36  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:5(Green) Company Name: 'Ben Totterdell Transport'  Year Founded: 1997  Money: 51671829  Loan: 0  Value: 52611813  (T:28, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
11:27:37  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:6(Red) Company Name: 'Mks Transport'  Year Founded: 2011  Money: 30066568  Loan: 0  Value: 38549877  (T:9, R:31, P:11, S:0) unprotected
11:32:35  *** Progman has joined
11:32:45  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Progman
13:44:49  *** [com]buster has joined
13:44:49  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o [com]buster
13:44:54  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v [com]buster
14:19:02  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
14:29:57  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
14:29:59  <Tycoon> *** Combuster joined the game
14:39:08  <Tycoon> <Mark> 'lo
14:39:09  <Tycoon> *** Mark joined the game
14:39:34  <Tycoon> <Combuster> 'afternoon Mark
14:39:49  <Tycoon> <Combuster> We rebuilt your power plant again
14:40:03  <Tycoon> <Mark> oh thanks :P
14:40:29  <Tycoon> <Combuster> that belongs to CB
14:40:35  <Tycoon> <Mark> i wonder if i should feed all requirements
14:40:37  <Tycoon> <Mark> oh
14:40:55  <Tycoon> <Mark> :)
14:42:06  <Tycoon> <Mark> wohoo "rijexamen" tomorrow
14:42:22  <[com]buster> good luck
14:42:27  <[com]buster> theory or practice?
14:42:33  <Tycoon> <Mark> thank you :)
14:42:35  <Tycoon> <Mark> practise
14:43:01  <Tycoon> <Combuster> (I failed the first time)
14:43:42  <Tycoon> <Mark> i hope i'll make it the first time, then i'll have enough time and money to also get my motorcycle license
14:44:20  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I'm thinking about getting a motor license as well
14:44:35  <Tycoon> <Mark> nice
14:44:39  <Tycoon> <Mark> how old are you?
14:44:45  <Tycoon> <Combuster> parks much easier in central Utrecht :)
14:44:48  <Tycoon> <Combuster> 22
14:45:20  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I'll be doing an internship in Almere
14:45:26  <Tycoon> <Combuster> and I'm trainbound :(
14:45:29  <KenjiE20> the best drivers pass second time :P
14:45:45  <Tycoon> <Combuster> :)
14:45:59  <Tycoon> <Mark> trains are nice if you have a proper connection, which is unlikely in holland
14:46:01  <Tycoon> <Combuster> hey mark, I'll smile at you when you pass the first time 'o.o'
14:46:23  <Tycoon> <Combuster> a really evil smile
14:46:27  <Tycoon> <Combuster> :P
14:46:39  <Tycoon> <Mark> :)
14:47:41  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I last went on a trip with someone driving a B-license truck
14:47:56  <Tycoon> <Combuster> he could'nt even find the headlights
14:48:02  <Tycoon> <Mark> lol
14:48:30  <Tycoon> <Combuster> worse
14:48:48  <Tycoon> <Combuster> later that night when we left McDonalds
14:48:54  <Tycoon> <Combuster> he forgot to turn them on O.o
14:49:28  <Tycoon> <Mark> nice
14:49:31  <Tycoon> <Mark> seems you survived though
14:49:42  <Tycoon> <Combuster> I was glad I was on solid ground again
14:49:46  <KenjiE20> at least he didn't immeadiatly use high beams when a cloud appeared
14:49:58  <KenjiE20> or fogs
14:50:06  <KenjiE20> god those people annoy me
14:50:58  <Tycoon> <Combuster> You'll have that problem with people taking lessons in city
14:51:04  <Tycoon> <Combuster> they have serious trouble in countryside
14:51:15  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Fog has one advantage
14:51:26  <Tycoon> <Combuster> you can see past blind corners
14:51:28  <KenjiE20> "oh no, I the visibility isn't the horizon" -> fog lights
14:51:31  <KenjiE20> grr
14:51:33  <Tycoon> <Combuster> (due to headlights)
14:52:11  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Front fog lights are prohibited here
14:57:59  *** Chris_Booth has joined
14:58:08  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Chris_Booth
15:02:56  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth joined the game
15:03:55  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> 'lo
15:04:20  <Tycoon> <Combuster> Hi CB
15:04:30  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> how are you today?
15:04:52  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i dont like Mks new line
15:05:26  <Tycoon> <Combuster> A bit excess terra there, I agree
15:05:34  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> a bit
15:09:51  * SmatZ isn't sure he wants to join and see :-x
15:10:03  <Tycoon> <Mark> it's not that bad
15:10:06  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> its a fun game
15:10:34  <SmatZ> !password
15:10:36  <Tycoon> * Combuster gives up teasing CB since he won't understand
15:11:02  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> why wouldnt i?
15:11:04  <SmatZ> ah wrong channel :-D
15:16:28  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ooh mark i dont know if you have noticed but your power station keeps dieing
15:16:36  <Mark> yes
15:16:56  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i dont need your money
15:22:05  <Tycoon> <Combuster> brb, dinner
15:22:11  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> by e bye
15:37:15  <Tycoon> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
15:53:07  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> new game?
16:43:55  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
16:44:21  *** Chris_Booth has joined
16:44:29  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Chris_Booth
17:02:07  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
17:32:43  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
18:13:21  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has joined spectators
18:13:21  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
19:20:27  *** Chris_Booth has joined
19:20:35  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Chris_Booth
20:22:11  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has left the game (leaving)
20:22:11  <Tycoon> *** Combuster has left the game (connection lost)
21:06:12  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth joined the game
21:07:19  *** [com]buster has quit IRC
21:07:51  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has joined company #2
21:07:51  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
21:33:43  *** Mks has joined
21:33:53  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Mks
21:39:25  <Tycoon> *** Mks joined the game
21:40:50  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you could build a large airport at Deninghead now
21:41:00  <Tycoon> <Mks> wow nice
21:41:24  <Tycoon> <Mks> except I can't :P
21:41:35  <Tycoon> <Mks> cause you can't destroy town bridges :P
21:41:37  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> why?
21:41:57  <Tycoon> <Mks> its a bridge in the way
21:42:18  <Chris_Booth> !rcon set_remove_town_roads 1
21:42:18  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: ERROR: command or variable not found
21:42:19  <Tycoon> <Mks> and I belive I am on the limit on station spread also
21:42:36  <Chris_Booth> !rcon set_town_roads 1
21:42:36  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: ERROR: command or variable not found
21:42:42  <Tycoon> <Mks> if it wasn't for the bridge I could have moved it 1 or 2 tiles away from your station
21:42:52  <Chris_Booth> hhm not sure how to set remove town raods
21:43:22  <Tycoon> <Mks> magic cheat thingie works
21:43:44  <Chris_Booth> !rcon majic_bulldozer enable
21:43:44  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: ERROR: command or variable not found
21:44:17  <Chris_Booth> not sure of majic bulldozer command
21:45:17  <Chris_Booth> !rcon set_plane_speed 1
21:45:17  <Tycoon> Chris_Booth: ERROR: command or variable not found
21:45:28  <Chris_Booth> !set plane_speed 1
21:45:34  <Mks> what are you trying to do?
21:45:48  <Mks> test
21:45:55  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> set the plane speed to 1
21:46:01  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> as it is 1/4
21:46:12  <Tycoon> <Mks> that means they are slower?
21:46:22  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yeah
21:46:32  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> 1/1 = 1
21:46:35  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> 1/4 = 0.25
21:46:37  <Tycoon> <Mks> they slower then the trains atm :P
21:46:51  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they are indeed
21:47:10  <Chris_Booth> !set plane_speed1
21:47:41  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> not sure if i can do it though
21:47:51  <Tycoon> <Mks> should be possible
21:48:01  <Tycoon> <Mks> I have no idea how tho
21:49:13  <Tycoon> <Mks> ahh game is over :P
21:49:19  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> no it isnt
21:49:49  <Tycoon> <Mks> strange
21:49:59  <Tycoon> <Mks> 2cc isn't that just trains?
21:50:09  <Tycoon> <Mks> something changed road set since last dev
21:50:19  <Tycoon> <Mks> cause its alot of diffrent roads now
21:50:42  <Tycoon> <Mks> last game had some nice things with horses
21:50:48  <Tycoon> <Mks> you could build alrdy at 1700
21:51:14  <Chris_Booth> EGRTVs has the horses
21:51:24  <Chris_Booth> roads are from Total Towns
21:51:41  *** Progman has quit IRC
21:51:48  <Tycoon> <Mks> ohh total towns has new vehicles?
21:52:08  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> no just roads
21:52:11  <Tycoon> <Mks> k
21:52:49  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> we are only using GTRVs not EGTRVs (e = extened)
21:53:07  <Tycoon> <Mks> last game had egtrvs?
21:53:13  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yeah
21:53:24  <Tycoon> <Mks> we should start the game at 1700 :P
21:53:26  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> GTRVs is old
21:53:29  <Tycoon> <Mks> yeah
21:53:35  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you can if you want
21:53:41  <Tycoon> <Mks> well on dev server :P
21:54:03  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> with trains you can start 1879
21:55:58  <Mks> ohhh nice 25km/h horse :P
21:56:14  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> thats a fast horse
21:56:26  <Mks> 32km/h passenger horse :)
21:56:54  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> there are 5 site where massive airports are possible in this game
21:57:11  <Mks> ;)
21:58:21  <Mks> found a bug btw
21:58:41  <Mks> its a newer version of HEQS in the current dev server
21:58:51  <Mks> and Camelback Mountain Mining Truck
21:58:56  <Mks> should be 240t not 120t
21:59:29  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> report it on #openttdcoop.devzone
21:59:58  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> do you like my new airport?
22:00:48  <Tycoon> <Mks> nice :)
22:00:51  <Tycoon> <Mks> got only 1 tho?
22:01:05  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yeah
22:01:11  *** ^Spike^ is now known as ^spike^
22:01:23  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and 1 plane
22:01:29  <Mks> how to report a bug?
22:01:36  <Mks> hehe
22:01:47  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> just announce it in channel
22:02:23  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> also there should be a topic in tt-forums for the new grf
22:02:58  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe using combusters airport :P
22:03:04  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yeah
22:03:51  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> eat dust other planes
22:04:05  <Tycoon> <Mks> I could use your train station if my line was connected to your?
22:04:15  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> yeah
22:04:38  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> or you could build your trains in my depots
22:05:01  <Tycoon> <Mks> true
22:05:23  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> do you want to run on my lines>
22:05:25  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> ?
22:05:35  <Tycoon> <Mks> well was thinking about it
22:05:42  <Tycoon> <Mks> don't wana mess up the map with more lines
22:06:00  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> my lines are only built to TL 5
22:06:06  <Tycoon> <Mks> ye I know
22:06:20  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> hello Mks airport
22:06:30  <Tycoon> <Mks> hey
22:07:40  <Tycoon> <Mks> we should do a dev map with some goals but less then on a PS server
22:07:54  <Tycoon> <Mks> like using same airports and such
22:08:02  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> i only ever have 1 goal
22:08:08  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> build the best pax network
22:08:11  <Tycoon> <Mks> hehe
22:08:49  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and then watch my concorde fly
22:09:51  <Tycoon> <Mks> first train on your lines :P
22:10:17  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> you know the ICE3 is slower than a TGV
22:10:24  <Tycoon> <Mks> not its faster
22:10:28  <Tycoon> <Mks> 320km/h
22:10:30  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> not up hill
22:10:32  <Tycoon> <Mks> 331 even
22:10:34  <Tycoon> <Mks> ahh
22:10:45  <Tycoon> <Mks> I wana play with shinkasen trainset
22:10:57  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> jap set
22:10:59  <Tycoon> <Mks> yeah
22:11:10  <Tycoon> <Mks> replaces maglev I belive
22:11:12  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they only got 187 MPH
22:11:15  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> it does
22:12:21  <Mks> its tobad the japanese set doesn't include their prototype maglev shinkasen train that acually exist in real life
22:12:41  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> to bad this set doesnt include the AGV
22:12:56  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and eurostar
22:13:20  <Mks> agv?
22:13:36  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> AGV is current replacing the TGV
22:13:51  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> they will be 2 forms single and double decker
22:13:52  <Mks> ohhh faster then tgv?
22:13:59  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> it will be faster
22:14:13  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> and it will not have loco it with be a true EMU
22:14:23  <Mks>
22:14:25  <Webster> Title: Transrapid International (at
22:14:27  <Mks> I want that trainset also
22:14:41  <Chris_Booth>
22:14:42  <Webster> Title: Automotrice à grande vitesse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
22:16:06  <Mks> I mean trans rapid exist in real life there is a line in china
22:16:12  <Mks> + a short one in germany
22:16:13  <Chris_Booth> i know
22:16:24  <Chris_Booth> AGV exist in real life
22:17:01  <Mks> yeah
22:17:08  <Mks> test train tho right?
22:17:14  <Chris_Booth> yeah
22:17:18  <Mks> can't you make a agv newgrf? :P
22:17:28  <Chris_Booth> me
22:17:31  <Chris_Booth> i cant draw
22:17:38  <Chris_Booth> also AGV is mega ugly
22:18:48  <Mks> hehe
22:19:07  <Mks> I want the JR-Maglev
22:19:13  <Chris_Booth> my current fav train is this >
22:19:14  <Webster> Title: British Rail Class 395 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
22:19:33  <Mks> its a bit slow
22:19:46  <Mks> its like the swedish X2000 slow train
22:20:03  <Mks>
22:20:04  <Webster> Title: X 2000 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
22:20:17  <Mks> its very old now tho
22:20:24  <Mks> really need a replacement I think
22:21:27  <Chris_Booth>
22:21:28  <Webster> Title: InterCity 125 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
22:21:31  <Chris_Booth> they need replacing
22:21:52  <Chris_Booth> ICE 125 was one of the first high speed train in europe
22:22:03  <Mks> ahh yes
22:22:10  <Mks> it had alot of problems at first didn't it?
22:22:30  <Tycoon> <Chris Booth> not the APT had problem
22:22:44  <Mks> ahh
22:22:57  <Mks> x2000 is a tilting train
22:23:04  <Mks> tgv doesn't tilt right?
22:23:35  <Chris_Booth> no TGV doesnt tilt
22:23:41  <Chris_Booth> nor does ICE
22:24:00  <Mks> swedish rails is to curved to go fast without tilting
22:24:21  <Mks> and kinda of small country to build a high speed dedicated lines like they do in german and france
22:24:35  <Mks> tho they are talking about building one
22:25:36  <Chris_Booth>
22:25:38  <Webster> Title: Advanced Passenger Train - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
22:25:51  <Chris_Booth> that is the british fail at tilting trains
22:26:31  <Mks> they do have working tilting trains now tho?
22:27:03  <Chris_Booth> yeah
22:27:06  <Chris_Booth> loads
22:27:15  <Chris_Booth> the pendelion group
22:27:37  <Mks> ahh
22:27:53  <Mks> how fast does the fastest train in britan go these days?
22:29:06  <Chris_Booth> eurostar goes 187 MPH
22:29:24  <Chris_Booth> general service runs between 125 - 140 for high speed lines
22:29:27  <Mks> its the train that goes to paris right?
22:29:32  <Chris_Booth> and 75 - 100 for commuter
22:29:37  <Mks> ahh
22:29:38  <Chris_Booth> yeah
22:29:57  <Mks> it travels 187mph all the way london to paris?
22:30:14  <Chris_Booth> excluding the tunnel
22:30:31  <Chris_Booth> which it shares with goods trains and car trains
22:30:43  <Mks> ahh
22:31:15  <Chris_Booth> also the link to london only runs on a few metres of old tracks
22:31:25  <Chris_Booth> while in paris it runs on lots of old tracks
22:31:38  <Chris_Booth> as the french didnt build tunnels to gare du nord
22:31:46  <Mks> ahh
22:31:56  <Mks> btw can a tgv train run on a normal train track?
22:32:04  <Chris_Booth> yeah
22:32:14  <Chris_Booth> aslong as it has the right voltage
22:32:24  <Chris_Booth> most TGV has atleast tri signaling
22:32:45  <Mks> I know there are plans to remove all signals in sweden along the tracks
22:32:49  <Mks> not sure how its going tho
22:55:28  *** ^spike^ has quit IRC
23:02:04  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has left the game (leaving)
23:02:04  <Tycoon> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
23:02:20  <Tycoon> *** Mks has left the game (leaving)
23:02:20  <Tycoon> *** Mks has left the game (connection lost)
23:02:20  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)

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