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15:17:52  <Luukland> PeterT, just the one I needed ;)
15:18:00  <PeterT> what?
15:18:09  <Luukland> I see you are fairly active in the scenario area of tt-forums
15:18:25  <Luukland> I am wondering, which scenario(s) catched your eye?
15:18:51  <PeterT> Hungary Scenario
15:19:13  <PeterT> The past tense of catch is: caught
15:19:32  <Luukland> aye :) Will remember that
15:19:33  <PeterT> Luukland?
15:19:37  <PeterT> why do you ask?
15:19:52  <Luukland> Well, I am looking for some new scenarios to run on the servers
15:20:11  <PeterT> Oh
15:20:27  <PeterT> Hungary
15:20:35  <PeterT> I'll give you a link in a sec
15:20:37  <Luukland> I will look at it, have a link for me?
15:20:38  <Luukland> Ok :P
15:21:19  <PeterT> It *was* a TTDPatch scenario, but I ported it over
15:21:27  <Luukland> it is yours (A)
15:22:02  <PeterT>
15:22:03  <Webster> Title: Transport Tycoon Forums • View topic - TTD PATCH hungary scenario (100% complete) (at
15:22:08  <PeterT> Screenshots are further up
15:23:09  <Luukland> Let me see :)
15:23:49  <Luukland> Hmmmmm, it has a very very nice layout, but the map is a bit small :P
15:24:32  <PeterT> It is, I admit it
15:26:18  <Luukland> Maybe I should make my own scenario, just like the christmas special
15:27:46  <planetmaker> pre-made scenarios are often not usable due to the choice of grfs which very easily gets antique
15:28:02  <Luukland> Yeah, I see now...
15:28:31  <Luukland> And thx to the dev's coding the settings of the ancient scenarios solid, they become useless
15:28:53  <Luukland> luckely they fixed it in 1.0.0, so that is one step ahead
15:29:00  <planetmaker> ...?
15:29:14  <PeterT> Luukland: Did you add a COPYING file to your zip file on your site?
15:29:16  <Luukland> try changing scenario max loan in 0.7.5
15:29:35  <Luukland> Petert, I read license, I must make visitors aware of this license, which I do
15:29:43  <Luukland> I dont have to add it to the download itselve :)
15:29:50  <planetmaker> Luukland, yes you do
15:29:59  <Luukland> Nope ;)
15:30:04  <PeterT> Yeah, I think planetmaker is right
15:30:04  <planetmaker> GPL requires it
15:30:35  <Luukland> Gimme the line which says so :)
15:30:56  <planetmaker> §1 of the license
15:31:01  <planetmaker> 1.  You may copy and distribute verbatim copies of the Program's source code as you receive it, in any medium, provided that you conspicuously and appropriately publish on each copy an appropriate copyright notice and disclaimer of warranty; keep intact all the notices that refer to this License and to the absence of any warranty; and give any other recipients of the Program a copy of this License along with the Program.
15:31:11  <planetmaker> the license is part of the programme(s)
15:32:10  <Luukland> I never got any license out of the compiling process?
15:32:24  <planetmaker> the repo has the license in the main dir
15:32:39  <planetmaker> the binary is in a sub dir. No arguing about that
15:32:50  <PeterT> Luukland: Try "make bundle"
15:33:08  <planetmaker> so you're always required to ship the license with the binary.
15:33:53  <PeterT> or?
15:33:59  <PeterT> someone can sue you?
15:34:12  <Luukland> That is your opinion, I interpetate it as; on each copy an appropriate copyright notice and disclaimer of warranty
15:34:20  <Luukland> So I make a notice to both on the download page
15:34:32  <planetmaker> a notice on the download page is NOT sufficient
15:34:45  <Luukland> Says who?
15:34:48  <Luukland> The license?
15:34:51  <planetmaker> courts.
15:34:57  <Luukland> Never been to one
15:35:02  <planetmaker> as you DISTRIBUTE it without license
15:35:29  <Luukland> I only distribute a binary, not a working copy
15:35:42  <Luukland> like you sayd; binary is sub dir
15:35:55  <planetmaker> yes? and?
15:36:07  <Luukland> well, when I update a sub dir, that never had a license in it
15:36:13  <Luukland> you may be happy I even refer to it
15:36:20  <planetmaker> you build from a repo. You got a license.
15:36:41  <planetmaker> If you distribute something, part of that repo, you're required to distribute the license and an offer how to obtain the source
15:36:52  <planetmaker> No, I may not be happy. Not at all.
15:37:03  <planetmaker> can you give me the link?
15:37:07  <Luukland> for what?
15:37:15  <planetmaker> for your download :-)
15:37:17  <PeterT> the download
15:37:30  <Luukland> can't give you the download direct link, can give you the download page
15:37:37  <planetmaker> well, please do so
15:37:42  <Luukland>
15:37:45  <Luukland> Here you go
15:37:48  <Webster> Title: Downloads | Goulp Pro Dev Team (at
15:38:39  <planetmaker> now I'll check and if I'm satisfied, I'll notify everyone in #openttd
15:38:45  <planetmaker> *dissatisfied
15:38:54  <Luukland> Sure, please do so ;)
15:39:22  <PeterT> planetmaker: the linux zip is made by me, so it includes the liscense
15:39:28  <PeterT> *licsense
15:39:34  <Luukland> PeterT, I deleted some useless files out of it :P
15:39:39  <PeterT> why?????
15:39:40  <Luukland> to save bandwith
15:39:42  <Luukland> and costs :)
15:39:43  <planetmaker> omfg! It's not even the base grf
15:39:45  <PeterT> *facepalms*
15:39:53  <planetmaker> Luukland, always use make bundle to distribute
15:40:05  <Luukland> PeterT never told me to use the make bundle :p
15:40:07  <PeterT> Luukland: You made my linux binary into a .rar!!!!?????
15:40:09  <Luukland> It aint in the wiki :P
15:40:20  <Luukland> Yeah, PeterT, winrar was not nice
15:40:31  <planetmaker> that's what helps you. The license tells you what to do (you obviously fail to read)
15:40:33  <PeterT> .rar is completely f'd on linux!
15:40:44  <planetmaker> And you fail to distribute a working copy. You miss other required files, too
15:40:57  <PeterT> what other files, planetmaker?
15:40:59  <Luukland> Yeap, which I did intentionally
15:41:22  <Luukland> again to save bandwith
15:41:34  <PeterT> You put my tar.bz2 file inside a .rar?
15:41:55  <Luukland> Yes, I think so, unless there is a .zip in the .rar containing the tar.bz2
15:43:17  <Luukland> I have to let Fugas make some new tar.bz2, since this one is one big mess :P
15:43:57  <Luukland> Well planetmaker? Dissatisfied?
15:44:05  <PeterT> Go to #openttd, you'll see
15:44:16  <Luukland> Naah, I dont like #openttd
15:44:26  <PeterT> well
15:44:46  <planetmaker> Luukland, yes, I am
15:45:04  <planetmaker> Obviously not only I told you to obey the license
15:45:51  <Luukland> Well in that case I must alter the download page ;)
15:46:12  <Luukland> And who told also btw?
15:46:22  <Luukland> Probably Rubidium who is in my ignore list xD
15:46:40  <planetmaker> as you are on his.
15:47:00  <planetmaker> no, you MUST change your download files
15:47:21  <PeterT> Luukland:
15:48:08  <Luukland> Aye aye, I will change the download files asap
15:48:15  <Luukland> Tell that to Mr. Rubidium :)
15:48:39  <PeterT> Tell him yourself
15:48:42  <planetmaker> ^
15:49:20  <Luukland> Like planetmaker said, I ignore him, and he ignores me
15:49:24  <planetmaker> and using the bundles is not that hard. And the additional bandwidth needed won't kill you
15:54:50  <Luukland> I will remember to use the make bundle command next time ;)
15:55:09  <PeterT> Luukland: Well, I did it for you, but you took the files out :p
15:55:17  <Luukland> uhu uhu
15:56:50  <planetmaker> well. I boookmarked the page and I'll make sure to check back.
15:57:16  <planetmaker> my calender will remind me ;-)
15:57:53  <planetmaker> btw... the patch cannot be found. So source is also not available.
15:58:16  <Luukland> I just deleted it all
15:58:17  <Luukland> :)
15:58:35  <Luukland> You can ask PeterT for a second link to the patch though
15:58:37  <PeterT> Do you want a new linux binary, luukland?
15:58:49  <PeterT> What do you mean, Luukland?
15:58:54  <PeterT> I don't have the patch
15:59:02  <Luukland> Well, you probably make copies of the patch :P
15:59:10  <PeterT> Do I?
15:59:14  <planetmaker> hu? How could you have made the binary then, PeterT ?
15:59:28  <PeterT> I mean, I don't have it here
15:59:44  <PeterT> I've deleted the patch
15:59:50  <PeterT> and I'm not even at the same computer :-P
16:08:22  <Luukland>
16:08:23  <Luukland> :)
16:08:36  <Luukland> Might you want to download the patch planetmaker :)
16:09:21  <PeterT> You only added those STRs to english.txt and english_US.txt?
16:09:29  <PeterT> what if someone only speaks Hungarian?
16:09:33  <PeterT> or German?
16:09:45  <Luukland> Well, my intention was to only release eng.lang
16:09:53  <Luukland> here again to save bandwith
16:11:20  <Luukland> it was all an attempt to make OpenTTD better ;-)
16:11:23  <planetmaker> Adding translations to all languages is virtually impossible for patches. So... that's no harm
16:14:09  <Luukland> Should I maybe post it on the forums? So someone else can finish it?
16:14:18  <PeterT> No
16:14:28  <Luukland> I dont have the time, nor the motivation for it :(
16:14:33  <PeterT> if it gets added to trunk (unlikely), the translators will translate it
16:14:42  <Luukland> I am talking about the patch
16:15:11  <PeterT> So am i
16:15:38  <Luukland> The purpose was to get it working onto trunk, which it is far from...
16:15:52  <Luukland> Anyhow, the download has been deleted, I will make a proper bundle later
16:16:01  <PeterT> Ok
16:21:52  <planetmaker> Luukland, independent from this license thing, a competition upgrade for OpenTTD would certainly be pretty cool :-)
16:22:03  <planetmaker> Don't let it go and update it for trunk :-)
16:24:02  <Luukland> I can't, like I told PeterT once, I am not a coder
16:24:18  <PeterT> who made the patch?
16:24:20  <planetmaker> but... who wrote it?
16:24:21  <Luukland> there are too many issues to get it working, some experienced coder needs to fix/solve
16:24:36  <PeterT> fugas, right?
16:24:40  <Luukland> No no
16:24:59  <planetmaker> and it doesn't look like it modifies many places, thus *should* be somewhat not overly difficult.
16:25:17  <Luukland> It was Ruud who made it
16:25:24  <planetmaker> The UI things probably need manual insertion (not sure though), but the production code didn't change really much afaik
16:25:56  <Luukland> Yeap
16:26:20  <Luukland> Its only the cargo distribution that got better
16:26:37  <Luukland> Which has notting to do with CARGODIST
16:26:46  <planetmaker> yeah
16:26:54  <Luukland> (Never knew why they didn't rename it to CARGODEST :P)
16:54:47  <Luukland> Time to get some food stached, AFKZ
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