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13:27:01  <Tycoon> *** Kenji joined the game
13:32:44  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
13:32:45  <Tycoon> *** Peter joined the game
13:33:19  <Tycoon> <Peter> wtf terraformed at Henningstone-on-sea?
13:33:32  <Tycoon> <Kenji> you've not been here a while huh?
13:33:39  <Tycoon> <Peter> No, not really
13:39:24  <PeterT> !ip
13:39:24  <Tycoon> PeterT:
13:39:48  <Tycoon> *** Peter has left the game (connection lost)
13:39:48  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
13:40:00  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
13:40:03  <Tycoon> *** Peter joined the game
13:41:51  <Tycoon> *** Kenji has joined company #4
13:42:11  <Tycoon> *** Kenji has joined company #2
13:42:23  <Tycoon> *** Kenji has joined company #6
14:04:21  <PeterT> KenjiE20: Can you enable ChannelStats for #openttdcoop.devzone?
14:04:33  <Tycoon> <Kenji> what?
14:04:59  <KenjiE20> @channelstats #openttdcoop.devzone
14:04:59  <Webster> KenjiE20: On #openttdcoop.devzone there have been 89564 messages, containing 4070419 characters, 650147 words, 15520 smileys, and 10455 frowns; 602 of those messages were ACTIONs.  There have been 5350 joins, 285 parts, 4966 quits, 5 kicks, 1430 mode changes, and 32 topic changes.
14:08:53  <PeterT> Sorry, I meant like @coopstats
14:09:09  <Tycoon> <Kenji> no
14:10:08  <PeterT> Oh, ok
14:27:04  <Tycoon> *** Kenji has joined spectators
14:27:04  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
14:28:23  <Tycoon> *** Kenji has joined company #6
14:28:23  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
14:31:31  <Tycoon> *** Kenji has joined company #1
14:31:39  <Tycoon> *** Kenji has joined company #2
14:31:47  <Tycoon> *** Kenji has joined company #6
14:40:41  <Tycoon> Server has exited
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14:41:11  <PeterT> What the hell?
14:41:47  <planetmaker> hm?
14:42:46  <KenjiE20> no idea
14:42:47  <Ammler> maybe oom
14:43:58  <PeterT> Server crash?
14:48:48  <Ammler> does someone look?
14:59:06  <KenjiE20>  Message: Assertion failed at line 1177 of /home/ottdc/hg-repos/is2/src/openttd.cpp: memcmp(&v->cargo, buff, sizeof(VehicleCargoList)) == 0
14:59:47  <KenjiE20> before that
14:59:49  <KenjiE20> [2010-03-06 15:40:35] dbg: [sl] Game Load Failed
14:59:51  <KenjiE20> Internal error: zlib returned error code
15:00:41  <Ammler> could be a oom
15:02:32  <PeterT> You tried to load a new game?
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15:05:46  <Tycoon> Autopilot engaged
15:05:46  <Tycoon> Loading savegame: '{} FISH and IS2.1.1'
15:05:46  <Tycoon> Server is running version: IS2.1.1
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15:06:40  <KenjiE20> tcl is failing again
15:06:57  <PeterT> what is the error?
15:11:17  <Ammler> you try to load crash.sav?
15:11:31  <Ammler> that most probably don't work
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15:12:05  <Tycoon> Autopilot engaged
15:12:05  <Tycoon> Loading savegame: '{} FISH and IS2.1.1'
15:12:05  <Tycoon> Server is running version: IS2.1.1
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15:12:06  <PeterT> load the latest autosave?
15:12:11  <KenjiE20> meh, wanted to see if it would re-crash with the error
15:12:34  <KenjiE20> which it didn't, it had an entirely new crash :)
15:14:16  <Ammler> yes
15:14:25  <Ammler> it crashes everythime
15:14:53  *** Tycoon has joined
15:14:53  <Tycoon> Autopilot engaged
15:14:53  <Tycoon> Starting new game: '{} FISH and IS2.1.1'
15:14:53  <Tycoon> Landscape: tropic
15:14:53  <Tycoon> Dimensions: 512x512
15:14:53  <Tycoon> Starting year: 1950
15:14:53  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Tycoon
15:14:54  <Tycoon> Server is running version: IS2.1.1
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15:17:48  <PeterT> What is happening?
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20:51:23  <Fuco> how does autopilot pull data from game?
20:51:52  <Fuco> I'm looking at autopilot svn but don't see anything like that
20:52:11  <Fuco> does it use some library? or server (game) has special support for it?
20:53:07  <Fuco> I'm working on this ClientToClient bridge infrastructure for several protocols, so I'm thinking I can include ottd server as well
20:54:08  <PeterT> OpenTTD server to server bridging?
20:54:16  <PeterT> Thta would be nice
20:54:20  <PeterT> somewhat like #luukland
20:54:39  <PeterT> They transfer all chat to IRC, where the other servers send them to game
20:55:08  <Ammler> yes, that is already supported :-P
20:55:18  <Ammler> just join 2 ap to same irc channel
20:55:26  <PeterT> I know, that's what they do
20:55:33  <Fuco> PeterT, basically, I'm creating an infrastructure to glue whatever two protocols together
20:55:46  <PeterT> glue them together?
20:55:56  <Fuco> yes
20:56:13  <PeterT> What does that mean?
20:56:39  <Fuco> the obvious example would be what ap do. You write on IRC, it send it ingame, and the other way
20:57:10  <Fuco> I'm wokring on series of wrappers and listeners etc to enable you to connect anything together
20:57:25  <^Spike^> some sort of api....?
20:57:31  <Fuco> yes
20:57:53  <Fuco> the main goal now is to bridge irc <-> garena <-> rgc
20:58:01  <Fuco> dunno if you've heard about those two
20:58:04  <PeterT> No
20:58:14  <Fuco> those are platforms for warcraft III
20:58:23  <^Spike^> ah
20:58:28  <PeterT> IRC to WoW, wow.
20:58:32  <Fuco> for example, yes
20:58:46  <Fuco> you simply provide the client for the specific protocol, implement a series of interfaces
20:58:54  <Fuco> and let it translate one event to another
20:59:02  <PeterT> How would this affect OpenTTD, though
20:59:16  <PeterT> It would IRC <-> Game?
20:59:19  <Fuco> I'm just asking how the server communicate with AP
20:59:27  <Fuco> because the current TCL implementation is somehow a big mess ;P
20:59:47  <Fuco> In theory i can write new AP, but that's out of the scope now
21:00:04  <Fuco> the point is java is much easier to manage then tcl ;p
21:00:53  <^Spike^> true.. if you work OO kinda style :)
21:00:59  <^Spike^> else you get spaghetti :)
21:01:24  <Fuco> well, java is pure OO so you can't go around that ;)
21:01:30  <^Spike^> you can.. ;)
21:01:43  <^Spike^> never say it's impossible.. ;)
21:01:50  <Fuco> well
21:02:05  <^Spike^> you just don't get object classes that are just pure object classes :)
21:02:07  <Fuco> class Main { psv main() { COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODE } }
21:02:08  <Fuco> :D
21:02:17  <^Spike^> nah.. also some other methods :)
21:02:20  <^Spike^> but all in 1 class
21:02:26  <^Spike^> or 2.. but all using arrays.. :D
21:09:57  <Fuco> PeterT, something like this:
21:11:56  <Fuco> this way you can code the bot/ap/whatever against the common interface and just run it on anything you want, provided there is an implementation for such protocol
21:12:14  <Fuco> so you can, in theory, create Twitter interface and run AP on twitter :P
21:12:34  <PeterT> oh
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21:59:14  <Razaekel> !info
21:59:39  <PeterT> Razaekel, server died
21:59:45  <PeterT> @stage Server crashed
21:59:45  *** Webster changes topic to "#openttdcoop patch test channel - FISH and IS2.1.1 | | STAGE: Server crashed | Tag/Revision: IS2.1.1 (r18667/ba6cda83f9a0) | Binaries: !download | This isn't about Developing ;-) | this is REALLY not about developing, just playing developing versions :-P"
22:01:16  <^Spike^> PeterT, eta?
22:01:50  <PeterT> ?
22:02:32  <Ammler> ^Spike^: the server doesn't start anymore
22:02:37  <Ammler> no idea why...
22:02:48  <Ammler> nothing to do with the save
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22:13:13  <Tycoon> Autopilot engaged
22:13:13  <Tycoon> Starting new game: '{} FISH and IS2.1.1'
22:13:13  <Tycoon> Landscape: tropic
22:13:13  <Tycoon> Dimensions: 512x512
22:13:14  <Tycoon> Starting year: 1950
22:13:14  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Tycoon
22:13:14  <Tycoon> Server is running version: IS2.1.1
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22:13:26  <Tycoon> Autopilot engaged
22:13:26  <Tycoon> Loading default savegame
22:13:26  <Tycoon> Server is running version: IS2.1.1
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22:13:37  <Tycoon> Autopilot engaged
22:13:37  <Tycoon> Loading default savegame
22:13:37  <Tycoon> Server is running version: IS2.1.1
22:13:37  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Tycoon
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22:14:02  <Ammler> whoever is there, try to start openttd without ap
22:14:18  <Ammler> and without any save...
22:14:32  <PeterT> Huh?
22:14:51  <planetmaker> well :-)
22:14:55  <PeterT> I'll try
22:15:07  <Ammler> you can't :-P
22:15:10  <PeterT> but just loading is2.1.1 cleanly shouldn't do anything strange
22:15:18  <PeterT> Ammler, I can.
22:15:21  <Fuco> isn't that the same bug as before?
22:15:23  <Fuco> with {}
22:15:32  <Ammler> no
22:15:37  <Ammler> that is pathced
22:16:01  <Ammler> it didn't join with that issue
22:16:04  <Ammler> what it does here
22:16:46  <Fuco> anyway, back to my question :P How does game talk to AP and vice versa?
22:34:08  <^Spike^> ah...
22:34:17  <^Spike^> AP is forks ottd
22:34:30  <^Spike^> so it can read every output the server gives...
22:34:33  <^Spike^> and give any input
22:34:38  <^Spike^> if i understood and saw it right
22:44:59  <KenjiE20> ^ indeed, AP is a script wrapped around a process
22:55:17  <Fuco> oh jeez
22:57:32  <KenjiE20> yup, there's no real other way to get verbose info from OpenTTD
22:59:32  <Fuco> so the server print some stuff on stdout and the script reads it?
22:59:47  <PeterT> yes
23:00:00  <Fuco> that's not that bad :P
23:00:03  <KenjiE20> yea, afaict it's like pipe, but within the script
23:00:09  <Fuco> right
23:00:11  <Ammler> Fuco: you are the fuco who does patch ap for me from time to time?
23:00:18  <Fuco> yes :)
23:00:53  <Ammler> sorry :-)
23:01:00  <Ammler> didn't expect such questions from you :-P
23:01:10  * KenjiE20 has been looking at C-ifying AP, but it's probably more effort than it's worth
23:01:32  <Fuco> Ammler: well, those sources are messy... I'd take more time to figure it out then to ask
23:02:17  <Ammler> Fuco: maybe take a look to the python wrapper?
23:02:50  <Fuco> all I'm looking at is :P
23:03:19  * PeterT just realized how hard it is to make plugins for AV
23:04:10  <Ammler> PeterT: checkout openttdcoop plugin
23:04:15  <Ammler> doesn't look that hard
23:04:40  <PeterT> There is a plugin for a plugin for a wrapper?
23:05:25  <KenjiE20> AV != AP
23:06:00  <PeterT> I know, KenjiE20
23:07:17  <Fuco> KenjiE20: well, I'm asking because I work on this java wrapper stuff, and I have some stuff working (altho I'm rewriting all from scratch). So if it won't be super hardcore I can try to add OTTD server wrapper
23:07:32  <KenjiE20> heh
23:07:33  <Fuco> C-ifying would be hardcore, but with some pre-existing api it's not so bad ;P
23:07:48  <PeterT> KenjiE20, Ammler was talking about this:
23:08:09  <KenjiE20> the main issue atm, is process hooking in C is long winded an evil
23:09:10  <KenjiE20> make pipe -> fork, rewrite input/outputs to pipe, launch, rewrite input outputs on parent, .... stuff
23:09:27  <KenjiE20> and even that's not quite working for me atm
23:09:52  <KenjiE20> doesn't help that I'm not THAT experienced in C either >_>
23:09:57  <PeterT> Ammler: I'm trying to checkout this:
23:10:01  <PeterT> but it's not letting me
23:10:09  <PeterT>
23:10:18  <PeterT> svn: '' path not found
23:10:41  <Fuco> hmm
23:10:51  <Fuco> the server join the game just like players right?
23:11:01  <PeterT> No
23:11:05  <KenjiE20> server joins as server in dedicated mode
23:11:06  <PeterT> The server is the server
23:11:14  <PeterT> as a server
23:11:17  <KenjiE20> in listen mode, then yes
23:11:39  <Fuco> ah well, that was stupid question
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23:35:07  <Ammler> PeterT: it's a hg repo
23:35:20  <Ammler>
23:35:43  <PeterT> thanks, but I downloaded it manually
23:35:53  <PeterT> only 3 files
23:36:50  <PeterT> now running at #avignon, Ammler
23:46:33  <Fuco> well this is weird, when i start the server from java, it just open the "server" window and do nothing... when i run it from cmd it starts normally
23:46:46  <Fuco> but the piping is super easy ;P
23:46:51  <Fuco> Process.getInputStream()
23:51:48  *** V453000 is now known as Guest537

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