Log for on 29th May 2011:
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04:18:01  *** andythenorth has joined
05:35:57  <IwantGoThere> *** Game still paused (number of players)
05:35:57  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth joined the game
05:37:46  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth has joined company #1
05:37:46  <IwantGoThere> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
05:46:07  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth has joined spectators
05:46:07  <IwantGoThere> *** Game paused (number of players)
05:46:11  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth has left the game (leaving)
06:11:14  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
07:29:21  <IwantGoThere> *** Game still paused (number of players)
07:29:21  <IwantGoThere> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
07:29:23  <IwantGoThere> *** planetm4ker joined the game
07:37:35  *** Progman has joined
08:13:21  <IwantGoThere> *** Terkh3n joined the game
08:13:25  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> moin :-)
08:13:27  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hello
08:13:49  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> alone I cannot spend money fast enough ;-)
08:13:52  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> wow, towns have grown a lot
08:14:15  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> well, I'm maybe ingame 20 minutes or so
08:14:29  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> so nearly as big as yesterday when you left, I guess :-)
08:15:00  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> our network is a total mess
08:15:10  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> IIRC Sandvalla had 3500 or so, now it has 7000
08:15:12  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> why?
08:16:07  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> there are many single lines which server just between two industries. While it would be better to ship the cargo first to a hub and then allow to distrube to other industries and other more distant hubs
08:16:17  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but that concept is nearly not followed at all
08:16:19  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... lots of cargo waiting in many stations :(
08:16:29  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and that ^is the result
08:16:38  *** andythenorth has joined
08:16:48  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> as there's no quick and easy way to fix that as everything is individual lines which are very hard to manage
08:17:11  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-O you spent 500k?
08:17:25  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> way more than that
08:17:31  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> aircrafts are expensive :)
08:17:35  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I mean since you joined? Oh, ok
08:18:13  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> more like a million
08:19:00  *** andythenorth_ has joined
08:19:24  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm, I'd like refit in stations here
08:19:34  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> the buses cannot handle the links inside Sandvalla anymore
08:19:52  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'll use an hydrofoil
08:24:42  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
08:25:04  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> those who extended Malvalla WOOD TERMINAL by another track forgot a crucial connection. Sending trains around the map
08:25:19  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> that wasn't me
08:26:21  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I just wondered why trains didn't turn at the station. They couldn't get back ;-)
08:27:44  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> brb
08:27:58  <IwantGoThere> *** planetm4ker has joined spectators
08:29:59  <IwantGoThere> *** planetm4ker has joined company #1
08:40:08  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> this will take more time than I thought :)
08:40:10  <IwantGoThere> *** Terkh3n has left the game (leaving)
08:50:46  <IwantGoThere> *** planetm4ker has left the game (leaving)
08:50:46  <IwantGoThere> *** Game paused (number of players)
08:58:31  *** andythenorth_ has quit IRC
09:08:53  <IwantGoThere> *** Game still paused (number of players)
09:08:54  <IwantGoThere> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
09:08:56  <IwantGoThere> *** planetm4ker joined the game
09:11:59  *** andythenorth has joined
09:19:33  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth joined the game
09:19:54  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth has joined company #1
09:20:15  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> moin andythen0rth
09:20:33  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> morning
09:21:04  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I'm trying to understand a clay link from Enhättan to malmus dock
09:21:38  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I modified a clay link this morning
09:21:46  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I added a train and shortened the ship route
09:21:52  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ok
09:22:12  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and there's a ship route to between two other docks which has no purpose (yet)
09:22:14  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> there's a second route that is not between anywhere that has clay
09:22:38  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes
09:22:45  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> will you object if I mix trams and RVs?
09:22:47  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> doesn't matter though
09:23:01  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> the ship will travel anyway. So it can do something useful via refit on the return route
09:25:23  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> jam at malvalla ?
09:26:01  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> chips stations look nice
09:26:08  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and are damn easy to use
09:26:11  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> yarp
09:26:21  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I decided life is too short to spend building stations
09:26:28  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> but not too short to spend time drawing stations :P
09:26:59  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: we need to get goods etc moving
09:27:05  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> :)
09:27:07  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> get going
09:27:13  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I build the stone links
09:27:20  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but now I rebuild Malvalla WOOD TERMINAL
09:27:22  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I am a bit uncertain about touching the train networks
09:27:32  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> to become a general major terminal capable of handling the traffic
09:29:50  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> now it looks much nicer :-)
09:31:00  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> m
09:32:26  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: are you expanding malvalla
09:32:38  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> might be a good place to ship goods + lumber + mnsp from
09:33:09  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I'd prefer to integrate that in Malvalla WOOD TERMINAL
09:33:16  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ok
09:33:26  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> too many hubs make for very bad scaling
09:36:38  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> reason is: Malvalla WOOD TERMINAL can still be extended as it has space to the coast
09:36:48  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: Gnastsund forest is still unconnected
09:36:50  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> feel free for sure to attache a dock
09:36:52  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes
09:36:55  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> not sure how you want to do that
09:37:09  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> ship also to Malvall WOOD TERMINAL via tram
09:37:20  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> meh
09:37:26  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> nasty bridge over the rail lines :P
09:37:32  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> where?
09:37:39  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> to get to the water
09:37:42  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> or cheat
09:37:56  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> one station...
09:37:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> distant-join it
09:38:04  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> or a truck route all the way...
09:38:20  <IwantGoThere> *** Progman joined the game
09:38:27  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> there :-P
09:38:31  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it needs to grow anyway
09:38:33  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> hmm
09:38:39  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> new clay pit just got built
09:38:45  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> good
09:38:47  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> at Kramstad
09:40:57  <IwantGoThere> *** Progman has left the game (leaving)
09:41:59  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I removed the WOOD from the name
09:42:07  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> as also coal and stone get routed there
09:42:09  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> :)
09:42:43  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> are all forests connected?
09:42:46  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I think so
09:43:20  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> dunno. Probably now
09:48:39  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: max train length?
09:48:43  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> 5
09:48:49  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ho
09:48:52  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> at least that's what stations are built for
09:48:54  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> how short :)
09:48:56  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> normal
09:49:02  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> short is 3 and less
09:49:16  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> normal varies by context :)
09:49:26  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> 5 = openttd default
09:49:32  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ok
09:49:42  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> take vanilla openttd and look at station length ;-)
09:50:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> good. stone can now be distributed from the major rail hubs, too
09:51:40  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm... I want BigGUI
09:51:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and font selection / size  GUI
09:52:29  <Terkhen> review that patch in the forums :P
09:52:39  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-)
09:52:53  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth builds an ugly station at brunnlov
09:52:55  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> needs to be a hub
09:52:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> terkhen: worse: I'll have to write it for Mac. The patch there does not help me at all
09:53:06  <IwantGoThere> *** Terkh3n joined the game
09:53:10  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> true :)
09:53:29  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> That was the first thing I looked for :-P
09:54:12  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm...
09:54:18  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> passenger overflow :O
09:54:32  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> the link view is VERY helpful
09:54:36  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> yarp
09:54:44  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> the only thing missing here is a demand view
09:54:46  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I miss metro trains for transport in the same town
09:54:56  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-)
09:54:59  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> trams
09:55:06  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hydrofoils
09:55:40  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> capacity 45 can't compare to 180 :)
09:55:54  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> also, I can't use hydrofoil when the stations are inland
09:56:24  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh, I can use canals
09:56:26  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> :P
09:56:52  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yep. venice-town-stle :-)
09:58:17  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> andythen0rth: there's indeed with FIRS one thing where mixed trains make sense: for trains which visit ALL industries near a hub. Like it is somewhat done in Malmhus DOCK
09:58:19  <IwantGoThere> <V453000> sparta!
09:58:20  <IwantGoThere> *** V453000 joined the game
09:58:27  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> But there is clear how things go
09:58:34  <IwantGoThere> *** V453000 has joined spectators
09:58:56  <IwantGoThere> * planetm4ker awaits V's scorn for the bad network style {;-)}
09:58:58  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hi V453000
09:59:05  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hello :-)
09:59:11  <IwantGoThere> *** V453000 has left the game (connection lost)
09:59:19  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> meh. scared away
09:59:29  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> maybe it was too bad :P
09:59:37  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> it's awesome :)
09:59:47  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> scared by the awesomeness
09:59:57  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> :D
10:00:03  <V453000> or this. .D
10:00:07  <IwantGoThere> *** V453000 has left the game (general error)
10:00:28  <IwantGoThere> *** V453000 joined the game
10:01:02  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> typical 'chaos style' game ;-)
10:01:06  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> built to need
10:01:28  <IwantGoThere> <V453000> that is fine but I dont get why do you use 2way PBS signals where 1ways should be
10:01:35  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> where?
10:01:43  <IwantGoThere> <V453000> everywhere
10:01:45  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I should not use 1-way pbs anywhere
10:02:06  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> as it usually does not matter
10:02:12  <IwantGoThere> <V453000> it actually does
10:02:15  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> as it's followed by one-way block signals
10:02:17  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I need airbus 380 :(
10:02:51  <IwantGoThere> <V453000> as far as I know, trains stop _at_ the 1way PBS, where trains stop 1 tile _before_ 2way PBS
10:02:54  <IwantGoThere> <V453000> in case they stop there
10:03:21  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> doesn't sound right
10:03:30  <IwantGoThere> <V453000> it was always that way
10:03:32  <IwantGoThere> <V453000> I think
10:03:54  <IwantGoThere> <V453000> it happened in the very oldest saves I have and I think it happens now
10:03:56  <IwantGoThere> *** V453000 has left the game (connection lost)
10:04:14  <V453000> mah wifi meltdown
10:05:15  <V453000> anyway, there still is no reason why not to use 1way PBS on 1way tracks ;)
10:05:28  <V453000> besides laziness :P
10:05:51  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> oh andythen0rth
10:05:59  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> what did you do with Brunnlöv HUB
10:06:09  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> waited for you to fix it ;)
10:06:09  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> your orders screwed up the WHOL network in the East
10:06:15  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> oh :(
10:06:21  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> that wasn't the intention :(
10:06:31  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> sorry
10:06:31  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> a jam of about a dozen trains was just there...
10:06:57  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> is the game lagging a bit for you?
10:07:08  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> not more than usual
10:07:10  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> what do they provide or deliver?
10:07:29  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> oh no. mixed clay and goods...
10:07:31  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> meh, someone is messing with the connection again
10:07:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and they go ALL the way to Enas?!
10:08:04  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> yarp
10:08:10  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> not if they're stuck though :)
10:08:16  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's asking for trouble, mixing local delivery and long-range transport
10:08:31  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> enas is local?
10:08:33  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ok
10:08:48  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> we can feed from enas to enas hub
10:09:14  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Trains should not pass trhough Trynnhättan Mills
10:09:20  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> It's terminal for both directions
10:09:31  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ?
10:09:33  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> can we bypass it?
10:09:40  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> especially for trains which also transport clay from Enslätt Quarry
10:09:40  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> stupid aircrafts
10:09:46  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> like those goods trains do, too
10:09:52  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> they are really slow
10:10:23  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> please, andy, no long-range mixed trains
10:10:29  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> meh
10:10:35  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> not between hubs
10:10:35  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ok
10:10:49  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I don't know how we'll get the secondary cargos moving though
10:10:52  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> except by very short trains
10:10:59  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> maybe by short trains then?
10:11:05  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> if it keeps things easier for you
10:11:17  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> short range, only from the closest hub to the industry: there you can use mixed.
10:11:25  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but you used mixed completely accross the map
10:11:39  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> yes
10:11:46  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> it's the best way I've found to establish links
10:12:01  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> otherwise you have to build 5 or 6 unit trains for every one mixed train you could build
10:12:12  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> but I'm happy to do it differently
10:13:39  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> andythen0rth: the point of long-range happily mixing: you cannot adjust anything and you have guaranteed 50% empty. Or WAY too big stations
10:13:54  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> with dedicated trains, maybe refitting at hubs, you have way better track usage
10:15:46  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> yes
10:16:01  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> track efficiency is better wrt cargo transported
10:16:11  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and that's important for long-range
10:16:15  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> stations have to be quite big
10:16:22  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth likes small stations :)
10:16:26  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> (number tracks)
10:16:36  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> anyway I leave trains to you
10:16:40  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth has to work soon
10:18:38  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I can't and I don't want to do all trains
10:18:48  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> But we have to agree on how we build the network
10:18:54  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Or it will stay the mess it mostly is
10:18:56  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> unit trains?
10:20:51  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> what do you mean with 'unit trains'?
10:21:13  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> 1 cargo only
10:21:31  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ooooh, real trams! :)
10:21:37  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I can work with 90 capacity
10:22:28  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> is Enhättan dock a hub or otherwise?
10:22:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> we should have naming conventions for hubs, lines and so on :)
10:23:02  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Yes :-) and yes
10:23:12  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> DOCK and HUB is the same from my naming
10:23:30  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> DOCK just had a dock as well ;-)
10:23:37  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> HUBDOCK :P
10:23:43  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> on my passengers games with YACD, I usually labeled "node" towns with # at the beginning
10:23:45  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> let's call them simply hub
10:27:15  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> can we expand Enhättan hub to cover the refinery?
10:32:18  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth has to go
10:32:21  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> bbl
10:32:23  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> :)
10:32:28  <Terkhen> see you later andythenorth
10:32:32  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth has left the game (leaving)
10:32:36  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> enjoy
10:34:17  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
10:34:40  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but yacd and firs make for really interesting network challenges
10:34:43  <IwantGoThere> * planetm4ker likes
10:34:49  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> :)
10:35:07  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'm learning a bit from watching how the network is turning up
10:35:22  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-)
10:35:57  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I have been reinforcing some passenger links with big and slow ships, maybe we could do something like that between MalvallaHub and Malvalla
10:36:15  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh
10:36:17  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> probably a good idea
10:36:21  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> an aircraft crashed and I did not notice
10:36:31  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I thought I had that option disabled
10:36:33  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Also all news turned off? ;-)
10:36:43  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> yes, but accidents should be on
10:36:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> yes, it is on
10:36:54  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I just didn't notice
10:37:00  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yeou could try to disable that via rcon
10:37:02  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> can you disable aircraft crashes?
10:37:16  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes, there's a setting
10:37:23  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> not sure whether it's available in MP
10:37:37  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> plane_crashes to 0 I guess
10:37:55  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> probably ;-)
10:38:45  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> meh
10:39:19  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> can you set it to 0?
10:40:13  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok, all passenger links are thin now
10:40:23  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm... trynnhätten needs re-building to a hub with refit-capability
10:40:49  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> Enås is one of those, right?
10:41:00  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes
10:41:14  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> allows e.g. stone one way and coal the other
10:41:24  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> good for inter-hub transfers
10:41:34  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> cool
10:42:37  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> A320?
10:42:39  *** KenjiE20 has joined
10:42:40  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20
10:43:39  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it probably can't compete, we need high capacity aircrafts
10:43:49  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I would love to refit them to passengers only :/
10:46:19  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> intercontinental was actually worse than international, right?
10:46:29  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes iirc
10:46:32  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok
10:46:43  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'll wait until 1990 before I get more towns into the air network
10:47:45  <IwantGoThere> *** Archimedes joined the game
10:48:59  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hi Archimedes
10:50:29  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> huh... look at train 10
10:51:07  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> why is it stopped?
10:51:17  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh, signals
10:51:43  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'm not sure if I added the right one, but at least it is moving now
10:51:47  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> looks ok..
10:51:57  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> where?
10:52:01  <IwantGoThere> <Archimedes> I'd make it the same style as the others though.
10:52:08  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> planetm4ker: look at MalvallaHub, you will see a single mechanical signal in direction to malvalla
10:52:15  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> that one :P
10:52:18  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-P
10:52:25  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I can't distinguish those ;-)
10:52:35  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I don't recognice the type with the others, they confuse me a lot
10:54:29  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm... the refit doesn't work quite as intended...
10:54:32  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> where?
10:54:38  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it doesn't go to any depot but a specific one
10:54:40  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> train 31
10:55:23  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> why don't you use "go to nearest depot" orders?
10:55:32  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> that way it won't be picky
10:55:54  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> right. That's what I meant to use... :-)
10:55:56  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> thx
10:56:03  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it has an invalid order too
10:56:10  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> now yes
10:56:13  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
10:56:47  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I added a tram for the MalvallaHUB - Malvalla link
10:57:15  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> in that long wood line, the intermediate stations have a lot of cargo waiting
10:57:25  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> mostly both Malvallas and Malborg
10:59:23  <IwantGoThere> <Archimedes> Have a nice day! *swoosh*
10:59:29  <IwantGoThere> *** Archimedes has left the game (leaving)
10:59:45  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh, a talkative spectator
11:04:59  <IwantGoThere> Server has exited
11:04:59  *** IwantGoThere has quit IRC
11:05:06  <planetmaker> :-O
11:05:16  <Terkhen> :(
11:05:23  <Terkhen> that's a crash?
11:05:38  <planetmaker> probably. ssh-ing
11:05:50  <planetmaker> yes
11:06:02  <Terkhen> :/
11:07:47  <planetmaker>  Message: Assertion failed at line 1867 of /home/ottdc/git/yacd/src/vehicle.cpp: this->IsGroundVehicle()
11:08:54  <Terkhen> oh
11:08:58  <Terkhen> that's fixed in trunk
11:09:07  <planetmaker>
11:09:15  <planetmaker> hm, is it? That's good news then
11:09:18  <planetmaker> Still sad for us
11:09:29  <Terkhen> I probably triggered it while replacing airports
11:09:49  <planetmaker> he
11:10:05  <Terkhen>
11:10:18  <Terkhen> is there an autosave? :(
11:11:25  *** IwantGoThere has joined
11:11:25  <IwantGoThere> Autopilot engaged
11:11:25  <IwantGoThere> Loading savegame: '{#openttdcoop} YACD'
11:11:25  *** Webster changes topic to "#openttdcoop patch test channel - YACD | yacd_2.2 | STAGE: GAME ON |"
11:11:28  <planetmaker> there is
11:11:46  <planetmaker> not much should be lost. saves every two minutes
11:12:15  <Terkhen> great :)
11:12:55  <Terkhen> hmm... I guess I'll stop all aircrafts instead of skipping orders
11:13:02  <planetmaker> :-)
11:13:54  <IwantGoThere> *** Game still paused (number of players)
11:13:54  <IwantGoThere> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
11:13:56  <IwantGoThere> *** Terkh3n joined the game
11:14:06  <IwantGoThere> *** planetm4ker joined the game
11:15:14  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> done :)
11:16:19  <Ammler> planetmaker: you really should learn about bin/ :-P
11:16:47  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> probably :-)
11:17:43  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> so... what is missing?
11:27:26  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Skynspång: has many pax waiting
11:27:42  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> still not enough for another 747
11:28:13  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> ok :-)
11:32:44  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm... the refit two-way thing can be MUCH extended
11:34:18  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> how?
11:34:28  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> by using it in more places
11:34:46  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> no trains coming back empty at all? :)
11:35:05  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's not possible really. But between hubs it's possible to avoid that mostly
11:35:15  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> or ship routes can also be used two-way
11:37:38  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> you are already doing it on many places
11:37:52  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's what I've been doing lately, yes ;-)
11:37:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> changing orders
11:38:20  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> on Skoggslätt the trains refit to lumber but they don't seem to be carrying it
11:38:27  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> (the sawmill)
11:38:49  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes. There's no industry connected yet which they deliver to
11:38:55  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh, I see
11:39:03  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'll connect the furniture factory nearby
11:39:21  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it's not worth to use a train for that though
11:39:23  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I first focus on the network. Then the local details ;-)
11:39:33  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
11:39:40  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes, local trains is mostly overdoing things. Using too much space and ressources
11:39:54  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> tram / truck / boat much better for local stuff
11:40:12  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... it has other two secondary industries nearby
11:40:30  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'll use trains so everything can be carried here later
11:40:36  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-)
11:42:10  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Terkh3n: if that's local delivery line: could you create a group for that?
11:42:22  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh, are you using groups?
11:42:28  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I started
11:42:46  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok, what naming are you using?
11:42:48  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Keeping regions somewhat separate, for easier overview what goes on
11:42:55  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> local delivery, ok :)
11:42:57  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> HUBNAME local delivery
11:43:08  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I use prefixes usually, to keep them sorted
11:43:15  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> good idea
11:43:22  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> go for that then. I'll rename them
11:43:36  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> RB
11:43:39  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok
11:43:45  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-) regionalbahn :-P
11:43:55  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> what is that in English?
11:44:02  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I don't know
11:44:17  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it's funny that you ask me that :P
11:44:43  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Well... Let's be clear then... and use "Local delivery as prefix
11:44:53  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
11:46:12  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm...
11:46:18  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> in which other places are we producing lumber?
11:46:28  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I guess I should take all of them into account
11:46:35  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> unless they are not connected
11:46:49  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> Malvalla sawmill is not connected with anything that carries lumber
11:47:19  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Don't carry where it comes from. Just connect the industries to the local hub delivering lumber from there
11:47:25  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> s/carry/worry/
11:47:27  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok
11:47:34  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's the power of networks
11:47:40  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it un-meddles things
11:47:52  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> just worry locally. The rest "just works" if done correctly
11:48:02  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but it needs to follow a common principle
11:48:16  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> or it will fail majorly ;-)
11:48:34  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> generally: deliver anything you like from the nearest hub
11:48:45  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> whether it's there or not (yet) : don't worry
11:48:56  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> what engine are we using?
11:48:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> same with: deliver anything you like TO the local hub. Don't worry where it goes
11:49:03  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Centennial
11:49:11  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> cool, I love that one
11:49:22  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it's the best by most standards here
11:49:33  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> very powerful and fast
11:49:37  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> money is no issue
11:52:42  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... I added the lumber train to the furniture factory, but the train that was supposed to bring the lumber to the hub is empty
11:52:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> no refit?
11:53:42  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> check train 3
11:54:57  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> well. train 3 is what I changed the orders. Look at the lumber mill
11:55:03  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> no cargo being routed anywhere
11:55:10  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> *saw mill
11:55:34  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> strange, train 39 is refitted to lumber and it goes from the hub to the furniture factory
11:55:48  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it takes some time sometimes
11:56:02  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> we don't need to use double traction btw
11:56:13  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> at least I don't think so
11:56:37  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... I just duplicated an existing train :P
11:56:39  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> the lumber link is supposed to be established
11:56:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> the rest are not using it, I'll take out one of the engines
11:57:30  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Terkh3n: add order to refit to goods at the furniture factory and take those back :-)
11:57:57  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> two-way rules :-P
11:58:55  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm... I wonder if the saw mill ever produces anything
11:58:57  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> let's see
11:59:01  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and watch
11:59:08  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I don't think it is producing anything
11:59:18  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> seems so :S
11:59:24  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> oh. now it did
11:59:30  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and something is transported
11:59:40  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> 4t ;-)
12:00:06  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> :)
12:00:14  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> of 312 :-P
12:00:24  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'll start adding more lumber to the network, and then I'll connect al lumber destinations
12:00:30  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> all*
12:00:37  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yeah. I'll look into that between the hbus
12:00:47  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's what I was doing anyway :-)
12:02:10  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> lumber looks ugly in containers
12:03:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes... containers are not ideal for that
12:08:00  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok, all sawmills are properly connected now
12:08:06  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-)
12:08:08  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> nice
12:08:08  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> should I connect all destinations too?
12:08:18  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> all major hubs have lumber two-way connections now
12:08:24  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm... actually... no
12:08:32  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> what is missing is direction info in the minimap view
12:08:58  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> true
12:09:01  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it is confusing as it stands now
12:09:23  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> we need a layered smallmap
12:09:29  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-)
12:09:55  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> so I could for example choose to display some industries by their colours and also their links
12:09:57  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> added two-way lumber ship route between Knulfors and Matborg
12:10:05  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> or vehicles + company property
12:10:11  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-)
12:10:13  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok, should I add lumber destinations?
12:10:25  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> you mean local trains?
12:10:28  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> yes
12:10:30  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> As said: always :-)
12:10:41  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> local destinations are never wrong and often help, I think
12:10:53  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'll just add a station and a train from the nearest hub to the new station
12:11:03  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> or train network is missing a link to the North... I guess I'll see to that
12:11:30  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes... local should always be to the nearest hub. Hubs should get relayed everything via IC (or local trains delivering it)
12:11:37  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok
12:12:01  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> this is actually the network type I prefer: global grid with hubs. And then each local network can handle things on its own
12:12:24  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it has also the advantage than one can try different approaches locally but still the global thing stays functional nearly no matter what
12:14:26  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> we could do goods after this
12:14:40  <IwantGoThere> *** Terkh3n has left the game (connection lost)
12:14:40  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> sure. I added some goods IC links ,but not all yet
12:19:11  *** andythenorth has joined
12:19:39  <IwantGoThere> *** Terkh3n joined the game
12:21:08  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> one of the furniture factories is really far (at Beckarp, the big city at the north)
12:21:19  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth joined the game
12:21:22  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hi andy :)
12:21:24  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> lo
12:21:47  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> there is a lumber yard at the south of Malmhus DOCK, is that one connected for lumber too?
12:22:01  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> are we shipping chemicals yet?
12:22:07  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> nope, I'm doing lumber
12:22:09  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I don't think so
12:22:15  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> there's no local lumber train afaik
12:22:18  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> on the whole island
12:22:28  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> lumber + chemicals go well together :)
12:22:34  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it is a small destination anyways, I'll do others meanwhile
12:22:36  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> not literally together
12:22:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> :D
12:23:14  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> huh... the bulk truck can carry more lumber than the flatbed truck
12:23:22  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> do you think that's a bug?
12:23:32  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> not sure. But sounds strange
12:23:36  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> so yes
12:25:46  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> Enhättan hub needs to be bigger
12:25:52  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> not sure best how to do that
12:25:55  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes
12:26:06  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> though it's not too small so far
12:26:17  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I am about to start routing trains in that might have full load orders
12:26:19  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> don't use full load for ICs
12:26:23  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ok
12:26:27  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and for region traffic don't use the existing tracks
12:26:37  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> IC =  ??
12:26:43  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> well... some ICs do use full loads for few cargos
12:26:49  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> inter city = between hubs
12:26:51  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ok
12:26:53  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> so timetabled?
12:27:03  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Enhättan is currently only IC. No local
12:27:09  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Keep that separate from the tracks, too
12:27:13  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> nothing ;-)
12:27:19  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but time-tabling might make sense
12:27:26  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but I couldn't be bothered yet
12:27:28  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> currently just need the hub to pick up the refinery too
12:27:46  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> the extend the hub so that goods are caught
12:27:46  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> wrt timetabling - it may be voodoo but I think it's better
12:27:50  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it needs to grow anyway
12:28:16  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> timetabling == less time travelling empty, I think
12:28:38  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes, in the middle run
12:28:44  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> we need a demand chart :P
12:29:20  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: I'll add local service to Enhättan hub as well
12:29:38  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> there, good reason that it'll now also pickup from the refinery ;-)
12:30:16  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but: please only add trains which go between there, Enas and Malvalla HUBs
12:30:40  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> see the corresponding group
12:30:42  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> for ICs?
12:30:44  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes
12:30:50  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> so you're doing hub-hub connections
12:31:01  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> ICs go between two or three adjacent HUBs
12:31:04  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes
12:31:18  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's the only extensible way
12:31:28  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> which can cope with changing demands
12:31:55  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and much more important: it keeps problems to a local level
12:32:02  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> you alway only have a problem for one link
12:32:08  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> between two hubs
12:32:14  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> thus things remain managable
12:34:08  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> the question is: where to place the HUB for the North, where there are the farms
12:34:23  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> somewhere near Sögrbro
12:34:29  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> *Sögbro
12:35:00  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> one or two HUBs should go between Brunnlöv and Knulfors
12:35:02  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> what about the peninsula at the south of Brårrstad?
12:35:08  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> CHIPS is nice with SWE rails
12:35:31  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: you're not going to look too closely at how I construct local rail service?
12:35:54  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> andythen0rth: as long as you strictly keep local and IC services separated, I won't
12:36:13  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> The only assumption which basically needs to hold is: the HUB supplies and accepts everything.
12:36:27  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Everything delivered elsewhere goes via that HUB
12:36:53  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> then I don't mind the local level at all
12:37:11  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> It's actually... I just said that, the 'best' way to accomodate many different network styles
12:37:22  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> as long as they all hook to the global network the same way
12:37:24  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> it does seem the best
12:37:27  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> like network API ;-)
12:37:30  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> somewhat like the interwebs :P
12:37:34  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yeha
12:38:08  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Brunnlöv hates us :-(
12:38:22  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> And I have so big plans there. It would provide so many jobs. But noo....
12:38:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Terkh3n: good choice with the peninsula
12:39:00  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> those treehuggers don't know what is good for them
12:39:02  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> have we got any production at Enås steel mill?
12:39:08  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-D
12:39:11  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> FIRS really should show recent production history
12:39:21  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> andythen0rth: rather the game
12:39:27  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> (IMHO)
12:39:34  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> someone would have to patch that :(
12:39:48  <Ammler> isn't there a SmatZyPatch about?
12:40:14  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> planetm4ker: please, disable aircraft crashes :O
12:40:19  <Ammler>
12:41:06  <Ammler> Terkhen: you are op here
12:41:06  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: clay from Kramstad quarry needs to go to Brunnlöv
12:41:10  <Ammler> just use !rcon
12:41:14  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> so multiple trains hopping between which hubs?
12:41:29  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> it's on the network at Enås
12:41:43  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> see the train group with Enas
12:41:57  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> basically Enhättan, Enas, Malvalla Enas
12:42:01  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> in that order
12:42:13  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> some have funky refit-orders
12:42:31  <Terkhen> why am I op here? :P
12:42:49  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I am not refitting unless we get refit at stations :P
12:42:55  <Terkhen> !rcon plane_crashes 0
12:42:55  <IwantGoThere> Terkhen: ERROR: command not found
12:42:57  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> dev server. It's for fun and op gives you rcon
12:42:59  <Terkhen> !rcon set plane_crashes 0
12:43:08  <Terkhen> ok :)
12:43:12  <Terkhen> !rcon set plane_crashes
12:43:12  <IwantGoThere> Terkhen: Current value for 'plane_crashes' is: '0' (min: 0, max: 2)
12:43:18  <Ammler> Terkhen: I didn't op you, no idea :-)
12:43:28  <Ammler> someone seems to trust you :-P
12:43:28  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> bah
12:43:30  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> maybe I should refit
12:43:37  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> refit is more logical
12:43:39  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> he might be in the chanserv list
12:43:49  <Terkhen> I'm quite sure I got the op when I first entered this channel
12:43:51  *** Terkhen has left
12:43:56  *** Terkhen has joined
12:43:56  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Terkhen
12:43:57  <Ammler> on .dev, most devs are ops
12:44:24  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> andy refit might be logical. But has also issues: it then is not a two-way link which basically want
12:44:28  <Ammler> so they can handle rcon
12:44:30  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> or will need at one stage
12:44:32  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I don't like refit
12:44:38  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> its too 'clever'
12:45:08  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I like it. But I might remove it here at one stage again and replace it by two trains, one cargo and the other
12:45:14  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> with the simple orders
12:45:28  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> one day we play a map with 20 tile stations and mixed trains :P
12:45:30  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> with NARS 2
12:45:34  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> and mountains
12:47:00  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> every lumber destination except Beckarp and Månnlöv done
12:47:06  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> time for lunch, bbl
12:47:06  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: ship 27 is interesting
12:47:08  <IwantGoThere> *** Terkh3n has left the game (leaving)
12:47:18  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> it's providing a clay link, but isolated
12:47:21  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> is that intended?
12:50:25  <IwantGoThere> *** Amm1er joined the game
12:53:08  <IwantGoThere> <Amm1er> andythen0rth: the island trader looks somehow missscaled
12:53:22  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> in what way?
12:53:26  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ship scale is deceptive
12:53:58  <IwantGoThere> <Amm1er> compared with other ships
12:54:37  <IwantGoThere> <Amm1er> like the xacuabs
12:54:49  <IwantGoThere> <Amm1er> if you look at Malbukten
12:54:52  <IwantGoThere> <Amm1er> mäh
12:54:58  <IwantGoThere> <Amm1er> Malborg:
12:55:52  <IwantGoThere> <Amm1er> that ship seems to miss orders
12:58:31  <IwantGoThere> <Amm1er> the ikea is so ugly, really sad
12:58:50  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> So... anyone connecting things to Brårrstad HUB?
12:58:54  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> not me
12:58:56  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it's connected alright :-)
12:59:10  <IwantGoThere> <Amm1er> make the whole seh unusable
12:59:12  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: should orders be shared for ICs, even with different cargo?
12:59:26  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> those which do not refit: yes
12:59:45  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and I agree: refit may be nice here but complicates things again
12:59:49  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> making it less versatile
12:59:52  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I don't like it
12:59:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> The new trains I just added do not refit
13:00:04  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Refit is awesome, though
13:00:10  <IwantGoThere> *** Amm1er has left the game (leaving)
13:00:12  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> For local it might make much more sense ;-)
13:01:35  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> Malvalla Brunnlöv is too far for one IC?
13:01:53  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes
13:02:03  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Trynnhättan: is the end place
13:02:03  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I suggest to make Trynnhättan bigger then :)
13:02:13  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's on the schedule
13:02:27  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> It's 6 tracks already
13:02:46  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and I must not according to the LA
13:02:53  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's I guess why I postponed it ;-)
13:03:15  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it's still ok, though
13:16:34  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> anyone building?
13:16:38  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> not right now
13:17:38  *** KenjiE20 has quit IRC
13:18:14  *** KenjiE20 has joined
13:18:14  *** Webster sets mode: +o KenjiE20
13:21:09  <IwantGoThere> *** Terkh3n joined the game
13:21:17  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> Terkh3n: are you working on something specific?
13:21:21  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I am connecting goods
13:21:31  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> which is a big task :P
13:21:35  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> and how was lunch?
13:21:45  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> when I left lumber was done except some destinations too far from the network
13:21:48  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Terkh3n: the new hub could need all the local things
13:21:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> quite good :)
13:21:56  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> what new hub?
13:22:06  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> wow, that thing is huge
13:22:08  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Brårrstad: as you suggested
13:22:23  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh, ok, I was talking about Strömfors
13:22:28  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth thinks a lot of trains might be losing money now
13:22:28  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> :P
13:22:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> yes, there are a lot of trains losing money
13:22:52  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> might be. I don't care
13:22:54  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> so...
13:22:57  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> supplies network? :)
13:23:07  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I've never succeeded
13:23:13  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> supplies I just can't make work with yacd :(
13:23:23  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'm thinking on a road network and lots of gmunds
13:23:41  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> you need bigger trucks than that ;P
13:23:47  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I had like 800 of those things in my last FIRS game
13:23:53  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... ok, we can use normal trucks then
13:24:00  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> but IMO using trains for supplies is overkill
13:24:22  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> the distribution of supplies by industries is haphazard
13:24:24  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> except between hubs ;-)
13:24:48  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> m
13:25:59  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> we should probably do metal before supplies
13:26:14  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> Terkh3n: goods by plane?
13:26:17  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> can I connect iron ore?
13:26:21  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh, plane is a good idea :)
13:26:47  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> those small airplanes are cheap
13:27:23  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> helicopters are also cheap and the infrastructure is cheaper, but they are more slow
13:27:33  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> goods via sandvalla central...
13:28:03  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> everything via HUBs please
13:28:05  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> can I start connecting iron ore?
13:28:57  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh, it is connected :)
13:29:15  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> and coal too
13:29:30  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> let's say I'm fiddling with the IC connections ,yes ;-)
13:30:04  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok, I'll start connecting all junk yards then :)
13:31:12  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> sandvalla central should be a hub?
13:31:24  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> or is there a hub already in SW?
13:31:26  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> IMO not, that town is too big to host a hub too
13:31:33  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> there is Malmhus DOCK
13:31:47  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> but if you plan to deliver to Sandvalla IMO you should use ships
13:31:49  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Malmus
13:32:00  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> or ships yeah
13:32:12  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> good point
13:32:22  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> one could consider making Gnomberg Lakeside a HUB, too
13:32:34  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> or Storslätt Docks
13:32:56  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> But that island only needs one hub really
13:33:02  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> the rest could work via local stuff
13:33:12  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and the hub being the Malmhus HUB
13:33:26  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Should call it HUB
13:34:29  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> hmm
13:34:40  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> what gives at Enhättan hub wrt coal?
13:34:55  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's where it all comes from
13:35:09  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> there's an overloaded link I think
13:35:20  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes too few ships
13:35:23  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> to the island
13:35:53  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> added another
13:37:07  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> all scrap metal at Malmhus island connected
13:37:21  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh, it is possible to have multiple junk yards in the same town?
13:37:36  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> yes
13:37:39  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> shouldn't be though
13:39:23  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Terkh3n: watch the signal sides ;-)
13:39:29  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> where?
13:39:36  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Sprögsvall: Woods
13:39:46  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I switched the facing of the signal to the station
13:39:52  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> does it matter?
13:40:02  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes. It jammed the main line there
13:40:08  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> while the train was loading
13:40:14  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh
13:40:21  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> so it changes reservation?
13:40:59  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it reserves to the front of the next signal.  And that was one on the ML. Not the one before
13:41:06  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> the one at x
13:41:15  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth tries to get fmsp moving
13:41:21  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ah, ok
13:41:23  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> we need metal :P
13:41:26  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> andythen0rth: with aircraft?
13:41:37  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'm adding scrap metal to the network, but it is not handled by hub connections
13:41:55  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> later I'll add chemicals too
13:42:11  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I've done some chemicals between hubs already - check the links :)
13:42:17  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
13:42:19  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> then only scrap metal is missing
13:43:38  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> bah
13:43:45  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> we need multi-docks :(
13:43:59  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> now I have to use a stupid piglet
13:44:17  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> a piglet? what's that?
13:44:32  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> technically an rv to keep ratings up
13:44:40  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I'm not actually using a piglet here
13:44:44  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> just a stupid rv
13:44:46  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh, makes sense
13:44:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I don't know what's a piglet :P
13:46:52  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> when are we switching to monorail? :P
13:47:02  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> nope
13:47:05  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth builds an offshore park to placate Enhättan
13:47:11  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> :D
13:47:21  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-D
13:47:39  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> that bunch of trees in the middle of nowhere made them happy?
13:47:46  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> yup
13:48:16  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm. that petrol service connects different regions not via hubs
13:48:20  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> they don't care about the destruction of species in the sea :(
13:48:35  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> which petrol?
13:48:45  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> what's the train number?
13:48:48  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> now I'm going to connect junk yard destinations, but we need scrap metal transported along hubs
13:48:50  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Brorhamn: refinery to Enas Mills
13:49:00  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> 42
13:49:15  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> local?
13:49:17  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's defeating the purpose of the hubs
13:49:33  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> not. Enhättan is a hub. and the hub which belongs to
13:49:39  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> enas obviously is enas hub
13:49:58  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth doesn't follow?
13:50:09  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> it runs from Enhättan hub
13:50:16  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> you see the station which you attached to?
13:50:22  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> at enas mills?
13:50:22  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> yes
13:50:28  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that connects these industries to enas HUB
13:50:35  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> which makes that the hub it 'belongs' to
13:51:22  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> well only one train
13:51:26  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> it could be fixed
13:53:02  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> nice, most hubs are near steel mills / aluminium plants :)
13:53:44  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok, all scrap metal destinations done :)
13:53:51  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> they just need movement of scrap metal along hubs
13:53:54  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> how should I do that?
13:58:53  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> Malmhus HUB is blocked
13:59:05  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it is missing some signals I think
13:59:19  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I didn't really finish it for anything
13:59:29  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it's in a state of "link things no matter what"
13:59:32  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok
13:59:38  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'll try to fix it
14:00:20  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> metal?
14:00:36  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> right now I'm connecting scrap metal
14:05:35  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I think that my orders for train 64 are not right
14:05:53  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I just made it run through all the hubs
14:06:00  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> urgs
14:06:06  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> use shared orders :-)
14:06:13  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I made Brunnlöv like us
14:06:16  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> meh, it's not even the right train
14:06:26  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> planetm4ker: with which one should I share orders?
14:06:36  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but... that train must not have the orders it has
14:07:39  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm... maybe I should change Malvalla HUB to a terminus for both sides ;-)
14:08:01  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's what I tried with orders. 64 clearly doesn't obey that
14:08:20  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :S
14:08:26  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Many trains don't :-(
14:09:12  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm... someone changed all IC orders between Enhätten Enas and Malvalla?
14:09:59  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> possibly - but not intentionally :o
14:10:01  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... maybe? I think that I only messed up a single train
14:10:23  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> omg. a Trynnhätten train there?
14:10:37  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-(
14:10:43  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> all messed up again
14:10:50  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ??
14:10:52  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... sorry
14:10:54  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> which one?
14:12:20  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I guess the system I tried to establish doesn't speak for itself
14:12:38  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I thought that trains could move from Enhättan to Malvalla
14:12:44  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it seems that they can't
14:12:46  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> ICs only connect two, at most three hubs. Also not more via implicit orders.
14:12:52  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: it would be fine if the rule was hub-hub only
14:13:03  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> but there are some complicated three way routes with refits as well
14:13:05  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Enhättan Malvalla is one set of shared orders. Not more
14:13:27  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: what about trains that don't need to visit Enhättan?
14:13:30  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Malvalla Trynnhättan Malbukten is another
14:13:44  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Trynnhättan: Brårrstad Oskarslätt a thred
14:13:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> the groups?
14:13:56  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> andythen0rth: all trains do need
14:13:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's the concept of IC
14:14:01  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> no thought
14:14:05  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> no micro management
14:14:07  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes
14:14:09  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ok
14:14:11  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> lC are the connection between hubs?
14:14:21  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> eventually we'll need every cargo at every hub anyway, andy
14:14:27  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and if it's only in passing
14:14:33  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes
14:15:03  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ok
14:15:05  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... ok
14:15:21  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> so why don't we just route one train for each cargo for each group?
14:15:35  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> we should get an AI that can do that :)
14:15:35  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I was confused because there is a train in Enhättan Enas Malvalla that does not go to Enhättan
14:15:49  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> andythen0rth: yes, that's what I ultimately want to do
14:16:03  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> one train per cargo for each IC connection
14:16:05  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> or more if needed
14:16:11  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> simple.
14:16:11  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth wonders
14:16:21  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> next time how about a 32-car station?
14:16:27  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> and one car per cargo?
14:16:29  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> :D
14:16:39  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> would it come out the same in maths?
14:16:42  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that doesn't adopt as easily to demand
14:16:44  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> probably not :P
14:16:47  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> nope
14:17:14  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok, I have a proper train now, sorry about the mess :)
14:17:32  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> probably my fault
14:17:35  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I'd missed the groups
14:17:45  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> me too :P
14:18:28  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth has to go out
14:18:39  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> bbl
14:18:43  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth has joined spectators
14:18:47  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> later andythen0rth
14:18:52  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
14:18:53  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> laters
14:19:05  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth has left the game (connection lost)
14:20:29  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok, the only scrap metal destination missing is Strömfors :)
14:21:43  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> gah. I'll send ALL IC trains now to a depot
14:21:49  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> next is bauxite
14:21:55  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... sorry :(
14:22:05  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> what does lc stands for?
14:22:23  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> inter city
14:22:35  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok
14:23:03  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I could give it another name, I don't care. What shall I pick?
14:23:10  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I thought IC was obvious
14:23:12  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> HUB
14:23:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> also, I would make different groups for trains that have different orders
14:23:50  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> ok
14:24:16  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> for example,HUB Enhattan Enas Malvalla (Refit)
14:24:19  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> or (Wood)
14:24:33  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> and a "normal" group for the ones that don't have anything cargo specific in their orders
14:24:39  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> no refit anymore, I guess
14:25:05  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... so just single cargo trains cloned as demand increases?
14:25:08  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> that's simpler
14:25:22  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes
14:25:30  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and all orders of a group shared
14:25:40  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
14:26:15  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'll sort ship groups out
14:26:25  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> right now there is no groups :P
14:26:31  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> make new ones
14:26:37  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> yes
14:26:37  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hu?
14:27:11  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> what prefix should we use for local destinations?
14:27:29  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> LOCAL
14:27:31  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ?
14:32:18  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... there are many ships going from a zone to another
14:35:52  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> for the next game we should have conventions for groups and naming before starting :P
14:41:58  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> planetm4ker: check ship 24
14:42:12  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes?
14:42:46  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> two things: it has refits orders, should I replace it for normal ships too?
14:42:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> also, it has an invalid order
14:43:49  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> well, yes, please fix it :-)
14:44:47  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> but what was it carrying originally? only clay?
14:57:36  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ships are done
14:57:46  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> sweet. trains also
14:57:49  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> cool :)
14:57:51  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I'm just adding missing links now
14:57:53  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
14:59:08  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> could you add chemicals between Malborg and Knulforg?
14:59:23  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> sure
14:59:26  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> (while you're at ships that is)
14:59:52  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm. And coal from Enhättan to Malmus
15:00:22  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> also done
15:02:48  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'm going to finish metal now
15:03:18  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Terkh3n: for the local traffic - could you not connect to the main lines?
15:03:32  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... where should I connect then?
15:03:38  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> extra track at station
15:03:48  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but not shared tracks
15:03:58  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... can you point me to an example?
15:04:22  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Stodvalla South for example
15:04:41  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> or Trertköping Mines
15:04:43  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... ok
15:05:01  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'll look around and try to fix the ones I can find
15:05:19  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> there are few exceptions where the stations are well-integrated, but I rather avoid that
15:05:19  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I see you fixed some already :)
15:05:41  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> the most notable exeption is Enslätt Quarry
15:07:11  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> which wagons transport metal best?
15:07:13  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> flatbed? bulk?
15:07:28  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it seems that only flatbed can
15:08:15  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I set up a Enhattan - Enas - Malvalla metal train already
15:08:23  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it needs a connection to Knulfors
15:08:29  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes, I see the links
15:08:31  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> most of the destinations are there
15:08:53  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I added Malvalla Malborg Trynnhättan
15:08:56  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> what are your plans for Strömfors?
15:09:20  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hat?
15:09:23  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> ah, up North?
15:09:25  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> yes
15:09:27  *** andythenorth has joined
15:09:31  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> becoming a hub
15:09:37  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> connecting to Brårrstad
15:09:44  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> shall I do that now?
15:09:47  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> that is one of the missing destinatons for metal cargos
15:09:53  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> maybe I should fix livestock first
15:09:55  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> but I don't know how
15:10:17  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it is a big money sink anyways
15:10:41  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I could just remove it and readd it later
15:10:47  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> once we have a proper network set up there
15:10:53  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I'll hook it up now
15:11:05  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> what should I do with Tvöndberg?
15:11:27  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-)
15:11:41  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Deliver to a hub of your choice ;-)
15:11:57  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok, I'll remove it, we can readd them later :)
15:12:19  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> wait, those lines are going to be removed
15:12:25  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> don't worry
15:12:47  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> there
15:12:49  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> :P
15:12:55  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-P
15:13:35  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth joined the game
15:13:42  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hi andythen0rth
15:13:48  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> lo
15:14:59  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> there hooked up
15:15:05  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
15:15:05  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> aluminium needs hooked up?
15:15:11  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> livestock can be readded later
15:15:17  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> andythen0rth: yes
15:15:47  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I'll add those IC links which I see missing ;-)
15:16:06  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> Månnlöv woods should be a hub?
15:17:16  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes
15:17:36  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> do you need it? Then it's next
15:17:59  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it should be next, yes :)
15:18:01  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> for metal
15:18:03  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> :P
15:20:57  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: how to route from Månnlöv hub to Klimviken mills?
15:21:11  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> is that local service?
15:22:21  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes. But local to Knulfors. Unless you change connections. Which might make sense
15:22:44  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> In that corner is only local traffic so far wrt Knulfors
15:22:54  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> quite a long way round to go via Knulfors
15:22:56  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> did you check the profit of our trains? :P
15:23:02  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> no
15:23:12  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> check the finances window, it's fun
15:23:15  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> lots of red :P
15:23:37  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> we're winning on balance though
15:23:47  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> 15k profit
15:23:55  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> the airbus 380 should be available soon :)
15:24:05  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh, here it is
15:24:51  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> so... our goal is to connect everything? :)
15:25:49  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> brb
15:26:43  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> bbl
15:27:06  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I am leaving an unfinished bauxite link sorry
15:27:14  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
15:27:28  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth has left the game (connection lost)
15:36:56  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> network supplies now farm supplies. In principle at least
15:37:06  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> cool :)
15:37:24  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> next is ENSP
15:37:42  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'll finish bauxite
15:40:44  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... scrap metal links are broken
15:42:15  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> fixed :)
15:43:37  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> is a Mannlov - Knulfors connection planned?
15:43:55  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> in principle yes
15:43:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> But that's not easy
15:44:00  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Why?
15:45:08  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> otherwise bauxite from Skoggslätt Heights must travel around most of the map to reach Strömfors
15:45:59  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> which bauxite?
15:46:05  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> ah that
15:46:16  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> Skoggslätt heights, in the upper part of the map
15:46:18  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> connect it to the other HUB instead ;-)
15:46:37  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it's nearer anyway :-P
15:46:57  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
15:47:36  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> building that connection is like a "quick fix" which escalates into 10 patches
15:47:52  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> :D
15:48:06  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> then I'll do a "quick hack" and connect it to the dstination hub directly :P
15:48:24  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> having a train from mannlov to Strömfors only for this is a bit stupid
15:48:27  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm... suggestion:  make Enhammer the HUB and cease Knulfors as HUB
15:48:49  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it's not only that. It'd give a good circle
15:48:51  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> that's a good idea, Knulfors can't grow up more anyways
15:55:26  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> bauxite is done except for a link to the new Enhammar hub
15:55:36  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'll check delivery of metal
15:58:02  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... I wonder if I'll break something here
15:58:21  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> at Strömfors hub, there is a aluminium plant and a metal foundry
15:58:40  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'm making an additional station to deliver metal from the aluminium plant to the metal foundry
15:58:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> will that mess up with the delivery of metal from other parts?
16:05:53  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> let's hope it does not break :P
16:08:35  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> boom :-(
16:08:41  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> woops
16:08:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it was a stone train
16:09:44  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> for the next game we should use an even smaller TL
16:12:00  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... train 14 is doing strange things, is that temporary?
16:12:51  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes.
16:13:02  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
16:13:12  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> meanwhile I'll check passengers
16:21:27  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it's looking a lot better now :)
16:21:53  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> are you going to replace the ship connection with a train connection?
16:22:00  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> might be, yes
16:22:26  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I built that ages ago, but never installed anything there
16:22:38  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Now that the circle can be completed it will make much more sense
16:22:41  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> yes
16:22:47  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> we can scrap the Malborg HUB then too
16:22:57  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> No :-)
16:23:07  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I'd keep that one
16:23:31  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
16:23:33  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> It's integrated in MANY networks
16:23:45  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and it's a good distance to other hubs
16:25:35  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> a haleluja for diagonal leveling
16:25:45  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> :D
16:25:56  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it is really useful
16:26:06  <IwantGoThere> *** Vikthor joined the game
16:26:08  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hi Vikthor
16:26:14  <IwantGoThere> <Vikthor> hi
16:26:20  *** andythenorth has joined
16:26:56  <IwantGoThere> <Vikthor> you've got some problem at Malmhus HUB
16:27:10  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> meh, stupid trains
16:27:12  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> thanks for spotting that
16:27:19  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth joined the game
16:27:58  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hi andythen0rth
16:28:08  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> planetm4ker is fixing the north :)
16:28:59  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> circle complete
16:29:37  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> great :)
16:30:08  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> is bauxite on an IC out of Månnlöv?
16:30:47  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> there is a fourth bauxite mine at Sandvalla
16:31:02  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but I'll complete bauxite right now
16:31:04  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> ok cool
16:34:28  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> are supplies coming in soon?
16:34:34  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> seems there are spine links for them
16:34:41  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> but no distributors?
16:34:44  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> connect the to the hub
16:34:50  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> the hubs have all links
16:35:05  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I didn't bother about local stuff :-P
16:35:23  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I'll start on it
16:35:25  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
16:37:55  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... we have a single ungrouped ship, why can't I make it share orders with the ships in the malmhus - enhattan group?
16:40:21  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> meh, I'm going to fix the livestock mess
16:40:31  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> bauxite trains running
16:44:54  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> If you add IC trains, you make sure that they always use shared orders?
16:45:26  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I have been cloning existing trains
16:45:32  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ctrl+cloning
16:45:38  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> cloning doesn't share. yes. that does ;-)
16:45:52  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I wonder why we need to press ctrl for sharing if that's usually what you want to do
16:46:08  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> oh, it's not always
16:46:30  <IwantGoThere> <Vikthor> but mostly it is ;)
16:46:32  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> for me it should be the default behavior when cloning
16:46:58  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> when I'm not sharing orders is mostly a conscious decision because I'll change something
16:47:00  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> currently I use cloning without and then share orders
16:47:06  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> why?
16:47:09  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but if I click "goto train", then it should share
16:47:25  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I want a certain train, but orders in another HUB region
16:47:55  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> like clone flatbed, refit to wood, use orders for this region
16:48:01  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's my typical workflow currently
16:48:12  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... I ctrl+clone existing trains and replace wagons if needed
16:48:23  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> that's more lengthy than refit ;-)
16:48:29  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> of course, only if they are in the same hub region
16:48:37  <IwantGoThere> <Vikthor> bye for now
16:48:41  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> ciao
16:48:42  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> later Vikthor
16:48:44  <IwantGoThere> *** Vikthor has left the game (leaving)
16:48:46  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> should I add grain and sugar beet too?
16:51:38  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> malvalla grew quite
16:51:52  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> indeed :)
16:52:10  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> there is not much space there, but maybe I should add another airport at Klastholm
16:52:37  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... no, it will overload the ship link fast
16:52:51  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I would need to raise land for the airport :P
16:53:09  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-)
16:55:37  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> no food :-(
16:55:43  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'm fixing that :P
16:55:54  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> but we need farm supplies
16:56:01  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> we have in principle
16:56:03  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I'm working on that :)
16:56:21  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> the farm HUBs have them routed to
16:56:21  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> cool :)
16:56:28  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> planetm4ker: what, food?
16:56:55  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'm adding sugar beet, grain, livestock and milk
16:57:14  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Terkh3n: I don't really care. But towns need it ;-)
16:57:36  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> what's going on at enas hub?
16:57:42  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> looks unfinished for the local lines
16:58:52  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> nah, I added a few extra tracks. And only then noticed that there already special tracks for local traffic
16:58:58  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I just didn't remove them again
16:59:04  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> as they might be needed later. now?
16:59:10  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> maybe
16:59:20  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> unless you permit me to make bigger local trains than 5
17:00:08  *** MrD2DG has joined
17:00:24  <MrD2DG> !players
17:00:26  <IwantGoThere> MrD2DG: Client 13 (Orange) is Terkh3n, in company 1 (Sandvalla Transport)
17:00:26  <IwantGoThere> MrD2DG: Client 5 (Orange) is planetm4ker, in company 1 (Sandvalla Transport)
17:00:26  <IwantGoThere> MrD2DG: Client 21 (Orange) is andythen0rth, in company 1 (Sandvalla Transport)
17:01:58  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> train 74 is...interesting
17:02:08  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> it's on the wrong bit of network :P
17:02:28  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> heh
17:02:31  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> sell it and replace it :P
17:02:42  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I can reuse it
17:02:52  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok, don't forget to change its group
17:03:06  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> oh gee
17:03:10  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> :D
17:03:14  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> how do I tell which group it's in?
17:03:16  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> forget it
17:03:19  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> I'll scrap it
17:03:21  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> andythen0rth: if you don't route onto the mainline (which locals shouldn't do anyway), then do what you want
17:03:31  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but... I assure you different TL easily messes up things
17:03:54  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> huh... there are many ungrouped trains
17:06:14  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> can I use different TL on local connections?
17:06:33  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> as said: as long as you don't mix it with the ML, it's ok
17:06:39  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> still it doesn't ease things
17:06:50  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> or at least: longer makes it difficult
17:08:12  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> we cleaned up the local at enas ?
17:08:18  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> aren't those last commits a big pony for both of you? :P
17:08:24  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I'm extending that hub, andythen0rth
17:08:38  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> ML needs at least 6 lanes
17:13:54  <Terkhen> planetmaker: you should also check the openttd translation
17:14:18  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> ok :-)
17:14:59  <Terkhen> it seems that we are lazy translators :P
17:16:07  <IwantGoThere> *** MrD2DG joined the game
17:16:09  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hi MrD2DG
17:16:11  <IwantGoThere> <MrD2DG> Hi
17:16:25  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> frosch was faster, Terkh3n;-)
17:16:31  <IwantGoThere> <MrD2DG> Just came to see YACD in action :)
17:16:37  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it's awesome
17:16:48  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but we built a whole day on this with three people
17:16:56  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> MrD2DG: just a warning, it is highly addictive :)
17:17:02  <IwantGoThere> <MrD2DG> :P
17:17:04  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I should be doing useful stuff
17:17:04  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> we need a day length patch
17:17:25  <V453000> didnt seem too addictive to me :P
17:17:48  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> playing this on a 256^ map and paying more attention to vehicles would be fun
17:18:48  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> for me YACD gives structure to the game
17:18:59  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I know that you can look for your own goals, but still :)
17:19:10  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> grr
17:19:25  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> the groups have trains in that are wrong
17:19:31  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> nah... this is fine :-)
17:19:34  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> specifically train 127
17:19:40  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> which I cloned from train 122
17:20:11  <V453000> I just find being told where to transport what plain stupid, because it quite takes away from me the thinking what to do
17:20:46  <IwantGoThere> <MrD2DG> Makes it a bit more interesting IMO, stop the typical one drop for everything coop style
17:21:00  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth bbl
17:21:03  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> baby bath time
17:21:21  <IwantGoThere> <MrD2DG> :P
17:21:24  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth was sorting out petrol
17:21:28  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> unfinished :P
17:21:34  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> later andythen0rth :)
17:21:41  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> V45: IMHO on the contrary. It makes you think MUCH more where you have to establish connections
17:22:04  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> It's IMHO much more challenging than the game where I can dump the coal from a coal mine everywhere where coal will be accepted
17:22:12  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I really have to look where to build routes
17:22:18  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Do real networking
17:23:20  <IwantGoThere> <MrD2DG> So do industries have pre-defined destinations or are they calculated using the players exiting stations?
17:23:35  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Hm... Terkh3n what's up at Enbyn South?
17:23:38  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> No rating?
17:23:45  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> the destination are calculated depending on the surrounding industries
17:23:47  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> wrong refit?
17:23:57  <IwantGoThere> <MrD2DG> Ok
17:24:07  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> planetm4ker: they seem to be refitted correctly
17:24:17  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> maybe they can't get out of the messy junction I did
17:24:19  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> yes, just saw that...
17:24:45  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> they can
17:24:48  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> oh, right
17:24:55  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> there is no grain or sugar beet destination
17:25:03  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> right now I'm setting milk
17:25:13  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> later I'll set up grain/sugar beet
17:25:27  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> oh, no finished yet?
17:25:29  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> nope
17:25:33  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> ok :-)
17:25:40  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I just saw the lone food link... and wondered
17:26:00  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I guess I add IC food trains
17:26:04  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
17:26:23  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I added the required ones for livestock/milk
17:36:48  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmmm
17:36:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> food will be difficult
17:36:53  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it mostly wants to go to local towns
17:37:43  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I'd follow the same procedure: ship to hub and distribute
17:37:49  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> then it fits all destinations. also local
17:37:59  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> the towns are way closer to the industry than to the hub
17:38:07  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> so what? :-)
17:38:31  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> check Brunnlöv for example
17:38:41  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> there are a dairy and a stockyard there
17:39:11  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> bringing the food to the hub is doing the same work three times
17:39:34  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> some will want to go there anyway
17:39:56  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok
17:40:10  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> but if you want a local solution... go for it :-)
17:43:06  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> bah
17:43:28  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Stodvalla tunnels are too long
17:44:11  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm...
17:44:26  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I don't see any other place for the railway
17:44:41  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> well. maybe two more will help
17:44:51  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
17:46:10  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> for the really far food destinations I'll use local trucks
17:46:22  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> Enbyn for example is too far away from every hub
17:46:52  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> it already has a local train ;-)
17:47:32  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> the cargo wants to go to Enbyn, Snappby, Skrylvalla, Skynspång and Strömfors
17:47:34  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> have the food train not full load, but go two-way with food and stop at a local food station
17:47:41  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> where trucks distribute it to every house
17:47:57  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> Strömfors will be connected via the hub, the other ones are not practical
17:47:59  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok
17:48:05  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> Skynspång: is already connected
17:48:17  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok
17:48:31  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> long journey, but well ;-)
17:51:49  <IwantGoThere> *** MrD2DG has joined company #1
17:51:57  <IwantGoThere> <MrD2DG> Just adding some missing sigs
17:52:04  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> no worries, you're welcome
17:52:07  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> cool
17:52:37  <IwantGoThere> <MrD2DG> :P Well I wouldnt want to mess anything up atm still trying to getm my head around everything
17:53:07  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> As you probably listened: the setup is simple:
17:53:33  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> we have HUBs. And everything in the vicinity connects to that, delivers there and gets the required cargos as well
17:53:43  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> so on a local level there's not much one can do wrong
17:53:55  <IwantGoThere> <MrD2DG> Yeah i noticed those
17:54:01  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> things only go wrong when the main lines get screwed with :-P
17:54:07  <IwantGoThere> <MrD2DG> :P
17:54:39  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok, I'm missing a destination for grain and sugar beet
17:54:46  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> but we really should get some farm supplies
17:54:56  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> are they being produced already?
17:55:32  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm, not sure :-)
17:55:43  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> given that they have a network I'll just connect and hope for the best :)
17:55:49  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> if they don't appear I'll look into it
17:55:51  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> maybe produced but not shipped to hubs
17:56:05  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I'd bet on that
17:56:11  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... ok
17:56:11  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> I'll do, too
18:00:28  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> added one lime kiln
18:00:43  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
18:00:55  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I have linked a machine shop that is nearby the farms too
18:02:37  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> added another
18:02:51  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> ok :)
18:03:41  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm... a 3rd was already
18:05:51  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> farm supplies are being delivered to the farms :)
18:05:58  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> they should grow up one of these days
18:06:24  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-)
18:07:07  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I see that you are linking fertiliser plants already :)
18:16:21  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth back for a bit
18:16:24  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> did we win yet?
18:16:34  <IwantGoThere> <MrD2DG> wb :P
18:16:40  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> nope
18:16:43  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> this would have been nuts as a competition
18:16:46  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> yes :D
18:16:54  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> we still need to connect a lot of industries
18:17:04  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it is starting to get a bit boring, though
18:17:22  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> we have >24 hours out of it
18:17:24  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> farm supplies are being delivered now btw :)
18:17:38  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> some of the farms already have grown :O
18:17:41  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'll connect more farms
18:20:11  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> jam at Enslätt
18:20:46  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> where?
18:20:48  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... :(
18:20:58  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> Enslätt Quarry
18:21:06  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> ah
18:21:33  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it was missing a signal
18:21:35  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> bad design ;-)
18:21:46  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> was it? where?
18:23:45  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> wtf happened at Brunnlövtown?
18:23:48  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> wrt buildings?
18:24:02  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> weird grid
18:24:20  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> indeed
18:24:30  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> hm, yes
18:24:32  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I had to demolish trees and rebuild them
18:24:43  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> in theory they did not let me demolish town buildings because they hated me :P
18:24:57  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-D
18:25:59  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> swedish houses provides a useful petrol station
18:26:01  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> lool
18:26:07  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> and it is in catchment for a lot of hubs :)
18:26:17  <IwantGoThere> <MrD2DG> :P
18:26:20  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> one should look at an A380 landing at Enas Mills
18:26:38  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> through the mill?
18:26:42  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> woops
18:26:45  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> and through the ground of the mill
18:26:48  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> highly profitable, those A380s
18:26:50  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I activated autoreplace for the wrong aircrafts? :P
18:26:52  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> :P
18:26:58  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'll replace them
18:27:01  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> why?
18:27:15  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> they loss a huge amount of money, smaller aircraft will do the same
18:27:21  <IwantGoThere> <planetm4ker> :-)
18:27:51  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth has a soft spot for trains 38 and 47 :)
18:30:39  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> did we connect any textile mills?
18:30:43  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> or glass works?
18:31:05  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> to my knowledge no
18:33:06  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> hmm... maybe doing passengers too in a cargo oriented game is a mistake
18:33:40  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> nah
18:33:51  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> we can't easily use the industries inside Sandvalla
18:33:53  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> you should put some PAX trains on the network
18:34:01  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> no, that would get crazy quite soon :D
18:34:19  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> those industries are not hard to get to
18:34:21  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I should have kept my passenger YACD game somewhere
18:34:35  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> it shows how crazy things get when you start connecting a lot of towns
18:34:41  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> we should ship that bauxite out of Sandvalla
18:35:00  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> then again my network sucked badly, maybe with something on the lines of the network in this game it would have worked better
18:36:09  <IwantGoThere> <Terkh3n> I'm starting to feel tired from this game, I think I'm going to solve some bugs :)
18:36:23  <IwantGoThere> *** Terkh3n has left the game (leaving)
18:36:25  <planetmaker> bauxite should be nearly everywhere. But I feal somewhat the same as Terkhen.
18:36:36  <planetmaker> I've done today little else than play ;-)
18:37:07  <Terkhen> I have learned a lot today :P
18:37:14  <IwantGoThere> * andythen0rth has bathed the baby and all kinds of crap today :)
18:37:28  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> but I have to go out - actually about 7 minutes ago
18:37:34  <IwantGoThere> <andythen0rth> so is this game done, or just on hold?
18:38:00  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth has joined spectators
18:39:20  <IwantGoThere> *** andythen0rth has left the game (leaving)
18:39:39  <planetmaker> I'll save the game
18:39:58  <IwantGoThere> *** planetm4ker has left the game (connection lost)
18:40:20  <IwantGoThere> *** MrD2DG has left the game (leaving)
18:40:20  <IwantGoThere> *** Game paused (number of players)
18:41:12  <Terkhen> things we have learned: everything should be in a group, and a group should only have vehicles with the same set of shared orders
18:41:16  <planetmaker> !rcon save terkhenandypm_yacd
18:41:17  <IwantGoThere> planetmaker: Saving map...
18:41:17  <IwantGoThere> planetmaker: Map successfully saved to terkhenandypm_yacd.sav
18:45:17  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
18:56:15  *** MrD2DG has left
19:33:51  *** andythenorth has joined
19:36:54  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
19:41:21  *** andythenorth has joined
19:41:43  *** andythenorth has left
22:06:04  *** Progman has quit IRC

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