Log for on 19th May 2013:
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14:19:42  <Kibyts> hi
14:19:57  <Kibyts> is any cargodist developper here?
14:21:05  <Kibyts> Because we want to try this mod, but get desync errors the whole time. Now I got told that I might find someone in this channel that could halp...
14:24:17  <planetmaker> uh... this is the IRC channel of a test server. You might have better success in #openttd (though you likely were looking for #openttdcoop.devzone)
14:24:58  <planetmaker> or maybe
14:25:18  <Kibyts> I will try it :D
14:25:20  <Kibyts> thynk you!
14:25:23  <planetmaker> try #openttd
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