Log for on 2nd November 2013:
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14:59:55  <Taede> hm, any mapgeneration-related settings (including climate and newgrf's) can be set ingame via rcon, right?
15:04:58  <Taede> and if newgame starts a new randomly-generated map, i could keep several files with random settings around with the soap-bot.
15:05:14  <Taede> the bot then applies them to whichever server, and starts a new game
15:05:55  <Taede> that way we dont need to shut down openttd and start it again with a random openttd.cfg
15:08:45  <Taede> and those same setting-files could be used to generate a new map for welcome server if there's lack of a premade one
17:05:08  <planetmaker> Taede, yes and no. you cannot set newgrfs via rcon
17:05:28  <planetmaker> settings could be changed
21:27:10  <Taede> hmm

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