Log for on 8th November 2013:
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11:14:29  <Taede> planetmaker:
11:14:44  <Taede> I've started writing a new server-administration page for when soap goes live
11:15:08  <Taede> ignore the server specific info atm, as thats just filler
11:20:05  <Taede> on a side note, seems to be out of order?
11:42:23  <planetmaker> Taede, oh uhm... was there a repo ever?
11:42:36  <planetmaker> i.e. did that project ever have one?
11:43:03  <Taede> yes
11:43:17  * Taede points to activity
11:43:27  <Taede> nothing lost, i still have repo locally
11:44:35  <Taede> i think you or spike added the repo manually after i created the project as i did something wrong at creation-time
11:44:51  <planetmaker> this is weired...
11:45:00  <planetmaker> yes, that might be. But it should be there
11:57:24  <planetmaker> sorry, this might take a while. Something's wrong with the file server which hosts the repos
11:59:33  <Taede> 's ok
11:59:43  <Taede> just noticed it when i tried to link to ofs
12:00:12  <planetmaker> yes, it's good that you notify me...
12:00:47  <planetmaker> I hope it's not "let's see whether the backup does what it promises to do"
12:10:29  <Taede> that sounds less fun than my game of "find the matching sock"
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