Log for on 9th November 2013:
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19:50:34  <planetmaker> taede, the ofs repo (and all others) should be restored. But currently only accessible via ssh
20:12:01  <Taede> :D
20:13:48  <Taede> ofs looks fine, and i pushed earlier without problems (after you changed devzone topic to current one)
20:14:52  <planetmaker> yeah, I fixed repos hours ago really :-)
20:15:16  <Taede> i kept myself busy writing wiki mostly
20:15:44  <planetmaker> :-)
20:16:20  <planetmaker> the ssh-only access to repos might persist a few days... we need to get rid of hgweb and replace it by something which actually works with 300+ repos
20:16:36  <Taede> a big part of which consisted what bits of the current server_administration page were still current even wrt to current autopilot setup
20:16:55  <Taede> true, and there don't seem to be too many alternatives around
20:17:07  <planetmaker> we're heading for rhodecode
20:17:39  <planetmaker> syncing sign-on between services is the fun part really :-)
20:18:05  <planetmaker> good news actually, that lots of server admin docu doesn't change :-)
20:18:15  <planetmaker> or at least convenient :D
20:18:26  <Taede> :)
20:22:00  <Taede> <-- how does it look so far?
20:22:18  <Taede> ignore the data for stable server on there, i just threw some stuff in
20:22:57  <Taede> ill be writing another page for administring a running server to go alongside that
20:26:57  <planetmaker> Tail -f with a captital 'T' likely will fail :-)
20:27:15  <planetmaker> looks very nice :-)
20:28:22  <Taede> :)
20:31:01  <Taede> coopserveris now registered as a nick btw
20:31:26  <Taede> +space
20:32:00  <planetmaker> nice
20:33:11  <Taede> what is the pan wrt to existing stable and pz? do they get a new vm as well or is the current one going to be re-used?
20:41:04  <planetmaker> both is feasible
20:41:11  <planetmaker> maybe it's easier to re-use existing VM?
20:42:21  <Taede> you tell me, all i see is a shell
20:42:50  <planetmaker> it all runs on the same physical hardware :-)
20:42:52  <Taede> either way, i suggest clean installs for the new servers so that theres no autopilot-stuff lingering which may cause odd effects
20:43:05  <planetmaker> then it's better new VM then :-)
20:43:27  <Taede> fresh user account at the least
20:43:51  <Taede> theres a lot of ap+ stuff, and a lot of servers which will never run again on the current one
20:43:55  <planetmaker> though all the ap+ stuff is within the single server dirs
20:44:06  <planetmaker> yeah, kinda dirty :D
20:44:45  <Taede> yeah, i meant the single-server dir really
20:44:53  <Taede> update script here, another .sh file there
20:45:29  <planetmaker> new account on the same VM possibly. Then it needs nothing newly setup really
20:45:35  <Taede> as said, new vm may be overkill, but a fresh acccount would be nice
20:45:50  <Taede> that way the old servers are still there in case of teething problems
20:46:13  <Taede> but out of the way
20:47:18  <planetmaker> feel free to login as root@games.o.o and help yourself :-)
20:47:22  <planetmaker> maybe user openttd?
20:48:53  <planetmaker> I created a user openttd
20:49:04  <Taede> was just gonna say, already exists :p
20:49:53  <planetmaker> :)
20:53:04  <Taede> where would you like coopserver to reside, new-ps or games?
20:53:55  <planetmaker> oh :-) I think as the 'main' server is ps, at new-ps
20:54:04  <Taede> k
20:54:15  <planetmaker> we probably could even give it its own VM
20:54:26  <planetmaker> but... might be too much, too :-)
20:54:49  <Taede> cpu-usage is <5% on a single-core 1.6Ghz atom
20:55:55  <Taede> mem usage tends to hover near 16Mb, though i've no idea how big an effect an active server has on that
20:56:15  <Taede> doubt it will be much though
20:56:24  <planetmaker> well, more for management / separation reasons. OpenTTD can easily eat 256+MByte of ram :-)
20:56:38  <planetmaker> we got oom with 256MByte VMs
20:56:49  <planetmaker> but not with 512MByte ;-)
20:57:11  <Taede> :)
20:57:26  <Taede> ill keep it at ps-new for now, it can always be moved
20:57:37  <planetmaker> yup :-)
20:58:00  <planetmaker> I don't recall what I assigned to ps-new. But that can also always be changed :-)
20:58:15  <planetmaker> at least 1 core + 512MByte though
20:58:20  <Taede> hardware-wise? dualcore i think
20:58:24  <Taede> didnt check mem
20:58:46  <planetmaker> yeah 1 core game + 1 core soap + save game thread
20:59:01  <planetmaker> openttd is multi threaded after all ;-)
20:59:04  <Taede> so is soap
20:59:34  <Taede> irc-thread, receiving thread, thread for periodically changing password (per server), short thread for executing ofs-commands
21:01:46  <planetmaker> :-)
21:02:29  <Taede> runs fine on single-core atom, even with a finished ps-game loaded (though i didnt connect more than 1 client at a time)
21:14:05  <planetmaker> soap you mean?
21:14:22  <planetmaker> I'm not too worried about its cpu consumption really :-)
21:16:16  <Taede> soap/supybot and openttd psg-260
21:17:26  <Taede> only spike ive come across so far soap-wise is when it has to deal with loads (100+) rcon packets
21:17:44  <Taede> something which only happens with rcon content state and rcon ls on a bit dir
21:20:22  <Taede> and ive not even checked if and how much of a difference it makes not sending all replies straight to irc

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