Log for on 27th March 2020:
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06:00:01  *** coopdiscord has quit IRC
06:00:15  *** coopdiscord has joined
16:16:49  <coopdiscord> <Agentw4b_CZ>    Error: 502  Bad Gateway
16:18:26  *** Progman has joined
16:22:48  <coopdiscord> <happpy> hmm i see i let  playmaker no
16:26:08  <coopdiscord> <happpy> that's currently offline yes. Intentionally
16:26:20  <coopdiscord> <happpy> There is a new translation service in the making and... the usage was so low that it was taken offline until further notice
21:37:06  <coopdiscord> <Agentw4b_CZ> ok

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