Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 1st June 2009:
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01:33:15  <Brot5> Backup done! (Usage: 39M)
01:33:16  <Brot5> Talking Pinhead Blues: Oh, I LOST my ``HELLO KITTY'' DOLL and I get BAD reception on channel TWENTY-SIX!! Th'HOSTESS FACTORY is closin' down and I just heard ZASU PITTS has been DEAD for YEARS.. (sniff) My PLATFORM SHOE collection was CHEWED up by th' dog, ALEXANDER HAIG won't let me take a SHOWER 'til Easter ... (snurf) So I went to the kitchen, but WALNUT PANELING whup me upside mah HAID!! (on n
09:48:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 165: Change: have Makefile.local.sample reflect all settings which can b... (planetmaker) -
09:48:19  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 166: Change: make the installdir a bit more verbose and easier to use (planetmaker) -
09:48:20  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 167: Change: add doc/license.txt to the repo so that it can actually be ... (planetmaker) -
09:50:32  <planetmaker> hehe. Brot cannot cope with more than 3 commits :) It skipped the other 4 :P
09:54:33  <Ammler>
09:55:03  <Brot5> 2cctrainset: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
09:57:07  <planetmaker> hello Ammler :)
09:57:13  <Ammler> there would be Brot6, if I knew how to install berkley DB
09:57:31  <Ammler> sali planetmaker
09:58:00  <planetmaker> hey, that link is a nice overview, Ammler :)
09:58:08  <Ammler> how was your trip?
09:58:09  <planetmaker> available for every grf?
09:58:21  <planetmaker> It was my sister's wedding. It was awesome :)
09:58:23  <Ammler> wouldn't be that hard?
09:58:34  <Ammler> hehe
09:59:10  <planetmaker> 10 days till I leave for the next wedding :P
10:00:04  <planetmaker> can you btw pull 2cctrainset and see that everything still works for you as it should?
10:00:16  <planetmaker> I tested here, but, you know, one can never cover everything :)
10:00:39  <planetmaker> if it works, we nearly have a generic grf makefile.
10:00:49  <planetmaker> you just need to modify makefile.config then and you're set
10:04:27  <Ammler> I assigned the glitch with superbus to me.
10:05:04  <planetmaker> hehe :)
10:05:21  <planetmaker> you're doing great work on these newgrfs, I think :)
10:05:50  <Ammler> but now, I am not sure anymore, if it is enough to fix the nfo, or if I need to fiddle with the excel
10:06:06  <planetmaker> you mean to adjust the alignments?
10:06:17  <Ammler> yep
10:07:21  <planetmaker> hm... I still have no idea on how to go about adjusting these offsets. But I guess the spreadsheet is kinda self-explanitory?
10:07:51  <Ammler> hmm
10:08:12  <planetmaker> I recently saw somewher in the forums a posting which allowed visual offset adjustment
10:08:16  <Ammler> did you see, foobar added some wiki pages
10:08:40  <planetmaker> yes, I saw it. I think it's good additions. At least how it's now is better than before :)
10:08:58  <Ammler> and I did too:
10:09:18  <Brot> [DevZone] OpenGFX - Revision 40: Change: added .renum dir to .hgignore (foobar) -
10:10:03  <planetmaker> yep, that's nice, too :)
10:10:54  <Ammler> now, you can change or add  a backup url without full ssh access
10:10:58  <planetmaker> nice to have such simple backup solution
10:11:07  <planetmaker> oh, it can have more than one URL?
10:11:30  <Ammler> not, yet, but that wouldn't be hard.
10:30:55  <Ammler> planetmaker: what about making a subfolder bundle?
10:31:14  <Ammler> and then allow different formats, at least tar, tar.bz2, and zip
10:31:45  <Ammler> and maybe
10:31:48  <planetmaker> Ammler: well, why? The files which go into the tar are clear... oh, that. Hm.... yes, could do that
10:32:10  <Ammler> well, I don't like install
10:32:18  <planetmaker> why don't you like install?
10:32:26  <Ammler> I do that never with openttd, why should I start using it with grfs :-)
10:32:35  <planetmaker> it's for local usage of the person who compiles it.
10:32:49  <planetmaker> you have to copy it.
10:32:56  <planetmaker> yes, I don't do it with openttd either.
10:33:07  <Ammler> I did symlink the 2cctrainset directory from openttd data dir
10:33:58  <planetmaker> but it's way quicker to do make && make install than make && cp <sometar> ~/Documents/OpenTTD/data
10:34:43  <Ammler> well, I can't use make install on the server nightly farm.
10:34:53  <Ammler> lol
10:34:55  <planetmaker> well. I don't like to remove install. But it's IMO no problem to add make bundle which then calls make tar, bz2, zip
10:35:00  <Ammler> I call it "farm" :-D
10:35:09  <planetmaker> uhm... why can't you use it?
10:35:13  <Ammler> well, you know, what I mean
10:35:20  <Ammler> not removing.
10:35:40  <Ammler> because I have different install locations for nightlies and releases.
10:35:49  <planetmaker> well. That was my intention :) To keep them :)
10:35:56  <Ammler> or is it possible to give make parameters?
10:36:10  <planetmaker> in principle yes, I think. But difficult.
10:36:14  <Ammler> (just adding make bundle
10:36:21  <Ammler> make bundle_tar
10:36:29  <Ammler> make bundle_tzip
10:36:38  <planetmaker> why prefixed with bundle_ ?
10:36:41  <Ammler> make bundle_tbz2
10:36:48  <Ammler> oh well
10:36:55  <Ammler> just you know, what I mean :-)
10:36:58  <planetmaker> I'd make one call to make bundle and add sub rules for making tar, bz2, zip
10:37:09  <Ammler> yes
10:38:43  <planetmaker> hm... should zip and bz2 just compress the tar or should it contain the files without an archive format?
10:40:14  <planetmaker> ^Ammler?
10:40:31  <planetmaker> while the first might be easier, the 2nd might be more user-friendly.
10:41:14  <Ammler> well, in unix world, you can tar everything before compress.
10:41:26  <Ammler> but I would like to have the windows bundle without tar.
10:42:37  <Ammler> btw, there are operations to check, if your local repo is identical with remote repo.
10:45:42  <planetmaker> remote?
10:45:55  <planetmaker> why would I want that in make?
10:46:13  <planetmaker> well... I could. But that's a completely different topic. And I wouldn't want an automatic pull either.
10:46:15  <Ammler> oh, sorry
10:46:22  <Ammler> that was OT ;-)
10:46:36  <Ammler> that was for to check if the source is modified.
10:46:52  <planetmaker> ah, right :)
10:47:30  <planetmaker> but not practical. They rely on an internet connection. You want to be able to build without it.
10:47:43  <Ammler> just something I would like for opengfx and other sets
10:47:49  <planetmaker> :)
10:47:49  <Ammler> put them in his own subfolder
10:47:53  <planetmaker> ?
10:48:05  <planetmaker> them=?
10:48:13  <Ammler> now, i need to create a folder before I can decompress
10:48:18  <Ammler> extract
10:48:55  <planetmaker> ah. You want like tar xf <file.tar> resulting in ./file/file1.grf ./file/readme.txt ?
10:48:58  <Ammler> you know, openttd supports subfolders
10:49:29  <planetmaker> uhm...? yes?
10:49:30  <Ammler> 2cc_trainset/2cc_trainset.grf
10:49:40  <planetmaker> hehe. I changed it to 2cctrainset :P
10:49:47  <Ammler> 2cctrainset/readme.txt
10:49:52  <Ammler> etc...
10:50:16  <Ammler> hmm
10:50:38  <Ammler> forget it
10:50:46  <Ammler> banans wouldn't handle that, I fear.
10:51:19  <planetmaker> well. I agree, that's nicer than extraction in the same dir.
10:51:25  <planetmaker> Actually I hate the latter :P
10:52:21  <Ammler> afaik, also the base grf set could be in subfolders.
10:52:49  <Ammler> but banans doesn't support it, does it?=
10:52:50  <planetmaker> well. bananas only downloads tars. So it doesn't care.
10:52:59  <planetmaker> I *think* it does.
10:53:13  <planetmaker> because it has tar support, so it should work
10:53:29  <Ammler> I spoke about subfolders
10:53:35  <planetmaker> yes.
10:53:53  <planetmaker> and tar support IMO includes support for sub folders therein.
10:54:37  <Ammler> but banans wouldn't detect them, I guess.
10:54:48  <planetmaker> dunno :) we could test :P
10:55:04  <Brot5> opengfx: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
10:55:28  <Ammler> release 2cc 1.0.1
10:55:37  <planetmaker> hä?
10:55:42  <Ammler> :-)
10:55:44  <planetmaker> ah.
10:55:48  <Ammler> to test bananas
10:56:01  <planetmaker> yes, we could. Would fix the license thingy. And add a few languages
10:56:05  <Ammler> or opengfx 4.3
10:56:05  <planetmaker> and fix a few sprites
10:56:17  <planetmaker> better 2cc, I think. It has more changes
10:56:24  <Ammler> I fix the superbus just with nfo
10:56:35  <planetmaker> two (three?) new languages may be enouhg :)
10:56:47  <Ammler> did you get glx french?
10:57:37  <planetmaker> yes. Commited already
10:57:45  <Ammler> oh :-o
10:57:47  <planetmaker> brot didn't announce it as I pushed 7 changes at once.
10:57:53  <planetmaker> it only announced the last 3 :)
10:58:01  <Ammler> oh, shall I change that?
10:58:17  <planetmaker> not sure. Might get kicked for flooding. But otoh. Why not? :)
10:59:30  <Ammler> well, sometime, Brot will be replaced by Brot5 or 6 ;-)
11:00:00  <Ammler> Brot6 would be able to translate #XXX to a link to ticket and such.
11:00:22  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - Wiki edit: Welcome (#10) (foobar) -
11:00:23  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - Wiki edit: Setting_up_a_Compile_Environment_(Windows) (#1) (foobar) -
11:00:24  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - Wiki edit: Setting_up_SSH_(Windows) (#2) (foobar) -
11:00:24  <Ammler> not just annoucing...
11:02:52  <planetmaker> he...
11:03:12  <planetmaker> if you commit, pull before. I added changelog.txt
11:03:16  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - Wiki edit: Setting_up_a_Compile_Environment_(Windows) (#2) (foobar) -
11:03:17  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 168: Feature: add changelog file (planetmaker) -
11:05:14  <Ammler> so, rised it to 10
11:06:16  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Feature #93: Add changelog.txt (planetmaker) -
11:12:16  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 169: Change: add changelog to bundled files (planetmaker) -
11:16:50  <Ammler> why not just link to changelog?
11:17:42  <Ammler> If I downloaded something, I don't really care about changelog anymore.
11:17:50  <Ammler> I read them before, if it is worth to.
11:22:47  <planetmaker> I think it's good to have it included IMO
11:23:08  <planetmaker> it's part of the documentation which should ship with it.
11:24:15  <Ammler> <-- why not that one?
11:26:19  <Ammler> don't you agree to release 1.0.1?
11:28:16  <planetmaker> I do agree. But the link you provided is good help in creating a change log. But not every fix or every feature had a previous entry in our issue list
11:28:24  <planetmaker> Therefor it needs manual editing.
11:28:36  <planetmaker> I talked to Rubidium about it. He has no better solution to that either.
11:28:56  <planetmaker> but let me fix the changelog before and introduce the make bundle thing.
11:29:31  <Ammler> if there is a missing ticket, add it
11:29:56  <Ammler> if there is something there, you don't like in the changelog, drop it from the version.
11:29:59  <planetmaker> well. That's much trouble, if you just work on something in order to just add a ticket and then close it immediately.
11:30:38  <planetmaker> and not everything needs mentioning in the changelog, e.g. every bug fix to the makefiles which was introduced and fixed in between versions.
11:30:46  <Ammler> if you like something in the changelog, you should have that effort.
11:31:14  <planetmaker> no
11:31:24  <Ammler> then, just don't assing it to a version
11:31:39  <planetmaker> it's a one-time update prior to a release while with that editing it's an all-time effort.
11:31:53  *** Hirundo has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
11:32:13  <Ammler> Makefile change don't need to be assigned to a version.
11:32:29  <planetmaker> making that website the definitive changelog imposes strict behaviour rules which won't be followed every time as much as you want to.
11:32:38  <planetmaker> it's making a corset which is not necessary
11:32:54  <Ammler> someone needs to edit the changelog.txt too.
11:33:01  <planetmaker> messing that up is as unavoidable as the occasional merge heads
11:33:35  <planetmaker> yes, someone needs to do that. That's part of the release process.
11:33:44  <planetmaker> but it's a one-time task prior to a release.
11:34:08  <Ammler> hmm, maybe we (you) should make a little how-to for release.
11:34:09  <planetmaker> And not a rule like "always obey this additional rule" - which then cannot even be undone once accidentially dis-regarded.
11:34:15  <planetmaker> yes :)
11:34:34  <Ammler> something like a checklist ;-)
11:34:43  <planetmaker> yes :)
11:34:52  <planetmaker> I think we might need it indeed.
11:37:00  <Ammler> > grep -i superbus . -R
11:37:01  <Ammler> Übereinstimmungen in Binärdatei ./doc/2cc-modded.xls.
11:37:06  <Ammler> (not very helpful ;-)
11:38:16  <planetmaker> :P
11:39:18  <Brot> [DevZone] Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12276: [IS] Move comments for non-inline functions from infrast... (Hirundo) -
11:42:06  <Ammler> ah, Turbobus
11:46:52  <Ammler> after make clean: ./sprites/2cctrainset.nfo.bak
11:47:26  <planetmaker> that remains?
11:48:18  <Ammler> yes, and you might not see it because of you hgignore
11:48:52  <Ammler> imo, instead add it to hgignore, you should make clean it :-)
11:50:39  <planetmaker> both is proper
11:50:47  <planetmaker> you don't want to see it and you want it cleaned
11:51:01  <planetmaker> everything which is cleaned should be in .hgignore
11:54:17  <Brot> [DevZone] Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12277: [IS] Use Train instead of Vehicle where appropriate and ... (Hirundo) -
11:55:03  <Brot5> 2cctrainset: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
11:55:10  <Brot5> is2: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
12:09:18  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - Wiki edit: Using_TortoiseHg_(Windows) (#1) (foobar) -
12:11:34  <Ammler> planetmaker: indeed, it still needs to be there
12:11:40  <Ammler> as you don't clean before push,
12:11:47  <planetmaker> :)
12:11:56  <planetmaker> and I don't always clean.
12:12:12  <Ammler> well, if you like to see what is missing in make clean or ignore
12:12:14  <planetmaker> e.g. when I'm working on it, call hg st, I don't want backup files listed
12:12:17  <Brot> [DevZone] Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12278: [IS]Very minor cleanup (about 2 bits changed) with no fu... (Hirundo) -
12:12:18  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - Wiki edit: Getting_started_on_Win (#4) (foobar) -
12:12:21  <Ammler> just do " hg up null" ;-)
12:12:32  <planetmaker> what does it do?
12:12:45  <Ammler> it "removes" the working copy.
12:13:42  <Ammler> after that, you should only have files you want beside .hg
12:14:14  <planetmaker> ah :)
12:14:34  <Ammler> well, first "hg up && make clean"
12:14:58  <Ammler> hg pull -u && make clean
12:23:23  *** Hirundo has quit IRC
12:29:39  <Ammler> planetmaker: the "M" is cool
12:30:24  <planetmaker> :)
12:30:26  <planetmaker> ty
12:34:23  <Ammler> hmm
12:34:48  <Ammler> I guess, the change of djnekkid, where he made a bulk realign failed
12:36:04  <planetmaker> hm?
12:36:12  <planetmaker> what change?
12:49:14  <planetmaker> hmpf. I don't manage to properly copy the required files into a separate subdirectory... :S
12:49:16  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 170: Fix #129: made own file for maglev trains and fixed the alignment o... (Ammler) -
12:49:17  <Ammler> <-- this one
12:49:17  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #129 (Closed): Superbus is missaligned in the \ view (Ammler) -
12:49:30  <planetmaker> notdir and dir doesn't work here :(
12:50:06  <planetmaker> hehe :P
12:50:55  <planetmaker> for now it will suffice to have zip'ed and bzip'ed tar files, I guess
12:51:06  <Ammler> yes :-)
12:51:24  <Ammler> shall I add 2cc to nightly?
12:51:44  <planetmaker> you mean creating one? IMO, that'd be pretty cool, yes :)
12:51:45  <Ammler> and I need to rewrite the tag things.
12:51:52  <planetmaker> *creating one regularily
12:51:59  <planetmaker> what tag thing?
12:52:06  <Ammler> to make releases with tag
12:52:09  <planetmaker> the one for creation of nightlies / tags?
12:52:46  <Ammler> my idea was to update step-by-step, checking if there is a tag, if yes, run make tar
12:53:02  <planetmaker> I understood that, yes.
12:53:10  <Ammler>
12:53:12  <planetmaker> hm... maybe have another script instead
12:53:23  <planetmaker> which checks an incoming commit for tag
12:53:33  <planetmaker> if so, update to the tag and compile.
12:54:33  <Ammler> there i no commit hook, afaik
12:55:03  <Brot5> 2cctrainset: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
12:55:08  <Ammler> I guess, I will make something, which reads the .hgtags file
12:55:10  <Brot5> is2: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
12:55:54  <planetmaker> hm... ok
12:56:04  <Ammler> then, checks, if there is one release per tag and generates those, which don't exists
12:56:54  <Ammler> do you have a better idea?
12:57:16  <Ammler> s/a better/an other/
12:58:10  <planetmaker> hm... reading .hgtags is a good idea.
13:10:23  <Ammler> hg log --template="{rev}\n" .hgtags | sort | tail -n1
13:10:56  <Ammler> bash rocks :-)
13:13:06  <Ammler> well, that does indicate, I need to check the .hgtag file :-)
13:13:57  <planetmaker> hehe :)
13:14:35  <planetmaker> hm... why not "hg tags" ?
13:14:51  <planetmaker> and check whether there's a newer tag than current exiting release?
13:15:46  <planetmaker> you only want to check the 2nd line of that vs. the existing release file version
13:16:02  <planetmaker> Ammler: ^
13:22:39  <Ammler> planetmaker: that is the 2nd step
13:46:17  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 171: Feature: add 'make bundle' which creates bzip2 and zip packed tar a... (planetmaker) -
13:53:27  <Ammler> hehe
13:54:21  <Ammler> planetmaker: shall we release 1.0.1 without djn?
13:54:36  <planetmaker> well. we could :)
13:54:47  <Ammler> yes, we can :-)
13:54:53  <planetmaker> Mind that r171 doesn't create a bundle dir. Those files are in the main dir.
13:55:03  <Brot5> 2cctrainset: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
13:55:18  <Ammler> yes, that, was clear.
13:55:22  <planetmaker> I'm not happy with a number of renum warnings, still
13:55:27  <planetmaker> was it clear? :)
13:55:33  <Ammler> hehe
13:55:50  <Ammler> pipe them to a file and grep
13:55:58  <planetmaker> hu?
13:56:02  <planetmaker> and then what?
13:56:35  <Ammler> well, only show those, you want
13:57:51  <planetmaker> I don't get your context...
14:04:50  <planetmaker> let me cleanup the 'make clean' before :)
14:13:17  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 172: Change: add Makefile.local to .hgignore (planetmaker) -
14:13:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 173: Change: cleanup 'make clean' a bit (planetmaker) -
14:55:03  <Brot5> 2cctrainset: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
15:10:00  *** FooBar_ has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
15:16:17  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - Wiki edit: Welcome (#11) (foobar) -
15:24:18  <Ammler> FooBar_: very nice work on guides
15:24:27  <FooBar_> thanks!
15:24:39  <FooBar_> I'm writing one on the Makefile now
15:24:53  <planetmaker> he... :)
15:25:12  <FooBar_> As you might have noticed it's all a bit Windows-oriented, as that's what I used
15:25:26  <Ammler> no problem
15:25:26  <planetmaker> that's alright, I think :)
15:25:42  <Ammler> we will see, what issues unix users will have.
15:25:55  <FooBar_> For the one on using Hg I also included the hg commands to run, so that one might be usable for other OS as well
15:26:16  <Ammler> I move the docs and files from the single projects to guide
15:26:35  <Ammler> means the palettes and windows versions of grfcodec and renum
15:26:48  <FooBar_> That might be useful
15:27:08  <planetmaker> there's a newer renum version but that requires some cygwin libraries. That sucks. :(
15:27:16  <FooBar_> yeah, I noticed
15:27:55  <FooBar_> I really have to tell Dalestan that he shouldn't do that or at least provide the required dependencies
15:29:51  <FooBar_> And that he has to make his tool a little more Vista friendly. C:\ is not actually a place where software is allowed to do things, like creating a .renum dir...
15:31:05  <planetmaker> he :) You could go and modify the makefile... there's a makefile.local for changing those settings,  I think.
15:31:08  <FooBar_> Now I ended up creating a symlink from opengfx/.renum to some general place where I like to keep just one .renum directory. I don't like having like ten of those scattered around my system :)
15:31:17  <planetmaker> but I cannot compile it ... boost dependencies fail :S
15:31:32  <FooBar_> planetmaker: tried that. And failed.
15:31:42  <planetmaker> yeah... :S
15:32:01  <FooBar_> that's not a problem in the makefile, but more with renum
15:32:17  <planetmaker> hm? well, yes.
15:32:36  <FooBar_> using the -D option, whatever I try, it tells me that the directory isn't valid or something
15:33:39  <FooBar_> I forgot the actual message, but I spent the whole morning figuring it out without success...
15:33:53  <FooBar_> This symlink should work though :)
15:41:09  <planetmaker> hm... why does the bloody makefile re-make everything even though nothing was changed? :S
15:57:42  <FooBar_> well, I haven't invented the makefile...
15:58:18  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - Wiki edit: Using_a_Makefile (#1) (foobar) -
15:58:25  <FooBar_> I did edit .hgignore this morning though, if that has something to do with it :)
16:01:18  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - Wiki edit: Using_TortoiseHg_(Windows) (#2) (foobar) -
16:02:04  <planetmaker> it hasn't, FooBar_ :)
16:02:35  <FooBar_> ok, just saying... ;)
16:03:26  <planetmaker> it's not tragically. But it'd be nice, if a call of 'make' would just do nothing, if no file has been updated :)
16:05:09  <FooBar_> I wouldn't bugger if I were you...
16:05:53  <Ammler> he, not for now ;-)
16:06:14  <Ammler> you need some tasks to optimize :-)
16:09:41  <planetmaker> he... windows seems to compile renum as opposed to macOS...
16:10:56  <planetmaker> I guess I have a nforenum r2114
16:11:13  <planetmaker> wooo. First binary compiled on windows by me :)
16:15:49  <Ammler> <-- you could then replace it here :-)
16:16:22  <planetmaker> when I've successfully tested it, that's what I plan to do :)
16:16:35  <planetmaker> I just needed to hack the version detection.
16:16:47  <planetmaker> My windows has no svn, so revision detection fails.
16:16:57  <planetmaker> So I patched Makefile to insert it manually :P
16:18:05  <Brot5> OpenGFX: nightly compile not needed. (r40)
16:18:12  <planetmaker> :)
16:18:47  <Ammler> I got very bad feedback for blaubus trains
16:18:58  <planetmaker> the maglev things?
16:18:58  <Ammler> not just from the germans.
16:19:16  <Ammler> the germans don't like the whole opengfx set at all.
16:19:22  <planetmaker> I don't understand why that feedback is so bad
16:19:29  <planetmaker> I wouldn't give much on the feedback there.
16:19:50  <Ammler> actually, it was a fault to announce it there too, I should have known it.
16:19:50  <planetmaker> To me it seems they're all only talking. None of them except mb ever has done something
16:20:20  <planetmaker> I've never seen in that forum constructive discussions concerning any development
16:20:39  <Ammler> well, I agree to the most
16:20:47  <Ammler> I just woudn't tell it that way.
16:21:11  <Ammler> it isn't really motivating...
16:21:36  <planetmaker> yes. That's the difference between "constructive" critizism and fundamental one.
16:22:13  <planetmaker> And what adds to it: none of them even contributed anywhere.
16:22:28  <Ammler> well, some say, it is too much like original, some say it is too less original :-D
16:22:35  <planetmaker> I read that thread. And I was actually quite annoyed at what I read by the usual bunch of users there
16:22:41  <planetmaker> hehe :)
16:23:22  <Ammler> my personal goal, and I guess also "our" goal is to complete the set and then to see what can be improved.
16:24:15  <planetmaker> yes. Exactly that view is what drove and drives me to support this project
16:25:21  <Ammler> that is also the point, e.g. Zepyris would again constribute, afaik.
16:26:04  <planetmaker> that'd be great :)
16:26:09  <planetmaker> he's an awesome artist.
16:29:53  <planetmaker> :O
16:29:59  <planetmaker> My renum.exe is 50MB!
16:30:40  <Ammler> LOL
16:31:07  <Ammler> please, don't upload that to redmine ;-)
16:31:25  <planetmaker> I guess I should really 'make release' which strips and upx packs the thing
16:32:13  <planetmaker> hm... but nice. Many errors which the earlier version reports are gone :)
16:32:13  <Ammler> ?
16:32:32  <planetmaker> renum's makefile doesn't stip and upx pack the binary by default
16:32:34  <Ammler> is is 2111?
16:32:41  <planetmaker> you need to call make release in order to do so.
16:32:54  <Ammler> hmm
16:33:01  <Ammler> i only used make
16:33:04  <Ammler> make renum
16:33:22  <planetmaker> Hm... maybe it's that upx is not installed. Maybe.
16:33:32  <planetmaker> did you compile on windows?
16:33:48  <Ammler> no
16:33:58  <planetmaker> there you go :)
16:34:02  <Ammler> <-- FooBar_ is that helpful?
16:42:01  <Ammler> planetmaker: is it possible to have something like "make zip" and then I can just move the zip to the release/nightly folder?
16:43:00  <planetmaker> make bundle?
16:43:05  <planetmaker> it should just do that.
16:43:30  <planetmaker> it should give you the three archive formats. You're free to do with it what you like. Or do I miss something?
16:43:38  <Ammler> ok, and how should I mark a project to let the server know about.
16:43:42  <planetmaker> Well. It's included so far only in 2ccset :)
16:44:19  <planetmaker> not sure currently about opengfx. The level of up-to-date wrt Makefile varies between those to from time to time :)
16:44:34  <planetmaker> or rather the amount of new features ;)
16:45:06  <planetmaker> ah, better. with strip I now have an executable with only 900kB.
16:45:26  <Ammler> <-- that is how I make the backup push
16:45:44  <Ammler> I would like something similar for the nightly and release make
16:46:15  <planetmaker> just call make bundle
16:46:24  <planetmaker> and you'll have the files which you need to copy / move
16:46:51  <planetmaker> possibly guarded with a check whether it's needed.
16:47:18  <Ammler> well, that is an other part
16:47:36  <Ammler> but how do I see, a project likes to make nightlies?
16:48:18  <planetmaker> ah. Well. What about a file like 'nighly' in it with either 0 (=default, no file) or 1 :)
16:48:25  <Ammler> URL=`hg cat -rtip backup.push 2>/dev/null` <-- that tells me, I need to push to a backup server.
16:50:03  <Ammler> hmm
16:51:18  <planetmaker> or test for the existance of that file. If present: make a nightly, if needed, if not: skip it.
16:51:24  <planetmaker> that way it's even simpler
16:52:18  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - renum.exe (planetmaker) -
16:52:33  <Ammler> and how should I call it? "" :-)
16:53:14  <planetmaker> dunno. The same way you installed the backup?
16:53:42  <Ammler> backup.push is in the repo, you might miss that
16:53:50  <planetmaker> FooBar_: ^you might want to download that renum version ^^
16:54:00  <Ammler> and the idea is to contrll compile farm with repo
16:54:02  <planetmaker> yes, I know that.
16:54:04  <Ammler> control
16:54:20  <planetmaker> and I proposed to add another file nightly to the repos which want that
16:54:30  <planetmaker> a file called "nightly"
16:54:56  <planetmaker> you can then test it the same way you test backup.push
16:55:27  <Ammler> well, nighty and release works the same, we don't need to split that
16:55:28  <planetmaker> Though the better solution in the long run would be one ini file like "compilefarm.ini" with section
16:55:38  <Ammler> if nightly, we do also release
16:55:45  <planetmaker> yes
16:56:16  <Ammler> hmm, don't know how easy to read ini from bash
16:56:41  <planetmaker> :) Me neither :)
16:57:06  <planetmaker> so, for the time being, just adding another small file doesn't hurt
16:57:35  <Ammler> maybe, we don't allow it over repo
16:57:45  <Ammler> and just adding a list  on server side :-)
16:58:27  <planetmaker> :)
16:58:37  <planetmaker> It's probably the better solution
16:59:44  <Ammler> I have it, I check the directories in bundles
17:00:02  <planetmaker> you mean the other way around?
17:00:17  <planetmaker> checking the publicly available download directories?
17:00:20  <planetmaker> good thinking :)
17:00:21  <Ammler> and then check if there is a matching hg repo and if it has a Makefile
17:00:23  <FooBar_> <Ammler> <-- That is actually quite neat! takes a while to load, but very nice nonetheless!
17:00:52  <planetmaker> I actually now added an upx packed binary for renum.
17:01:12  <Ammler> FooBar_: it is a combination of grfcodec and grf2html :-)
17:01:17  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - renum.exe (planetmaker) -
17:01:28  <FooBar_> sweet
17:02:02  <FooBar_> It shows what's still missing quite nicely
17:02:14  <FooBar_> Way easier than to compare it by hand
17:03:39  <Ammler> I had some toubles with remap sprites
17:03:56  <Ammler> so I greped it for .pcx files only
17:04:09  <Ammler> it is only for real sprites
17:04:42  <Ammler> I'll make it a bit generic then.
17:04:49  <FooBar_> We don't need more than that. At least not for OpenGFX.
17:05:07  <FooBar_> I don't think ogfxe.grf is comparable though
17:05:33  <Ammler> hmm, indeed, taht is a newgrf
17:06:21  <Ammler> it has the whole 2cc stuff in it.
17:07:35  <Ammler>
17:13:17  <FooBar_> I see that one of my small submarine sprites is messed up...
17:18:36  <Ammler>
17:18:41  <Ammler> or the other shorts
17:19:45  <FooBar_> thanks
17:20:35  <Ammler> the logfile will like that ;-)
17:20:59  <Ammler> that gives hits :-D
17:24:01  <Ammler> FooBar_: how to extend your rule, so it doesn't include "/stats"
17:25:00  <FooBar_> something with rewritecond?
17:25:03  <Ammler> RewriteCond ^[^(stats)]
17:26:41  <Ammler> .htaccess: RewriteCond: bad argument line '^[^(stats)]'
17:27:07  <FooBar_> could work, but you would have to test that out I guess
17:28:17  <FooBar_> hmm
17:29:37  <Ammler> the 2nd line was the error
17:29:56  <FooBar_> maybe just exclude log files?
17:30:04  <Ammler> my 2nd guess was RewriteCond ! ^stats
17:30:33  <Ammler> log files?
17:30:43  <Ammler> there are no log files in that folder
17:30:50  <FooBar_> what's in there then?
17:31:00  <Ammler> webalizer html output
17:31:04  <FooBar_> ah
17:31:25  <Ammler> the logs are outside of public_html
17:31:42  <Ammler> which is fine, as they have IPs and such.
17:34:56  <FooBar_> RewriteCond  %{REQUEST_FILENAME}  !(/path/to/stats*)
17:36:43  <Ammler> %{REQUEST_URI}
17:36:48  <Ammler> as it isn't a file
17:37:05  <Ammler> but that might work :-)
17:41:23  <FooBar_> I believe REQUEST_FILENAME contains just a path if no file is asked, but _URI will work just fine
17:41:23  <FooBar_> by the way, where did you put ??
17:41:23  <FooBar_> I'm getting a 500
17:41:23  <FooBar_> might be due to you working on the .htaccess though...
17:41:23  <FooBar_> let me know when you're done with that, and I'll try again :)
17:43:20  <Ammler> RewriteCond  %{REQUEST_URI}  !stats/
17:43:32  <Ammler> FooBar_: done :-)
17:43:54  <FooBar_> log works again :)
17:44:02  <Ammler> :-)
17:44:25  <Ammler> too
17:44:47  <Ammler>
17:45:11  <FooBar_> have you by any chance reset the log.cvs lately?
17:45:34  <Ammler> no
17:45:38  <FooBar_> nightly r37 is only at two, while I recall it being at 9 a little while ago...
17:45:42  <Ammler> shouldn't :-)
17:46:06  <FooBar_> as well as log.csv is at 3 where I recall it at 8...
17:46:54  <Ammler> hmm
17:49:40  <Ammler> possible to have a count >9 ?
17:50:35  <Ammler> "log.csv";0
17:50:45  <Ammler> that is the bug :-)
18:09:39  *** Hirundo has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
18:18:27  <FooBar_> it indeed appears to reset after 9...
18:21:16  *** rbot has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
18:21:32  <Ammler> ups, should be Brot6 :-)
18:21:53  <Ammler> !hello
18:21:53  <rbot> Ammler: hello ammler :)
18:24:06  *** rbot has quit IRC
18:24:24  <FooBar_> those brots seem to spawn like rabbits :)
18:24:56  * Hirundo only allows bots that have passed the Turing test
18:27:04  <Ammler> well, Brot needs to be replaced
18:27:14  <Ammler> and Brot5, I hope too
18:27:22  <planetmaker> brot has a funny habit of shouting funny things at random.
18:27:28  <Ammler> and then we have only Brot6 which does everything.
18:27:32  <Hirundo> hamburgers!
18:29:17  *** rbot has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
18:29:20  <Ammler> rbot
18:29:25  <Ammler> !hello
18:29:28  <Ammler> mäh
18:29:29  <rbot> Ammler: ammler: word
18:29:51  <Ammler> he?
18:30:32  * Hirundo ponders something akin to babyottd
18:30:40  <planetmaker> :O
18:30:59  <Ammler> indeed, what was that?
18:31:23  <Hirundo> I think babyottd would perform better at the turing test than, say, alain or yorick ;)
18:32:05  <Ammler> :-D
18:32:30  <Ammler> !nick
18:32:30  <rbot> Ammler: incorrect usage, ask for help using 'rbot: help nick'
18:39:33  <Ammler> @kick rbot
18:46:15  <FooBar_> well, I have download.php sorted now...
18:46:25  <Ammler> !seen Hirundo
18:46:25  <rbot> Ammler: Hirundo was last seen 15 minutes and 2 seconds ago, saying "I think babyottd would perform better at the turing test than, say, alain or yorick ;)"
18:46:31  <Ammler> @seen Hirundo
18:46:31  <Webster> Ammler: Hirundo was last seen in #openttdcoop.devzone 15 minutes and 8 seconds ago: <Hirundo> I think babyottd would perform better at the turing test than, say, alain or yorick ;)
18:47:18  <FooBar_> There appeared to be a difference in $to[0] and $to[1]. Well, it expanded my understanding of preg though :)
18:47:46  <Ammler> do you have a diff?
18:48:25  <FooBar_> No, but I can tell you what to change... :)
18:48:33  <Ammler> ok
18:48:39  <Ammler> that is a diff :P
18:48:57  <FooBar_> yes, but not one that you can apply automatically :P
18:50:49  <FooBar_> - return ++$to[0];
18:50:51  <FooBar_> + return $to[1].++$to[2];
18:50:53  <FooBar_> - $pattern = "#\"".$_GET['file']."\";(\d+)#";
18:50:54  <FooBar_> + $pattern = "#(\"".$_GET['file']."\";)(\d+)#";
18:51:14  <FooBar_> And that might be even applyable by diff :P
18:52:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 174: Change: simplify nfo generation somewhat (planetmaker) -
18:54:12  *** rbot has quit IRC
18:55:03  <Brot5> 2cctrainset: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
18:56:33  <FooBar_> I now have an actuall diff as well, so if you want one...
18:57:14  <Ammler>
18:57:26  <Ammler> that is the current diff to your upload
18:58:20  <Ammler> looks wrong
18:58:28  <Ammler> yeah, gimme diff :-)
18:59:08  <FooBar_> my diff looks different in regard to it's structure...
18:59:47  <FooBar_> probably used a different tool...
19:00:40  <FooBar_> anyways I added it to here:
19:02:34  <Ammler> FooBar_: you didn't use -u
19:02:36  <FooBar_> or more precise:
19:02:50  <FooBar_> ah
19:02:55  <FooBar_> let's try again then :P
19:03:00  <Ammler> :-)
19:03:28  <FooBar_> well that looks more like it ;)
19:06:59  <FooBar_>
19:07:07  <FooBar_> that probably does change the filename though
19:07:31  <FooBar_> don't know if I can edit that out manually without messing things up :)
19:15:31  *** rbot has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:16:51  <Ammler> did you update #140 ?
19:16:58  <Ammler> hmm
19:17:13  <Ammler> rbot, where are you?
19:18:54  *** rbot has quit IRC
19:19:56  *** rbot has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:34:17  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 175: Change: make now only recompiles everything, if it is needed (planetmaker) -
19:35:37  <planetmaker> ^^ha. No needless re-compile anymore. :) Except you change the pcx files...
19:35:51  <planetmaker> then you'll need to make clean or touch a source file
19:36:25  <planetmaker> well. technically touching sprites/2cctrainset.nfo suffices - and is way faster :)
19:37:19  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - Wiki edit: Welcome (#12) (Ammler) -
19:43:19  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - Wiki edit: Welcome (#13) (Ammler) -
19:43:20  <Brot> [DevZone] #openttdcoop - Wiki edit: Welcome (#14) (Ammler) -
19:44:57  <Ammler> planetmaker: grfs have "default" install location :-)
19:45:03  <Ammler> ~/openttd/data/
19:45:48  <planetmaker> yes. They do.
19:45:55  <planetmaker> INSTALLDIR in Makefile.local
19:46:06  <planetmaker> look at Makefile.local.sample
19:46:24  <planetmaker> :) OS independence :)
19:47:30  <Ammler> well, usually, if I install a program, I don't have to configure something
19:47:37  <Ammler> just make && make install
19:49:42  <planetmaker> then you have ./configure :)
19:50:09  <planetmaker> if you give me a good OS detection it might actually work
19:51:59  <Ammler> I said default ;-)
19:52:16  <Ammler> windows users can still overwrite it, isn't Makefile.local for?
19:53:27  *** Hirundo has quit IRC
19:54:54  *** Hirundo has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:55:03  <Brot5> 2cctrainset: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
19:58:34  <planetmaker> Ammler: yes, that's what Makefile.local is for.
19:59:02  <planetmaker> but why should I put in there the linux path, why the MacOS why the windows as default?
19:59:28  <planetmaker> If I put a path there, I'll put x:\Documents\OpenTTD\data
19:59:40  <Ammler> :-)
19:59:47  <Ammler> :-D
19:59:47  <planetmaker> which is my mac's newgrf dir as path in my windows VM :)
20:00:16  <Ammler> bad Makefile :P
20:01:07  <planetmaker> pfft :)
20:10:20  <Brot> [DevZone] OpenGFX - Revision 41: Change: move readme files do docs (planetmaker) -
20:11:22  <Ammler> does openttd has a guide how commit comments looks?
20:11:51  <Ammler> like change, fix, feature...
20:17:24  <Ammler> "log.csv";10 \o/
20:31:35  <Hirundo> Fix/Feature/[Code]Change: ([FS#xx]) Make all trains move in reverse on april's fools day
20:33:22  <Ammler> Hirundo: is that from you or documented?
20:33:31  <Hirundo> by me
20:35:08  <Hirundo> Add, Remove, Update and Cleanup also seem to be used regularly
20:35:45  <Hirundo> +Doc, Revert
20:36:55  <Ammler> and you add [prject]
20:37:15  <Ammler> well, that makes sense, as you merge with trunk
20:38:22  <Hirundo> It is something I should have done more consistently from the start
20:39:08  <Ammler> such things should be done by hooks
20:39:15  <Ammler> or at least checked
20:40:56  <Ammler> if [ `echo $msg | cut -b4` != "[i]
20:40:59  <Ammler> ahs
20:41:05  <Ammler> return 1
20:41:08  <Ammler> else 0
20:55:08  <Brot5> opengfx: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
21:24:06  *** Hirundo has quit IRC
21:41:36  <Ammler> ok, how do we want to compress our bundles?
21:41:54  <Ammler> we should agree to only one format
21:42:36  <Ammler> tar,, zip, tar.bz2
21:43:00  <Ammler> I assume, you like tar
21:43:18  <Brot> [DevZone] OpenGFX - Bug #87: "space" character of newspaperfont (foobar) -
21:46:18  <Brot> [DevZone] OpenGFX - Revision 42: Fix (Bug #87): made "space" character of newspaper font transparent (hopef... (foobar) -
21:46:19  <Brot> [DevZone] OpenGFX - Bug #87 (Closed): "space" character of newspaperfont (foobar) -
21:49:18  <Brot> [DevZone] OpenGFX - Revision 43: Fix: small submarine sprite 1.3911 ypos (foobar) -
21:52:23  <Ammler> FooBar_: you prefer tar only?
21:53:12  <FooBar_> for builds?
21:53:26  <FooBar_> yes, as those can be loaded by OpenTTD directly without extracting
21:53:40  <FooBar_> No need to have others IMO
21:54:59  <Ammler> ok
21:55:01  <FooBar_> I already started some work to reduce the filesize of the whole package.
21:55:06  <Brot5> opengfx: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
21:55:41  <Ammler> well, docs in the tar are useless for windows user.
21:55:47  <Ammler> as he can't read them
21:55:50  <FooBar_> Unused sprites of ogfxi needn't be their original size. 1x1 px is enough
21:56:09  <FooBar_> well, Windows users mostly don't read such things anyways ;)
21:56:30  <Ammler> :-)
21:56:43  <Ammler> just thought the same, as I wrote it.
21:57:05  <FooBar_> But if you want to make a zip or something, then I think you still should tar all .grf files and the .obg as one whole and then add that + docs into a zip
21:57:22  <FooBar_> just thought the same, as I wrote it. <-- lol :D
21:57:41  <Ammler> ok, I will just run make tar and move *.tar to it.
21:58:32  <Ammler> zipping ogfx would reduce size around 40%
21:58:59  <Ammler>
21:59:33  <Ammler> well, I prefer to archive only one format
21:59:57  <Ammler> and it should be compatible with banans
22:00:15  <Ammler> hmm, it won't anyway
22:02:22  <Ammler> I can just imagine the work you had with the authors excel sheet
22:02:41  <Ammler> very nice done.
22:03:30  <FooBar_> tar is compatible with bananas, so that's fine
22:04:00  <FooBar_> yes, the excel sheet took a while to put together ;)
22:04:30  <FooBar_> I really should update it though...
22:05:23  <Ammler> I liked to add ticket numbers to the yellow rows
22:05:40  <Ammler> then I had the idea about the php script
22:06:45  <FooBar_> :)
22:06:46  <FooBar_> By the way, I just reduced the filesize by 0.3 MiB...
22:10:20  <Ammler> I guess, those missing houses won't be done by someone :-)
22:10:24  <Ammler> :-(
22:11:09  <FooBar_> It seems so indeed
22:13:19  <Brot> [DevZone] OpenGFX - Revision 44: Codechange: reduce filesize of ogfxi.grf (foobar) -
22:14:10  <FooBar_> I'll scout some buildings myself as soon as I feel like doing so and PM the autors personally to ask for permission.
22:14:10  <FooBar_> I think that's the best way to get it done eventually...
22:15:05  <Ammler> from 32bpp?
22:15:31  <planetmaker>  I wonder whether for toyland the broese stuff could be converted to 8bpp
22:15:54  <Ammler> broese?
22:16:07  <planetmaker> the guy from simutrans
22:16:12  <planetmaker> with the buildings
22:16:24  <Ammler> ah, those comics things?
22:16:38  <planetmaker> yes
22:17:46  <FooBar_> yep
22:19:03  <FooBar_> There is (or was) some project going on to convert simutrans comic graphics to 32bpp
22:19:29  <FooBar_> main issue there was the lack of construction sprites; we'll be facing the same if we were to convert it to 8bpp...
22:20:08  <Ammler> the houses for toyland already exists
22:25:13  <FooBar_> not all...
22:25:13  <FooBar_> but it's mainly the industries that are missing
22:25:23  <FooBar_> anyways, I'm calling it a day for tonight ;)
22:25:28  <FooBar_> see you around
22:25:31  *** FooBar_ has quit IRC
22:25:35  <planetmaker> ...
22:28:32  <Ammler> planetmaker: checking for the Makefile isn't enough
22:28:40  <planetmaker> hm?
22:28:50  <Ammler> to check if I shall run the compile
22:29:03  <planetmaker> yes. I don't check for Makefile only
22:29:15  <planetmaker> I check for all source files being touched
22:29:17  <Ammler> what else?
22:29:28  <planetmaker> have you tested it actually?
22:29:33  <Ammler> ah
22:29:42  <Ammler> you speak about your new feature :-)
22:29:53  <Ammler> I sadly didn't
22:30:18  <planetmaker> what do you speak about?
22:30:43  <Ammler> actually I have a REV file in the bundle folder and compare that
22:31:13  <planetmaker> well. that's what makefiles is about: to check those dependencies automatically
22:31:25  <Ammler>
22:31:45  <Ammler> hmm, can I use that too?
22:32:40  <planetmaker> hm... you deal with changing filenames. But in principle yes
22:32:55  <Ammler> why?
22:33:02  <Ammler> just with different install dirs
22:33:15  <planetmaker> <grfname>-nightly-r<rev#>
22:33:20  <planetmaker> the latter thing changes
22:33:42  <Ammler> yes
22:34:24  <Ammler> was that a request by someone?
22:34:27  <planetmaker> makefiles are meant to check modification for a list of supplied filenames
22:34:33  <planetmaker> what? the filename?
22:34:42  <planetmaker> it was a request by you and by me.
22:34:43  <Ammler> no, that you only compile on changes
22:34:55  <planetmaker> I want rXX in it, you didn't want pre-release there :)
22:35:07  <planetmaker> oh, that. Yes, that was a request by myself
22:35:23  <Ammler> but that already worked
22:35:33  <planetmaker> it's been bugging me that the whole thing compiled, if not necessary
22:35:56  <planetmaker> a full grfcodec takes time
22:36:00  <Ammler> well, the problem I sse you don't compile, if pcx changes.
22:36:11  <planetmaker> not yet. But easily possible
22:36:20  <Ammler> well
22:36:30  <Ammler> I do make clean after compile
22:36:40  <planetmaker> then it rebuilds anyway
22:36:43  <Ammler> so it will happen anyway, I ssuem?
22:36:54  <planetmaker> and as soon as you touch one pnfo file, too
22:37:17  <Ammler> I just wonder why should someone run make, if he didn't change soemthing?
22:37:41  <planetmaker> why do you want to re-compile everything, if only ogfx1.pnfo changed?
22:37:50  <Ammler> ah ok
22:37:55  <Ammler> opengfx :-)
22:38:02  <Ammler> true.
22:38:15  <planetmaker> why do you want to renumber every nfo, if you only swapped a pcx?
22:38:17  <Ammler> I just compiled a lot 2cc today :-)
22:38:48  <planetmaker> (not yet implemented due to the fact that pcx file system structure in 2cc is... bad)
22:39:01  <planetmaker> no order in the pcx sprites at all
22:39:14  <Ammler> :-)
22:39:15  <planetmaker> and I couldn't yet be arsed to sort that tree
22:39:24  <Ammler> 2cc is a mess :-)
22:39:32  <planetmaker> cluttered with old with png with bmp with...
22:39:41  <planetmaker> yes, it is :)
22:39:48  <Ammler> I had troubles to find the turbobus
22:40:13  <planetmaker> it needs a lot of cleaning up IMO. Especially in the pcx sprite section
22:41:01  <Ammler> well, the sprites are "linked" from nfo
22:41:15  <Ammler> so if you would have a clean nfo, you find the pcx
22:41:43  <planetmaker> Well. The nfo isn't as bad as the dir structure for images
22:43:18  <Brot> [DevZone] OpenGFX - Revision 45: Change: only remake those files which need it (planetmaker) -
22:46:33  <Ammler> maybe, I just look for sprites beside Makefile?
22:46:55  <planetmaker> how do you mean?
22:47:03  <planetmaker> s/how/what/
22:47:36  <Ammler> I still need something to indicate, it is worth to update and run "make tar"
22:48:28  <Ammler> he, the REV file maybe :-)
22:48:57  <planetmaker> uhm. you have the old tar and hg parent
22:49:31  <Ammler> no hg parent
22:49:34  <planetmaker> of course, you could also indeed use make install
22:49:45  <Ammler> how?
22:49:50  <planetmaker> it won't do a thing, if the file is already there
22:49:53  <planetmaker> or use make tar
22:50:05  <planetmaker> it won't do a thing, if the tar exists.
22:50:22  <Ammler> hmm
22:50:50  <Ammler> then I need different functions for nightly and releases
22:51:01  <planetmaker> why?
22:51:19  <Ammler> because I have different install folders
22:52:04  <Ammler> and what if the project is openttd patch?
22:52:07  <Ammler> like is2
22:52:26  <planetmaker> well. have the installdir depend upon the filename.
22:52:47  <planetmaker> or the GRF_BUILDNAME
22:52:52  <planetmaker> or however that was called :P
22:54:05  <planetmaker> yes
22:54:14  <Ammler> hmm
22:54:33  <Ammler> I guess, I will sleep over an other night :-)
22:55:23  <planetmaker> GRF_BUILDNAME= $(shell [ -n "$(REPO_TAGS)" ] && echo $(RELEASESDIR) || echo $(NIGHTLYDIR))
22:55:27  <planetmaker> err
22:55:40  <planetmaker> INSTALLDIR = $(shell [ -n "$(REPO_TAGS)" ] && echo $(RELEASESDIR) || echo $(NIGHTLYDIR))
22:58:18  <Ammler> -n never works for me
22:58:26  <Ammler> I use ! -z the most time
22:59:04  <Ammler> maybe the quotes are the key :-)
23:02:12  <planetmaker> I've no idea. Possibly. quoting, unquoting things is a mystery in itself with these files
23:03:10  <planetmaker> Makefile, line 16 of 2cctrainset messes up my syntax highlighting. Obviously it's correct, though. :)
23:03:31  <planetmaker> and there are quite some quotes, too :P
23:04:51  <Ammler> well, using the Makefile would be another option, but then, we would lose the log
23:05:14  <Ammler> or the Makefile needs also to care about that :-)
23:05:18  <planetmaker> :)
23:05:26  <planetmaker> what's in the log?
23:05:54  <Ammler>
23:10:20  <planetmaker> lol: "LOFILE START: 2009-05-31 18:18:02+02:00"
23:10:34  * planetmaker thinks that there's definitely a missing letter :)
23:12:04  <planetmaker> well. that log is only the output of the makefile, is it?
23:20:17  *** XeryusTC is now known as Xeryus|bnc
23:21:38  <Ammler> planetmaker: yep
23:22:23  <Ammler> but if the make doesn't do anything, it will be replaced
23:25:16  <planetmaker> eh?
23:27:15  <planetmaker> IMO the way the files are handled on the server is something completely different and wouldn't need to be handled by a generic makefile
23:27:22  <planetmaker> whatever works though
23:30:11  <Ammler> hmm
23:33:26  <planetmaker> anyway... off to bed for now.
23:33:32  <planetmaker> Have a good niht, Ammler :)
23:33:44  <Ammler> YOU TOO.
23:59:07  <Brot5> opengfx: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.

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