Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 6th June 2009:
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01:33:25  <Brot6> Backup done! (Usage: 49M)
01:33:25  <Brot6> Your CHEEKS sit like twin NECTARINES above a MOUTH that knows no BOUNDS --
01:56:58  <DJNekkid> good morning everyone! what a gig!
02:00:32  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: 2cc train set - Feature #155: add a long version of the gondola wagon @ (by DJNekkid)
07:01:21  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
07:10:28  <andythenorth> morning
07:32:45  <andythenorth> have updated HEQS nfo - absolute paths are now relative.  Works for me, anyone else care to test?
07:32:55  <planetmaker> uhm...
07:33:02  <planetmaker> andythenorth: use a hg pull -u
07:33:04  <planetmaker> :)
07:33:22  <planetmaker> It works for me, too and I was so daring as to commit it yesterday.
07:33:45  <planetmaker> sorry, if I went to far with that, though
07:33:50  <andythenorth> (pushing now)
07:33:55  <planetmaker> will fail
07:34:00  <planetmaker> if you didn't pull
07:34:22  <planetmaker> especially as the changes you made are already there.
07:35:02  <planetmaker> hm... might even work... I renamed the file and did a bit of cleanup
07:35:22  <planetmaker> and a good morning to you, too :)
07:35:52  <planetmaker> hm...
07:37:14  <planetmaker> andythenorth: did push work?
07:38:01  <planetmaker> and: do you have make available on your system?
07:38:15  <planetmaker> then meanwhile just typing "make" should do the trick
07:46:24  <andythenorth> push is still running...oh no, it just gave me a bollocking for forgetting to merge ;)
07:46:36  <andythenorth> ok I'll pull first
07:46:37  <planetmaker> yes. that's what I assume
07:46:49  <planetmaker> proposal: rename the file you edited before
07:47:03  <planetmaker> the removal of the absolute paths is something already commited.
07:47:24  <planetmaker> if you rename it to something else, your changes won't get lost and the merge upon pull won't fail.
07:48:50  <Ammler> andythenorth: always pull before you change something
07:48:57  <planetmaker> moin ammler :)
07:49:00  <Ammler> and good morning
07:50:15  <planetmaker> I hope I didn't transgress my authority by making those changes :P
07:50:43  <andythenorth> nah that's fine, I just wasn't aware of anyone else's commits yet.
07:50:55  <andythenorth> my changes were only find and replace
07:50:58  <planetmaker> :)
07:51:01  <planetmaker> mine, too
07:51:38  <planetmaker> asked again: do you have 'make' available?
07:52:29  <planetmaker> if you do: then a simple 'make' in the respository directory should produce you the grf now
07:52:29  <andythenorth> moving grfcodec and updating crossover commands was the major part of the solution
07:52:29  <andythenorth> here's the result of pull:
07:52:29  <andythenorth> ^Cpdq2s-macbook-2:heqs_build andy$ hg pull -u
07:52:30  <andythenorth> pulling from ssh://
07:52:30  <andythenorth> searching for changes
07:52:32  <andythenorth> adding changesets
07:52:32  <andythenorth> adding manifests
07:52:34  <andythenorth> adding file changes
07:52:34  <andythenorth> added 9 changesets with 11 changes to 7 files (+1 heads)
07:52:36  <andythenorth> not updating, since new heads added
07:52:36  <andythenorth> (run 'hg heads' to see heads, 'hg merge' to merge)
07:52:38  <andythenorth> yes make is available (developer tools installed)
07:52:43  <planetmaker> yes.
07:52:51  <planetmaker> as you changed the same thing as I did
07:53:14  <planetmaker> try hg merge
07:53:39  <planetmaker> such things will happen from time to time and are perfectly ok
07:55:04  <Ammler> well, no merge needed, as it is the same
07:55:15  <Ammler> andy could just revert his changes
07:55:24  <planetmaker> Ammler: it's commited
07:55:24  <andythenorth> pdq2s-macbook-2:heqs_build andy$ hg merge
07:55:24  <andythenorth> abort: outstanding uncommitted changes
07:55:26  <planetmaker> I think
07:55:29  <planetmaker> ah
07:55:39  <planetmaker> right. Just use a hg revert
07:57:26  <andythenorth> hang on, my terminal just threw a big brain fart. Never ever seen that before.
07:57:45  <planetmaker> hm?
07:58:15  <andythenorth> ok here we go:
07:59:20  <andythenorth> pdq2s-macbook-2:heqs_build andy$ hg  revert
07:59:20  <andythenorth> abort: no files or directories specified; use --all to revert the whole repo
07:59:34  <planetmaker> uhm yes
07:59:45  <planetmaker> you need to specify either which file to revert - or to revert all
08:00:15  <andythenorth> oh balls I'm not in vim for some reason.  how do I get out?
08:00:27  <planetmaker> hg revert --al
08:00:27  <andythenorth> I'm now in vim sorry.  I tried a commit
08:00:35  <planetmaker> oh
08:00:38  <planetmaker> :q!
08:00:46  <planetmaker> or esc :q!
08:00:57  <andythenorth> gah, where's emacs when you need it :)
08:01:00  <planetmaker> depends whether you're in edit mode or not
08:01:07  <planetmaker> andythenorth: use xcode :)
08:01:39  <andythenorth> okey dokey: pdq2s-macbook-2:heqs_build andy$ hg revert --al
08:01:48  <planetmaker> with two ll :) --all
08:01:56  <planetmaker> sorry, my bad
08:02:30  <andythenorth> reverting sprites/bulldozers/.DS_Store
08:02:53  <planetmaker> oh well.
08:02:58  <planetmaker> doesn't hurt
08:03:52  <andythenorth> right merge worked, now got a makefile (testing it)
08:04:03  <planetmaker> :)
08:04:20  <andythenorth> makefile stumbles - can't find grfcodec
08:04:20  <andythenorth> # pipe all nfo files through grfcodec and produce the grf(s)
08:04:20  <andythenorth> Compiling GRF:
08:04:21  <andythenorth> grfcodec -e -p 2 heqs.nfo
08:04:21  <andythenorth> make: grfcodec: Command not found
08:04:22  <andythenorth> make: *** [heqs.grf] Error 127
08:04:36  <andythenorth> do you want to give me your grfcodec binary to try?
08:04:39  <andythenorth> :)
08:04:40  <planetmaker> not sure I did it right: I assumed heqs-preview-0.4c is the latest version of the nfo, right?
08:05:06  <andythenorth> yup
08:05:17  <planetmaker> you want windows or mac binary?
08:05:21  <andythenorth> mac binary
08:05:39  <planetmaker> ok, I can upload. I propose to run that script, though, under cross-over
08:05:49  <planetmaker> e.g. make in the cross-over environment
08:05:58  <planetmaker> I don't have renum for mac
08:06:08  <planetmaker> but I'll upload grfcodec
08:08:05  <planetmaker> uploading right now...
08:08:36  <andythenorth> I'll try now
08:08:46  <planetmaker> uploaded:
08:12:28  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: #openttdcoop - grfcodec @ (by planetmaker)
08:12:52  <andythenorth> got it.  doesn't work  :| pdq2s-macbook-2:heqs_build andy$ grfcodec
08:12:52  <andythenorth> -bash: grfcodec: command not found
08:13:12  <andythenorth> balls ;)
08:13:16  <planetmaker> ok. The reason is simple: your path environment doesn't have grfcodec in the search path
08:14:00  <planetmaker> I've no idea how to change the search path for binaries in a cross-over environment. But that should be possible
08:14:19  <planetmaker> just add the path to the dir where you have grfcodec.exe and renum.exe
08:14:41  <planetmaker> it will work, if you copy those two exe files into the heqs directory
08:14:47  <planetmaker> but that's not a clean solution
08:15:00  <planetmaker> as you'd need to do that for every new project, too
08:18:05  <andythenorth> hmm, seem to be two possible solutions:
08:18:30  <andythenorth> 1. get grfcodec mac binary working (I've tried adding paths to /etc/paths, didn't help)
08:18:54  <planetmaker> do you have a working renum for mac?
08:19:01  <andythenorth> nope
08:19:19  <planetmaker> then it's not worthwhile to get grfcodec running on mac. you'll need renum at some stage, too
08:19:30  <andythenorth> solution 2 is to have crossover run grfcodec.exe when the make happens.  that's not as easy as I hoped :(
08:19:41  <planetmaker> why is that not easy?
08:19:59  <planetmaker> hm... where is you grfcodec.exe?
08:20:36  <andythenorth> it's not like parallels or VMWare.  If you just try and run the .exe the mac doesn't know what to do with it.  You have to run it as a command from inside crossover like so: "/Users/andy/Documents/OTTD graphics/HEQS/heqs_build/grfcodec.exe" -e "/Users/andy/Documents/OTTD graphics/HEQS/heqs_build/heqs_preview_v0.4c.grf"
08:20:56  <andythenorth> if crossover could run make that would be another good solution, but it borks
08:21:13  <planetmaker> yes. Try to run 'make' from the crossover ...
08:21:25  <planetmaker> you mean... it doesn't know 'make'?
08:21:30  <planetmaker> Ok, another solution:
08:21:42  <planetmaker> copy Makefile.local.sampe to Makefile.local
08:21:50  <planetmaker> then edit Makefile.local
08:22:04  <planetmaker> find the line where it says GRFCODEC =
08:22:23  <planetmaker> and edit it such that you give there the full command in order to invoke grfcodec
08:22:36  <planetmaker> is it possible to do that?
08:23:02  <planetmaker> e.g. like crossover /Users/andy/... grfcodec.exe ?
08:23:14  <planetmaker> (without any parameters like -e etc)
08:28:57  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
08:29:01  <planetmaker> ...
08:33:48  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
08:34:05  <planetmaker> andythenorth, try this:
08:34:07  <planetmaker> edit Makefile.local and add the line (mind the path to grfcodec.exe):
08:34:08  <planetmaker> GRFCODEC = ~/ --cx-app path/to/grfcodec.exe
08:35:17  <planetmaker> and then try 'make' in the Mac xterm
08:39:48  <planetmaker> see also
08:39:49  <Webster> Title: Frequently Asked Questions - CodeWeavers (at
08:43:40  <planetmaker> still with me, andythenorth ?
08:52:13  <DJNekkid> bwindows is so much easier :)
08:55:57  <planetmaker> not really
08:57:18  <andythenorth> I'm back - one step closer - give me a minute to change a few things
08:57:53  <planetmaker> andythenorth: I guess the easiest thing might indeed be the line I posted with GRFCODEC = ...
08:58:19  <andythenorth> thats what I'm trying.  it should work, just got to get the right paths I think]
09:01:49  <andythenorth> ...nearly there I some wine errors (wine is whining ho hum) ;)
09:03:17  <planetmaker> hehe :)
09:05:44  <andythenorth> aargh so close.  Problem seems to be: I need grfcodec.exe in my heqs dir to get relative paths, but I need grfcodec.ex in the wine bottle 'drive c' dir to get it to execute.  I'll read some more FAQS...
09:07:09  <planetmaker> it works here with relative paths and grfcodec.exe in c:\Program Files\ottd
09:07:50  <planetmaker> hm... but yeah. wine is different
09:08:20  <andythenorth> thought an alias might trick it into working.  not quite :(
09:09:35  <planetmaker> what does grfcodec tell you about the paths, if it is started via that command?
09:10:06  <planetmaker> e.g. what's the output of ~/ --cx-app path/to/grfcodec.exe -e heqs_header.pnfo
09:12:46  <andythenorth> ha.  built a working grf :)  But it's not a good method :(
09:12:46  <andythenorth> It's fine if if if I copy the heqs folder to /Users/andy/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/Grfcodec/drive_c/
09:13:02  <andythenorth> but that is a lame place to keep my files :(
09:13:17  <planetmaker> uhm... yes
09:13:23  <andythenorth> still wondering if I can trick wine with an alias or symlink...
09:13:28  <planetmaker> make a symbolic link to the existing location :)
09:14:15  <planetmaker> hm... doesn't look good. Why is it a subdirectory of grfcodec?
09:14:19  <planetmaker> that drive_c ?
09:14:38  <planetmaker> it will need the same hooks (but exactly the same dir) for nforenum, too
09:14:57  <planetmaker> oh... grfcodec is only the bottle name. nvm
09:15:21  <andythenorth> grfcodec is just the name of the wine bottle - obviously a bit confusing :)
09:15:28  <planetmaker> yup :)
09:21:39  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
09:28:33  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
09:32:59  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: #openttdcoop - nforenum_r2116_win32.tar.gz @ (by planetmaker)
09:36:46  <DJNekkid> thatfile dont work
09:38:29  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: #openttdcoop - grfcodec_r2101_win32.tar.gz @ (by planetmaker)
09:38:47  <andythenorth> planetmaker.  *think* symlinking grfcodec.exe has a grf :)
09:39:02  <planetmaker> nice :)
09:39:36  <andythenorth> ok few things to do - I'll leave IRC open but I'm not here :)
09:40:17  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Heavy Equipment Set - Revision 5: removed more redundant files @ (by andythenorth)
09:42:17  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: #openttdcoop - grfcodec_r2116_mac10.4.11.tar.gz @ (by planetmaker)
09:43:12  <Ammler> has andythenorth now make running?
09:46:34  <planetmaker> he said that he got at least a grf now... not sure whether with make or just a cross-over call of grfcodec
09:47:17  <planetmaker> any case it's a big step closer to what makes it universal :)
09:47:39  <planetmaker> btw, I re-packaged all renum / grfcodec files in our files section. They now have the required license files
09:47:46  <Ammler> well, better would be, you have renum for mac
09:47:52  <planetmaker> of course.
09:48:02  <Ammler> then you don't need this emulator things
09:48:34  <planetmaker> yes, of course. I'd *love* that.
09:48:35  <Ammler> did you try with older renum versions?
09:49:03  <Ammler> and updating the dat files
09:49:09  <planetmaker> Not sure anymore. I tried a lot :P - but might be worth a try
09:49:16  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: #openttdcoop - nforenum_r2116_lin32.tar.gz @ (by planetmaker)
09:49:17  <planetmaker> hm.. the dat files? I never did that.
09:49:51  <Ammler>
09:53:35  <planetmaker> why windows?
09:54:29  <planetmaker> btw, now nforenum_mac is the only binary missing in our files section. I put up linux and windows renum and grfcodec there. And mac grfcodec
09:54:43  <planetmaker> looks better now :) And is legal :)
09:54:56  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: #openttdcoop - grfcodec_r2116_lin32.tar.gz @ (by planetmaker)
09:54:57  <planetmaker> dalestan complained that I posted a bare binary in the nforenum thread :)
09:55:12  <planetmaker> right he is, though
09:55:17  <andythenorth> I'm back.
09:55:21  <planetmaker> wb
09:55:39  <planetmaker> andythenorth: does make now work?
09:55:47  <planetmaker> or did simply the call through wine work?
09:57:09  <andythenorth> ok.  so I am using make (from a sensible location) with grfcodec.exe.  All I needed was (1) the grfcodec path in makefile.local (2) a symlink in the right place for wine to find grfcodec
09:57:16  <andythenorth> mac grfcodec would of course be better :)
09:57:22  <andythenorth> but not essential today
09:57:45  <andythenorth> I could probably use the mac binary if I could add it's path to my shell
09:58:11  <planetmaker> well. I have a mac grfcodec
09:58:17  <planetmaker>
09:58:21  <planetmaker> you can use that.
09:58:28  <planetmaker> But I have no mac nforenum
09:58:36  <planetmaker> so for that you need the same hook as for grfcodec now
09:59:21  <planetmaker> in order to use your mac binary do the following:
09:59:46  <planetmaker> sudo ln path/to/grfcodec /usr/local/bin
10:00:00  <planetmaker> sudo ln path/to/grfcodec /usr/local/bin/grfcodec
10:00:02  <planetmaker> ^^ sorry
10:00:39  <andythenorth> yup doing it now
10:01:18  <planetmaker> Might be that /usr/local/bin is not in the path. But that then can be changed in ~/.bash_profile
10:01:36  <planetmaker> aeolusreloaded:~/ottd/grfdev/nforenum ingo$ cat ~/.bash_profile
10:01:38  <planetmaker> # Setting PATH for MacPython 2.5
10:01:39  <planetmaker> # The orginal version is saved in .bash_profile.pysave
10:01:41  <planetmaker> PATH="/opt/local/bin:/Users/ingo/scripts:/Users/ingo/ottd/grfcodec:/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/Current/bin:${PATH}"
10:01:42  <planetmaker> export PATH
10:02:06  <planetmaker> hm... doesn't seem to be needed. And my path is wrong (e.g. old :P )
10:02:57  <planetmaker> ha, when you're at editing ~/.bash_profile, add one alias:
10:03:09  <planetmaker> alias md5sum='md5 -r'
10:12:02  <andythenorth> done the md5 bit.  rest doesn't seem necessary?
10:12:58  <andythenorth> grfcodec mac runs, but is tripping up again on relative pcx paths.  hmm, maybe I can figure it out
10:13:59  <andythenorth> ah, weird \ / issues
10:14:04  <andythenorth> never been a problem before
10:14:13  <andythenorth> (in the relative path)
10:15:22  <planetmaker> :) always use /
10:16:02  <andythenorth> okey dokey.  pretty sure that grfcodec -d will *produce* paths containing \
10:16:10  <andythenorth> think that's where I saw it anyway
10:16:12  <andythenorth> hey ho
10:16:22  <planetmaker> you don't need -d here :P
10:16:43  <planetmaker> so... does 'make' work for you?
10:16:48  <planetmaker> on mac?
10:17:09  <planetmaker> if you then change the Makefile.local back to something which finds your mac binary?
10:18:01  <andythenorth> yeah no I meant I learnt to code by decoding other people's grfs and trying to make sense of it.  :P
10:18:40  <andythenorth> I have grfcodec encoding successfully from the mac xterm.  I'll update the makefile.local right now then we might be done!
10:19:13  <andythenorth> yep make builds the mac version
10:19:24  <andythenorth> (with the mac binary I mean)
10:19:38  <Ammler> planetmaker: it is just a howto for windows, but if you have a older renum for mac, you can update the .dat files
10:19:46  <planetmaker> good. Usually everything you *should* need now is 'make'
10:19:48  <planetmaker> nothing else
10:20:03  <andythenorth> right.  so I think that's done.  Question though...
10:20:09  <planetmaker> Ammler: I have *no* renum for mac. Neither old nor new
10:20:59  <planetmaker> The problem is with renum for mac: g++ has problems to build it. Some c template errors with boost.
10:21:16  <planetmaker> but the very same thing compiles fine with mingw/msys
10:21:22  <planetmaker> same directory
10:21:28  <planetmaker> *source directory
10:21:38  <planetmaker> (but adopted path to boost included, of course)
10:23:10  <andythenorth> scrub the question, it's a hard to explain thing about paths when encoding other newgrf projects with a make in future.  Can wait
10:23:29  <andythenorth> Anyway, I asked FooBar if he wants to move FIRS to the coop repo as well.  I think we should.
10:23:35  <planetmaker> don't worry. Please ask straight away
10:23:43  <planetmaker> :) I wouldn't mind a bit
10:24:00  <planetmaker> actually... I'd appreciate that :)
10:24:39  <planetmaker> Ammler: I'll try to build my own (newer) gcc. Maybe that works then
10:24:44  <planetmaker> Or I need an older. Dunno
10:25:17  <andythenorth> Ok the question: so I want to encode FIRS in future with a make.   I need a copy of grfcodec in the local dir for a grfset to make relative paths work.  So how will bash know the search path to the right copy of grfcodec?  Looks easily solved with makefile.local and/or a symlink
10:25:20  <planetmaker> hm... mingw g++ 3.4.5 works. maybe, just maybe.
10:25:51  <planetmaker> andythenorth: you should only have one grfcodec anyway...
10:26:12  <planetmaker> which should be callable from anywhere just like e.g. ls
10:26:25  <planetmaker> so if grfcodec works in ~
10:26:28  <planetmaker> you're fine
10:26:41  <planetmaker> where's you're grfcodec now
10:26:42  <planetmaker> ?
10:27:12  <andythenorth> so relative paths won't be a problem?  [url=]Subject: SpriteAligner - Tool for aligning sprites directly in NFO[/url]
10:27:13  <Webster> Title: Transport Tycoon Forums View topic - SpriteAligner - Tool for aligning sprites directly in NFO (at
10:27:19  <planetmaker> they aren#t here
10:27:31  <planetmaker> that's spritealigner. not grfcodec
10:27:41  <planetmaker> he's doing something terribly wrong, if absolute paths matter
10:28:19  <andythenorth> hmm Frosch says grfcodec  :O
10:28:28  <andythenorth> anyway mine's here: /Users/andy/Documents/OTTD\ graphics/HEQS/heqs_build/grfcodec
10:28:36  <andythenorth> easily moved or path changed
10:28:56  <planetmaker> My proposal: create a directory like ~/bin
10:29:08  <planetmaker> move grfcodec there
10:29:33  <andythenorth> alright I'll sort that out
10:29:42  <planetmaker> and then sudo ln ~/bin/grfcodec /usr/local/bin/grfcodec
10:29:47  <planetmaker> and then it works always
10:29:48  <Ammler> andythenorth: frosch explains relative from where the realitve patchs are.
10:29:56  <Ammler> nothing wrong with grfcodec
10:30:03  <andythenorth> I changed paths in heqs.nfo to get it to encode.  So I need to commit and push...
10:30:04  <planetmaker> ^^
10:30:19  <planetmaker> andythenorth: the paths are alright.
10:30:26  <planetmaker> and heqs.nfo is not part of the repository
10:30:34  <planetmaker> it doesn't need changing
10:30:44  <planetmaker> it works on mac. As is.
10:30:56  <planetmaker> works here.
10:31:00  <andythenorth> ah let me check something
10:31:14  <planetmaker> run a hg revert -all
10:32:13  <planetmaker> and the way I changed paths it works on mac, lin and win
10:33:21  <andythenorth> where is the nfo in the repo ? :0
10:33:38  <andythenorth>
10:33:54  <planetmaker> hehe :)
10:34:01  <planetmaker> it's called heqs.pnfo
10:34:31  <planetmaker> so some pre-processing can be done and automatic version information inserted.
10:34:43  <andythenorth> can see it in my local filesystem, but not through the web??
10:35:22  <Ammler> run "make clean"
10:36:15  <andythenorth> k
10:36:33  <andythenorth> worked
10:36:40  <andythenorth> but make fails
10:36:46  <andythenorth> Can't read sprites\standard_trailers/medium_trailer_tandem.pcx: No such file or directory
10:37:00  <andythenorth> it's those / characters :(
10:37:54  <andythenorth> easy to fix :)
10:37:56  <planetmaker> what does hg st tell you
10:38:02  <planetmaker> you modified things
10:38:07  <planetmaker> make a hg revert
10:38:11  <planetmaker> it works here
10:38:26  <planetmaker> and it hasn't any backslashes
10:38:35  <planetmaker> in the unmodified repository
10:38:50  <andythenorth> yep, fuck knows why mine has, I haven't even opened heqs_header.pnfo
10:38:56  <andythenorth> :O
10:39:15  <planetmaker> oh. I'm wrong :S
10:39:31  <planetmaker> it has those backslashes.
10:39:39  <planetmaker> yes, then those need changing to normal ones
10:39:45  <andythenorth> I'll do that...
10:39:53  <planetmaker> yup :)
10:39:56  <planetmaker> then it should work
10:40:23  <andythenorth> fixed
10:40:29  <andythenorth> so commit and push?
10:43:42  <andythenorth> and I think we're done :)
10:44:25  <planetmaker> does it work?
10:44:38  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Heavy Equipment Set - Revision 17: converted absolute paths to relative paths for pcx files. Wor... @ (by andythenorth)
10:44:38  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Heavy Equipment Set - Revision 18: changed \ to / in pcx paths @ (by andythenorth)
10:44:45  <planetmaker> and what does hg st tell you?
10:45:02  <andythenorth> pdq2s-macbook-2:heqs_build andy$ hg st
10:45:02  <andythenorth> ! Makefile.local.sample
10:45:03  <andythenorth> ? .DS_Store
10:45:03  <andythenorth> ? grfcodec
10:45:03  <andythenorth> ? grfcodec.exe
10:45:03  <andythenorth> ? sprites/.DS_Store
10:45:04  <andythenorth> ? sprites/bulldozers/.DS_Store.orig
10:45:23  <planetmaker> hm.
10:45:35  <planetmaker> I propose to delete grfcodec*
10:45:42  <planetmaker> does it still work then?
10:45:52  <planetmaker> and I propose to make a hg revert Makefile*
10:45:53  <andythenorth> I'm going to move it as per your instructions earlier.
10:46:01  <planetmaker> you're missing a file :)
10:47:05  <planetmaker> and mind: you're not using renum. Usually not a good thing as I was told
10:48:05  <planetmaker> and another hint: edit Makefile.local again and add INSTALLDIR = ~/Documents/OpenTTD/data
10:48:31  <planetmaker> then make install will copy the current version's grf to your OpenTTD data folder for usage ingame
10:49:25  <planetmaker> gcc 4.4 is HUGE
10:50:07  <andythenorth> neat.  that last tip saves a lot a boring trip to terminal to press the up arrow and enter (mv blah.grf OpenTTD/data/blah.grf)
10:50:25  <planetmaker> yes :) That's what it's for :)
10:50:40  <Ammler> planetmaker: how to compile nforenum to make it smaller?
10:50:57  <planetmaker> Ammler: in what respect?
10:51:20  <planetmaker> I mean... what's your current size of it?
10:52:06  <Ammler> around 4 MB
10:52:14  <planetmaker> on linux?
10:52:18  <planetmaker> or windows?
10:52:42  <planetmaker> strip nforenum
10:52:47  <planetmaker> upx nforenum
10:52:54  <planetmaker> in that succession should make it smaller
10:53:16  <planetmaker> you're screwed, if strip isn't available :)
10:53:34  <planetmaker> that cuts off about 95% :)
10:53:50  <planetmaker> upx then divides remaining size by 4
10:56:23  <andythenorth> while renum for mac remains unsolved, it will run manually right ? :)
10:56:33  <andythenorth> using my existing crossover solution?
10:56:43  <andythenorth> I mean it won't bork on .pnfo
10:57:01  <andythenorth> why am I asking when I could just test :)
10:57:06  <andythenorth> (tests)
10:58:29  <andythenorth> yep it works
11:00:38  <planetmaker> well. Makefile won't properly work, if you cannot setup nforenum = ... crossover/renum whateverpath in Makefile.config
11:00:53  <planetmaker> you shouldn't run renum on heqs_header.pnfo
11:01:02  <planetmaker> it might work, though
11:01:06  <andythenorth> planetmaker: I'm 99% sure I can use the wine/symlink method same as previously worked with grfcodec.
11:01:14  <planetmaker> if that works, that's fine.
11:01:31  <planetmaker> if it then works that it can be called from mac's make
11:01:55  <andythenorth> give me a couple of mins...
11:05:11  <andythenorth> worked with one line in makefile.local.  spooky.
11:06:00  <planetmaker> hehe :)
11:06:13  <planetmaker> the makefile is, I guess one or two days of work :)
11:06:34  <planetmaker> getting accustomed to how those things work included, though
11:08:20  <planetmaker> but the purpose of it is exactly that: a person can add the search path to his binaries without changing any project files
11:09:03  <andythenorth> planetmaker: I just tested with deliberately broken nfo.  renum reported the linter failure in the make output, but make carried on regardless and built the grf.   Is there an option to have make stop if renum reports errors?
11:09:32  <planetmaker> maybe. But not as it is now
11:09:46  <planetmaker> just have a look at what renum tells and you know it then.
11:10:03  <planetmaker> otherwise it'd stop also on pointless warnings. And you'll not get rid of those.
11:10:17  <andythenorth> k
11:10:39  <planetmaker> not every linter failure is fatal. Might be old renum version, too.
11:10:42  <planetmaker> what version do you use?
11:11:57  <planetmaker> I recommend to use the one in our files section. It's the newest one available.
11:12:18  <planetmaker> and it fixes quite a lot of errors and warnings which other versions found in tt-forums throw
11:12:56  <planetmaker> especially try that before you try to fix those errors. They might be renum errors. Not nfo errors
11:14:49  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Wiki edit: Wiki (#4) @ (by Ammler)
11:14:52  <andythenorth> I'll get the newer version.  the linter failures were due to deliberately broken code - I wanted to see whether I could build a broken grf with make :)  It's worth knowing how much I can just trust the output
11:15:32  <planetmaker> it will basically try to produce a grf no matter what.
11:15:43  <planetmaker> it will not do it only, if grfcodec fails.
11:15:49  <planetmaker> renum errors are ignored.
11:18:36  <andythenorth> k thanks.  Wife shaped interruption - back in a few mins
11:26:10  <planetmaker> well. also, if the heqs_header.pnfo cannot be found it will stop immediately
11:37:40  <andythenorth> planetmaker: so until further notice, the nfo file to edit is heqs_header.pnfo?
11:38:11  <planetmaker> yes
11:39:02  <andythenorth> I am reading a mercurial tutorial.  Do I need to concern myself about tagging branches at this stage?
11:39:13  <planetmaker> no :)
11:39:27  <planetmaker> the only thing which you should maybe remember:
11:39:32  <planetmaker> tagging in itself.
11:39:45  <planetmaker> that's how we can here easily make release versions
11:40:32  <planetmaker> if you "hg tag 0.5" for example, a subsequent "hg up 0.5" and then "make" will build a heqs which claims to be HEQS 0.5
11:41:02  <planetmaker> e.g. you don't have to worry about changing the grf for that anymore.
11:41:23  <planetmaker> if you don't tag anything, the compiled grf will claim to be HEQS nightly-rXX
11:41:31  <planetmaker> where XX is the current revision of this repository
11:42:14  <andythenorth> ok.  who gets to decide when to tag?  Is that even relevant (it seems to be with svn, much pain)
11:42:54  <planetmaker> you
11:43:13  <planetmaker> you're the project leader. So you should decide when to tag.
11:43:16  <andythenorth> k
11:44:38  <planetmaker> unless the compiled grf is released into the wild, though, it can all be reverted, still
11:46:29  <Ammler> planetmaker: you should use svnversion -c to determine the version
11:47:06  <planetmaker> what?
11:47:19  <planetmaker> why? and how on a hg repository?
11:47:45  <Ammler> I am speaking about your bundles of renum
11:47:54  <Ammler> they are 2114, not 16 ;-)
11:47:58  <planetmaker> haha :)
11:48:10  <planetmaker> yes, but the repo is 2116 :)
11:48:26  <Ammler> yep, that is why you should use -c
11:48:46  <Ammler> so you confuse the people
11:48:52  <planetmaker> hmpf. gcc fails to compile. And it doesn't accept the dependencies, even though I installed them :S
11:49:09  <Ammler> if they download your pack and run renum -v, they got 2114
11:49:21  <planetmaker> nvm, I think
11:50:18  <Ammler> I don't care about windows and mac, but Linux is wrong ;-)
11:50:41  <planetmaker> they're the same. And it's not wrong IMO
11:50:54  <planetmaker> svn is at r2116. But no changes for this in 2115 and 2116
11:53:01  <Ammler> someone who downloaded 2114 or has it
11:53:14  <Ammler> might think, there is a update, so it is wrong.
11:53:36  <planetmaker> true
11:53:41  <Ammler> (grfcodec is fine, as it is 16)
11:56:00  <Ammler> does renum and grfcodec have also something like make bundle?
11:56:07  <Ammler> or did you do that by hand?
11:56:21  <planetmaker> I did it by hand
11:56:43  <Ammler> hehe, Dalestan might be happy about a Makefile diff :-)
11:56:44  <planetmaker> actually... they have "make release", I think
11:56:59  <planetmaker> why do you think he might be?
11:57:10  <Ammler> dunno
11:57:30  <Ammler> but I know, it would be easy for you to update the Makefile to support bundle
11:57:45  <planetmaker> :)
11:59:04  <Ammler> and if you make such packs, please start with subfolder :-)
11:59:30  <planetmaker> :P
11:59:38  <planetmaker> those don't have a subfolder :)
12:01:44  <planetmaker> and his Makefile acrobatics are quite... strange (advanced?), too
12:02:11  <planetmaker> But I don't think they're really much better than mine. Though I learnt from him
12:06:39  *** Hirundo has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
12:22:51  <andythenorth> planetmaker: just noticed one interesting thing.  my folder of psds is missing from my local working directory.  think a merge earlier today did this.  Hope Time Machine works  ;)
12:23:19  <andythenorth> or a revert of course?
12:23:19  <planetmaker> you still have your old repository, do you?
12:23:50  <andythenorth> not in no :0
12:24:34  <planetmaker> tsk.
12:24:58  <planetmaker> were they in the repo at an earlier stage?
12:25:32  <planetmaker> a revert won't do.
12:25:48  <planetmaker> that only reverts changes of now wrt latest commit
12:26:03  <planetmaker> you can strip the repo of some old commit.
12:26:12  <planetmaker> or you could just hg up <old rev>
12:26:18  <planetmaker> and commit those files again.
12:26:34  <andythenorth> fastest solution is Time Machine (done)
12:26:48  <planetmaker> don't commit the old repository!
12:26:54  <andythenorth> but I guess I need to figure out why I caused that to happen...
12:27:28  <planetmaker> take the one as on the server and add what you deleted
12:27:28  <andythenorth> all I've done is restored the dir of psds to my heqs working/repo dir
12:27:36  <planetmaker> yes.
12:27:36  <andythenorth> no commits yet
12:27:47  <planetmaker> *sigh*
12:28:03  <planetmaker> you seriously can srew up VCS, if you don't use them in order to restore things
12:28:17  <andythenorth> yep, seen that happen
12:28:29  <planetmaker> and you didn't do that. Right now
12:29:04  <planetmaker> the proper way is to look at what revision you deleted what you miss. And then just strip that revision from the repository.
12:30:06  <planetmaker> now, doing a merge, commiting all stuff again with ALL the changes in between is bogus
12:30:18  <planetmaker> you now have an old version of the repo locally.
12:30:30  <planetmaker> like r5 or whatever
12:30:50  <planetmaker> never use time machine on repositories
12:31:24  <andythenorth> ok so the files appear to be removed at rev 7 / ID: 5282cd031c29
12:31:35  <planetmaker> now do:
12:31:39  <planetmaker> hg revert --all
12:31:41  <planetmaker> hg pull -u
12:31:42  <andythenorth> I don't want them in the repo yet btw
12:31:55  <planetmaker> hg up -r6
12:32:03  <planetmaker> then copy the files where you want them
12:32:06  <planetmaker> hg up tip
12:32:21  <planetmaker> in that exact order
12:32:37  <andythenorth> trying now
12:33:18  <Ammler> hg remove has options to just delete something from the repo, but not physically, btw.
12:33:24  <planetmaker> exactly
12:33:50  <planetmaker> please _never_ use time machine on repositories. never
12:34:10  <planetmaker> it defies their purpose.
12:34:21  <planetmaker> use the repository's tools
12:34:27  <planetmaker> it has a complete history
12:34:32  <andythenorth> yep, makes sense, was just a big scared about my source psds :)  trust the repo...
12:34:35  <planetmaker> you can undo everything
12:34:49  <planetmaker> but not with another tool which messes it up
12:35:31  <planetmaker> if you now screwed up your local repository. Delete it. make a clean checkout from the server
12:35:56  <planetmaker> it has everything. Also your old files
12:37:02  <planetmaker> screw up repository = differ from server
12:38:28  *** Hirundo has quit IRC
12:39:09  *** Hirundo has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
12:44:01  <andythenorth> planetmaker: ok so I got a new clone of the repo, restored my makefile.local.  everything seems a-ok
12:44:10  <planetmaker> :)
12:44:45  <andythenorth> and I now know how to get files back from the repo if they go MIA
12:45:02  <planetmaker> just hg up <old version>
12:45:09  <planetmaker> and you have everything at that time
12:45:16  <planetmaker> just remember to later do hg up tip
12:45:24  <planetmaker> in order to be at the current working copy again
12:55:51  <andythenorth> ok thanks.  I'm going to be out most of the rest of the day.
12:58:59  <planetmaker> me too
13:17:49  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
13:35:09  *** Hirundo has quit IRC
13:35:21  *** Hirundo has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
13:35:48  <Ammler> [14:54] <patchbot> SVN commit: r2117 by DaleStan to misc/nforenum/Makefile: Fix make clean to delete *.o.d too.
13:50:43  <planetmaker> :O
13:56:23  <Ammler> hehe, if I strip and upx grfcodec, it is only 50k left
13:56:40  <Ammler> is there a disadvantage on doing it?
13:58:51  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: 2cc train set - Revision 198: grfcodec syntax typo: use grfcodec ... *.grf @ (by Ammler)
14:04:01  <Brot6> 2cctrainset: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
14:09:02  <planetmaker> debug symbols might be gone. But else: no
14:10:49  <Ammler> hmm, you added very old txt files to the archives, some looks outdated
14:11:15  <Ammler> I would only add the COPYING and the readme.
14:11:54  <Ammler> hmm, there isn't a readme in grfcodec
14:13:23  <planetmaker> I included the doc dir.
14:13:33  <planetmaker> it's not up 2 me to decide what documentation is outdated.
14:13:36  <Ammler> there is no doc dir there
14:13:52  <Ammler> hmm, you might mean renum :-)
14:15:10  <Ammler> well, then I won't touch those files, let it to you :-)
14:16:05  <planetmaker> it's not my project.
14:16:27  <planetmaker> it's just I want to help other newgrf makers. But then I want to give the all the doc which the original one has
14:17:02  <Ammler> yeah, it is fine, I won't replace them :-)
14:17:17  <planetmaker> well. DaleStan surely wouldn't mind to have updated ones
14:17:38  <Ammler> I would rather not include them
14:17:59  <planetmaker> why?
14:18:06  <Ammler> the same in renum with the cz files
14:18:24  <planetmaker> yes. why?
14:18:26  <Ammler> they are confusing
14:18:35  <planetmaker> I didn't read them :P
14:18:47  <Ammler> but as I said, I don't touch that files anymore.
14:19:17  <Ammler> it prefered them as single files :-)
14:19:26  <planetmaker> gpl doesn't allow that
14:19:44  <Ammler> you added the copying file there too, so it was fine.
14:20:40  <Ammler> I wouldn't like to wget those archive and then have around 10 ugly txt files.
14:20:44  <Ammler> in my bin
14:20:58  <planetmaker> yes. ok. Copying is sufficient.
14:21:14  <planetmaker> well. I don't mind the documentation.
14:21:25  <planetmaker> But renum has some which explains all those errors and stuff
14:21:48  <Ammler> yep, renum looks better, just -*cz
14:22:36  <Ammler> he, you don't need to change something there because of my own need :-)
14:23:24  <planetmaker> well... I just added all text I could find at a glance.
14:23:33  <planetmaker> It's up to the user to decide what's useful ;)
14:23:56  <Ammler> I can remember someone sad, he won't use cat *. >
14:24:20  <Ammler> :P
14:25:13  <Ammler> I mean, there might be a reason, DaleStan doesn't make releases self.
14:25:31  <Ammler> maybe BECAUSE the txt files are outdated?
14:31:46  *** Hirundo_ has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
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14:32:14  *** Hirundo_ is now known as Hirundo
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15:19:35  *** FooBar_ has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
15:28:04  <FooBar_> Ammler: you around?
15:28:46  *** Hirundo_ has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
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15:29:15  *** Hirundo_ is now known as Hirundo
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16:09:37  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
16:18:02  <Brot6> OpenGFX: nightly compile not needed. (r63)
16:25:06  *** Hirundo has quit IRC
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16:25:15  *** Hirundo_ is now known as Hirundo
16:38:14  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Heavy Equipment Set - Revision 19: added clean source files for graphics (photoshop format) @ (by andythenorth)
16:54:53  *** Mucht has quit IRC
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17:20:18  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
17:24:36  <FooBar_> Hi andythenorth ;)
17:24:42  <andythenorth> hi
17:24:53  <FooBar_> Do I still need to send a reply to your last PM? :P
17:25:09  <FooBar_> repo is set up
17:25:13  <FooBar_> bug tracker is set up
17:25:19  <FooBar_> we're ready to go!
17:25:39  <planetmaker> he... FIRS?
17:25:47  <andythenorth> great.  I'll do a clone.  thanks
17:26:05  <andythenorth> probably look at this tomorrow though - no time now!
17:26:31  <planetmaker> you want me to make a makefile for that, too?
17:26:46  *** Hirundo has quit IRC
17:26:51  <FooBar_> planetmaker: yes, FIRS ;)
17:26:59  <FooBar_> If you want to do that, go ahead.
17:27:01  <andythenorth> makefile would be great
17:27:10  <FooBar_> I have some demands for that if you don't mind ;)
17:27:24  *** Hirundo has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
17:27:28  <planetmaker> :) I don't mind
17:27:36  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12314: (svn r16523) -Fix (rNewPool): Segfault when small ufos w... @ (by frosch)
17:27:36  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12315: (svn r16524) -Fix [FS#2963]: missing guards in the NoAI ... @ (by rubidium)
17:27:36  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12316: (svn r16525) -Codechange: Notify small ufos on deletion ... @ (by frosch)
17:27:38  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12317: (svn r16526) -Fix: don't cast Vehicle to RoadVehicle whe... @ (by SmatZ)
17:27:42  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12318: (svn r16527) -Codechange: use static member functions in... @ (by SmatZ)
17:27:46  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12319: Merge from trunk @ (by Hirundo)
17:27:49  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12320: [IS] Change: Use Train::From(v) and equivalents where ap... @ (by Hirundo)
17:27:53  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12321: [IS] Fix: Line endings of follow_track.hpp somehow becam... @ (by Hirundo)
17:28:02  <FooBar_> I'll write those down in an issue, little easier I think. For both of us ;)
17:29:07  <planetmaker> yes, please :)
17:29:17  <planetmaker> better for reference.
17:39:03  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 10: Added weblinks for FIRS resources to readme.txt @ (by andythenorth)
17:42:50  <FooBar_> planetmaker:
17:43:12  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #158: Makefile @ (by foobar)
17:43:51  <FooBar_> I made you "Developer" as well, so that means you are allowed to commit it on your own :)
17:44:48  <Hirundo> pnfo = preprocessed nfo?
17:44:59  <andythenorth> time to go...thankyou and goodnight!
17:46:04  <FooBar_> see you around, andy
17:46:45  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
17:46:52  <FooBar_> Hirundo: I don't know what the p in pnfo is for, but we have those for OpenGFX as well.
17:47:08  <FooBar_> They're actually more like unprocessed nfo's...
17:47:38  <FooBar_> But since I have my system set up to open .pnfo files with the correct program, I think it's convenient to keep it the same :)
17:50:05  <planetmaker> Hirundo: rather pre-nfo
17:50:31  <planetmaker> or proto-nfo
17:50:36  <planetmaker> my personal reasoning
17:52:37  <planetmaker> FooBar_: some questions:
17:52:44  <FooBar_> go ahead pm :)
17:52:55  <planetmaker> a) is it absolutely necessary to have the files in alphabetical order?
17:53:08  <planetmaker> except that header goes first?
17:53:34  <planetmaker> b) I'm a big fan of explicitly naming every file necessary as opposed to *.pnfo
17:53:50  <FooBar_> a) Well, there will be certain files that need to go before others. And the header will actually consist out of multiple files...
17:53:51  <planetmaker> it avoids accidential inclusion of duplicates, tests etc
17:54:09  <planetmaker> well. One file will be first :)
17:54:34  <planetmaker> hm... I guess cat a b c > d will order files in that sequence
17:54:57  <FooBar_> b) In that case it's easy to put them in alphabetical order
17:55:09  <planetmaker> yes :)
17:56:03  <planetmaker> you know, I had some experience with double inclusion of language files... explicitly giving each file avoids that.
17:56:09  <planetmaker> just as a simple, sorted list
17:56:14  <planetmaker> without extensions
17:56:33  <FooBar_> well, go ahead and do that then :)
17:56:48  <FooBar_> Can that list be in a seperate file for easy edits?
17:57:06  <planetmaker> in principle yes
17:57:06  <FooBar_> I.e. not hardcoded in the makefile?
17:57:55  <FooBar_> Ok, then I like that list instead of the automatical stuff
17:57:56  <planetmaker> well. What's more dificult: changing in Makefile a line "Files = file1 file2 file3" or editing a nother file with file1 file2 file3?
17:58:22  <planetmaker> IMO it makes sense to have the needed files defined in Makefile.config
17:58:27  <planetmaker> it's part of the build rules
17:58:49  <planetmaker> changing an entry there is also only text editing.
17:58:57  <planetmaker> a seperate file, though, is possible
17:59:22  <planetmaker> let's do it - as usual - in a step-wise approach.
17:59:34  <planetmaker> First I'll create a simple makefile
17:59:48  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #158: Makefile @ (by foobar)
17:59:48  <planetmaker> as we extend the project it can be extended and altered, too
18:00:38  <FooBar_> What's more dificult: changing in Makefile a line "Files = file1 file2 file3" or editing a nother file with file1 file2 file3? <-- another file as you then don't have to look where you need to edit something ;)
18:00:41  <planetmaker> hm... the pcx paths don't fit
18:01:27  <FooBar_> Go ahead and do a simple on first, more difficult stuff can be added later ;)
18:02:02  <planetmaker> yup.
18:02:15  <planetmaker> simple = basically 2cctrainset's or heqs' one
18:02:16  <FooBar_> pcx paths indeed need to be changed. I bet reverting r9 would work, but possible I've changed more than the paths alone in that revision...
18:02:33  <planetmaker> don't worry. I'll do it in one commit
18:02:47  <FooBar_> ok cool
18:04:05  <Brot6> is2: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
18:04:09  <FooBar_> no, reverting r9 wouldn't do the trick. I did that path stuff like this from the beginning
18:08:29  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12322: [IS] Remove: font height-dependant line height and some ... @ (by Hirundo)
18:21:55  *** Hirundo_ has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
18:24:26  *** Hirundo has quit IRC
18:24:31  *** Hirundo_ is now known as Hirundo
18:27:28  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 11: Feature: Added backup.push and .hgignore @ (by foobar)
18:27:44  <FooBar_> planetmaker: is it a problem for you if I do some cleaning up and renaming of the files in the FIRS repo?
18:28:25  <FooBar_> Basically you only have to do the makefile on your side; I'll also fix the pcx path while I'm at it
18:28:49  <Ammler> FooBar_: did you try to add backup.push?
18:29:11  <FooBar_> Ammler: yes, I already have. Dunno if it works though...
18:29:25  <FooBar_> I created a project here:
18:29:26  <Webster> Title: firs / firs / overview (at
18:29:41  <FooBar_> and added ssh:// to backup.push
18:30:15  <FooBar_> and ofcourse added rights for user OpenTTD to the repo at bitbucket.
18:30:23  <Ammler> hehe
18:30:32  <Ammler> when did you do that?
18:30:43  <Ammler> hmm
18:30:49  <FooBar_> just a few minutes ago
18:31:06  <Ammler> ah, ok, then we will see at 00.04
18:31:14  <Ammler> or I run it manually now :-)
18:31:31  <Brot6> firs: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
18:31:37  <Brot6> is2: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
18:32:01  <Ammler> he :-)
18:32:55  <FooBar_> works :)
18:33:07  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Feature #91: To do for releases @ (by Hirundo)
18:34:49  <planetmaker> FooBar_: don't worry about the pcx path, please
18:35:03  <planetmaker> I've already changed it. And merging that will be a pain
18:35:30  <FooBar_> ok, then I'll just wait with what I'm doing until you're finished :)
18:35:32  *** Hirundo has quit IRC
18:36:14  <planetmaker> well. if you change other stuff - go right ahead.
18:36:24  <planetmaker> hm... I could also commit this. Will need fixing make bundle, still
18:36:39  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12323: [IS] Remove: Clicking on a news message no longer opens ... @ (by Hirundo)
18:36:42  <FooBar_> Well, I'm renaming all nfo files...
18:36:49  <planetmaker> done that...
18:36:58  <planetmaker> or makefile won't work
18:37:08  <FooBar_> Not to my scheme you haven't :)
18:37:08  <planetmaker> in the first place
18:39:14  <FooBar_> I want these filenames:
18:39:18  <FooBar_> 000_header.pnfo  100_en.pnfo         201_cargoicons.pnfo
18:39:20  <FooBar_> 001_checks.pnfo  200_cargodefs.pnfo
18:39:23  <planetmaker> hmpf
18:39:26  <FooBar_> :)
18:39:49  <planetmaker> yeah. when it's running
18:40:15  <FooBar_> don't rush yourself, I'm just saying...
18:40:59  <FooBar_> well, just do whatever you need to do, and then I'll do what I need to do as soon as you're done.
18:41:25  <planetmaker> ok. pushed something. grf can be created
18:41:38  <planetmaker> bundle doesn't work for some reason yet
18:42:19  <planetmaker> what is en.pnfo?
18:42:43  <FooBar_> english text strings
18:43:11  <planetmaker> ah. we give languages a subdir, I say :)
18:43:26  <planetmaker> and give them the full name. :P
18:43:34  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 12: Add Makefile capable of generating a grf. bundle and... @ (by planetmaker)
18:43:34  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 13: Merge changes meanwhile @ (by planetmaker)
18:43:49  <FooBar_> ok, fine by me :)
18:44:11  <planetmaker> if it gets more, it gets crowded otherwise.
18:44:27  <planetmaker> and it allows for a more sophisticated language translation system :)
18:45:55  <FooBar_> It won't be much more I suppose... Andy and I don't actively want to supply translations. German and Dutch most likely will be added apart from English, but that I suppose is about it.
18:46:30  <FooBar_> Until somebody provides us with something...
18:46:52  <FooBar_> But if you want to put in a "sophisticated translation system", go ahead ;)
18:47:36  <FooBar_> I.e.: I'm fine with the lang files in a seperate dir
18:47:40  <planetmaker> Well. You and me and andy - we cannot translate more. But others can.
18:47:47  <planetmaker> Like for 2cctrainset. We can ask for it.
18:48:09  <planetmaker> For 2cctrainset I got portuguese, danish and french, too
18:48:25  <planetmaker> (besides dutch, german and english)
18:49:15  <FooBar_> Well, either way, more languages is something for due time. If we add them now they need to be maintained. If we add them at the very end of development, there's much less maintenance
18:50:09  <planetmaker> well, yes, I agree. Not now calling for translations.
18:50:17  <planetmaker> Though the cargos or so... they wouldn't hurt
18:50:55  <FooBar_> I suppose you can maintain the German translation and I the Dutch one during development, but I don't want to add translations that current developers can't maintain themselves.
18:51:38  <FooBar_> So putting the translation system in at this point in time is no problem.
18:52:32  <FooBar_> Though the cargos or so... they wouldn't hurt <-- even that might change before a future release :)
18:53:55  <planetmaker> :)
18:54:13  <planetmaker> hm... makefile works w/o modifications. Dunno why it didn't work with bundle right back then
18:54:19  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 14: Change: edit .hgignore a bit @ (by planetmaker)
18:54:19  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 15: Change: remove generated firs.nfo* from sprites dire... @ (by planetmaker)
19:02:04  <Ammler> he, installed denyhosts on the server, it has already 72 ips registered, just from my own logfile.
19:02:15  <planetmaker> hm?
19:02:41  <Ammler> it does automatically add a ip to hosts.deny
19:02:48  <Ammler> if it tries to login with pw
19:03:01  <planetmaker> eh...
19:03:16  <planetmaker> then please put my IPs on a whitelist :)
19:03:23  <Ammler> no
19:03:25  <Ammler> :P
19:03:39  <Ammler> you login with key
19:03:56  <planetmaker> yes. usually.
19:04:04  <Ammler> there is no other way
19:04:11  <Ammler> or do you have a pw?
19:04:24  <planetmaker> but what happens, if I accidentially just ssh w/o username?
19:04:35  <planetmaker> a pw for what?
19:04:59  <Ammler> he, that needs trying :-)
19:05:25  <planetmaker> I know that I have, in the past, sometimes accidentially ssh'ed without username
19:05:31  <planetmaker> of course w/o success
19:10:56  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 16: Change: move language files to a seperate directory @ (by planetmaker)
19:11:49  <FooBar_> It asks me for a username if I want to ssh. Then I provide it. Or the wrong one if I make a typo :P
19:12:15  <planetmaker> FooBar_: congraz. It's an nfo file which renum doesn't complain a single warning or error about!
19:12:30  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 17: Fix: comment out a comment line or you get funny ren... @ (by planetmaker)
19:12:32  <FooBar_> thanks :)
19:12:47  <planetmaker> ^^except that missing // :)
19:13:04  <FooBar_> lol :)
19:13:22  <Ammler> well, it does add you to the denylist on 2nd try
19:13:38  <planetmaker> within what time frame?
19:13:38  <Ammler> you can fail once :-)
19:13:50  <Ammler> 5 days, I guess
19:13:59  <planetmaker> that's alright.
19:14:06  <Ammler> around 30 days for root
19:14:11  <planetmaker> can I login without pw, if I'm denied?
19:14:17  <Ammler> no
19:14:17  <planetmaker> I guess not
19:14:20  <planetmaker> ok
19:14:29  <Ammler> you would then need to use another ip :-)
19:14:44  <planetmaker> he... hardly at work
19:14:47  <planetmaker> fixed IP
19:14:53  <Ammler> only one?
19:15:30  <Ammler> well, if it cause issues, I will remove it again
19:15:56  <Ammler> I am just sick about those kiddies bruteforce the server
19:17:17  <Ammler> hehe, now, my CH-server is listed on that list :-)
19:51:25  <Brot6> Hello
19:54:07  <planetmaker> Ammler: that exactly is the reason why our institute has non-standard ssh ports :)
19:55:06  <Brot6>
19:55:06  <Brot6>
19:55:06  <Brot6>
19:55:06  <Brot6>
19:55:06  <Brot6>
19:55:08  <Brot6>
19:55:10  <Brot6>
19:55:12  <Brot6>
19:55:14  <Brot6>
19:55:16  <Brot6>
19:55:18  <Brot6>
19:55:18  <Ammler> maschger
19:55:20  <Brot6>
19:55:22  <Brot6>
19:55:24  <Brot6>
19:55:26  <Brot6>
19:55:28  <Brot6>
19:55:30  <Brot6>
19:55:32  <Brot6>
19:55:34  <Brot6>
19:55:35  <Ammler> that shouldn't happen :-)
19:55:36  <Brot6>
19:55:38  <Brot6>
19:55:40  <Brot6>
19:55:42  <Brot6>
19:55:44  <Brot6>
19:55:46  <Brot6>
19:55:48  <Brot6>
19:55:50  <Brot6>
19:55:51  *** Brot6 was kicked by Ammler (User terminated!)
19:55:54  *** Brot6 has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:56:05  <Brot6> Ammler: I'm offended!
19:56:07  <Brot6>
19:56:09  <Brot6>
19:56:11  <Brot6>
19:56:13  <Brot6>
19:56:14  *** Brot6 was kicked by Ammler (User terminated!)
19:56:21  *** Brot6 has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:56:32  <Brot6> Ammler: :(
19:56:34  <Brot6>
19:56:36  <Brot6>
19:56:38  <Ammler> :-D
19:56:38  <Brot6>
19:56:40  <Brot6>
19:56:42  <Brot6>
19:56:44  <Brot6>
19:56:46  <Brot6>
19:56:48  <Ammler> sorry :-)
19:56:48  <Brot6>
19:56:50  <Brot6>
19:56:52  <Brot6>
19:56:54  <Brot6>
19:56:56  <Brot6>
19:56:58  <Brot6>
19:57:00  <Brot6>
19:57:02  <Brot6>
19:57:04  <Brot6>
19:57:06  <Brot6>
19:57:08  <Brot6>
19:57:10  <Brot6>
19:57:12  <Brot6>
19:57:14  <Brot6>
19:57:16  <Brot6>
19:57:20  <Brot6>
19:57:20  <planetmaker> uhm...
19:57:22  <Brot6>
19:57:24  <Brot6>
19:57:26  <Brot6>
19:57:28  <Brot6>
19:59:41  <Ammler> another ssh port isn't possible here
19:59:59  <Ammler> that is too much hassle for people
20:05:10  <planetmaker> yeah, possibly
20:09:40  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 18: Doc: document Makefile.config a bit more @ (by planetmaker)
20:13:43  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 19: Change: allow automatic generation of the displayed ... @ (by planetmaker)
20:15:47  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
20:23:25  <Ammler> Jun  6 22:21:18 mozart sshd[14269]: Address maps to, but this does not map back to the address - POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT!
20:23:41  <Ammler> !host
20:23:41  <andythenorth> FooBar_:
20:23:41  <Brot6> Ammler: domain name pointer
20:23:55  <Ammler> who has this ip?
20:24:26  <Ammler> reading logfile could be fun :-)
20:24:31  <andythenorth> sorry mistyped ignore last!
20:25:17  <FooBar_> is from my internet provider
20:25:21  <Ammler> yeah
20:25:25  <FooBar_> dunno if I have cp1295634-a though
20:25:31  <Ammler> you are hacking my server ;-)
20:25:38  <Ammler> well, check your ip, it matches
20:25:55  <FooBar_> My IP is the other way round, but yes
20:26:14  <Ammler> evil guy!
20:27:06  <Ammler> since I have installed that denyhosts script, there are other 2 hosts banned
20:27:38  <FooBar_> I have CP511206-B though, so it shouldn't be me...
20:27:52  <FooBar_> As I'm not doing anything. I'm just finished playing Frets on Fire :S
20:28:10  <Ammler> that is why the script thinks, you are hacking
20:28:27  <FooBar_> Well, fix your script then :)
20:28:30  <Ammler> no
20:28:46  <FooBar_> It's obviously broken
20:28:49  <FooBar_> :)
20:28:50  <Ammler> your isp should fix the reverse dns
20:29:37  <FooBar_> Hmmmz... That's what IRC tells me as well: *Your forward and reverse DNS do not match, ignoring hostname.*
20:29:41  <Ammler> well, that is just a msg., your ips isn't listed.
20:30:25  <Ammler> FooBar_: yep, that is often used by hackers to fool the host, they break in.
20:30:46  <FooBar_> ok, didn't know that
20:31:05  <Ammler> well, wasn't aware of that either ;-)
20:31:22  <Ammler> it is interesting.
20:31:38  <planetmaker> a usual message in those logs...
20:31:57  <Ammler> well, first time for me
20:32:16  <Ammler> maybe because I don't have the other annonying entries anymore
20:32:21  <planetmaker> :)
20:32:29  <Ammler> I can see now more interesting entries :-)
20:33:08  <FooBar_> I think cp1295634-a is from before I had telephone over cable...
20:33:15  <planetmaker> hm...
20:33:23  <planetmaker> Ammler: how does the pre-processor work?
20:34:07  <planetmaker> how do I get "gcc -E" to actually do something?
20:34:13  <andythenorth> FooBar_: got some questions about organising the repo...
20:34:25  <FooBar_> andythenorth: go ahead
20:34:48  <planetmaker> I mess it up anyway :P
20:34:53  <FooBar_> lol :)
20:35:22  <andythenorth> so all my photoshop source, and exported png / pcx files are organised in a simple dir dir for each industry
20:35:36  <andythenorth> I'd like to keep that
20:35:39  <FooBar_> ok, we can have that in the repo as well
20:36:11  <planetmaker> andythenorth: I'd prefer to have the actually used pcx in a common dir. But the sources to them as you describe
20:36:12  <andythenorth> any particular name preferred?  Currently called 'industry_graphics'.  in HEQS equivalent dir is called 'psds'
20:36:29  <planetmaker> or how many pcx comprise one industry?
20:36:39  <andythenorth> FooBar_: (this is for the main dir of graphics sources)
20:37:02  <andythenorth> respecting pcx, I can export all of those to one dir, I use a photoshop action to process them anyway
20:37:37  <planetmaker> proposal: sprites/graphicx/pcx <-- there go pcx
20:38:02  <planetmaker> sprites/graphicx/sources <-- there go single industry source graphics in seperate dirs
20:38:09  <planetmaker> *graphics
20:38:15  <FooBar_> I'd say just drop the contents of your 'industry_graphics' in 'source' and put the pcx'es in /sprites/pcx/industries
20:39:02  <andythenorth> FooBar_: prefer your suggestion for psds :) planetmaker: fine to do that for pcx
20:39:04  <FooBar_> or maybe /source/industries to keep it in line with the /sprites dir
20:39:26  <planetmaker> oh, separate dir for sources? sounds good
20:39:36  <FooBar_> planetmaker: yes, we already have that
20:39:38  <planetmaker> in main dir?
20:39:41  <FooBar_> yep
20:39:43  <planetmaker> he. Didn't notice :P
20:39:47  <FooBar_> :)
20:39:59  <planetmaker> yes. Way better solution
20:40:07  <andythenorth> I'll just call it 'source/industry_graphics' in that case, as it's already on my filesystem and makes sense :)
20:40:15  <planetmaker> and pcx somewhere in a subdir of sprites
20:40:17  <FooBar_> fair enough
20:40:22  <planetmaker> pcx/industries as proposed is good
20:40:48  <planetmaker> though I wonder: will there be other graphics than industries?
20:40:59  <FooBar_> yes, there are cargo icon graphics
20:41:05  <FooBar_> And that's probably about it
20:41:10  <planetmaker> ok
20:41:18  <FooBar_> the cargo icon graphics are in /sprites/pcx/other
20:41:25  <planetmaker> ok
20:41:30  <planetmaker> makes sense
20:41:52  <andythenorth> how clean do we want to keep those source dirs?  I generate quite a lot of pngs and as I work.  Not hundreds, but a few.  I also currently keep copies of psds, but that won't be necessary with the magic of hg :)
20:41:53  <planetmaker> you may notice: writing a makefile only requires very limited knowledge about where things are :P
20:42:40  <planetmaker> andythenorth: the question is: to what end are the pngs needed?
20:43:08  <planetmaker> I guess they're exports from the psd?
20:43:35  <andythenorth> for building the grf?  Only the single png that I will process to make an indexed pcx.  The rest are previews for forums/my site
20:43:46  <FooBar_> If the pngs contain things not available in the psds, then I should keep em. Otherwise maybe the most recent is enough for people who can't open psd files
20:44:14  <andythenorth> okey dokey.  I am just trying to figure out how much hg add/remove I am going to end up doing :)
20:44:34  <planetmaker> well. If you need them, then keep them.
20:44:48  <FooBar_> exactly my point being, pm
20:44:58  <planetmaker> a repo is meant to make your work easy :)
20:45:00  <FooBar_> be right back
20:45:48  <andythenorth> ah screw it, I'll check a couple in and we'll figure it out before I do the rest ;)
20:46:30  <planetmaker> andythenorth: just don't throw them away locally and add them when needed :)
20:50:00  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 20: added brewery graphics source files @ (by andythenorth)
20:50:00  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #158 (Assigned): Makefile @ (by planetmaker)
20:53:45  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 21: moved location of industry_graphics dir @ (by andythenorth)
20:54:30  <andythenorth> planetmaker: ah balls .DS_store pollution.  Can that be added to hgignore?
20:54:47  <planetmaker> yes
20:54:57  <planetmaker> will do
20:55:15  <andythenorth> planetmaker: I might as well learn my back in case I screw it up?
20:55:33  <planetmaker> ok
20:55:44  <planetmaker> edit .hgignore
20:55:54  <planetmaker> add a new line with
20:56:00  <planetmaker> *.DS_store
20:56:04  <planetmaker> and save
20:56:07  <planetmaker> that should be all
20:56:55  <planetmaker> mind the leading dot of the filename :)
20:57:06  <Ammler> [22:41] <andythenorth> how clean do we want to keep those source dirs?  I generate quite a lot of pngs and as I work.  Not hundreds, but a few.  I also currently keep copies of psds, but that won't be necessary with the magic of hg  <-- ONE (1)
20:57:26  <Ammler> please no backup files in the repo
20:57:36  <FooBar_> Random question: what to do when you dropped an external hard drive from 1 meter and it doesn't spin up any more...
20:57:47  <planetmaker> FooBar_: swear
20:57:50  <Ammler> hehe
20:57:51  <planetmaker> and buy a new one
20:58:12  <Ammler> I need to order my 3rd hd for the laptop, too.
20:58:13  <FooBar_> well, it's not my data that is lost, but I'm assumed to fix it...
20:58:31  <planetmaker> there's no fix.
20:58:32  <FooBar_> so no need to swear from my side :)
20:58:40  <planetmaker> only new :)
20:58:55  <planetmaker> at least, if you make a sensible cost - effort analysis
20:58:56  <FooBar_> buying a new one isn't the problem either, more like getting the data back; expecially how :)
20:59:10  <planetmaker> hehe. None I know :)
20:59:12  <andythenorth> data recovery from someone expensive
20:59:24  <planetmaker> yes. €€ > 1k
20:59:32  <planetmaker> if not even more expensive
21:01:03  <Ammler> FooBar_: mostly knoppix can read something, which other OSes aren't able anymore.
21:01:25  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 22: added .DS_Store to hgignore @ (by andythenorth)
21:01:31  <Ammler> s/mostly/often/
21:01:37  <FooBar_> not if the disk doesn't start any more I guess...
21:01:54  <Ammler> hehe, nope :-)
21:02:18  <Ammler> [23:01] <Brot6> :evZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 22: added .DS_Store to hgignore @ (by andythenorth) ugly ;-)
21:02:57  <Ammler> andythenorth: use your local config for local things :-)
21:03:06  <Ammler> would also be easier, if you work on multiple repos
21:03:12  <andythenorth> ah ok
21:03:40  <andythenorth> I'm still too used to SVN -> central repo.  Distributed repo is pretty cool, but I keep forgetting how it works :)
21:03:53  <Ammler> well, it would be the same in SVN
21:05:01  <Ammler> you have .DS_Store in every folder, so it would be wise to ignore it globally from hg
21:05:13  <Ammler> or from svn :-)
21:05:29  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 23: deleted a stray .DS_Store @ (by andythenorth)
21:05:39  <Ammler> oh well :-)
21:05:51  <Ammler> if I comment something, doesn't mean you need to revert it ;-)
21:06:14  <andythenorth> (that was just a cleanup).  I am looking for my local config...
21:06:32  <Ammler> ~/.hgrc
21:07:51  <Ammler> "Look for the "ignore" entry in the "ui" section. "
21:09:14  <andythenorth> that's not there, but I'm guessing: [ui]
21:09:21  <andythenorth> ignore = .DS_Store ??
21:10:13  <planetmaker> uhm... andythenorth what's doing doing in the repository?
21:11:03  <andythenorth> well, I figured, I'll check some stuff in and we'll decide what's crud.  Then I won't check in anything else like that.  otherwise it's a marathon IRC description session :)
21:11:39  <Ammler> "
21:11:40  <Ammler>     ignore
21:11:42  <Ammler>     A file to read per-user ignore patterns from. This file should be in the same format as a repository-wide .hgignore file. This option supports hook syntax, so if you want to specify multiple ignore files, you can do so by setting something like "ignore.other = ~/.hgignore2". For details of the ignore file format, see the hgignore(5) man page.
21:11:43  <Ammler>     interactive
21:11:57  <Ammler> I had to look for it, too ;-)
21:12:23  <Ammler> hg has a very good "man"
21:12:32  <andythenorth> ah so it does
21:12:37  <planetmaker> uhm... well. *some stuff* doesn't mean old backups of your psd, or?
21:12:53  <planetmaker> especially not if its duplicates
21:14:20  <andythenorth> the zip is actually useful in the potential edge case where some people aren't allowed to download psd (by corporate firewall for example).  But it's not essential
21:14:35  <planetmaker> I mean... _you_ know what your graphics are and what is needed to generate the pcx
21:15:16  <planetmaker> andythenorth: but they have no point in a repository
21:15:31  <planetmaker> you don't download single files from a repo
21:15:31  <andythenorth> okey doke.  no more of that kind of thing.
21:15:49  <planetmaker> rather the whole repo as a single zip :)
21:16:20  <planetmaker> your argument that they're useful for those purposes, is definitely true, though :)
21:16:46  <planetmaker> make a ticket for me like "add 'make psd-zip"
21:16:55  <andythenorth> I was thinking of people using the web interface...but anyway
21:16:59  <planetmaker> which will generate a zip file of all psd's ziped
21:17:11  <planetmaker> nah, that's not the point of the repo.
21:17:28  <planetmaker> everything has to be there. But not every derived thing.
21:18:00  <planetmaker> actually as little as possible, but everything required in order to get a working copy and be able to nicely continue with development
21:18:21  <planetmaker> the latter is what makes the psds very valuable :)
21:18:38  <Ammler> [23:17] <andythenorth> I was thinking of people using the web interface...but anyway <-- you can use files, if you want
21:18:47  <planetmaker> yup
21:20:57  <Ammler> I wouldn't use "souces" as directory name
21:21:05  <Ammler> rather psds or something
21:21:20  <andythenorth> So to continue my hg education.  Should I (a) revert or (b) remove to get rid of those unwanted files from the repo?
21:21:21  <Ammler> source is everything
21:21:40  <planetmaker> hg remove
21:21:52  <Ammler> you can't revert something committed
21:21:55  <planetmaker> revert works only, if not commited
21:22:36  <Ammler> you can "revert" a commit with rollback
21:22:49  <Ammler> but only if not pushed
21:22:55  <planetmaker> it's several commits ago :)
21:23:02  <planetmaker> and I have it here.
21:23:22  <andythenorth> remove it is then
21:23:27  <Ammler> well, general note, then :-P
21:28:42  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 24: cleaned up brewery graphics folder @ (by andythenorth)
21:29:49  <planetmaker> :) andythenorth there's nothing wrong, though, if _you_ keep all those files locally which you just removed from the repository
21:29:59  <andythenorth> I am ;)
21:30:03  <planetmaker> good :)
21:30:19  <planetmaker> I mean... when I edit files, I also sometimes keep copies and stuff.
21:30:33  <planetmaker> with text it's easier, though. I just make a diff and save that.
21:30:46  <planetmaker> would work with images, too, I guess.
21:30:53  <planetmaker> hg diff
21:31:03  <planetmaker> hg diff > patchfile.diff
21:31:36  <Ammler> andy, maybe you also create a ticket per industry you have pcx for, so you have track of what to code.
21:32:09  <planetmaker> Ammler: rather one ticket per industry
21:32:14  <planetmaker> it can then be re-assigned
21:32:33  <Ammler> isn't a=one?
21:32:38  <Ammler> :P
21:32:41  <planetmaker> from a graphics artist to the coder
21:32:46  <andythenorth> got a basic tracking system here:
21:32:48  <Webster> Title: TT Foundry: Pixel Creations for Open Transport Tycoon (at
21:32:49  <planetmaker> so also for the missing graphics :)
21:32:58  <andythenorth> but can create tickets
21:33:07  <planetmaker> no rush
21:33:13  <andythenorth> when the time is right...
21:33:20  <Ammler> was just an idea, there is no recipt
21:33:20  <planetmaker> :) exactly
21:34:32  <andythenorth> remind me - very atomic commits...preferred?
21:36:05  <FooBar_> andythenorth: could you prepend your commits with 'keywords' like "Feature", "Change:", "Codechange:", "Fix:", "Doc:"; thinks like that?
21:36:56  <andythenorth> well currently I'm adding, so I've put 'Added'.  How's that suit? :)  Happy to change to something more useful
21:38:48  <FooBar_> check for examples
21:38:48  <Ammler> "added" sounds like Feature
21:39:03  <FooBar_> Ammler: exactly
21:39:15  <FooBar_> doing those prefixes keeps it a bit more consistent
21:39:51  <FooBar_> Especially a prefix like "Feature" is useful for people looking through the log for new things :)
21:39:59  <planetmaker> :P
21:39:59  <Ammler> maybe you need some grf specific keyworks
21:40:04  <planetmaker> featur-ism.
21:40:07  <planetmaker> feature-junkies
21:40:26  <Ammler> Feature: Grahics for brewery
21:40:37  <andythenorth> I'm fine with Feature:
21:40:37  <Ammler> Feature: brewery coded
21:40:57  <FooBar_> Change: move location of industry_graphics dir
21:40:59  <planetmaker> Amok: removed 3 random industries
21:41:01  <planetmaker> :P
21:41:17  * planetmaker hides
21:41:19  <FooBar_> Change: added .ds_store to hgignore
21:41:31  <FooBar_> thinks like that
21:41:34  <Ammler> you should later be able to grep the logfile for "Feature" and use that for the changelog
21:41:38  <planetmaker> oh, can you tell that DJNekkid, too? ;)
21:42:02  <FooBar_> don't worry about your previous commits. I did the same as you did on my first commits: I just started typing :)
21:42:03  <Ammler> change is something, which can be ignored in the changelog
21:42:28  <planetmaker> hehe. Same here, same here, FooBar_ :)
21:42:41  <planetmaker> Ammler: not always IMO
21:42:46  <Ammler> FooBar_: imo, we should introduce some grf specific log keywords
21:43:17  <FooBar_> Ammler: any ideas? The standard ones seem to have worked for me until now...
21:43:24  <planetmaker> ^^
21:44:08  <Ammler> [23:40] <Ammler> Feature: Grahics for brewery
21:44:12  <Ammler> [23:40] <Ammler> Feature: brewery coded
21:44:16  <Ammler> do they fit?
21:45:08  <FooBar_> fit? not very nicely. Do they work? yes. What would you suggest instead?
21:45:24  <Ammler> Graphics: ....
21:45:39  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 25: Added Fertiliser Plant graphics source files @ (by andythenorth)
21:45:39  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 26: Added Furniture Factory graphics source files @ (by andythenorth)
21:45:39  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 27: Feature: graphics for Meat Packer @ (by andythenorth)
21:45:40  <Ammler> well, dunno.
21:46:18  <Ammler> it is just a bit confusing, if you will have 2 commits with Feature about the same (brewery)
21:46:22  <planetmaker> Ammler: can you have a look at preprocessor.diff?
21:46:48  <Ammler> the one I committed once?
21:46:51  <planetmaker> in the files section
21:47:07  <planetmaker> uhm... I must have missed that one. where?
21:47:15  <planetmaker> gcc -E - < sprites/nfo/main.pnfo > test.nfo
21:47:40  <planetmaker> ^^that command doesn't produce a replacement of the two things defined in defines.pnfo
21:47:40  <FooBar_> Add: brewery graphics
21:47:44  <FooBar_> Feature: brewery
21:47:51  <planetmaker> :)
21:48:02  <planetmaker> he
21:48:08  <planetmaker> sounds better, FooBar_
21:48:15  <planetmaker> it's afterall not yet a feature
21:48:15  <Ammler>
21:48:23  <FooBar_> exactly
21:48:39  <andythenorth> Decision?  (couple more commits working there way through btw)
21:49:03  <Ammler> and "Add" is better than "Added" :-)
21:49:07  <planetmaker> Ok, that doesn't solve my problem unfortunately
21:49:33  <FooBar_> Just do "Add:" if you add something that doesn't change the actual produced grf. That would be good I think
21:49:46  <planetmaker> well. wait. maybe.
21:49:55  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - preprocessor.diff @ (by planetmaker)
21:49:55  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 28: Feature: graphics for Plastic Factory @ (by andythenorth)
21:49:55  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 29: Feature: graphics for Recycling Plant @ (by andythenorth)
21:50:24  <andythenorth> I don't think psds are a feature.  correctly sliced and indexed pcx might be
21:50:43  <planetmaker> Add: brewery graphics
21:50:51  <planetmaker> sounds quite to the point imo
21:51:50  <FooBar_> yep, and that's what commit messages are about: being to the point :)
21:51:59  <planetmaker> :)
21:52:47  <andythenorth> couple more on their way
21:53:38  <FooBar_> I'll do a pull. Just to see what's happening :)
21:54:47  <planetmaker> <-- easier and faster, FooBar_ :)
21:54:56  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 30: Add: Scrap Yard graphics @ (by andythenorth)
21:54:56  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 31: Add: Textile Mill graphics @ (by andythenorth)
21:54:56  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 32: Add: Waste Collection Point graphics @ (by andythenorth)
21:55:12  <FooBar_> planetmaker: I know, but I like to see the actual contents as well :P
21:55:26  <planetmaker> ah.
21:55:32  <FooBar_> And I need to pull it some day anyways...
21:55:36  <planetmaker> I can't anyway. No psd capable programme here
21:55:56  <planetmaker> yes, sure
21:56:08  <Ammler> GIMP
21:56:12  <andythenorth> planetmaker: you have Preview on your mac?
21:56:14  <planetmaker> hm.. then I have one :)
21:56:22  <planetmaker> andythenorth: yes. That can open them, too?
21:56:39  <planetmaker> nice
21:56:40  <andythenorth> can in Leopard.  think it can in Tiger.  you'll probably lose layers, but you can look
21:56:58  <andythenorth> look but don't touch :)
21:57:04  <planetmaker> :P
21:57:18  <andythenorth> no edit tools in Preview :)
21:57:30  <planetmaker> ah, that you mean
21:58:14  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 33: Add: Bakery graphics @ (by andythenorth)
21:58:23  <planetmaker> cool. Didn't know it works. :)
21:58:30  <planetmaker> great stuff
21:58:49  <planetmaker> (the graphics)
22:00:35  <andythenorth> FooBar_: btw we should see if we can get Zephyris using the repo.  He's kind of busy, but I'm sure he'll come back to FIRS :)
22:01:25  <FooBar_> andythenorth: yes, we should. And he should. Getting him using the repo and him coming back respectively :P
22:01:50  <andythenorth> do you want to PM him?
22:01:54  <andythenorth> or I can
22:02:00  <planetmaker> would be great, if he did.
22:02:15  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 34: Add: Dairy Farm graphics @ (by andythenorth)
22:02:15  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 35: Add: Dairy graphics @ (by andythenorth)
22:02:35  <FooBar_> go ahead if you want Andy
22:02:56  <andythenorth> I'll do it tomorrow.  Think it's time for bed.
22:03:07  <FooBar_> Ok, good night!
22:03:23  <FooBar_> Was thinking the same here :)
22:03:47  <FooBar_> For me it's already midnight :P
22:03:57  <andythenorth> good night
22:04:03  <Brot6> firs: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
22:04:15  <Brot6> is2: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
22:05:50  <FooBar_> see you around guys. Thanks for the work on the makefile, pm!
22:05:56  *** FooBar_ has quit IRC
22:10:58  <Ammler> night guys
22:12:02  <planetmaker> good night here, too
22:14:25  <Ammler> every hour, someone tries to hack the server
22:17:51  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
22:25:39  <planetmaker> he
22:53:41  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: #openttdcoop - Revision 9: Merge of the template repository @ (by Ammler)
22:53:41  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: #openttdcoop - Revision 10: Moved hg-tmpl-coop to subdir @ (by Ammler)
22:56:05  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: #openttdcoop - Revision 11: Removed the old location files @ (by Ammler)
23:05:32  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - preprocessor.diff @ (by planetmaker)

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