Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 19th June 2009:
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01:33:26  <Brot6> Backup done! (Usage: 59M)
01:33:26  <Brot6> Look! A ladder! Maybe it leads to heaven, or a sandwich!
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06:17:34  <DJNekkid> good morning norway! (or germany or swiss)
06:36:27  <DJNekkid> or uk or nl
06:36:32  <DJNekkid> or cyberspace :p
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06:55:29  <andythenorth_> morning
06:55:52  <DJNekkid> how you doin'? :p
07:19:33  <DJNekkid> planetmaker and Ammler: have a look at the most recent file in the repo :) (under docs)
07:22:27  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: 2cc train set - Revision 212: some thoughts/plan on the precomiler ... IDS and such @ (by DJNekkid)
07:28:41  <planetmaker> Moin DJNekkid
07:28:53  <planetmaker> Please make the EXACT same changes also to ALL other language files
07:29:27  <planetmaker> Or maintaining translations becomes a pain
07:30:49  <DJNekkid> i thought the point were that we didnt have to make language files themselves...
07:30:52  <DJNekkid> only one, and the rest would make themselves
07:31:00  <planetmaker> well. yes.
07:31:14  <planetmaker> But checking for consistency is a pain, if the language file formats differ.
07:31:22  <planetmaker> You made them differ from the English original now
07:31:49  <planetmaker> it will get better when we have better pre-processor support.
07:31:53  <planetmaker> I'm working on it.
07:32:05  <planetmaker> But now, this change basically makes it... difficult to check for consistency
07:32:16  <planetmaker> as line numbers differ and such
07:35:09  <planetmaker> beaufication work should always be done to all language files, though. That won't change
07:37:25  <andythenorth_> planetmaker: can you drop me the transcript from yesterday, cheers ;)
07:46:08  <planetmaker> aye
07:52:22  <planetmaker> <-- I couldn't be arsed to cut anything. So there's everything starting May 15th
07:57:09  <planetmaker> ^ andythenorth_
07:57:29  <planetmaker> oh, btw. There's the "official" logs in the topic title btw. I forgot about it, too ;)
07:58:37  <planetmaker> in the title, those are the logs of our bot, Webster
08:18:49  <andythenorth_> yep that works
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09:05:26  <DJNekkid> brb
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09:08:25  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 183: Updated WAS MS DOS Batch File @ (by Frank)
09:09:56  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - preprocessor_r59.diff @ (by planetmaker)
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09:13:48  <Ammler> hello
09:13:57  <Ammler> planetmaker: use tickets for diffs
09:14:36  <Ammler> you don't get feedback for downloads
09:15:51  <planetmaker> well... will you give me feedback despite? ;)
09:16:10  <planetmaker> foobar and andy and DJ are currently not here. But yes, you're right.
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09:16:43  <planetmaker> I didn't make it a ticket as I want it to be tested / seen by them all and it kinda is more universal than just firs (though it only applies there now - for testing purposes)
09:19:47  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Support #255: using pre-processor to allow using ID_<whatever> in... @ (by planetmaker)
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09:54:35  <DJNekkid> hi again :)
09:57:03  <Hirundo> hi DJ
10:01:28  <DJNekkid> so... :)
10:04:02  <Brot6> 2cctrainset: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
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10:43:09  <planetmaker> DJ_Nekkid, care to look at firs, where I posted a patch which introduces IDs within the NFO files?
10:43:24  <planetmaker>
10:43:43  <planetmaker> That then would go in the direction of getting it in that direction
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10:58:21  <planetmaker> andythenorth, can you have a look at ?
10:58:34  <planetmaker> apply the attached diff and see whether you're fine with it and it works for you?
10:58:50  <andythenorth> working - probably can't chat until tonight, but leaving IRC on so I can watch ;)
10:59:02  <planetmaker> k
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16:12:24  <Frankr> ammler?
16:16:25  <planetmaker> Frankr, also here the usual rule ensues: just ask :)
16:16:30  <planetmaker> it will be read in due time
16:17:13  <Ammler> yes, and maybe someone else might help you too
16:17:30  <Ammler> but of course, just "hello" is fine :-)
16:17:44  <Ammler> Frankr: ^
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18:23:06  <planetmaker> Ammler: somehow there's again an internal server error at
18:23:46  <Ammler> yes
18:24:18  <planetmaker> if it solves itself within time, it's always really taking its time...
18:24:28  <planetmaker> what is actually the real issue behind this?
18:24:29  <Ammler> apache sucks, I assume
18:24:38  <planetmaker> meh :(
18:24:53  <Ammler> apache opens a zillions files,
18:25:09  <planetmaker> and what's the problem with that?
18:25:24  <planetmaker> I mean... can't that limit be increased?
18:25:27  <Ammler> but currently, it is ok, isn't?
18:25:41  <planetmaker> no. I cannot reach the web interface
18:25:43  <Ammler> yes, by €
18:25:59  <planetmaker> hm... by € is bad :S
18:26:04  <Ammler> that was the answer of the support
18:26:21  <planetmaker> they're really funny guys...
18:26:45  <Ammler> I have no idea, what they supose to have running with such low limits.
18:27:09  <planetmaker> and it's only them who can change that?
18:27:13  <Ammler> why do I need 30 gig space and 4 cpus, if I can run maybe 1-2 services
18:27:38  <planetmaker> what's your provider anyway?
18:27:44  <Ammler>
18:27:51  <planetmaker> ah
18:27:52  <Ammler> well, I can reduce the open files
18:28:03  <planetmaker> well. by closing down things
18:28:12  <planetmaker> but that's a kind-of non-solution
18:28:12  <Ammler> I did that with openttd, by making all grfs in one tar
18:28:19  <Ammler> hmm
18:28:34  <Ammler> I forgot about content_download
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18:31:33  <Ammler> the problem is
18:31:49  <Ammler> if it reaches the limits, the connection to mysql seems to crash
18:32:06  <Ammler> and so remine doesn't work anymore, also if the limit is solved
18:32:12  <Frankr> that was my question btw earlier
18:32:15  <Ammler> redmine*
18:32:52  <Frankr> y the wasn't workin, but thn i left to go to beardie's
18:33:42  <Ammler> well, if you write Ammler?,  I should assume that?
18:34:08  <planetmaker> hehe
18:34:17  <Frankr> lol
18:34:50  <Frankr> sorry as i said beardie asked if i wanted to play rock band for a bit, and i said yh, forgettin about this
18:34:53  <Ammler> planetmaker: rcmysql restart solved the issue on redmine
18:35:13  <planetmaker> ok. hm... I recall, that I can do that, too, right?
18:35:20  <Ammler> you don't need for my answer to report an error
18:36:10  <planetmaker> we should document that on a wiki page (outside that). Or I should not it down for myself somewhere. I tend to forget these things
18:38:31  <Ammler> you should be able run every command with sudo
18:38:45  <Ammler> removed the limit to certain tools
18:39:05  <planetmaker> :O
18:39:28  <Ammler> well, you don't hurt me, you hurt openttdcoop :P
18:40:12  <planetmaker> well. No intention to abuse it here :)
18:40:12  <Ammler> try to restart mysql
18:40:17  <planetmaker> to much hassle :P
18:40:26  <planetmaker> that's my question: how?
18:40:41  <Ammler> sudo rcmysql restart ?
18:40:48  <Ammler> if that doesn't work
18:40:56  <Ammler> you need to run the init.d script directly
18:41:19  <planetmaker> I need to be planetmaker and not ottdc, right?
18:41:35  <Ammler> ottdc can't do it, indeed
18:41:41  <Ammler> (I hope) :P
18:42:16  <Ammler> alternative: sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart
18:42:54  <Ammler> or maybe sudo - rcmysql restart could work
18:43:21  <planetmaker> testing first method now :)
18:43:23  <Ammler> suse people aren't that familiar with sudo :-)
18:43:42  <Ammler> if first fails, try sudo - ...
18:44:11  <planetmaker> it needs to be sudo /usr/sbin/rcmysql restart
18:44:24  <Ammler> Jun 19 20:43:53 mozart sudo: planetmaker : TTY=pts/7 ; PWD=/home/planetmaker ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/sbin/rcmysql restart
18:44:57  <Ammler> yes
18:45:04  <planetmaker> hm... still shutting down mysql
18:45:08  <Ammler> but if you would use -
18:45:35  <planetmaker> hm?
18:45:53  <Ammler> means?
18:46:04  <Ammler> doesn't it go down?
18:46:11  <planetmaker> Dunno. Seems to hang
18:46:28  <planetmaker> got no xterm prompt so far again.
18:46:39  <planetmaker> well. now I do :)
18:46:51  <planetmaker> obviously takes its time
18:47:11  <planetmaker> successfully restarted db
18:47:33  <Ammler> hmm, not sure
18:47:55  <Ammler> I stopped it too :-)
18:48:22  <Ammler> planetmaker: sudo - rcmysql start
18:48:33  <planetmaker> :P
18:48:37  <planetmaker> what does that then do?
18:49:07  <Ammler> I ran only rcmysql stop
18:49:23  <Ammler> and I am still wondering, if you are able to start it :-)
18:49:25  <planetmaker> well. that command you just posted is invalid. It issues sudo help
18:49:31  <Ammler> ok
18:49:43  <Ammler> then run the other
18:50:01  <planetmaker> started in no time
18:50:03  <planetmaker> done
18:50:22  <Ammler> you can use rcmysql status to see current status
18:50:42  <planetmaker> nope, I cannot :)
18:50:51  <Ammler> you can!
18:50:53  <planetmaker> Checking for service MySQL: checkproc: Can not open pid file /var/lib/mysql/ Permission denied
18:51:02  <Ammler> hehe
18:51:06  <planetmaker> wait. no sudo :P
18:51:23  <planetmaker> yes. running
18:51:34  <Ammler> try the same with apache
18:51:43  <planetmaker> ok. how?
18:51:55  <Ammler> but first just stop
18:52:10  <Ammler> rcapache2 stop
18:52:50  <planetmaker> done
18:52:58  <Ammler> now start
18:53:03  <Ammler> was down
18:53:05  <planetmaker> done
18:53:19  <planetmaker> Starting httpd2 (prefork) httpd2-prefork: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName
18:53:23  <planetmaker> ^that's ok?
18:53:43  <Ammler> well, dunno :-)
18:53:50  <Ammler> I ignored it yet.
18:54:03  <Ammler> ah
18:54:05  <planetmaker> he :)
18:54:07  <Ammler> looks easy solveable
18:54:46  <Ammler> could you again try to stop mysql
18:54:52  <Ammler> this time I just watch
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18:56:56  <planetmaker> k. hold on
18:57:05  <planetmaker> done
18:57:16  <planetmaker> (I have no screen in usage)
19:01:13  <Ammler> planetmaker: MYSQL!
19:01:16  <Ammler> :-D
19:01:22  <planetmaker> damn.
19:01:33  <planetmaker> fell asleep
19:01:42  <planetmaker> no got distracted by IRC :P
19:01:57  <Ammler> lucky, I have no paying customers on that server :P
19:02:01  <planetmaker> see. I'm not a good admin ;)
19:02:09  <Ammler> oh well
19:02:27  <Ammler> good admins don't need such commands
19:02:33  <Ammler> those server always work
19:03:07  <planetmaker> well... They need it, too. But only at 22h or so when they had an off-time for 10 minutes in order to restart updated services or so ;)
19:03:52  <planetmaker> _ln they use - I think - 3.x. But not sure. They might use a 10.5 a 10.4 and a 10.3.9
19:05:00  <Ammler> planetmaker: wrong channel :P
19:05:18  <planetmaker> missing /msg :P
19:05:42  <planetmaker> he got kicked from #openttd - by SmatZ ;)
19:05:52  <planetmaker> oh, you know
19:08:59  <Ammler> could you know try to stop mysql, so I know that works too :-)
19:11:39  <planetmaker> -sh: /bin/ls: Too many open files in system
19:11:41  <planetmaker> -sh: /usr/bin/dircolors: Too many open files in system
19:11:42  <planetmaker> ^ doesn't bode well...
19:12:27  <planetmaker> mozart:~$ sudo /usr/sbin/rcmysql stop
19:12:27  <Ammler> mäh
19:12:29  <planetmaker> sudo: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: Error 23
19:12:30  <planetmaker> ^ indeed...
19:13:06  <Ammler> I should also remove mail completely from the server
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19:14:01  <Ammler> # lsof | wc -l
19:14:03  <Ammler> 3637
19:14:13  <Ammler> that isn't high
19:14:22  <Ammler> limit is at 5000
19:14:36  <planetmaker> what number is that?
19:14:42  <planetmaker> open files?
19:14:51  <Ammler> somehow, I guess
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19:49:58  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 187: Renamed b37-100 pcx to match nfo @ (by Frank)
19:49:59  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 188: Removed incorrect files @ (by Frank)
19:49:59  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Feature #256: B737 Co-ord File @ (by Beardie27)
19:49:59  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Bug #257: B737-100 Red Meatball Flashes @ (by Beardie27)
19:50:01  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Bug #258: Fix 737-100 Allignment @ (by Frank)
19:50:04  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 189: Fixed #232 - Added Tupolev Tu144 Greyscale @ (by Beardie27)
19:50:08  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Feature #232 (Closed): Tu144 Greyscale @ (by Beardie27)
19:50:11  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Feature #259: US Air 737-400 @ (by FaddyPainter)
20:06:36  <planetmaker> andythenorth: I blame you that I haven't got any feedback on the pre-compiler diff I posted ;)
20:06:45  * planetmaker also needed to dial out some blame now :P
20:07:43  <planetmaker> <-- apply that diff and say whether that suits your needs (for a starter in that direction)
20:07:52  <planetmaker> and as a proof of concept
20:08:09  <andythenorth> I blame my wife that I'm going out for italian food
20:08:18  <andythenorth> !
20:08:35  <planetmaker> bastard she.
20:08:38  <planetmaker> ;)
20:09:08  <planetmaker> You are to pity. You English folks just cannot cook. You always have to eat at other nationalities ;)
20:09:25  * planetmaker hides to avoid the utmost heat of the upcoming flame
20:10:19  <planetmaker> just don't mention the war :P
20:10:55  * planetmaker has to find again the monty python movies...
20:10:57  <andythenorth> no flames from me, I'm going to eat steak and chips
20:11:08  <planetmaker> :O in an Italian restaurant?
20:11:20  <andythenorth> yup
20:11:26  <planetmaker> pfft
20:11:38  <planetmaker> you should do that in an Argentinean
20:11:52  <planetmaker> or Brazilian :)
20:12:04  <planetmaker> hm.... which reminds me...
20:12:25  <andythenorth> diff looks cleaner.  Haven't applied it but I had a look on devzone
20:15:57  <andythenorth> will do tomorrow though, thanks for putting it up.
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20:24:24  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Feature #260: A320-200 BA Landor @ (by seandasheep)
20:24:24  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: OpenGFX - Feature #243: Toyland Buildings' Construction Stages @ (by athanasios)
20:54:25  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 190: Close 256 All b737 co-ords are done @ (by Frank)
20:54:25  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Feature #256 (Closed): B737 Co-ord File @ (by Frank)
20:54:25  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 191: Updated 737-100 Nfo Speed @ (by Beardie27)
21:41:14  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 192: Added All 737 Info to CT @ (by Beardie27)
21:41:14  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Feature #261: Add 737 Costs to Coding Table @ (by Beardie27)
21:41:14  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Feature #261 (Assigned): Add 737 Costs to Coding Table @ (by Beardie27)
22:13:53  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 193: Close 246 Basic 737-200 nfo @ (by Frank)
22:13:53  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Feature #246 (Closed): Boeing 737-200 Nfo @ (by Frank)
22:13:53  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 194: Added planes to 7F_english @ (by Frank)
22:13:53  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Feature #262: 737-200 pcx files @ (by Frank)
22:38:47  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 195: Close #262 - All 737-200 pcx files created @ (by Beardie27)
22:38:47  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Feature #262 (Closed): 737-200 pcx files @ (by Beardie27)
22:38:47  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 196: Updated 737-200 nfo @ (by Frank)
22:38:47  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 197: Updated 7F_english and 00hearder with new info @ (by Beardie27)
22:38:51  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 198: Changes to 737-200 nfo @ (by Frank)
22:58:45  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 199: Added Correct Files name @ (by Frank)
22:58:45  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 200: Changes to 737-200 nfo @ (by Frank)
22:58:45  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Bug #263: 737-100 Lufthansa Flashing Nose @ (by Frank)
22:58:45  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - was.grf @ (by Beardie27)
22:58:49  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Bug #264: 737-100 PEOPLExpress Flashes @ (by Frank)
22:58:52  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Feature #259 (Closed): US Air 737-400 @ (by FaddyPainter)
23:34:01  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Bug #265: 737-200 EasyJet Flashes @ (by Frank)
23:34:01  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Feature #266: Acceleration needed for all Planes @ (by Frank)
23:34:01  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 201: Added USAirways 737-400 png @ (by Beardie27)
23:34:01  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 202: Acceleration to A380-800 nfo @ (by Frank)

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