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07:34:51  <planetmaker> hm... Ammler Brot is gone :-(
07:35:27  <Ammler> did you annoy him?
07:35:39  <planetmaker> :-( I hope not...
07:35:45  <Ammler> what was happen with the web this morning?
07:36:13  <planetmaker> No idea. I cannot follow it.
07:36:19  <planetmaker> or reproduce.
07:36:29  <planetmaker> Obviously people yonder the big pont have issues.
07:37:15  <planetmaker> hm. wrong use of "yonder" :S
07:38:17  <Ammler>
07:38:19  <planetmaker> athanasios is impatient :-)
07:39:08  <planetmaker> :-) True
07:39:21  <Ammler> should come...
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07:39:25  <planetmaker> I just wondered - maybe it has a reason.
07:40:19  <Ammler> I killed yesterday night the disk with a big torrent :-)
07:41:00  <Ammler> usually, the torrent client should stop and leave 1 GB free always.
07:45:25  <planetmaker> hehe :-)
07:46:24  <Ammler> I don't see, why brians server was dead this morning.
07:49:51  <planetmaker> I didn't have problems. And I don't think it was dead
07:50:08  <planetmaker> I checked at the same time Zuu checked. He had problems, I didn't have any.
07:50:33  <Ammler> according to #openttd, he hadn0t
07:50:47  <Ammler> somone else had.
07:51:07  <planetmaker> see the backlog in #openttdcoop :-)
07:54:35  <Ammler> oh, you were early around ;-)
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08:37:39  <planetmaker> yup. I somehow woke up early :-)
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09:45:42  <Irwe> planetmaker: I've PM you my sprites on the forum
10:04:09  <Brot6> opengfx: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
10:49:24  <planetmaker> Irwe, thanks. :-) I'll look at them tonight
10:50:00  <planetmaker> <-- Ammler for what it's worth, mb transported your discussion to the German forum. For no apparent reason I see, though
10:50:02  <Webster> Title: Kosten von Erdbewegungen (at
11:10:49  <Irwe> what does you guys think here, should Swedish Houses be for all climates?
11:11:18  <planetmaker> I voted for all climates
11:11:32  <planetmaker> Why would you want to restrict them?
11:12:08  <planetmaker> It doesn't give anything and certainly some people might see them fit in all climates
11:12:39  <Irwe> The swedish cottages may look strange in a desert for example.. but maybe people doesn't care about that
11:13:09  <planetmaker> well. I wouldn't mind those buildings in tropical either, honestly
11:13:30  <planetmaker> It really depends, though.
11:13:58  <Irwe> I can make some play test and se how they look
11:14:03  <planetmaker> and "looking strange" is always in the eye of the beholder. In case of doubt I'm always against restrictions and leave a choice of sane grf combinations to the map / scenario maker
11:14:28  <planetmaker> If I don't like it - why should I consider my statement / taste universal?
11:14:44  <planetmaker> ^ my main argument for "keep it as open as possible" :-)
11:15:13  <planetmaker> I don't like to have others jump through hooks ;-)
11:15:32  <Irwe> yes me to.. maybe some kind of parameter that doesn't allow the cottages but the rest of the buildings will be there... and the cottages is replaced with original houses from tripic
11:15:44  <Irwe> tropic*
11:16:38  <planetmaker> as parameter: why not. Though, believe me or not, houses in New Zealand may look just as colourful and match your grfs, too
11:16:48  <planetmaker> and that's 40° South
11:17:10  <Irwe> yea you are right
11:17:35  <Irwe> well I just have to talk to as about the coding as see whats possible
11:19:41  <planetmaker> climate restriction is something you need to add additionally
11:19:58  <planetmaker> making single (or more) houses available (or unavailable) via grf parameter is also possible
11:20:08  <planetmaker> both is not terribly complicated
11:20:41  <Irwe> I know nothing about what's complicated:P I'm just very greatfull that as is helping me
11:20:43  <planetmaker> the 2cc train set might be helpful in that respect: it (dis)allows certain trains when a grf parameter is set
11:21:14  <planetmaker> afaik it works basically the same for houses
11:22:02  <Irwe> good, I guess the figuer it out somehow
11:22:11  <Irwe> I guess he*
11:22:22  <planetmaker> Irwe, and if you like... the devzone is available to take on yet another project :-)
11:23:07  <planetmaker> I could give you basically then easily a prototype build system which allows everyone to build that newgrf
11:23:19  <planetmaker> and it would allow building nightlies of the grf
11:24:08  <Irwe> yea about that, I'm not much of an organiser but something like that could be helpfull
11:24:53  <planetmaker> basically the only requirement is: chose a free license. Preferrably GPL
11:25:04  <planetmaker> but CC licenses (except -ND) will do, too
11:25:15  <Irwe> GLP already chosen
11:25:18  <planetmaker> :-)
11:26:01  <Irwe> it's a good thing, it lets me use sprites from Industrial station set
11:26:33  <planetmaker> :-)
11:26:47  <planetmaker> indeed for that very reason (and vice versa)
11:26:59  <planetmaker> or FIRS
11:27:42  <Irwe> yea FIRS looks heavenly, when the first "more stable" release comes out I'll give it a test game
13:09:11  <Ammler> planetmaker: we should give edorfaus commit rights, I don't want to replace all white self ;-)
13:23:41  <planetmaker> Ammler, yes, that's why I proposed to him to actually get them
13:26:25  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: OpenGFX - Feature #352: Replace all "real" white with a similar white to silence some warnings. @ (by Ammler)
13:36:52  <Ammler> alternatively you could count the "white" errors and complain if the counter rises.
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13:51:07  <planetmaker> Ammler, here it's even 818 lines in OpenGFX which have "white" in it.
13:52:45  <Ammler> where is here?
13:52:56  <Ammler> how can that differ?
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13:59:42  <planetmaker> here = on my machine
14:00:31  <planetmaker> but let me make sure...
14:01:09  <planetmaker> hm... I guess it was a concatenated log :-P
14:08:47  <Ammler> :-)
14:08:55  <Ammler> I used officially nightly log
14:12:17  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Feature #285: Draw some Tu154 liveries @ (by simozzz_AK)
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16:18:02  <Brot6> 2cctrainset: nightly compile not needed. (r225)
16:18:02  <Brot6> firs: nightly compile not needed. (r187)
16:18:02  <Brot6> heqs: nightly compile not needed. (r138)
16:18:03  <Brot6> opengfx: update from r149 to r150, starting nightly compile
16:18:55  <Brot6> opengfx: compile done (1 errors) -
16:18:55  <Brot6> worldairlineset: update from r368 to r370, starting nightly compile
16:19:30  <Brot6> worldairlineset: compile completely failed! :-( -
16:19:32  <planetmaker> woot? failed?
16:20:03  <planetmaker> and why is the link not valid which Brot gives, Ammler ?
16:22:15  <planetmaker> and otoh, the nightly was compiled...
16:22:30  <planetmaker> The "fail" is probably the error 4 on the random sprites in ogfxe_extra
16:24:11  <Ammler> ups
16:24:35  <Ammler> I linked the FAILED log on wrong project
17:12:53  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: #openttdcoop - Revision 24: Fix r23: linked the FAILED log on succeeded projects @ (by Ammler)
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20:58:41  <andythenorth> evening
21:01:27  <andythenorth> planetmaker: got a repo question
21:02:09  <planetmaker> salut
21:05:48  <andythenorth> thinking about starting my ship set - FISH.....figured I might as well begin with a repo?
21:05:55  <andythenorth> and perhaps a makefile? :D
21:05:59  <planetmaker> sure
21:06:15  <planetmaker> basically you can copy&paste the newgrf-makefile repo
21:06:21  <planetmaker> it should be quite straight forward
21:07:05  <planetmaker> it follows (or rather leads :-P ) the same "standard" as firs and heqs.
21:07:17  <planetmaker> but isn't tainted by the details of an existing newgrf :-P
21:07:43  <planetmaker> can you create a repo yourself? (I would think so)
21:07:57  <planetmaker> or at least the project on redmine
21:10:42  <andythenorth> ok doing that new
21:11:28  <planetmaker> it'd be a nice test actually, if I made the newgrf-makefile repo such, that people different than me can just use it :-)
21:12:04  <andythenorth> FISH project created...
21:12:44  <andythenorth> so should I clone the new-grf repo, or what?
21:13:41  <planetmaker> hm, yes, I guess. And then _copy_ it to your fish repo
21:14:17  <planetmaker> and then you can commit that as the initial commit for that fish repo.
21:14:30  <planetmaker> Well... maybe you want to adjust Makefile.config before doing that :-)
21:15:48  <Ammler> creating a repo: hg clone fish ssh://
21:16:56  <andythenorth> repo unkown
21:16:58  <andythenorth>
21:17:04  <andythenorth> ^^ unknown sorry
21:17:22  <Ammler> first you clone the makefile-repo
21:17:28  <andythenorth> oops, reading Ammler more carefully
21:17:29  <Ammler> then you clone that back to fish
21:18:43  <planetmaker> so... basically: hg clone ssh:// newgrf-makefile
21:18:53  <Ammler> well
21:18:56  <planetmaker> cp -R newgrf-makefile fish
21:19:02  <Ammler> I would use fish as alias
21:19:14  <planetmaker> hg clone fish ssh://
21:19:19  <planetmaker> :-)
21:19:22  <Ammler> no
21:19:34  <Ammler> hmm
21:19:38  <Ammler> maybe it works :-)
21:20:35  <andythenorth> hg clone ssh:// newgrf-makefile
21:20:36  <andythenorth> fails
21:20:46  <andythenorth> remote: Illegal repository '/home/ottdc/hg/newgrf-makefile'
21:20:46  <andythenorth> abort: no suitable response from remote hg!
21:21:28  <planetmaker> maybe it's called differently :-)
21:21:35  <Ammler> why not clone directly to fish?
21:22:21  <planetmaker> Ammler, also possible, I guess
21:22:27  <planetmaker> andythenorth, it is _ not -
21:23:05  <andythenorth> planetmaker: ok that fixed it
21:23:15  <Ammler> and then, don't forget to fix the default url
21:23:18  <planetmaker> quite unlogical
21:23:21  <andythenorth> I have clone to newgrf_makefile, now I'll cp
21:23:31  <Ammler> else you pull the fish to the makefile template :-)
21:23:52  <planetmaker> hehe :-)
21:24:08  <planetmaker> true. Then it could have been co'ed directly to fish...
21:24:40  <Ammler> maybe best would be hg clone ssh:// ssh://
21:24:54  <Ammler> and then clone the fish
21:25:51  <planetmaker> :-) does that work?
21:26:31  <Ammler> don't think so
21:26:45  <andythenorth> pdq2s-macbook-3:fish_build andy$ hg push
21:26:45  <andythenorth> remote: Illegal repository '/home/ottdc/hg-repos/fish'
21:26:45  <andythenorth> abort: no suitable response from remote hg!
21:26:54  <andythenorth> I've changed the url
21:26:56  <andythenorth> default = ssh://
21:27:06  <Ammler> yes, but first you need to clone :-)
21:27:14  <andythenorth> I've tried to create a repo for fish with redmine
21:27:17  <andythenorth> oh, ok clone
21:27:30  <Ammler> hg clone <localfish> ssh...
21:28:21  <andythenorth> pdq2s-macbook-3:FISH andy$ hg clone fish_build ssh://
21:28:21  <andythenorth> Illegal command 'hg init hg-repos/fish'
21:28:21  <andythenorth> abort: could not create remote repo!
21:28:37  <andythenorth> (my local repo is fish_build - for personal reasons...)
21:28:49  <andythenorth> do I have permissions?
21:28:59  <Ammler> hmm, I thought so :-)
21:29:03  <Ammler> but it seems no
21:29:15  <Ammler> well then
21:29:20  <planetmaker> I changed fish to be a sub-repo of newgrfs :-)
21:29:33  <planetmaker> (as are all other newgrfs)
21:30:06  <Ammler> andythenorth: I do clone the makefile template to fish
21:30:50  <Ammler> andythenorth: now clone it from the server
21:31:03  <Ammler> or pull should work now too :-)
21:31:15  <Ammler> push*
21:31:51  <andythenorth> clone from server worked nicely thanks
21:32:10  <andythenorth> anyone want to join the set?  or am I sailing alone?
21:32:22  <andythenorth> I'll do a forum post when I have a tracking table and a starter sprite
21:33:04  <Ammler> maybe bilbo :-)
21:33:24  <planetmaker> well. I'm happy to keep the build system up2date. I cannot promise more though.
21:37:13  <Ammler> seriously, bilbo could be a candiate, he once talked about a ship set and he has already commit experience here too.
21:41:16  <planetmaker> I would like to, but I fear I'm even already now beyond the limit of time I should commit here...
21:42:51  <andythenorth> ok thanks for the help, goodnight
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22:05:59  <Ammler> planetmaker: edorfaus would need to be added to devs then.
22:12:28  <planetmaker> right
22:13:25  <planetmaker> done
22:55:46  <Ammler> he, now fish has the whole history of the makefile template
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