Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 9th September 2009:
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01:39:55  <Brot6> Backup done! (Usage: )
01:39:55  <Brot6> I hope something GOOD came in the mail today so I have a REASON to live!!
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05:54:31  <DJNekkid> Ammler: [23:16:00] <+Ammler> DJNekkid: you should use your global config file for the username.
05:54:35  <DJNekkid> i thought i had done that?
05:54:59  <Ammler> DJNekkid: good morning :-)
05:55:06  <DJNekkid> good morning :)
05:55:15  <Ammler> well, on nmts, you are DJ
05:55:25  <Ammler> on another set, you are DJ Nekkid
05:55:34  <Ammler> and somewhere you are DJNekkid
05:55:47  <DJNekkid> lol,
05:56:23  <DJNekkid> it is set as "DJ Nekkid" in the global settings in tortoise HG
05:57:24  <DJNekkid> and on the NMTS it isnt set, thus, i suppose it should use global?
05:57:40  <Ammler> hmm
05:58:35  <DJNekkid> on 2cc and dutchset, same case...
05:58:54  <Ammler> then, I am confused :-)
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06:27:04  <andythenorth> morning
06:27:12  <andythenorth> Ammler / planetmaker I need a little hg help
06:28:15  <andythenorth> A player wanted the grf for r98.  Tip is r99, so I did hg -r 98 --all
06:28:26  <andythenorth> ...made the grf and sent it to him
06:28:34  <andythenorth> now I can't figure out how to get back to r99
06:28:42  <andythenorth> I've tried hg up -r 99
06:28:45  <andythenorth> I get no changes.
06:28:51  <andythenorth> Which means I've lost work
06:29:00  <andythenorth> (except it's in the remote repo)
06:29:08  <andythenorth> and should be in my local repo
06:29:32  <andythenorth> I have to go to work soon, could you pm me a solution if I'm not here
06:33:50  <planetmaker> andythenorth, use hg up tip
06:34:05  <planetmaker> though hg up -r99 should also work
06:34:09  <andythenorth> pdq2s-macbook-3:fish_build andy$ hg up tip
06:34:10  <andythenorth> 0 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved
06:34:31  <andythenorth> pdq2s-macbook-3:fish_build andy$ hg tip
06:34:31  <andythenorth> changeset:   99:59833e2badca
06:34:31  <andythenorth> tag:         tip
06:34:31  <andythenorth> user:        andythenorth
06:34:32  <andythenorth> date:        Sun Sep 06 08:21:58 2009 +0100
06:34:32  <andythenorth> summary:     Change: added credits etc for NEWGRF window
06:34:48  <planetmaker> then you're at tip.
06:35:04  <planetmaker> and there's no other, newer revision
06:35:09  <planetmaker> or you sent him r98 :-P
06:35:36  <andythenorth> but the contents of my local header.pnfo (which hg thinks is r99) are different to r99 here:
06:35:37  <andythenorth>
06:35:58  <andythenorth> that seems stupid, either of hg or me.
06:36:26  <andythenorth> and it means I've "lost" work which makes me mistrust the repo somewhat
06:36:53  <andythenorth> I'm back in a world of copy and paste :|
06:36:57  <planetmaker> sure you commited and and didn't revert?
06:37:13  <andythenorth> for 99?
06:37:18  <planetmaker> you commit
06:37:24  <andythenorth> commit now?
06:37:34  <planetmaker> what does hg st tell you?
06:37:45  <planetmaker> or hg diff
06:38:09  <andythenorth> hg diff is pretty useful - I think there'll be an answer here.  I'll pastebin it...
06:38:25  <planetmaker> if hg diff is NOT empty, that's you uncommited changes
06:38:39  <andythenorth>
06:39:12  <planetmaker> that's your commited stuff
06:39:20  <planetmaker> my feeling is you sent him an r98M
06:39:22  <planetmaker> not r98
06:39:36  <planetmaker> the changes don't get lost, when you change a revision with hg up -rXX
06:39:42  <planetmaker> they're persistant
06:39:57  <planetmaker> unless reverted or commited
06:40:24  <andythenorth> ok, well he'll have to live with whatever I sent :|
06:40:50  <planetmaker> [08:39]  <planetmaker> that's your commited stuff <-- not commited but edited
06:41:02  <andythenorth> meanwhile how do I get my local header.pnfo etc. back how I want?
06:41:23  <planetmaker> when you want a clean version (whatever revision): always make sure you have a clean repository
06:44:23  <andythenorth> shall I just scrap my local repo and do a clean checkout of the devzone repo?
06:44:34  <planetmaker> no, why?
06:44:50  <planetmaker> you have there the changes you want to commit anyway, don't you?
06:45:02  <planetmaker> you could just commit it. Or continue to edit it. Or revert them.
06:45:09  <planetmaker> your repo is fine.
06:46:43  <andythenorth> not any more
06:46:53  <planetmaker> well. you just posted that you're at tip
06:47:01  <planetmaker> and you posted that you have some changes which are not commited
06:47:05  <planetmaker> what's the deal?
06:47:21  <andythenorth> I've now got a lock on the repo because I had a bad vi moment when I tried to do the commit
06:47:26  <andythenorth> I *hate* vi
06:47:38  <andythenorth> I should have had more sleep
06:47:46  <planetmaker> "lock" on the repo?
06:47:51  <planetmaker> what does that mean?
06:48:04  <andythenorth> pdq2s-macbook-3:fish_build andy$ hg commit -m "meta"
06:48:04  <andythenorth> waiting for lock on working directory of /Users/andy/Documents/OTTD graphics/FISH/fish_build held by 'pdq2s-macbook-3.local:28343'
06:48:17  <andythenorth> There's no safe way back from a lock, they are a known problem in mercurial
06:48:26  <planetmaker> aha.
06:48:29  <andythenorth> The safest bet is now to scrap the repo
06:48:29  <planetmaker> never seen them
06:48:37  <andythenorth> I've had a few, always due to vi
06:48:45  <planetmaker> then don't use it.
06:49:07  <andythenorth> It's always a mistake, I forget a quote or something
06:49:11  <planetmaker> though that never gave me difficulties.
06:49:13  <planetmaker> I use it, too
06:49:30  <andythenorth> grr
06:49:49  <andythenorth> right have to go now, thanks for trying.  I can see the devzone has everything, I'll check it out later
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06:50:11  <planetmaker> bye then :-)
06:50:18  <planetmaker> and don't let it spoil your day.
06:50:27  <planetmaker> before you scrap it: hg diff > mychanges.diff
06:50:40  <planetmaker> the diff will have your changes to the repo documented.
06:50:47  <planetmaker> you can apply them to a clean checkout afterwards.
06:51:00  <Rubidium> that doesn't quite work for binary files though
06:51:09  <planetmaker> true. Unfortunately.
06:51:17  <planetmaker> I keep forgetting that.
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09:21:30  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: New Monorail & Maglev TrainSet - Revision 8: added the TR09 @ (by DJNekkid)
09:21:30  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: New Monorail & Maglev TrainSet - Revision 9: forgot the files @ (by DJNekkid)
10:05:29  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: New Monorail & Maglev TrainSet - Feature #567 (Feedback): Transrapid 09 - CODE @ (by DJNekkid)
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11:18:44  <Ammler> DJNekkid: I add the nmts to the nighly compiler
11:19:52  <Brot6> nmts: update from r to r9, starting nightly compile
11:20:08  <Brot6> nmts: compile done (40 errors) -
11:20:35  <Ammler> hmm
11:23:23  <Ammler> planetmaker: why M?
11:24:03  <Rubidium> because the .local isn't ignored?
11:24:13  <Rubidium> or because it's added to the repository
11:24:16  <Rubidium> or something like that
11:25:05  <planetmaker> Ammler, what? where?
11:25:07  <Rubidium> and ze pure whait again :)
11:25:26  <Ammler> Rubidium: reason I added it ;-)
11:27:05  <Ammler> planetmaker: I guess, the make clean does delete a bit too much
11:27:14  <Ammler> i.e. *.bat
11:27:24  <Ammler> just run hg st after make clean
11:27:33  <planetmaker> Ammler, I'm completely missing context. Please elaborate what you refer to and where.
11:27:51  <Ammler> planetmaker: nmts?
11:27:51  <Rubidium> nmts adds M on the CF
11:28:00  <planetmaker> ok.
11:28:06  <Ammler> it adds M for bundle_zip
11:28:21  <planetmaker> that's bad for a clean repo ;-)
11:28:34  <Ammler> if I run a simple "make"
11:28:36  <Ammler> it is fine
11:28:48  <planetmaker> hm, ok.
11:31:58  <planetmaker> DJN added nmts.nfo to the repo. It gets changed. His fault, not mine ;-)
11:32:49  <Ammler> yes, just saw that, fixed...
11:32:59  <planetmaker> a clean checkout and a make already resulted here in a M
11:33:20  <Ammler> then your *.rev might be bugg
11:33:31  <planetmaker> hm, yes?
11:33:40  <planetmaker> might be that it's not always re-built...
11:34:27  <planetmaker> is it still a M version?
11:34:39  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: New Monorail & Maglev TrainSet - Revision 10: Cleanup: *.bat not needed anymore @ (by Ammler)
11:34:39  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: New Monorail & Maglev TrainSet - Revision 11: Cleanup: no final nfo in the repo @ (by Ammler)
11:35:20  <planetmaker> did anyone report the zillion pure white errors?
11:35:51  <Rubidium> but... it's only 39 :)
11:36:02  <planetmaker> yeah. 1,2,many ;-)
11:36:16  <Rubidium> and almost definitely some are not false positives
11:36:28  <planetmaker> I'd bet.
11:36:36  <Ammler> planetmaker: already mentioned that was the reason I added the project to the compiler
11:36:41  <planetmaker> 32 sounds too supicious.
11:36:42  <Rubidium> planetmaker: I more expected like 0, zillion, zillion, zillion, ...
11:36:54  <planetmaker> :-P
11:37:01  <Rubidium> 37% pure white :)
11:37:19  <Ammler> yeah, that looks a bit misaligned.
11:37:34  <planetmaker> lol 37% pure white...
11:37:40  <DJNekkid> not my fault!
11:37:45  <Ammler> indeed.
11:37:53  <planetmaker> DJNekkid, we don't say :-)
11:38:20  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: New Monorail & Maglev TrainSet - Revision 12: Makefile: keep comments for final nfo @ (by Ammler)
11:38:22  <Ammler> DJNekkid: but now, he can check the compile logs and the nfo
11:38:24  <DJNekkid> me either! :p
11:38:35  <Ammler> and then, he should be able to fix the sprites.
11:39:28  <Ammler> and I assume (hope), he does use pure white in the sprites itself.
11:39:28  <DJNekkid> if sprites are placed correctly, they will also be aligned correctly :p
11:40:18  <DJNekkid> i see atleast 6 pure white px
11:40:24  <Ammler> DJNekkid: I hope, you aren't angry about my commits ;-)
11:40:28  <DJNekkid> on the transrapid :)
11:40:40  <DJNekkid> im never angry... i just sip :p
11:41:26  <Ammler> DJNekkid: and still, try to make a bit more verbose comments
11:41:42  <Ammler> also relate those to the tracker
11:42:39  <DJNekkid> none-bugs do i think lawton should close, as he should confirm the result...
11:42:54  <Ammler> you can still make relation
11:43:03  <Ammler> (issue #XX) doesn't close
11:43:12  <DJNekkid> oki :)
11:43:34  <DJNekkid> i.e. "added TR9, issue #250" ?
11:43:49  <DJNekkid> or even, added TR9, #250
11:44:00  <Ammler> I wouldn't use past form
11:44:20  <Ammler>
11:46:25  <DJNekkid> bookmarked :)
11:46:40  <DJNekkid> btw, im concidering to concider mecurial + redmine to my boss ...
11:46:42  <DJNekkid> point is:
11:46:44  <Ammler> the link is at top called "Guide"
11:47:09  <DJNekkid> we are building an optical fibernet for a local power-company (fiber to the home)
11:47:17  <DJNekkid> and there are way to many files that are exchanged per mail...
11:47:52  <Ammler> you might also check mercurial-server
11:48:37  <Ammler> if I will have time sometime, I will hopefully make some hooks from redmine to there
11:48:40  <DJNekkid> and, if we ever get any "bugs" we can add them, and then they are remembered...
11:49:11  <Ammler> yes, redmine is just for code mangement, the tracker is the main useage, imo.
11:49:14  <DJNekkid> for example, if some cable have been spleiced faulty we "see" it :)
11:49:21  <Ammler> isn't
11:49:50  <DJNekkid> isnt redmine the entier web interface?
12:55:50  <DJNekkid> did i fall out?
12:57:55  <Ammler> DJNekkid: It is
12:58:07  <Ammler> but mercurial isn't part of redmine
12:58:18  <Ammler> redmine does only read there...
12:58:48  <DJNekkid> thats what i thought :)
13:00:51  <DJNekkid> do yo think it would be hard, for me, to setup such a server?
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15:15:28  <MrN> is the Autostart dev in here?
15:15:46  <MrN> if so, maybe he could disable patching by default and make TYPE="svn" the default, too? :)
15:16:06  <planetmaker> he probably could ;-) ^^ Ammler
15:16:31  <planetmaker> MrN, but you could modify your ps.conf also accordingly.
15:19:02  <MrN> planetmaker: there is no option for that. and the ps.tmpl can very well have sane defaults :)
15:20:12  <planetmaker> MrN, you have a ps.tmpl. Copy that to ps.conf and then edit it accordingly
15:20:15  <planetmaker> you have that option.
15:20:25  <MrN> planetmaker: which is what i am doing
15:20:30  <planetmaker> and?
15:21:02  <MrN> and now i'm setting CONFIGUREARGS="--prefix-dir=/usr" because my data files are in /usr/share/games/openttd
15:21:20  <planetmaker> eh? That doesn't matter at all, I think
15:21:30  <MrN> well, it doesn't find my data files.
15:21:48  <planetmaker> that's nothing to do with compiling, I think.
15:21:50  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: New Monorail & Maglev TrainSet - Feature #567: Transrapid 09 - CODE @ (by lawton27)
15:22:09  <planetmaker> The easiest way, I still say, is to put the data files in ~/.openttd/data
15:22:12  <MrN> planetmaker: yes, it is. because by default it searches in /usr/local/share/games/data
15:22:20  <planetmaker> or do more than one person use your computer?
15:22:25  <MrN> well, my data is in /usr/share/games/data
15:22:40  <MrN> planetmaker: no, i didn't know that .openttd/data is possible too
15:22:47  <MrN> but now it works :(
15:22:48  <MrN> :)
15:23:02  <MrN> only NewGRF mismatch, which i can probably solve ;)
15:23:16  <planetmaker> The do-not-readme has no chapter 4.2 which does not talk about data paths.
15:26:04  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: New Monorail & Maglev TrainSet - Feature #519 (Closed): Meigs Monorail Train - Code @ (by lawton27)
15:26:04  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: New Monorail & Maglev TrainSet - Feature #567 (Closed): Transrapid 09 - CODE @ (by lawton27)
15:39:31  *** MrN is now known as MrN_
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16:12:17  <planetmaker> MrN_ check svn r737 of autostart
16:14:35  <MrN_> planetmaker: nice
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16:18:01  <Brot6> 2cctrainset: nightly compile not needed. (r267)
16:18:01  <Brot6> firs: nightly compile not needed. (r217)
16:18:02  <Brot6> fish: nightly compile not needed. (r99)
16:18:02  <Brot6> heqs: nightly compile not needed. (r169)
16:18:03  <Brot6> nmts: update from r9 to r12, starting nightly compile
16:18:16  <Brot6> nmts: compile done (40 errors) -
16:18:16  <Brot6> opengfx: nightly compile not needed. (r200)
16:18:17  <Brot6> opensfx: nightly compile not needed. (r41)
16:18:17  <Brot6> worldairlineset: nightly compile not needed. (r532)
16:18:19  <DJ_Nekkid> shouldnt the nightly be at ... night ?
16:18:27  <planetmaker> no at 18:18h.
16:18:40  <planetmaker> that way errors can be fixed now when people are active.
16:18:59  <planetmaker> we don't start work here at 8am, but at 18h ;-)
16:18:59  <DJ_Nekkid> eveningly then :p
16:19:06  <Rubidium> it *is* night
16:19:12  <planetmaker> DJ_Nekkid, just take another time zone...
16:19:18  <DJ_Nekkid> hehe!
16:20:08  <Rubidium> and when does night start?
16:20:26  <DJ_Nekkid> at ... 22-ish
16:20:37  <DJ_Nekkid> hehe
16:20:42  <Rubidium> 1 : the time from dusk to dawn when no sunlight is visible
16:20:52  <Rubidium> ^ says the dictionary
16:21:08  <DJ_Nekkid> quite true :)
16:21:18  <DJ_Nekkid> i hope its not dark where you live :)
16:22:36  <planetmaker> I hope the sun is 50% of the time (over a year) below horizon where I live ;-)
16:23:10  <DJ_Nekkid> that would probably be quite slightly...
16:23:36  <DJ_Nekkid> if so to begin with
16:23:51  <planetmaker> your sentences don't parse ;-)
16:24:18  <Webster> Latest update from trac: Revision 737: Fix: Default type='svn' and no patch <>
16:24:22  <Rubidium> A nightly build is a neutral build that takes place automatically. These typically take place when no one is likely to be working in the office so that there are no changes to the source code during the build. The results of the build are inspected by the arriving programmers, who generally place a priority on ensuring the recent changes to the source code have not broken the build process or functionality of the software.
16:25:11  <Rubidium> interpret "not at the office" as "cooking/eating dinner"
16:25:17  <planetmaker> so... at 20h CE(S)T all of you devs go for dinner ;-)
16:25:43  <Rubidium> some of companies do a 'nightly' during lunchtime and over night
16:26:23  <Rubidium> well, OTTD's nightly's time is kinda strange :)
16:26:36  <DJ_Nekkid> hehe
16:26:52  <Rubidium> it is/was the time that most devs were online, cause they binaries were not all compiled automatically
16:27:02  <Rubidium> anyhow, we didn't change much after that
16:29:42  <Rubidium> except that now everything happens automatically
16:29:47  <Rubidium> and the time was kept
16:29:55  <Rubidium> and we never had any real problems with the time
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17:04:10  <MrN_> !password
17:04:25  <MrN_> oh wrong channel
17:05:01  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: New Monorail & Maglev TrainSet - Feature #512: MLX01 @ (by lawton27)
17:13:44  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 533: Added MD's 82 pcx files @ (by Frank)
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17:18:07  <DJ_Nekkid> Rubidium: what i asked the other day, but i think got lost in ... the chat :)
17:18:13  <DJ_Nekkid>
17:18:28  <DJ_Nekkid> is parameter 3 and 4 possible w/o adding the gfx to the set itself?
17:19:35  <Rubidium> no, but then IIRC you can't have monorail and maglev trains in a single set. Anyhow, my NewGRF knowledge is quite limited
17:19:58  <DJ_Nekkid> sure you can :)
17:20:07  <DJ_Nekkid> atleast in openttd
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19:11:25  <andythenorth> evening
19:12:50  <andythenorth> planetmaker: I've unlocked my FISH repo.
19:13:01  <planetmaker> :-)
19:13:04  <planetmaker> how did you manage?
19:13:32  <andythenorth> removed the store/lock and wlock files in .hg
19:13:41  <planetmaker> :-)
19:13:42  <andythenorth> so the repo isn't broken
19:13:48  <planetmaker> and all is fine now? Good!
19:13:49  <andythenorth> but my code is still missing in action
19:14:07  <planetmaker> for future reference: if you want an earlier revision: don't have uncommited stuff in the repo
19:14:15  *** DJNekkid has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
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19:14:21  <planetmaker> it avoids these kind of problems.
19:14:21  <andythenorth> I had committed the changes.  I checked that
19:14:35  <planetmaker> well. Then tip has those changes....
19:14:38  <andythenorth> I can fix the problem with copy and paste, but I don't like being a hg dumbass
19:14:48  <planetmaker> andythenorth, what does hg heads tell you?
19:14:57  <andythenorth> pdq2s-macbook-3:fish_build andy$ hg heads
19:14:57  <andythenorth> changeset:   100:2d0c50b4d15f
19:14:58  <andythenorth> tag:         tip
19:14:58  <andythenorth> user:        andythenorth
19:14:58  <andythenorth> date:        Wed Sep 09 20:09:07 2009 +0100
19:14:58  <andythenorth> summary:     meta
19:15:03  <andythenorth> tip is r100
19:15:10  <andythenorth> my changes can be seen on devzone for r99
19:15:15  <andythenorth> so I can revert to r99?
19:15:23  <planetmaker> you want it un-done?
19:15:51  <andythenorth> I want my local repo to match r99 on the devzone
19:16:18  <planetmaker> so, you have additional stuff commited, which is (not yet) on the devzone?
19:16:35  <andythenorth> no, I just lost work somewhere
19:16:48  <andythenorth> everything I need is on the devzone, but has gone missing in my local repo
19:16:56  <andythenorth> (due to my own actions of course)
19:18:07  <planetmaker> then hg pull -u
19:18:18  <planetmaker> just get the devzone's repo
19:18:32  <planetmaker> but... you have r100 and devzone r99, right?
19:18:41  <planetmaker> what about hg rollback then?
19:20:30  <andythenorth> rollback looks...scary.  hg revert -r99 --all has restored my 'missing' code.  Drama over :P
19:20:52  <andythenorth> (round of applause for hg)
19:21:12  <planetmaker> :-)
19:29:57  <andythenorth> planetmaker: I have a make request which may turn out to be far too much work
19:30:31  <andythenorth> I am running two 'versions' of FISH.  A release with minimal ships, and a dev version with all ships.
19:30:55  <andythenorth> Making these is a little fiddly
19:31:10  <andythenorth> As is testing them
19:31:15  <planetmaker> so... another repo?
19:31:28  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FISH - Revision 100: meta @ (by andythenorth)
19:31:28  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FISH - Revision 101: meta: repo shenanigans @ (by andythenorth)
19:31:34  <andythenorth> nope, just thinking of a make solution
19:31:38  <planetmaker> ah.
19:31:58  <andythenorth> I need to build the same pnfo files for all the ships, but a different fish.pnfo
19:32:03  <andythenorth> and a different grf ID
19:32:24  <planetmaker> you can work with #ifdef release <code> #endif
19:32:31  <andythenorth> ooh
19:32:53  <planetmaker> or whatever you wish to define as token instead of release
19:33:01  <andythenorth> shiny
19:33:01  <planetmaker> I haven't tested it, but it *should* work
19:33:05  <andythenorth> if I can understand it
19:33:33  <andythenorth>
19:33:35  <Webster> Title: The ifdef Directive (at
19:33:58  <planetmaker> hm... but... it would probably still need some adjustment to the makefile.
19:34:09  <planetmaker> Because it's otherwise always defined or always not defined.
19:34:54  <andythenorth> interesting problem?
19:35:17  <andythenorth> I am going to be shuffling this a lot - FISH will be quite big, and players like releases....without boxes :)
19:35:27  <planetmaker> andythenorth, yeah, something like that will need to include a file which defines release or not. And then you can guard the appropriate parts in the code by the #ifdef ... #endif
19:35:59  <planetmaker> ok, understand. so... basically it could be tied to make release vs. make ?
19:36:08  <planetmaker> so nightlies with boxes, but releases without?
19:36:15  <andythenorth> nightlies with boxes yes.
19:36:25  <andythenorth> only go for release if I do something like 'make release'
19:36:28  <planetmaker> if that's fine, it should be minimal work (for me) ;-)
19:36:36  <andythenorth> and some work for me
19:36:39  <andythenorth> which is nice
19:36:59  <planetmaker> well. You'll have to know what to not use for releases.
19:37:13  <planetmaker> So you'd probably rather use #ifndef release ... #endif
19:37:32  <andythenorth> yes
19:37:46  <planetmaker> ok. Let me get home, let me check if my snow leopard still likes fish and then I can give it a shot.
19:37:55  <andythenorth> no snow leopard for me
19:37:59  <andythenorth> breaks things
19:38:10  <planetmaker> I bought a new HD. So I have both.
19:38:21  <planetmaker> 10.4 on external HD now, 10.6 on internal
19:38:36  <planetmaker> makes migration easy :-)
19:38:58  <andythenorth> ;)
19:39:27  <planetmaker> and it's easy to boot from external HD, if needed for testing or whatever. So yes, nice :-)
19:55:56  <Frankr> planetmaker: PuttyGen did come with TortoiseHg didn't it?
19:56:19  <DJNekkid> it does
19:57:42  <Frankr> thanks
19:57:42  <Frankr> just checking cos faddy says he doesn't have it but had dowloaded Tortoise Hg
19:57:42  <Frankr> he's redownloading it
20:04:17  <Frankr> Guys
20:04:44  <Frankr> Do you know that the latest verion of Tortoise does not have the PuttyGen.exe
20:09:14  <Rubidium> has tortoise ever had putty?
20:10:22  <Frankr> Well that is where i thought i got mine
20:10:58  <Rubidium> oh, it's in the release notes
20:11:01  <Frankr> DJNekkid, or Rubidium or planetmaker do you have authority to add public keys
20:11:34  <Rubidium> I have the authority, but probably not in the place where you'd want them to be :)
20:11:47  <Frankr> :)
20:12:02  <Frankr> is it managers who have the authority?
20:12:16  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 534: Added the MD82 and made necessary changes @ (by Frank)
20:17:22  *** Faddypainter has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
20:17:27  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Faddypainter
20:17:44  <Frankr> Faddypainter: welcome
20:18:02  <Faddypainter> hi frank
20:18:22  <Frankr> right, DJNekkid are you there
20:24:23  <DJNekkid> what? :)
20:25:09  <Frankr> who has the authority to make public keys?
20:25:22  <DJNekkid> everyone :)
20:26:25  <Frankr> how do we add it to the worldairlineset repo, bare in mind 've never done this before
20:26:40  <Faddypainter> i think he means add :)
20:26:55  <DJNekkid> planetmaker and Ammler
20:27:11  <Frankr> lol
20:27:22  <Frankr> i knew it would be them 2
20:27:33  <DJNekkid> unless you want to edit it, you can download it via http
20:27:46  <planetmaker> :-)
20:27:48  <DJNekkid> and then no key is needed
20:28:10  <Frankr> yay planetmaker
20:28:33  <Frankr> faddypainter meet planetmaker
20:28:38  <planetmaker> salut
20:28:48  <Faddypainter> hi
20:28:50  <Frankr> anyway how do we add this key to WAS
20:29:17  <planetmaker> paste the public key somewhere or upload the file so I can put it there
20:30:04  <Faddypainter> oh damn, its lost in the depth of my D: drive
20:30:33  <planetmaker> lol
20:30:37  <Faddypainter> not the .ppk file is it?
20:30:49  <planetmaker> not the private key, no
20:31:01  <Faddypainter> lets try search:)
20:31:07  <planetmaker> usually they're called *.pub or so.
20:31:40  <Faddypainter> found it
20:31:58  <Faddypainter> shall i paste it here?
20:32:15  <planetmaker> whereever "there" is.
20:32:26  <planetmaker> or is what I use
20:32:48  <planetmaker> oh here != there :-P
20:33:03  <planetmaker> here the lines are too short
20:33:05  <Faddypainter> its neither here nor ther
20:34:10  <Faddypainter>
20:34:15  <Faddypainter> there we go
20:35:06  <planetmaker> hm... did you add line breaks?
20:35:33  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
20:36:09  <Faddypainter> to what? the mercurial config?
20:36:21  <planetmaker> no, to the key. well. Let's see
20:39:00  <planetmaker> Faddypainter: let's see whether it worked
20:39:10  <Frankr> planetmaker do you need me to do anything
20:39:24  <DJNekkid> get nekkid!
20:39:25  <planetmaker> Frankr: you: not necessarily.
20:39:53  <Frankr> :), ok
20:39:59  <planetmaker> you might also grant him visually the power which he now actually has - if not already done.
20:40:02  <Frankr> :)
20:40:13  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
20:40:18  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v andythenorth
20:40:28  <planetmaker> Faddypainter: can you edit the hgrc of your WAS?
20:40:33  <planetmaker> .hg/hgrc ?
20:40:52  <Faddypainter> ill try
20:41:17  <planetmaker> I mean not the general mercurial.ini though. Each repo has its own config, too. Might be called slightly different on win than .hg/hgrc
20:41:24  <planetmaker> it's editable in a plain text editor.
20:42:42  <Faddypainter> hold on. Ive been postponing a reboot ever since i reinstalled tortioseHg :)
20:42:55  <planetmaker> :-)
20:42:59  <Faddypainter> be back in a sec
20:43:08  <planetmaker> sec is over :-P
20:43:20  <Frankr> ;)
20:45:19  *** Faddypainter has quit IRC
20:52:25  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
20:55:15  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
20:55:20  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v andythenorth
21:01:17  <planetmaker> sorry... dead tired.
21:01:21  <planetmaker> I'm off to bed
21:01:27  <planetmaker> <-- Frankr
21:01:41  <Frankr> yh
21:01:45  <planetmaker> that way the repo-specific config file should look like
21:01:51  <planetmaker> (or contain that)
21:02:02  <planetmaker> you can give that link as reference to faddypainter
21:02:09  *** Faddypainter has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:02:12  <planetmaker> :-)
21:02:13  <Frankr> lol
21:02:14  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Faddypainter
21:02:16  <planetmaker> speaking of the devil
21:02:18  <Faddypainter> ah
21:02:20  <planetmaker> <--
21:02:37  <Faddypainter> i ended up with 2 tortoises on my windows shell
21:02:40  <planetmaker> the .hg/hgrc should look similar to that.
21:02:54  <Faddypainter> so i uninstalled, which required another reboot
21:02:56  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
21:03:12  <Faddypainter> now i have to reinstall, and hopefully only get one, and reboot angain
21:03:28  <planetmaker> remember that link :-)
21:03:39  <Faddypainter> ok
21:03:40  <planetmaker> or save its contents. I'm off now for today :-)
21:04:43  <planetmaker> you might try, if you only use one line in the [path] section, though
21:05:13  <planetmaker> default = ssh://
21:05:33  <planetmaker> then the test whether the key works can also already be done with the try to checkout the was repo
21:06:17  *** Faddypainter has quit IRC
21:10:31  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:10:36  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v andythenorth
21:17:08  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Revision 535: Fix #553, Header Changed @ (by Frank)
21:17:08  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: World Airliners Set - Bug #553 (Closed): Change Header @ (by Frank)
21:17:19  <planetmaker> andythenorth: I'll not get it done today, though. but it's a good idea and I'll see that I get it implemented for fish
21:17:29  <planetmaker> first I need new nforenum + grfcodec :-)
21:17:35  <planetmaker> 64bit is not 32 bit.
21:17:42  <andythenorth> thanks :)
21:18:19  <Rubidium> it can't run the 32 bits version?
21:18:43  <Rubidium> and why 64 bits? :)
21:18:50  <Rubidium> is it really faster?
21:19:00  <planetmaker> Rubidium: 10.6 is a 64 bit OS.
21:19:15  <planetmaker> so... that's default I guess.
21:19:36  <planetmaker> I haven't yet done speed tests
21:20:07  <Rubidium> :)
21:20:08  <Webster> Title: Mac Dev Center: 64-Bit Transition Guide: Should You Recompile Your Software as a 64-Bit Executable? (at
21:20:12  <planetmaker> it can run 32bit binaries, yes
21:20:37  <planetmaker> but not those which are partly 32 and partly 64 bit due to a half-compile :-P
21:21:10  <Rubidium> you know 64 bits OpenTTD doesn't have QuickTime?
21:21:46  <andythenorth> planetmaker: you can run apps in 32 bit mode...
21:21:57  <planetmaker> ...? quicktime & openttd sound like two distinclty different things
21:22:09  <planetmaker> andythenorth: yes, I can. But I want to be able to compile them anyway
21:22:13  <andythenorth> I was thinking about renum and grfcoded
21:22:15  <andythenorth> codec
21:22:18  <planetmaker> and I had an older renum only
21:22:27  <Rubidium> planetmaker: OpenTTD uses QuickTime for (some) audio playback
21:22:29  <planetmaker> not the latest bug fixes in r2198
21:22:41  <planetmaker> Rubidium: ah. I always play w/o sound ;-)
21:22:45  <planetmaker> or mostly.
21:22:45  <andythenorth> that reminds me I need to get a new renum one day
21:22:59  <Rubidium> andythenorth: what prevents you from doing that?
21:23:09  <Rubidium> fear of starting a web browser?
21:23:12  <planetmaker> it's free for download
21:23:16  <andythenorth> what's that word?  effort?
21:23:21  <andythenorth> fear of change?
21:23:27  <andythenorth> fear of work?
21:26:36  <Frankr> :)
21:27:11  <Rubidium> taking an effort to find the right word...
21:27:17  <Rubidium> chaning the topic of the channel
21:27:29  <Rubidium> working on excuses why not to update
21:27:52  <Rubidium> kinda negates all your "excuses"
21:28:45  <planetmaker> andythenorth: Rubidium 's binaries are also "better" than mine :-)
21:29:01  <planetmaker> they have the advantage to actually work for people who are not me.
21:29:26  <andythenorth> that would indeed be useful
21:29:26  <Rubidium> and they are linked in Dalestan's sig
21:29:44  <planetmaker> ^^ I missed that
21:39:08  <DJNekkid> where are the nightly stuff?
21:39:48  <planetmaker> for grfs and for openttd / nforenum / grfcodec
21:40:40  *** Rubidium has quit IRC
21:43:35  <andythenorth> bye
21:44:15  <DJNekkid> ty
21:44:59  <Frankr> cya
21:48:04  <planetmaker> there he goes
21:48:10  <planetmaker> good night (again)
21:48:15  <Frankr> :)
21:54:37  *** andythenorth has left #openttdcoop.devzone
22:03:34  *** ODM has quit IRC
22:08:40  *** DJNekkid has quit IRC
22:09:02  *** Mark has quit IRC
22:12:11  *** Mark has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
22:12:11  *** sets mode: +v Mark
22:45:43  *** Frankr has quit IRC
22:46:51  *** Frankr has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
22:46:56  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Frankr
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