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02:47:44  <dragonhorseboy> hey
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12:01:24  <dragonhorseboy> hey
12:04:46  <andythenorth> hi
12:05:52  <dragonhorseboy> hey ;)
12:06:14  <dragonhorseboy> banging your head on more FIRS difficulity or doing something else for a change now? hehe :)
12:12:08  <andythenorth> dragonhorseboy: reading trunk, trying to figure out some patches..  Have you got your forum login yet?
12:14:46  <dragonhorseboy> I think the forum record's dead for certain, two requests and no automated reply .. so waiting for the weekday to figure out sharing an email account temporately for me to decide what new forum nick to sign up with
12:20:22  <dragonhorseboy> would ask someone else to try the sendpassword to check that its not just my account but dunno if that seem like a dumb request :p
12:44:43  <dragonhorseboy> andythenorth you mentioned some of your remaining tasks with FIRS was regarding to cargo chains .. care to tell me about any of them? (I can't find any reports on the dev page)
12:45:07  <andythenorth> dragonhorseboy: can't remember! sorry
12:45:15  <dragonhorseboy> its ok ;)
12:45:22  <dragonhorseboy> if you do and I'm here another time..just shoot it off :)
12:49:38  <dragonhorseboy> it'll be interesting to see the complete 'winterizing' of FIRS but I'll wait for all the bugs and so to be fixed out first considering not all players play temperate with any snowlines :)
12:54:53  <dragonhorseboy> oh and re that screenshot of your ottd folder before .. I actually started looking at ottd with 0.4.7 as far as I can recall
12:55:04  <dragonhorseboy> way pre-customindustrysupport naturally :)
12:55:36  <dragonhorseboy> I think it was like 0.7 or close that finally started having some support wasn't it?
12:57:22  <Rubidium> more like 0.6
12:57:42  <dragonhorseboy> oh ok
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13:29:07  <PeterT> Hello Ammler
13:29:13  <PeterT> shall I seed that torrent/
13:31:31  <PeterT> Ammler?
13:31:56  <dragonhorseboy> I'm not sure that user can wake off the keyboard yet :P
13:32:00  <dragonhorseboy> heh
13:32:09  <PeterT> he's active in #opentttdcoop
13:32:23  <dragonhorseboy> ah
13:34:52  <Ammler> Hello guys :-)
13:35:01  <PeterT> hi Ammler
13:35:17  <Ammler> PeterT: I don't care, it doesn't look like he is interested in using alternative services.
13:35:28  <PeterT> Ah, ok ;-)
13:35:50  <Ammler> the server does seed it, so you have max speed anyway ;-)
13:36:13  <Ammler> do you have ratio >0 already?
13:36:54  <PeterT> hmm?
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15:06:15  <PeterT> I must say Ammler, I have not seen a bad post from you
15:07:05  <Ammler> he?
15:07:35  <Ammler> what have I broken? :-)
15:07:39  <PeterT> on tt-forums
15:09:14  <Ammler> lol, a lot bad English ;-)
15:09:37  <PeterT> No, not really
15:13:10  <andythenorth> Ammler: what was your bananas improvement suggestion?
15:20:06  <Ammler> andythenorth: the total count to the public page:
15:20:35  <Ammler> now it does only show the release count
15:21:19  <Ammler> but also then, old newgrfs are in front, so my second thought is something like a monthly count.
15:22:32  <Ammler> trash the 2nd thought, but take the first serious :-)
15:23:30  <Ammler> the website is only for curiosity, you don't chose downloads there, you do that with the content service and there you have again another sorting.
15:24:19  <Ammler> but on the webpage, newgrfs which updates get automatically "penalties" :-)
15:24:25  <Ammler> with*
15:25:43  <PeterT> Ammler :-(  >
15:25:45  <Webster> Title: Transport Tycoon Forums • View topic - [Patch] Watch Other Companies GUI (at
15:26:37  <Ammler> PeterT: you like to revert your statement 20 minutes ago?
15:26:45  <Ammler> :-D
15:27:03  <PeterT> Ammler: No, you have good posts
15:27:09  <PeterT> I don't agree with that one though
15:28:44  <Ammler> dunno, did you ever participate in the #coopetition game?
15:29:35  <PeterT> no, not yet
15:29:43  <PeterT> can you explain why you think it's cheatish?
15:29:53  <Ammler>
15:30:20  <PeterT> so, what about it?
15:30:38  <Ammler> if I could watch my opponents what they are doing, e.g. "stealing" from the factory I supply goods etc.
15:31:03  <Ammler> else it could take some time until I see that.
15:31:20  <PeterT> so what?
15:31:43  <Ammler> you should not be able to watch others companies as player.
15:32:05  <PeterT> in a normal version, no
15:32:42  <Ammler> Well, I am quite sure, there will be a MP patch pack with this patch for 1.0
15:33:02  <PeterT> yes, Bilbo's pack?
15:33:14  <Ammler> e.g.
15:33:31  <Ammler> hmm? :-)
15:33:57  <Ammler> for example, doesn't matter who makes it, but someone will do such a release, I am quite sure.
15:34:01  <Ammler> which isn't bad.
15:34:15  <PeterT> yes
15:35:29  <Ammler> It looks like the only solution against this patch is to allow it and provide binaries.
15:35:52  <PeterT> I don't see how that is a solution against the patch
15:36:11  <Ammler> that's the point :'-(
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18:24:11  <PeterT> Ammler?
18:24:13  <Webster> Latest update from devactivity: #openttdcoop - Feature #583 (Rejected): Distro change (CentOS 5) <>
18:25:15  <PeterT> how do you use the bouncer here?
18:25:49  <Ammler> you mean the webchat for the bouncer?
18:25:56  <PeterT> I'm not sure
18:25:57  <Ammler> I run a 2nd instance of ti
18:26:00  <PeterT>
18:26:10  <PeterT> so if I want to be online without my computer being online
18:26:42  <Ammler> well, we ofter that service to members
18:26:52  <Ammler> it is
18:27:31  <Ammler> my IRC server is instead of
18:27:50  <Ammler> and openttdcoop is permanently connected
18:27:57  <PeterT> so is free?
18:28:03  <PeterT> permanent? that doesnt' sound good
18:28:48  <Ammler> well, that is the idea of the bouncer
18:29:05  <Ammler> to have one stable connection to this channels
18:29:32  <PeterT> what if I want the bouncer to disconnect, so I can use my regular client?
18:29:35  <Ammler> well, it is free for members :-)
18:29:52  <Ammler> the bouncer isn't a client
18:30:00  <Ammler> it is just something like a proxy
18:30:19  <Ammler> I guess, there exist wiki articels about it ;-)
18:30:40  <Ammler> I still use a "normal" irc client
18:30:41  <PeterT> I thought a bouncer is something like a client that stays connected for you while you are not online
18:31:36  <Ammler> that is a silly setup of some, they run a client on a server and connect to this server
18:31:41  <Ammler> console irc
18:31:51  <Ammler> e.g. irssi
18:31:58  <Ammler> or something
18:32:28  <Ammler> I call that "pseudo bouncer" ;-)
18:32:47  <KenjiE20> 'proxy'
18:34:36  <Ammler> he, KenjiE20 is one those :-P
18:35:17  <KenjiE20> weechat >>>> irrsi though
18:35:17  <Ammler> quite a recent irc client you run...
18:35:55  <KenjiE20> yea, .3.1.1 was a bug fix
18:36:06  <KenjiE20> .3.1 wasn't that long ago either, though
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19:21:58  <PeterT> Hello, GT, GeekToo
19:22:20  <Ammler> GT, key is installed...
19:22:29  <Ammler> what kind of VCS do you prefer?
19:26:14  <Webster> Latest update from devactivity: Redmine - Revision 3212: Refactor: Pull up several #find_project methods to ApplicationController <>
19:38:43  <GT> Ammler: hg or svn
19:38:52  <PeterT> svn!!
19:41:19  <Ammler> GT: Mercurial is our favorite
19:41:44  <Ammler> you get most support with it, svn is no real issue either.
19:42:00  <Ammler> git you would need to support yourself ;-)
19:42:12  <Ammler> but the DevZone has git support.
19:42:50  <GT> Mercurial is perfectly fine with me, when you prefer that/ are most familiar with
19:42:52  <Ammler> GT: HG is the easiest to "Fork", which is very helpful
19:43:36  <Ammler> if you already have a HG repository, you could clone it to our server
19:43:54  <Ammler> name it the same as the identifier of the project
19:45:03  <GT> Not yet, but that should not be too hard
19:49:01  <Ammler> if it is, create the project and I will initialize the repo on the server so you can clone
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20:10:49  <GT> hg clone 32bpp ssh://
20:10:49  <GT> Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).
20:10:49  <GT> abort: could not create remote repo!
20:11:08  <GT> or should I use GeekToo@.....
20:11:25  <GT> Actually, tried that, and did not work either
20:12:09  <Ammler> hmm, where do you have that address from?
20:12:22  <Ammler> isn't active yet.
20:13:04  <Ammler> you really like to make a project called 32bpp?
20:13:13  <Ammler> isn't that a bit too generic?
20:14:01  <Ammler> I had in mind to use that project as portal for subprojects
20:21:28  <GT>
20:21:45  <GT> Right, I'll reconsider the name
20:22:21  <GT> one of the subprojecte will be 32bpp_extra ( for the newgrf to be used for the extra sprites)
20:26:00  <Ammler> I would use - instead _
20:26:17  <Ammler> better for links
20:27:05  <Ammler> yes, New location isn't in use yet.
20:28:01  <Ammler> how did you get that link?
20:28:17  <GT> See above, link on the wiki
20:28:38  <Ammler> yeah, but :-)
20:29:03  <Ammler> that wiki page is nowhere linked, is it?
20:29:34  <GT>
20:29:40  <Ammler> well, the curent ssh url is ssh://<project>
20:42:53  <GT> Ok,
20:43:26  <GT> Well, howto create a subproject? I can create a new project, but can I assign the parent?
20:47:02  <Ammler> <-- it should have a "create subproject" right above
20:47:21  <Ammler> (
20:47:50  <Ammler> I would be able to reassign, if needed.
20:47:52  <PeterT> I think it is time for me to register on the #openttdcoop devzone :-)
20:48:09  <Ammler> you have project?
20:48:13  <Ammler> or a bug?
20:48:15  <Ammler> :-)
20:48:22  <Ammler> or a patch :-)
20:48:26  <PeterT> no, none
20:48:36  <PeterT> login doesn't work now :-(
20:48:46  <Ammler> login?
20:49:42  <PeterT> trying to login?
20:50:01  <Ammler>
20:53:19  <Ammler> hehe, GT, you like to time track?
20:58:14  <GT> time track?
20:58:23  <Ammler> never mind then
20:58:32  <Ammler> was just activated per default
20:59:18  <Ammler> reassigned to 32bpp
20:59:22  <GT> well, the direct link did work, but I don't think it created a subproject, admin help may be needed, button create subproject is not present
20:59:26  <Ammler> did you use my link above?
20:59:45  <Ammler> with parent_id
20:59:59  <GT> clone the repo: Illegal command 'hg init hg-repos/32bpp-extra'
21:00:05  <GT> ssh connect did work thoug
21:00:17  <Ammler> you need to  clone
21:00:18  <GT> yes, with parent id
21:00:49  <GT> I did clone: hg clone 32bpp-extra ssh://
21:00:58  <Ammler> didn't work?
21:01:31  <Ammler> hmm, then do cd 32bpp-extra first
21:01:53  <GT> Nope, connection fine: The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
21:01:53  <GT> RSA key fingerprint is 5f:2c:03:02:ff:02:e8:2b:7e:7a:a1:a3:9d:bd:f0:e7.
21:01:53  <GT> Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? y
21:01:53  <GT> Please type 'yes' or 'no': yes
21:01:53  <GT> Warning: Permanently added '' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
21:02:25  <GT> but then : Illegal command 'hg init hg-repos/32bpp-extra'
21:02:25  <GT> abort: could not create remote repo!
21:02:40  <Ammler> hmm, I thought, that is possible
21:03:53  <GT> Well, I guess you have to set it up on your side then, then I'll clone to my side
21:04:34  <Ammler> I need to test that furth
21:04:36  <Ammler> er
21:04:46  <Ammler> seems to be a permission issue
21:05:30  <Ammler> GT: Repo is there, please clone
21:06:21  <Ammler> http read access:
21:06:34  <Ammler> for the public :-)
21:13:30  <GT> OK, thanks, that did work, I'm off now, trying to fill it with something usefull
21:13:54  <Ammler> you are welcome :-)
21:15:03  <Ammler> GT, maybe also a small patch for openttd and your openttd-ezl to load that grf automatically, when 32bpp is enabled
21:15:58  <Ammler> still have no idea, what the "official" develper thinks about.
21:20:26  <GT> Well, it does make sense to me, then again, I'm off course in no way official
21:22:38  <Ammler> yeah, that is what I mean, would be nice to have some "official" support in that extra grf issue, else you will have to renumber again and again...
21:23:44  <Ammler> (nothing to do with ezl)
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