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01:46:02  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3610:4077646b2219: Ignore rubinius .rbc files (edavis10) @
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15:41:54  <Brot6> NFO Meta Language - Revision 266:7b0574488407: Fix: Spelling of 'unkown' => 'unknown' (Hirundo) @
15:50:18  <Yexo> why did I do that wrong so consistently?
15:55:02  <Ammler> that is at least no typo :-P
17:24:50  <Hirundo> Yexo: Do you know about the application 'beveiligd toetsen' (supposed to provide a secure environment for tests)
17:25:48  <Yexo> never used it
17:28:30  <Hirundo> We had to use it today, the program comes from the tu/e so I thought you might know
17:29:32  <Hirundo> The security (it won an award for this!)  is non-existent, btw :P
17:30:32  <Yexo> I've heard a few not so positive stories about it ,but no personal experience here
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18:29:16  <Brot6> NFO Meta Language - Revision 267:788332f7fa2a: Add: Regression test for grf deactivation (ActionE). (Hirundo) @
18:48:24  <Brot6> NFO Meta Language - Revision 268:1f6122ce218e: Add: Regression test for grf-triggered error messa... (Hirundo) @
19:01:23  <planetmaker> hi
19:01:26  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ - Bug #992 (Closed): climates are a bitmask (planetmaker) @
19:09:28  <Hirundo> hi pm
19:09:55  <Hirundo> mind me re-using some opengfx+ graphics / nml for regression tests?
19:11:41  <planetmaker> of course not :-)
19:12:09  <planetmaker> (and even if, you could ;-) )
19:12:15  <planetmaker> the joy of GPL
19:12:57  <planetmaker> hm, I'll be online exactly another 45 minutes :-)
19:13:12  <planetmaker> most over-priced internet here ever :S
19:14:01  <planetmaker> 5€ for two hours
19:15:25  <Hirundo> sources are pcx-only, no png?
19:16:43  <planetmaker> in OpenGFX: yes
19:16:55  <planetmaker> it runs using grfcodec which is quite limited there ;-)
19:17:20  <planetmaker> if you want png sources, use OpenGFX+ and SwedishRails
19:17:51  <Hirundo> I'd like both pcx and png to allow good testing
19:18:00  <planetmaker> OpenGFX might have some images sources as png, but they're only the source of the images, but not in a sense that pcx is automatically generated
19:18:29  <planetmaker> if you like both (same?) graphics: just save a pcx as png or vice versa.
19:19:32  <planetmaker> mind, if you do use a png from OpenGFX: it might not be properly paletted.
19:20:19  <Hirundo> <- templates have extremely useful arguments :P
19:21:24  <Yexo> lol
19:21:50  <planetmaker> :-)
19:22:23  <planetmaker> yes, they do... I wrote that when there was not the possibility to have no argument
19:23:01  <planetmaker> I pondered whether I want to use the arguments... I might at a later stage.
19:23:12  <planetmaker> but it wasn't yet required
19:23:54  <planetmaker> Hirundo: I do have here an uncommited piece with template regression testing...
19:24:22  <Hirundo> H
19:24:31  <Hirundo> I'll refrain from working on that, then
19:26:16  <planetmaker> well... I don't mind, if you're now on it:
19:27:21  <planetmaker> but question: the png / pcx: should each test have its own image file(s)?
19:27:24  <planetmaker> or one for all?
19:28:01  <Yexo> what about 1 image file per feature? ie one for a train ,one for an industry etc. ?
19:28:20  <Yexo> it's a waste to copy the same image files over and over, so all test should use the same graphics imo
19:28:37  <planetmaker> it doesn't even need to be a useful image
19:28:45  <planetmaker> no problem to just add in regression tests funky boxes
19:29:14  <planetmaker> my test.png in above's paste is a black box, replacing rain and road sprite in the toolbar
19:29:22  <planetmaker> s/rain/rail/
19:29:32  <planetmaker> (too much rain around Brussels right now)
19:30:47  <planetmaker> <-- my funky test png :-P
19:31:18  <planetmaker> but real graphics might be nicer, no question :-)
19:56:10  <planetmaker> well... have a good rest of the week, folks :-)
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19:58:25  <Hirundo> have fun
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20:02:45  <Brot6> NFO Meta Language - Revision 260:99884e2ab70f: Codechange: Add wrapper classes for identifiers an... (Hirundo) @
20:02:45  <Brot6> NFO Meta Language - Revision 269:b10a64c60ffc: Add: Regression test for a simple vehicle, which c... (Hirundo) @
20:04:09  <Yexo> why is Brot6 reporting r260?
20:07:44  <Ammler> because it somehow changed the order, it does cache feeds and annouces changes
20:08:01  <Ammler> silly is, why now
20:34:42  <Ammler> guys, how id python command to save pid of a script?
20:34:56  <Ammler> s/id/is/
21:15:10  <Ammler> Hirundo: we have now seconds in the redmine time too
21:15:23  <Ammler> so feel free to make multiple commits in same minute again :-P
21:21:55  <Brot6> NFO Meta Language - Revision 263:7d2a64bb096d: Use the wrapper classes for strings in the action ... (Hirundo) @
21:22:56  <Hirundo> Brot6 is doing its magic again
21:26:33  <Ammler> hehe, that doesn't happen anymore
21:26:50  <Ammler> but I don't think, we need to refetch the old data
21:30:14  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3753:08badbf97f27: Ignore rubinius .rbc files (edavis10@e93f8b46-1217-0410-a6f0-8f06a7374b81) @
21:30:14  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3768:0869bd8e6586: repository: catch CommandFailed during bulk fetch_changesets ( @
21:30:14  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3763:dc9d1bdf1479: helper: use scmid for "commit:xxx" link if available ( @
21:30:16  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3764:4bb40393f25b: changeset: prefer hash id than revision number for auto-clo... ( @
21:30:20  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3757:7ca78ee2e87a: Change template keyword 'isodate' to 'isodatesec'. (Toshi MARUYAMA) @
21:30:26  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3758:967b9eede7d6: git: preserve commit order as possible when inserting to da... ( @
21:30:30  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3765:fb9eee5389a2: activity: use scmid and format_revision if possible ( @
21:31:46  <Ammler> hmm, should I sorry about that?
21:37:33  <Brot6> Redmine HG Patch Queue - Revision 111:704f8f9d187f: purge my settings (Yuya Nishihara) @
21:37:33  <Brot6> Redmine HG Patch Queue - Revision 112:7fca826fbad2: completely fix postgres' issue (Yuya Nishihara) @
21:39:19  <Ammler> the redmine is also a good example, how to manage patch queues with different branches, different series, etc.
21:42:09  <Ammler> he issue, why the new HGRedmine didn't work was because of mercurial 1.3.1
21:42:17  <Ammler> udpated now to 1.5.4
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22:04:20  <Brot6> test: abort: push creates new remote heads on branch 'default'!
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