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02:45:38  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3819: Add some tests for User#try_to_login with LDAP. #5592 (edavis10) @
02:45:38  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3820: Rename code and locale typo: Developper. #5751 (edavis10) @
02:50:49  <planetmaker> @calc 65000/3.5790976
02:50:49  <Webster> planetmaker: 18161.0003414
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03:45:38  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3821: Recalculate inherited attributes on parents when a child is moved under ... (edavis10) @
03:45:38  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3822: Fix Chrome JavaScript bug in the pop up calendar. #5769 (edavis10) @
03:45:38  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3823: Don't style lists in a project description as a sub-project. #5752 (edavis10) @
03:45:39  <Brot6> Redmine - Revision 3824: Set @project so macros will work on the welcome and project list. #5781 (edavis10) @
03:52:00  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 518:6863469dac17: Change: Rename vehicle variable or_of_bitmask t... (planetmaker) @
04:44:49  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 104:a672cd0f2a06: Add: GRFIDs of a number of road sets, preparing for th... (planetmaker) @
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07:04:47  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 105:1c50f48c2a5b: Change: Default header was missing in one file (planetmaker) @
07:06:55  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 519:33a9b6f6b89f: Fix: change some string codes to they match the... (yexo) @
07:10:00  <Ammler> planetmaker: how you substitute /* $Id$ */
07:14:24  <planetmaker> I don't ;-)
07:14:51  <Ammler> I guess, mercurial has a extension for it
07:17:17  <planetmaker> yeah
07:18:15  <PeterT> Ammler: <-- can you have a look and perhaps commit a fix?
07:18:30  <PeterT> (just add irc_bind_ip as a configuration value to the example config, openttd_additional.cfg)
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07:22:38  <Ammler> there is no patch :-P
07:28:59  <Ammler> I also have no idea, if that is the only missing parameter
07:29:28  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 106:806bcc8c7fb0: Codechange: Move the TTD-style replacement of level cr... (planetmaker) @
07:30:28  <planetmaker> <-- I have the feeling Pikka never programmed anything else than NFO...
07:30:29  <Webster> Title: Transport Tycoon Forums • View topic - Native source support (at
07:30:51  <planetmaker> or maybe assembler :-)
07:40:34  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 107:318d56cd0364: Fix (r106): Add the template you use... (planetmaker) @
07:47:07  <Ammler> planetmaker: also you should, if you add big comments wrap those manually at around 80
07:49:07  <planetmaker> comments like what?
07:49:27  <Ammler> the header
07:49:41  <planetmaker> That's verbatim the header from OpenTTD
07:50:13  <planetmaker> well, nearly. s/OpenTTD/SwedishRails/
07:50:33  <Ammler> yeah, I thought so because of the svn tags :-)
07:53:01  <planetmaker> :-)
08:45:38  <Brot6> Autopilot - Revision 786: Fix [#1046]: Add irc_debug and irc_bind_ip to the openttd.cfg (Ammler) @
08:46:36  <Ammler> hmm, doesn't autoclose anymore
08:46:51  <Ammler> shouldn't use []
08:47:29  <Brot6> Autopilot - Bug #1046 (Closed): irc_bind_ip is not in the example config (Ammler) @
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11:51:09  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #1045 (Resolved): non-matching string codes (yexo) @
12:03:32  * Rubidium wonders when the "native source" guy fetches the clue stick
12:31:40  <planetmaker> hehe
12:31:45  <planetmaker> that might take some time
12:32:12  <Ammler> pikka didn't answer my question
12:32:26  <planetmaker> His idea is does not look bad, if one isn't or wasn't involved in such projects and endevours before
12:32:36  <planetmaker> Ammler, he did :-)
12:32:45  <planetmaker> between the lines
12:32:55  <Ammler> oh, ok, does he have other experience?
12:33:08  <planetmaker> My guess is: not really
12:33:25  <Yexo> I have no doubt that experienced programmers who are used to "common C-like syntax" <- basing on that I'd say no
12:33:34  * planetmaker agrees
12:34:31  <Ammler> I assume, the nfo spec is sill needed, also when nml is complete?
12:34:51  <Ammler> (complete as in first release)
12:34:58  <Yexo> yes
12:35:09  <Yexo> but a user wanting to learn nml shouldn't need to read it at all
12:35:28  <Yexo> it'll always be needed because it's also the spec for the grf actions, which is the output produced by nml
12:35:47  <planetmaker> yep
12:36:05  <Ammler> in some ways, the nml is just the "higher" language for nfo :-)
12:36:10  <planetmaker> but it's the same like we knowing C/C++ don't need to understand the internal of cpu registers
12:36:23  <planetmaker> Ammler, of course
12:36:33  <planetmaker> it's a high-level grf language.
12:36:39  <Ammler> that is like the asm code in ttdp
12:36:44  <Yexo> indeed, but that doesn't mean that _nobody_ has to know about those cpu registers
12:36:48  <planetmaker> The analogy between C / assembler and NML / NFO is quite valid IMHO
12:36:48  <Ammler> but even there, they use c++ in some cases, afaik
12:36:52  <Yexo> anyone writing a compiler has to know
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13:32:18  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 520:077fedb1c111: Doc: Generation of error messages (ActionB) (planetmaker) @
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14:51:43  <Hirundo> error(level, message_type[, parameter1[, parameter2]]) <- isn't one parameter missing here?
14:53:07  <Yexo> yep
14:53:36  <Yexo> it's error(level, message_type[, data[, parameter1[, parameter2]]])
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14:57:37  <planetmaker> hm... :-)
15:02:07  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 108:b3510537ae4d: Doc: Add a section on compatibility with other NewGRFs (planetmaker) @
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15:23:39  <Ammler> planetmaker: when you make switch dependencies to other grfs
15:23:39  <Ammler> shouldn't you mask the id for the first 3 ids and omit the last byte?
15:23:55  <planetmaker> possibly
15:23:59  <Ammler> at least with those grfs, which use the "versioning" system
15:24:14  <Ammler> maybe a feature request for nml ;-)
15:24:26  <DJNekkid> hi guys... i got a small task for anyone of you if someone is intersted. Take a .mp3-file, and strip it so that there are only 4 minutes (take away the lets say, first minute and last minute if it is 6mins long)
15:24:57  <planetmaker> random task: Edit some music?
15:25:00  <Ammler> strip -> del -> merge
15:25:16  <Ammler> one liner with linux :-P
15:25:28  * Rubidium ponders finding a 4 minute long soundless mp3
15:25:36  <Ammler> split might be the command
15:25:48  <DJNekkid> well, its more of a bulk job...
15:25:56  <DJNekkid> i have LOTS and LOTS of extended remixes
15:26:05  <DJNekkid> but on an MP3-player that is kind of boring
15:26:15  <DJNekkid> with the 1 minute ish of intro and outro
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15:29:00  <planetmaker> <Ammler> strip -> del -> merge <-- not rather unzip, strip, touch, finger, mount, fsck, more, yes, umount, sleep, exit 0 ?
15:29:19  <planetmaker> :-D
15:30:05  <Rubidium> DJNekkid: SoX
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15:33:26  <Rubidium> DJNekkid: then search for trim
15:33:27  <Webster> Title: Manpage of SoX (at
15:36:52  <DJNekkid> thanx Rubidium :D I'll look into it :D
15:42:51  <Rubidium> planetmaker: does that suffice?
15:51:32  <planetmaker> the visibility of the train tracks on the road is still a bit less than I'd expect. But it suffices :-)
15:53:21  <planetmaker> Because this impression might actually be wrong... I lack easy zoom for close-in inspection on my linux box
15:56:07  <Rubidium> peter may fix that with newroadtypes :)
15:56:35  <planetmaker> that's what we hope for :-)
15:57:29  <planetmaker> hm... should I make a feature request about exposing a station_has_roof bit to railtypes?
15:57:31  <planetmaker> as variable?
15:58:12  <Yexo> I think it's a good idea, but it needs support mainly from station sets
15:58:30  <planetmaker> yes, it does. But it's a good idea :-)
15:58:47  <planetmaker> or at least the knowledge "is station" might already be useful
15:59:02  <planetmaker> but then... "has_roof" is nicer
15:59:05  <Yexo> "is station" is not a good check
15:59:29  <Yexo> "has roof" might default to true for "is station", but that's all imo
16:00:25  <planetmaker> not sure that's desired actually. Rather not
16:19:03  <Brot6> nml: update from r517 to r520 done -
16:19:31  <Brot6> openmsx: update from r75 to r77 done -
16:20:16  <Brot6> swedishrails: update from r102 to r108 done -
16:21:21  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: update from r646 to r648 done -
16:21:21  <Brot6> Following repos didn't need a nightlies update: 2cctrainset (r559), 32bpp-extra (r36), airportsplus (r50), bros (r12), comic-houses (r70), firs (r1011), fish (r375), heqs (r320), newgrf_makefile (r104), nmts (r16), nutracks (r79), ogfxplus (r32), opengfx (r461), opensfx (r94), snowlinemod (r12)
16:26:53  <DJNekkid> do KLM 737's have a 2-3 setup (5abreast?)
16:30:39  <DJNekkid> we are flying KLM tomorrow, and only seast AC + DEF were available, and according to wikipedia cant i see what other planes that should fly oslo-amsterdam
16:31:22  <DJNekkid> oh, it might be that cityhopper subsidary
16:31:54  <DJNekkid> probably a fokker100 or embraair 190 then :)
16:36:30  <Rubidium> DJNekkid: which flight?
16:37:28  * Rubidium sees at least 5 flights
16:38:14  <Rubidium> DJNekkid: AMS departure at 16:55 (KL1149)?
16:39:06  <Rubidium> oh... or do you go from Oslo to Amsterdam?
16:42:53  <Rubidium> the EMBRAER 190 doesn't have seats E, Fokker 70/100 have AC + DEF, 737s seem to be all 3+3
16:43:30  <Rubidium> except the 737-700 PrivateAir, which has 2+2 (quite expensive I'd reckon)
16:50:45  <Brot6> OpenMSX - Revision 78:6ba98f15b8c9: DevZone: customize compiler for music (Ammler) @
16:52:12  <DJNekkid> kl1150 :)
16:52:19  <Ammler> planetmaker: silence the "nfo" error ^
16:52:29  <DJNekkid> a fokker100 then i guess
16:53:41  <planetmaker> cp: cannot stat `/home/ottdc/chroots/devzone-suse11.2-nightlies/usr/src/packages/BUILD/openmsx/sprites/*.nfo': No such file or directory <-- that one, Ammler ?
16:53:53  <Ammler> yes :-)
16:54:04  <planetmaker> :-)
16:54:13  <Ammler> I added the obm instead
16:54:18  <Ammler> or is that useless?
16:54:25  <Rubidium> DJNekkid: so departure at 19:40 from Oslo... would be a Fokker 70
16:54:29  <planetmaker> instead of what?
16:54:33  <Rubidium> DJNekkid:
16:54:33  <Ammler> of the nfo
16:54:35  <Webster> Title: Fokker 70 - (at
16:54:53  <planetmaker> not sure where that is triggered now :-) So... dunno yet
16:55:15  <Ammler> well, I trigger a nightly build then
16:55:23  <Rubidium> although, for DJNekkid might be easier to understand
16:55:24  <Webster> Title: Fokker 70 - (at
16:55:41  <DJNekkid> aslong as it isnt a turboprop im satisfied :)
16:55:51  <Brot6> openmsx: update from r77 to r78 done -
16:56:56  <Rubidium> DJNekkid: The Fokker 70 is a 70-seat, twin-engine jet airliner
16:57:27  <Rubidium> so combining Wikipedia and KLM: 10 people must be standing during the flight
16:59:35  <planetmaker> Ammler, I don't quite see atm where the missing nfo error is triggered...
17:00:44  <Ammler> planetmaker: here
17:01:14  <planetmaker> ah, yes.
17:01:21  <planetmaker> The source dir is src, not sprites
17:01:55  <Ammler> doesn't matter, we don't use that file anymore for music set
17:02:08  <Ammler> it has its own settings
17:02:48  <planetmaker> good. As it probably should
17:02:57  <Ammler> yes :-)
17:02:59  <planetmaker> OpenMSX doesn't use 100% generic Makefiles anyway
17:03:12  <Ammler> hmm, was needs also it's custom config, it seems
17:03:26  <planetmaker> hm, does it?
17:03:26  <Ammler> -'
17:04:26  <Ammler> <-- it needs unix2dos
17:04:59  <planetmaker> so do my Makefiles
17:05:02  <Ammler> oh?
17:05:04  <Ammler> hmm
17:05:12  <planetmaker> they work without as I test for it
17:05:24  <planetmaker> But I'd recommend it. Otherwise we have unix style text files
17:05:32  <planetmaker> They'd be windows style, if unix2dos is present
17:05:37  <Ammler> hmm, then I add it to the generic script
17:06:04  <planetmaker> And I know that I was asked to implement it for this very reason :-)
17:06:33  <planetmaker> so that the poor windows user don't have to wonder ;-)
17:07:50  <planetmaker> 	$(_V) [ -z "$(UNIX2DOS)" ] || $(UNIX2DOS) $(UNIX2DOS_FLAGS) $@
17:08:11  <planetmaker> for all txt files
17:09:43  <planetmaker> <-- this actually gives a list which programmes might be needed :-)
17:09:55  <planetmaker> lines 24-37
17:10:27  <Ammler> do the nml projects also need unix2dos?
17:10:43  <planetmaker> yes. It handles only the txt files: readme, license, changelog
17:11:03  <Ammler> you might consider to give a warning about missing tools
17:11:19  <planetmaker> It's recommended but not required
17:11:27  <Ammler> yes, so the build should not fail
17:11:31  <Ammler> but report
17:11:33  <planetmaker> And someone who doesn't have it won't miss it
17:12:04  <Ammler> it is like in openttd, if you don't have libicu
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17:16:38  <planetmaker> hm, yes, maybe. Just print an informative message that unix2dos is missing...
17:17:09  <planetmaker> anyway... gaming night :-)
17:24:43  <Ammler> good night
17:53:00  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #1043: NML fails on TTDPatch (yexo) @
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19:38:54  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Bug #1047 (New): NER EF1-alignment (DJNekkid) @
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21:44:48  <Brot6> Redmine HG Patch Queue - Revision 114:6d86e878488c: Added tag 2010-06-30-0.9.4 for changeset 4fb2... (Yuya Nishihara) @
21:44:48  <Brot6> Redmine HG Patch Queue - Revision 115:352ad3f3ac35: drop patch included in 0.9.5 (Yuya Nishihara) @
22:01:26  <dan123> DJNekkid: I've got one question about translating 2ccrailset (I'm roughly at finish of that), what exacly does this red "NB:" before explaining mu costs means?
22:04:07  <Rubidium> "nota bene"
22:04:24  <Rubidium>
22:04:25  <Webster> Title: Nota bene - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary (at
22:07:55  <dan123> thanks :)
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