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08:10:16  <Terkhen> besides python-imaging and ply, what else do I need to compile OpenGFX+ with nml? (
08:10:41  <planetmaker> Terkhen, you'll still need gcc
08:10:44  <planetmaker> and make
08:11:29  <planetmaker> and you 'll need a newer NML version it seems
08:11:56  <planetmaker> those errors are not found anymore in recent NML
08:12:05  <Terkhen> oh, right
08:12:06  <planetmaker> s/errors/warnings/
08:12:10  <Terkhen> I forgot to pull
08:12:13  <planetmaker> :-)
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11:20:43  <Ammler> Rubidium: maybe we could at least add the Yexo patches to nforenum?
11:20:51  <Ammler> seems like Yexo is a bit absent now...
11:22:23  <Rubidium> should I quote myself?
11:26:21  <Rubidium> 15:46 < Rubidium> hmm... Yexo's patches don't apply anymore (but one)
11:26:24  <Rubidium> 15:46 < Rubidium> so... I'll leave that to Yexo
11:26:58  <Ammler> planetmaker: partially done: :-)
11:26:59  <Brot6> GRFCodec - Code Review #1095 (New): .tgz -> tar.gz (Ammler) @
11:29:13  <Ammler> ah, that is the reason I didn't update then, since the yexo patches are "better" as the 3 new commits of Dalestan :-)
11:30:34  <planetmaker> ah, Ammler it should actually be done all the way. Except if you consider tgz->tar.gz part of it :-)
11:31:00  <Ammler> ?
11:31:19  <Ammler> acutally you should add src too: src.tar.gz
11:32:02  <planetmaker> hm. yeah, maybe
11:32:56  <Ammler> planetmaker: I would have closed it but I am no team member ;-)
11:34:40  <Ammler> well, anyway, I add nforenum to the compiler too and make it required by opengfx
11:37:06  <planetmaker> yes, thanks :-)
11:37:16  <planetmaker> actually it could be required by all nfo-style projects...
11:38:59  <Ammler> well, the nfo we use on our server does have the yexo patches
11:39:05  <Ammler> nforenum*
11:39:28  <Ammler> this repo doesn't yet, so we would get a lot more warnings/errors again, I fear
11:40:17  <Ammler> IMO, after some testing time, we can use grfcodec and nforenum on our server per default
11:41:11  <Ammler> grfcodec works already quite nice, but renum needs some work
11:42:34  <planetmaker> ok, agreed
11:45:14  <Brot6> #openttdcoop - Revision 92:bc9c17fe0e4d: [HG] Change: url to devzone and add {rev} (Ammler) @
11:45:14  <Brot6> #openttdcoop - Revision 93:f8d5d0264226: [Compiler] Feature: rebuild of dependencies right after ... (Ammler) @
11:45:14  <Brot6> #openttdcoop - Revision 94:01d139935616: [HG] Add: patch for converting from svn adds (svn r12345... (Ammler) @
11:45:15  <Brot6> NFORenum - Revision 377:c16908b074b7: DevZone: add nightly build (Ammler) @
11:47:36  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Revision 466:0828763a8236: DevZone: also use nightly server nforenum (Ammler) @
11:48:41  <Ammler> that is a good test, no idea, if it already works with more than one custom dependency ^:-)
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12:37:03  <Brot6> nforenum: update from  to r377 done -
12:38:14  <Brot6> opengfx: update from r465 to r466 done (2548 errors) -
12:38:19  <Brot6> Following repos didn't need a nightlies update: 2cctrainset (r573), 32bpp-extra (r36), airportsplus (r52), bros (r12), comic-houses (r70), firs (r1070), fish (r386), grfcodec (r169), heqs (r352), newgrf_makefile (r120), nml (r554), nmts (r16), nutracks (r86), ogfxplus (r39), openmsx (r86), opensfx (r96), snowlinemod (r15), swedishrails (r138), worldairlinersset (r648)
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12:39:50  <Ammler> hmm :-(
12:41:17  <planetmaker> hm?
12:42:11  <Ammler> ah, stupid me
12:42:27  <Ammler> opengfx is the only project with requires and was already rebuild
12:46:20  <Brot6> #openttdcoop - Revision 95:5d0bb6759e61: [Compiler] Feature: generate md5sum files of bundles (fl... (Ammler) @
12:55:16  <FooBar> nightly builds now? Did time zones change? :P
13:00:04  <Ammler> I quote someone: <Rubidium> [00:24:47] cause Ammler's messing with it? ;-)
13:02:44  <FooBar> yeah, I figured that someone was messing with something :)
13:03:24  <Ammler> hmm, the nforenum is quite buggy
13:03:46  <Ammler> does it work for someone?
13:05:00  <Rubidium> Ammler: read line 1 & 2
13:05:18  <Ammler> yes, and?
13:05:44  <Ammler> hmm
13:05:47  <Rubidium> update or delete feat.dat
13:06:29  <Ammler> seems like the data don't get cleaned :-(
13:07:46  <Rubidium> it's somewhere in "your" homedir
13:23:00  <Brot6> opengfx: rebuild of r466 done (2548 errors) -
13:24:03  <planetmaker> :-D that's A LOT of errors
13:26:41  <Brot6> opengfx: rebuild of r466 done -
13:29:08  <Ammler> hmm, building will take longer now
13:32:42  <planetmaker> why? Because the chroot is more complex?
13:32:51  <planetmaker> However... it's not a big deal IMHO
13:33:04  <planetmaker> even if it took 30 minutes to compile everything or an hour
13:49:40  <Ammler> nah, it is around +1min
13:50:05  <Ammler> it will clean the chroot before next build
14:51:30  <planetmaker> that's IMHO no detriment
14:51:52  <planetmaker> it's not like every second counts for a one-time-per-day run of <5 minutes length
14:52:05  <planetmaker> and it's also not like we need the CPU power right then
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16:18:21  <Brot6> Following repos didn't need a nightlies update: 2cctrainset (r573), 32bpp-extra (r36), airportsplus (r52), bros (r12), comic-houses (r70), firs (r1070), fish (r386), grfcodec (r169), heqs (r352), newgrf_makefile (r120), nforenum (r377), nml (r554), nmts (r16), nutracks (r86), ogfxplus (r39), opengfx (r466), openmsx (r86), opensfx (r96), snowlinemod (r15), swedishrails (r138), worldairlinersset (r648)
16:32:07  <Brot6> GRFCodec - Code Review #1095: .tgz -> tar.gz (planetmaker) @
16:46:30  <Brot6> GRFCodec - Code Review #1095: .tgz -> tar.gz (Ammler) @
16:56:16  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #1043: NML fails on TTDPatch (frosch) @
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17:08:08  <BigB> heya
17:09:35  <BigB> !download win32
17:10:09  <BigB> !download
17:10:15  <BigB> doesnt work here -_-
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17:11:40  <Ammler> hmm, devzone gets more popular than our main server :-o
17:11:50  <planetmaker> devzone or stable?
17:12:04  <planetmaker> or what? :-)
17:12:32  <Ammler> well, the devzone irc link is at
17:12:48  <Ammler> everywhere else, you join #openttdcoop
17:13:09  <planetmaker> ah
17:29:02  <Hirundo> we should make !download/!password auto-kick like in #openttd
17:30:31  <planetmaker> :-)
17:58:29  <Hirundo> damn, action2var is full of regression errors :(
17:59:06  <Hirundo> *someone* should write more/better regression tests
17:59:47  <planetmaker> hm
18:04:27  <Hirundo> damn.. openttd does not actually support 32 bit CB results, even though the newgrf format makes them possible
18:19:37  <frosch123> he, it was a lot of work to make them not work
18:20:28  <Hirundo> GB(value, 0, 15); <- must have cost some hours to code that
18:21:13  <frosch123> it took several revisions to get computed results and function calls (var FE) to behave like TTDP :)
18:23:32  <Hirundo> var FE returns 15 bits, but allows 32 bits via var 1C, right?
18:24:33  <frosch123> at least in ottd
18:25:44  <Hirundo> Is the callback result (e.g. 00 80) also copied to 1C, or does it only work for computed values with nvar==0
18:26:44  <frosch123> 1C is the value for the switch(), not the result of the switch
18:27:33  <frosch123> so nvar==0 is a special case where the result is var1C & 0x7FFF
18:32:17  <Hirundo> I see that now, it's implemented in newgrf_spritegroup.cpp
18:44:56  <Brot6> #openttdcoop - Revision 96:69a255aaf39c: [Compiler] Feature: move tar after rebuild decision and ... (Ammler) @
18:56:23  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 555:66137d800f57: Fix: returning computed values was broken for s... (Hirundo) @
19:01:50  <planetmaker> Ammler: tgz -> tar.gz
19:02:01  <planetmaker> Sufficient if changed after the first release?
19:02:14  <planetmaker> I'm not sure I should change too many things there now...
19:03:03  <Ammler> planetmaker: I would say, it is around 99% that we will use those repos in future
19:03:20  <Ammler> I am not sure, if it is official, but at least for our projects
19:05:06  <Ammler> maybe we should go back to r2304 and apply the yexo patches?
19:05:17  <Ammler> nforenum ^
19:05:43  <planetmaker> nah
19:06:09  <planetmaker> we do respect the 2 weeks notification time.
19:06:32  <planetmaker> and if there's no answer. Then there'll be the release Rubi wants to do. And then we can fix everything properly
19:06:43  <planetmaker> No need to rush now and unfix something
19:07:35  <planetmaker> if we change the repo now on our own initiative, without being the responsible programmer, it's a breach of trust
19:10:51  <Ammler> oh well, it is just repo :-)
19:10:57  <Ammler> a*
19:12:02  <Ammler> there is no need relation with respect, imo, that would happen, if we make something official
19:14:06  <planetmaker> my understanding is that these two repos are supposed to become the official ones.
19:14:25  <planetmaker> As such: I'm not their owner, I don't want to take action which I don't feel authorized to take
19:14:41  <planetmaker> if you want a special devzone version: make a clone for it. In its own repo
19:14:53  <planetmaker> like devzone-grfcodec and devzone-nforenum
19:14:59  <planetmaker> But I don't advise to do so
19:15:08  <Ammler> I see no reason to
19:15:39  <planetmaker> Ammler: it's not our repo
19:15:43  <planetmaker> We're users of it.
19:15:47  <planetmaker> That's my understanding
19:15:53  <planetmaker> We're also contributors
19:15:59  <Ammler> I am not
19:16:01  <planetmaker> But we shouldn't act against an express wish
19:16:22  <planetmaker> so... what's then with modifying that repo?
19:16:41  <planetmaker> or do you talk indeed of a special devzone repo for nforenum? Well, I don't mind
19:17:12  <Ammler> [21:05] <Ammler> maybe we should go back to r2304 and apply the yexo patches? <-- s/we/you/
19:17:33  <planetmaker> I?!
19:17:38  <planetmaker> no
19:17:52  <Ammler> omg, I give up :-P
19:18:26  <Ammler> you all, I don't mind who
19:19:03  <planetmaker> Rubidium: decided to do an unmodified final release of DaleStan's repos.
19:19:08  <Ammler> the only constribution I am able to do is setup .devzone :-)
19:19:14  <planetmaker> And I see no reason to mess with that
19:19:19  <planetmaker> Sufficient time after that release
19:19:40  <Ammler> I didn't mean strip, rather revert
19:19:49  <planetmaker> what's the difference?
19:20:02  <planetmaker> _unmodified_ means neither striped nor rewerted nor added
19:20:37  <Ammler> you (also Rubi or whoever) can quite simply hg up to which ever version to make a release
19:21:02  <Ammler> do I really need to specify the person now everytime?
19:21:02  <planetmaker> more trouble than it's worth?
19:21:11  <planetmaker> eh?
19:21:28  <Ammler> :-)
19:21:53  <Rubidium> huh?!?
19:21:57  <planetmaker> Ok: I won't touch that repo until there's a release and officially development will continue from this repo
19:21:57  <Ammler> how do I need so suggest something which "someone" should do?
19:22:13  <Ammler> to*
19:22:19  <planetmaker> sorry for the highlights, Rubidium :-)
19:22:41  <Rubidium> I decided to release an unmodified version of the ttdp repository?
19:22:54  <planetmaker> of nforenum and grfcodec?
19:23:04  <planetmaker> If not... I might have mis-understood you
19:23:15  <Ammler> planetmaker: but there is no reason to wait for modifications
19:23:15  <Rubidium> I guess you have
19:23:21  <planetmaker> :-)
19:23:27  <Ammler> as you could see with grfcodec already
19:23:34  <planetmaker> ?
19:23:46  * planetmaker is now utterly confused
19:23:53  <Ammler> check the grfcodec commit log
19:23:55  <Rubidium> I won't be doing "official" modification until the "grace period" has passed
19:24:13  <Rubidium> whatever is in the current repository is not the OFFICIAL development of grfcodec/nforenum
19:24:27  <planetmaker> at least by now
19:24:29  <planetmaker> yes
19:24:31  <Rubidium> it *MIGHT* become the official development of grfcodec/nforenum, but it isn't at the moment
19:24:37  <Ammler> well, currently nothing is official, the project is still private
19:25:44  <planetmaker> And my position is: I'm certainly not one of the (new) maintainers of either of those two projects. So... I wait with those things, if / when it becomes official
19:26:24  <planetmaker> Otherwise I'd just 'spoil' the repos... probably not for very good reason
19:26:39  <Rubidium> well, for grfcodec and nforenum I don't have stuff pending... though Yexo has
19:27:02  <planetmaker> who is away
19:27:16  <planetmaker> and... I'd wait for him to fix it rather properly than reverting stuff
19:30:36  <Rubidium> and that's exactly what I'm doing right now :)
19:31:40  <planetmaker> :-)
19:32:01  <planetmaker> hm... grfcodec fails to compile here
19:32:56  <Ammler> maybe upx?
19:33:07  <planetmaker> no
19:33:11  <planetmaker> not build. Compile
19:34:36  <Ammler> I have tested with opengfx only, yet
19:34:52  <planetmaker> it built on my suse. But not on my mac now
19:35:11  <planetmaker> In function ‘int main(int, char**)’:
19:35:13  <planetmaker> error: expected `)' before ‘GRFCODECVER’
19:40:06  <planetmaker> hm... version.h is not generated
20:02:35  <andythenorth> hi hi
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20:18:09  <Brot6> GRFCodec - Bug #1096 (New): building on OSX can fail (boost path) (planetmaker) @
20:18:41  <Rubidium> does nforenum need the same?
20:20:31  <Brot6> GRFCodec - Bug #1097 (New): version.h is not built automatically (race condition?) (planetmaker) @
20:34:07  <planetmaker> yes
20:34:16  <planetmaker> I just fix it for that
20:34:58  <planetmaker> I'm still puzzled about version.h
20:35:12  <planetmaker> if I add an explicit dependency... it still fails to build it
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20:37:43  <Brot6> NFORenum - Bug #1098 (New): building on OSX can fail (boost path) (planetmaker) @
20:41:35  <planetmaker> The only thing I wonder... is "uname" an acceptable command on all platforms?
20:41:50  <planetmaker> if it is, I feel like I should submit those patches
20:41:56  <planetmaker> *commit
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20:42:28  <planetmaker> because the used -dumpmachine is not universal enough
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22:02:36  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Bug #1099 (New): Brewery availability date in fund window (foobar) @
22:04:59  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Bug #1100 (New): Availability date display in OpenTTD < r20086 (foobar) @
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