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16:20:48  <Brot6> heqs: update from r362 to r364 done (18 errors) -
16:21:08  <Brot6> Following repos didn't need a nightlies update: 2cctrainset (r573), 32bpp-extra (r36), airportsplus (r52), bros (r12), comic-houses (r70), firs (r1074), fish (r386), grfcodec (r177), newgrf_makefile (r124), nforenum (r405), nml (r563), nmts (r16), nutracks (r86), ogfxplus (r40), opengfx (r469), openmsx (r91), opensfx (r97), snowlinemod (r15), swedishrails (r140), worldairlinersset (r659)
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16:23:21  <Brot6> 32bpp-extra: rebuild of r36 done (3584 errors) -
16:24:55  <Brot6> airportsplus: rebuild of r52 done (Diffsize: 2) -
16:26:34  <Rubidium> <- what's the real difference in there?
16:26:42  <Brot6> bros: compile of r12 failed -
16:28:13  <Brot6> comic-houses: compile of r70 failed -
16:30:30  <Brot6> firs: rebuild of r1074 done (1 errors) -
16:30:52  <Ammler> Rubidium: I changed location of nfo from root to log
16:31:27  <Ammler> hmm, why does it rebuild again?
16:31:46  <Ammler> ah
16:31:57  <Ammler> I triggered nforenum manually, yesterday
16:32:34  <Brot6> fish: rebuild of r386 done (1 errors) -
16:34:02  <Brot6> newgrf_makefile: rebuild of r124 done -
16:35:47  <Brot6> nmts: rebuild of r16 done (247 errors) -
16:37:03  <Ammler> I guess, comic_houses is simply forgotten
16:38:16  <Brot6> opengfx: rebuild of r469 done -
16:39:38  <Rubidium> the fix is probably easy though
16:39:52  <Rubidium> planetmaker: ^ comic-houses FAILs! ^
16:39:54  <Ammler> <-- strange syntax :-)
16:39:56  <Brot6> snowlinemod: rebuild of r15 done (Diffsize: 2) -
16:40:24  <Ammler> I would say, update to last version
16:42:30  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: rebuild of r659 done -
16:44:58  <Ammler> looks like osx special
16:47:13  <Ammler> no, comic-houses isn't compatbile with the framework
16:50:38  <Brot6> Comic Style Houses - Revision 71:62548e1f6510: Change: rename default nforenum binary (Ammler) @
16:51:15  <Rubidium> Ammler: it's not default yet
16:51:44  <Brot6> comic-houses: update from r70 to r71 done (1 errors) -
16:51:58  <Ammler> well, it is the easiest, else I need to setup a special build script for it
16:52:13  <Rubidium> use the which thing
16:52:47  <Ammler> hmm, too late :-)
16:53:19  <Ammler> I assume, if pm will continue there, he would replace the Makefile with his framework anyway...
16:54:30  <Ammler> this way, we have at least a silent repo
16:55:22  <Rubidium> now... fix bros :)
16:58:09  <Ammler> fixed :-)
16:58:47  <Ammler> oh, I could strip
17:00:31  <Brot6> British Rail OpenTTD Set - Revision 13:9c428d088203: DevZone: disable nightly build as it current... (Ammler) @
17:02:29  <Brot6> NFORenum - Revision 398:1782d9805fdf: Add: support for airporttiles (yexo) @
17:09:07  <Alberth> \o/
17:31:33  <Doorslammer> Is there a parameter to override NuTracks to make all tracks available now?  This 2CC set is taking chuffing ages in 1922
17:31:46  <Doorslammer> See what I did there?  Chuffing?  Huh, oh well...
17:33:11  <Ammler> not yet afaik
17:34:30  <Doorslammer> Ah bum
17:34:54  <Doorslammer> 50mph Pacifics are no fun :O
17:36:34  <Ammler> DJNekkid: seems not have a working /away :-)
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18:39:00  <Hirundo> when I got an error message 'too many vehicles', I thought about the 64k pool limit before considering max_trains.
18:39:11  <Hirundo> Does that mean my coding/playing ratio is somewhat off? :)
18:39:53  <Alberth> no idea, I have never hit that limit until now :)
18:41:05  <Hirundo> It's the first time I've reached 500 trains in single player, using a coop-style now
18:41:28  <Alberth> how many years does that take?
18:42:00  <Alberth> (game years)
18:42:32  <Hirundo> it's 2036 now, according to my savegame history that's 86 years
18:42:39  <Hirundo> And quite a few RL months
18:43:42  <Alberth> as in you play a few hours each week, or so?
18:44:21  <Rubidium> Hirundo: a 1 engine, 19 wagon train is 20 vehicles
18:44:37  <Rubidium> a 1 3-part articulated engine is 3 vehicles
18:44:44  <Rubidium> s/1//
18:44:51  <Hirundo> for the purposes of the pool limit, yes
18:45:06  <Hirundo> includes smoke/sparks/disaster zappelins etc
18:45:11  <Rubidium> yep
18:45:27  <Rubidium> which is why I don't quite like the more smoke patch
18:46:07  <Hirundo> How much of the vehicle struct is actually used by effect vehicles? Do they really need to be in the same pool?
18:46:49  <Rubidium> not a lot
18:47:03  <Rubidium> though it'd be quite a bit of work to get them out of there
18:47:41  <Rubidium> and you'd need to abstract some stuff, add more sub/super classes, and such to not duplicate code
18:48:13  <Hirundo> I think the main thing in common with vehicles is that they move and need to be drawn
18:48:13  <Rubidium> the problem is that then you'll end up with multiple inheritance
18:49:16  <Rubidium> and last I tried GCC made just the wrong decision when choosing which superclass the memory allocator should be chosen from
18:49:44  <Hirundo> Vehicle is already multiple-inherited (PoolItem/BaseVehicle)
18:50:10  <Rubidium> hmm... it is?
18:50:22  <Hirundo> struct Vehicle : VehiclePool::PoolItem<&_vehicle_pool>, BaseVehicle {
18:50:22  <Alberth> movement can be very simple
18:50:31  <Rubidium> then why did I have such an effort last time I tried?
18:51:00  <Hirundo> Are they part of the vehicle pos hash?
18:51:10  <Rubidium> yes
18:51:19  <Rubidium> well, at least one of the hashes
18:52:44  <Rubidium> oh... maybe it's that BaseVehicle is simple enough or something; last time I tried it I was working on making a separate pool for each of the vehicle types
18:54:38  <Hirundo> BaseVehicle is indeed as simple as it can get, it only stores the vehtype
18:56:31  <Hirundo> Assuming infinite monkeys typing code, one of them should come up with subclasses for all of the disaster/effect vehicle types
18:59:54  <Alberth> hopefully it takes less than infinite time :)
19:00:24  <Rubidium> Hirundo: that really sounds like TMWFTLB
19:01:05  <Hirundo> That's why it should be avoided if the amount of monkeys is finite
19:01:59  <Hirundo> unless some insane academic joins the dev team, of course
19:03:01  <Rubidium> there are enough insane academic devs already
19:10:08  <Hirundo> "insane academic" as in - care only about form, not function, doing meta-work instead of real work only
19:11:54  <Alberth> ie code refactoring :p
19:12:14  <Alberth> and documenting existing code :p
19:12:43  <Rubidium> having said that... /** should be on its own line! :)
19:13:48  <Rubidium> Hirundo:
19:15:19  <Rubidium> oh... don't forget tfc_newmap! That was only! moving stuff around, renaming stuff and documenting stuff... all meta work
19:15:41  <Hirundo> proper code refactoring isn't the same as rewriting for the sake of conforming to the flavor of the month, IMO
19:16:32  <andythenorth> one is for cognitive ease, the other is the slave of fashion?
19:16:39  <andythenorth> which is which though? :P
19:16:41  <Hirundo> I think, the purpose of refactoring is to make new features/fixes easier
19:17:35  <Hirundo> such as writing a new window system 'just' to stop text overflows in gui elements :)
19:18:30  <andythenorth> is nml refactoring in that case :P
19:18:38  <Rubidium> though we still should use SOAP and XML for savegames and network communication
19:19:11  <andythenorth> why not use Twitter for both?
19:19:13  <Rubidium> after all, that'll make savegames compatible
19:19:20  <andythenorth> Twitter is now the de-facto standard for all information :P
19:19:23  <Rubidium> andythenorth: don't you need an account for that?
19:19:33  <andythenorth> I have an account.  Use mine
19:19:43  <Rubidium> I hate all this web2.0 shit
19:19:50  <Rubidium> I rather use web3.2
19:19:52  <Rubidium> aka HTML 3.2
19:19:56  <andythenorth> It's web n+1 now anyway
19:20:14  <Hirundo> andythenorth: NML could be seen as refactoring to make writing new features (in this case, grfs) easier
19:20:27  * andythenorth considers refactoring some pixels
19:20:33  <Hirundo> and as a way for me/yexo to learn python :)
19:20:40  <andythenorth> ever go in the bonkers c2 patterns wiki?
19:20:42  <Rubidium> just plain, simple, works without javashit, works without adobe crash, works without microsoft moonlight
19:20:47  <andythenorth> the gang of four have some stuff on refactoring,
19:20:51  <andythenorth> it's bonkers, but fun
19:21:08  <andythenorth>
19:21:10  <Webster> Title: Front Page (at
19:21:23  <Rubidium> Hirundo: my introduction to python wasn't very pleasant
19:22:15  <Hirundo> It seems to have caused some severe trauma, hasn't it?
19:22:30  <andythenorth> snake bite?
19:22:37  <Hirundo> (IIRC it's not the first time you rant about it)
19:23:37  * andythenorth likes the random feature on c2 wiki.  It's about as much use as the rest of the navigation on that site
19:24:34  * andythenorth should take the advice here:
19:24:40  <andythenorth> oops here:
19:24:42  <Webster> Title: Ive Left To Code (at
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20:17:39  <Brot6> #openttdcoop - Revision 103:c472b3381ba4: [HG] Templates update 1.5.4 -> 1.6 (Ammler) @
20:28:07  <Brot6> mode change on /home/ottdc/hg-repos/grfpack
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20:44:26  <Brot6> #openttdcoop - Revision 104:f4446e1e96a8: [HG] Still a nice script, if "hg convert" fails ;-) (Ammler) @
20:44:26  <Brot6> #openttdcoop - Revision 105:9e1e2968895f: [HG] Cleanup option for backup script (Ammler) @
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21:04:07  <Ammler> hg rebase is expensive :-)
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