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00:31:20  <Brot6> Bundles Update: r20739 2010-09-05 32bpp-ez   (
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03:42:20  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 148:b4922fc8c57a: Change: Rework parameters slightly and add support for... (planetmaker) @
06:26:21  <Brot6> Belarusian Town Names - Revision 1:bd0b4bc65034: Priority of towns adjusted. (Alexander "KorneySan" Kornienko) @
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06:27:46  <KorneySan> hello to all
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06:29:33  <Guest680> Ammler, I had uploaded a new revision. I done it from home. I think the problem is with my proxy server at work.
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08:02:26  <andythenorth> hi hi
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08:49:29  <Brot6> Total Town Replacement Set 4 - Revision 3:528ecafd22b3: Added signs PSD (George) @
08:54:01  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #1426 (New): Don't try and make Cement cargo more than it is (andythenorth) @
08:59:43  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Support #1417 (Assigned): Update TTDP wiki with recent cargo changes (foobar) @
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09:35:21  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Support #1417 (Closed): Update TTDP wiki with recent cargo changes (foobar) @
09:38:56  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 1340:5ebfbf3cbc2e: Codechange: move cargo IDs around to ... (foobar) @
09:40:09  <andythenorth> FooBar: morning
09:40:16  <FooBar> morning andythenorth
09:40:27  <FooBar> cement...
09:40:37  <andythenorth> 0.4 !compatible with 0.5 I guess
09:40:57  <FooBar> true, but it was already incompatible with the removal of water
09:41:09  <FooBar> otherwise I wouldn't have done this moving about
09:42:37  <FooBar> I'm starting to think that replacing cement with building materials is a good idea
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09:45:54  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Bug #1427 (New): Taurus is a very low speed engine (Voyager1) @
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09:59:25  <Hirundo> Yexo: Nice work on the tile layouts, could you actually 'hg add' them ? :)
10:06:57  <andythenorth> FooBar: if bricks are also building materials, that cargo starts to make some sense
10:07:25  <andythenorth> also the lumber yard could produce building materials
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10:10:20  <Terkhen> where are building materials delivered? only towns?
10:10:40  <andythenorth> in the initial case yes
10:10:54  <andythenorth> industries don't need them
10:11:15  <andythenorth> I thought of using them during industry construction stage, but it's clunky and probably not fun
10:11:24  * Terkhen agrees
10:11:37  <andythenorth> except perhaps for windfarms...
10:11:46  <andythenorth> maybe new objects should accept building materials...
10:11:50  <Ammler> hehe Hirundo, this happens to everyone :-)
10:11:50  <andythenorth> :P
10:12:23  <Terkhen> new objects can accept stuff?
10:12:40  <andythenorth> I doubt it
10:21:32  <Rubidium> Terkhen: they can accept autosloping, but besides that... nope
10:22:43  <Terkhen> hmmm... I don't think they should anyways
10:31:20  <FooBar> andythenorth: yes, I was thinking the same if bricks are building material
10:33:03  <Ammler> Rubidium: the compiler seems to work :-)
10:33:37  <Ammler> this night, we will see, if it detects no need for it...
10:37:42  <FooBar> hey, maybe even make building materials the cargo that snow and desert towns need to grow!
10:39:31  <andythenorth> FooBar: that would make sense, more so than petrol
10:40:03  <FooBar> well, petrol isn't needed for town growth currently, that's goods (in desert) and food (desert and snow)
10:40:14  <FooBar> but still
10:40:29  <FooBar> building materials makes as much if not more sense for towns to grow than goods
10:42:02  <FooBar> and then in towns we can have a builder, and in later years a contractor and a DIY store
10:42:32  <Ammler> hmm, I really should use MQ more often, now I have again 2 different patches applied to ogfx
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10:57:39  <andythenorth> FooBar: do you want to convert cement to building materials then?
10:57:50  <andythenorth> it can go against #1426
10:57:51  <Brot6> andythenorth: #1426 is "FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #1426: Don't try and make Cement cargo more than it is - #openttdcoop Development Zone"
10:57:54  <FooBar> I think that might not be a bad idea
10:59:26  <FooBar> I'll add it and then we can see if it's any good. It's more flexible than cement, so I think it will work out rather well
11:01:36  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #1426 (Assigned): Don't try and make Cement cargo more th... (andythenorth) @
11:01:36  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #1426 (Assigned): Don't try and make Cement cargo more th... (foobar) @
11:03:32  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 707:07534dbcde8c: Fix: hg add nml/ast/ (yexo) @
11:04:06  <FooBar> andythenorth: BDMT as label?
11:04:13  <andythenorth> I guess
11:05:49  <andythenorth> someone has added a label for WATT :P
11:05:53  <andythenorth> (to the TTDP wiki)
11:08:17  <FooBar> heh
11:08:37  <FooBar> class? covered bulk or covered piecegoods?
11:08:44  * frosch123 blames pikka
11:09:09  <Rubidium> bulk piecegoods!
11:09:40  <Rubidium> all those nails needed to make a house :)
11:10:25  <FooBar> hmmm... the steel mill can make building materials as well
11:10:47  <FooBar> but somehow I don't think vehicle sets are equipped for bulk piecegoods
11:11:39  <andythenorth> FooBar: classes I have no idea :P
11:11:46  <andythenorth> pretty much anything really
11:12:06  <FooBar> covered bulk refrigerated express piecegoods
11:12:11  <andythenorth> liquid
11:12:27  <andythenorth> armoured
11:12:40  <FooBar> oversized
11:12:48  <andythenorth> bit 9 looks ok
11:12:54  <andythenorth> covered / sheltered freight
11:13:03  <andythenorth> meh
11:13:22  <andythenorth> there are two ways to choose classes (1) what would MB do (the slightly anal route)
11:13:35  <andythenorth> and (2) what classes do Pikka's vehicles already offer :P
11:13:53  <FooBar> :)
11:14:26  <FooBar> covered it is
11:14:33  <FooBar> that should work fine I guess
11:16:55  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 708:595960ac6128: Feature: varaction2 vars for industry tiles (yexo) @
11:16:55  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 709:7d202dcb5fc5: Feature: varaction2 vars for industries (yexo) @
11:21:11  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Feature #1428 (New): Climate dependant airports in ogfxe_extra (Ammler) @
11:23:20  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Feature #1428: Climate dependant airports in ogfxe_extra (yexo) @
11:26:31  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 1341:16ac415c230e: Feature: new building materials cargo... (foobar) @
11:26:31  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #1407 (Closed): Add Cement Cargo (foobar) @
11:26:45  <FooBar> crap, wrong number
11:27:26  <FooBar> oh well, I probably closed an issue that doesn't exist
11:28:51  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #1426 (Closed): Don't try and make Cement cargo more than... (andythenorth) @
11:28:51  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #1426 (Closed): Don't try and make Cement cargo more than... (foobar) @
11:30:13  <andythenorth> :)
11:30:40  * andythenorth wonders if Glassworks should produce BDMT
11:32:40  <andythenorth> FooBar: I'll make the Cement Plant produce BDMT now
11:32:48  <FooBar> ok
11:33:34  <FooBar> glass works can also produce bdmt next to mnsp
11:34:23  <FooBar> maybe redmine will issue an error on the creation of issue 1462: "cannot open issue, already closed" :P
11:35:30  <Ammler> ?
11:35:34  <Alberth> "please make up your mind first" :)
11:35:48  <Ammler> there is Reopen
11:37:22  <FooBar> I accidentally added (closes #1462) to an issue where I meant 1426. And 1462 doesn't exist yet :P
11:37:59  <FooBar> s/issue/commit
11:45:03  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 710:302d4e3b6dd3: Change: add a default railtype table and remove... (yexo) @
11:46:07  <Brot6> #openttdcoop - Revision 122:c70514a417aa: [Compiler] more docs (Ammler) @
11:46:07  <Brot6> #openttdcoop - Revision 123:d78f7104b6a4: Fix: be sure to have the MQ available before popping (Ammler) @
11:51:20  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Feature #1428: Climate dependant airports in ogfxe_extra (Ammler) @
11:58:48  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 1342:1c4a3b67cc42: Feature: Cement Plant now produces Bu... (andythenorth) @
12:00:21  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 1343:014071890495: Feature: Lumber Yard now produces sec... (andythenorth) @
12:00:39  <andythenorth> FooBar: ^ that last commit should also better balance ENSP
12:01:03  <andythenorth> with Machine Shop as only source, there weren't enough
12:01:08  <andythenorth> with Lumber Yard there are too many
12:01:31  <andythenorth> now the Lumber Yard will divide output between two cargos, so reduces ENSP
12:02:02  <FooBar> that should be good I think
12:03:00  <andythenorth> so what class did you choose for BDMT (I'm updating TT Foundry)
12:04:38  <FooBar> covered
12:05:16  <FooBar> I listed everything at the newgrf spec wiki, also the changed ids
12:06:09  <andythenorth> so Glassworks - BDMT instead of Goods?
12:06:15  <andythenorth> they're both town cargos either way...
12:06:51  <FooBar> should be a good change. There's enough stuff that produces goods
12:08:38  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 711:6e5bce5a8ffd: Doc #1419: update documentation for rail vehicles (yexo) @
12:09:01  <andythenorth> FooBar: Brickworks or Pottery?
12:09:07  <andythenorth> (accepts clay and sand)
12:09:14  <FooBar> given building materials, I'd say bricksworks
12:09:28  <andythenorth> me too
12:09:40  <FooBar> pottery can be added later if we want to
12:09:40  <andythenorth> I'll add it to the site
12:15:31  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 1344:ed90432454f2: Change: assign ID to Brick Works (2D) (andythenorth) @
12:26:30  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 1345:bd489ced46a4: Cleanup: remove definitions for power... (foobar) @
12:35:34  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 1346:0f075fc56f95: Lang: update Dutch translation (foobar) @
12:40:47  <Brot6> OpenMSX - Bug #1429 (New): package openmsx already exists (Ammler) @
12:41:28  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #1408 (Closed): Cement Plant should produce Building Mate... (andythenorth) @
12:41:29  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #1341 (Closed): Consider adding Clay cargo, Claypit industry (andythenorth) @
12:41:29  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 1347:4b2b5d66598b: Codechange: update remove_defines and... (foobar) @
12:42:28  <Ammler> remove_defines still needed?
12:42:40  <FooBar> yes, unfortunately
12:43:00  <FooBar> that's due to the fact that action 14 and action 4 cannot be defined at the same place
12:43:12  <FooBar> you want action 14 before action 8, and action 4 after
12:43:20  <Ammler> yes, but remove_defines is generated automatically isn't?
12:43:31  <FooBar> is it?
12:43:43  <Ammler> hmm, maybe not committed yet
12:44:25  <FooBar> possibly, as I updated it because cpp spitted warnings
12:45:51  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 1348:2f7427d944e1: Change: assign ID to Ethanol Plant (2E) (andythenorth) @
12:47:47  <Ammler> yes, #1390 still open
12:47:47  <Brot6> Ammler: yes: #1390 is "FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #1390: Feature: Generate lang/remove_defines.pnfo automatically from the English language file - #openttdcoop Development Zone"
12:47:57  <FooBar> andythenorth: are those commits just because you want to commit something?
12:48:16  <FooBar> As I don't see the added benefit of defining an id but not the industry :)
12:48:28  <andythenorth> no, because I'm going through the website sorting out the IDs ;)
12:48:45  <FooBar> ok, that's a good enough reason :)
12:49:24  <FooBar> I'm going to watch a little top gear now
12:50:50  <Ammler> I don't see why, though
12:50:59  <Ammler> looks like working...
12:54:23  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #818 (Closed): Sandpit improvements (andythenorth) @
13:58:59  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Bug #1430 (New): make bundle broken on cygwin (yexo) @
14:04:35  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 1349:60bab6d0f3e1: Change: slight improvement to Gravel ... (andythenorth) @
15:07:55  <Terkhen> would it be useful to update the check_language script to also show strings that are translated but are not defined at the base translation anymore?
15:42:39  <Alberth> probably
15:43:06  <Alberth> I don't know whether that check is done in NML
15:44:37  <Terkhen> I also wanted a check for knowing if a string has been changed since it was translated... I just noticed that gravel is now called stone in FIRS
15:45:24  <Yexo> that check is done
15:46:55  <Terkhen> then this is just doing the same work twice... but I don't know if converting only the strings part of FIRS to NML is feasible / desirable
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15:49:26  <Yexo> Terkhen: doing that for the action14 strings only is easy, for the other strings probably not because there is no way to force a certain stringid in nml
15:50:22  <Yexo> for some strings it would be possible by converting the action0/action4 that uses a certain string also to nml
15:50:34  <Yexo> for other strings (those used in callbacks) I think it's currently impossible
15:53:04  <Terkhen> I think that all action4 are in the same file, but converting all action0 would require converting FIRS almost completely... I'll just redo the check :)
15:53:57  <Yexo> you'd only need to convert the part of the action0 that uses the stringid
15:54:11  <Yexo> that should only be a small part
15:57:33  <Terkhen> hmm... it'd be a big change anyways; I guess I'll open a task about this
16:06:17  <FooBar> The gravel > stone change is likely to get changed back
16:07:30  <FooBar> And yes, it might be useful to find removed strings in a language. Unless every language gets it's own undefine file, then it doesn't matter.
16:11:14  <Terkhen> I was thinking on the clay->stone change when suggesting that new feature to the script, but FIRS is still using the clay defines for stone so there are no orphan defines at the translations
16:29:11  <FooBar> gotta go now, bye!
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16:32:37  <Ammler> a translator has automatically a bananas account?
16:32:44  <Ammler> or does it need activation?
16:33:17  <Brot6> belarusiantowns: update from r0 to r1 done (1 errors) -
16:33:56  <Terkhen> I remember creating a bananas account after getting my translator account, but I think that was before the accounts were unified
16:34:11  <Brot6> firs: update from r1337 to r1349 done -
16:35:50  <Brot6> nforenum: update from r497 to r501 done -
16:36:36  <Brot6> nml: update from r700 to r711 done -
16:37:09  <Brot6> swedishrails: update from r147 to r148 done -
16:37:14  <Brot6> Following repos didn't need a nightlies update: 2cctrainset (r602), 32bpp-extra (r39), airportsplus (r53), basecosts (r20), comic-houses (r71), fish (r390), frenchtowns (r3), grfcodec (r245), heqs (r372), metrotrackset (r56), newgrf_makefile (r174), (ERROR r486), nutracks (r115), ogfxplus (r41), opengfx (r523), openmsx (r97), opensfx (r97), snowlinemod (r42), swisstowns (r13), transrapidtrackset (r15), ttdviewer (r25), ttrs
16:37:14  <Brot6> (r18), worldairlinersset (r663)
16:39:09  <Brot6> airportsplus: rebuild of r53 done (Diffsize: 2) (DiffDiffsize: 5) -
16:39:30  <Brot6> basecosts: rebuild of r20 done (Diffsize: 12) (DiffDiffsize: 7) -
16:40:09  <Ammler> oh, rpms aren't needed in every project :-)
16:40:26  <Brot6> comic-houses: rebuild of r71 done (3 errors) (Diffsize: 14) (DiffDiffsize: 7) -
16:51:20  <Brot6> OpenMSX - Bug #1429: package openmsx already exists (Ammler) @
16:53:10  <andythenorth> no foobar?
16:53:35  <Ammler> @seen foobar
16:53:35  <Webster> Ammler: foobar was last seen in #openttdcoop.devzone 24 minutes and 24 seconds ago: <FooBar> gotta go now, bye!
16:54:06  <Ammler> or do you mean with foobar just a dummy user?
16:54:10  <Ammler> I am here :-)
16:56:26  <Brot6> Following repos rebuilds successful without any difference to earlier nightlies builds: fish (4 errors), frenchtowns (1 errors) (Diffsize: 1), heqs (Diffsize: 1), metrotrackset (Diffsize: 1), newgrf_makefile, nutracks (2 errors), ogfxplus (Diffsize: 6), opengfx, snowlinemod, swisstowns (1 errors) (Diffsize: 1), transrapidtrackset (Diffsize: 12), ttrs (125 errors) (Diffsize: 1322), worldairlinersset
17:12:33  <planetmaker> <Ammler> hmm, maybe not committed yet <-- I didn't commit anything related to that yet
17:12:42  <planetmaker> good evening also :-)
17:12:53  <planetmaker> that = remove_defines.pnfo in FIRS
17:14:32  <Ammler> you worry about something there?
17:21:37  <planetmaker> no, not really
17:21:48  <planetmaker> But it needs to be generated automatically
17:21:57  <planetmaker> So it needs testing whether that always works.
17:22:15  <planetmaker> As such it needs *some* more representation in the build script than just that line *somewhere*
17:22:45  <planetmaker> and what I have does not quite work as reliably as I'd like it
17:28:16  <Ammler> my sed works
17:28:32  <planetmaker> my proposal, too
17:28:40  <planetmaker> Just the proper place in the makefile not yet
17:43:53  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 1350:be953407d35b: Change: Update Spanish translation. (Terkhen) @
17:44:40  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #1431 (New): Internal error when action14 string not found (planetmaker) @
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17:58:31  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Feature #1174 (Reopened): Action 14 support (planetmaker) @
18:20:26  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Revision 603:2dc70c0004d5: Change: Slight rebalance of mainly lifetimes and model... (DJNekkid) @
18:20:26  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Revision 604:db2acbfbbd2a: Change: 'TGV Atlantique -> TGV Sud-Est' (DJNekkid) @
18:20:26  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Revision 605:01c5eb09af88: Add: Mav Class M44 (DJNekkid) @
18:20:27  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Revision 606:be9c96b3f75a: Fix: The chimaera had the wrong nutracks setting (DJNekkid) @
18:20:31  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Revision 607:c996574b06c1: Fix: The parameter settings had the wrong values, so e... (DJNekkid) @
18:20:35  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Revision 608:adc74bb8ddaf: Fix: Running and purchase costs were slight out of syn... (DJNekkid) @
18:20:39  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Revision 609:65787ba0607e: Fix: close #1427 (DJNekkid) @
18:20:42  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Bug #1427 (Closed): Taurus is a very low speed engine (DJNekkid) @
18:21:25  <Ammler> I will activate a cleanup script this night, every nightly older as 100 days will go
18:22:11  <Ammler> testing does keep 1 one
18:22:36  <Ammler> no changes for releases...
18:22:48  <Ammler> I can't differ between betas and stable...
18:23:36  <andythenorth> brrr
18:23:49  <andythenorth> I can't remember why FIRS town industries aren't implemented as houses.
18:24:01  <andythenorth> I know it was discussed at length and there are a few reasons
18:24:11  <Terkhen> IIRC you mentioned problems with their placement
18:24:29  <planetmaker> No way to place them and actively build them
18:24:41  <planetmaker> and it doesn't show in the industry list
18:24:54  <Ammler> that is quite a problem in pbi and ecs, if the go, you have to move teh station :-)
18:25:01  <planetmaker> but no control for anything (game + player) over placement is the killer
18:25:26  <DJNekkid> what about a parameter? :)
18:25:39  <Ammler> what is the problem to use industry for it?
18:26:09  <planetmaker> DJNekkid, no parameter can allow you to fund a house ;-)
18:26:27  <DJNekkid> but if someone prefer to have it as house or industry
18:26:30  <planetmaker> try to make a scenario where you can only use random industries
18:26:46  <planetmaker> DJNekkid, what would be the adv. of house?
18:26:56  <DJNekkid> more industry slots :)
18:27:06  <planetmaker> FIRS has sufficient industries
18:27:40  <Hirundo> Yexo: is it intended that multiple cargo / rail type tables can override each other?
18:27:51  <andythenorth> adv. of houses is smaller list of types in minimap
18:28:08  <Yexo> Hirundo: that's somewhat of a weak point in the support for cargotables/railtypetables
18:28:16  <Yexo> currently only a single list is supported
18:28:27  <andythenorth> smaller industry types list means minmap colors collide less
18:28:54  <Hirundo> What would be the advantage of having multiple? Only the 32-cargo limit for the refit mask?
18:29:41  <planetmaker> andythenorth, it'd be a disadvantage
18:29:50  <planetmaker> I wouldn't see anymore what I transport where for gain
18:30:05  <planetmaker> It's like removing half of the industries from display
18:30:09  <andythenorth> planetmaker: how do you know where to transport goods or food?
18:30:13  <andythenorth> (in default ttd)
18:30:14  <planetmaker> Just for the sake of "no colour conflicts"
18:30:25  <planetmaker> andythenorth, big town
18:30:34  <Yexo> Hirundo: you can't have multiple, but you could have a different one depending on some condition
18:30:35  <planetmaker> >1k
18:30:36  <Yexo> at least in nfo
18:30:59  <planetmaker> andythenorth, and indeed that is already not optimal IMHO
18:31:09  <planetmaker> But contrary to a single house I do see the town size
18:31:22  <Hirundo> What would be the advantage of that? (Apart from canset's usage which is pretty insane)
18:31:24  <planetmaker> But I wouldn't see the presence of a single, specific house on the minimap
18:31:39  <andythenorth> planetmaker: I think your points win
18:31:47  <planetmaker> and you don't want to force EVERY town >500 people to have all those industries :-)
18:31:48  <Yexo> Hirundo: no idea
18:32:40  <planetmaker> andythenorth, it's the same argument I gave before :-P
18:32:48  <Hirundo> I know canset refuses to use a cargotable in the proper manner and instead scans which industry grfs are active, so they can achieve "full control'
18:32:52  <andythenorth> planetmaker: write it down somewere :P
18:32:59  <planetmaker> you do that. You keep asking
18:33:04  <andythenorth> :D
18:33:13  <Hirundo> For NML-grfs, I would enforce having only one cargotable, one railtype table and one grf block
18:33:17  <planetmaker> _I_ know why it is a bad idea :-P
18:33:43  <planetmaker> sounds quite sane, what Hirundo says
18:34:21  *** Hirundo is now known as Hirundo_the_sane
18:34:32  <planetmaker> :-D
18:34:33  <Hirundo_the_sane> <- Thanks for confirming pm :)
18:34:41  <planetmaker> lool :-)
18:35:24  <planetmaker> Did you also read all the small print? That which comes with that? :-P
18:36:00  <Hirundo_the_sane> nope
18:36:20  *** Hirundo_the_sane is now known as Hirundo
18:37:01  <planetmaker> oh... No contract to pay monthly €€€ for the keep-sanity medication and so on? :-(
18:38:00  <Hirundo> I don't know... for every n pills I take I have to take n+1 pills to counter the side effects :S lost count somewhere along the way tough
18:39:44  <andythenorth> planetmaker: I added a note about town industries here :P
18:39:48  <Webster> Title: TT Foundry: Pixel Creations for OpenTTD (at
18:44:15  <planetmaker> hehe
18:55:25  <DJNekkid> hmm, beta4 time?
18:55:39  <planetmaker> why not ;-) ?
18:56:13  <DJNekkid> i know voyager1 still have drawn some stuff thats not "in" yet :)
18:56:36  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 1351:e99cc76cec4f: Change: add ID for Builders Yard (andythenorth) @
18:57:51  <planetmaker> "not in yet" is no reason ;-)
18:58:16  <planetmaker> Also the question rather is: what do you want 2.0 exactly to stand for. And what is additional goodies which could come in 2.1 or so
18:58:16  <DJNekkid> nope :D
18:58:55  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Feature #1174: Action 14 support (yexo) @
18:58:57  <DJNekkid> 2.0: better balance, better alignment, etc
18:59:23  <planetmaker> that's no 'aim' in that sense :-)
19:00:17  <DJNekkid> okei; pushing the limits of newgrf further :)
19:00:36  <Hirundo> Yexo: does an unknown property in a grf/param block trigger an error?
19:03:12  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Feature #1174 (Closed): Action 14 support (planetmaker) @
19:03:12  <Brot6> 2cctrainset: update from 2.0.0-Beta3 to 2.0.0-Beta4 done (31 errors) -
19:03:44  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Revision 610:a4355713138f: Added tag 2.0.0-Beta4 for changeset 65787ba0607e (DJNekkid) @
19:03:57  <Yexo> no, but it should
19:04:50  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 149:596ed631a7a7: Fix (r148): Default values didn't quite work (planetmaker) @
19:05:30  <planetmaker> thanks, Yexo :-) ^
19:05:58  <Hirundo> Shall I push a quick fix?
19:06:10  <Yexo> sure
19:07:38  <Hirundo> I hope it works, as I lack either the time or code to test
19:08:50  <Hirundo> goodnight folks
19:10:41  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 712:859d17ac9771: Fix: Show an error message if an unknown settin... (Hirundo) @
19:11:48  <planetmaker> good night, Hirundo
19:14:52  <Ammler> oh nice, nml a14 example
19:14:57  <Ammler> now I could add that too :-)
19:15:11  <planetmaker> jo. There you are :-)
19:16:54  <planetmaker> DJNekkid, it'd be nice to actually at least make a link in the posting to the information you present ;-)
19:17:07  <planetmaker> I guess there are more people than just me who only click on the new postings
19:17:19  <planetmaker> And then I find things like "look at the first posting" always a bit irritating
19:17:50  <Brot6> 32bpp-ez-patches: update from r20739 to r20750 done -
19:17:50  <planetmaker> as it involves scrolling, clicking and more scrolling possilby.
19:18:35  <Brot6> clientpatches: compile of r20750 still failed (#1399) -
19:21:22  <Ammler> hehe cpp fails already with findversion patch
19:21:38  <Ammler> planetmaker: update!
19:21:42  <Ammler> :-D
19:21:57  <planetmaker> hm? Update what?
19:22:27  <Ammler> omg, thee is a LumberMill graphic
19:22:37  <Ammler> now I need to code that?
19:23:02  <planetmaker> yup :-)
19:23:12  <Ammler> ogfx+ ind?
19:23:15  <planetmaker> And I even made the OpenGFX+ industries project already for you ;-)
19:23:49  <planetmaker> Which actually should get the snowy forests floating in the forums, as well
19:24:00  <planetmaker> With the author's consent that is
19:26:09  <DJNekkid> planetmaker: ill fix
19:26:38  <planetmaker> :-)
19:26:41  <Brot6> serverpatches: update from r20739 to r20750 done (2 errors) -
19:27:03  <DJNekkid> better now?
19:27:33  <andythenorth> Alberth: is it intended that the cargo chain viewer shows houses accepting food in temperate?
19:28:20  <planetmaker> DJNekkid, much so :-) Thanks
19:28:54  <Alberth> there is no data in the game that defines what houses accept, so I hardcoded some cargoes, not sure whether it includes 'food'
19:29:38  <Alberth> hmm, should check that, a moment
19:30:16  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:31:31  <Alberth> correction, acceptance does come from game data, supply is not present
19:32:05  <Alberth> industry_gui.cpp  HousesCanAccept() and  HousesCanSupply() lines 2020-2050
19:32:59  <Alberth> so, the answer is "yes"
19:34:28  <frosch123> hmm, i guess HousesCanAccept checks all houses, also those from arctic
19:34:31  <DJNekkid> what versionreq does FIRS have?
19:34:40  <DJNekkid> in r20690 cant i find 0.4 ?
19:34:44  <DJNekkid> or isnt it on bananas yet?
19:40:54  <frosch123> Alberth: andythenorth: <- something like that?
19:41:53  <planetmaker> DJNekkid, it's there
19:42:22  <Alberth> looks good, you can merge the if with the one above it, but otherwise it is fine
20:02:30  <Ammler> DJNekkid: try again
20:02:34  <Ammler> it was set to custom
20:03:15  <Ammler> nightly 20068 now
20:03:31  <Ammler> is that correct?
20:03:37  <DJNekkid> i found it, i just tried to "update all", but it had its own post or sumthin
20:08:36  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Bug #1432 (New): Load game bug with TTRS-r18 (chillcore) @
20:09:03  <Brot6> Autopilot - Feature #1433 (New): silence password generation (Ammler) @
20:33:15  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Bug #1434 (New): Beta 4 not working properly (Voyager1) @
20:34:01  *** frosch123 has quit IRC
20:35:21  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Bug #1434: Beta 4 not working properly (Voyager1) @
20:39:22  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Bug #1432 (Confirmed): Load game bug with TTRS-r18 (chillcore) @
20:39:22  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Bug #1432 (Confirmed): Load game bug with TTRS-r18 (foobar) @
20:48:33  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #1435 (New): Consider merging some town industries (andythenorth) @
20:48:59  * Alberth is happy to see 
20:49:04  <Alberth> #1056
20:49:05  <Brot6> Alberth: #1056 is "FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Bug #1056: Input cargo discarded for low input values - #openttdcoop Development Zone"
20:49:39  <andythenorth> that would probably be an easy fix involving one addition of max(cargo amount, 8)
20:49:42  <andythenorth> umm
20:49:48  <andythenorth> unexpected smiley :P
20:50:17  <Alberth> oh, I have those disabled, they happen too often when discussing c++ code
20:51:35  <Alberth> keeping track of left-over input cargo is probably much more complicated
20:52:20  <andythenorth> I'm not going to bother.  I'm just going to use it up and credit the player with some extra :P
20:53:28  <Alberth> hmm, would buying a smaller truck be useful then?
20:54:07  <Alberth> probably not, as I get paid for delivered cargo only :)
20:55:37  <Alberth> good night
20:56:29  *** Alberth has left #openttdcoop.devzone
21:09:19  <Brot6> Autopilot - Bug #1436 (New): DOS and possible remote code execution (Combuster) @
21:12:03  <Brot6> Autopilot - Revision 90:3534a176011a: Feature #1433: don't change pw on paused mode (fix trailing... (Ammler) @
21:16:07  <Brot6> 32bpp-ez-patches - Bug #1402 (Closed): DevZone compile failed (compiler) @
21:18:34  *** Seberoth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:22:53  *** Seberoth_ has quit IRC
21:44:21  <Brot6> 32bpp-ez-patches - Bug #1414: DevZone compile failed (Ammler) @
21:51:19  *** ODM has quit IRC
21:56:43  <Ammler> Rubidium: does KorneySan have a bananas account, if so can you share the belarusian with him, if not possible move it to him
21:57:00  <Ammler> (if possible) :-)
21:57:40  <Ammler> I am not sure, if a translator account automatically has a bananas access
21:58:42  <Rubidium> Ammler: he first needs to accept the ToS before I can assign him
21:58:45  <Ammler> ID 1184 it were
21:58:51  <Ammler> ah ok
22:02:39  <Brot6> Belarusian Town Names - Feature #1366: Belarusian town names (Ammler) @
22:13:10  <Brot6> Belarusian Town Names - Revision 2:af3c496c8c91: Fix: strings \n -> {} (Ammler) @
22:17:43  <Brot6> Belarusian Town Names - Code Review #1437 (New): Hint for English necessary only (Ammler) @
22:17:43  <Brot6> Belarusian Town Names - Code Review #1437: Hint for English necessary only (Ammler) @
22:31:42  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 151:ea6cfd2b71bf: Change: Modify some English parameter strings (planetmaker) @
22:31:42  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 152:a2e7334172e9: Add #1219: German translation (planetmaker) @
23:23:22  *** thgergo has quit IRC
23:57:02  *** KenjiE20 has quit IRC

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