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06:45:32  <_Terkhen_> heh, it seems that I unknowingly updated to python 3
06:48:38  <planetmaker> he
06:48:47  <planetmaker> that might not work everywhere as expected
06:53:48  <_Terkhen_> nml will not even let you build/install with python 3... luckily arch is providing python2 packages too
06:54:01  <planetmaker> :-)
07:21:42  <Yexo> does nml fail on many points with python 3?
07:22:16  <_Terkhen_> I don't know, would not even let me run build
07:22:59  <Yexo> ah, ok
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09:58:30  <_Terkhen_> planetmaker: why do both the piece goods wagon and the flatbed wagon can carry toyland batteries in opengfx+ trains?
10:00:43  <planetmaker> Both IMHO makes sense
10:01:12  <planetmaker> AAA batteries and D size
10:01:17  <_Terkhen_> :D
10:01:18  <planetmaker> :-)
10:01:48  <planetmaker> well. Generally I tend to allow more refits than less
10:01:57  <_Terkhen_> it can also carry paper, which is more logical than using a flatbed wagon IMO
10:02:06  <planetmaker> I like wagons which allow refits, it allows more fun with refit orders
10:02:33  <_Terkhen_> hmmm... yes, that's a good idea
10:03:20  <planetmaker> Besides I have graphics for both wagons and both cargos. So I think I can use that :-)
10:04:52  <_Terkhen_> I don't foresee any problems choosing graphics for paper and batteries at the piece goods trucks either, since they are covered
10:04:53  <planetmaker> I'm thinking though to introduce yet another wagon type:
10:05:29  <planetmaker> there's the current bulk one for coal, grain etc. But molace produces a lot of graphics with that wagon type for things like boards, bricks, ...
10:05:53  <planetmaker> He says that products like those are carried in wagons with walls...
10:06:18  <planetmaker> alternatively I'd make it another refit for the bulk wagons, but that seems a bit wrong
10:06:24  <planetmaker> what'd be your opinion?
10:07:36  <planetmaker> also, he'd make grain and coal different wagon types as grain has stainless steel insides while coal doesn't. Fair enough, but I'd rather reflect that in the refit costs
10:10:07  <_Terkhen_> I'm not sure; adding those cargos as refit options to the bulk wagon does not seem correct to me either
10:10:57  <_Terkhen_> but adding a new wagon would not fit the current scheme: I have never seen bulk-like wagons carrying those cargos in any GRF
10:11:50  <_Terkhen_> I don't mind it, but unless those cargos are removed from the flatbed wagon, the new wagon does not make much sense as all of its cargos would be transported by other wagons
10:12:10  <planetmaker> me neither. I suggested to draw those cargos for the flatbed wagon. Which he answered with the fact that bricks would be not suited for that one as they'd easily fall off when there's transverse forces
10:12:10  <_Terkhen_> anyways, to follow that convention in ogfx-rv I'd need new sprites for sure
10:12:30  <planetmaker> :-)
10:13:00  <planetmaker> Well. I'm very open to suggestions there. It's not like I spend on each individual cargo support for each wagon really much thought
10:13:25  <planetmaker> Maybe we should make a kind of scheme...
10:13:52  <planetmaker> As usual though may cargos can be interpreted differently: like water in bottles or in the tank wagon
10:14:13  <planetmaker> same with fuel oil in a tank wagon or in barrels
10:14:46  <planetmaker> I could forward you the last graphics for wagons I got, if you like.
10:15:07  <_Terkhen_> hmm... bricks are carried by flatbed trucks here, they just put a wooden base to a group of bricks that are wrapped up in strong plastic
10:15:10  <planetmaker> It's not yet added to the trains as I cut it down and first want to tidy up other wagon properties before I add too many graphics
10:15:31  <planetmaker> yes, that's how I imagine brick transport, too. That's how I see it here on the roads, too
10:16:42  <_Terkhen_> yes, I'd like a unified scheme too, but the one used currently in ogfx-trains makes sense to me
10:18:00  <_Terkhen_> pax, mail, bulk, flatbed, piece goods, tank, valuables
10:18:05  <_Terkhen_> I'm not sure about the refrigerated one
10:19:38  <planetmaker> the 'reason' I had there was that usually clothes are not transported in a truck which previously transported fresh fish.
10:19:51  <planetmaker> It can be argued though that it's a refit option for the piecegoods wagon
10:20:24  <planetmaker> the argument in favour of this solution is that the refrigerator wagon needs additional technique, the refrigerator.
10:20:37  <planetmaker> All other refits basically mean to use a broom on the wagon and clean it and be done
10:20:41  <_Terkhen_> hmmm... that makes sense
10:20:54  <_Terkhen_> but in this case, I would remove those options from the piece goods wagon
10:21:32  <planetmaker> well. But there's no need to remove the possibility to transport corn flakes in a normal wagon. They don't need refrigerators ;-)
10:22:08  <planetmaker> Note that I make a difference: the cargo capacity
10:22:23  <planetmaker> The dedicated food wagons have higher capacity than a refit goods wagon
10:22:40  <planetmaker> thus there's some incentive to use the dedicated refrigerator wagon
10:23:26  <_Terkhen_> yes, I was thinking about removing only fruits and fish, which need the refrigerator
10:23:48  <planetmaker> I don't think potatoes or apples need a refrigerator
10:23:56  <planetmaker> nor dried fish ;-)
10:24:05  <_Terkhen_> hmm... okay
10:24:25  <Rubidium> planetmaker: "fresh fish" in what state? Packaged to go to the supermarket? Then clothes are definitely transported with the same trailer. Probably even without cleaning the truck :)
10:24:36  <_Terkhen_> I probably won't do a refrigerated truck for the first version, though
10:24:55  <planetmaker> There's no real need. Well. There's a food truck
10:25:10  <planetmaker> That could be the refrigerator one IMHO
10:25:50  <_Terkhen_> hmm... okay
10:26:04  <planetmaker> Rubidium: that's indeed somewhat the weak point: there are many cargos which usually don't need any modification of a vehicle in real life
10:26:18  <planetmaker> but that's not feasable with TTD game mechanics
10:26:53  <Rubidium> true, but then there's no packaging/distribution
10:26:54  <planetmaker> one possible solution would be to introduce a special meaning of refit cost 0: no refit needed for a change of cargos
10:27:54  <planetmaker> but that's not an easy change. It'd need a special property probably as that currently can only be controlled via callback. Something not that easily tested
10:30:25  <planetmaker> different topic: add-on newgrf via action0, feature8: would they work as static, Rubidium ?
10:31:40  <Rubidium> probably not
10:32:09  <planetmaker> hm...
10:32:30  <planetmaker> so no soltuion for 3rd-party translations or possible bananas support for them in multiplayer environments
10:33:01  <Rubidium> not without modifications to OpenTTD
10:33:26  <planetmaker> well, they are in principle possible ;-)
10:35:16  <planetmaker> but it needs some sound solution, not some quick hack. So probably much more thought than wasted so far
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10:41:07  <Rubidium> even then, I think fixing FS#4172 and hooking translations into WT3.x would be more important than multiplayer translations, after all most servers assume that MP players understand some level of English
10:41:40  <Rubidium> unless it's a "local language" server in which case using the translation file in the non-static NewGRF settings shouldn't be a big problem
10:42:45  <Rubidium> futthermore (a new version of) grftrans should be able to make some GRF that works with the engine pool
10:44:47  <Rubidium> even then, grftrans is only for vehicle NewGRFs?
10:45:09  <Rubidium> apparantly according ttdpatch's wiki it doesn't support (all?) station strings
10:47:08  <Rubidium> adding a "language" field to action13 would be a good thing. That way you can put 20 translations in the same GRF and not have the MP issue
10:47:55  <Rubidium> oh, interesting
10:48:16  <Rubidium> action 13 only overrides language 7F, so if there is a translation into "your" language you're not affected by the NewGRF
10:48:44  <planetmaker> IMHO the most sensible thing might be indeed a modified action13
10:49:25  <Rubidium> yay NewGRFv8 :)
10:49:30  <planetmaker> but I'm not sure, even if most MP servers which cater for everyone require some English, it's somewhat a "broken" interface, if you have mixed languages ingame
10:49:51  <Rubidium> yes, but that happens pretty soon when NewGRFs are involved
10:50:03  <Rubidium> we really need to tie them into the translation network
10:50:04  <planetmaker> yes, I know
10:50:21  <Rubidium> but... providing proper plural rules and the likes is even more important
10:50:32  <planetmaker> :-) A pre-requisite
10:51:06  <planetmaker> And a decision on which newgrfs are supported by translations. I guess only those uploaded to bananas is a reasonable solution
10:51:41  <planetmaker> actually... : change in bananas: only allow to upload a version of a newgrf not yet present
10:51:55  <planetmaker> e.g. if there's a version0 newgrf, don't allow another one
10:53:50  <Rubidium> don't think we should do that just yet :)
10:54:48  <Rubidium> also translation updates for NewGRFs are "best" done on the nightly versions of said NewGRF
10:55:37  <Rubidium> then the NewGRF author can decide whether to backport string updates to the release version, which can be somewhat tricky because strings might have meaning changes or the english string has just had a spelling fix
10:56:03  <Rubidium> but an automated tool won't spot the difference between a spelling fix and meaning change of a string, i.e. it can't be fully automated
10:56:11  <planetmaker> Sure
10:56:36  <planetmaker> Well, so translations in the newgrf take precedence over supplied ones via translation services?
10:56:44  <planetmaker> Not sure that's the right way around
10:57:02  <Rubidium> e.g. for trunk->1.0.x language updates some 150-ish strings from trunk are ignored and 50-ish strings from 1.0 are ignored (so they don't get removed)
10:57:34  <planetmaker> yeah, backporting will always need manual review
10:58:38  <Rubidium> my problem is with getting translations from after a release to the user. How should that work?
10:59:23  <Rubidium> you can't simply "blanket" translate all NewGRFs with the GRF ID as they often change string IDs but maintain savegame compatability
10:59:30  <planetmaker> In terms of NewGRF I'd use the grfname.version.stringID and have that translated for every version of the newgrf
11:00:04  <Rubidium> so start from scratch for each new "release" (nightly?) of a NewGRF?
11:00:16  <planetmaker> well, bananas is not for nightlies, is it?
11:00:37  <planetmaker> But yes, that's what I proposed. I have to agree that I don't really like the impliations
11:00:42  <Rubidium> true, but some NewGRFs are updated quite frequently
11:00:42  <planetmaker> *implications
11:01:23  <planetmaker> Maybe only if grfname.version.stringID (english) != grfname.(version-1).stringID
11:02:19  <planetmaker> but yes, FIRS or so would be a pain. With all that  re-shuffling
11:02:43  <Rubidium> still, how would you distribute the translation updates?
11:04:04  <planetmaker> Would it make sense to distribute files with somewhat exactly those identifiers for each language (grfID.version.StringID: blubbler blah translated stuff)
11:04:29  <planetmaker> similar to current OpenTTD language files
11:04:35  <Rubidium> those files will be huge
11:04:40  <planetmaker> I fear so
11:04:54  <planetmaker> per newgrf?
11:04:55  <Rubidium> and duplicate the content from the NewGRFs for say 95% of the time
11:05:27  <Rubidium> even then, it's yet another file that needs to be detected at load time... yay startup slowing down even more
11:05:32  <planetmaker> we supply anyway a unique filename.tar in content_download
11:05:42  <planetmaker> it could additionally pack in the tar a translations.txt
11:05:55  <planetmaker> or is that tar static?
11:05:57  <Rubidium> but *only* during release
11:06:14  <Rubidium> otherwise the updates wouldn't get to the user after they've downloaded the tar
11:06:42  <planetmaker> could the newgrf tars be updated by such file?
11:06:49  <Rubidium> and, even worse: the tar would change, and as such the md5checksum and the mirrors sending the old files: mayhem!
11:07:00  <planetmaker> hm, ok
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11:08:07  <Rubidium> which is why I think doing the translations the OpenTTD way is the best choice, i.e. changes go to "trunk" automatically
11:08:26  <Rubidium> then for branches the devs can consider backporting the string updates
11:09:19  <Rubidium> maybe even only allow the NML format and write a small tool to convert the NML languages into proper NFO action4s
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11:19:43  <planetmaker> The question is what are newgrf 'trunk'?
11:20:02  <planetmaker> And how does the transator's side know trunk? Providing link to a mercurial repository?
11:20:18  <planetmaker> Where it can read the lng files. Maybe.
11:20:43  <planetmaker> I can imagine that we can implement a commit right for translators here a similar way like OpenTTD trunk does
11:22:52  <planetmaker> it'd 'only' need a solution to make that language file format available for NFO. But that's with some thought feasable
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11:35:53  <Rubidium> planetmaker: the default branch of the different mercurial/git repositories, or /trunk of subversion repositories
11:36:34  <Rubidium> then the language files are "synced" back-and-forth (wt3 <-> repository) in the same way that happens now with openttd's trunk
11:36:49  <Rubidium> e.g. every day a commit and on every commit (or push) notify wt3 to update
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11:41:15  <Rubidium> and making the language file available for NFO is that small tool I talked about
11:53:33  <planetmaker> yeah. Let's kinda keep this plan in the back of our heads :-)
11:56:53  <Rubidium> guess Christmas holidays will be spent on adding {P ..}, {G ..} and case support to the translations
11:57:20  <Rubidium> s/translations/action4 specs and openttd/
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11:57:49  <Rubidium> and some changes to strgen so it retains the gender and case names for mapping purposes
11:59:22  <planetmaker> :-)
12:03:26  <Rubidium> I reckon the newgrf airports should be finished by then as well
12:03:59  <Rubidium> given that it's somewhat half finished in trunk
12:09:00  <planetmaker> including state machines?
12:09:39  <planetmaker> I guess there's only so much he can work on without cloning himself ;-)
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19:38:03  <Hirundo> Yexo: views on #1695 ?
19:38:13  <Yexo> taking a look now
19:38:42  <Yexo> no brot today?
19:39:13  <Yexo> Hirundo: I'd like a one example of the new nml code for vehicles and one for houeses/industry tiles / airport tiles (one of these 3)
19:39:14  <Hirundo> Something in the ottdcoop IRC department is not working, including brot and the bouncer
19:41:29  <planetmaker> hm, indeed. No Brot today :-O
19:42:07  <planetmaker> hm, there's an offline time scheduled by the data centre for today IIRC
19:42:41  <Rubidium> brot is dead since yesterday
19:42:52  <planetmaker> hm. didn't notice it :S
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20:03:53  <Hirundo> Yexo: Examples done: </brot mode>
20:05:21  <Yexo> looks fine ;)
20:05:28  <Yexo> thanks
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20:28:27  <planetmaker> andythenorth: you could add to your NewGRFs some Easter eggs.
20:28:38  <andythenorth> it's not easter :P
20:28:43  <andythenorth> suggestions? :)
20:28:55  <planetmaker> Like... a hidden vehicle. Or useful change of stats
20:29:09  <planetmaker> I just wonder... what could be given as "price money"
20:29:10  <andythenorth> how would I hide it?
20:29:19  <andythenorth> hidden parameter?
20:29:21  <planetmaker> that's the question. But most don't read sources
20:29:33  <andythenorth> only available on a certain date?
20:29:37  <planetmaker> No, just... ^
20:29:42  <planetmaker> for example
20:29:42  <andythenorth> i.e. for  just a few days
20:29:49  <planetmaker> Just January 1942 or so
20:30:07  <planetmaker> trams with another livery maybe
20:30:14  <andythenorth> FIRS would have the most potential for it
20:30:24  <planetmaker> HEQS could use that, too ;-)
20:30:25  <andythenorth> build industry in a certain location for special effects
20:30:35  <planetmaker> It could be enabled by the Easter egg parameter
20:30:49  <planetmaker> And then the price could be: the next easter egg will bear your name or so ;-)
20:31:00  <planetmaker> it will give people good incentive to play and test :-)
20:31:05  <planetmaker> and look around
20:31:20  <Alberth> and read the source or decode it :)
20:31:52  <planetmaker> or that :-) But that's cheating ;-)
20:32:02  <planetmaker> DevZone regulars are excempt from the competition :-P
20:33:10  <Alberth> I am cheating all the time already, by your own statement :)
20:33:50  <planetmaker> :-P
20:34:00  <andythenorth> maybe one of you should put the easter egg in...
20:34:08  <andythenorth> ...and I should get the prize if I find it?
20:34:23  <planetmaker> hehe
20:34:27  <planetmaker> now you're aware of it
20:34:41  <planetmaker> but maybe it's an idea ;-)
20:35:08  <Alberth> so we say we don't, and then do it any way... or not :)
20:35:19  <planetmaker> :-)
20:35:56  <andythenorth> or you don't do it, and then you tell me you did, and I spend some useful time looking for it :P
20:35:59  <Alberth>  <evil thight> /me ponders how long andy would search for a non-existing egg </evil thought>
20:36:08  <frosch123> everytime first crashes ottd, it is actually only an easteregg :)
20:36:12  <frosch123> -t
20:36:18  <andythenorth> alberth I'd probably learn to diff
20:36:20  <andythenorth> faster
20:36:32  <andythenorth> although you could embed lots of fake changes
20:36:51  <Alberth> getting svn to loose track of the real change is easy :)
20:37:03  <andythenorth> hmm
20:37:05  <andythenorth> pranks
20:37:15  <andythenorth> someone at work remapped top to sudo shutdown -h now
20:37:26  <planetmaker> this is hg ;-) - but it's similarily easy. Though... not in every repo
20:37:27  <andythenorth> which was fun for the person they did it to
20:37:52  <Alberth> :)
20:38:23  <Alberth> good night all
20:38:27  <andythenorth> good night
20:38:28  <planetmaker> g'night Alberth
20:38:41  <andythenorth> FIRS bananas downloads are increasing nicely
20:38:59  <frosch123> \o/ 34
20:39:01  <frosch123> :p
20:39:06  <Alberth> :p
20:39:19  * andythenorth wonders what people are doing with FIRS 
20:39:23  <frosch123> nightly players only btw
20:39:47  <Alberth> andythenorth: it takes quite some time to get an idea what to transport
20:40:09  <andythenorth> yes
20:40:18  <Alberth> I spend a lot of time finding matching industries and interesting cargos
20:40:50  <andythenorth> do you have trouble with secondary industry being a long way from primary industry?
20:41:20  * Hirundo prefers long distances because they make more money
20:41:26  <Alberth> mainly finding out useful chains, eveything seems connected with everything else
20:41:36  <andythenorth> everything is :)
20:42:05  <Alberth> distance is not so much a problem for me
20:42:23  <andythenorth> it might be soon time to tackle 'economies'
20:42:27  <andythenorth> maybe provide FIRS Basic
20:43:15  <Alberth> I would play at 64x64 with trucks only but the industries simply ignore my transports then
20:44:05  *** V453000 has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
20:44:11  <Alberth> (less than 8 units transport)
20:44:26  <andythenorth> is that the unfixed FIRS bug?
20:44:29  <Alberth> anyways, good night, see you tomorrow, I hope
20:44:35  <planetmaker> sleep well
20:44:49  * andythenorth ponders firs basic
20:45:05  <andythenorth> here's what was planned:
20:45:05  *** Alberth has left #openttdcoop.devzone
20:45:09  <Webster> Title: TT Foundry: Pixel Creations for OpenTTD (at
20:46:04  *** Levi has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
20:48:25  <andythenorth> maybe FIRS Basic should remove all Supplies
20:48:58  <planetmaker> good idea
20:49:25  <andythenorth> use default production change
20:49:49  <planetmaker> quite so
20:49:50  <andythenorth> reduces cargos, makes some industries redundant
20:50:06  <andythenorth> make the industry text check the parameter
20:50:11  <andythenorth> quite achievable
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21:01:14  * andythenorth wonders what cargos should be in FIRS basic
21:06:01  * andythenorth needs something clever to figure out if cargo chains are broken in a specific economy :o
21:06:07  <andythenorth> like a graph viz tool
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21:33:10  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Bug #1689 (Rejected): DevZone compile failed (planetmaker) @
21:35:13  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Feature #1669 (Closed): 32px depot view for sprites (planetmaker) @
21:35:13  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Feature #1670 (Closed): make use of MINV (planetmaker) @
21:37:24  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 83:7406fe439c3d: Change: Add separate ID for maglev bulk wagon and use... (planetmaker) @
21:49:00  <Levi> planetmaker: hg push over https is once again giving me 502...
21:49:28  <planetmaker> drat
21:49:32  <planetmaker> hold on
21:49:59  <Hirundo_> goodnight
21:50:22  <planetmaker> better?
21:50:25  <planetmaker> good night Hirundo_
21:50:32  <Levi> no
21:53:19  <planetmaker> now?
21:53:49  <Levi> looks good, thanks
21:53:59  <planetmaker> thanks for notification, too
21:54:07  <planetmaker> :-)
21:57:01  <Levi> repository doesn't seem to update, though...
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22:00:46  <planetmaker> which repo?
22:00:57  <Levi> ottd-webconfig, hg
22:01:26  <Levi> I pushed changeset 5, redmine doesn't seem to be aware of that
22:01:52  <planetmaker> it's at r4 currently
22:02:10  <planetmaker> hm
22:02:50  <Levi> it might be on my side, I'm now trying Netbeans' built-in hg support... but log says r5 was pushed ok
22:03:04  <planetmaker> can you push the same thing again? Does it allow that?
22:03:54  <Levi> done... not sure it worked though
22:04:25  <planetmaker> doesn't it tell you that it uploaded something?
22:04:37  <Levi> Mercurial Push
22:04:37  <Levi> --------------
22:04:37  <Levi> INFO Pushing To: ...
22:04:37  <Levi> INFO Changesets to push:
22:04:37  <Levi> changeset   : 5:753b5302e66f
22:04:38  <Levi> author      : Levi
22:04:38  <Levi> date        : Thu Oct 21 23:44:03 CEST 2010
22:04:40  <Levi> summary     : Removed weird symbols added by Notepad++ in line 0.
22:04:40  <Levi> pushing to https://Levi:***
22:04:42  <Levi> searching for changes
22:04:42  <Levi> remote: ssl required
22:04:44  <Levi> INFO Pushed To:
22:04:44  <Levi> INFO From:    OpenTTD Config - D:\WebServers\home\openttd.loc\www
22:04:46  <Levi> INFO: End of Mercurial Push
22:10:14  <planetmaker> I'll have to dig. I can't promise I'll find it right now. Sorry :-(
22:10:36  <Levi> ok, no problem, no hurry here
22:16:12  *** ODM has quit IRC
22:18:07  *** V453000 has quit IRC
22:53:43  *** fanioz has quit IRC
23:31:03  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Bug #1676: Colour difference in paper truck sprites (athanasios) @
23:34:56  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Bug #1676: Colour difference in paper truck sprites (athanasios) @
23:53:19  *** KenjiE20 has quit IRC

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