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05:33:12  <Brot6> Bundles Update: gc8b51bb4 2010-12-14 cargodist   (
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08:12:07  <dihedral> sucks
08:22:45  <Terkhen> hmm... I don't know how a site like that would work; usually people volunteers for projects they know or try to fix bugs that affect them
08:32:23  <dihedral> openhatch is really really slow
08:32:56  <dihedral> it would be good if projects could properly 'advertise' there too
08:57:43  <Ammler> reboot...
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09:03:17  <Guest1066> maybe I should have shutdown the vpses first :-)
09:03:30  <dihedral> ouch!
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09:03:54  <Guest1066> well, I was wondering how it works
09:04:07  <dihedral> usually stuff like that is documented? :-P
09:04:42  <Guest1066> yes, it should work gracefully
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09:11:35  <dihedral> or you should note that the shutdown does involve a different procedure ^^
09:12:07  <dihedral> the 'graceful' part only is possible within a certain amount of time, after that it sends kill -9 to all left over ppid's
09:12:23  <dihedral> which, regarding a vm, will not shut it down nicely
09:16:29  <Guest1066> yeah, next time I will shutdown those first...
09:22:42  <Guest1066> damn :-)
09:27:25  <dihedral> :-D
09:27:35  <dihedral> are they causing issues coming back up?
09:27:44  <dihedral> they've been down for some time now ^^
09:27:51  <dihedral> uh - ODM :-) ping ^^
09:29:21  <dihedral> why is he never there :-(
09:29:24  <dihedral> nono fair
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10:47:52  <Guest1066> hmm
10:53:10  <Guest1066> I give it another hour :-)
10:53:51  <_Terkhen_> ok :)
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11:35:53  <dihedral> Guest1075, give it another hour??
11:36:00  <dihedral> it's still down?
11:36:02  <dihedral> what happened?
11:37:13  <_Terkhen_> check the channel topic
11:38:11  <Guest1075> I broke it :-( "
11:38:12  <Guest1075> your server can't load the file system. So we have boot your server into the
11:38:14  <Guest1075> rescue system that you can fix this problem.
11:38:17  <_Terkhen_> :O
11:38:53  * dihedral claps his hands
11:39:21  <dihedral> you made a backup before you mangled with the hypervisor did you not?
11:40:13  <Guest1075> how?
11:40:33  <dihedral> hetzner does give you 100GB for backup
11:40:51  <Guest1075> well, the vpses are and setup fresh hypervisor woudn't be hard
11:41:12  <dihedral> what is the system complaining about
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11:42:22  <Guest1075> sucks :-(
11:42:50  * dihedral nods
11:42:53  <Guest1075> well, they just rebooted to the rescuce system but forgot to connect the remote console
11:43:22  <dihedral> you only need the remote console if you are not booting into the rescue system
11:43:40  <dihedral> if you boot into the rescue you should get an email with the root password
11:43:43  <Guest1075> mount: unknown filesystem type 'lvm2pv'
11:43:59  <dihedral> did you mangle with the filesystem?
11:44:03  <Guest1075> no
11:44:05  <dihedral> you mentioned partd
11:44:10  <dihedral> or parted it was
11:44:13  <Guest1075> well, I added a partition
11:44:22  <dihedral> well, that should not hurt
11:44:31  <Guest1075> but that is something I didn't the first time there
11:44:57  <dihedral> but why did you need to add a partition, would a logical volume not have been enough?
11:47:08  <pm|mibbit> meh :-(
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11:48:05  <pm|mibbit> any contingency, Guest1075 ?
11:48:15  <dihedral> get a second hetzner server and setup High Availability :-D
11:48:22  <SmatZ> hello :)
11:48:28  <dihedral> hey ho Mr. SmatZ
11:48:45  <dihedral> i mentioned to someone yesterday you could enjoy the FlightGear project :-P
11:48:52  <Guest1075> the question is now, can I fix that or shall I simply setup fresh
11:48:53  <dihedral> they have women on the team :-D
11:49:14  <Guest1075> I have no time for both
11:49:15  <dihedral> Guest1075, try to fix first, allow 30-60 mins for trying to fix
11:49:15  <SmatZ> hello dihedral
11:49:36  <pm|mibbit> Guest1075: is there no disk image of pre-update?
11:51:17  * dihedral is out for lunch
11:51:29  <Guest1075> pm|mibbit: lol?
11:51:32  <SmatZ> enjoy dihedral
11:53:22  <pm|mibbit> ok, what are the options if everything is screwed? No backups, no nothing?
11:53:52  <Guest1075> [12:40] <Guest1075> well, the vpses are and setup fresh hypervisor woudn't be hard
11:54:26  <Guest1075> but I really would like to know, what's went wrong first
11:54:27  <pm|mibbit> ok. That's good news
11:54:41  <pm|mibbit> yep, understandable. But as it seems: don't partition things
11:54:54  <pm|mibbit> why was it needed, btw?
11:55:03  <Guest1075> as said, not the first time
11:55:16  <Guest1075> I added disk space
11:55:31  <Guest1075> I didn't mess with existing partitions
11:55:32  <pm|mibbit> how "added"?
11:55:49  <pm|mibbit> Isn't the whole HDD partioned?
11:55:53  <Guest1075> no
11:56:05  <pm|mibbit> he...
11:56:11  <pm|mibbit> why not?
11:56:19  <Guest1075> the kvm vms are own disks
11:56:22  <Guest1075> lvm
11:56:30  <pm|mibbit> what use is to have several partiions?
11:57:00  <Guest1075> you got the answer?
11:57:11  <pm|mibbit> not quite
11:59:59  <Guest1075> hmm, did you send a reboot?=
12:00:10  <pm|mibbit> I did nothing
12:00:17  <Guest1075> then the console might be added
12:00:54  <Guest1075> bad timing :-(
12:02:50  <pm|mibbit> it's as it is now...
12:04:14  <Guest1075> now?
12:04:21  <Guest1075> you liked to do something?
12:04:25  <Guest1075> I am sorry :-P
12:04:35  <Guest1075> take your break then
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12:08:14  <pm|mibbit> he. any ETA to service for worst case?
12:08:39  <Guest1075> 1d?
12:08:53  <pm|mibbit> uh... ok
12:09:11  <Guest1075> if I don't find a fix until tonight, I might setup fresh :-)(
12:09:20  <Guest1075> s/:-)/:-(/
12:11:31  <pm|mibbit> hm, ok.
12:12:00  <pm|mibbit> but you're telling you cannot fix it right now?
12:14:50  <Guest1075> yes, didn't I?
12:15:08  <Guest1075> else it would run :-)
12:15:21  <Guest1075> I don't let it down for fun :-P
12:16:34  <pm|mibbit> uh...
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12:29:04  <Guest1075> it has do be something with the LVM, the software raid works
12:29:24  <Guest1075> I can access /dev/md0
12:29:37  <Guest1075> hmm
12:32:00  <Guest1075> I can mount everything fine from the rescue system
12:32:10  <planetmaker> he
12:32:18  <Guest1075> so at least if I need to setup fresh, I don't need to use a backup
12:32:39  <planetmaker> just the hypervisor doesn't boot then. Hm
12:32:48  <Guest1075> joh
12:33:04  <planetmaker> well. That's good news :-)
12:33:31  <Guest1075> [12:43] <Guest1075> mount: unknown filesystem type 'lvm2pv' <-- that was stupid me trying to mount a volume of a LVM group :-)
12:39:21  <Guest1075> everything looks fine :'-(
12:41:01  <dihedral> partition the entire hdd, create one physical volume and a boot partition
12:41:09  <dihedral> then create multiple logical volumes
12:43:51  <Guest1075> yes
12:44:08  <Guest1075> but that doesn't help now :-P
12:45:28  <Guest1075> it doesn't find all volumes for vg0 with the usual boot
12:45:40  <Guest1075> but I was able to see those with the rescue system
12:46:00  <dihedral> fstab misconfigured?
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12:48:38  <Guest1075>
12:48:40  <Webster> Title: - kostenloses Bilderhosting (at
12:49:49  <dihedral> lol
12:50:07  <dihedral> try to find the new uuid of the harddrive :-D
12:50:34  <dihedral> then check fstab and grub menu.lst
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12:51:40  <Guest1075>
12:52:41  <dihedral> yes, you are in the rescue system
12:53:14  <dihedral> it's something else, scanning for hard drives and finding what their partition tables is, compared to addressing a hdd in grub using the uuid
12:54:00  <Guest1075> grub doesn't use uuid
12:54:30  <Guest1075>
12:54:35  <dihedral> then fstab does
12:54:43  <Guest1075> fstab I pasted
12:55:22  <dihedral> then something else is ;-)
12:55:31  <dihedral> else it would not complain that it cannot find the uuid
12:55:45  <dihedral> could be udev stuff, lvm stuff
12:55:54  <dihedral> don't know, but something is using that uuid
12:56:49  <Guest1075>
12:57:07  <Guest1075> how do I scan for the hd id?
12:59:06  <Rubidium> blkid?
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13:02:11  <Guest1075> the uuid on the boot image is quite strange, with non hex chars
13:02:34  <dihedral> description = "Created *after* executing 'lvremove -f /dev/vg0/vzsnap-haydn-0'"
13:02:34  <dihedral>  <- erm ....
13:02:45  <Guest1075> pv1
13:02:47  <dihedral> the uuid is not hex
13:02:56  <Guest1075> yes, just realized
13:03:00  <dihedral> :-D
13:03:27  <dihedral> make a backup (another one) before editing though
13:04:41  <Guest1075> hmm, vzdump does make snapshots for backuping
13:05:18  <dihedral> it's your risk, not mine
13:05:31  <dihedral> the only risk i have is that my issue tracking is lost
13:05:41  <dihedral> and the 100 odd lines in the wiki :-p
13:06:03  <Guest1075> the data are all there
13:06:05  <dihedral> someone should mirror your redmine
13:08:42  <Guest1075> I could simply comment out the lvm from fstab and then mount those manually after reboot?
13:09:33  <Guest1075> mäh, I need those
13:09:49  <dihedral> lets start off with the following command, please copy and paste the next line:
13:09:52  <dihedral> /nick Ammler
13:09:53  <dihedral> :-D
13:10:02  <Guest1075> :-P
13:10:16  *** Guest1075 is now known as Shammler
13:10:31  <dihedral> is that related to 'shame' ? :-P
13:10:46  <dihedral> i'd google for recreating that one file
13:11:04  <dihedral>
13:12:16  <dihedral> possibly there is somewhere a mailing list or another forum with replies :-P
13:12:21  <Shammler> 4 years old, no answers
13:14:58  <dihedral>
13:14:59  <Webster> Title: Let me google that for you (at
13:15:42  <Shammler> no diff:
13:18:35  <dihedral>
13:18:38  <Webster> Title: LVM problem: f*cked up LVM metadata [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums (at
13:19:31  <dihedral> Shammler, i entered the error message (can't find device with uuid) into google
13:19:45  <dihedral> that is like one of the first things you can most of the time do in order to find help
13:25:48  <Shammler> my problem is that I am in the rescue system
13:26:08  <Shammler> since root is also part of borken lvm :-(
13:26:34  <Shammler> stupid vzdump
13:32:01  <dihedral> erm, yeah
13:32:13  <dihedral> chroot in to the mounted root?
13:32:26  <dihedral> should do the trick
13:32:38  <dihedral> might have to create the dev folder
13:44:43  <Shammler> you mean mounting the dev
13:45:08  <dihedral> chroot /mnt/root /bin/bash
13:45:55  <Shammler> but forst a mount --bind /dev /mnt/root/dev
13:48:22  <Shammler> dihedral: where are the lvm metadata saved?
13:48:27  <Shammler> I don't get that
13:49:00  <dihedral> Shammler, i do not know - i have to google for that stuff too
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15:23:56  <Shammler> I am back, posted this to #lvm, but I might not get answer:
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15:27:08  <dihedral> so you are saying, it will take a few days until is back online?
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16:13:07  <Shammler> quite much seems so :-(
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16:44:08  <Shammler> I am seriously don't like to setup the whole thing just because there is something broken on boot
16:44:13  <Shammler> I so much would like to fix that
16:45:57  <Shammler> that sucks hell
16:56:40  <Shammler> any idea, how I could watch if mdraid is loaded properly?
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18:03:14  <dihedral> Shammler, how's it doing?
18:07:03  <Shammler> backup is almost complete
18:10:25  <planetmaker> :-)
18:14:53  <^ekipS^> ...
18:16:03  <Shammler> but I am still don't believe that I have to restore just because I am too stupid for raid/lvm
18:16:20  <^ekipS^> ... ?
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18:17:00  <Shammler> ^ekipS^:
18:17:11  <dihedral> Shammler, i do not do more myself than google and use the tools at hand ;-)
18:17:15  <^ekipS^> you brokez itzzz!
18:17:17  <^ekipS^> ;)
18:17:21  <dihedral> and i have no idea what you did
18:17:37  <^ekipS^> dihedral atleast it wasn't just zypper update ;)
18:18:02  <dihedral> zypper?
18:18:05  <Shammler> except the vgcfgrestore on chrooted nothing
18:18:11  <^ekipS^> zypper is opensure tool to install software
18:18:18  <dihedral> Shammler, was /dev present?
18:18:20  <^ekipS^> suse*
18:18:27  <Shammler> I mounted it
18:18:37  <dihedral> i thought it was called yast
18:18:43  <^ekipS^> as yum is for centos/fedora/redhat apt is for ubuntu/debian that is what zypper is to suse
18:18:47  <Shammler> dihedral: I rahter think, the main system doesn't load raid/lvm proper
18:18:58  <^ekipS^> yast is a graphical intreface which eventually calls zypper :)
18:19:03  <dihedral> ^ekipS^, i understand the concept....
18:19:21  <Shammler> ^ekipS^: but the server runs debian
18:19:26  <dihedral> Shammler, i do not believe that is the issue
18:19:31  <^ekipS^> ok then it was apt-get update :)
18:19:34  <Shammler> so it was a aptitude safe-upgrade
18:19:41  <^ekipS^> or upgrade
18:19:41  <^ekipS^> :)
18:19:44  <^ekipS^> whatever you want :D
18:19:51  <Shammler> yes, which failed
18:19:57  <Shammler> the first time in my life :-)
18:19:58  <planetmaker> ^ekipS^: words words words.
18:20:00  * dihedral has his doubts about that
18:20:15  <^ekipS^> it failed where
18:20:26  <planetmaker> hypervisor
18:20:40  <Shammler> ^ekipS^: the reboot
18:20:53  <dihedral> i would guess it's more something with the partitioning tool that was used
18:20:59  <Shammler> didn't you read teh paste?
18:21:01  <dihedral> i saw many reports related to that
18:21:29  <Shammler> dihedral: yes to recover
18:21:35  <^ekipS^> i did already when i got said Webster makes log of this channel after pm said: read back which i obviously couldn't D:
18:21:38  <^ekipS^> :D
18:21:40  <Shammler> but everything is fine, so how to recover?
18:22:00  <dihedral> it's only complaining about the uuid
18:22:02  <planetmaker> something obviously fails. What fails?
18:22:15  <Shammler> which is correct
18:22:19  <planetmaker> and... ^ ... just uuid needs fixing
18:22:21  <Shammler> the uuid exists
18:22:27  <dihedral> grep /etc recursivly for the uuid :-P
18:22:41  <Shammler> already pasted that, didn't I
18:22:41  <dihedral> could be udev rules
18:23:00  <dihedral> could be other ugly stuff
18:23:10  <dihedral> dmesg output could be interesting
18:23:14  <dihedral> sfdisk -l too
18:23:22  <Shammler> could be Samichlaus
18:23:42  <Shammler> it is obviously something simply
18:24:19  <^ekipS^> uuid's can't change out of themselves out of nowhere
18:24:30  <dihedral> ...
18:25:03  <^ekipS^> that wouldn't mean a different volume
18:25:09  <dihedral> no - this just randomly happens to about 1k people using part / fdisk on a hdd partitioned for lvm
18:25:12  <^ekipS^> so the volume itself would keep the same id
18:25:13  <Shammler> ^ekipS^: they didn't change
18:25:28  <Shammler> (I said that already, didn't I?)
18:26:10  <Shammler> that is why the guys at #lvm suspect bug in
18:26:12  <Shammler> mkintrd
18:26:28  <Shammler> [16:44] <kabi_> Ammller: haven't you changed your  mkintrd ?
18:26:30  <Shammler> [16:44] <kabi_> Ammller: assuming it's been booting in past
18:26:31  <Shammler> [16:45] <kabi_> Ammller: is your 'raid' array properly started before activation of VG ?
18:26:49  <Shammler> [17:18] <kabi_> Ammller: you need to check boot log - whether your md raid is properly started
18:27:10  <Shammler> [17:18] <Ammller> well, as root is also part of vg0, where do I find the boot log?
18:27:11  <Shammler> [17:20] <kabi_> Ammller: in this case  serial console is usually very useful
18:27:13  <Shammler> [17:22] <kabi_> Ammller: you should probably check in the 'rescue' mode whether  mdraid is properly installed configured and started for standard boot
18:27:31  <Shammler> how do I check that?
18:27:51  <_Terkhen_> yes, an uuid change happened to me after updating Debian once
18:28:29  <dihedral> Shammler, that should give you enough things to do if you want to rescue what you have instead of installing everything again
18:28:31  <_Terkhen_> I did not bother with it and I just installed again
18:28:55  <Shammler> so blkid does report different uuid with rescue and main system?
18:29:12  <dihedral> should not
18:29:27  <Shammler> you should not use the workd should :-P
18:29:30  <Shammler> -k
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18:59:38  <DJNekkid> make mrproper && make
18:59:42  <DJNekkid> ehm, wrong window
19:00:07  <^ekipS^> make ammler && fix it
19:00:08  <^ekipS^> ;)
19:00:17  <Shammler> @kill ^ekipS^
19:00:27  <^ekipS^> @hug Ammler ;)
19:00:38  <Shammler> @not enough
19:00:57  <^ekipS^> make ammler && a cookie
19:01:03  <Shammler> well, later quys...
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19:44:48  <andythenorth> has the stable server HEQS game ended?
19:46:28  *** avdg has quit IRC
19:51:19  <dihedral> s/HEQS game //
19:54:32  <Shammler> dihedral: lol
19:54:58  <Shammler> andythenorth: the server is rebooting...
19:55:06  <dihedral> :-P
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20:56:19  <dihedral> i think i may have found a laptop :-)
20:56:25  <dihedral> dell vostro v130
20:56:38  <dihedral> linux support is great
20:57:54  <_Terkhen_> I wish I took that into account before buying mine, but I did not know much about linux back then
20:58:06  <dihedral> what did you get?
21:01:49  <_Terkhen_> a laptop with a wireless card that is a pain in the ass to get working correctly under linux
21:02:27  <dihedral> depends on the wireless card but so far i always got mine working :-P
21:02:35  <dihedral> last resort: ndiswrappers
21:03:18  <_Terkhen_> it's poorly supported, even by the standards of broadcom cards
21:05:25  <dihedral> there is a proprietary driver for broadcom i read today
21:06:31  <_Terkhen_> that's what I meant; it's poorly supported even by their own driver :P
21:06:45  <dihedral> heh
21:06:54  <dihedral> but ndis wrappers will use the windows drivers
21:06:57  <dihedral> that should work
21:07:23  <_Terkhen_> I'll try that next time :)
21:07:39  <dihedral> i found i can order the vostro v130 with ubuntu 10.04 installed :-D
21:08:09  <Rubidium> dihedral: good, then they have to support it with Ubuntu 10.04 as well
21:08:30  <Rubidium> so just resize the partition to bare minimum and install your distro/version of choice
21:09:14  <dihedral> Rubidium, which currently is ubuntu? :-P
21:10:27  <_Terkhen_> it is actually cheaper without windows?
21:10:45  <dihedral> should / could make a diff of like 100 - 150 eur
21:11:06  <_Terkhen_> nice
21:11:38  <dihedral> but wanting a config of i5 cpu, 4gb ram, 128gb ssd disk ....
21:11:58  <dihedral> it's gonna make a pricy thing anyway
21:14:51  * avdg1 wonders how fast the ssd is
21:15:25  <dihedral> they are quite fast, + the most important thing is, it saves electricity
21:15:33  <dihedral> thus, longer battery life
21:15:43  <avdg1> and are faster
21:15:47  <avdg1> in reaction
21:16:23  <avdg1> but I checked today for a configuration of a local server, too less advantages for me :(
21:16:50  <dihedral> ssd will make sense if you need to run some pretty heavily loaded db server
21:17:07  <dihedral> or something else that would render critical io
21:27:50  <frosch123> hmm, since when is coop down?
21:27:55  <andythenorth> planetmaker: devzone missing?
21:28:07  <frosch123> faster :p
21:28:13  <planetmaker> hey andythenorth
21:28:33  <planetmaker> currently yes. Update of hypervisor didn't went as smoothly as it should
21:28:37  <andythenorth> ho
21:28:42  <planetmaker> Try again tomorrow :-)
21:28:46  <planetmaker> Sorry
21:28:50  <planetmaker> :-(
21:29:17  <planetmaker> But, andy, did you pull yesterday HEQS?
21:29:24  <planetmaker> with my update to the params?
21:29:50  <andythenorth> no :o
21:30:32  <planetmaker> try
21:30:40  <planetmaker> don't commit it, though; it's already committed
21:31:05  <planetmaker> if it works also for you, you should then be set to release HEQS from my POV :-)
21:31:09  <planetmaker> after the DevZone is back
21:31:12  <andythenorth> cool
21:31:18  <andythenorth> I have a last minute addition to make :D
21:31:30  <planetmaker> well. you can also do that then :-)
21:31:39  <planetmaker> but you can still test that patch, too.
21:31:51  <andythenorth> indeed
21:32:03  <planetmaker> I'm not particularily proud of that patch, but well.
21:32:07  <planetmaker> It's what NML gave me ;-)
21:32:09  <Yexo> brot is going to flood this channel with commits when the devzone comes back :p
21:32:16  <planetmaker> hehe :-) yeah
21:32:22  <planetmaker> Sorry also for you, Yexo :-(
21:32:28  <Yexo> nml is at r1118 here
21:32:38  * Yexo thinks the last push revision is something like r1076
21:32:52  <planetmaker> I have Änderung:        1083:eea1a8e29ac4
21:33:10  <Yexo> so 'only' 35 revisions right now
21:35:09  <Shammler> heqsrepo is backuped... to bb
21:35:26  <Shammler> so is nml
21:36:24  <planetmaker> well... the VMs are fine, aren't they?
21:36:32  <planetmaker> or... ?!
21:36:35  <Shammler> I meant so you can work right now on it
21:36:42  <planetmaker> We all have a checkout
21:36:57  <planetmaker> so no worries. In worst case we need a few merges afterwards
21:36:58  <Shammler> there is no data loss
21:37:35  <Shammler> right now, I copy the data a 3rd time for last more risky experiments
21:38:10  <Shammler> and I am still open for help :-)
21:38:21  <Shammler> I didn't start with new setup yet
21:39:05  <planetmaker> right. How can I help?
21:40:20  <Shammler> with ides how to fix the raid/lvm issue
21:41:05  <Shammler> or links or whatever :-)
21:44:20  <Rubidium> already talked about it with TB?
21:45:49  <andythenorth> planetmaker: does "Maerkische" mean anything in particular?
21:46:02  <Shammler> Rubidium: no, is he around?
21:46:07  <planetmaker> yes. It refers to a region
21:46:18  <andythenorth> fine good
21:46:26  <Rubidium> Shammler: no idea, but it never hurts to ask
21:46:31  <planetmaker> It's the Mark Brandenburg mostly, if no other "(Ge)Mark(ung)" is meant explicitly
21:47:13  <planetmaker> But, andythenorth : Use the proper spelling: Märkische
21:47:36  <andythenorth> do the dia marks work in nfo?
21:47:42  <planetmaker> utf, sure
21:47:47  <andythenorth> hmm
21:47:48  <planetmaker> ever looked at German strings?
21:47:51  <andythenorth> nope
21:47:55  <andythenorth> life is short :)
21:48:03  <planetmaker> tsk
21:48:24  <andythenorth> does it make you wince if I spell it wrong?
21:48:45  <planetmaker> honestly: somewhat yes
21:48:49  <planetmaker> :-)
21:49:00  <planetmaker> It shows that the author didn't care to get it right ;-)
21:49:05  <andythenorth> pah
21:49:06  <andythenorth> ok
21:49:14  <andythenorth> well we can fix it before 1.0
21:52:31  <planetmaker> It's just a simple letter replacement ;-)
21:52:51  <Shammler> Rubidium: I queried him
21:53:33  <Shammler> it is also quite a shame, I have no clue how to debug boot, never really needed that
21:53:59  <Shammler> for example how to enable step-by-step booting so I can check every single bit
21:55:05  <Shammler> hmm, I could also simply copy the root partition to a new non lvm partition and try to boot that way...
22:01:57  <dihedral> Shammler, do not make it worse than it already is
22:02:36  <dihedral> possibly you can ask them to connect the vnc
22:03:21  <dihedral> then you can follow the boot procedure
22:04:23  <dihedral> it will probably prompt you to enter the maintenance shell, there you can enter dmesg and copy the output to a file
22:04:29  <dihedral> that you can paste somewhere :-P
22:04:37  <dihedral> then we all know more :-D
22:04:55  <dihedral> but you will probably be faster to simply re-install that machine
22:05:18  <dihedral> seeing as it's been a while no it'd the best piece of advice i can give you for a production server :-P
22:05:56  <Shammler> I have the vnc console
22:06:16  <Shammler> that is why I wonder, if it is possible to make booting stepwise
22:06:34  <Shammler> where do you think, is the image from the error from?
22:07:36  <Shammler> I don't get a shell
22:08:17  <Shammler> well, if the server would have commercial stuff on it, I would have done it this noon
22:08:39  <Shammler> but I don't think it hurts much to keep it down and looking for fixes a bit longer
22:09:04  *** _Terkhen_ has quit IRC
22:10:53  <planetmaker> andythenorth: <-- the regional with that name, btw ;-)
22:10:55  <Webster> Title: Märkische Allgemeine - Nachrichten für das Land Brandenburg (at
22:10:58  <planetmaker> +newspaper
22:11:33  <planetmaker> it's the region around Berlin (excluding Berlin)
22:11:44  <planetmaker> more to the West than to the East
22:12:24  <andythenorth> it's got a connection to a certain new HEQS vehicle
22:15:24  <planetmaker> a tram?
22:15:40  <andythenorth> perhaps
22:15:44  <andythenorth> maybe with smoke
22:15:48  <planetmaker> :-)
22:16:01  <andythenorth> if you search O&K you might find the connection
22:16:18  <planetmaker> btw, "Märkische" is an adjective, not a noun. So it needs to describe something which follows. Just telling :-)
22:17:02  <planetmaker> Orenstein & Koppel I guess, no the mining business elsewhere ;-)
22:17:03  <andythenorth> if it's "Märkische Tram" does that work?
22:18:23  <frosch123> what are you talking about?
22:19:12  <planetmaker> *some* vehicle manufactured by
22:19:13  <Webster> Title: Orenstein & Koppel – Wikipedia (at
22:19:33  <frosch123> "Märkische Tram" sounds weird, wrong parlance imo. "Märkische Straßenbahn" sounds better
22:19:57  <planetmaker> and about using the proper name for vehicles, not what English people can pronounce ;-)
22:20:53  <planetmaker> (though I found ä and ö are usually fine. But ü is something which cannot be pronounced even if life dependet on it :-P )
22:21:20  <frosch123> life depening on "ü"? "Hülfe!" ?
22:21:21  <andythenorth>
22:21:23  <Webster> Title: The Origins of Orenstein & Koppel (at
22:21:25  <andythenorth> planetmaker: ^
22:22:19  <planetmaker> gives you quite nice early vehicles :-)
22:22:35  <frosch123> the singular is nice :)
22:22:44  <frosch123> (of "Lokomotiv")
22:23:07  <planetmaker> :-D
22:26:06  <planetmaker> well, I guess in 1880s they applied different writing rules ;-)
22:26:30  <planetmaker> And it doesn't sound wrong in the word Lokomitv-Fabrik
22:27:30  *** _Terkhen_ has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
22:33:51  *** _Terkhen_ has quit IRC
22:34:02  *** andythenorth has left #openttdcoop.devzone
22:44:13  <dihedral> hehe - openhatch :-)
22:44:17  <dihedral> 2 replies today
22:44:21  <dihedral> positive also
22:44:42  <dihedral> one guys started commenting and providing good and usefull ideas, and documentation to read
22:44:57  <dihedral> another is willing to look at the source and either contribute or also comment :-)
22:56:36  *** frosch123 has quit IRC
23:06:26  *** ^ekipS^ has quit IRC
23:08:02  <dihedral> uh - 3 replies :-)
23:12:10  <Shammler> 3 replies without working project url :-)
23:13:07  <Shammler> now, I am sorry, I hope that doesn't cost you contributors :-(
23:17:03  <dihedral> oh no - they seem keen and willing to help :-)
23:17:18  <dihedral> i did send out a longish description of what i was doing etc.
23:17:23  <dihedral> so that was good ^^
23:17:35  <dihedral> and the repo is small enough to be attached to an email :-D
23:37:03  <Shammler> @topic remove -1
23:37:03  *** Webster changes topic to "Talk about things hosted and developed on | Downloads log: | Sandbox passwords are the same as the usernames"
23:37:12  <Shammler> @topic server back but how long?
23:37:12  <Webster> Shammler: (topic [<channel>]) -- Returns the topic for <channel>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
23:37:17  <Shammler> @topic add server back but how long?
23:37:17  *** Webster changes topic to "Talk about things hosted and developed on | Downloads log: | Sandbox passwords are the same as the usernames | server back but how long?"
23:43:12  *** Hirundo has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
23:43:43  *** Ammler has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
23:44:55  *** SmatZ is now known as Guest1157
23:44:56  <planetmaker> \o/ @ Ammler :-)
23:45:03  *** SmatZ has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
23:45:14  *** planetmaker has quit IRC
23:45:16  <Shammler> well, it isn't fixed,
23:45:21  <Shammler> it just works
23:45:34  <Shammler> but I have a clue now
23:45:52  *** Guest1157 has quit IRC
23:46:13  *** Terkhen has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
23:46:41  *** V453000 has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
23:47:41  *** Yexo- has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
23:48:11  *** avdg has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
23:48:47  *** avdg1 has quit IRC
23:49:37  *** planetmaker has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
23:50:11  *** tneo has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
23:50:49  <Shammler> [00:49] <Ammller> I removed the complaing disk from the vg
23:50:51  <Shammler> [00:49] <Ammller> then it booted again
23:52:17  <planetmaker> hm
23:52:33  <Shammler> expect another reboot tomorrow at same time
23:52:46  <Shammler> but then with down time 5min only
23:53:04  <Shammler> hmm, or shall I know?
23:53:08  <Shammler> now*
23:53:35  <planetmaker> well. why not now? Unless you're already asleep
23:57:19  <Shammler> "Partition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary." <-- this was the issue, I assume
23:57:32  <Shammler> a failure of me and fdisk
23:58:42  <SmatZ> [00:53:06] <Shammler> but then with down time 5min only <== deja vu?
23:58:49  <Shammler> :-P
23:58:51  <Shammler> :-D
23:58:53  <SmatZ> :)
23:59:02  <Shammler> you are soooooo mean
23:59:07  <Shammler> :'-(
23:59:12  <SmatZ> you spent whole day fixing that!
23:59:15  <SmatZ> you are the hero
23:59:16  <Shammler> no
23:59:19  * SmatZ hugs Shammler
23:59:29  <Shammler> I was kinda offline the afternoon
23:59:35  <SmatZ> so was I :)
23:59:51  <SmatZ> still
23:59:57  <SmatZ> good job, it works :)

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