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01:07:21  <ChillCore> Ammler planetmaker: still awake?
01:07:36  <planetmaker> barely. But what's up?
01:07:45  <ChillCore> I have been trying some more but I do not get very far
01:08:04  <ChillCore> If you want tomorrow is fine. :)
01:08:12  <ChillCore> My question
01:08:46  <ChillCore> I have force pushed to a local folder with the <Q applied but I get some strange result
01:08:56  <ChillCore> MQ
01:09:16  <ChillCore> all files ere in .hg/store/data
01:09:40  <ChillCore> and have strange extentions, is this normal and intended
01:09:44  <ChillCore> ?
01:10:25  <planetmaker> you need to checkout the repo.
01:10:37  <planetmaker> The files to use are in the same dir as the .hg dir is
01:10:53  <planetmaker> what you describe is how hg stores the repo so that it can give you each revision of each file
01:11:49  <ChillCore> so this is normal then ... this test repo is +-63 MB big and I should just force push with the MA applied then?
01:12:34  <planetmaker> well, the 63M is probably the full openttd repo
01:12:52  <planetmaker> I guess the main dir is still an openttd checkout :-)
01:13:08  <ChillCore> MQ ... stupid keybord I switched and I have to type querty on qwerty untill I fix this.
01:13:09  <planetmaker> if you just want to push the patch queue, you need to go to .hg/patches
01:13:22  <planetmaker> and adjust the .hg/patches/.hg/hgrc :-P
01:13:37  <planetmaker> i.e. you have two nested repositories
01:13:43  <planetmaker> one for the openttd source code
01:13:43  <ChillCore> Yes I can still open the pushed repository and it looks normal
01:13:48  <planetmaker> one for the patch queue
01:14:13  <planetmaker> I have the feeling with the 63M you tried to push the openttd repo instead of mq repo
01:15:19  <ChillCore> OK then ... I should push the patch queue repo then. No the patch is applied. If I push without the MQ applied I do not have to force but the clean source is there ...
01:16:12  <planetmaker> I think you're still confused...
01:16:17  <ChillCore> I will just force push and if it is not correct then the repo can be reset sometime tomorrow?
01:16:22  <planetmaker> or your programme with which you try to push is
01:16:23  <ChillCore> I guess I am
01:16:30  <planetmaker> yes
01:16:46  <planetmaker> of course we can do that. but... what's your current working dir?
01:19:17  <ChillCore> If I pop the MQ the clean source is pushed, force pusch with the MQ seems correct but everything end up in the in th .hg directory with eg. "ai.c.i" kind of files
01:19:36  <ChillCore> MQ +applied
01:20:12  <planetmaker> don't worry what is in the .hg dir
01:20:19  <planetmaker> that's not your concern really
01:20:28  <ChillCore> My working dir is just trunk with or without MQ as described above
01:20:30  <planetmaker> the patches are .hg/patches
01:20:49  <planetmaker> and that is the dir which you need to push from when trying to push the mq
01:21:07  <planetmaker> *are in
01:21:17  <planetmaker> you cannot push the mq patches from the main dir
01:21:24  <planetmaker> nor from the .hg dir
01:21:44  <ChillCore> hmm ... I am confused
01:21:52  <ChillCore> :P
01:21:58  <planetmaker> if you use a GUI, you'll most likely have to treat the mq patches as a separate project
01:22:18  <planetmaker> the main dir as well as the .hg dir are the openttd repo.
01:22:31  <planetmaker> That has - in first order - nothing to do with the mq
01:22:36  <planetmaker> the patches are not known there
01:22:46  <planetmaker> unless they're applied of course
01:22:56  <planetmaker> then they're treated as normal revisions, though.
01:23:04  <planetmaker> applied ontop of openttd's source
01:23:32  <planetmaker> <-- we have a sandbox repo there
01:23:46  <planetmaker> if you want to test whatever, you can also totally wreck that repo, if you like
01:24:14  <planetmaker> (if you want to avoid a possible reset of your pp repo)
01:24:28  <ChillCore> I have to heads ... one is applied and one is not depending if I apply or pop, if I apply the the correct head is pushed, but only if forced.
01:25:06  <ChillCore> There is not much to lose if the repo is reset at this point in time. ;)
01:25:29  <ChillCore> just the test commits
01:25:39  <planetmaker> yes true
01:26:02  <planetmaker> think of your mq and the openttd it's based on as totally separate projects
01:26:13  <planetmaker> they have different versions. and different contents
01:26:30  <ChillCore> I will force push and see what ammler says tommorow?
01:26:36  <planetmaker> they just happen to live in dirs with a relation like openttd and openttd/.hg/patches
01:27:16  <planetmaker> hg outgoing will tell you what is being pushed
01:28:24  <ChillCore> I could also copy the patches folder to a clean repo and push that but I do not know if you can do anything with that, or if it is that what he meant by pushing just the MQ.
01:28:40  <ChillCore> I should try the console indeed to get more output.
01:29:25  <planetmaker> try to open a new repository. The repository is found in openttd/.hg/patches
01:29:33  <planetmaker> close the current project
01:29:40  <planetmaker> and see what you have there :-)
01:33:42  <ChillCore> I did that and as I said ... force push while MQ applied seems correct (in the .hg folder) ... push while popped is clean source in the normal trunk folder . (as observed when opening the repo of my test folder I pushed to as you suggest)
01:35:46  <ChillCore> Anyway you mentioned you are tired ... I will force push and Ammler or you can check tomorrow, there is no rush.
01:36:20  <ChillCore> the worst that can happen is ... nothing as I have my patch still
01:36:45  <ChillCore> Good night and sweet dreams. :)
01:38:43  <planetmaker> same to you!
01:41:23  <ChillCore> Bye thank you once more. I'll get it at some point and then I can help others like you helped me ;)
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09:33:42  <Ammler> planetmaker: sorry, I am a bit sick and therefor not online that much at night :-)
09:33:54  <Ammler> I seem to miss chill everytime
09:35:41  <planetmaker> no excuses needed when someone isn't awake at 2:30 am...
09:35:51  <planetmaker> but being sick sucks :-( Hope you get well soon
09:36:27  <Ammler> if chill decides for mq, the devzone will create a repo with <repo>.mq for the CF
09:36:40  <planetmaker> I think he decided to go for that
09:37:51  <planetmaker> but he wanted to test things, but I didn't yet check what he did
09:37:55  <Ammler> he does manage on which svn rev the patches should be applied via tagging, so the revision he works on and should be build on cf should be tagged like r23200
09:38:14  <planetmaker> I also told him that he could use the sandbox, if he likes to test stuff. There he could commit every crap ;-)
09:38:26  <Ammler> beside that, the devzone does automatically try every day to apply the patches on trunk
09:38:32  <Ammler> that is testing
09:38:57  <Ammler> so he will be informed when trunk does break his patches
09:39:26  <planetmaker> ok. So the tag in the mq repo determins against which trunk version the patch queue is being built for that release
09:39:51  <planetmaker> like hg tag r23200 in .hg/patches will create r23200-ChillPPv14
09:39:52  <planetmaker> ?
09:39:58  <Ammler> yep, and that is the repo, the devzone will create for the openttd cf
09:40:02  <planetmaker> and the nightly build builds them against trunk
09:40:27  <Ammler> it is not called nightly, testing
09:40:30  <Ammler> but yes
09:41:09  <Ammler> it does that around the same time as openttd creates its nightly so the chance is high that openttd nightly and testing match
09:41:45  <planetmaker> ah, ok :-)
09:41:51  <Ammler> but it does not rebase just reapply,
09:42:01  <planetmaker> well. OpenTTD's source hardly ever changes between 19:45h and 20:00h
09:42:08  <planetmaker> yeah
09:42:12  <Ammler> but that might be better anyway for a patch
09:42:26  <planetmaker> a mq needs somewhat manual rebasing, yes
09:42:32  <Ammler> no
09:42:38  <Ammler> you could rebase also mq
09:42:59  <planetmaker> yes, I know. But... it can have issues. As an update, of course
09:43:24  <Ammler> well, but devzone sinply pop -a and push -a the patches
09:43:48  <Ammler> if it applies, it tries to compile it
09:44:27  <Ammler> if that all fails, it triggers a error ticket like the tickets you know
09:45:20  <planetmaker> I see
09:47:50  <Ammler> [10:39] <planetmaker> like hg tag r23200 in .hg/patches will create r23200-ChillPPv14 <-- what the openttd CF will create is up to the
09:48:07  <Ammler> I mean what finally is used as version string in the game
09:48:35  <Ammler> eventually he should patch a bit, but that can be adjusted later
09:51:20  <Ammler> afaik, you are also able to add tags to the main repo via mq
09:52:05  <Ammler> hmm
09:52:12  <Ammler> might not be recommend :-P
09:54:43  <Ammler> hmm, did chill work with git before?
09:55:13  <planetmaker> yes, he'll need to patch the version string
09:55:35  <planetmaker> iirc he did not work with any really
09:55:51  <planetmaker> it's probably just that he got a git install the day before I offered the DevZone to him ;-)
09:57:12  <Ammler> it is also recommend that he starts the mq with a fresh repo
09:57:27  <Ammler> so not everyone clones the mq repo needs to load the whole openttd repo too
09:57:58  <planetmaker> yes. But did he push the full repo already?
09:58:30  <planetmaker> he's not afraid anyway of just deleting the existing repo and start a new one
09:58:39  <planetmaker> And that's easily done also server-side
09:58:44  <Ammler> oh, those commits aren't the repo
09:59:01  <planetmaker> except the redmine history. How was that updated?
09:59:04  <Ammler> just some test files
09:59:21  <Ammler> delete the repo
09:59:45  <Ammler> managers and admins can do that via project settings
10:01:29  <Ammler> <-- example how a mq config can look
10:02:04  <Ammler> echo "openttd" > .devzone/mq/mainrepo
10:02:16  <Ammler> and the build part is like for newgrfs
10:03:17  <Ammler> also you do not need to go to .hg/patches btw.
10:03:26  <Ammler> just use flag --mq for your commands
10:03:31  <Ammler> e.g. hg push --mq
10:03:38  <Ammler> or hg ci --mq
10:03:39  <planetmaker> oh. I didn't know
10:06:09  <Ammler> if you have enabled extension mq, it should be mentioned on the syntax help
10:06:35  <Ammler> also very recommend to use a very new version of hg, if you work with mq
10:07:42  <planetmaker> yes... macports doesn't have 2.0 yet, though. So 1.9.x will have to do for now ;-)
10:08:06  <Ammler> the whole mq thing is quite experimental, I didn't yet get much feedback on that, so any idea is welcome
10:08:39  <planetmaker> you mean the DevZone's treatment of mq for openttd repos?
10:08:45  <Ammler> yes, 2.0 won't go to suse 12.1 either
10:08:50  <Ammler> as it looks
10:09:12  <Ammler> planetmaker: yes
10:09:17  <planetmaker> and I heart the other day they plan to speed up the release cycle from 4 months to 3 months ;-)
10:09:28  <Ammler> they? hg or suse?
10:09:33  <planetmaker> mercurial
10:09:40  <Ammler> ah well
10:09:57  <Ammler> afaik, hg also doesn't have release branches
10:10:05  <Ammler> just stable and dev
10:10:13  <planetmaker> they do a code freeze before
10:10:18  <Ammler> yep
10:10:42  <Ammler> but you do not get a 1.9.x anymore
10:10:55  <planetmaker> hu?
10:11:11  <Ammler> they have no release brachnes like 1.8 or 1.9 or so
10:11:22  <Ammler> like openttd has
10:11:23  <planetmaker> they have tags
10:11:37  <Ammler> hmm, I spoke about branches
10:11:48  <Ammler> openttd has release branches 1.0, 1.1 etc.
10:11:51  <planetmaker> yes. They don't make a new branch for every release
10:11:59  <Ammler> mercurial just stable and dev
10:12:03  <planetmaker> it's just doing things different :-)
10:12:19  <planetmaker> they also have two repos. one from the lead developer and one from the "crew"
10:13:56  <Ammler> well, the worst is firefox
10:17:21  <planetmaker> yes... that's too fast
10:17:42  <planetmaker> though they meanwhile have the autoupdate well implemented
10:17:52  <planetmaker> but autoupdated yesterday failed for thunderbird ;-)
10:18:12  <Ammler> the issue is more that extensions are behind the update cicle
10:20:03  <planetmaker> yes. And that sucks
10:20:23  <planetmaker> enigmail was cited to not work. Which... sucks majorly
10:20:34  <planetmaker> without it it'll become a pain to read encrypted mail
10:20:48  <Ammler> :-)
10:21:24  <planetmaker> though... I'm not sure what 'cited to not work' means. I guess it just means 'not tested'
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13:04:14  <ChillCore> Hello all.
13:04:53  <ChillCore> Planetmaker Ammler: i tried force pushing yesterday with the MQ applied but it choked on a file ...
13:05:20  <ChillCore> Today I tried again but get this error:    findoutgoing() got an unexpected keyword argument 'heads'
13:05:44  <Yexo> what are you doing exactly when you try to push?
13:06:24  <ChillCore> I tried cloning my repository export all revisions to MQ patches and push that but the same error happens.
13:07:30  <ChillCore> Yexo: ^^^ after the same thing happened when it tried to push trunk r 22555+ patch without using MQ.
13:07:51  <Yexo> what os and tools are you using?
13:10:18  <ChillCore> Ubuntu 11.04,  nautilus-gui extension gui,  I will have check the revision numbers of mercurial and python too I guess. Hold on
13:10:32  <Yexo> I have no clue about that gui, so I can't help you with that
13:10:34  <ChillCore> - gui
13:10:40  * Terkhen always uses the console
13:11:10  <Terkhen> how are you going to organize it? each revision is a different patch or something different?
13:12:25  <ChillCore> Terkhen: I have found a step by step tutorial for the console and was going to do that :)  unfortunately extensive and clear simple documentation on pushing is hard to find
13:12:57  <Yexo> type "hg push<enter>"?
13:13:03  <Yexo> or was that too simple :p
13:13:45  <planetmaker> btw, the commands push and pull etc also accept --mq
13:14:04  <planetmaker> which will then operate on the mq repo instead of the main repo when the main repo is the working dir
13:14:12  <planetmaker> but ... that's all command line
13:14:34  <Yexo> even commit accepts --mq, that's nice to know
13:14:57  <ChillCore> Terkhen: I will first try to have a MQ with one patch, only when I know how to that correctly do that I can start thinking about having a mq with a patch for each included patch
13:15:16  <Terkhen> ok :)
13:15:20  <Yexo> ChillCore: so do you have a mq set up locally already?
13:15:34  <Terkhen> at first mq feels complicated, but it will make things quite simpler :P
13:15:58  <ChillCore> Yexo: "hg push<enter>" goes for the official repository.
13:16:21  <ChillCore> planetmaker: I figure the gui extension is lacking possibilities
13:16:33  <Yexo> edit .hg/hgrc, you'll find a line in there containing "default = xyz" where xyz is the official repo
13:16:55  <Yexo> add a new line "default-push = abc" where abc is the place you want to push too. However "hg push" will push the repo, not the mq
13:17:45  <planetmaker> Yexo: he wants a mq repo
13:17:53  <planetmaker> as such it's rather .hg/patches/.hg/hgrc
13:17:57  <Yexo> yes, I know
13:18:03  <Yexo> <Yexo> ChillCore: so do you have a mq set up locally already? <- hence that question
13:18:11  <ChillCore> Yexo: yes I have a mq. But to push while it is applied I need to force it ...
13:18:25  <Yexo> that sounds wrong
13:18:34  <planetmaker> or the repo existing is unrelated
13:18:39  <Yexo> can you pastebin the contents of .hg/patches/.hg/hgrc ?
13:18:54  <planetmaker> sorry. g2g
13:19:11  <ChillCore> I did not know I could add mq to the push command
13:19:19  * planetmaker neither ;-)
13:19:24  <ChillCore> later planetmaker :)
13:19:27  <planetmaker> hg help <command>
13:19:27  <Yexo> if you don't you're trying to push the normal repo, which is not what you want
13:19:42  <Yexo> so either "hg push --mq" from the working directory or "hg push" from .hg/patches
13:19:42  <planetmaker> anyway. enjoy and success :-)
13:21:21  * ChillCore needs to catch up replying to the above lines ...
13:22:51  <ChillCore> Yexo I will add the "push default line" line to my hgrc, I did not have that yet. thanks.
13:23:00  <Yexo> actually you don't have to do that
13:23:16  <Yexo> that's only necesary for pushing the normal repo, which you don't want to do
13:23:21  <Yexo> sorry about that confusion
13:24:14  <ChillCore> Ok no line adding;     Pastebin ... do you have a link
13:24:22  <Yexo>
13:24:51  <ChillCore> Thank you ... I will check my file in a bit and post
13:25:41  <ChillCore> and include my versions of mercurial and python too
13:26:07  <Yexo> ok, I'll be back in 15-20 minutes
13:27:13  <ChillCore> I have not yet not yet tried to "hg push --mq"; Okidoki Yexo, gives me some time to collect data requested.
13:31:58  <ChillCore> <pm> "or the repo existing is unrelated" <- I had that error, hence why I tried tried cloning what is there already and tried to push that.
13:32:25  * ChillCore goes colleting data now
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13:51:52  <ChillCore> Yexo: hgrc files and mercurial version:
13:52:20  <ChillCore> If you need more just let me know.
13:52:32  <Yexo> chillpp = <- that path should the the deafult in hgrc in /patches
13:52:37  <Yexo> and not in hgrc in ~ at all
13:53:35  <Yexo> after you've changed that try "hg push --mq"
13:53:44  <ChillCore> The gui extension did that for me automatically ... I will move the line to /patches
13:54:05  <Yexo> also make it "default =" instead of "chillpp ="
13:54:26  <ChillCore> yep will do and try to push again.
13:55:05  <ChillCore> thank you for the help and the patience with my Newbness.
14:13:28  <ChillCore> "hg push --mq" sais there is no patchqueue Itired form the main folder, the .hg folder and the patches folder ... although when I open the gui they are clearly there and in the .hg/patches folder I see them too ...
14:14:04  <Yexo> so "hg qseries" also fails?
14:15:45  <ChillCore> That does show the mq files
14:16:14  <Yexo> and "cd .hg/patches; hg push" ?
14:17:46  <ChillCore> Strange, maybe I should delete everything and start again using just the console?
14:18:20  <ChillCore> last command gives me error messages, I'll past them.
14:19:53  <ChillCore> Python crashed??
14:20:45  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles - Bug #3184: Weird characters in readme.txt (LordAro) @
14:20:49  <Yexo> there seems to be an error in the git extension
14:20:53  <Yexo> can you disable that one and try again?
14:21:35  <ChillCore> I will remove it and try again. ^^ /me is slow typer
14:24:20  <ChillCore> Now I get no error anymore ... just the message that there are no changes ... which is normal
14:24:38  <Yexo> have you committed any patches yet?
14:24:42  <Yexo> if not, that would be expected
14:25:53  <ChillCore> The only thing I did is export the three (test) revisions to the mq, but the repo was already empty -> file deleted on third commit
14:26:15  <ChillCore> I will change to my other folder with the big patch applied and try again.
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14:31:22  <ChillCore> meh ... repository is unrelated. If I try to pull trunk into my cloned chillpp repo it sais the same thing.
14:31:58  <ChillCore> I will then first continue in my cloned repo to see if commiting work corretly now
14:32:27  <ChillCore> works correctly
14:34:18  <Yexo> ChillCore: the chillpp repo at openttdcoop contains 3 commits
14:34:36  <Yexo> that means you can't push from a random other repo and expect it to work, since those repos would indeed be unrelated
14:35:26  <ChillCore> from cloned same thing:    abort: repository is unrelated
14:35:46  <Yexo> from what "cloned"?
14:36:33  <ChillCore> Ok I understand so it needs to be reset I am afraid. My local repo I clone -> those three commits.
14:36:46  <Yexo> I can reset the remove repo now for you
14:37:03  <Yexo> although I don't know how to reset the state in redmine, you'll have to wait for Ammler or planetmaker to do that
14:37:44  <Yexo> ok, try pushing again
14:37:44  <ChillCore> please do ... Would it be possible to paste a clean OpenTTD HG repo in it at the same time?
14:37:47  <Yexo> the remote repo is now empty
14:38:04  <Yexo> I thought you wanted to push your mq queue?
14:38:10  <Yexo> than you don't need a remote hg repo there
14:39:04  <Yexo> if you don't want to use mq and instead just work in a repo, I can clone clean openttd for you
14:40:39  <ChillCore> the problem is that while I do see output for "hg qseries"  when I do "hg push --mq" it complains about there being no mq
14:41:26  <Yexo> "hg push --mq" is just another way of writing "cd .hg/patches; hg push"
14:41:34  <ChillCore> I would feel more comfortable with just a repo however. I clone that and continue ... although I do understand that mq is better in the long run
14:41:38  <Yexo> what exactly is the error message from "hg push --mq"?
14:41:52  <ChillCore> Ah i see
14:42:34  <ChillCore> abort: no queue repository
14:42:51  <Yexo> so you do have a mq, but that mq is not under version control yet
14:43:03  <Yexo> first do "hg init --mq" to create a repo in .hg/patches/
14:43:26  <Yexo> after that "hg commit --mq -m <your msg>" to commit the current version of all patches in there
14:43:31  <Yexo> after that "hg push --mq" should work
14:44:13  <Yexo> ^^ .hg/patches/.hg/hgrc might need editing again to set the proper path before the "hg push --mq"
14:45:32  <ChillCore> will try, I need a quick pitstop at the loo before entering the command. Back in a minute
14:45:41  <ChillCore> +s
14:53:58  <ChillCore> on "hg push --mq"  ->    abort: repository default-push not found!   <- Redmine might need resetting as you mentioned, but the complete patch was added to the mq
14:54:47  <Yexo> what is the new contents of .hg/hgrc/.hg/hgrc ?
14:59:11  <ChillCore> [paths] default = and further nothing            location is ".hg/hgrc"    There is no ".hg/hgrc/.hg/hgrc" <- was that a typo?
15:00:49  <Yexo> that was no typo
15:00:57  <Yexo> is there at least a directory ".hg/hgrc/.hg"?
15:01:22  <Yexo> wait
15:01:29  <ChillCore> OK. I have another .hg folder deeper down -> in .hg/patches/ but there is no hgrc file there ... Do I need to create one?
15:01:32  <Yexo> .hg/patches/.hg/hgrc/
15:01:51  <Yexo> if that was the only contents of .hg/hgrc just move it to .hg/patches/.hg/
15:08:24  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
15:08:37  <Yexo> ChillCore: I hope this helps
15:09:08  <ChillCore> Woot. It is there now ... the only thing ... I still see on the devzone the old commits and no activity was added ... maybe that needs upating still?
15:09:14  <ChillCore> checking link ...
15:09:46  <ChillCore> Thank you Yexo, thank you very very much
15:10:08  <Yexo> <- you've succesfully pushed this patch
15:11:16  <Yexo> Ammler / planetmaker: I purged the chillpp repo manually, but redmine doesn't support that
15:11:36  <ChillCore> That is my patch indeed. :)
15:12:03  * ChillCore dances around the table shouting "Yexo is the man"
15:12:16  <Yexo> you're welcome :)
15:13:25  <ChillCore> :) (and ofcourse I do not forget other people that invested time)
15:16:25  <ChillCore> I am going to take notes and store them for safe keepings now and I have a visitor that looks bored ATM. bbl.
16:41:30  *** hanf has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
17:12:18  <ChillCore> Notes taken. I hope that my next problem will be a lot easier to solve.
17:12:36  <Terkhen> :P
17:16:07  <ChillCore> Is HG capable of having "nested" MQs? eg. mhl is already a mq and when I add it I just have one entry in the (main) mq with the patches hidden underneath it ...
17:16:41  <ChillCore> I just want to know if possible I qm not going to try and do this just yet, don't worry :P
17:16:53  <ChillCore> qm/ am
17:16:59  <Yexo> option 1)  integrate all mhl patches in your own queue
17:17:35  <Yexo> option 2) update the mhl queue in a completely separate repository. When you want to update your version in chillpp get a single diff from that queue and use that single patch
17:18:39  <ChillCore> option 3? pbranch?
17:18:46  <Terkhen> I would keep a single mhl patch at your patchpack queue, you don't need to know how the patch is structured to fix a few rejects
17:19:09  <Terkhen> also, if some patches tend to conflict, I would keep them unchanged and introduce a "fixer" patch between them
17:19:14  <Terkhen> that way updating the patches is simpler
17:20:38  <Yexo> ChillCore: mq supports patch names with path separators in them
17:21:12  <Yexo> so you could do: 01_some_patch.diff, 02_mhl/01_part_1_of_mhl.diff, 02_mhl/02_part_2_of_mhl.diff, 03_some_other_patch.diff etc.
17:21:26  <Yexo> basically option1 but with all mhl patches in a subdir
17:21:35  <ChillCore> I understand ... I was just thinking about people wanting to join at a later point ... and give them the oppertunity to continue develop their patches (using a MQ) while keeping the "main" MQ somewhat clean.
17:21:53  <ChillCore> That is it Yexo ... so it is possible thanks.
17:21:56  <Brot6> vactrainset: compile of r1 still failed (#3044) -
17:22:18  <Yexo> ChillCore: when using qpush/qpop you'll still push/pop only one part of mhl at a time
17:22:26  <Yexo> so when updating you basically update per part of mhl
17:24:01  <ChillCore> Popping parts only is OK, as long as I can keep overview of the complete patchpack version somewhat.
17:24:25  <Yexo> both qpush and qpop accept a filename argument
17:24:34  <Yexo> they'll push/pop patches until they arrive at the given filename
17:24:59  <Yexo> so in my previous example when no patches are applied you could do "hg qpush 03_some_other_patch.diff" to apply 01*.diff, all mhl patches and 03*.diff
17:25:56  <ChillCore> I will first try and get better while keeping it simple ... but basically that is exactly what I'd like to do.
17:27:10  <ChillCore> thank you for the info.
17:28:41  <ChillCore> I will have a better look at that tutorial now ... it is pretty detailed but not to technical.  <- Good enough (at first sight) or should I not bother?
17:31:13  <Yexo> looks decent
17:31:30  <Yexo> <- that one is definitely good
17:31:31  <Webster> Title: Mercurial: The Definitive Guide (at
17:33:22  <ChillCore> Thank you for the link.
17:34:50  <Yexo> I'm not implying it's better than the tutorial you found, I just don't know that one
17:35:25  <ChillCore> Terkhen thank you for the hint, merging and savegamecompatibility with self will be handled in seperate MQs. To keep extracting single patches more easy.
17:36:09  <Terkhen> I learned about mq after leaving my patchpack and I got a lot of ideas of how it would have made my life simpler :P
17:36:55  <ChillCore> Yexo: Most tutorial are different because of things the respective authors find more usefull. I'll just read both.
17:38:49  <ChillCore> Terkhen: Yeah, the only thing I find hard about them is how sometimes the same value is altered three times and in the end ... you wonder what happened and have to start in the beginning. eg. some trunk commits
17:39:30  <ChillCore> But now that I know how to pull a complete patch for reviewing, that problem is solved. ;)
17:40:15  <Terkhen> yes, it takes a while to get accustomed to the qrefresh / qpush / qpop dynamic
17:40:38  * Terkhen always keep backups just in case he qrefresh when he should not
17:41:31  * ChillCore has way to many copys of complete repos as backup in case things go wrong.
17:42:41  * ChillCore dares not count them but it over 100 (accumulated over the past three years, not just the patchpack I have going now)
17:43:14  <Rubidium> well, you don't have the complete OpenTTD (svn) repo ;)
17:44:42  <ChillCore> I do ... :oops: pulled by accident ... up to date untill around 0.7.+ including some (now) removed branches
17:45:09  <ChillCore> lol
17:45:45  <Rubidium> that's merely a checkout
17:46:02  <Rubidium> although, if you count checkouts
17:46:47  <Yexo> the .hg directory of a trunk clone is smaller than the .svn directory from trunk
17:46:56  <Rubidium> I have 7 copies of the *actual* subversion repository (each having ~23000 revisions)
17:47:31  <ChillCore> OK, but still it is a lot of branches and tags. I do not deleted it as that would be a waste of bandwidth
17:48:21  <ChillCore> It was svn ... forgot to add /trunk <- i did not make the same mistake again later.
17:48:55  <Rubidium> and for what it's worth, the repository is 777 MiB
17:49:33  <ChillCore> I suspected it to be more ... but nice to know a figure.
18:46:27  <ChillCore> I should not have checked really but current chiottd folder has ...
18:47:26  <ChillCore> 1178880 items with a total of 61.9 GB  .... and I have two more old HDD with repos.
18:47:53  <ChillCore> I feel special now.
18:48:15  <ChillCore> Wether that is good or bad I'll leave up to you ... :P
18:48:52  <Terkhen> wow
18:48:59  <Terkhen> and I thought that 1 GB was bad
18:49:40  <ChillCore> nope ... It can get worse, note that there are a lot of duplicate grfs in there to
18:49:52  <ChillCore> +o
18:50:43  <Yexo> it depensd a lot on how many object files you have in there
18:51:12  <Yexo> one of my svn dirs is 821mb. 612mb of that is in objs/
18:51:32  <Yexo> Terkhen: ^^ not hard to beat 1 GB that way
18:51:42  * ChillCore needs to go to detox for openttd addiction :P
18:52:05  <ChillCore> Yexo none of my checkouts is that big ...
18:52:08  <Terkhen> heh
18:53:01  <Yexo> x64 debug and release build + some leftovers (100mb) from Win32 builds
18:54:54  <ChillCore> I only have a few debug builds ... maybe those are big like that too. and there was a time that I did not use a shared folder for grfs
18:58:51  <ChillCore> Note that I rarely checkout a clean repo ... I have clean ones (svn, git and hg) that I copy around.
18:59:19  <ChillCore> So that massive traffic is not caused by me alone. :P
19:02:31  <Brot6> clientpatches: compile of r23185 still failed (#2964) -
19:04:40  <Brot6> serverpatches: compile of r23185 still failed (#2966) -
19:06:42  <Brot6> 32bpp-ez-patches: compile of r23185 still failed (#2446) -
19:30:33  *** hanf has quit IRC
19:38:01  <ChillCore> Goodnight. thank you for the nice conversation.
19:38:26  *** ChillCore has quit IRC
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22:13:09  <Brot6> NewGRF Viewer - Revision 28:4cafa9661bc5: Minor changes for MSVC10 build (UnicycleBloke) @
22:25:43  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Bug #3234 (New): alignment of arctic tracks (planetmaker) @
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22:33:17  <Brot6> NewGRF Viewer - Bug #3118: Add support for UTF8 strings to string converter (UnicycleBloke) @
22:36:23  <Brot6> NewGRF Viewer - Code Review #3138: Consider switch from Qt classes only (UnicycleBloke) @
22:37:01  <Brot6> NewGRF Viewer - Bug #3118 (Closed): Add support for UTF8 strings to string converter (UnicycleBloke) @
22:43:52  <Brot6> NewGRF Viewer - Feature #3121 (Assigned): Switch the build to static linking (UnicycleBloke) @
22:55:56  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 695:1c242321b0f8: Feature: fix lighting on foundry transp... (andythenorth) @
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23:14:38  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #3235 (New): Thoughts on classes (andythenorth) @
23:16:27  <andythenorth> planetmaker: ^ probably best read after some tea
23:19:46  *** andythenorth has left #openttdcoop.devzone

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