Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 16th November 2011:
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00:02:56  <ChillCore> Good night all and sweet dreams
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08:23:17  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Revision 841:1a802e35d18b: Change: Engine overrides are not needed anymore since r23232 (planetmaker) @
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09:50:43  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Feature #3232 (Closed): Review readme file and its structure (planetmaker) @
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10:58:54  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Bug #3248 (New): Unknown property 2B in 1.1 branch (planetmaker) @
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11:17:35  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Bug #3248 (Closed): Unknown property 2B in 1.1 branch (planetmaker) @
11:17:35  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 277:0681427b7c7b: Fix #3248: Only declare the cargo aging property for... (planetmaker) @
11:17:35  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Bug #3248 (Closed): Unknown property 2B in 1.1 branch (planetmaker) @
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11:51:32  <ChillCore> Good morning all
11:51:38  <planetmaker> g'day
11:53:15  <ChillCore> planetmaker: Thanks for saving by butt there  ... I knew that me quoting "a Dev" would create an ¿akward? situation somehow.
11:53:31  <planetmaker> uhm, sorry?
11:53:50  <planetmaker> what did I do what I'm not aware of? :-)
11:54:22  <ChillCore> Anyway ... Today will be another slow day for me ... Coding wise.         I will be installing Linux Mint Debian including artioning.
11:54:51  <ChillCore> mhl: I saw the post before you posted ... just was not sure wat to say. ;)
11:54:53  <ChillCore> s wat/what
11:57:05  <ChillCore> Any ETA on the cf? ... just to be able to reply to a PM on the forum ... still no pressure.
11:58:03  <planetmaker> sorry, can't say. But TB seems occupied by some large patch work...
11:59:14  <ChillCore> I have seen his commits in the logs. No problem. I can always give the patchfile again for someone to compile if needed, just want to fix a fe more things first.
12:06:46  <planetmaker> well, the CF will come, I just can't give you an exact date; TB is not the person being kicked by anyone. My suggestion is: continue as usual :-)
12:08:55  <planetmaker> I only can try to not forget and remind him from time to time :-)
12:10:56  <ChillCore> As usual has always worked for me until now, will do. :)         I'll help you remember from time to time if that is OK. :P
12:14:02  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3249 (New): nested conditionals not always properly treated (planetmaker) @
12:14:53  <ChillCore> Anyway thanks for the repo and pushing me yo use hg ... mq, version control and a complete version at the same time is all I ever wanted and more.
12:15:04  <ChillCore> s yo/to
12:16:07  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3249: nested conditionals not always properly treated (planetmaker) @
12:27:33  <ChillCore> bbl ... I will be busy and not be able to reply anyway.
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12:49:41  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 214:149462e3c4d6: Change: Update readme file to be of use for the ingame... (planetmaker) @
12:49:41  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 215:d06d64432279: Change: [Makefile] Update to Makefile r380 (planetmaker) @
12:49:41  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 216:4f2d4fa6644f: Fix #3137: Parameter for selection of tunnel portals w... (planetmaker) @
12:49:43  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Bug #3137 (Closed): Parameters are screwed up (planetmaker) @
12:53:30  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Bug #3250 (New): Gridless sprites missing for tunnel portals (planetmaker) @
13:05:37  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 217:cf2a71ff4005: Change #2570: Ignore parameter to use TTD tunnel porta... (planetmaker) @
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13:32:33  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 218:3203c4e339ac: Add: Support for infamous NoGridLand and add warning o... (planetmaker) @
13:42:26  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 219:bfc8f73dd17e: Add: Support for Alpine Climate (planetmaker) @
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14:58:54  <planetmaker> Yexo: with a custom error message, I don't want to display the first string parameter (i.e. the grf filename) but only the 2nd string parameter which is again custom-defined. Any way to skip the first string parameter?
14:59:19  <Yexo> don't think so
14:59:22  <Yexo> but let me check the code
15:02:21  <Yexo> no, there is no way to do that
15:06:06  <Yexo> actually, you might be able to get away with printing it and after that unprinting everything printed to far
15:06:12  <Yexo> using string code 9A 04
15:07:33  <Yexo> try a string like "{STRING}\UE09A\FFWhatever you want {STRING} and more"
15:07:42  <planetmaker> thanks, I'll give it a shot :-)
15:08:41  <planetmaker> "unprinting"... there are things in the string code which... are just strange :-)
15:10:39  <planetmaker> but it seems that the "unprinting" doesn't work. It's still printed
15:11:00  <planetmaker> Thanks anyway :-)
15:14:07  <Yexo> nvm, I see why it doesn't work
15:14:26  <Yexo> unprinting is only done when the newgrf textstack is used (ie for some callbacks)
15:14:36  <Yexo> it's not for the grf error messages
15:14:54  <planetmaker> removing this (mostly pointless) filename as 1st parameter to error messages might be a thing for grf v8
15:15:11  <Yexo> isn't it useful in the error popup?
15:15:11  <planetmaker> it was sensible as long as the context wasn't clear. But today...
15:15:25  <planetmaker> The name instead of filename would be better
15:15:33  <planetmaker> Or if I could custom-assign it
15:15:44  <frosch123> i think we can just print the grf name
15:15:45  <planetmaker> And in the case of notice and warning: it's 100% not needed
15:15:54  <frosch123> why text would rely on the filename?
15:15:56  <planetmaker> they're only shown when you select the newgrf anyway
15:16:04  <frosch123> planetmaker: not true
15:16:18  <planetmaker> debug output to console maybe?
15:16:18  <frosch123> oh, nvm. missed the line before :)
15:16:44  <planetmaker> yeah
15:16:59  <planetmaker> today I only added warnings to swedish rails ;-)
15:17:07  <frosch123> anyway, maybe we can support {SKIP}?
15:17:21  <Yexo> {SKIP} skips something from the newgrf textstack
15:17:29  <Yexo> not from openttd string arguments
15:17:59  <frosch123> is there a reason why that would not work for ottd string parameters?
15:18:15  <Yexo> yes, openttd never pushes them on the newgrf textstack
15:18:33  <frosch123> well, SKIP is SKIP?
15:19:00  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 220:3adaac1e1c57: Add: Compatibility for Japanese Landscape NewGRFs and ... (planetmaker) @
15:19:10  <Yexo> nfo knows no {SKIP}. Nml names it so after the openttd stringcode, but in reality it's "pop 2 bytes from the newgrf textstack"
15:20:28  <frosch123> we could translate SCC_NEWGRF_DISCARD_WORD into SCC_SKIP
15:20:53  <Yexo> that breaks other assumptions newgrfs have to make currently
15:21:03  <Yexo> although it would present a somewhat better interface
15:21:17  <frosch123> i mean only when no textstack is used
15:21:36  <frosch123> afaik the only place where newgrf messaged do not use the newgrf textstack are the error messages
15:21:51  <frosch123> and those messages only deal with word arguments
15:21:57  <frosch123> so skip and pop-word is the same
15:22:29  <Yexo> if you read "newgrf messages" as "newgrf strings returned by a callback" you might be right
15:22:42  <Yexo> otherwise definitely not. There are all sort of strings coming from newgrfs that don't use the newgrf textstack
15:22:49  <frosch123> such as?
15:23:02  <Yexo> names for just about everything
15:23:10  <frosch123> names have no parameters
15:23:14  <Yexo> every string referenced in an action0
15:23:39  <frosch123> which string referenced in an action0 takes more than one int?
15:23:40  <Yexo> anyway, the spec says "The formatting instructions must not be used except in strings that expect them,"
15:23:55  <Yexo> frosch123: probably none
15:24:17  <Yexo> I agree it won't be a problem to change the behavior of 9A 04
15:24:31  <Yexo> ehm, not 9A 04 but 85
15:25:28  <Yexo> on the other hand, allowing SKIP there would indicate textstack support
15:25:43  <Yexo> which means that rotating the top 4 words or pushing extra words yourself (in the string) should work too
15:26:13  <Yexo> but openttd can't supprot that without actually using the newgrf textstack
15:26:15  <frosch123> ok, can we add textstack support for error messages? :p
15:26:51  <frosch123> hmm, though now that i remember. i think ttdp does not support other string codes either, since they have custom code to print the message to console or so
15:28:34  <Yexo> technically we could, but it would require english.txt including some newgrf codes
15:29:03  <Yexo> like {SCC_NEWGRF_PRINT_WORD_STRING_ID} instead of {STRING}
15:29:43  <frosch123> and if we support the textstack only for custom messages?
15:29:55  <Yexo> that is more feasable
15:30:10  <Yexo> but it'd still be very messy
15:30:28  <Yexo> newgrf strings have no way to include {RAW_STRING}, which is necesary for the filename argument
15:30:35  <Yexo> which after all doesn't have a StringID
15:31:10  <frosch123> he, that might actually be the reason for ttdps custom code :p
15:32:12  <frosch123> so, i guess no way
15:32:27  <frosch123> but real grfname might be useful nevertheless, instead of the filename
15:32:40  <Yexo> a new stringcode: {SKIP_FROM_OTTD_STACK}
15:33:51  <Yexo> or we could allow UNPRINT to work regardless of whether the rest of the newgrf textstack is supported
15:33:57  <Yexo> that would actually be the easiest change
15:34:10  <frosch123> then i would rather add custom code to process 85 specially for the error messages
15:36:58  <Yexo> a {SET_OTTD_STACK_POSITION} is useful in a few more locations
15:37:09  <Yexo> although I haven't seen a newgrf advanced enough to need it
16:27:36  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 221:dd6fe66f826d: Update: German translation (planetmaker) @
16:45:26  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 222:83b0c837821f: Codechange: Query the desired tunnel portal separately... (planetmaker) @
17:09:41  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Bug #2570: support for opengfx+landscape (planetmaker) @
17:10:45  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Feature #1496 (Closed): Compatibility check (planetmaker) @
17:11:38  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Feature #1495 (Closed): Sprites for menus (planetmaker) @
17:19:40  <Brot6> ogfx-trains: update from r276 to r277 done -
17:37:39  <Brot6> opengfx: update from r840 to r841 done -
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17:39:49  <Brot6> swedishrails: update from r213 to r222 done -
17:41:42  <Brot6> vactrainset: compile of r1 still failed (#3044) -
18:12:03  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 223:01827f890d31: Prepare: Update documentation for 0.7.2 (planetmaker) @
18:12:03  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 224:0aa04c8a857d: Fix: Update displayed version also when calling 'make ... (planetmaker) @
18:12:03  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 225:75203bbcb940: Doc: Update readme with information on compatibility w... (planetmaker) @
18:12:07  <Brot6> Swedish Rails - Revision 226:1e20c547f150: Added tag 0.7.2 for changeset 75203bbcb940 (planetmaker) @
18:13:48  <Brot6> swedishrails: update from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2 done -
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18:32:12  <ChillCore> Hello all.
18:32:22  <planetmaker> hi ChillCore
18:33:34  <ChillCore> planetmaker: I still need to open my local repo and stuff. Just decided to log in as that is faster than pm's.
18:35:50  <Rubidium> ChillCore: please "sync" Makefile.msvc in your repository. The CF fails because the Makefile.msvc in the revision you patch against is too old
18:36:47  <ChillCore> Rubidium: Thank you for telling me. I have received a PM by planetmaker explaining things. ;)
18:36:55  <Rubidium> i.e. please apply r22576, r22679 and r22581 ;)
18:37:06  <planetmaker> ^ I didn't explain that ^ ;-)
18:37:29  <Rubidium> oh, r22579 instead of r22679
18:37:53  <Rubidium> but just to be safe, just copy Makefile.msvc from svn-HEAD and let hg generate the diff
18:38:11  <ChillCore> It is the first thing I will do. Ok that I did not know yet. I was just going to compare old and new but applying those revisions will go faster. Thank you
18:38:31  <ChillCore> As in just replace the file?
18:39:56  <planetmaker> bbl
18:40:51  <Rubidium> yep, just replace the whole file
18:41:07  <Rubidium> it's not as if you already patched the file ;)
18:42:05  <ChillCore> No I just checked ... and apparently you did already too. :)
18:57:07  <Brot6> Chill's PatchPack - Revision 15:a8ef0eb60fb9: CF: update Makefile.mscv (chillcore) @
18:57:07  <Brot6> Chill's PatchPack - Revision 16:04477c038e7a: Added tag r22555 for changeset a8ef0eb60fb9 (chillcore) @
18:57:18  <ChillCore> Done.
18:57:48  <ChillCore> I hope it works now ...
19:03:01  <Brot6> clientpatches: compile of r23235 still failed (#2964) -
19:05:13  <Brot6> serverpatches: compile of r23235 still failed (#2966) -
19:05:52  <Rubidium> ChillCore: we'll see, in many minutes
19:06:08  <Rubidium> somehow the compile farm is preoccupied at the moment
19:06:23  <frosch123> how unusual :p
19:07:10  <ChillCore> no problem ... may I ask when my repo is scheduled normally?
19:07:25  <ChillCore> not that it matters much.
19:07:32  <Brot6> 32bpp-ez-patches: compile of r23235 still failed (#2446) -
19:07:45  <Rubidium> ChillCore: I don't think a "decision" has been reached on that
19:09:11  <ChillCore> Ok, I just would like to know so that I can say: "new compile at around x" when asked later.
19:09:12  <Rubidium> I think the 20:00 and 21:00 CE[S]T slots have been taken at the moment
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19:09:38  <Rubidium> well, what's your preference?
19:09:53  <ChillCore> for all I care it's 4 am. your choice. ;)
19:10:15  <ChillCore> s all/as far
19:10:30  <Rubidium> @random
19:10:34  <Rubidium> !random
19:10:36  <Rubidium> stupid bot!
19:10:40  <ChillCore> a day is a day is a day.
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19:12:13  <Rubidium> ChillCore: so we should get ;)
19:12:14  <Webster> Title: SetCronJob: Random Minute, Random Hour and Multiple Time values (at
19:16:02  <ChillCore> hehe but  !20:00 andand !21:00         (need to configere my keyboard urgently can not enter "absolute and" anyore, other keyboard broke)
19:17:50  <ChillCore> make it 4 am ... so people have something to look forward too in the morning ;)
19:18:18  <ChillCore> or evening if they have to work.
19:22:40  <ChillCore> will reduce multiple downloads too. if at say 22:00 they will download at 19:00 because they are impatient and will download again at 22:00. I know i did that too sometimes with nightlies.     Now they will download once and just play :)
19:27:32  <planetmaker> omg... now SwissFan is sending me pm's to review his ski lift sprite (yes singular!)...
19:31:48  <ChillCore> And then he will change two pixels and ask again? oh boy.
19:32:58  <planetmaker> no clue.
19:33:15  <planetmaker> But to me it sounds like a prime task for "show in the forums and ask"
19:35:24  <ChillCore> Tell him the forum will get him more and faster feedback. I do that too when I get PMs about using my patchpack. I do reply to their question the first time though.
19:36:40  <ChillCore> I usually browse the forum while not logged in ... so it takes some time before I see a pm sometimes.
19:37:21  <ChillCore> ^^^ is my excuse.
19:38:16  <planetmaker> well, then you can't read it. People see that you have read the message
19:38:24  <planetmaker> thus it's not a good excuse
19:39:35  <ChillCore> True ... but in my case it is the truth. It takes sometime for me to notice. If I had not the intention to reply to Eddi I would not yet have seen your PM.
19:40:32  <ChillCore> I mention using the thread at the same time of replying. ;)
19:43:22  <ChillCore> Anyway, IMHO everyone should have his personal Dev for replying to questions. ....... moehahaha
19:45:25  * andythenorth has at least 7 of them
19:45:44  <andythenorth> this is why you are still waiting for yours :P
19:45:51  <planetmaker> lol
19:46:14  * planetmaker has some files to move... - the name has a typo :-P
19:46:41  <planetmaker> but you could grab a binary and look how it looks, ChillCore
19:46:52  <ChillCore> good one andythenorth.
19:46:59  <planetmaker> even true :-P
19:47:03  <ChillCore> planetmaker: checking.
19:51:45  <ChillCore> Sweet ... muchos gracias for the efforts
19:53:35  <planetmaker> what does the version actually say ingame?
19:54:13  <ChillCore> still downloading windows binary ... 12 minutes left.
19:54:22  <planetmaker> uh?!
19:55:02  <ChillCore> it might speed up after a while ... +-7KB/s
19:55:52  <planetmaker> that's .... slow
19:56:02  <ChillCore> That happens with nightlies too sometimes and sometimes it amazingly fast
19:56:23  <ChillCore> depends traffic on server?
19:56:24  <Rubidium> planetmaker: that's top-of-the-line modem speed ;)
19:56:56  <planetmaker> :-D
19:57:09  <planetmaker> ChillCore: the server should have sufficient bandwidth...
19:57:18  <ChillCore> I do have 2MB Rubidium, although downloads rarely exceed 150KB/s
19:58:08  <Rubidium> ChillCore: 2MB advertised by the ISP?
19:58:34  <Rubidium> as then it's rather 2Mb, which translates to up to 250 KB/s
19:59:02  <ChillCore> Yes and tested with that speedtest thinghy, there it goes at 2MB.
20:00:40  <ChillCore> I am thinking to lower my subscription to 1MB. seeing as I never reach that speed anyway. -10 euros a month ;)
20:01:39  * Rubidium generally gets ~1.5-2 MB/s
20:01:57  <ChillCore> The upside is that whatever subscription I take I have nu up/download limits whatsoever with Clearwire.
20:02:19  <ChillCore> I would reach them soon if I had those
20:02:22  <Rubidium> ghehe... that's the biggest lie I'm hearing all the time
20:03:07  <planetmaker> I've like 750kB/s or so
20:03:18  <Rubidium> I'd really argue that you're capped at say 170 GiB/day
20:03:31  <ChillCore> its true I have never been cut and recently I downed many many GB with all those distros to test.
20:04:45  <ChillCore> Here in Belgium they are talking about opening up everyones wifi for people that pass by to use the connection too.
20:05:01  <ChillCore> but they will up everyones connection to 100MB/s
20:05:11  <planetmaker> iirc it is
20:05:23  <planetmaker> ehm, ^^ ignore
20:05:39  <ChillCore> My father works at Belgacom so that is how I know ... almost retired though
20:07:13  <Rubidium> sadly enough anything about ~1MB/s won't make internetting observably faster (except for big downloads)
20:08:18  <Rubidium> I've had 100 Mbps for a while and I wouldn't say internet got much faster due to it; Windows update still crawled at a whopping 400 KBps
20:08:28  <ChillCore> true as a lot depends on the server you download from, they impose their limits.
20:08:34  <Rubidium> my Debian package updates went lightning fast though
20:09:00  <Rubidium> ChillCore: internet speed is mostly latency about 1MB/s
20:09:27  <Rubidium> s/about/above/
20:09:39  <ChillCore> ^^^ meaning?
20:09:41  <Rubidium> and faster throughput doesn't decrease the latency
20:09:50  <ChillCore> ah
20:10:08  <Rubidium> the best analogy I ever saw is the following:
20:10:50  <Rubidium> imagine a trip Europe - US in a Boeing 737, what would make it "faster"
20:11:21  <Rubidium> if you look at latency: go for the concorde, it gets there in 1/3 of the time (but with fewer passengers)
20:11:44  <Rubidium> if you look at throughput: use a A380 which has 3 times the capacity but goes the same speed
20:12:47  <planetmaker> hm... I just might have killed your download, ChillCore
20:12:51  <planetmaker> I moved the files
20:12:57  <ChillCore> So you transport the same in the end and the concorde has no use for the transport company. I see
20:13:17  <planetmaker>
20:13:47  *** welshdragon has quit IRC
20:13:48  <Rubidium> so if you need to fetch one briefcase in the US, you're way faster off going with the Concorde. If you need to get a lot of people over, then you take the A380
20:14:31  <planetmaker> which will be the permanent position for that build (unless you want the dir named differently).
20:14:34  <Rubidium> though the ISPs are *only* selling you larger and larger planes, even though your most common use case is fetching a briefcase. So the internet won't get faster
20:14:39  <ChillCore> planetmaker:  I was just starting it up :)  ingame string is h98 ... so that is perfect
20:14:39  <planetmaker> But the CF will name subsequent dirs the same
20:14:54  <planetmaker> same as in "use hg hash"
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20:15:09  <planetmaker> good
20:15:36  <ChillCore> planetmaker: Dir name is fine.
20:15:48  <planetmaker> then you can publish it ;-)
20:16:09  <ChillCore> Rubidium: I see
20:16:37  <ChillCore> planetmaker: Yay.
20:17:21  <ChillCore> But first I will try cloning the repo again with -mq at the end ;)
20:17:28  <planetmaker> :-)
20:17:41  <planetmaker> you mean with .mq?
20:17:59  <planetmaker> or with --mq?
20:18:04  <planetmaker> :-)
20:18:38  *** JVassie has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
20:19:03  <ChillCore> I guess so yes.    .mq   or whatever Rubidium told me yesterday I still have it in my terminal history. :)
20:22:11  <ChillCore> Anyway the binary seems to be OK.
20:22:16  * ChillCore is happy
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20:26:07  <planetmaker> good to hear :-)
20:26:39  *** JVassie has quit IRC
20:27:20  <ChillCore> Do say thank you to Truebrain for me, please.
20:27:37  <planetmaker> he's in #openttd ;-)
20:28:35  <ChillCore> uhm right  ... I guess I could do it myself.
20:31:04  <ChillCore> Yay once more ... cloning worked too correctly and the grfs are there.
20:31:17  <ChillCore> with .mq
20:31:30  <frosch123> ttrs/scripts/Makefile.obm <- planetmaker: btw. what kind of file is that?
20:31:41  <frosch123> it confused ottd due to the obm extension
20:32:07  <planetmaker> it's a file which ttrs does not need. It contains rules to build a music base set
20:33:21  <planetmaker> but... why does your openttd search in the source folders of the newgrfs? :-)
20:33:23  <frosch123> yeah, but i have all the grf repos in my ottd data directory, so now ottd tries to read that Makefile as music baseset :p
20:33:32  <planetmaker> :-D
20:33:34  <frosch123> i can just pull and make
20:33:41  <frosch123> no need to copy the output around
20:33:43  *** ChillCore has quit IRC
20:33:58  <planetmaker> right. You'll find it confused by obg files, too?
20:34:03  *** JVassie_ has quit IRC
20:34:18  <frosch123> seems like i have none :)
20:34:47  *** ChillCore has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
20:34:48  <planetmaker> maybe that didn't propagate from the newgrf makefile framework yet
20:38:11  <Brot6> Total Town Replacement Set - Revision 41:95d87dfbb87a: Cleanup: [Makefile] Don't include parts wh... (planetmaker) @
20:38:19  <planetmaker> ^^ frosch123 ;-)
20:41:55  <frosch123> :)
20:42:20  <ChillCore> brrr too many people.  lol
20:42:32  *** welshdragon has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
20:42:35  <ChillCore> as I said. bbl
20:43:26  <planetmaker> many people just idle there
20:43:33  <planetmaker> as do here :-)
20:44:03  <ChillCore> still, usually I am very fond of chatting.
20:44:26  *** welshdragon has quit IRC
20:44:40  <ChillCore> mainly because once I start ... I do not shut up anymore :P
20:45:05  *** welshdragon has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
20:45:25  <andythenorth> ChillCore: mostly in #openttd all you will find is me talking to mysefl
20:45:32  <andythenorth> I could be replaced by a bot
20:45:32  <andythenorth> ]
20:45:36  <andythenorth> it would be trivial
20:46:50  <planetmaker> lol
20:47:15  <ChillCore> I did read some of the logs ... yes, you talk a lot but a bot would make less sense ... at least most of the times :P
20:48:07  <andythenorth> or more sense
20:49:00  <planetmaker> definitely more boring, though
20:49:18  <ChillCore> If you say so.  I like how you push things ... GRF wise.
20:49:34  <andythenorth> do (random interval) { post(('multistop docks!', 'vehicles in vehicles!', '3 tile locks are stupid', 'who needs roadtypes anyway?')[random()]) }
20:49:54  <ChillCore> which are not my cup of tea ... everytime I get involved it gets ... messy
20:49:58  <frosch123> you forgot "/me is fixing lightnig"
20:50:09  <andythenorth> yeah, I fix lightning a lot
20:50:21  * andythenorth is planning for the weather framework
20:50:33  <planetmaker> haha :-)
20:50:46  <planetmaker> shame that you don't fix the wind direction, too :-P
20:50:48  * andythenorth is sometimes tempted to wave a cross stick at purno for that incorrect tutorial, but meh
20:50:50  <frosch123> did i already told in public, that games with weather are the biggest crap ever invented?
20:50:51  <ChillCore> fans near the monitor controlled by GRF?
20:50:54  <planetmaker> but that might be my glass of beer
20:50:55  <andythenorth> wind is localised
20:51:11  <planetmaker> pretty much
20:52:11  <ChillCore> or entire domotica ... airconditioning lights the whole works?
20:52:56  <ChillCore> Now that is an idea to keep you busy andythenorth
20:53:00  <andythenorth> this game had weather, it was awesome:
20:53:02  <Webster> Title: Chocks Away | Codename Droit (at
20:53:50  <ChillCore> Rain would suck near the computer ... I veto that now :)
20:55:30  <andythenorth> NewWeather
20:56:00  <andythenorth> we could connect it to...NewDisasters
20:56:33  <planetmaker> NewDisasters would be interesting
20:56:59  <planetmaker> Though I guess they could be covered / included in goals (scripts)
20:57:09  <planetmaker> thus no double work needed there
20:57:21  <andythenorth> goals will never happen :P
20:57:26  <andythenorth> like BANDIT
20:57:59  <planetmaker> andythenorth: what do you bet? :-P
20:58:18  <andythenorth> what have you got? :P
20:58:28  <andythenorth> NewSmoke!
20:58:38  <andythenorth> currently !NewSmoke
20:58:39  <andythenorth> :P
20:59:18  <planetmaker> I give you gridless OpenTTD when you ask me "what I got" :-)
20:59:42  <planetmaker> That's what I'll give you when we have no goals. What do I get when we have goals? :-P
21:00:25  <ChillCore> Goals ... remind me ... another patch that is broken. :)
21:00:30  <ChillCore> +s
21:00:40  <planetmaker> no, no ;-)
21:01:01  <andythenorth> planetmaker: what do you need? :P
21:01:20  <planetmaker> <-- look through list, ChillCore ;-)
21:01:53  <planetmaker> andythenorth: improved stations :-)
21:01:58  <planetmaker> also passenger
21:02:37  <ChillCore> yes, yes,  I have to rewrite my town growth patch to bump it.    checking list now
21:03:17  <planetmaker> hint: go by age ;-)
21:04:30  <ChillCore> Correction, I can throw it away ;)
21:04:34  <ChillCore> soon
21:06:05  <ChillCore> I only went by the changelog and saw the preparations.
21:06:28  *** JVassie has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:06:42  <planetmaker> ChillCore: that's mostly why setting up the CF took so long :-P
21:07:08  <ChillCore> very good reason indeed.
21:07:11  <frosch123> [22:04] <ChillCore> Correction, I can throw it away ;) <- don't hold your breath though :p
21:08:16  <andythenorth> planetmaker: improved stations?
21:08:24  <ChillCore> my version works pretty good. It was hard getting the balance right. -> and still is not 100%
21:09:14  <planetmaker> andythenorth: like extended chips :-)
21:09:40  <planetmaker> I love that set. It's easy-peasy to make nice stations.
21:09:44  <planetmaker> But fails in towns
21:10:01  <planetmaker> or could allow some more variants for cargos :-)
21:10:33  <ChillCore> frosh123: I based mine on population and as towns grow it becomes near impossible to keep up
21:10:54  <ChillCore> frosch123: autocomplete
21:11:04  * planetmaker donates a 'c' to ChillCore...
21:11:05  <ChillCore> heh
21:11:08  <planetmaker> too late, though ;-)
21:11:13  <ChillCore> thanks planetmaker
21:11:29  <ChillCore> I still missed one
21:11:29  <andythenorth> frosch123: you mean like 'chips 1.0' :P
21:11:45  <andythenorth> oops
21:11:46  <planetmaker> quäk
21:11:47  <andythenorth> sorry frog
21:11:56  <andythenorth> I meant the other guy
21:12:04  *** planetmaker is now known as planet-of-frogs
21:12:13  <andythenorth> anyway, CHIPS is wide open for improvement :P
21:12:29  <andythenorth> no release since April
21:12:33  <frosch123> ChillCore: i highlight on "frosh" for years :p
21:12:58  <andythenorth> 32k downloads for CHIPS, maybe time for a new one
21:12:59  <ChillCore> I can see why.
21:13:10  <planet-of-frogs> grain and fish would be nice, andythenorth :-)
21:13:23  <planet-of-frogs> but... I guess you don't like to draw cargo graphics ;-)
21:13:31  *** planet-of-frogs is now known as planetmaker
21:14:13  <andythenorth> fish is what, crates?
21:14:32  <andythenorth> grain is what?  like bulk?
21:14:37  <planetmaker> maybe. Or refrigerated containers. Or barrels.
21:14:46  <andythenorth> barrels are also possible
21:22:05  *** LordAro has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:22:38  <planetmaker> andythenorth: what might be nice is also unloading or loading graphics with an animated crane
21:22:48  <planetmaker> dunno whether it's possible to see what is being loaded
21:23:26  <ChillCore> Hi LordAro.
21:23:47  <LordAro> hi chillcore :)
21:23:52  <LordAro> *Chillcore :)
21:24:23  <ChillCore> *ChillCore
21:24:27  <ChillCore> lol
21:24:36  <ChillCore> does not matter
21:24:37  <LordAro> dammit
21:24:40  <LordAro> :P
21:24:58  <LordAro> ChillCore: ever considered joining #openttd ? - its moar fun and offtopic :)
21:25:16  <andythenorth> planetmaker: I was trying to stay away from animated cranes and such...
21:25:28  <andythenorth> they're pretty good in ISR already
21:25:29  <planetmaker> :-)
21:26:05  <ChillCore> LordAro: I am used to that ... in the german comunity they even play with the chillipp
21:26:14  <ChillCore> +m
21:26:42  <ChillCore> Anyway our waiting days are over for the cf to be fixed.
21:27:22  <LordAro> yay :)
21:27:27  <ChillCore> #openttd ... too many people for my taste. I just was there to say thank you to Truebrain.
21:27:50  <ChillCore> you was there too but you did not see :P
21:27:54  <planetmaker> EZ still needs setup. But we've now figured out how to do that
21:30:30  <ChillCore> LordAro: I was in stealthmode as only one ChillCore can exist on irc it seems so I was "chill" ... incognito :P
21:30:52  <ChillCore> planetmaker: this time it will be easier I'm sure.
21:31:00  <Ammler> ChillCore: you need to learn to silently ignore some talk
21:31:26  <Ammler> then #openttd is fine
21:31:31  <planetmaker> yes, ChillCore
21:32:52  <ChillCore> That would help Ammler but then I see the thingy flashing and I read anyway.
21:33:53  <ChillCore> I have been trying to compose a post for the last hour or so ... so I will get to it now and silently ignore some talk :P
21:33:56  <ChillCore> bbl
21:40:52  *** welshdragon has quit IRC
21:46:55  *** welshdragon has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:48:00  <ChillCore> planetmaker: Can I change the clone location on this page ? It should have the .mq extension for the complete source to be cloned. As it is now people will only get the mq, unless that changed too
21:50:46  <planetmaker> That's only feasible with difficulty.
21:51:04  <planetmaker> And would basically make that project's repo the patched one
21:51:15  <planetmaker> Just mention the link in the project description
21:51:34  <planetmaker> As that project itself is the patch queue.
21:51:41  <ChillCore> then don't bother I will mention it in my post.   you were faster.
21:51:46  <planetmaker> alternatively they can also get the source bundle from where the binaries are
21:51:56  <planetmaker> it should contain also a source tar ball
21:52:03  <ChillCore> Ok. it does
21:52:15  <planetmaker> though that's not as good as using the repo
21:52:46  <LordAro> planetmaker: how's ez setup going? ;)
21:53:19  <ChillCore> planetmaker: obviously.
21:53:22  <Rubidium> that doesn't even compile according to the bot
21:54:09  <LordAro> ah, hang on
21:55:13  <Brot6> 32bpp-ez-patches - Revision 90:529f41b94ab8: Update: To svn r23050 (LordAro) @
21:55:13  <Brot6> 32bpp-ez-patches - Revision 91:0200b9491c18: Added tag r23050 for changeset 529f41b94ab8 (LordAro) @
21:55:52  <LordAro> hah.
21:55:53  <LordAro> :P
21:56:08  <LordAro> of course, that may not work now :)
21:56:39  <Brot6> 32bpp-ez-patches - Bug #3251 (New): 78 (compiler) @
21:57:17  <LordAro> "Descripton: 79"
21:57:20  <LordAro> how helpful
21:57:54  <planetmaker> :-P
21:58:23  <planetmaker> Ammler: <-- the compiler might produce some more meaningful bug report in this situation ;-)
22:00:39  <LordAro> doesn't seem to be a problem at my end (at least, nothing at is modified (yet))
22:01:00  *** hanf has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
22:03:51  *** andythenorth has left #openttdcoop.devzone
22:04:40  <Ammler> planetmaker: I see the issue
22:05:05  <Ammler> ChillCore: is not known to the compiler afaik
22:06:40  <ChillCore> What does that mean?
22:06:56  <Ammler> lack of me :-)
22:06:59  <Ammler> I will fix it
22:07:06  <planetmaker> Ammler: it's lord aro's project ;-)
22:07:30  <LordAro> i did wonder why ammler was tlaking to chill :)
22:08:03  *** welshdragon has quit IRC
22:08:46  <ChillCore> Ammler: Thank you. planetmaker: That too. LordAro: I wondered if I was in trouble again
22:08:46  *** welshdragon has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
22:09:05  *** welshdragon has quit IRC
22:09:16  * ChillCore continues writing
22:11:32  <Ammler> oh
22:11:40  <Ammler> well, LordAro might also not known
22:12:01  <LordAro> indeed not :L
22:57:17  <Brot6> 32bpp-ez-patches - Revision 92:aad1c0654225: Update: to r23236 (LordAro) @
23:09:40  *** LordAro has quit IRC
23:21:33  *** JVassie has quit IRC
23:26:03  <ChillCore> Binaries announced. I rewote that post "only" three times. :P
23:37:31  <ChillCore> Good night all. Sweet dreams
23:37:40  *** ChillCore has quit IRC
23:47:30  <frosch123> <- LATEST does not link to latest

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