Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 20th November 2011:
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01:11:44  <Brot6> Central European Train Set - Feature #3199: Narrow gauge (oberhuemer) @
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01:35:59  <Brot6> Central European Train Set - Feature #3199: Narrow gauge (oberhuemer) @
01:37:10  <Brot6> Central European Train Set - Feature #3199: Narrow gauge (oberhuemer) @
01:37:57  <Brot6> Central European Train Set - Feature #3199: Narrow gauge (oberhuemer) @
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08:50:14  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 719:835e479bf9e2: Fix: correct a bunch of tram properties (andythenorth) @
08:50:15  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 720:722a85c00baf: Change: adjust TE of Dynamo tram to ref... (andythenorth) @
08:50:15  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 721:a7fa47d16df1: Change: adjust various properties for t... (andythenorth) @
08:58:30  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 722:d9b463933d74: Change: increase reliability of Kreuzbe... (andythenorth) @
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11:36:40  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 723:80dff5a19b11: Change: increase speed of Kreuzberg and... (andythenorth) @
11:36:40  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 724:5e09dbe70b6a: Change: adjust properties of trams for ... (andythenorth) @
11:36:40  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 725:de574deee968: Add: Tegel double-engined tram (andythenorth) @
11:36:42  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 726:f06040f8ae35: Change: add second part for Tegel tram (andythenorth) @
11:36:48  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 727:136ede4dc92d: Codechange: formatting of comments (andythenorth) @
12:04:32  <Brot6> GRFCodec - Revision 843:57b06de0afb2: -Add: support for monospaced fonts (Rubidium) @
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12:09:50  <ChillCore> Good morning/afternoon all.
12:10:58  <Rubidium> ohaj
12:11:26  <ChillCore> Hello Rubidium.
12:12:17  <Rubidium> oh... I always mess up foreign languages...
12:12:19  <Rubidium> ahoj! ;)
12:12:49  <ChillCore> Yesterday I tagged my repo  but when I checked this morning I did not find new binaries.
12:13:39  <ChillCore> Is the CF not yet configure for automatic compilation or is that still a NoGO? ;)        I did look at the irclog for yesterday ...
12:14:30  <Rubidium> 20-Nov-2011 04:21:25 	mkdir: cannot create directory `/home/openttd/public_html/bundles/chillpp/releases/h5ceda211': Permission denied
12:14:56  <Rubidium> permission problem on the openttdcoop server
12:15:16  <Rubidium> so it built everything, just didn't succeed in publishing it
12:15:24  <^Spike^> ehm...
12:15:28  <^Spike^> that was this night....
12:15:38  <ChillCore> Thank you. Nothing I can do about that thus?
12:15:50  <^Spike^> you can't i guess... but i can.. :)
12:16:27  <ChillCore> That would be cool ... no rush whatsoever though. ;)
12:16:29  <^Spike^> if i understand it that is :)
12:16:37  <^Spike^> else i just let pm/ammler fix it...
12:16:51  <^Spike^> cause devzone infrastructure is like a mythical beast to understand.. :)
12:17:15  <^Spike^> i'll go for the latter option.. :)
12:17:30  <ChillCore> OK.
12:17:33  <^Spike^> just wake up Ammler / pm for it :)
12:21:49  <ChillCore> planetmaker and Ammler will wake up soon I guess.
12:22:13  <Rubidium> I doubt the former will "soon"
12:22:42  <Rubidium> I guess he'll wake up (again) in 20 hours or so ;)
12:23:10  <Yexo> ^Spike^: the "bundles" fs is mounted read-only
12:23:17  <planetmaker> who knows :-P
12:23:51  <Rubidium> oh, the fs being mounted read-only sounds pretty bad
12:23:59  <ChillCore> There he is ...
12:24:03  <planetmaker> Yexo: depends from which vm you look
12:24:05  <Rubidium> given I haven't seen anything about a reboot
12:24:11  <Yexo> planetmaker: ah, that could be :)
12:24:23  <planetmaker> root@bundles can write just fine
12:24:30  <planetmaker> as openttd or devzone users
12:25:01  <planetmaker> you need to actually login to From dev.o.o won't help
12:25:18  <Yexo> doesn't dev.o.o run the coop cf?
12:25:30  <planetmaker> it does. But bundles is a different VM
12:25:58  <planetmaker> it does basically the same as the openttd CF: push to the bundles VM
12:26:32  <^Spike^> Yexo there is a reason i called it a mythical beast
12:26:49  <planetmaker> I noticed that the openttd CF pushes as user openttd and the devzone CF as devzone.
12:26:54  <^Spike^> :)
12:26:57  <planetmaker> And the write permission was only on owner, not group
12:27:06  <planetmaker> thus I changed group write permission to allow
12:27:15  <planetmaker> for chillpp
12:27:31  <planetmaker> thus I hope it'll work
12:27:43  <planetmaker> not sure it's entirely sane solution, though
12:35:34  <ChillCore> Anyway thank you for looking at it ... again.
12:36:11  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Bug #3264 (New): Dorstfeld tram use wrong sprite for | view (andythenorth) @
12:37:43  <ChillCore> Another question. I tried figuring out form the NoGo source how to write a script. Is there a complete example script available somewhere and if so will it run in single player?
12:38:32  <planetmaker> single-player: iirc yes
12:39:30  <planetmaker> example script: probably not. Ask TB or xaroth
12:41:37  <ChillCore> I might ask later. My oldest son is with me for the weekend and well he needs attention too. :)
12:42:52  <Yexo> ChillCore:
12:43:24  <Yexo> you might need to write an info.nut also, didn't really check yet. If you need it, it's the same format as the AI info.nut
12:43:53  <Yexo> nevermind
12:44:17  <planetmaker> ah... I didn't find that link
12:44:18  <Yexo> main.nut needs to be named "test/main.nut" where test is a subdir of the goal directory
12:44:25  <Yexo> main class must be named "TestGoal"
12:45:09  <ChillCore> Great, thank you for the info and the link Yexo. I figured that it would be AI like format but did not know where to start.
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12:53:36  <ChillCore> Going to save the file and look at it later this afternoon.   Did I say my son needs attention? I lied, he wants/needs lots of it and always when I start typing or trying to concentrate. :P
12:54:03  <ChillCore> Thank you for the info. bbl. Have a good afternoon.
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13:05:14  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3249 (Closed): nested conditionals not always properly treated (planetmaker) @
13:05:14  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 1715:0c2ad53ab12a: Fix #3249: duplicate action 10 labels when usi... (yexo) @
13:05:14  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3249 (Closed): nested conditionals not always properly treated (yexo) @
14:07:34  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #1629: Review conversion for speed property (yexo) @
14:09:07  <Yexo> planetmaker: do you ever use units in switch-blocks?
14:09:45  <Yexo> I'm very tempted to disallow it for now and implement it later properly (when units in return values also become possible)
14:09:46  <planetmaker> currently probably not as it's iirc not supported?
14:09:58  <planetmaker> yes, go for it
14:10:06  <Yexo> I think something like "0 .. 40 km/h: return 5;" is supported
14:10:11  <Brot6> Dutch Trains 2.0 - Revision 23:d79680305073: Feature: green and blue livery of Mat '34 (foobar) @
14:10:11  <Brot6> Dutch Trains 2.0 - Revision 24:99ea0c119f55: Feature: green and blue livery of DE5 (foobar) @
14:10:11  <Brot6> Dutch Trains 2.0 - Revision 25:5772eac5b586: Fix (r23): error in switch block (foobar) @
14:10:11  <Yexo> at least the code hints at that
14:10:17  <planetmaker> hm, not sure whether I use that
14:11:00  <planetmaker> but I don't think so
14:12:02  <planetmaker> cets doesn't
14:12:38  <planetmaker> ogfx+trains doesn't
14:12:57  <Yexo> will just raise an error when it's used
14:13:04  <Yexo> we'll see in the nigthly in a few hours
14:13:08  <planetmaker> :-)
14:16:10  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 1716:3b16e927f4e6: Fix #1629: change the value written for the sp... (yexo) @
14:16:10  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #1629 (Closed): Review conversion for speed property (yexo) @
14:16:18  <Yexo> that was the last ticket for 0.2 :)
14:16:39  <planetmaker> :-)
14:19:09  <Yexo> Hirundo: any things you want to change before we release 0.2?
14:20:18  <Yexo> If not I want to release 0.2 after the cf run this afternoon (as final check to see if everything works)
14:21:47  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 1717:eca3cbc403b3: Fix r1716: forgot to update regression (yexo) @
14:28:31  <planetmaker> Yexo: do we make a branch for this release?
14:28:40  <planetmaker> In order to keep supporting grf v7?
14:28:53  <planetmaker> and to just port that stuff which possible future OpenGFX releases need?
14:28:53  <Yexo> yes
14:28:57  <planetmaker> ok
14:29:05  <Hirundo> keeping nml 0.2 as a dead-end branch for grfv7 seems sensible to me
14:29:21  <planetmaker> mostly we need it for OpenGFX :-)
14:29:28  <Yexo> how do we do that? create tag today, when first commit to 0.2 comes it gets a branch?
14:30:04  <planetmaker> either is feasible: branch now or branch later
14:30:34  <planetmaker> I'm personally a bit undecided which is better
14:30:39  <Hirundo> And to answer your question; I see no issues that block a realase
14:30:44  <Rubidium> branch later ;)
14:30:59  <Rubidium> as you need to add support for font size 3
14:31:00  <planetmaker> probably. Who knows whether we need it later ;-)
14:31:06  <planetmaker> yes, I know
14:31:37  <planetmaker> hm... right. Maybe we should only tag it 0.2.0 then, when that is added, Yexo ?
14:31:47  <Yexo> yes
14:31:54  <Yexo> I just forgot about it, intended to add it right now
14:31:57  <Yexo> so I'll go and do taht
14:37:45  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 1718:539771c3dccc: Add: support for mono-space font (yexo) @
15:22:59  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 728:823269146f29: Change: work in progress on balancing s... (andythenorth) @
15:27:16  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Bug #3264 (Closed): Dorstfeld tram use wrong sprite for | view (andythenorth) @
15:27:16  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 729:1b164b4ec64f: Fix: Dorstfeld tram used wrong sprites ... (andythenorth) @
15:27:16  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Bug #3264 (Closed): Dorstfeld tram use wrong sprite for | view (andythenorth) @
15:30:20  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 730:d81ceb78f300: Change: use correct angles for Kassel tram (andythenorth) @
15:30:20  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Feature #3265 (New): Allow some steam tram locos to run backwards ... (andythenorth) @
15:51:32  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 731:70641ba07937: Codechange: refactor a bunch of stuff r... (andythenorth) @
16:10:33  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 732:8e66e99168c9: Codechange: move some tram action 0 pro... (andythenorth) @
16:29:31  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 733:03c427b6818c: Fix: used mv instead of hg mv when movi... (andythenorth) @
16:41:22  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 734:dc0e5099ebcd: Codechange: move more action 0 props fo... (andythenorth) @
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16:47:39  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 735:1afec018e598: Codechange: corrected a comment (andythenorth) @
16:47:39  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 736:e05778a2492a: Codechange: corrected some code formatting (andythenorth) @
17:09:37  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 737:c919cff2bc0b: Change: set correct sound effect for ne... (andythenorth) @
17:09:37  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 738:371c3d3b10dd: Change: correct positioning for Afonsid... (andythenorth) @
17:09:37  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 739:05ec0007b3c8: Change: set correct offsets for Kassel ... (andythenorth) @
17:10:16  <Brot6> GRFCodec - Bug #3266 (New): DevZone compile failed (compiler) @
17:11:29  <Brot6> heqs: update from r715 to r739 done -
17:14:08  <Rubidium> Lord Ammler, what's wrong with GRFCodec?
17:18:29  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3267 (New): DevZone compile failed (compiler) @
17:26:17  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 740:1ba4da1a01b0: Change: set offsets for Chemnitz tram (andythenorth) @
17:27:46  <Yexo> or with nml
17:35:18  <Hirundo> How exactly is the new monospace font going to be used?
17:35:54  <Rubidium> for readme/changelog/license windows
17:35:55  <Yexo> in the readme viewer
17:36:06  <Rubidium> (maybe it's even useful for the AI logs)
17:37:27  <Hirundo> To make all line lengths equal/consistent? or ..?
17:37:42  <Yexo> no, so you can use tables in the readme
17:38:08  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 741:5986e01b4918: Change: set costs for new steam trams (andythenorth) @
17:38:47  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Feature #3260 (Closed): Add large steam trams (andythenorth) @
17:38:50  <Hirundo> Which grf developer wanted a readme that needed tables?
17:39:15  * Hirundo ponders likely candidates
17:39:23  <Yexo> no idea, that was my guess for why it's implemented
17:39:31  <planetmaker> it makes sense
17:39:39  <Yexo> more in general aligning anything in a text file isn't possible without a monospace font
17:39:41  <planetmaker> also indentation looks with proportional fonts not nice
17:40:07  <frosch123> all ogfx+ sets have some table-like alignment
17:40:13  <frosch123> e.g. credits
17:40:16  <planetmaker> so, if you need a name, Hirundo, you can happily blame me :-)
17:40:23  <planetmaker> yeah
17:40:43  <andythenorth> wasn't my request :)
17:40:45  <andythenorth> I am very sparing with my requests :P
17:41:02  <andythenorth> I may moan for the next 5 months about road vehicle offsets however
17:41:16  <Hirundo> I thought more along the lines of certain "I want my grfs to be used exactly as I designed them, and that includes the readme!"-type of grf devs
17:41:43  <frosch123> those do not upload stuff to bananas
17:41:47  <frosch123> so they are no concern
17:41:48  <frosch123> :p
17:41:57  <Hirundo> That's what I thought, hence my confusion :)
17:42:05  <planetmaker> :-)
17:42:37  <frosch123> ogfx+rv had some table comparing buildtimes with the makefile :o
17:42:43  <planetmaker> :-)
17:42:44  <Hirundo> Though I doubt I even have OpenTTD installed currently, so I can't tell for sure
17:42:50  <planetmaker> not the typical readme stuff, agreed
17:43:05  <planetmaker> frosch123: we're still missing readmes now for base sets :-)
17:43:16  <planetmaker> oh, you don't? :-(
17:43:19  <Hirundo> Will there be string codes to switch to monospace font on the fly?
17:43:46  <planetmaker> not planned to my knowledge
17:43:51  <Yexo> where would that be useful?
17:43:53  <planetmaker> the only use is readmes
17:43:55  <planetmaker> and alike
17:43:57  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Feature #3268 (New): Control buy menu order in same way as FISH (andythenorth) @
17:44:00  <frosch123> ogfx+trees does not use utf-8 in the readme
17:44:06  <planetmaker> urgs
17:44:17  <frosch123> (though maybe that is superseeded by ogfx+landscape?)
17:44:35  <planetmaker> currently not
17:44:46  <planetmaker> they're complementary of sorts
17:44:52  <andythenorth> I had an interesting chat with DanMacK about our other canadian friend
17:44:54  <planetmaker> though ogfx+trees is only useful in tropical climate
17:45:13  <planetmaker> The other two normal climates meanwhile have by default the trees as in that newgrf
17:45:23  <Hirundo> I don't think it's useful, actually it might be best to remove the other font size codes as well
17:45:40  <Hirundo> Font size should be a property of the place it's used, not of the string itself
17:45:54  <Hirundo> Though I'm not sure if there are any mixed-font strings around
17:47:00  <Yexo> I don't know, but I agree it should be a property of the string
17:47:12  <frosch123> planetmaker: something like a row of buttons unter the combobox?
17:47:17  <Yexo> ehm, *not a property of the string
17:47:39  <planetmaker> frosch123: yes, sounds like a good plan to me
17:48:10  <planetmaker> below the short description you mean, right?
17:48:19  <planetmaker> or between combo box and desc?
17:48:25  <frosch123> between
17:48:36  <frosch123> but maybe at the bottom would also work
17:48:44  <frosch123> would be consistent with newgrf gui
17:48:45  <planetmaker> below might be 'better'
17:48:49  <planetmaker> exactly
17:49:03  * andythenorth won't say too much....but Wallyweb's blame of industry set authors for OzTrans exit is a bit misplaced  
17:49:44  <planetmaker> ref, andythenorth?
17:50:14  <andythenorth> there was a falling out of sorts between OzTrans and DanMack...
17:51:21  <planetmaker> aha
17:52:04  <andythenorth> actually - to be fair - I misread wallyweb:
17:52:05  <Webster> Title: Transport Tycoon Forums View topic - (UNIV) Canadian Train Set Development - *Update 11/09/11* (at
17:52:12  <andythenorth> he doesn't blame industry sets for OzTrans leaving
17:52:16  <andythenorth> I take that back
17:53:47  <planetmaker> yes, it might be quite an accurate observation of wally. But... well :-) that topic is (now) dead
17:53:53  <andythenorth> oops
17:54:04  * andythenorth tries to set buy menu order for ships in an RV set :m
17:54:04  <planetmaker> rest in pieces or so ;-)
17:56:51  <andythenorth> I wish to file a complaint: I can't use ship properties on RVs :P
17:57:36  <planetmaker> damn, still no hybrid vehicles?
17:57:49  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 742:21ebd4ce82b3: Feature: sort buy menu order for trams (andythenorth) @
18:00:28  <planetmaker>
18:00:29  <Webster> Title: Maltese Water Bus.wmv - YouTube (at
18:00:38  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Feature #3268: Control buy menu order in same way as FISH (andythenorth) @
18:01:13  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Feature #3268 (Closed): Control buy menu order in same way as FISH (andythenorth) @
18:01:13  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Feature #3268 (Closed): Control buy menu order in same way as FISH (andythenorth) @
18:01:14  <andythenorth>
18:01:15  <Webster> Title: Yellow School Bus vs. waterfall & high speed water flood - YouTube (at
18:03:26  <planetmaker> now, that is crazy ;-)
18:03:50  <andythenorth> rivers need fords
18:08:09  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 743:53766c0549a8: Change: set life for Afonside tram (andythenorth) @
18:11:41  <Rubidium> fords belong in a road vehicle set ;)
18:12:13  <andythenorth> blearch
18:12:24  * andythenorth wants animated bridges
18:49:09  <Rubidium> how can I assign a bug to someone that works not on a project, or assign it to a project I'm no member of?
18:49:42  <planetmaker> tricky
18:49:54  <planetmaker> I guess not
18:49:56  <Rubidium> as #3266 is for Ammler or the compiler project
18:49:57  <Brot6> Rubidium: #3266 is "GRFCodec - Bug #3266: DevZone compile failed - #openttdcoop Development Zone"
18:51:50  <planetmaker> do you have a 'move' button on the top right of the description window (I guess not)?
18:51:57  <planetmaker> It would allow to move it to other projects
18:52:15  <Rubidium> yeah, but nothing outside open??x and grfcodec
18:55:39  <Brot6> DevZone Help Center - Membership #2995 (Closed): Applying for project: Vactrain Set (planetmaker) @
18:57:12  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #1629: Review conversion for speed property (planetmaker) @
18:57:19  <Brot6> DevZone Help Center - Bug #3266 (New): DevZone compile failed (compiler) @
18:57:25  <Yexo> you could temporarily add ammler to the project and than assign it to him
18:57:40  <planetmaker> I moved it to the DevZone "project"
18:58:05  <planetmaker> Or "DevZone Help Center"
18:59:22  <Rubidium> yay ;)
19:03:34  <Brot6> clientpatches: compile of r23286 still failed (#2964) -
19:06:33  <Brot6> serverpatches: compile of r23286 still failed (#2966) -
19:08:27  <Brot6> 32bpp-ez-patches: compile of r23287 still failed (#2446) -
19:09:48  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Industries - Bug #2612: Some industries and cargos use the same colours. (planetmaker) @
19:31:56  <Yexo> planetmaker: could you test locally whether nml works for you (also regression)?
19:34:26  <planetmaker> sure
19:37:22  <Yexo> are nml projects no longer rebuild when nml is updated or is that output no longer posted to irc?
19:48:52  <planetmaker> on the DevZone?
19:49:07  <Yexo> yes
19:49:15  <Ammler> do I need to read back or could someone in short tell the issue?
19:49:40  <Yexo> Ammler: compile of nml failed
19:49:48  <Yexo> and the compile of grfcodec too
19:49:54  <Yexo> for neither can I find a valid reason
19:50:00  <Ammler> ok
19:50:24  <Ammler> I would guess, it is the moved location of the package building root
19:50:43  <Ammler> in files might be a path to /usr/src/packages
19:51:05  <Ammler> this should be changed to %{RPMBUILDDIR}
19:51:15  <planetmaker> so... each repo has to do that?
19:51:20  <Ammler> no
19:51:28  <Ammler> only those which have that path
19:51:39  <Ammler> most don't have a files file at all
19:52:18  <Ammler> no clue, why I didn't use a variable from start
19:52:41  <Ammler> well, if you do not want to do it, I can do it,
19:53:11  <planetmaker> It's more about who knows the CF
19:53:53  <Yexo> Ammler: so ?
19:53:55  <planetmaker> if the CF gets updated, it should be made clear what repo owners have to do.
19:57:41  <Ammler> [20:52] <Ammler> no clue, why I didn't use a variable from start
19:58:08  <Yexo> Ammler: is my fix correct? if so, I'll commit for both nml and grfcodec
19:58:08  <Ammler> planetmaker: such a change should not need work from you
19:58:23  <Ammler> yexo with /
19:58:35  <Ammler> it does not replace the trailing /
19:58:44  <Yexo> I thought I had that, thanks
19:59:45  <Ammler> %{BUILD} is %{RPMBUILDDIR}/BUILD
20:00:11  <Ammler> maybe I thought, there is no need to substitute other locations
20:00:18  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3267 (Closed): DevZone compile failed (compiler) @
20:00:18  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 1719:2c839dc11b3a: Fix #3267: hardcoded path in .devzone/build/fi... (yexo) @
20:00:18  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3267 (Closed): DevZone compile failed (yexo) @
20:00:18  <Brot6> GRFCodec - Revision 844:b7518252dc09: Fix: hardcoded path in .devzone/build/files caused errors w... (yexo) @
20:03:20  <Brot6> nml: update from r1714 to r1719 done -
20:04:45  <Brot6> grfcodec: update from r842 to r844 done -
20:06:32  <planetmaker> thanks, Ammler & yexo
20:11:50  <planetmaker> Yexo: nml works fine, builds regressions, firs, opengfx, swedishrails, airports, trains
20:12:17  <planetmaker> took a bit to compile all that stuff :-)
20:12:30  <Yexo> thanks for testing :)
20:12:41  <Yexo> I should've been clearer, I hope the cf would test all that
20:12:52  <Yexo> merely wanted you to confirm the regression test worked for you
20:12:57  <planetmaker> :-)
20:13:02  <Yexo> ie that the cf failed was really an error of the cf
20:13:29  <Yexo> anyway, here we go
20:13:45  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 1720:2974a6fa71bc: Added tag 0.2.0 for changeset 2c839dc11b3a (yexo) @
20:13:51  <planetmaker> \o/
20:14:26  <planetmaker> thanks, Yexo
20:15:27  <Yexo> meh, forgot to update readme
20:15:34  <Yexo> well, something for 0.2.1
20:17:02  <Terkhen> nice :)
20:18:38  <planetmaker> 0.2.1 will come, no doubt :-)
20:19:48  <Rubidium> planetmaker: I hope you still have the code you used to generate the NML from the NFO. Then adding the mono font would be easy
20:19:50  <Ammler> yeah, sorry about that "hidden" path change, I was suprised too
20:19:51  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Feature #3269 (New): Make the logging trucks regearable (andythenorth) @
20:21:26  <Yexo> Ammler: we'll need a way so that opengfx is always compiled with nml 0.2, not with the nigthlies anymore
20:21:43  <Rubidium> <- fixes some broken documentation
20:22:48  <Rubidium> (not sure whether it's the right file I fixed)
20:23:28  <Ammler> yexo, easy
20:23:39  <Ammler> just add ;releases to the require file
20:23:48  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - NML 0.2.0 released (yexo) @
20:24:03  <Ammler> or in other words "done"
20:26:01  <Ammler> Yexo: it would be even possible to define opengfx releases to be built with releases and nightlies with nightlies
20:26:29  <Yexo> Ammler: for now I think we want both nightlies and releases to be build with nml releases
20:26:33  <Ammler> and there is a 3rd option, let it build with distro package
20:26:53  <Yexo> is there a valid reason for building with distro package?
20:27:07  <Ammler> guess not
20:27:11  <Yexo> either that's a nightly, which we don't want, or it's a release, in which case it can only lag behind the releases here
20:27:15  <Ammler> it just would be possible :-)
20:27:18  <Yexo> ok :)
20:27:46  <Ammler> yes, distro package would mainly depend on me :-P
20:28:53  <Ammler> so if someone does fix the "files" file in opengfx, he could also change require file and add ";releases" to the line with nml
20:29:20  <Ammler> or tell me to do it :-P
20:29:34  <Yexo> that's up to planetmaker
20:31:47  <planetmaker> I prefer to use releases for OpenGFX now
20:32:14  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Bug #3270 (New): Cost of Ishizuchi tram appears to be quite wrong (andythenorth) @
20:32:16  <planetmaker> Hm... actually, releases of the 0.2.x kind
20:32:18  <Ammler> yexo meant rather it is up to you to change the files or tel me to do it
20:32:37  <planetmaker> Ammler: that's a bit of a special request. Whether 0.3.x will be used will need review then
20:32:51  <Yexo> but for now using the last release is fine I'd say
20:32:54  <planetmaker> but we should waste thoughts on that only when there is a 0.3.x
20:32:59  <planetmaker> yes
20:33:01  <Yexo> when we get to 0.3 we'll decide about it again
20:34:32  <Ammler> planetmaker: anyway, there might be broken files file in opengfx too
20:51:50  <planetmaker> in what sense?
20:54:16  <Yexo> T;/usr/src/packages/RPMS/noarch/*.noarch.rpm <- that line
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