Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 8th February 2012:
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08:35:13  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Feature #3668 (New): Mid-sized tram needed in 1930s / 1940s (andythenorth) @
08:38:06  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Feature #3668 (New): Mid-sized tram needed in 1930s / 1940s (andythenorth) @
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09:03:47  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Feature #3583: deprecate / remove refittable_cargo_types (Hirundo) @
09:26:45  <andythenorth> ^ \o/
09:28:30  * andythenorth will be glad when that one is done :)
09:37:59  <planetmaker> andythenorth, you can already - for quite some time - use the new method
09:38:12  <planetmaker> and good morning to you :-)
09:38:54  <andythenorth> planetmaker: I'll be glad when the xor mask is gone ;)
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16:15:21  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Bug #3667: no static md5sum on old distros (andythenorth) @
17:02:06  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Bug #3667: no static md5sum on old distros (Ammler) @
17:02:19  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3666: md5sum depends on python version (Ammler) @
17:03:14  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Bug #3667: no static md5sum on old distros (Ammler) @
17:03:29  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3666: md5sum depends on python version (Ammler) @
17:04:35  <Ammler> I pasted the irc, it is pretty much what needs to be done on both
17:04:56  <Ammler> planetmaker: I assume, you take care for opengfx bug?
17:05:14  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3666: md5sum depends on python version (Rubidium) @
17:11:34  <Brot6> grfcodec: update from r893 to r896 done -
17:14:48  <Ammler> planetmaker: now we have defintly a reason to make a release :-)
17:15:05  <planetmaker> quite so
17:15:11  <planetmaker> after we fix this :-)
17:15:24  <Ammler> shall I push my fix to 0.4?
17:15:39  <Ammler>
17:16:13  <planetmaker> yes, please
17:16:17  <planetmaker> doesn't default need it, too?
17:17:57  <Ammler> ok, I transplant it also to default
17:18:05  <Ammler> (merge doesn't work anymore, right?
17:18:27  <planetmaker> don't merge it
17:18:34  <planetmaker> especially rivers changed a lot
17:19:00  <planetmaker> also check the transplant for sanity :-)
17:19:20  <Ammler> well, merging from stable to default would work nicely usually
17:19:29  <planetmaker> it would screw the changes
17:19:35  <Ammler> but you broke it with the last merge which wasn't one :-)
17:19:49  <planetmaker> no. A merge in this case would be folly
17:19:55  <Ammler> yes, I know
17:20:02  <planetmaker> As exactly the difference is what we *want*
17:20:11  <planetmaker> Which must not be merged
17:20:30  <planetmaker> And that has nothing to do with *any* of the commits made
17:24:02  <Ammler> hmm, if I transplant, graph shows a merge
17:24:39  <Ammler>
17:25:13  <planetmaker> how do you transplant?
17:25:23  <planetmaker> you only want to transplant a single revision. Not the branch
17:25:56  <Ammler> hg tranplant -m906
17:26:07  <planetmaker> well....
17:26:19  <Ammler> hg diff shows only that
17:26:34  <Ammler> how do you transplant?
17:28:44  <Ammler> I make a release locally and test it on obs before I push
17:28:49  <Ammler> maybe we have others
17:29:27  <planetmaker> hg transplant XXX
17:29:40  <Ammler> what is XXX?
17:29:46  <planetmaker> where XXX is the revision number to transplant to where I am
17:30:07  <planetmaker> i.e. when you're in default, XXX is the revision to add from the 0.4 branch
17:30:44  <Ammler> so in my case, I had luck because it was tip
17:30:53  <Ammler> else it would have gone wrong
17:31:23  <Ammler> anyway, that is a way to fix merge, again
17:31:37  <Ammler> from now on, you should be able to merge
17:31:38  <planetmaker> there's nothing to fix?
17:31:53  <planetmaker> And no, I never want to merge 0.4 into default or vice versa
17:32:17  <Ammler> I wanted to merge my 2 changes I made some time ago
17:32:23  <planetmaker> ?
17:32:45  <Ammler> what you want is like openttd workflow
17:32:51  <Ammler> dev on default and backport
17:33:04  <planetmaker> sure
17:33:36  <Ammler> yes, but if you add fixes to 0.4, you should be able to  merge, which is much easier
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17:34:19  <Ammler> btw, your last fix, you added first to 0.4 too
17:34:26  <Ammler> so you didn't backport :-)
17:34:59  <planetmaker> what's easier in merging two (completely) different heads over transplanting a single change?
17:35:09  <Ammler> hg merge
17:35:24  <Ammler> against searching revs and add those to the command
17:35:40  <planetmaker> a merge combines *everything* since the branch
17:35:42  <Ammler> and also the graph looks nicer
17:36:18  <Ammler> planetmaker: yes, merging everything from 0.4 to default should not hurt
17:36:23  <Ammler> the other way around it would
17:36:47  <Ammler> well, you should know that better :-)
17:36:53  <planetmaker> but I do not want all the removed stuff back into default!
17:37:06  <planetmaker> And adding that again does hurt
17:37:36  <Ammler> well, it seems that exactly for that you have transplant -m
17:39:29  <Ammler> well, I stripped
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18:12:36  <Brot6> Following repos rebuilds successful without any difference to earlier nightlies builds: bros (1 warnings), transrapidtrackset, 2cctrainset (78 warnings), cets (251 warnings), worldairlinersset, heqs, basecosts, water-features, isr (2 warnings) (Diffsize: 1367), 32bpp-extra (2 warnings), newgrf_makefile (Diffsize: 12), snowlinemod, metrotrackset (Diffsize: 1), fish, ttrs (7 warnings), ogfx-trees, smts (Diffsize: 8), chips (1 warnings),
18:12:36  <Brot6> comic-houses (3 warnings) (Diffsize: 22)
18:14:13  <planetmaker> anyway, did you push the fix(es), Ammler?
18:14:36  <planetmaker> by whatever means transplanted or put into the other branch (and only it)?
18:15:11  <planetmaker> I don't find them (yet) :-)
18:20:09  <Ammler> planetmaker: [18:28] <Ammler> I make a release locally and test it on obs before I push
18:20:34  <Ammler> <-- running with :-)
18:20:48  <planetmaker> oh, sorry, missed that :-)
18:20:53  <Ammler> and yes, I stripped the merge
18:21:01  <Ammler> and made a transplant copy
18:21:22  <planetmaker> well, I should not care, merge or transplant. As long as only that is "moved" to the other branch what we want
18:22:08  <Ammler> and I guess, you are right, merge is not possible
18:22:47  <Ammler> btw. why does cets need grfcodec?
18:23:28  <planetmaker> it uses NML to write the nfo and then encodes that. It's said to be faster
18:23:38  <Ammler> lol
18:23:40  <planetmaker> iirc. I didn't look at those changes
18:23:57  <Ammler> does it result on same grf?
18:24:03  <Ammler> md5sum wise?
18:24:15  <planetmaker> doesn't matter, does it?
18:24:22  <planetmaker> And: I do not know
18:24:22  <Ammler> no, just wondering
18:24:59  <Ammler> and yes, nml is slow, I know that well enough after this opengfx mess :-)
18:25:10  <planetmaker> :-)
18:25:17  <Ammler> but gimp is slower :-P
18:25:23  <planetmaker> hehe
18:25:31  <planetmaker> quite bad it doesn't work well in parallel
18:26:21  <andythenorth> ho
18:26:32  * andythenorth could try nml -> nfo - grfcodec route for BANDIT :)
18:27:26  <andythenorth> isn't it cheating though?
18:27:36  <planetmaker> why?
18:28:08  <andythenorth> reduces incentives for anyone to make nml faster
18:28:15  <andythenorth> although it it works ;)
18:28:33  <andythenorth> it it / if it /s
18:29:10  <planetmaker> maybe it uses also the grfid programme from the grfcodec repo
18:29:25  <planetmaker> to create an 8bpp and a 8bpp+32bpp grf
18:29:58  <andythenorth> on another question - this is theoretical right now - is it feasible to repeat the FIRS code n times in the grf?
18:30:00  <andythenorth> for n economies?
18:30:13  <andythenorth> the code is already pretty large in uncompiled form
18:30:21  * andythenorth wonders how big the nfo is
18:30:35  <Rubidium> planetmaker: nml doesn't emit the nfo for 32bpp or ez
18:30:35  <planetmaker> well. You'd have the identifier-naming issue
18:32:20  <planetmaker> true, Rb.
18:34:46  <andythenorth> planetmaker: duplicate identifiers is why it's theoretical question ;)
18:34:56  <andythenorth> it's no blocker though, just needs thought :P
18:35:06  * andythenorth baby -> bath
18:42:20  <Ammler> SLE_11_SP1           x86_64     succeeded
18:42:32  <Ammler> looks good, I push
18:42:48  <planetmaker> great
18:43:15  <Ammler> planetmaker: but I still didn't tranplant the maintainer "fix" and .NOTPARALLEL to default
18:43:22  <Ammler> maybe we keep that
18:43:38  <Ammler> and change that only on next stable branch
18:44:29  <planetmaker> hm, yes. But we should make an issue with 0.5.0 as target rev
18:48:28  <andythenorth> #define THIS_ID(...) oil_rig_econ_${economy_number} ## __VA_ARGS__
18:48:57  <andythenorth> :)
18:51:20  <Ammler> well, the maintainer fix we could transplant
18:51:39  <Ammler> or and additional target
18:51:53  <Ammler> between distclen and maintainer-clean
18:52:13  <Ammler> maybe distclean-gimp :-)
18:53:05  <Ammler> anyway both tickets are still open because of this
18:55:32  <Ammler> mäh
18:55:42  <Ammler> hg push -r907
18:55:53  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Bug #3667 (Closed): no static md5sum on old distros (Ammler) @
18:55:53  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Revision 907:de846eab45f2: Fix #3667: sprite are out-of-bound, sadly nmlc doesn't warn/... (Ammler) @
18:55:53  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Revision 906:94ccd43697d3: Fix #3667: sprite are out-of-bound, sadly nmlc doesn't warn/... (Ammler) @
18:55:54  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Bug #3667 (Closed): no static md5sum on old distros (Ammler) @
18:56:01  <planetmaker> you mean #3439 and #3440 ?
18:56:01  <Brot6> planetmaker: #3439 is "OpenGFX - Bug #3439: build does not work with -j > 1 - #openttdcoop Development Zone"
18:56:01  <Brot6> planetmaker: #3440 is "OpenGFX - Bug #3440: probably maintainer-clean removes md5 check file - #openttdcoop Development Zone"
18:56:27  <Ammler> yes, 3439 makes building very slow
18:57:35  <Ammler> 3440 is what I meant which could be tranplanted but maybe with intermediate target
18:57:47  <Ammler> distclean should not remove gimp files
18:58:55  <Ammler> and maintainer-clean depends on the view, if maintainer is you then yes, it should remove those the md5 file, if it is the package maintainer, it shouldn't
18:59:51  <Ammler> I am not sure, does openttd distclean remove the grf?
19:00:02  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Bug #3542 (Closed): Extra NewGRF is recognized as valid NewGRF (planetmaker) @
19:01:13  <Ammler> since I don't care about it anymore, I have no clue :-)
19:01:30  <planetmaker> looks like it doesn'T
19:02:49  <Ammler> cenos6 succeeeds too
19:02:56  <Ammler> well-well
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19:16:48  <Brot6> BANDIT - Revision 226:d1ed78e2615d: Change: write some vehicle info into the otherwise unfinished... (andythenorth) @
19:17:01  <planetmaker> <-- changelog, Ammler ?
19:17:57  <Ammler> maybe mention why you force one thread
19:18:30  <Ammler> sorry, if I missed that in my commit msg :-P
19:19:04  <Ammler> I should be more aware that my commit messages could go to changelog ;-)
19:19:23  <planetmaker> yup :-P
19:19:41  <planetmaker> and I changed it from 3539 to 3940 :-P
19:20:00  <Ammler> btw. shall we start adding #ticket to the end also on commit?
19:20:38  <Ammler> oh thanks
19:21:01  <Ammler> yes, I horribly screwed up the tickets
19:21:29  <Ammler> I am so not used to coding :-P
19:21:30  <planetmaker> No, we should keep the current commit style
19:21:55  <planetmaker> which, btw, implies ( ) parenthesis
19:21:58  <planetmaker> iirc
19:22:04  <Ammler>
19:22:18  <planetmaker> but doesn't matter
19:22:30  <Ammler> () for revisions, right
19:22:39  <Ammler> or what you mean?
19:23:15  <andythenorth> (closes #xyz) ?
19:23:24  <Ammler> that is something for the end
19:23:54  <Ammler> Fix #x does already close
19:24:11  <Ammler> Fix [#x] doesn't
19:24:14  <andythenorth> interesting
19:24:18  * andythenorth will remember that
19:24:36  <planetmaker> no, issue w/o anything:
19:24:51  <planetmaker> and we should simply keep it that way
19:24:56  <planetmaker> no changes there, please :-)
19:25:09  <Ammler> yes, did I?
19:25:14  <planetmaker> yes :-P
19:25:19  <Ammler> I added [] to not close the ticket
19:25:22  <planetmaker> you used [#3539]
19:25:30  <Ammler> but it was the wrong ticket :-P
19:26:02  <planetmaker> well. I'd use it like normal and re-open the ticket. But it really is not that important
19:26:20  <Ammler> well, after I made it completely wrong anyway, indeed :-)
19:26:34  <planetmaker> But the make_changelog script deals with the current commit messages nicely and transforms them to the changelog style :-)
19:27:31  <Ammler> hmm, the changed paths?
19:27:54  <Ammler> did frosch commit that to default only
19:29:06  <Ammler> well, only doc but important to know for install path
19:29:13  <planetmaker>
19:29:23  <planetmaker> changed paths?
19:29:40  <Ammler> r902
19:29:48  <Ammler> data->baseset
19:29:59  <planetmaker> oh, yes
19:30:07  <planetmaker> let's see, though
19:30:34  <Ammler> does it hurt, btw. if I still install to data?
19:32:08  <planetmaker> hm, it should not
19:32:15  <planetmaker> it should use baseset
19:32:26  <Ammler> hmm, I could add a requires openttd >= 1.2
19:32:26  <planetmaker> if it is delivered with OpenTTD 1.2.x
19:33:06  <Ammler> I do not deliver opengfx with openttd :-)
19:35:02  <planetmaker> any distro will
19:35:06  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Revision 908:95964b181412: Change: replace 'data' in two more cases by 'baseset' (planetmaker) @
19:35:16  <planetmaker> or rather vice versa
19:41:15  <Ammler> well, openttd recommends opengfx to install with
19:41:23  <Ammler> opengfx depends on openttd
19:41:30  <Ammler> but both are shipped seperately
19:42:31  <frosch123> i did not commit to any branch
19:42:37  <Ammler> so it could happen, someone has already openttd 1.1.5 installed and wants to install opengfx now
19:42:49  <Ammler> frosch123: you committed to 0.4
19:43:00  <frosch123> really? :o
19:43:01  <planetmaker> well, I'll check default then
19:43:19  <planetmaker> yup
19:43:25  <planetmaker>
19:43:37  <Ammler> frosch123: that's ok, we have yet no rule that only release manager can commit there :-P
19:43:49  <Ammler> maybe planetmaker will introduce that, dunno :-D
19:44:27  <planetmaker> ach, we have no fixed rule. Though, yes, it would make it easier :-)
19:45:11  <Ammler> well, I did commit to 0.4 on purpose, didn't make development slower :-P
19:45:23  <frosch123> ok, switches my working copy to default, no idea how it ended up in 0.4 :o
19:45:36  <planetmaker> :-)
19:51:28  <planetmaker> so, Ammler, from you perspective, can I tag it?
19:54:32  <Ammler> <-- this is based on my push head
19:54:39  <Ammler> so yes :-)
19:56:01  <Ammler> nice to see, that OBS worked out to be useful
19:57:03  <Ammler> I wanted to update devzone compiler so you could chose distro
19:57:33  <Ammler> the issue there is that it is very hard to get for example grf2html working on centos
19:58:20  <planetmaker> that's imho not an issue. It's not needed for OpenGFX :-9
19:58:36  <planetmaker> but of course... it requires then different specs
19:58:54  <Ammler> not different specs
19:59:22  <Ammler> but obs simply has only default repos for non-suse distros
19:59:33  <Ammler> specially the whole mingw stuff
19:59:55  <planetmaker> aye
20:00:18  <Ammler> currently Mandriva fails to install gimp
20:00:44  <Ammler> it is always an advanture to build for non-suse :-)
20:01:15  <Ammler> and for debian/ubuntu, I simply miss the dsc file
20:01:53  <Ammler> and the whole control stuff, but that could be "stolen" from debian git
20:01:54  <planetmaker> you could ask blathijs for it
20:02:00  <planetmaker> he's the debian maintainer
20:03:10  <Ammler> well, not worth yet
20:03:29  <Ammler> if I ask someone for help, I would then at least need to use it :-)
20:03:33  <planetmaker> well. Would be nice, if that could all be tested in advance, too
20:03:59  <planetmaker> and heffner does what, redhat?
20:04:05  <Ammler> Fedora
20:04:18  <Rubidium> nmlc: Image file "sprites/png/terrain/waterfeatures/rivermouth_tropical_ne.gimp.png": read beyond bounds of image
20:04:21  <Rubidium> woohoo ;)
20:04:40  <Ammler> hehe
20:04:51  <planetmaker> nice :-)
20:05:08  <Ammler> well, I wish you would have done that a month ago :-P
20:05:41  <Rubidium>
20:06:05  <Rubidium> misanonmldev
20:07:42  <Ammler> add it to #3666
20:07:42  <Brot6> Ammler: #3666 is "NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3666: md5sum depends on python version - #openttdcoop Development Zone"
20:07:59  <Ammler> he, now, that ticket title looks wrong :-D
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20:10:00  <planetmaker> hehe
20:10:11  <planetmaker> then change it ;-)
20:10:33  <Rubidium> and while you're at it... add this ;)
20:10:54  <planetmaker> you want to commit it, Rubidium?
20:11:17  <Rubidium> no
20:11:28  <planetmaker> oh :(
20:11:32  <Rubidium> it sucks w.r.t. actually telling where the error is
20:11:37  <Rubidium> and I have no clue how to do that
20:13:44  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3666 (New): Reading out-of-bounds in images not properly caught (Ammler) @
20:13:44  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3666: Reading out-of-bounds in images not properly caught (Ammler) @
20:13:44  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3666: Reading out-of-bounds in images not properly caught (Rubidium) @
20:13:44  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #3666: Reading out-of-bounds in images not properly caught (planetmaker) @
20:13:59  <Rubidium> wut?
20:14:20  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Bug #3667 (Closed): no static md5sum on old distros (Ammler) @
20:14:22  <planetmaker> no idea. Probably as I changed the topic title
20:14:57  <Ammler> yes, because nothing else was gone the whole day
20:15:14  <Ammler> so the rss-feed still is kinda the same
20:17:18  <andythenorth> is it horribly wrong to refer to floats like 0.9, 1.0, 1.1 as as fractions?
20:17:41  <andythenorth> I can't call them running cost factors because it conflates with the newgrf property of same name
20:17:46  <frosch123> Ammler: when nml starts to create container 2 grfs, you no longer have to bother about grf2html:p
20:18:22  <Ammler> because it won't support it?
20:18:27  <Rubidium> andythenorth: they're not fractions ;)
20:18:32  <Ammler> hmm :-(
20:18:33  <andythenorth> indeed
20:18:40  <Rubidium> you'd need 9/10, 1/1, 11/10 ;)
20:18:45  <andythenorth> they are multipliers, as I use them to multiply stuff
20:18:51  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Revision 909:c3cb7d873ba6: Update: Changelog for 0.4.2 (planetmaker) @
20:18:51  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Revision 910:79ca9c6d6436: Added tag 0.4.2 for changeset c3cb7d873ba6 (planetmaker) @
20:19:04  <andythenorth> I called them coeffecients, but my code kept failing because I can't spell that word :P
20:19:19  <Rubidium> then call them foobar
20:20:05  * Rubidium wonders whether my coworker will like the document with all kinds of mathematical symbols ;)
20:20:45  <Rubidium> especially the floor "symbol" might be missed ;)
20:21:25  <frosch123> Ammler: it makes no sense to continue grf2html like this
20:22:04  <frosch123> it would probably need porting to c++, but then it hardly has any usecases anymore
20:22:08  <Ammler> ok, it was a nice tool, though
20:22:24  <Rubidium> the put it twice through grfcodec
20:22:30  <frosch123> it's quite useless when looking at the output of nml :)
20:22:35  <Ammler> we abused grf2html to publish also the sprite images
20:23:18  * planetmaker updates to hg 2.0.1
20:23:34  <Ammler> why don't you not to 2.1, if you update?
20:23:59  <planetmaker> hm, is that out already?
20:24:07  <planetmaker> it is...
20:24:09  <Ammler> yes, 2.0.1 is already outdated
20:24:22  <Ammler> a week maybe
20:24:30  <planetmaker> much longer. A month :S
20:25:28  <Ammler> then you can practice phases and tell if it is worth to update devzone too :-)
20:26:02  <andythenorth> should andythenorth update hg?
20:26:22  <andythenorth> 1.9
20:26:29  * Ammler uses distro factory and updates factory :-)
20:27:03  <Ammler> s/factory/devel/
20:27:41  <planetmaker> andythenorth: depends.
20:27:48  <planetmaker> 2.x has some nifty things
20:28:38  <planetmaker> I like especially 2.1's new "phases"
20:28:53  <planetmaker>
20:28:54  <Ammler> I would like "hidden" branches beside secrets
20:28:55  <Webster> Title: Phases - Mercurial (at
20:29:11  <planetmaker>
20:29:25  <Ammler> something you could hide a branch from clone/pull and you need to pull it explicit
20:30:38  <Ammler> well, basically phases is most useful if the server supports it
20:30:39  <andythenorth> bah
20:30:49  <andythenorth> today, if a var has a name, I type it incorrectly :P
20:31:02  <Ammler> so as long as devzone doesn't update, you don't need either ;-)
20:31:46  <planetmaker> Ammler: I well might want it for a local-only history :-)
20:32:02  <Ammler> yes, but that could you already
20:32:11  <Ammler> hg push -rX
20:32:24  <Ammler> or -b
20:32:39  <planetmaker> that's complicated
20:32:42  <Ammler> :-)
20:32:45  <planetmaker> I can't mix that
20:33:19  <Ammler> I just mean do not think, you can make something "draft" and push it to the server
20:33:55  <Ammler> and I fear, also if we have 2.1, redmine will not be able to handle that
20:34:37  <andythenorth> how interesting
20:34:59  <andythenorth> 0.5 * 100 * 1.0 apparently = 19 or 312
20:35:06  <andythenorth> according to python + nml
20:35:46  <andythenorth> maybe I'll call int() on that :P
20:36:23  <andythenorth> it's interesting that 50.0 is interpreted differently for different vehicles
20:37:19  <andythenorth> hmm
20:37:23  <andythenorth> 50 has the same result
20:38:31  <andythenorth> this is odd
20:39:50  <planetmaker> @base 50 8 10
20:42:35  <andythenorth> completely baffling
20:42:45  <andythenorth> all trucks appear to have same running cost in the nml file
20:42:55  <andythenorth> but not in game
20:46:03  <andythenorth> seems to be IDs =< 80
20:46:16  <andythenorth> oh I got smilied :P
20:47:08  <andythenorth> BANDIT trucks have numeric IDs
20:47:22  <andythenorth> trucks up to and including 80 have run cost £312 / year
20:47:27  <Brot6> opengfx: update from 0.4.1 to 0.4.2 done -
20:47:30  <andythenorth> trucks 90 and above have run cost £19
20:47:41  <andythenorth> the actual numbers aren't significant
20:47:57  <andythenorth> but can I haz a bug?
20:51:17  <Ammler> 29mins :-)
20:51:45  <planetmaker> :-D
20:52:55  <planetmaker> Rubidium: I'll upload 0.4.2 to bananas now
20:54:56  <andythenorth> let's see what bundles server does with this :P
20:55:17  <Brot6> BANDIT - Revision 227:b33c46a4729a: Change: calculate running costs (odd behaviour for IDs =< 80) (andythenorth) @
20:56:59  <Ammler> bundles doesn't do something
20:57:26  <Ammler> that is just an apache server
20:57:34  <andythenorth> cf I should say :)
20:58:31  <andythenorth> oh
20:58:35  <andythenorth> now pastebin doesn't work
20:58:39  <andythenorth> today is a bug day :)
20:59:26  <andythenorth>
20:59:36  <andythenorth> ^ can anyone find a running cost that isn't 0 or 50?
21:02:20  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Revision 911:97c9744de7ea: Merge: Changes to changelog from 0.4.2 (planetmaker) @
21:04:02  <planetmaker> btw, Ammler, did you mean something like that with "failed merge" ^^ ?
21:05:21  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
21:05:48  <Ammler> planetmaker: yes, could you please stop using Merges if you don't merge :-)
21:05:57  <planetmaker> Then you're right: that's technically not a merge. I just named the transplant from release to default 'merge'
21:06:20  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:06:24  <planetmaker> What should I use, Ammler?
21:07:08  <Ammler> dunno, ForwardPort? :-)
21:07:28  <Ammler> UpPort
21:07:41  <Ammler> or Transplant
21:08:21  <Ammler> the last time I read merge, i thought, "good, I can merge my 2 changes too"
21:08:37  <planetmaker> ok. Finally I now know what you meant :-)
21:08:56  <planetmaker> And agreed, I'll think of something else in the future
21:09:17  <planetmaker> I - again - mimiced OpenTTD, though. It uses also merge for the doc changes :-9
21:09:36  <Ammler> well, svn has no merge
21:09:39  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
21:09:42  <Ammler> so there it doesn't matter
21:10:45  <planetmaker> :-)
21:10:48  <planetmaker> yep, ok
21:10:58  <Ammler> OpenTTD is not a good example to learn mercurial workflow
21:11:23  <Rubidium> also all backports are already in trunk, so the only thing that gets merged are the changelog changes
21:11:41  <Rubidium> in essence it *is* a merge
21:11:46  <Ammler> :-)
21:12:14  <planetmaker> Rubidium: yes. But that's the only thing I 'merged' here, too
21:17:19  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:17:55  <andythenorth> hmm
21:18:07  <andythenorth> should I output nfo from nmlc for this bug?
21:18:21  <andythenorth> I don't much fancy wading through uncommented nfo for this :(
21:18:37  <Ammler> planetmaker: on hg a merge shows a link in the graph :-P
21:19:25  <Ammler> 2 parents obviously
21:19:40  <planetmaker> yes, I know :-)
21:19:51  <planetmaker> andythenorth: might help
21:20:27  * andythenorth is currently searching nml source
21:21:53  <andythenorth> doesn't smell like an nml bug to me
21:21:58  <andythenorth> more like an ottd bug
21:22:45  <andythenorth> let's see where the tipping point is
21:24:18  <Rubidium> planetmaker: you verified that version of opengfx works on 1.1.x/0.7.x?
21:24:18  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
21:24:25  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:24:30  <Rubidium> also, is it exactly the same as the one of bundles?
21:24:47  <planetmaker> uhm... tbh, I did not check that. But I uploaded the zip from the bundles server.
21:24:49  * andythenorth hates this wifi
21:25:06  <planetmaker> let me check now 1.0
21:25:27  <Ammler> well, the readme is wrong for 1.0 :-P
21:26:06  <planetmaker> Ammler: no, it's not. It tells the difference between baseset and data
21:26:18  <Ammler> oh
21:27:43  <andythenorth> ok
21:27:48  <andythenorth> nml IDs are hex or dec?
21:27:52  <andythenorth> for vehicles
21:28:51  <planetmaker> whatever you use
21:29:02  <andythenorth> ok
21:29:15  <planetmaker> 0x20 = 32
21:29:18  <andythenorth> anyway, bisecting shows that RVs with ID >87 use a different running cost factor
21:29:44  <andythenorth> nml doesn't appear to do anything magic, so I assume it's a bug with ottd or my code
21:29:59  <andythenorth> maybe I'm not resetting running cost base or such for default vehicle IDs?
21:30:00  <planetmaker> what's maxID(all road vehicles)?
21:30:08  <planetmaker> not in your set but in default?
21:30:15  <planetmaker> could possibly be 87
21:30:25  <planetmaker> do you explicitly set base costs
21:30:26  <planetmaker> ?
21:30:37  <andythenorth> it's 57h = 87d
21:30:43  <planetmaker> and base running costs?
21:30:47  <andythenorth> no I don't explicitly set base costs...yet
21:30:48  <andythenorth> let's try that
21:30:50  <planetmaker> if you don't, then it's an omission on your part
21:30:59  <planetmaker> you need to set *everything*
21:31:05  <planetmaker> for id > 87
21:31:06  <andythenorth> k
21:31:11  <andythenorth> let's fix that
21:31:29  <planetmaker> Rubidium: all seems fine
21:31:59  <planetmaker> is there an explicit way to check the opengfx version an OpenTTD 0.7.x uses, Rubidium?
21:32:18  <planetmaker> (it has no version indication in the options)
21:32:24  <planetmaker> and no osie support either
21:32:50  <Ammler> -d grf=1 ?
21:33:45  <Ammler> or misc
21:34:13  <Ammler> why do you care about 0.7.x anyway? :-P
21:34:14  <planetmaker> I should have thought of that
21:34:31  <Brot6> BANDIT - Revision 228:9df3a93a66ff: Fix: explicitly set running cost base, otherwise costs will b... (andythenorth) @
21:34:36  <Ammler> someone using openttd 0.7 does hardly update ogfx
21:35:44  <planetmaker> we announce compatibility
21:35:54  <planetmaker> and he might just check "update all content", thus might update
21:35:56  <Ammler> we could test such things btw.
21:36:20  <planetmaker> hm, yes
21:36:34  <planetmaker> would indeed be nice to have such regression test
21:37:08  *** andythenorth is now known as Guest1961
21:37:08  *** andythenorth_ has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:37:09  *** andythenorth_ is now known as andythenorth
21:37:11  <Ammler> should not be big deal to build multiple openttd packages
21:37:18  * andythenorth has read a little more nml source today
21:37:25  <Ammler> and run those in the %check section
21:37:28  <planetmaker> Ammler: would not need building. you could curl them
21:37:29  * andythenorth can understand nml source; grfcodec...not
21:37:38  <planetmaker> might even be better... but... no network, right?
21:37:38  * andythenorth is sick of this wifi though, and is going to bed :)
21:37:44  <Ammler> planetmaker: there is no curl on the build evn
21:37:45  <planetmaker> sleep well, andythenorth
21:37:47  <Ammler> env*
21:37:53  <andythenorth> planetmaker: I wish :)
21:37:54  <planetmaker> wget ;-)
21:37:58  *** Guest1961 has quit IRC
21:37:58  <planetmaker> hehe, andythenorth
21:38:03  * andythenorth wgets toddle
21:38:04  <andythenorth> r
21:38:07  <planetmaker> then sleep well also to your kids :-)
21:38:09  <andythenorth> at 4.30am
21:38:11  <Ammler> and I doubt that 0.7 might just work on Tumbleweed
21:38:14  <andythenorth> bye
21:38:14  *** andythenorth has left #openttdcoop.devzone
21:38:35  <Ammler> planetmaker: but the building need to be done once
21:38:37  <planetmaker> Ammler: it will. Releases are statically linked
21:38:43  <Ammler> hmm
21:38:52  <planetmaker> Ammler: no. OpenTTD has all binaries ever release on the server
21:39:10  <Ammler> let me check
21:39:16  <planetmaker> one could just download them and add to the check
21:39:50  <Rubidium> planetmaker: not really all, but all stable/testing onces are
21:40:44  <planetmaker> yes, I meant the releases. Not nightlies
21:41:06  <planetmaker> though one can argue that they're releases, too :-)
21:41:14  <Ammler> marcel@inspiron:~/Download/openttd-0.7.5-linux-generic-amd64> ./openttd
21:41:16  <Ammler> bash: ./openttd: cannot execute binary file
21:41:29  <planetmaker> hm, why?
21:41:42  <Ammler> let me try 32
21:42:38  <Ammler> that works
21:43:37  <Ammler> planetmaker: but we would need a special testing patch anyway
21:44:08  <planetmaker> couldn't we grep the debug output?
21:44:12  <Ammler> like you use for the menu save content
21:44:41  <Ammler> it needs to close/exit again
21:44:53  <Ammler> well, we could kill it
21:45:36  <Rubidium> -vnull:ticks=1
21:45:45  <Ammler> ah, just wanted to ask :-)
22:03:12  <Ammler> well, if we use openttd as buildrequire, we need to fix the __DATE__ issue :-)
22:03:44  <planetmaker> __DATE__ ?
22:04:28  <Ammler> openttd included build time to the binary
22:04:49  <Ammler> Rubidium: wants that for the crash log
22:04:57  <planetmaker> hm, yes.
22:05:06  <planetmaker> well. Doesn't matter for the regression test
22:05:26  <Ammler> no really, as long I don't do that on obs
22:05:42  <Ammler> but then I would need to replace that by something static
22:06:09  <Ammler> else a rebuild of openttd would casue a rebuild of opengfx
22:10:19  <Ammler> planetmaker: how should I start openttd?
22:10:26  <Ammler> -d what?
22:11:09  <Ammler> trying -d9
22:12:17  <planetmaker> that's A LOT of output :-)
22:14:04  <Brot6> repository /home/hg/opengfx-testsuite registered in Redmine with url /home/hg/opengfx-testsuite
22:14:04  <Brot6> repository /home/hg/opengfx-testsuite created
22:15:33  *** frosch123 has quit IRC
22:15:38  <Ammler> I guess, the makefile has an issue, if INSTALL_DIR exists
22:15:48  <Ammler> needs to check...
22:20:15  <Rubidium> how often do they actually rebuild without changing the compiler or an API/ABI?
22:20:57  <Ammler> everytime a buildrequire changes
22:21:24  <Ammler> that is why they check for such things
22:22:03  <Ammler> which openttd binaries would you check against?
22:22:28  <Rubidium> check what against?
22:22:28  <Ammler> and does it always exit 1 on fail or do we need to grep for something?
22:22:52  <planetmaker> Rubidium: checking whether the opengfx gives issues
22:23:15  <planetmaker> i.e. thinking about an automatic check whether the opengfx works with the min version it announces compatibility with
22:23:47  <Rubidium> I've got no clear idea
22:24:17  <Rubidium> probably a combination of both
22:26:59  <planetmaker> hm. Is there a way to get the openttd debug output into a file or pipe?
22:27:13  <planetmaker> or is it just too late for me today?
22:27:33  <Rubidium> stderr?
22:27:51  <planetmaker> yes... but I'd like to pipe it not there but to a file
22:28:00  <Ammler> I do commit a litte example
22:28:01  <planetmaker> which... somehow fails for me
22:28:09  <planetmaker> commit example?
22:28:19  <Ammler> test against openttd release
22:29:02  <planetmaker> what about... a test repo for that?
22:29:10  <Ammler> does it matter if gui or dedicated?
22:29:23  <planetmaker> iirc no
22:29:52  <Ammler> then I use the dedicated version, would not hurt to install SDL etc. but if useless then why
22:30:10  <Ammler> no, we use gui
22:30:24  <Ammler> as those from are gui only
22:30:40  <Rubidium> not all ;)
22:30:53  <Ammler> very very back then :-P
22:31:38  <Rubidium> not much further than pm's python ;)
22:31:53  <Ammler> lol
22:32:00  <planetmaker> tsk :-P
22:32:07  <Rubidium> but I digress...
22:32:12  <Rubidium> there are more important things ;
22:32:20  <Rubidium> thingz! ;)
22:32:28  <planetmaker> thingszzzzZZZ
22:35:37  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Revision 912:6961e3dad7b2: Change: add testcase with running it on openttd (Ammler) @
22:36:02  <Ammler> we need to publish the log
22:38:41  <planetmaker> yes... but I need to 'publish' a few more zzzZZZzzz now ;-)
22:39:06  <planetmaker> good night :-) And thanks for all the testing, Ammler :-)
22:42:08  <Ammler> Change: is the keyword you exclude from changelog, right?
22:42:16  <planetmaker> No
22:42:19  <planetmaker> Codechange
22:42:31  <planetmaker> But I don't exclude anything automatically
22:42:43  <planetmaker> Change is worthwhile to note
22:42:58  <planetmaker> Codechange is just internal re-ordering without external visibility
22:43:03  <Ammler> well, this wouldn't and it isn't a Codechange :-)
22:43:24  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Revision 913:253ae8d750d9: Change: publish openttd log, add version to data path (Ammler) @
22:44:06  <planetmaker> uhm. baseset anyone, Ammler?
22:44:23  <Ammler> that would not work with 0.7, would it?
22:44:33  <planetmaker> yes... but trunk won't work with it anyway
22:44:42  <planetmaker> trunk is 1.2.0-beta1 +
22:44:53  <Ammler> trunk works still with data, I hope
22:45:13  <planetmaker> it should work with baseset, though. As 1.2.0-beta1 uses baseset
22:46:01  <planetmaker> the 0.4 branch should use data indeed. But not default branch :-)
22:46:10  <Ammler> hmm, not sure
22:46:14  <planetmaker> I'm sure
22:46:14  <Ammler> ah
22:46:23  <Ammler> default does not work with 0.7?
22:46:26  <planetmaker> yes
22:46:31  <Ammler> then true :-)
22:46:38  <planetmaker> It's for OpenTTD 1.2.0-beta1 as minimum OpenTTD version
22:46:52  <planetmaker> It's grf v8
22:47:04  <planetmaker> It will be grf container v2
22:47:35  <planetmaker> It will be nfo32 (as far as that's applicable to nml)
22:48:17  *** JVassie has quit IRC
22:51:03  <Ammler> ah, we need to wait 30 mins to get the openttd, but you should already get an idea, also adding old binaries to 0.4 branch should not be a big deal
22:51:05  <planetmaker> oh, Ammler, with mercurial >= 2.0 we should make use of hg graft instead of transplant. I guess :-)
22:51:33  <planetmaker> Well. I guess it's sufficient to add - for now - to the default branch
22:52:06  <Ammler> default branch only needs 1.2
22:52:21  <planetmaker> yes
22:52:27  <Ammler> so that is already in
22:52:36  <planetmaker> though I'd encourage to use two tests:
22:52:56  <planetmaker> last testing release and 1.2.0-beta1
22:52:59  <Ammler> it could also be useful for newgrfs
22:53:35  <planetmaker> could it be a flexible target in this respect, obtained from finger?
22:54:15  <Ammler> well, one is the suse release
22:54:40  <planetmaker> well. No. I mean the openttd latest testing
22:54:54  <planetmaker> so depends
22:55:22  <planetmaker> anyway. I really should sleep :-) Good night
22:55:37  <Ammler> as said, no network while building
22:55:53  <Ammler> it would need fiddling with the script
22:56:04  <Ammler> good night
23:03:48  <Ammler> oh, I see, why opengfx takes so long on devzone, it builds twice
23:04:08  <Ammler> one to make the source bundle and second one to build from it
23:05:47  *** ODM has quit IRC
23:11:39  <Brot6> opengfx: update from r905 to r913 done -
23:15:19  <Ammler> <-- big file :-)

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