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12:53:51  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 300:9ff07742da21: First commit of post-processed sprite files and scripts... (Xotic750) @
12:55:44  <planetmaker> nice :-)
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12:59:49  <planetmaker> <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 300:9ff07742da21: First commit of post-processed sprite files and scripts... (Xotic750) @
12:59:49  <planetmaker> <planetmaker> nice :-)
13:08:39  <planetmaker> yes, it all looks fine to me
13:09:24  <Xotic750> good
13:10:30  <planetmaker> I was first surprised to find the palette files in the commit. But it's needed as blender input, I assume
13:11:53  <Xotic750> they are needed for the post-processing script
13:12:01  <planetmaker> yeah, that's what I meant :-)
13:12:58  <Xotic750> I did quite a rewrite on that script :)
13:13:34  <Xotic750> we have 4 bash scripts and a model list file for building everything
13:14:13  <Xotic750> I've tested it quite a bit and it shoul all be ok, but always a chance I have missed something
13:14:50  <planetmaker> of course that chance is there. But I've no reason to mistrust you there either :-)
13:15:05  <planetmaker> And it's not like I haven't broken NewGRFs before either :-PÜ
13:15:45  <planetmaker> I'll try to give it a spin, but I fear not before the weekend :-(
13:16:28  <planetmaker> I take it that the scripts re-generate the png files to the same place and name as they're commited with this one, right?
13:17:20  <Xotic750> yep
13:17:31  <planetmaker> woah... the scripts are... extensive :-)
13:18:03  <Xotic750> well, I wanted to catch any problems for your makefile stuff
13:18:12  <Xotic750> so I can debug it easier
13:18:24  <Xotic750> if something goes wrong
13:18:56  <Xotic750> and make it easily configurable if you need any directory or name changes
13:19:34  <planetmaker> :-) That looks indeed all very nice what I see
13:19:56  <planetmaker> I shall see how I can add these scripts to the general makefile framework
13:20:33  <planetmaker> It would fit there quite well, it seems. With then just configurable model list and output files :-)
13:20:51  <planetmaker> that would make it easy to use it for the other projects then, too
13:21:15  <planetmaker> but first, indeed, include in the makefile itself. This shall be my playground for it
13:21:36  <planetmaker> undoubtly writing these scripts is the main effort, though
13:21:41  <planetmaker> which you did :-)
13:21:57  <Xotic750> yeah, the was the big one :)
13:22:08  <Xotic750> just short of 900 lines
13:22:47  <Xotic750> and a fair amount of reading :)
13:23:36  <planetmaker> yeah , quite so :-)
13:23:40  <Xotic750> the script is documented a little but could still use some more
13:25:47  <planetmaker> I rather have the feeling that it's quite well documented
13:27:13  <Xotic750> I haven't done any descriptions of what the functions actually do, just the parameters they take
13:27:50  <Xotic750> but, it should be ok for now
13:28:05  <planetmaker> definitely is
13:28:24  <Xotic750> Just not sure where to begin with fitting my nml into the whole structure now
13:28:27  <planetmaker> of course documentation is always welcome. But I don't think everything is that well documented either
13:28:47  <planetmaker> Ok, I think it only needs the alternative_sprites
13:28:56  <planetmaker> the pngs are all there already
13:29:16  <planetmaker> Let's take the rail passenger wagon:
13:29:24  <planetmaker> it's found in src/wagon_passenger.pnml
13:29:36  <planetmaker> It also defines the spriteset and spritegroups for it
13:30:50  <planetmaker> (I'd add the 32bpp support with one commit per vehicle or so)
13:31:08  <Xotic750> not wagon_pax ?
13:31:16  <planetmaker> yes, probably. I just quoted by heart
13:31:27  <planetmaker> and pulling the repo just failed here :-(
13:32:09  <planetmaker> (but that's not your problem, but mine)
13:32:23  <planetmaker> strange. worked 2nd time
13:32:34  <planetmaker> added 3 changesets with 1276 changes to 1275 files
13:33:39  <Xotic750> ok, adding the alternatives definition there looks stright forward
13:33:51  <Xotic750> but what about my default templates
13:33:52  <planetmaker> Ok, so there's in line 9 the spriteset for the temperate wagon
13:34:04  <planetmaker> The templates would go into the template file
13:34:18  <planetmaker> src/template_sprites.pnml
13:34:30  <planetmaker> or if you want, make a separate template file for that, maybe template_32bpp
13:34:41  <Xotic750> ok
13:34:42  <planetmaker> maybe it's better
13:35:04  <planetmaker> a separate template_32bpp.pnml would need to be included in src/ogfx-trains.pnml
13:35:15  <Xotic750> well, there are teplates for both 8bpp 32bpp and the 3 standards of base graphics offsets
13:35:24  <planetmaker> right above or below the #include src/template_sprites.pnml there
13:36:16  <Xotic750> should I put all my templates in the 1 new file
13:37:09  <Xotic750> as even the 8bpp templates are related to 32bpp project
13:37:13  <planetmaker> well. I think we wanted to use for now the 32bpp sprites but not yet the 8bpp. Thus we don't (yet) need the 8bpp templates
13:37:22  <Xotic750> ok
13:37:50  <planetmaker> but then... adding those with a comment that they're not yet used might be helpful
13:38:37  <planetmaker> but that IMHO would need to be pointed out. Maybe also one template file per zoom-level? Dunno. Just that templates should be in separate file and not the vehicle file
13:38:51  <planetmaker> Unless they're specific to that vehicle - but then a template usually is not needed :-)
13:39:22  <Xotic750> ok, so 3 new template files, one for each zoom level then?
13:39:44  <planetmaker> does it make sense with your templates? I don't 100% recall how they are structured or related
13:39:52  <planetmaker> do they derive from eachother?
13:40:41  <Xotic750>
13:40:43  <Webster> Title: 8-32bpp-PASSENGER-2CC/NewGRF/passenger.nml at master · Xotic750/8-32bpp-PASSENGER-2CC · GitHub (at
13:41:23  <Xotic750> begin line 333
13:43:13  <Xotic750> as you see the templates use a multiplier
13:43:22  <Xotic750> so we have 1 for 8bpp
13:43:28  <Xotic750> 1 for 32bpp
13:43:35  <Xotic750> 1 for 8bpp gui
13:43:42  <Xotic750> and 1 for 32bpp gui
13:43:50  <planetmaker> I see. Then they rather should go into one file, if thus related
13:43:57  <Xotic750> then each zoom level uses them with the multiplier
13:44:10  <Xotic750> ok
13:45:04  <Xotic750> and then this is repeated for TTD, OpenGFX and OpenGFX+ offsets
13:45:08  <planetmaker> wrt the different offsets, I do not think we need a parameter. TTD and OpenGFX *should* not differ. Currently they do, but I consider that a bug
13:45:27  <planetmaker> OpenGFX and OpenGFX+ should not differ. Do they?
13:45:49  <planetmaker> I'd wonder actually if they do as copying the template was literally a copy action
13:46:00  <planetmaker> at least I *think* :-)
13:46:08  <planetmaker> In any case, it all should be the same
13:46:19  <planetmaker> they all should play along well w/o need for parameter
13:46:30  <planetmaker> and there indeed TTD is the reference as it cannot be changed
13:47:08  <planetmaker> Thus what I suggest actually: Use TTD - compatible offsets. And if you feel like, change the existing 8bpp templates also to fit
13:47:26  <Xotic750> they do differ
13:47:33  <planetmaker> yes, I know.
13:47:41  <planetmaker> or you mean OpenGFX / OpenGFX+?
13:47:59  <planetmaker> (sorry, I type fast and much :-P )
13:48:01  <Xotic750> all 3 differ in offsets
13:48:04  <Xotic750> :)
13:48:05  <planetmaker> hm.
13:48:23  <planetmaker> Use TTD. Fix the others :-P
13:48:26  <Xotic750> and in 32bpp it is very noticable
13:48:34  <planetmaker> Or at zoom levels, yes
13:48:39  <Xotic750> yep
13:48:51  <planetmaker> When I wrote the original templates, zoom levels were a loooooong shot off
13:49:01  <planetmaker> or in the future
13:49:03  <Xotic750> TTD is the furthest from the other 2 and misses the rails
13:49:25  <Xotic750> the vehicles sit in the ground somewhere to the left, lol
13:50:07  <planetmaker> hm, so you say, TTD is mis-aligned?
13:50:13  <Xotic750> I would say that the OpenGFX+ offsets look the best
13:50:16  <Xotic750> yes
13:50:19  <planetmaker> oh, ok
13:50:20  <planetmaker> hm
13:50:32  <planetmaker> Then we should keep it. And add a parameter maybe indeed
13:50:56  <Xotic750> the way I worked my parameter was
13:51:09  <Xotic750> the users chooses a base set alignment, one of the 3
13:51:28  <Xotic750> then I detect NewGRFs that are using OpenGFX+ offsets
13:51:35  <planetmaker> Parameters go into src/header.pnml
13:51:46  <planetmaker> But we should not distinguish OpenGFX / OpenGFX+
13:51:54  <Xotic750> if that NewGRF is in use then use OpenGFX+ offsets otherwise fall to the default chosed by the user
13:52:08  <planetmaker> After all... we ARE OpenGFX+ :-P
13:52:21  <planetmaker> But we then should fix the offsets in OpenGFX itself
13:52:49  <planetmaker> templates currently with 8bpp are... not uniform anyway. There's a number of them in use
13:53:27  <planetmaker> Ok, what I think: we could add (for now) a parameter: OpenGFX / TTD
13:53:32  <Xotic750> If I remember OpenGFX is off to the left a little but the right height
13:53:34  <planetmaker> where OpenGFX is that what you consider best
13:53:48  <planetmaker> and... we fix OpenGFX to match that
13:53:56  <planetmaker> it needs some fixes there anyway
13:54:08  <planetmaker> they are too much to the left, at least in the depot
13:54:41  <planetmaker> thus sprites there are cut - which they shouldn't.
13:55:13  <planetmaker> hm... and still... I hate somehow also a parameter TTD/OpenGFX. It's wrong...
13:55:19  <planetmaker> maybe we should fix the tracks instead? :-)
13:55:25  <Xotic750> even with OpenGFX+ the sprite get cut a little in the depot, I think that may be an OpenTTD issue though
13:55:27  <planetmaker> Seems.... like the right thing
13:56:01  <planetmaker> if it doesn't happen with TTD, it's not exactly an OpenTTD issue ;-)
13:56:26  <Xotic750> ok, I will add offsets for OpenGFX+ and its not like I don't have the others referenced away
13:56:53  <Xotic750> they can always be added if needed/wanted
13:57:05  <planetmaker> and might be interesting in this issue :-)
13:58:18  <planetmaker> Mind, we can change basically everything, including where tracks are on tiles. Except anything in the TTD baseset, including the train offsets there
13:58:27  <Xotic750> OpenTTD seems to cut off 1 pixel to the left in the depot, irrespective of the offsets used
13:58:32  <planetmaker> We "just" want the best result which works best in most situations :-)
13:58:56  <planetmaker> also when the 32px width setting is set and with whatever alignment?
13:59:06  <planetmaker> I didn't yet investigate on that issue. But read what frosch writes there
13:59:07  <Xotic750> yep, I have that set
13:59:56  <Xotic750> ok, so this is how I will play for now:
14:00:18  <planetmaker> and when you align the vehicle one px less left (one xoffset less)?
14:00:26  <Xotic750> I will create a new template file and put the OpenGFX+ templates in it, for all zoom levels using the multiplier
14:00:29  <planetmaker> that might need to touch other offsets, too, but...
14:00:34  <planetmaker> Yep
14:00:47  <Xotic750> yes, the vehicle then goes over the following
14:01:27  <Xotic750> reference the new template file in src/ogfx-trains.pnml
14:01:46  <Xotic750> and add the alternatives for passenger wagon
14:02:37  <planetmaker> Yeah... Maybe add the templates in a separate commit. And then work through vehicles one by one
14:02:38  <Xotic750> I guess at that point I can build it and try it?
14:02:42  <planetmaker> Commits come for free :-P
14:02:47  <Xotic750> ok
14:02:53  <planetmaker> you can always try to build it :-)
14:03:12  <Xotic750> wasn't sure if anything needed to change in the makefile
14:03:14  <planetmaker> but yes, obviously you need the templates and one vehicle to see some effect
14:03:23  <planetmaker> I don't think so
14:03:27  <Xotic750> also, what to do about the fact that I am using 2 company colours?
14:03:34  <planetmaker> the pngs are there. And the code then just *should* compile
14:03:42  <planetmaker> Using 2CC is fine with me
14:04:05  <planetmaker> Maybe the vehicles need setting the 2cc flag... I can agree with that
14:04:30  <Xotic750> so just add the property to  item(FEAT_TRAINS, passenger_wagon, 27) {
14:04:47  <planetmaker> you'll notice that the property exists.
14:05:01  <planetmaker> You just need to add the flag to the bitmask
14:05:12  <planetmaker> (or is that another bitmask?)
14:05:37  <Xotic750> bitmask(TRAIN_FLAG_2CC)
14:05:51  <planetmaker> yes, but it's part of misc_flags, right?
14:05:55  <Xotic750> yes
14:06:06  <planetmaker> that property already exists for e.g. the pax wagon
14:06:12  <planetmaker> line 52
14:06:23  <planetmaker> just add TRAIN_FLAG_2CC there
14:06:36  <Xotic750> ok
14:07:08  <Xotic750> ok, I will go and have qa play around and see what happens I guess
14:07:18  <planetmaker> :-)
14:07:24  <Xotic750> all going well then I will start adding the rest of the vehicles
14:07:39  <planetmaker> yeah, each vehicle should have its own file in the src folder
14:07:40  <Xotic750> and commit one by one
14:07:51  <planetmaker> and the item declaration is always in the last lines
14:08:34  <Xotic750> I'll be back if I get any issues :)
14:08:48  <planetmaker> and spritesets... well. Usually at top. I'd just add the alternative_sprites right below the spriteset itself
14:08:58  <Xotic750> ok
14:09:05  <planetmaker> sure, always welcome
14:09:28  <Xotic750> may even be able to get back to creating the other models soon :P
14:09:44  <planetmaker> feel also free to ask here generally. Maybe someone else is around when I'm not... like T3rkhen or Y3xo ;-)
14:09:51  <planetmaker> I'll not be around tomorrow
14:10:01  <planetmaker> hehe, creating models, yeah :-)
14:10:09  <planetmaker> will be nice
14:10:19  <Xotic750> no problem, speak soon ;)
14:10:26  <planetmaker> have fun & success :-)
14:38:59  <Xotic750> are you still there?
14:43:06  <planetmaker> somewhat
14:44:06  <Xotic750> I forgot about the gui spritesets
14:44:25  <Xotic750> and what to do about them
14:44:56  <Xotic750> I guess create a spriteset by copying the standard
14:44:57  <Xotic750> spriteset(temperate_passenger_rail_set, "src/gfx/temperate_railwagons.png") {
14:44:57  <Xotic750> 	tmpl_railwagon(0,0) tmpl_railwagon(0,0)               // 8 views needed for livery override by turbotrain
14:44:58  <Xotic750> }
14:45:09  <Xotic750> change the name by adding _gui
14:45:21  <Xotic750> and then define the alternatives for 32bpp
14:45:48  <planetmaker> for the 8bpp you can just use the normal spritesheet for that vehicle iirc
14:45:54  <planetmaker> so yes
14:46:00  <planetmaker> exactly :-)
14:47:37  <Xotic750> and what about my switch blocks, just add those
14:47:44  <Xotic750> switch(FEAT_TRAINS, SELF, sw_train_sprite_opengfxp, (extra_callback_info1 & 0xFF)) {
14:47:44  <Xotic750>     0x10: return spriteset_train_opengfxp_purchase;
14:47:44  <Xotic750>     0x11: return spriteset_train_opengfxp_purchase;
14:47:45  <Xotic750>     0x12: return spriteset_train_opengfxp_purchase;
14:47:46  <Xotic750>     0x20: return spriteset_train_opengfxp_purchase;
14:47:50  <Xotic750>     0x21: return spriteset_train_opengfxp_purchase;
14:47:52  <Xotic750>     return spriteset_train_opengfxp;
14:47:54  <Xotic750> }
14:47:59  <Xotic750> and change them to match your livery stuff
14:48:22  <planetmaker> I'd add them as the last step. Yes
14:48:31  <planetmaker> thus the last switch in each switch branch
14:49:06  <Xotic750> ok, we'll see how it goes
14:49:14  <planetmaker> but... I suggest to take small steps
14:49:21  <planetmaker> commits come for free :-)
14:49:46  <Xotic750> :)
15:15:43  <Xotic750> still there?
15:30:23  * dihedral smiles at the crowd
15:31:07  <planetmaker> hi dihedral
15:31:15  <dihedral> :-)
15:31:22  <dihedral> how are you sir?
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15:32:50  <planetmaker> busy and tired and hungry. But I'll help the latter and the 2nd soon :-P
15:34:26  <Brot6> Dutch Track Set - Revision 66:8a1b71ba4706: Feature: Metro Level Crossing lights (by Transportman, b... (Transportman) @
15:34:26  <Brot6> Dutch Track Set - Revision 67:c56fd6001d6d: Cleanup: Old graphics file (Transportman) @
15:34:26  <Brot6> Dutch Track Set - Feature #3879 (Closed): Metro Tracks (Transportman) @
15:43:38  <dihedral> hehe - bbq-ing?
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17:25:42  <Brot6> ogfx-trains: update from r299 to r300 done (48 warnings) -
17:32:17  <Brot6> firs: update from r2735 to r2738 done -
17:37:15  <Brot6> cets: update from r672 to r673 done (187 warnings) -
17:39:00  <Brot6> dutchtracks: update from r65 to r67 done -
17:41:28  <Brot6> bandit: compile of r469 still failed (#3900) -
17:43:12  <Brot6> make-nml: compile of r0 still failed (#3730) -
17:43:57  <Brot6> metrotrackset: compile of r59 still failed (#3882) -
18:33:29  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 301:2bef830770e7: Fixed incorrect merge of masks in post-processing (Xotic750) @
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19:44:08  <Brot6> GRFCodec - Revision 930:b7ac31038987: -Change: Sprite count for Action 5 type 15. (michi_cc) @
19:54:11  <Brot6> Dutch Track Set - Revision 68:06ab77325b87: Codechange: Some whitespaces between parameters in heade... (Transportman) @
19:54:11  <Brot6> Dutch Track Set - Revision 69:cc351737c101: Update: english.lng (Transportman) @
19:55:13  <Rubidium> NML release time! ;)
20:07:40  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 302:4e6bea9c352f: Update post-processed sprites after mask fixes (Xotic750) @
20:30:40  <Xotic750> Does anyone know if it is possible to assign a spriteset to another spriteset, so that I have 2 spritesets of different names but using the same actual graphics in nml?
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21:03:59  <V453000> Xotic750: use a switch block?
21:14:50  <Xotic750> How would I use a switch block to accomplish that? Can you give an example?
21:19:21  <V453000> Xotic750: what exactly do you need to accomplish?
21:20:36  <V453000> but for example this is a switch block which says that if cargo in wagon is -whatever- then the spritesets are according to that condition
21:21:13  <Xotic750> I have defined a spriteset, call it spriteset A. Now, instead of defining the same thing again for spriteset B, I want to say let spriteset B = spriteset A
21:21:46  <V453000> yeah but under what condition
21:21:54  <V453000> parameter switch?
21:22:12  <Xotic750> because I need to add alternative_sprites but you need an 8bpp spriteset defined first
21:23:00  <planetmaker> 22:30 Xotic750: Does anyone know if it is possible to assign a spriteset to another spriteset, so that I have 2 spritesets of different names but using the same actual graphics in nml? <-- I don't quite understand what you mean
21:23:19  <V453000> I am trying to find that out too pm :)
21:23:55  <Xotic750> hmmm, let me try and find a better way to explain myself
21:24:18  <planetmaker> ah, for the purchase sprites, right, Xotic750?
21:24:25  <Xotic750> yes, exactly
21:24:31  <Xotic750> so we have
21:24:32  <Xotic750> spriteset(temperate_passenger_rail_set, "src/gfx/temperate_railwagons.png") {
21:24:32  <Xotic750> 	tmpl_railwagon(0,0) tmpl_railwagon(0,0)               // 8 views needed for livery override by turbotrain
21:24:32  <Xotic750> }
21:25:02  <planetmaker> I think you'll have to define a new spriteset (which you can make a verbatim copy from the 8bpp)
21:25:06  <Xotic750> but I then have to define it again, like
21:25:08  <Xotic750> spriteset(temperate_passenger_rail_set_gui, "src/gfx/temperate_railwagons.png") {
21:25:08  <Xotic750> 	tmpl_railwagon(0,0) tmpl_railwagon(0,0)               // 8 views needed for livery override by turbotrain
21:25:08  <Xotic750> }
21:25:13  <planetmaker> well, yes
21:25:32  <planetmaker> as it's different for the 32bpp sprites
21:25:34  <Xotic750> yes, that what I am doing, but each definition adds thesame graphics again
21:25:55  <planetmaker> yes it does. But we might change that and provide special purchase sprites there, too.
21:26:00  <planetmaker> at another day :-)
21:26:05  <Xotic750> I just wondered if I could point to the other for a new dpriteset name
21:26:19  <V453000> purchase: spriteset in graphics block?
21:26:22  <planetmaker> Don't worry about this duplication. It's really something different. Just currently it's (still ) the same
21:27:37  <Xotic750> ok, I was just looking to be a little efficient if possible
21:27:52  <planetmaker> yeah, I understand that well :-)
21:28:09  <planetmaker> would be nice. But I know no easy or good way. Nor actually a complicated one for vehicles
21:28:37  <Xotic750> ok, I was just checking in case you could make some kind of pointer
21:33:15  <Xotic750> I currently have the nml done for the passenger wagon, manley-morely, dash and sh125; and they are working fine, though I noticed a small graphics problem with a wrongly assigned colour to 2 of my vehicles. Will have to go back to the blends to fix that :)
21:34:01  <planetmaker> he :-) That's great news to see that working
21:35:09  <Xotic750> yep, that's why I asked the previous question as I have to define the passenger wagon in each for the livery override :)
21:36:21  <Xotic750> and will have to do the same with mail and armoured
21:39:25  <Brot6> DictatorAI - Revision 224:890165536107: - Add function to start/stop vehicle, well, one that really ... (krinn) @
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21:41:08  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 1884:19e523f6f3c5: Update: Four new GUI sprites in OpenTTD r24141 (planetmaker) @
21:41:08  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 1885:02012e2ad87d: Update: Four new GUI sprites in OpenTTD r24141 (planetmaker) @
21:41:38  <planetmaker> hm, the livery overrides...
21:42:01  <planetmaker> I was thinking of changing it from livery override to a decent switch
21:42:09  <planetmaker> It's technically the more sound solution
21:42:40  <planetmaker> Xotic750: also... for the wagons: you only have one purchase sprite
21:42:48  <planetmaker> the livery overrides cannot have a purchase sprite
21:43:09  <planetmaker> and why / how do you need to define the wagon for a livery override?
21:44:07  <Xotic750> ok, here is what I did, it's a largeish paste now coming
21:44:15  <planetmaker> hm?
21:44:58  <Xotic750>  * Livery override for 32bpp passenger, mail and valuables wagons
21:44:58  <Xotic750>  */
21:45:29  <Xotic750> alternative_sprites(manley_morel_passenger_set, ZOOM_LEVEL_NORMAL, BIT_DEPTH_32BPP) {
21:45:31  <Xotic750>     template_train_opengfxp32(1, "passenger", "1")
21:45:33  <Xotic750> }
21:45:37  <Xotic750> alternative_sprites(manley_morel_passenger_set, ZOOM_LEVEL_IN_2X, BIT_DEPTH_32BPP) {
21:45:39  <Xotic750>     template_train_opengfxp32(2, "passenger", "2")
21:45:40  <Xotic750> }
21:45:43  <Xotic750> alternative_sprites(manley_morel_passenger_set, ZOOM_LEVEL_IN_4X, BIT_DEPTH_32BPP) {
21:45:44  <Xotic750>     template_train_opengfxp32(4, "passenger", "4")
21:45:46  <Xotic750> }
21:45:50  <Xotic750> spriteset(manley_morel_passenger_set_gui, "src/gfx/mus/manley-morel/Manley-MorelLiveryOverride.png") {
21:45:54  <Xotic750> 	tmpl_railwagon8_normal(0, 0)
21:45:56  <Xotic750> }
21:45:57  <planetmaker> arg. Use a paste servcie!
21:46:00  <Xotic750> alternative_sprites(manley_morel_passenger_set_gui, ZOOM_LEVEL_NORMAL, BIT_DEPTH_32BPP) {
21:46:02  <Xotic750>     template_train_gui_opengfxp32("passenger")
21:46:06  <Xotic750> }
21:46:07  <planetmaker> don't paste here.
21:46:08  <Xotic750> spritegroup manley_morel_passenger_group_gui {
21:46:10  <Xotic750> 	loading: manley_morel_passenger_set_gui;
21:46:12  <Xotic750> 	loaded: manley_morel_passenger_set_gui;
21:46:14  <Xotic750> }
21:46:16  <Xotic750> switch(FEAT_TRAINS, SELF, sw_manley_morel_passenger_group_gui, (extra_callback_info1 & 0xFF)) {
21:46:21  <Xotic750>     0x10: manley_morel_passenger_group_gui;
21:46:23  <Xotic750>     0x11: manley_morel_passenger_group_gui;
21:46:25  <Xotic750>     0x12: manley_morel_passenger_group_gui;
21:46:29  <Xotic750>     0x20: manley_morel_passenger_group_gui;
21:46:31  <Xotic750>     0x21: manley_morel_passenger_group_gui;
21:46:33  <Xotic750>     manley_morel_passenger_group;
21:46:38  <Xotic750> }
21:46:39  <Xotic750> #include "template_refit_cost_mu.pnml"
21:46:41  <Xotic750> item(FEAT_TRAINS, manley_morel, 11) {
21:46:43  <Xotic750> 	property {
21:46:45  <Xotic750> 		sprite_id:                      SPRITE_ID_NEW_TRAIN;
21:46:47  <Xotic750> 		misc_flags:                     bitmask(TRAIN_FLAG_MU, TRAIN_FLAG_AUTOREFIT, TRAIN_FLAG_2CC);
21:46:52  <Xotic750>         track_type:                     NORMAL_RAIL;
21:46:54  <Xotic750> 		REFIT_PROPERTIES_MU
21:46:56  <Xotic750> 	}
21:47:00  <Xotic750> 	graphics {
21:47:02  <Xotic750> 		refit_cost: THIS_ID(refit_cost_switch);
21:47:06  <Xotic750> 		manley_morel_engine_switch_gui;
21:47:08  <Xotic750> 	}
21:47:10  <Xotic750> 	livery_override (passenger_wagon) { sw_manley_morel_passenger_group_gui; }
21:47:12  <Xotic750> 	livery_override (mail_wagon)      { manley_morel_mail_group; }
21:47:14  <Xotic750> 	livery_override (valuables_wagon) { manley_morel_valuables_group; }
21:47:16  <Xotic750> }
21:47:18  <Xotic750> #undef THIS_ID
21:47:22  <Xotic750> that's the manley morel
21:47:24  <Xotic750> to get the gui graphics working for 32bpp but keep the 8bpp for 8bpp
21:47:26  <Xotic750> ok, do you have a link to one?
21:47:31  <planetmaker> sorry, I'll kick you just to stop the pointless paste. Please re-join... ok
21:47:38  <planetmaker> Never paste such length in IRC, please
21:47:49  <planetmaker> for instance
21:48:12  <planetmaker> It's unreadable in IRC window anyway :-)
21:49:13  <planetmaker> do you have a diff rather?
21:49:35  <planetmaker> then I also know where you add that
21:51:00  <Xotic750>
21:51:23  <Xotic750> I don't have a diff, haven't got all my mercurial tools working yet :)
21:52:13  <Xotic750> but it's the file engine_manley-morel.pnml
21:54:16  <planetmaker> The livery overrides do not have GUI sprites
21:54:26  <planetmaker> Hm... they have depot
21:55:23  <Xotic750> it, seems to work in the depot for sure, not checked the other views
21:56:19  <planetmaker> hm, yes.
21:56:27  <planetmaker> I see what you mean and what you do.
21:56:34  <planetmaker> Go for it :-)
21:57:07  <planetmaker> And I go for bed now. Have to get up in ... latest 6 hours
21:57:45  <Xotic750> ok. if that looks ok then I will probably upload what I have done a little later. Sleep well and speak soon
22:45:01  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 303:c5dad3bd5e3d: Reinstated accidentally commented out clean function (Xotic750) @
22:48:29  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 304:e8c2de52cd57: Added 32bpp train/wagon templates (Xotic750) @
22:54:04  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 305:4bdec207ba1b: Fixed incorrect colour on 'dash' roof, re-rendered and ... (Xotic750) @
22:54:04  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 306:b55879ea0c97: Fixed incorrect colour on 'manley-morel' roof, re-rende... (Xotic750) @
23:29:00  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 307:83ce1410049d: Add 32bpp passenger wagon (Xotic750) @
23:29:00  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 308:f82ad5cb613c: Add 32bpp manley-morel (Xotic750) @
23:29:00  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 309:f287cfde30a3: Add 32bpp dash diesel (Xotic750) @
23:29:00  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 310:8e69b3312564: Add 32bpp sh125 (Xotic750) @
23:29:56  *** Zuu has quit IRC

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