Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 7th August 2012:
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00:02:22  <Frankr> do you have a file called checking?
00:02:57  <Frankr> Beardie
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00:04:42  <Beardie> emmm no
00:04:43  <Frankr> beardie act(14) goes to -1 * -1 14
00:04:44  <Beardie> don't think so?
00:04:49  <Beardie> yeah
00:04:54  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: update from r700 to r702 done (238 warnings) -
00:05:03  <Beardie> do i need to put that somewhere?
00:05:43  <Frankr> #define act(x) -1 * 0 x
00:05:46  <Beardie> i tried it
00:05:46  <Beardie> which file that going in?
00:05:58  <Frankr> that is already in the macros file
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00:06:53  <Beardie> yeah we have a act(8) which is the name of the GRF it does that
00:06:54  <Beardie> my act 14 did the same
00:07:03  <Beardie> but then it came up invalid action byte
00:07:23  <Beardie> /    act(14) "C" "INFO" //                 "B" "PALS" \w1 "D" //                 00 //             00
00:07:58  <Beardie> that was my code :)
00:07:59  <Beardie> did not work
00:07:59  <Beardie> so placed // at front so it does not read it
00:08:40  <Brot6> Unable to connect to execution expired
00:09:15  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: update from r702 to r704 done (237 warnings) -
00:09:45  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 704:bdb1b865aa67: Acion 14 data added as quote until it can be fixed XBeardie27X @
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00:10:46  <Beardie> I bet there is a specifc place to put action 14 don;t know where yet
00:11:18  <Frankr> did your line not work then>
00:11:20  <Frankr> ?
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00:12:21  <Beardie> no
00:12:23  <Beardie> it created like you said
00:12:23  <Beardie> and put the length of data in automatically as well
00:12:23  <Beardie> but had a new error
00:12:23  <Beardie> leabing it for now
00:12:23  <Beardie> moving onto line 3333
00:15:58  <Beardie> found error was only expecting 21 lines for a321, but there was 22
00:18:48  <Frankr> what is the thing you put in mingw32
00:18:51  <Beardie> cd /c/your directory for worlairlineset
00:18:51  <Beardie> but you need to update yur hgrc file in your reposirty
00:18:51  <Frankr> cool cd was the thing
00:18:51  <Frankr> why?
00:18:51  <Beardie> .hg/.hgrc
00:18:51  <Beardie> with password
00:18:51  <Beardie> etc
00:18:58  <Beardie> [paths] default = ssh:// default = default-push = https://beardie27:your
00:19:17  <Beardie> one sec
00:20:06  <Frankr> i'm sure i did that years ago
00:20:37  <Beardie> well once you in mingw32 you can hg pull -u
00:20:38  <Beardie> etc
00:20:44  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 705:220795ad8329: Fixed Line 3333 A321 Unexpected Data XBeardie27X @
00:20:44  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 706:77242ffd8527: Fixed Line 3333 A321 Unexpected Data XBeardie27X @
00:23:27  <Beardie> that work Frankr?
00:23:55  <Frankr> i had an abort but that i believe is my end
00:24:11  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 707:9e737bc33ca0: Fixed Line All Airbus Unexpected Data XBeardie27X @
00:25:07  <Beardie> lol
00:25:11  <Beardie> in what sense a abort?
00:27:37  <Frankr> abort: untracked file in working directory differs from file in requested revision
00:28:24  <Beardie> you have a file thats different to a file that you are pulling
00:28:24  <Beardie> remove the file in your reposirty and repull
00:28:30  <Frankr> i am doing
00:28:41  <Frankr> :)
00:28:47  <Beardie> lol
00:29:37  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 708:254260167486: Corrected Airbus A380-800 Unexpected Data on PCX Fi... XBeardie27X @
00:30:23  <Frankr> how do you force pull is it -f?
00:31:04  <Beardie> hg pull -u
00:31:09  <Beardie> or hg pull -u -f?
00:31:14  <Beardie> hg pull -f
00:33:22  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: update from r704 to r705 done (236 warnings) -
00:36:23  <Beardie> having luck?
00:36:34  <Brot6> Unable to connect to Failed.  Response code = 504.  Response message = Gateway Time-out.
00:36:54  <Beardie> gatewy timed out?
00:38:54  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 709:df08ec5a5e19: Corrected All Boeing Unexpected Data Warnings XBeardie27X @
00:39:01  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: update from r705 to r708 done (230 warnings) -
00:40:12  <Frankr> have you not altered the 7F file then?
00:40:49  <Beardie> yeo
00:40:51  <Beardie> yep
00:40:56  <Beardie> corrected it and edited the ids file
00:40:59  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: update from r708 to r709 done (225 warnings) -
00:41:01  <Beardie> added the skylift back in
00:41:04  <Frankr> but not pushed it?
00:41:41  <Beardie> all pushed
00:41:41  <Beardie> made another 40 changes since then
00:41:41  <Beardie> removed 25 wanrings :)
00:44:31  <Beardie> you pulled or pushed anyhting?
00:44:56  <Frankr> my was folder is a bit of a mess so not pushing anything yet
00:45:01  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 710:41f82466e483: Corrected Boeing 747-400 Unexpected Data Warnings XBeardie27X @
00:45:55  <Beardie> ok cool
00:48:38  <Frankr> what is the was website beardie
00:49:49  <Beardie> this one?
00:49:53  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: update from r709 to r710 done (224 warnings) -
00:49:54  <Beardie> links are on there if not
00:49:59  <Frankr> ok
00:50:52  <Frankr> have you been on the was website recently
00:52:42  <Beardie> the forum? no
00:53:08  <Frankr> yh rens seems to have been doing more paints
00:55:17  <Beardie> cool
00:55:24  <Beardie> you remember how co ords work again?
00:56:02  <Frankr> roughly
00:56:40  <Frankr> half the last ones minus
00:57:11  <Beardie> 0 0 09 21 45 -23 -11
00:57:16  <Beardie> 0 0 is the top left hand corner
00:58:11  <Frankr> 09 is just normal
00:58:19  <Frankr> 21 down 45 across
00:58:25  <Beardie> ok
00:58:56  <Beardie> -23 is half 45
00:59:03  <Beardie> and -11 is half 21?
00:59:12  <Frankr> yh
01:00:20  <Frankr> what you adding?
01:01:54  <Beardie> well
01:02:02  <Beardie> a319 greyscale has 33 white pixels
01:02:09  <Frankr> lol
01:02:11  <Beardie> fixe it was missing one line of pixels
01:02:14  <Beardie> fixed*
01:03:03  <Beardie> and pushed
01:03:35  <Frankr> cool
01:03:37  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 711:cf9c23490837: A319 Greyscale White Pixel Section Fixed XBeardie27X @
01:03:55  <Beardie> fixed my hopes was.grf:951: Warning: 33 of 1452 pixels (2%) are pure white
01:04:25  <Beardie> so the grf builds every push but it is very delayed
01:04:45  <Beardie> p nows i broke the pcx file
01:04:49  <Beardie> o noes*
01:07:21  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Bug #4144 (New): DevZone compile failed XcompilerX @
01:08:00  <Frankr> how did you break it?
01:09:12  <Beardie> well i think you have to save it in a certain way before you can use it
01:09:18  <Beardie> like aply a pallete
01:09:38  <Frankr> oh yeah you do
01:10:36  <Beardie> lol
01:10:39  <Beardie> do not remember how
01:11:57  <Frankr> nor do i
01:12:20  <Beardie> you got a palette file from devcoop
01:12:52  <Frankr> if i have i do not have it to hand, :)
01:14:30  <Beardie> i think i used gimp?
01:16:39  <Frankr> well it was either that or paint shop pro
01:16:41  <Beardie> remember used gimp and a palette file to convert png to pcx
01:16:47  <Beardie>
01:17:36  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 712:eef8267c8169: replaced a319 greyscale with airbus until i can rem... XBeardie27X @
01:18:11  <Beardie> i'll ask someone tomorrow
01:20:43  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: update from r710 to r712 done (223 warnings) -
01:20:49  <Beardie> yeah its complied
01:21:32  <Beardie> replaced the greyscale with airberlin lol
01:21:47  <Frankr> lol
01:22:07  <Beardie> well frank i am going now
01:22:19  <Beardie> and i can learn the gimp palette thing tomorrow night after work yeah lol
01:22:47  <Frankr> ok beardie
01:22:47  <Beardie> goodnight frankr
01:23:02  <Frankr> i don't believe i will have fixed my problem tonight but i'll give it a go
01:23:06  <Frankr> gn
01:24:27  <Beardie> ok
01:24:29  <Beardie> thanks
01:24:30  <Beardie> goodnight
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02:52:46  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Bug #4145 (New): Remove some gnu-only extensions from Makefile XplanetmakerX @
02:55:37  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Bug #4146 (New): Support action14 XplanetmakerX @
03:20:21  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Bug #4146: Support action14 XplanetmakerX @
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06:14:02  <Brot6> Unable to connect to Connection refused - connect(2)
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06:21:01  <Brot6> Unable to connect to Connection refused - connect(2)
06:28:02  <Brot6> Unable to connect to Connection refused - connect(2)
06:35:01  <Brot6> Unable to connect to Connection refused - connect(2)
06:42:02  <Brot6> Unable to connect to Connection refused - connect(2)
06:44:45  <Ammler> hmm
06:45:27  <planetmaker> moin
06:45:43  <planetmaker> I rebooted the server earlier as it was not reachable by any means
06:52:08  <Ammler> nginx did not start automatically it seemed
06:59:28  <planetmaker> hm
07:28:24  <Ammler> planetmaker: did you see my comment about zbuild source bundle
07:29:00  <planetmaker> you mean that the source bundle is (too) small?
07:29:17  <Ammler> without subrepos I would guess...
07:29:22  <Ammler> hmm
07:29:34  <Ammler> it is built on zbasebuild
07:29:41  <planetmaker> I guess so, too. So I guess building from source makes currently no sense
07:29:47  <planetmaker> building from tar that is
07:29:54  <planetmaker> from source is different :-9
07:30:20  <Ammler> then it might be best to comment out that part
07:32:07  <Ammler> shall I cleanup the spec?
07:40:30  <planetmaker> yes, please
07:44:31  <Ammler> moved zbuild and zbasebuild as subproject to zbase
07:52:57  <Ammler> oh, removed one line too much
07:53:06  <Ammler> why is Brot6 silent?
07:53:18  <Ammler> Brot6: rss show baseset
07:53:18  <Brot6> Ammler: I don't know any feeds named baseset
07:53:21  <Brot6> zBuild - Revision 39:1a998c8db5a0: Change: build from tarball not possible yet XAmmlerX @
08:03:57  <Brot6> zBuild - Revision 40:96c4a18f1bf7: Fix (r39): moving bundles from zbasebuild is still required XAmmlerX @
09:11:08  <Brot6> zBuild - Bug #4147 (New): DevZone compile failed XcompilerX @
10:19:09  <Brot6> zbuild: update from r38 to r40 done (956 warnings) -
10:19:31  <planetmaker> \o/
11:47:29  <Ammler> well, not really :-)
11:57:25  <Ammler> I hope, this is my last push :-P
11:57:45  <planetmaker> :-)
11:57:47  <Brot6> zBuild - Revision 41:0c483d27e348: Fix: don't move files you don't build anymore XAmmlerX @
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13:17:20  <Brot6> zbuild: update from r40 to r41 done (954 warnings) -
14:26:48  <Ammler> hmm, not my last
14:32:42  <Ammler> planetmaker: what does zbasebuild need?
14:32:56  <Ammler> why do you build with zbuild instead zbasebuild
14:33:49  <planetmaker> zbuild is the project to ensure that the repos are in the relative paths as zbasebuild expects them
14:34:06  <planetmaker> a simple checkout of zbasebuild won't build
14:34:26  <planetmaker> but zbasebuild is guaranteed to build when as subrepo of zbuild
14:38:57  <Ammler> ok, it is a big mess that way :-)
14:39:49  <Brot6> zBuild - Revision 42:50d59efed8b3: Fix: still some wrong paths XAmmlerX @
14:40:30  <Ammler> maybe it would have been better to define the path to zbasebuild instead moving or defining everything around
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16:03:50  <Brot6> zbuild: update from r41 to r42 done -
16:12:23  <Rubidium> grf2html is quite useless for grf container v2 NewGRFs since it has no support for them
16:13:37  <Ammler> planetmaker: disagreeed
16:14:12  <planetmaker> I forgot about what Rb just said
16:14:41  <Ammler> I guess, I change the paths again...
16:15:07  <Ammler> remove the moving and define paths in files
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16:30:22  <Ammler> planetmaker: also I thought, maintainer-clean is for you?
16:30:35  <Ammler> not for packaging
16:35:30  <Brot6> zBuild - Revision 43:71e5ea02d91e: Change: remove grf2html, change again paths XAmmlerX @
16:55:58  *** Alberth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
17:25:46  <Alberth> no new zbasebuild commits :(
17:27:08  <Alberth> hmm, weird zbase commits, wtf?
17:29:37  <Alberth> Ammler: which repo should I use for coding sprites?
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17:30:16  <Ammler> he, do you configue zbase with zbuild?
17:30:23  <Ammler> confuse*
17:34:03  <Alberth>  <-- has a commit of me that I never did in zbase
17:35:17  <Rubidium> it has subprojects and shows those as well
17:36:05  <planetmaker> Ammler: paste has 502
17:37:09  <Ammler> planetmaker: maybe paste server not started
17:38:30  <Ammler> easiest is restarting vz and check again, doing...
17:59:10  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4148 (New): sprites in towns/temperate/1456-1457 are wrongly numbered XAlberthX @
18:06:28  <Brot6> zbuild: update from r42 to r43 done (1 warnings) -
18:09:42  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4149 (New): sprites in towns/temperate/1492-1495 unclear XAlberthX @
18:15:44  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4150 (New): towns/temperate/1501-1506 XAlberthX @
18:16:26  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4151 (New): weird named directories XAlberthX @
18:19:00  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4151: weird named directories XAlberthX @
18:26:09  <Ammler> planetmaker: why does zbase have the changelog from opengfx?
18:28:14  <Rubidium> I reckon because nobody replaced the changelog or readme or ...
18:32:05  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Revision 102:1c98b0ba2c59: Change: ignore zips XAmmlerX @
18:35:16  <Ammler> Alberth: I moved zbasebuild and zbuild as subproject to zbase
18:35:22  <Ammler> was that bad move?
18:36:31  <Alberth> just a bit confusing at first
18:37:05  <Alberth> I thought more stuff had moved between repos, but apparently not
18:37:39  <Ammler> well, the hirarchy on devzone is just symbolic, all repos/projects are still on same level
18:38:09  <Ammler> it does just show up on redmine
18:38:26  <Ammler> and it has no influence on urls
18:41:00  <Alberth> yeah, that's fine, it's just that when stuff had really moved, I may have to change my way of coding sprites, so I asked what happened
18:42:32  <Brot6> zBuild - Bug #4096: DevZone compile failed XAmmlerX @
18:42:34  <Brot6> zBuild - Bug #4105: DevZone compile failed XAmmlerX @
18:42:34  <Brot6> zBuild - Bug #4123: DevZone compile failed XAmmlerX @
18:42:34  <Brot6> zBuild - Bug #4140: DevZone compile failed XAmmlerX @
18:42:34  <Brot6> zBuild - Bug #4147: DevZone compile failed XAmmlerX @
18:44:15  <Brot6> zbuild: update from r38 to r43 done (1 warnings) -
18:44:17  <Ammler> mäh can't close :-P
18:45:53  <planetmaker> make yourself dev ;-)
18:49:46  <Ammler> bulk edit \o/
18:49:46  <Alberth> does that help, I can't see how to close them :p
18:50:31  <Alberth> Ammler: better kill this 'compiler' dude, he's spamming all projects, it seems :D
18:50:39  <Brot6> zBuild - Bug #4096 (Closed): DevZone compile failed XAmmlerX @
18:50:39  <Brot6> zBuild - Bug #4105 (Closed): DevZone compile failed XAmmlerX @
18:50:39  <Brot6> zBuild - Bug #4123 (Closed): DevZone compile failed XAmmlerX @
18:50:39  <Brot6> zBuild - Bug #4147 (Closed): DevZone compile failed XAmmlerX @
18:50:41  <Brot6> zBuild - Bug #4140 (Closed): DevZone compile failed XAmmlerX @
18:51:36  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: update from r698 to r712 done (223 warnings) -
18:57:02  <Ammler> Alberth: not more spam from compiler as from Ammler, shall I kill him too?
18:57:48  <Alberth> I wouldn't recommend it
18:59:17  <Brot6> rust: compile of r23 still failed (#4102) -
19:00:02  <Brot6> make-nml: compile of r14 still failed (#4048) -
19:00:24  <Ammler> planetmaker: make check does again build the gimp pngs, wtf?
19:01:08  <Brot6> dach: compile of r54 still failed (#4104) -
19:01:11  <Alberth> time stamps of files in a checkout is undefined, so the png may be older than the source
19:01:16  <Ammler> also again, why maintainer-clean?
19:02:01  <planetmaker> maybe, yes
19:03:00  <Alberth> hmm, it helps when you save the modified file before trying to build from it :)
19:03:55  <Ammler> I thought, it should be clean-gfx for distro
19:04:05  <Ammler> or something similar
19:04:45  <Ammler> hmm, I guess, without installing, check is silly
19:06:48  <Brot6> zBuild - Revision 44:e2d0d7fb34de: Fix: we don't have a reference file to check against XAmmlerX @
19:07:35  <Ammler> oh, I hope, I did it right with subrepo update state
19:09:27  <Ammler> well, I did nothing, just a commit to zbasebuild and one to zbuild
19:09:53  <Ammler> it seems to automatically update the state if I update a subrepo
19:10:36  <Ammler> I assume, usually the commit message is a summary of the commits in the subrepo
19:11:48  <Ammler> planetmaker: btw. I clone, pull and push via rhodecode
19:16:11  <Alberth> it does re-use the commit message in the subrepos if you have unsaved changes, I think
19:16:28  <Alberth> *uncommitted
19:29:21  <planetmaker> yes, it does
19:38:33  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Revision 103:a477a1644f6d: Add: A few more temperate houses XAlberthX @
19:38:33  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Revision 104:256f0d1c4bfd: Add: a first set of airport sprites XAlberthX @
19:40:09  <Ammler> but where is the zbuild commit of those? ^
19:41:23  <Alberth> I changed & pushed the sub repo,  but no worries, it is coming :)
19:41:59  <Alberth> brot6 is just a tad slow every now and then :)
19:42:19  <Ammler> ok, that is fine
19:42:41  <Ammler> so you did like me, if "collect" changes in the subrepo
19:43:30  <Brot6> zBuild - Revision 45:60fc20aefe10: Change: Updated zbuild to newest revision of zbasebuild XAlberthX @
19:43:34  <Alberth> updating zbuild with every zbasebuild is not that useful imho
19:43:46  <Ammler> yep
19:44:59  <Alberth> and zephyris never updates zbuild afaik :)
19:46:40  <Alberth> which is not bad, as just adding sprites does not change the coded sub-set :)
20:07:54  *** ODM has quit IRC
20:17:22  <planetmaker> Alberth: but only when zbuild is updated, then a new version will be built. afaik
20:17:44  <planetmaker> (still doesn't mean, it needs be done with every, of course)
20:18:59  <Alberth> I don't really need a new version built (I have one already :p ), but yeah, that's mainly why I do update zbuild every now and then.
20:32:55  <Brot6> zbuild: update from r43 to r44 done -
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20:57:07  <Brot6> Unable to connect to execution expired
21:08:50  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4151: weird named directories XzephyrisX @
21:13:30  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4150: towns/temperate/1501-1506 XzephyrisX @
21:16:38  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4149: sprites in towns/temperate/1492-1495 unclear XzephyrisX @
21:17:54  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4150: towns/temperate/1501-1506 XzephyrisX @
21:19:02  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 99:40314bc494f2: Fix: wrong path name for 1877-1883 tropic trees XRubidiumX @
21:19:35  *** Frankr has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:20:05  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Revision 105:5b06ab3143d1: Add: remaining tropic trees XRubidiumX @
21:22:22  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4148: sprites in towns/temperate/1456-1457 are wrongly numbered XzephyrisX @
21:23:29  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4150 (Closed): towns/temperate/1501-1506 XzephyrisX @
21:37:36  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 100:f11b01ca20f4: Fix: Renumber fountain and statue sprites, restore park sprites. ... XzephyrisX @
21:37:36  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 101:882b10420c5a: Fix (r99): Add omitted files. XzephyrisX @
21:37:36  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 102:65ada02a9a4f: Merge: Got a bit confused with remote changes! XzephyrisX @
21:37:37  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4148 (Closed): sprites in towns/temperate/1456-1457 are wrongly numbered XzephyrisX @
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21:53:11  *** Beardie has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:53:19  <Beardie> hey Frankr are you there?
21:54:43  *** frosch123 has quit IRC
21:57:51  <Frankr> yh beardie
21:57:57  <Frankr> why did you change the grfcodec.exe?
21:58:35  <Brot6> zbuild: update from r44 to r45 done -
22:00:09  <Frankr> Beardie
22:03:27  <Beardie> Hey Frankr up too much?
22:03:36  *** Beardie has quit IRC
22:03:47  *** Beardie has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
22:03:55  <Beardie> Internet cut off, soory up to much Frankr?
22:04:14  <Frankr> trying to work out which grfcodec you have?
22:04:43  <Beardie> lol
22:04:49  <Beardie> i not got a clue XD
22:06:05  <Frankr> well you must have changed it 2 days ago because when you pushed it changed in the repository
22:06:47  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 103:f70ac0261261: Add: General industry ground tile. XzephyrisX @
22:07:05  <Beardie> hummm whats the grfcodec got to do with anything
22:07:34  <Beardie> maybe ammler or planetmaker changed it regarding the problems with nightlie and push builds i don't know.
22:08:42  <Beardie> as i said best thing maybe so to just delete yours because i have changed so much for the better since then.
22:09:09  <Beardie> Also planetmaker really helped with the action 14 :D
22:10:38  <Frankr> i'll just download the one that is in the repo then
22:12:54  <Frankr> beardie can you just push some tiny random change
22:13:43  <Beardie> just about to push a change now actually one sec
22:14:22  <Frankr> ok cool
22:14:37  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 713:5b686b1080ca: Changed the Makefile in Accordance With planetmaker... XBeardie27X @
22:15:16  <Frankr> I'm fixed up and running now
22:15:32  <Beardie> lol OMG XD
22:16:03  <Beardie> btw planetmaker says we don;t need pcx files png will do lol
22:16:03  <Beardie> not tested that yet
22:17:22  <Beardie> Is planetmaker not here just changed the amkefile in his accordance getting a error now :(
22:17:23  <Frankr> ok
22:19:00  <Beardie> Fixed i removed one of this commands lol
22:19:06  <Beardie> -s at the end of one of the lines
22:20:55  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 714:8696e88c6640: Changed the Makefil again had to remove -s, caused ... XBeardie27X @
22:21:11  <Beardie> waiting for the automatic push buidl to get the rror log, was one error at the beginning i think
22:21:16  <Beardie> error*
22:23:14  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: update from r712 to r713 done (223 warnings) -
22:23:24  <Beardie> there is is
22:23:35  <Beardie> wait no i want r714 :(
22:24:24  <Frankr> beardie
22:24:31  <Frankr> how do hg commits work again?
22:24:34  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: update from r713 to r714 done (223 warnings) -
22:24:38  <Beardie> yes frankr (lol this error makes me laugh was.grf:11015: Warning: 627 of 693 pixels (90%) are pure white)
22:24:50  <Beardie> hg commit -m "Descirbe you Change"
22:24:51  <Beardie> hg push
22:25:10  <Frankr> -m ok cool
22:25:43  <Beardie> 100% pixels are pure white what?
22:25:51  <Frankr> my files are all up to date now
22:26:07  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 715:cd5d5fdbfb11: added Fokker F70 nfo not added to the grf though XFrankX @
22:26:34  <Beardie> ooo nice
22:26:34  <Beardie> Check this out--->
22:26:44  *** Brot6 has quit IRC
22:26:55  <Frankr> well then either the idiot who did the paint messed up or more likely someone messed up the sprite
22:27:14  <Beardie> 100% pixels are white lol
22:27:18  <Beardie> yes lets have a white block flying around the screen1!! yeah
22:27:25  <Beardie> epic plane XD
22:27:42  <Frankr> will look good, :)
22:27:45  <Beardie> i am going to see if ng works isntead of pcx
22:27:51  <Beardie> png*
22:28:56  <Beardie> if so we need to remove the white pixels, resave the file as png leave it in the pcx folder and change the nfo to read that file as png
22:29:12  <Frankr> i do have a sikorsky file on my laptop here, i believe i couldn't get the rotors to work though
22:29:26  <Beardie> hummm
22:29:28  <Beardie> sounds about right lol
22:30:06  <Frankr> i'll leave that png thing in your hands
22:30:24  <Frankr> i would say we do have a png folder in the repo though
22:30:43  <Beardie> yeah
22:30:49  <Beardie> but thats just quick files donwload from net, they have spaces etc
22:31:08  <Beardie> lets just sya any planes in pcx folder are the offical sprites read by the nfos
22:31:52  <Beardie> dam the make file said it could not be processed
22:33:54  <Frankr> it will be because we need to update to the latest grfcodec
22:34:37  <Beardie> ok, who we do that?
22:34:45  <Beardie> we just donwloadn new grfcodec file?
22:34:50  <Frankr> yh
22:34:58  <Beardie> lol ok where that?
22:35:06  <Frankr>
22:35:55  <Beardie> what version do we have?
22:36:24  <Beardie> no wait here?
22:36:28  <Frankr> not a clue an ancient version
22:36:52  <Beardie> that site only go up to 0.9
22:36:54  <Beardie> i found 6.0
22:37:04  <Beardie>
22:38:22  <Beardie> well elts have a try
22:39:25  <Beardie> its making using new grfcodec!!! :D
22:41:09  <Frankr> good
22:41:22  <Beardie> but png did not work
22:41:34  <Beardie> its not dependent on pngs
22:41:41  <Beardie> its not looking for them i think
22:43:17  <Beardie> - Add support for PNG formatted sprite sheets with both encoding and decoding (requires libpng
22:43:25  <Beardie> going to push new grfcodec
22:45:36  <Frankr> erj190 KLM is shocking
22:46:00  <Beardie> shockling bad lol
22:46:01  <Frankr> md11 KLM is also a problem
22:46:12  <Frankr> as in they are pure white
22:46:29  <Beardie> lol
22:46:52  <Frankr> what is libpng anyway?
22:46:54  <Beardie> at the moment i cannot change without remembering how to make pcx or get grfcodec to read png lol
22:46:58  <Beardie> thats what i was wondering
22:47:11  <Beardie> hg pull -u frank
22:47:13  <Beardie> be change
22:47:16  <Beardie> big*
22:47:51  <Frankr> done
22:48:41  <Beardie> u remember the make commands
22:48:44  <Beardie> make clean
22:48:44  <Beardie> make
22:48:59  <Frankr> make clean >/dev/null && make
22:48:59  <Beardie> looks different now
22:49:01  <Beardie> when you do it
22:49:06  <Beardie>
22:49:07  <Webster> Title: libpng Home Page (at
22:49:44  <Beardie>
22:49:45  <Webster> Title: libpng - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
22:53:28  <Beardie> omg frank make takes even shorter now since what i did!
22:53:45  <Frankr> what do you mean
22:53:56  <michi_cc> Beardie: The cutting edge grfcodec is, but the 6.0 download should have everything for png support included.
22:54:15  <Beardie> well it will not read the png michi_cc don;t know why
22:54:41  <Frankr> i think we need to change the make file
22:54:43  <Beardie> hg pull frank and make again, you will be very surprised, planetmaker gave me some stuff to put in the makefile that make things better
22:54:52  <michi_cc> So what did you try to make it do? "will not read" is no problem description.
22:54:56  <Beardie> yeah just done that, but made change it for png surpport
22:55:04  <Beardie> sorry michi_ cc one sec
22:55:41  <Beardie> michi_cc in the nfo i had it read the sprite location as a png rather than a pcx
22:56:39  <Beardie> when i come to run the make command in the command prompt it says a portion of the sprite (which is now a png) could not be read
22:57:35  <michi_cc> I don't know which PNG you tried, but as gar as I can see the PNGs in the repo are 32-bit images and not paletted.
22:57:46  <Beardie> then  in the pnfo if i go to the png refrenced it skips it be adding // at the front
22:58:17  <Frankr> beardie
22:58:17  <Beardie> yes that sounds like the problem
22:58:18  <Beardie> yes frankr?
22:58:21  <Frankr> the action 14 did you put it at the bottom?
22:58:32  <Beardie> well i tired bnoth top and bottom did not work
22:58:37  <Beardie> but it might be becuase of the grfcodec
22:58:46  <Frankr> it should be before action 8
22:59:08  <Beardie> i know, try it again using this info
22:59:08  <michi_cc> grfcodec will never modify the NFO, so either you have a seriously broken makefile or are using a too old nforenum on it.
22:59:13  <Frankr> beardie
22:59:25  <Frankr> we need to change the makefile to the new nforenum
22:59:35  <Frankr> it is using the old one still, :)
22:59:47  <Beardie> we just donwload a new nforenum
22:59:49  <Frankr> yh but it has a different name
22:59:55  <Beardie> awwwwwww
22:59:56  <Beardie> pl
22:59:58  <Beardie> ok*
23:00:04  <Frankr> used to be renum now it is nforenum
23:00:29  <Beardie> ok let me do it
23:01:07  <Beardie> error
23:01:15  <michi_cc> If you target OTTD >= 1.2.0 and use a nightly grfcodec you can also have 24-bit true colour sprites in addition (not as a replacement) to the paletted sprites, see
23:01:16  <Beardie> Connot read true colour PNG files!
23:03:52  <Beardie> well it would be easier if i could just apply a palette to ethier my pcx or png but i can;t remember how, i got photoshop lol
23:06:31  <Beardie> humm we could declare it as 32bbp, but people will need openttd 1.2.0 or later lol
23:06:36  <Beardie> clever
23:06:49  <Beardie> Hey Frankr u looking at that action14?
23:06:59  <Frankr> i am sorting it now
23:08:23  <Beardie> cool i am looking at photoshop palettes
23:08:24  <Beardie> :)
23:16:44  <Beardie> yes!!!!!
23:16:46  <Beardie> done :)
23:16:57  <Beardie> i cna make pcx files now!
23:19:31  <Beardie> Hows it going Frankr?
23:19:45  <Frankr> i had a fatal error lol
23:21:10  <Beardie> error 46 invalid action byte?
23:21:50  <Frankr> yh
23:21:57  <Beardie> same yesterday
23:22:03  <Beardie> action 14 is just not recgnoised
23:22:23  <Beardie> even with new grfcodec
23:22:34  <Frankr> oh shit it is the renum
23:22:43  <Beardie> o lol
23:22:52  <Beardie> did you hg pull when i did that?
23:23:06  <Frankr> did you change the renum on yours or not?
23:23:18  <Beardie> well i download new nforenum
23:23:24  <Beardie> and changed the make file to read it
23:24:08  <Frankr> did you push that change?
23:24:30  <Beardie> yeah
23:24:37  <Beardie> open your makefile in ntepad and checl
23:24:38  <Frankr> right i'll have to merge the files
23:24:40  <Beardie> notepad*
23:25:02  <Beardie> o exciting a merge!
23:29:55  <Frankr> any idea what an offset 38 is
23:30:05  <Beardie> where is it stated
23:30:06  <Beardie> ?
23:30:13  <Frankr> language 68 is not defined
23:30:50  <Beardie> werid
23:30:56  <Beardie> 68?
23:31:09  <Frankr> yh
23:31:20  <Beardie> what like 7F is english
23:31:24  <Beardie> 68 is something else?
23:32:59  <Frankr> Fatal Error (43): Offset 93: Linter requires 1 byte(s) which do(es) not exist.
23:33:08  <Frankr> Warning (179): Offset 38: Language 68 is not defined.
23:33:17  <Frankr> are the 2 current errors beardie
23:33:19  <Beardie> this becuase you added action 14
23:33:34  <Frankr> yh
23:34:05  <Frankr> i understand the 1st one but not the second
23:34:34  <Beardie> we using extra language by accident
23:42:10  <Frankr> not a clue beardie
23:42:50  <Beardie> well do you cahnged push and let me look
23:43:17  <Beardie> then planetmaker may also see what it does when he gets round to looking at the files
23:43:17  <Frankr> fixed
23:43:35  <Beardie> o?
23:46:24  <Beardie> frankr you fixed it lol?
23:46:33  <Frankr> i have just pushed it now
23:47:18  <Frankr> should work fine now
23:47:39  <Beardie> what you do lol
23:48:34  <Frankr> fiddled, :)
23:48:54  <Beardie> you need to hg pull -u bte i removed some files
23:49:47  <Frankr> i had to do that first because we had 2 heads so i had to merge
23:49:47  <Beardie> ok cool
23:50:16  <Beardie> youa dded //d?
23:50:42  <Beardie> well the repository is looking awesome now with its new grfcodec :)
23:51:27  <Beardie> on another note i can make pcx files frankr very easy lol
23:51:45  <Frankr> good i'll leave that to you
23:52:03  <Beardie> lol
23:52:03  <Beardie> yeah
23:52:14  <Beardie> you do this? XD
23:53:40  <Frankr> nope not me
23:53:45  <Beardie> lol
23:53:46  <Beardie> i tried
23:53:53  <Beardie> also the brot6 no said much?
23:54:18  <Frankr> Brot6 has left (Remote host closed the connection)
23:54:31  <Beardie> o lol nice
23:54:47  <Frankr> it hasn't rejoined since then so that may be why, :)
23:55:00  <Beardie> yeah to just white pixel errors here!
23:55:01  <Beardie>
23:55:19  <Beardie> though whats that /bin/sh: line 3: unix2dos: command not found make: [was-dev] Error 127 (ignored) /bin/sh: line 1: unix2dos: command not found make: [was-dev] Error 127 (ignored)
23:55:22  <Beardie> at the bottom
23:55:29  <Frankr> did you not remove renum.exe
23:55:39  <Beardie> no you can do that XD
23:57:49  <Frankr> done
23:58:50  <Beardie> have the eveing off then frank lol
23:59:25  <Frankr> lol
23:59:52  <Beardie> or find somethign to fix XD

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