Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 27th September 2012:
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07:38:51  <Brot6> Dutch Trains 2 - Feature Request #3917: Additional liveries' requests XEmperorJakeX @
07:46:22  <Brot6> Dutch Track Set - Feature Request #4234: disable fences XMuzzyX @
11:39:50  <Ammler> planetmaker: always nice to use openttd(coop) links on non-openttd channels :-P
11:40:43  <planetmaker> yup, works well to demonstrate stuff :-)
11:41:01  <planetmaker> this reaction as just in #mercurial is not rare actually :-)
11:41:09  <Ammler> I know
11:59:42  <Brot6> Makefile for NewGRFs: Common part - Bug #4286 (New): don't use bundle_src for tar only XAmmlerX @
12:15:35  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 148:5ea431a479a3: Add: More arctic houses. XzephyrisX @
12:15:35  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 149:a117f0e4833a: Add: Final arctic houses and 8bpp recolour masks. XzephyrisX @
12:26:37  <planetmaker> <-- Ammler why do the first 3 projects have no hash associated with their entries?
12:26:46  <planetmaker> legacy?
12:40:15  <Ammler> yes
12:41:19  <planetmaker> I see. thx
14:42:37  <Rubidium> woohooo....
14:51:33  <planetmaker> hi Rubidium :-) Excited about Zephyris' return? :-)
14:52:03  <Rubidium> yeah
14:52:15  <Rubidium> finally a reason not to play OpenBVE and/or watch TNG
14:54:32  <planetmaker> hm, what is openbve?
14:55:01  <planetmaker> hm, I see
15:41:13  <Ammler> Rubidium: will there be a ottd 1.2.3?
16:00:48  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 150:b91cf4a726f5: Add: Monolev carriages, steam trains and DMUs. XzephyrisX @
16:18:03  <Ammler> hmm, I guess, openttd-opensfx is gone again from suse standard repo :-)
16:21:50  <Ammler> yep, moved to non-free
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17:18:40  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: update from r1123 to r1128 done -
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17:34:16  <Rubidium> Ammler: like the Dutch financial commercials: "results from the past do not give guarantees for the future"
17:38:03  <Rubidium> oh... huge backlog
17:49:58  <Ammler> if that is about my question of 1.2.3, I was wondering, if it is worth to wait for 1.2.3 to add opensfx to the distro
17:52:39  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Revision 163:69ba67cd89d0: Add: monolev wagons XRubidiumX @
17:53:12  <Rubidium> well, there probably will, two to two and a half month after the previous one
18:13:33  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Feature Request #4287 (New): prefix warnings with "warning" XAmmlerX @
18:13:47  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Revision 164:a55f9f485137: Add: steam trains and DMUs XRubidiumX @
18:15:52  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Feature Request #4287 (New): prefix warnings with "warning" XAmmlerX @
18:18:33  <Rubidium> yay 1.4% more coded
18:18:55  <Alberth> :)
18:19:17  <Rubidium> don't fancy doing houses right now though ;(
18:19:54  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Feature Request #4287: prefix warnings with "warning" XAmmlerX @
18:20:34  <Alberth> Ammler: 'Language' ?
18:21:06  <Ammler> well, those are a) inconistent, b) already fetched by the language script
18:21:25  <Ammler> a) only obsolete strings
18:23:18  <Alberth> I seem to be missing an entire class of errors :p
18:24:36  <Alberth> I somewhat fail to understand how an error in a string is not an error
18:25:54  <Ammler> well, I would differ error to warning if there is a working grf at the end
18:27:02  <Alberth> that I can see, I fail to understand the relation between 'language' and ('error' or 'warning')
18:28:18  <Ammler> well, it is warning, but would make the filter easier
18:28:59  <Alberth> ah, a classification inside warnings thus, ok
18:29:25  <Alberth> afaik nml does not have that currently
18:30:19  <Ammler> then I am fine with levels "error" and "warning"
18:30:52  <Ammler> language warnings can be filtered via something like "W.../lang"
18:33:38  <Alberth> doesn't my script do a better job than nml?
18:34:02  <Ammler> yes, it does, that is why I would like to filter the language warnings out ther
18:34:15  <Ammler> no clue, why they added it
18:34:41  <Ammler> as it is incomplete
18:34:57  <Alberth> to warn the users that do not use devzone :p
18:35:28  <Ammler> your script is not devzone only, afaik
18:36:43  <Alberth> quite likely the errors they report is what they found while coding nml, their goal is not to provide diagnostics on strings, so nml is not complete in that direction
18:36:59  <Alberth> my script does need a repository
18:37:43  <Ammler> for the changed strings only
18:38:59  <Alberth> could be, I cannot imagine development without a repository :p
18:39:45  <Alberth> hmm, test set has no errors and no warnings, now I have to be inventive :p
18:41:03  <Alberth> Error: nmlc: "001_action8.nml", line 3: Unknown string "STR_REDGRESSION_NAME"  <-- not good :(
18:42:47  <Alberth> generic.print_warning('Warning: overwriting existing tag "' + name + '"')  <-- it already prints 'warning' :p
18:43:01  <Ammler> maybe just "(E)" and "(W)"
18:44:05  <Alberth> Nah, it just needs a bit of unification, should be doable
18:55:21  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Feature Request #4287: prefix warnings with "warning" XAlberthX @
18:56:06  <Alberth> are there projects with reviewed patches?
18:58:48  <Ammler> I don't think so, the plugin was hightly requested but nobody uses it
19:00:31  <Alberth> not enough random patch submitters I think
19:01:07  <Ammler> well, the plugin could also be used to review commits
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19:01:41  <Alberth> that's even worse, giving comment on committed code :p
19:02:00  <Alberth> you'd need to work in branches to make that of any use
19:02:07  <Ammler> doesn't need to be on the default branch
19:03:17  <Ammler> you could use it to review openttd patches
19:03:44  <Alberth> yeah, it would be useful there
19:04:45  <Ammler> afaik, back then it was requested for IS
19:05:39  <Alberth> just for my curiosity, would the FreeRCT project be welcome at the devzone?
19:05:55  <Alberth> we are not thinking about moving currently, no worries :)
19:06:18  <Ammler> I would no care
19:06:48  <Ammler> it could run easy with multiple domains
19:07:03  <Alberth>    and
19:07:04  <Webster> Title: freerct - Build roller coasters, get rich - Google Project Hosting (at
19:08:15  <Alberth> the .org is just an empty portal currently, nothing is being done there
19:09:37  <Alberth> well, nml patch submitted, let's wait for a nml dev :)
20:42:40  <Hirundo> Alberth: Patch looks OK to me
20:43:01  <Alberth> ok, thanks
20:43:37  <Hirundo> Though "nmlc warning: Error in language file "lang/dutch.lng": "lang/dutch.lng", line 2: Line has no ':' delimiter " looks a bit strange to me (the warning: Error part)
20:44:05  <Hirundo> That's not a problem with your patch, rather with the code that prints that warning
20:46:53  <Alberth> it does not know what it should be :p
20:46:55  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Feature Request #4287 (Closed): prefix warnings with "warning" XAmmlerX @
20:46:56  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Feature Request #4287 (Closed): prefix warnings with "warning" XAlberthX @
20:46:56  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 2038:4b5537fead0b: Change: Unify format of warning and error message... XAlberthX @
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23:08:16  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 151:339007f26b83: Add: First aeroplanes (all 'real' planes except helicopters, 747 ... XzephyrisX @
23:51:53  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 1129:cb90576d1044: Added A380-900 PCX For Feature #4240 XBeardie27X @
23:51:53  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 1130:3120481c23f1: Updated Sprite Allignments A380-900 PCX For Featur... XBeardie27X @
23:51:53  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Revision 1131:0dd7c4ab6a8d: Coded A380-900 With IDs and Strings - Close #4240 XBeardie27X @
23:51:55  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Feature #4240 (Closed): Code A380-900 and Add Greyscale XBeardie27X @
23:52:10  <Brot6> worldairlinersset: update from r1128 to r1131 done -
23:53:20  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Bug #4288 (New): Correct A380-800 British Airways Blue To Match XBeardie27X @
23:54:20  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Feature #4289 (New): Create A380-800 Thai Airways Repaint XBeardie27X @
23:56:56  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Feature #4290 (New): Create A380-800 China Southern Airlines XBeardie27X @
23:58:52  <Brot6> World Airliners Set - Feature #4291 (New): Create A380-800 Malaysia Airlines XBeardie27X @

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