Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 5th October 2012:
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00:43:46  <Brot6> fish: [releases] openSUSE API (osc) not reachable, sleep an hour and try again...
01:43:47  <Brot6> fish: [releases] openSUSE API (osc) not reachable, sleep an hour and try again...
02:43:47  <Brot6> fish: [releases] openSUSE API (osc) not reachable, sleep an hour and try again...
03:43:47  <Brot6> fish: [releases] openSUSE API (osc) not reachable, sleep an hour and try again...
04:43:48  <Brot6> fish: [releases] openSUSE API (osc) not reachable, sleep an hour and try again...
05:01:07  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Revision 181:61314cc62af1: Add: missing masks, missing steam XRubidiumX @
05:01:07  <Brot6> zBuild - Revision 56:bbb210019e92: Add: lots of toyland? XRubidiumX @
05:43:48  <Brot6> fish: [releases] openSUSE API (osc) not reachable, sleep an hour and try again...
06:34:53  <planetmaker> nml doesn't compile zbase for me... what do I miss? I get always like nmlc: "sprites/base/base-0990-foundations.pnml", line 3: alternative_sprites-block requires 2 or 3 parameters, encountered 4
06:35:33  <planetmaker> hm, nvm
06:36:44  <planetmaker> nml 0.2 doesn't cut it :-)
06:43:49  <Brot6> fish: [releases] openSUSE API (osc) not reachable, sleep an hour and try again...
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07:44:16  <Brot6> fish: compile of FISH_2_alpha_3 still failed (#4231) -
07:45:24  <Brot6> firs: update from r2886 to r2888 done (28 warnings) -
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08:38:32  <Brot6> zbuild: update from r55 to r56 done -
10:17:24  <Rubidium> oh... finally
10:17:35  <Rubidium> after 3 and a half hour ;)
10:20:48  <Alberth> do you need a hand with the zbuild coding?
10:20:52  <Ammler> <Brot6> [07:43:48] fish: [releases] openSUSE API (osc) not reachable, sleep an hour and try again...
10:21:25  <Ammler> pushes do also use releases env
10:24:35  <Ammler> according to the logs, it doesn't need an hour anymore, around half of the time of the old host
10:26:08  <Ammler> I also wonder, if it couldn't kinda use the binary of opengfx
10:26:35  <Ammler> or at least skip gimp
10:32:59  <Alberth> I usually touch all .png files in the checkout to prevent gimp from rebuilding them
10:37:20  <Ammler> well, on the build system, you could simply not install gimp
10:55:17  <planetmaker> seems like I should disable building png from source? can be done
10:55:27  <planetmaker> does the CF do a maintainer-clean?
10:55:41  <planetmaker> that needs disabling, if you want to skip builing pngs
10:56:04  <planetmaker> but tbh, the generation of the pngs was very quick on my machine in comparison to the nmlc call, especially for the base grf
10:56:28  <planetmaker> and, both zbase and opengfx could build with make -j6 maybe
10:57:00  <planetmaker> hm... interestingly that didn't trigger any issues like it does on my mac with concurrent building... maybe it's gimp 2.8 vs. 2.6
10:57:54  <Ammler> yep, devzone has 2.6
10:58:21  <planetmaker> I called building zbasebuild it with -j6 and got no issue. I guess that's something I need to investigate
10:59:01  <planetmaker> but I see that especially for zbase the png generation is not desired, I shall then disable it
10:59:06  <planetmaker> for default
10:59:16  <planetmaker> and only use it after maintainer-clean
10:59:20  <Ammler> planetmaker: you could also simply edit the spec
10:59:28  <planetmaker> of what?
10:59:33  <Ammler> of zbuild
10:59:48  <planetmaker> to not use gimp... yes, maybe
11:00:00  <planetmaker> but that doesn't solve it for alberth et al :-)
11:00:19  <planetmaker> (nor myself; I could do without taht there, too)
11:00:35  <Ammler> make GIMP= wouldn't solve it?
11:00:50  <planetmaker> Maybe. Maybe not :-)
11:01:20  <planetmaker> try and test, I guess
11:01:23  <Ammler> we use that approach for unix2dos
11:02:09  * Alberth was not aware that he had a problem
11:02:16  <Ammler> anyway, on the devzone, it would make most sense to not install apps, you don't need
11:02:27  * planetmaker hugs Alberth 
11:02:40  <planetmaker> <Alberth> I usually touch all .png files in the checkout to prevent gimp from rebuilding them <-- sounds like hassle at least
11:03:01  <Alberth> you don't do checkout that often :p
11:03:15  <planetmaker> :-)
11:03:35  <Alberth> and sometimes I don't even care, and do something else for some time while the computer figures it all out
11:04:08  <Ammler> the zip is already huge
11:04:24  <planetmaker> I wanted to time zbase building during breakfast... but I send the computer into hiatus before it was finished as I had to leave for work ;-)
11:04:25  <Ammler> don't you fear to reach a limit of openttd?
11:05:42  <planetmaker> should we be afraid?
11:05:45  <Ammler> planetmaker: for such jobs, a vm would be good, then you have it everywhere with you :-P
11:05:56  <planetmaker> bananas doesn't work for it currently anyway
11:06:18  <planetmaker> Ammler, but... I can't carry my desktop with me ;-)
11:06:24  <Ammler> does openttd load the whole grf, btw?
11:06:32  <Ammler> hmm, should check memory useage
11:06:37  <planetmaker> and I wanted to test it there, so that I see what to expect
11:06:44  <Ammler> planetmaker: remote desktop :-P
11:07:08  <planetmaker> I simply could have left it running. But... pointless to leave it running while I'm not there. Power saving for the win
11:12:00  <Ammler> I hate login screen, which do not allow Firefox to save password
11:12:17  <Ammler> like new proxmox
11:20:51  <Brot6> zbuild-clone: compile of r57 failed -
11:36:54  <Rubidium> Alberth: yeah, it'd be lovely if you could code some zbase
11:37:28  <Rubidium> Alberth: lists the things that are drawn but need to be coded
11:37:53  <Rubidium> so if you could start with those industries I'd be happy ;)
11:38:22  <Alberth> I'll see what I can do :)
11:39:28  <Rubidium> Ammler: OpenTTD loads the metadata and then sprites that are used
11:42:18  <Rubidium> (when they are used)
11:56:43  <Brot6> zbuild-clone: update from  to r58 done -
11:58:25  <Ammler>  not much faster
12:05:44  <Brot6> Polish PKP Set 2.0 - pkp-2.0.2.grf XTadeuszDX @
13:01:25  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 218:00650b88e582: Update: Food processing plant missing grass textures. XzephyrisX @
13:01:25  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 219:5c189b29c928: Update: Remove jitter from coal mine animation, in new render fil... XzephyrisX @
13:01:25  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 220:994f7f343cad: Update: Remove jitter from iron ore mine animation, in new render... XzephyrisX @
13:01:27  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 221:660189830314: Update: Correct suspension bridge graphics to remove overlap glit... XzephyrisX @
13:01:31  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4085 (Closed): 'jitter' in the bricks of the copper ore mine animation XzephyrisX @
13:01:34  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4099 (Closed): suspension bridge glitches XzephyrisX @
13:12:58  <Brot6> Project zbuild-clone removed from finger
13:18:18  <planetmaker> what is zbuild-clone?
13:18:48  <planetmaker> or rather: its purpose :-)
13:21:21  * Alberth guesses a zbuild clone for experimenting
13:23:29  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4321 (New): toyshop middle sprites should be combined XAlberthX @
13:26:40  <Ammler> it's gone, used to test build speed without gimp and -j8
13:27:23  <Ammler> only got around 30% speedup
13:28:27  <Ammler> how long the devzone needs doesn't matter anyway, what matters is the time you need to build after a update locally
13:29:14  <Ammler> except you would like to use the devzone to test it
13:31:37  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 222:a41014e206d0: Fix: Correct rail depot mask sprites. XzephyrisX @
13:31:37  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 223:a990007b538f: Update: Correct tile colour under farm barn sprites, update brick... XzephyrisX @
13:38:49  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4161: city airport tarmac XzephyrisX @
13:41:58  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4167 (Closed): heliport too low XzephyrisX @
13:47:16  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 224:0c8f530cbb19: Update: Water texture on river and canal edges. XzephyrisX @
14:02:37  <Brot6> zBase - Bug #4323 (New): Wrong number of sprites for the toffee quarry XAlberthX @
14:16:28  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Bug #4325 (New): Reuse of sprites in different climates XzephyrisX @
14:24:06  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Bug #4325: Reuse of sprites in different climates XzephyrisX @
14:26:06  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Bug #4325: Reuse of sprites in different climates XzephyrisX @
14:34:48  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Bug #4327 (New): Swapped steam train sprites XzephyrisX @
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16:09:19  <Rubidium> oh lord of the devzone, could I be graced with some rights to zbase(build) to close issues?
16:10:44  <planetmaker> there you go
16:11:10  <planetmaker> though lord I'm not
16:16:35  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Bug #4315 (Closed): Aircraft offsets XRubidiumX @
16:17:32  <Rubidium> thank you ;)
16:19:53  <Alberth> sub-lord at least then :)
16:20:01  <planetmaker> :D
16:20:07  <Rubidium> Alberth: do you have anything zbasebuild to push?
16:20:26  <Alberth> not currently, I have some industries but not committed
16:20:31  <Rubidium> okay
16:21:21  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Bug #4327 (Closed): Swapped steam train sprites XzephyrisX @
16:21:22  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Revision 182:3fe9d6ccdb2b: Fix: steam trains were swapped (Fixes #4327) XRubidiumX @
16:21:22  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Bug #4327 (Closed): Swapped steam train sprites XRubidiumX @
16:29:37  <Brot6> zBaseBuild - Revision 183:3cb48eed663b: Add: tropic statue/fountain, arctic/tropic ship depot/passen... XRubidiumX @
16:48:32  * Rubidium wonders what to do with the remainder of #4325; should I just trash them from -extra? But then that might be reintroduced again later?!?
17:16:09  <planetmaker> #4325
17:16:37  * planetmaker looks
17:17:52  <planetmaker> how would that be re-introduced, Rubidium ?
17:18:31  <Brot6> fish: update from r930 to r932 done (1 warnings) -
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22:24:19  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 228:5e2e50d4fa53: Update: Tarmac texture on road stops. XzephyrisX @
22:24:19  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 229:ebe1cb582ac8: Update: Field/crop renders, correcting lighting glitch. XzephyrisX @
22:30:29  <Brot6> zbuild: update from r56 to r57 done -
22:54:47  <Brot6> zBase - Revision 230:628b5c3b956b: Update: Toyland terrain, improve square alignment on tile, correc... XzephyrisX @

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