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08:17:05  <Ammler> Hmm, I wonder would it make sense to make the build envrionment into the tmpfs (ramfs)
08:19:53  <Ammler> I never yet used /run intentionally :-)
08:20:43  <Ammler> (on suse, that is tmpfs)
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08:49:14  <Ammler> real    2m2.876s
08:49:15  <Ammler> user    4m1.424s
08:49:17  <Ammler> sys     0m28.991s
08:49:18  <Ammler> marcel@xps:~/run/opengfx>
08:53:02  <Ammler> real    2m16.670s
08:53:03  <Ammler> user    4m29.510s
08:53:05  <Ammler> sys     0m30.053s
08:53:06  <Ammler> marcel@xps:~/hg/opengfx-clone>
08:53:22  <Ammler> overestimated the benefit, but I also have no other io locally
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11:15:17  <Rubidium> Ammler: disable read and write cache on your HDD and then you'll see a difference
11:15:31  <Rubidium> possibly just trash your cache before running it
11:36:39  <Ammler> on the new server (if it ever will work), we would have a lot more memory to use
12:37:06  <Brot6> Finnish Trainset - Feature #4517 (Assigned): Dr14 sprites to be done Xkyosuke1989X @
12:38:26  <Brot6> Finnish Trainset - Bug #4440: Dr16, 1 sprite to be fixed Xkyosuke1989X @
12:39:53  <Brot6> Finnish Trainset - Bug #4442 (Confirmed): Ed-doubledecker coach, 1 sprite to be fixed Xkyosuke1989X @
12:48:59  <Brot6> Finnish Trainset - Feature #4519 (New): Finnish Trainset Taster 2012 Xkyosuke1989X @
12:51:19  <Brot6> Finnish Trainset - Feature #4521 (New): Sm5 sprites to be done Xkyosuke1989X @
13:05:45  <Brot6> Finnish Trainset - Bug #4523 (New): "Greenization" Xkyosuke1989X @
13:07:33  <Brot6> Finnish Trainset - Feature #4523 (New): "Greenization" Xkyosuke1989X @
13:07:33  <Brot6> Finnish Trainset - Feature #4525 (New): Sm6 sprites to be done Xkyosuke1989X @
13:07:33  <Brot6> Finnish Trainset - Feature #4523: "Greenization" Xkyosuke1989X @
13:13:11  <Brot6> Finnish Trainset - Support #4527 (New): Moving of sprites and sfx to DevZone repository Xkyosuke1989X @
13:22:33  <Brot6> Finnish Trainset - Feature #4529 (New): Beta/taster list... Xkyosuke1989X @
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16:21:03  <Brot6> repository /home/hg/canrail registered in Redmine with url /home/hg/canrail
16:21:03  <Brot6> repository /home/hg/canrail created
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16:50:07  <Yexo> canrail will get an open license?
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17:00:27  <Ammler> it might not be canset :-)
17:20:28  <Brot6> firs: update from r3185 to r3186 done -
17:25:14  <planetmaker> Yexo, yes, it will. Basically DanMacK asked me whether I could code his sprites
17:25:48  <Yexo> great :)
17:26:17  <planetmaker> it's an offer and challange I'd like to accept :-)
17:26:41  <Yexo> I'd offer to help, but cargodist :p
17:26:49  <planetmaker> I think he asked Pikka, but he seems to have little time recently, too
17:27:25  <Yexo> have you seen Hirundo_ lately?
17:27:29  <planetmaker> No worries. And... I'm quite sure I won't make a jump-start. I'm just in preparation of a two-week parabolic flight campaign for the first two December weeks...
17:27:34  <planetmaker> unfortunately not :-(
17:27:57  <Yexo> I'm thinking about making an NML 0.3 release soon-ish
17:28:04  <planetmaker> I guess he's busy with semester work
17:28:14  <planetmaker> NML 0.3 would be nice really
17:28:20  <Yexo> I won't have time to add any major features soon, so now seems as good as any time
17:28:27  <planetmaker> agreed
17:28:40  <Yexo> especially as NML 0.3 sort-of needs to be done before OpenTTD 1.3
17:28:42  <planetmaker> so NML 0.3 will have everything except stations + bridges
17:29:18  <Yexo> it also means that we can start coding some features that might break compatibility and were delayed until NML 0.4
17:29:51  <Yexo> anyway, "soon-ish" is end of this month or something
17:29:58  <Yexo> depends on whether Hirundo_ wants to add anything
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17:43:34  <planetmaker> why does it need be done before OpenTTD 1.3?
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19:13:28  <Yexo> won't zbase have the same problem as opengfx?
19:31:32  <planetmaker> sorry, other computer. which problem do you refer to, Yexo ?
19:32:02  <Yexo> distro's want to build from source but get the exact same binary output
19:32:17  <Yexo> which means you need the exact same version of nml
19:32:23  <planetmaker> ah. Yes. If distros want to provide zBase, the issue will be exactly the same
19:32:40  <Yexo> since nml 0.2 won't do, it'd be nice if a release version of nml was available that did work
19:33:15  <planetmaker> On this you're right. And that'd make it very nice to have nml 0.3 done
19:33:38  <planetmaker> OpenGFX releases does not yet rely on nml 0.3. But zBase would need it
19:33:58  <planetmaker> as zBase is based on OpenGFX trunk
19:35:47  <Ammler> zbase for distros is no requirement, so not sure, if distros will package it
19:36:07  <Ammler> I just experimented with it
19:36:42  <Ammler> but for sure, if you release a new nml, there should also be a opengfx based on it
19:36:42  <planetmaker> well. zBase is no requirement indeed. But effectively zBase could replace OpenGFX currently
19:37:00  <planetmaker> except that its 32bpp UI elements spoil the size (which is bad)
19:37:14  <Ammler> or openttd could get rid of the checksum requirement
19:37:37  <planetmaker> that imho should be reverted or rather replaced by proper - sized UI elements. And the 32bpp 2x UI elements integrated in OpenGFX+ BigGUI
19:38:05  <Ammler> well, the default gui is small
19:38:10  <planetmaker> yes
19:38:14  <Ammler> with the today high resolution
19:38:34  <planetmaker> I still play with small icons on my desktop
19:38:43  <Yexo> which means it should be possible to increase the size, not mandatory
19:38:44  <Ammler> but it is silly to make main toolbar only
19:39:24  <planetmaker> the especially silly point is, that just changing the sprites there will be inconsistent
19:39:39  <planetmaker> also text sizes need adjustement etc. And a base set cannot provide that
19:40:11  <planetmaker> as such it should not change size of GUI elements
19:40:18  <Ammler> well, the default font should be changed to truetype font
19:40:45  <Yexo> Ammler: that's besides the point
19:41:01  <planetmaker> truetype doesn't mean different size. So ^
19:41:01  <Yexo> you still would need a way to change the font size
19:41:13  <Ammler> the openttd font does not match biggui, imo
19:41:29  <Ammler> planetmaker: of course also with bigger size :-P
19:41:54  <Yexo> Ammler: the default shouldn't change, there should instead be a way to change the font (size) from within openttd
19:42:17  <Ammler> oh, didn't mean default of openttd, sorry
19:42:22  <Yexo> same for biggui, it needs better support and an easy way to change between default-size (opengfx) and larger icons
19:42:37  <Ammler> meant the font should be somehow overriden by biggui
19:42:43  <Yexo> definitely not
19:42:47  <planetmaker> we were talking base sets, though
19:42:49  <planetmaker> ;-)
19:43:06  <Yexo> a newgrf shouldn't be able to override interface settinsg like the font (size), same holds for a baseset
19:43:28  <Ammler> yep, but you need the newgrf biggui to get rid of the current zbase big icons :-P
19:43:50  <planetmaker> indeed conceptionally I find it already difficult to allow overriding GUI elements at all via NewGRF
19:44:18  <Ammler> Yexo: then openttd should get a gui for fonts ;-)
19:44:31  <planetmaker> yes, that also
19:44:32  <Yexo> Ammler: indeed it should
19:45:22  <Ammler> planetmaker: you should tell zeph about the toolbar, I don't think, he would mind
19:45:52  <planetmaker> toolbar?
19:46:04  <Ammler> the big iconons
19:46:20  <planetmaker> maybe. not sure
19:47:19  <planetmaker> but it's something I'd like see fixed rather soon actually :-)
19:49:27  <Ammler> there is still a long way for zbase to get as nice as opengfx
19:49:48  <Ammler> not really comparable
19:51:41  <planetmaker> Not sure. It needs still a lot of detail work, I think. But it's "done" nearly
19:51:59  <planetmaker> And Zeph's statement always was "get it done first, do the beautification after that"
19:52:41  <planetmaker> which is imho especially in this place the best thing he could have done to help everyone involved in OpenTTD
19:52:42  <andythenorth> if I've understood workflow, it's quite easy to improve iteratively
19:52:48  <Ammler> yeah, done it might be soon, nice it might need years :-)
19:53:01  <andythenorth> welcome to my life :P
19:53:04  <andythenorth> that's FIRS too :P
19:55:33  <Ammler> currently opengfx looks nicer zoomed in as zbase zoomed out :-)
19:55:58  <Ammler> zoomed in it just misses details a lot
19:56:23  <andythenorth> zbase style is pretty good though
19:56:36  <andythenorth> I am unconvinced by rendered graphics generally, but the style is ok
19:57:51  <Ammler> the zoom in is much more important as the 32bpp
19:59:31  <Ammler> no need for os desktop zoom anymore :-P
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22:40:38  <Ammler> @topic remove -1
22:40:38  *** Webster changes topic to "Talk about things hosted and developed on | Downloads log: | Sandbox passwords are the same as the usernames"
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23:29:39  <Brot6> Canadian Railway Set - Revision 0:7cdc1c66b4e6: Add: Build system and dummy NewGRF XplanetmakerX @

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