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07:08:07  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #5255 (New): Translation updates XandythenorthX @
07:24:13  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #5255: Translation updates XSupercheeseX @
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12:05:43  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #5255: Translation updates XBrumiX @
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13:21:35  <Alberth> Brot6, wake up!
13:21:58  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #5255 (Closed): Translation updates XandythenorthX @
13:21:58  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #5255 (Closed): Translation updates XAlberthX @
13:22:41  <Alberth> wrong one Brot
13:22:51  * V453000 slaps Brot6 around a bit with a large fishbot
13:22:56  <V453000> punishment
13:25:03  <Alberth> pushed a firs change 4 minutes ago :p
13:26:44  <Alberth> but RM doesn't see it, it seems
13:27:25  <V453000> pushed some nutz now
13:29:15  <Alberth> time for some coffee :)
13:29:37  <V453000> sounds like a plan
13:30:03  <frosch123> hmm, "nutty" has quite different connotations in english and german
13:30:16  <frosch123> ... just noticed
13:31:37  <V453000> what does it mean in german
13:32:15  <frosch123> if a girl wears clothes which are "nuttich", then she's a whore
13:32:28  <frosch123> +dresses like
13:32:40  <V453000> NUTS is all about whores
13:33:11  <Alberth> I must have missed the nude girls then :)
13:33:20  <frosch123> they are the drivers
13:33:30  <frosch123> you have to look closely at the windows
13:33:38  <V453000> :d
13:34:53  <V453000> whores are just the inspiration, but it isnt featured :P
13:36:22  <V453000> hmm well with that logic you could say everything is all about whores
13:36:23  <V453000> hmmm
13:36:38  <V453000> OK, conclusion: NUTS has nothing to do with nuttich
13:36:57  <V453000> is that a scientifically sound conclusion?
13:37:26  <Alberth> sufficiently sound, I'd say :)
13:38:59  <V453000> Bread Six is also pretty slow indeed
13:44:36  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 3443:4354d09358eb: Update: Dutch (Hyronymus), US english (S... XAlberthX @
13:45:36  <V453000> there is the first one :)
13:45:41  <V453000> ^ ? :)
13:50:02  <Alberth> yep, only 24 minutes late :)
13:50:55  <Alberth> nuts uses lovely orange wagons for dirty scrap metal :)
13:51:28  <V453000> :D
13:53:01  <V453000> well something like pale green might indeed be nicer
13:53:39  <V453000> but I think the colours are also picked to make good contrast between cargo and wagon
13:53:52  <V453000> either way the colour picking was quite complicated so I kind of dont want to do it again :P
13:54:04  <Alberth> it does have a hint of green in it
13:54:24  <Alberth> which looks  *very* nice, imho
13:54:34  <V453000> that is your company colour
13:54:39  <Alberth> oh
13:54:53  <V453000> 0.3.6? :D 0.4.7 is latest
13:56:14  <Alberth> Hmm, I do have that version
13:56:44  <Alberth> but for some reason it does not pickup the updates
13:57:12  <V453000> what do you mean by picking updates up? :d
13:58:07  <Alberth> start openttd, setup a newgrf configuration, start a game.  I would then expect to get the newest/latest version of all newgrfs
13:58:31  <Alberth> trick is perhaps that I started with an existing configuration
14:02:30  <V453000> you have to change the newgrf configuration manually I think :)
14:03:20  <V453000> either way, it should be safe to update any NUTS version even in running game, except when you have maglev passenger wagons, those could cause some problem
14:07:29  <Alberth> It's no problem to start again. I like to build stuff, and starting again means more building, so how can that be ever wrong?? :D
14:09:35  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #5258 (New): Fallback railtypes do not work as intended XdandanX @
14:10:03  <V453000> :D
14:10:06  <V453000> just saying :)
14:10:12  <V453000> anyway, my latest push still not there :(
14:10:14  <Alberth> He, goods includes ducks :)
14:10:42  <V453000> with some small probability yeah :)
14:11:22  <Alberth> I  <-- I have been looking at that junction for quite some time, and only now I see it :)
14:11:55  <V453000> it is something like 1:500 probability of not less
14:12:04  <V453000> if
14:12:32  <Alberth> well, it's not 0 probability thus :)
14:12:40  <V453000> :D 0 for sure not
14:12:51  <planetmaker> Alberth, yes, existing newgrf configs are not updated afaik
14:13:01  <V453000> side hint: if you enjoy building with short curves, you might love maglev
14:13:13  <Alberth> I just love the graphics, its diversity
14:13:58  <V453000> :)
14:14:13  <Alberth> hmm, perhaps I should try that. I normally start in 1920-something, and get bored before maglev arrives
14:14:32  <Alberth> when should I start for maglevs?
14:14:40  <V453000> The Slug is extremely awesome in that, it can take almost any curve with full speed
14:14:52  <V453000> depends, maglev starts in 2000 I think
14:15:08  <V453000> but last maglevs come in 2060s, ending with slug at 2070
14:15:32  <V453000> also the new monorail (0.4.0 +) chameleon class might make you happy
14:15:40  <V453000> which comes in 1960
14:16:03  <V453000> with probably the nicest wagons of all
14:16:12  <V453000> well kind of even with maglev :)
14:18:08  <Alberth> that's the problem, I don't play enough to try everything :)
14:18:20  <V453000> hm :)
14:19:47  <V453000> cant help you there :P
14:20:28  <V453000> in fact I will make your problem deeper by adding one more class with 0.4.8 first NUTS birthday release on 1.4.2013 :)
14:25:21  <Alberth> :)
14:29:28  <V453000> I could help you with this though ... in this savegame are chameleons with all FIRS cargoes
14:29:33  <V453000> you can have a look there if you want :)
14:30:00  <Alberth> thanks, after selling eints, I'll have a look :)
14:30:32  <V453000> :)
14:31:00  <V453000> you could also have a look at the sprites themselves but that is cheating :P
14:32:56  <Alberth> nah, just playing is much more fun, you then find nice surprises like ducks :)
14:34:14  <V453000> true :) btw I saved it with 25034 ... should not be a problem :P
14:56:54  <Alberth> looking very nice, unfortunately, my machine has a hard time displaying it, I have a framerate of 10fps or so
15:00:45  <V453000> mhm :)
15:01:13  <V453000> yeah I think FIRS is giving it some extra cpu requirement
15:01:23  <V453000> there arent massively many trains
15:02:26  <Alberth> euhm, 1458 is not a lot? :)
15:02:40  <Alberth> My games end around 300-400 or so :)
15:02:45  <V453000> its alright
15:03:20  <V453000> look at
15:04:37  <V453000> 300-400 sounds reasonable for solo game really :)
15:09:17  <Alberth> Transport, 2003-08-27.sav
15:10:39  <V453000> first time I see NUTS with breakdowns :D
15:11:34  <Alberth> it needs more tracks to make it move smoothly :)
15:12:44  <V453000> I like the wtfmess around refinery
15:12:53  <V453000> more mess == more awesome
15:14:24  <Alberth> it needs some more work :)
15:14:44  <Alberth> as you can see, I don't plan things, I just build and extend
15:15:28  <Alberth> what I like is that with loaded trains you need more tracks than with unloaded trains
15:17:00  <V453000> myeah, well I honestly dislike any weight multipliers with NUTS
15:17:10  <V453000> makes fast and possibly also medium classes pretty worthless
15:17:44  <V453000> also, planning things is only for cooperation for me :) you need to tell others what is planned so they can do stuff, but I myself also prefer not to plan stuff
15:18:14  <Alberth> the feeder at Kollumsend was an emergency; I wanted to upgrade the airport, but the authority didn't allow it, so I had to quickly build a fix to not disrupt the aircraft connection
15:18:16  <V453000> my typical game
15:19:53  <Alberth> your games seem to have tracks everywhere :)
15:21:26  <V453000> thats the point :P
15:21:47  <V453000> well it just gets to that stage somehow
15:21:48  <V453000> itself
15:21:59  <Alberth> so I should play without weight multipliers? sounds like a plan :)
15:22:25  <Alberth> yeah, it happens due to unstackable tracks :)
15:22:27  <V453000> I would recommend that personally
15:23:23  <V453000> I never set a weight multiplier with NUTS, so NUTS isnt even tested how it performs with them ... but by simple logic I guess that higher multipliers make weak trains simply unusable, or too penalized in compare with strong trains
15:24:27  <Alberth> I mainly select on reliability, anything below 85% or so makes an engine unusable for dense traffic
15:24:49  <Alberth> where my notion of dense is much less dense than yours :)
15:25:15  <frosch123> i usually play with weight multiplier
15:25:17  <V453000> well yeah, I also play without breakdowns though, so that also changes the dense definition .p
15:25:26  <frosch123> and use fast engines for trains with less than 5 wagons or so
15:25:49  <V453000> 1 fast with 5 wagons is bad even without multiplier :D
15:27:42  <V453000> OH xD I forgot to push, I just commited it locally
15:28:10  <Alberth> :D
15:28:37  <V453000> I was wondering if it could be THIS slow
15:28:41  <V453000> but well, pushing now
15:28:53  <V453000> now it says completed
15:29:01  <Alberth> it should work in about 25 minutes :)
15:29:43  <Alberth> there is probably something fishy going on at the devzone
15:30:19  <V453000> ask andy about fishy
15:31:03  <planetmaker> hm... issues?
15:35:02  <V453000> it just seems to take a long time (around 25minutes) till push gets announced by brot
15:35:29  <V453000> it aint in the repo either yet
15:35:46  <planetmaker> ah, yes, that might just be brot. That was also yesterday the case... But repo is quicker. Just not on the web interface(s)
15:39:21  <V453000> wet mayhem? :)
15:39:32  <V453000> no tunnels and cargoes yet, but a start :D
15:40:09  <frosch123> i guess it should have a bit of shore
15:40:17  <frosch123> the grass-water transition looks weird
15:40:19  <frosch123> if there is no fence
15:40:43  <frosch123> other than that, it is as crappy as maglev visually :p
15:41:03  <V453000> well yeah but if I have shores then neighbouring rails will look weird ass
15:42:11  <V453000> it isnt final by any means anyway :)
15:43:30  <V453000> having the full tile all water is probably the main source of problems anyway
15:43:41  <V453000> aka I need the buoys there which arent quite nice either
15:44:05  <V453000> perhaps something like more shore, and only literally river/canal in it is a better idea.
15:44:06  * planetmaker awards the price for the most crazy person of the month to V453000 ;-)
15:44:12  <planetmaker> you win a beer :D
15:44:13  <V453000> :d
15:44:18  <V453000> :)
15:44:33  <Brot6> NUTS Unrealistic Train Set - Revision 30:242287b2fb81: Feature: Ship 01 and coded wagons; drawing ca... XV453000X @
15:44:39  <V453000> ha
15:44:49  <V453000> 16 minutes
16:07:06  <Alberth> it's getting faster :)
16:44:26  <Brot6> Industrial Stations Renewal - Revision 66:73d8bf1d742f: Change: Heading for 0.9, remove support for ... Xmart3pX @
16:44:26  <Brot6> Industrial Stations Renewal - Revision 67:440edf9b48db: Codechange: Update non-track fixtures and ga... Xmart3pX @
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19:42:54  <andythenorth> Alberth: I pulled the FIRS translations, thanks
19:43:07  <Alberth> ok
20:44:45  <Brot6> Progressive Train Set - Revision 15:ed06706c1d0f: [Feature] Add M07 - ElectroMover Explorer XMinchinWebX @
20:44:46  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 3444:1822ea9d9731: Change: (lang) improve cargo requirement... XandythenorthX @
21:09:17  <Alberth> doesn't the string below it needs an "are" in "are delivered"?
21:09:46  <Alberth> imho it would really help if you reduce the amount of duplicate texts :)
21:10:54  <andythenorth> they should be sub-stringed
21:11:04  <andythenorth> I don't know why they're done this way :)
21:44:55  <Brot6> Webtranslator - Revision 149:255c9e2e9905: Add: Some form of access rights (not quite working yet). XAlberthX @
21:44:55  <Brot6> Webtranslator - Revision 150:981a9c1138e8: Merged branches XAlberthX @
21:46:04  <Alberth> only 10 minutes late :)
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22:13:36  <Brot6> FISH - Bug #5261 (New): Livestock Ship - refit units should be 'items' not 't' XandythenorthX @
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22:44:41  <Brot6> FISH - Revision 1017:d22f0d2691af: Change: rebalanced tankers XandythenorthX @
22:44:41  <Brot6> FISH - Revision 1018:779feca88439: Change: improve a bunch of strings XandythenorthX @
22:44:41  <Brot6> FISH - Revision 1019:87e5178807ac: Fix: remove white pixels in Frisco Bay freighter XandythenorthX @
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